• December 10, 2022

NFL News and Notes

There is quite a lot happening in the NFL this week. That tends to happen when football is played every week. Let’s go through some of it because I have other things I’m supposed to be doing, but I don’t want to do them; I’d rather talk about football.

-Anyone think there is a chance that the Carolina Panthers grabbed the wrong USC receiver in the 2007 draft? Steve Smith has been excellent up in New York. Dwayne Jarrett? Eh…not so much.

Jarrett was arrested at 2:08 AM Tuesday morning for driving while impaired. This is his second DWI in three years. Apparently the Panthers were tired of his nonsense and one TD through four seasons because they released him. He has been a waste of space since they drafted him.

-To replace Jarrett, they signed David Clowney, who was cut by the Jets earlier this week. If Clowney can run in a straight line without falling down and/or order an appetizer at Applebee’s without spilling his Diet Fresca all over himself, he’ll be an improvement over Jarrett.

-The Chicago Bears surprisingly cut defensive end Mark Anderson. Remember he had 12 sacks as a rookie in 2006. After that? Not much. They picked up Charles Grant from the UFL to replace him. Grant couldn’t stick with the Miami Dolphins this training camp. Maybe he couldn’t play in the 3-4, or maybe I’m just making excuses for him.

-So much for the Eagles getting Marshawn Lynch. There was talk of the Eagles maybe snagging him if LeSean McCoy’s ribs were going to be a serious issue (Chris Mortensen says that the Eagles were never interested in trading for him. But Mort says a lot of junk that isn’t true). But, none of it matters now. The Seahawks scooped him up for a fourth rounder this year, and a conditional 2012 pick. They cut Julius Jones to make room for him. Justin Forsett will now be in more of a support role. The Seahawks needed a boost to their running game, as well as their stash of illegal firearms.

Lynch’s fantasy value just went up, so good for you if you held on to him while cursing him every week.

-G Kyle Kosier (knee) and TE Jason Witten (MCL) are expected to suit up this week for the Cowboys. The extra week of rest surely came at a perfect time.

-Have Cadillac Williams on your fantasy team? You probably shouldn’t. He is having his featured back status taken from him as the team works in Kareem Huggins and LeGarrette Blount. From a fantasy standpoint, you shouldn’t want any part of that mess.

-More fantasy notes. Clinton Portis won’t play this week and Ryan Torain is expected to carry the load. Grab him. The only other back on the roster is Chad Simpson, and he’s more of a special teams guy.

-The Denver Broncos are hoping like heck to get Knowshon Moreno back this week. Correll Buckhalter’s 1.8 yards per carry and Laurence Maroney’s 1.3 aren’t…ummm….cutting it.

Micah Warren

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