• January 23, 2022

My Thoughts Eagles/Redskins

Well wasn’t that an interesting game? I’m not sure how many more curveballs I could handle to the story line. For a game that seemed to have it all, it really was boring. McNabb was very pedestrian in his return, but the Redskins didn’t ask him to do a ton. In the end, the Redskins found a way to get it done and the Eagles didn’t.

But anyway, let’s take a look at the game:

What I liked…

-LeSean McCoy looks like a new running back. I said before that I wasn’t a huge fan of his last year. I’m changing my tune this season. He made some incredible cuts and showed some really nice burst. He still has things to work on, but he’s a weapon for sure.

-Owen Schmitt is a decent safety valve. He’s no Leonard Weaver, but not bad for an in-season find.

-Nate Allen has three picks in four games. Today’s was a gift from Donovan McNabb, but you still have to make the catch. Ask Carlos Rogers and Rocky McIntosh about that.

-The offensive line looked a little better today. Baby steps?

…and not so much…

-I can’t put Michael Vick into anything that I did or didn’t like because he wasn’t out there long enough. The offense didn’t get it done with him out there, but I can’t put that on Vick. The play calling was horrific. How about the called run for Vick up the middle? He didn’t get hurt on that play, but as soon as they ran that one, my buddy and I looked at each other and shook our heads. “He’s gonna get hurt.” If he’s your ultimate weapon right now, why on earth are you running college crap for him? He’s a phenomenal athlete, but he’s not big. Why would you be so careless with him?

-Yep, he got hurt. He needs to learn the art of the slide.

-Welcome to the Kevin Kolb Era pt. 2. What Donovan really learned today, was that this team is most definitely not better off without him. And at the very least, he knows the move to make Kolb the guy moving forward looks like a terrible idea right now. Kolb wasn’t an unmitigated disaster, but he was pretty bad. Some of his decision making is just pathetic. And he missed open guys towards the end with balls that should have been picked off. He did a decent job taking what the Redskins were giving him for a bit, but the strength of the outside receivers is their ability to get deep. Kolb wasn’t close to completing anything down field. That’s a problem. A big problem. I do need to see a little bit more of him, but the jury is reaching a verdict.

-Jason Avant, I love ya buddy. But, you have to catch that hail mary at the end. It was right in your hands.

-The Redskins have been terrible running the ball this year. Welcome the Eagles defense! What was that? The run defense was putrid.

-Great special teams coverage again. This time, I’m going to put some blame on Sav Rocca for that line drive that got there way sooner than the coverage. Special teams is a big concern.

-Forget what I said about Trent Cole and the Eagles D-line having a ton of chances to tee off on Donovan. I was way off on that.

-That was vintage Andy Reid at the end of the first half. I don’t rag on Andy as much as other people, because overall he’s an excellent coach. However, one of his biggest flaws is in-game management. This was a perfect example. Goal line play is reviewed. Then, Andy said the officials re-spotted the ball in a different place so he was confused. So, they call timeout. Then, they get a delay of game penalty and have to kick the field goal. I’m not kidding. What an embarrassment.

-Quintin Mikell wasn’t impressive today.

-Speaking of not impressive, what was DeSean Jackson doing out there exactly? I’m not going to fault his lack of production so much because Kolb just didn’t do a good job of finding him when he was open (that’s what happens when you aren’t on a check-down route). However, what is with all the diving to the ground? I have no problem with a small receiver getting down and avoiding contact. Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce used to do it all the time. But, today he looked flat-out scared to get tackled. It reminded me of when I was 10-years old playing tackle football with the kids who were 14 and 15. I was half their size and wanted no parts of getting tackled. It’s ok to get down, DeSean, but that just looked terrible.

-I’m done with Jason Peters.

-While we’re on the topic, what is with all the penalties? So undisciplined. When you are a mediocre football team, penalties can swing you in the wrong direction and cost you a lot of football games. Sigh, so many holes in this team.

-Donovan did the Eagles a huge favor on that “game clinching” first-down run when he ran out of bounds. Dude, what are you doing? Of all people, I’d expect Donovan to know better. You just handed the Eagles a timeout.

-Stewart Bradley has to make that interception. He missed a tackle or two today as well. Not a good game for him.

-How bad is Devin Thomas that he can’t get on the field over Anthony Armstrong? Think the Redskins know they should have drafted DeSean instead?

What’s next for this football team? We’ll wait to find out how long Vick is out, but I don’t know that it matters all that much. He’s clearly the QB that should be starting for this team, that much we know. This defense was a disgrace today. How can you win games with a porous defense and a suspect (at best) offensive line. Not looking good this year.

Micah Warren

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  • What I liked: Vick got hurt enough so that he’s off the team for several weeks. McNabb sucked

    What I didn’t like: Kolb’s lack of balls, d-line, Reid sucks.

  • If Avant makes that catch with no time left it would be highlight film all week long and Eagles highlight forever –a miserable game would have had a happy ending

  • Mugzy, are you an Eagles fan? I’m confused…

  • I should be railing and screaming curses, but for some reason I am not. Its pretty unusual for me. I just wasn’t all that surprised, the Skins always stay close to the Birds, if not beat them outright. It was an ugly game between two not great teams. The Eagles had multiple chances to win this one, they have nobody to blame but themselves, the Redskins are really bad. Jason drops the last ditch pass, Kolb misses 10 on the flag route, McCoy’s fumble, Bradley’s drop on a should-have-been interception that could have been a pick-6. The chaos at the end of the 1st half needs no comment. Eight penalties for 80 yards is obscene. I expect one or two of these trainwrecks per season, so I just hope this gets it out of the way for this year. Burn the film of this game and start to prep for San Francisco.

  • The defense really let me down today. I was shocked and disappointed to see that performance. But I had also expected our offense to put at least 28 points on the board. Just a bad day. Hopefully Vick can come back real soon, as in lets hope he misses no time.

  • I have to admit, I got caught up in the excitment generated from the Eagles playing reasonably well against a couple of really lousy teams with lousy coaches and thought they’d win this one against a lousy team. What I neglected to account for is that the Skins have a very good coach and he reminded us that of that by having his team ready to come hear and punch the Eagles D & O right in the mouth and walk out with a win. This has been comon against the birds for several years and continues to be the case. Thanks for the reminder. I was also reminded just how lousy a game-day coach Reid is as we usually are when the Eagles play well-coahed teams, not that I needed one but, thanks for the reminder. PAH….LEASE will somoene take clock management away from Reid? The man just can’t make quick decisions and wacht the clock at that same time. Fun to see that McNabb continues his dirt balls and still has no clue about game management as evidenced by running out of bounds late in the fourth. That one really cracked me up.

    Boy it would’ve been great if Avant hung on to that ball although the Eagles earned a loss after that crappy performance and when is someone going to punch Peters in the face after another stupid penalty? What a jackass.

  • Im upset with the d as well but even with everything being said. And im not taking up for the team when i say this. Kolb did enough to win but Avant dropped it. If Mr. I dont drop a pass catches what was in His hands we wouldnt be having this conversation. And at the end of the day the d gave up 17. Enough to win. The offense just didnt produce enough. Every time we got going a dumb turnover or penalty.

  • Stew played a lousy game. Asante couldn’t wrap up a sandwich. Eagles are poor tacklers. The Redskins beat the Eagles physically and ran for 169 yards. Redskins were the worst defense but they dominated the Birds.
    Reid is a clock managing retard. I HAVE TO DO A BETTER JOB OF POINTING OUT THE POSITIVES IN THE GAME. Kolb is a great hog hunter and Vick should not take on tacklers like he did if he wants to play every game. The young gun receivers forgot their ammo. Penalities 8 for 80-real discipline.

  • we all learned a few things today, andy’s game/ clock mgt is nothing new BUT WHAT WE DID LEARN IS KOLB CANNOT BE A STARTER IN THIS LEAGUE. dinkin and dunkin down the field my 10th grader can do that. repeatedly Fox showed receivers open 20-30 yds down field. Kolb had plenty of time to throw so no one can use pass protection as an excuse. he missed jackson for a sure TD.

  • There is an easy fix to all of this mess…just FIRE ANDY REID NOW were not going win the superbowl this year anyway so we might as well fix what is wrong. I have said this for a long time now # 5 was never the problem. you trade a franchise QB within the division and he comes back to beat you in your house??? Andy Reid should be fired immediately for this fiasco. Kevin Kolb was supposed to be ready, quicker release, hit receivers in stride instead he shouldnt even be in the NFL!!! are you kidding me??? Andy Reid is the real problem and I dont care how many NFC titles he has won. it is about winning the SB anything else is horse manure. we are the only team within the NFC east without a superbowl championship and with AR will continue that way. He and his whole staff needs to be FIRED immediately.

  • It appears to me that Kolb does not have the arm, accuracy or quick decision making ability to be a quality NFL quarterback. Did you notice McNaab was bootleging to his left a lot. I don’t think Reid did this with him at all or maybe a handful of times in 10 years. If the Redskins hadn’t gotten conserative in the 4th quarter they may have scored more points.

  • Fans showed real class with a standing ovation for Donovan. Katalidi and his dirty 3 are a bafoon goof tards. Eagles fans deserve better from their team, coaches and FO.

  • Is anybody watching the Giants/Bears game? This whole league is awful, the Eagles are just another member in a class full of substandard teams. Colts lose to the Jags, all of them are pathetic. The league wanted parity, they have it, nobody is any good.

  • hey rcp ur boy got in the game today lol

  • hey big e the young gun wr were running around wide open on the worse d in the league
    the problem was the gunslinger

  • I agree with Anderson
    The quality of play in the NFL is gettting worse and worse and harder to watch as a fan..
    The lack of fundamentals in takling,catching,poor coaching, poor officiating,poor time management,
    the penalties.. There is just not a high level of football being played by many teams anymore
    Wait until the go to a 18 games schedule and only have 2 Preseason games to get 1/3 of your Roster on the same page.. Once 18 games are in effect, you can count the month of the “regular season ” as a warm-up and the level of football will be even worse than it is now…
    I am switching to Austrailian Rules Football…

  • My thoughts:

    Our rush defense sucks just like most of us knew (except Schiller) since game 1. Everyone knows, to beat the eagles, run up the gut. Our small and fast guys can’t stop a team that is going to be COMMITTED to the run. The Redskins didn’t care if they get 2 yards on first down, they would run it again on second down because they knew it was only a matter of time before they break off 12 yards. This is a passing league but running never gets old and you have to be able to stop it.

    The middle of our defens has problems. Bradley is average at best, the tackles stink and Mikell got run over nad isn’t that good. Bradley gets some benefit because it takes a while with the injury he had but he definitely isn’t any savior or anything. He’s just better than Gaither and that ain’t saying much.

    Kolb can’t throw a pass over 10 yards. Mr. Checkdown found his man in Owen Schmitt. It was brutal sitting in those cold stands watching the little dink and dunk stuff when receivers are running open or got one on one coverage and the QB has time. I don’t know if he just can’t get the ball down the field or is he’s just scared.

    McCoy looks good. He was the onyl thing going for the offense yesterday.

    All in all it was one of the worst games I ever attended. McNabb got more cheers when he was introduced than the team got all game long. That says a lot because we looked bad. We are quick to point out how bad other teams are. It was easy for us to say Washington sucks well they are 2-0 in the division and they beat us and we are now tied. So who really sucks? I can’t tell anymore. This is a much different team without Vick. When he’s not in there, the threat for a big play with his arm or leg is gone and Mr. Check down doesn’t scare anyone.

  • Out of utter frustration I made a Fire Andy Reid Facebook page. I’ve had it!!

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