• August 14, 2022

LeSean McCoy Practices Today, Likely To Start On Sunday

LeSean McCoy practiced today and will play in the game on Sunday.  Despite a cracked rib, McCoy will likely start at the halfback position which is a huge positive for the Birds.

He’s been one of the pleasant surprises on the football team, so far this season.  McCoy has had a nose for the end zone, plus he seems to be able to get as much as possible when he gets the football in his hands.

Asante Samuel didn’t pass the post-concussion test so he won’t make the trip.  Joselio Hanson will start at left cornerback and move to nickel back on nickel situations.  Dimitri Patterson will move in at left cornerback to replace Hanson on nickel situations.

Andy Reid says Max Jean-Gilles is now the team’s starting right guard.  He will be the starter from now on.  Nick Cole didn’t work out today, but will make the trip and be ready to play this week.

Rookie wide receiver Riley Cooper passed one of the concussion tests but he continues to have concussion symptoms.   He won’t make the trip as he recovers from the concussion he suffered on Sunday.

Practice squad wide receiver Chad Hall will make the trip and could be signed to the active roster, if Reid and his staff decide they don’t want to play this game with three wide receivers.

Andy said that Kevin Kolb has done a good job with the game plan in preparation for the Niners.  Reid said he’s ready to go.

Juqua Parker will start at left defensive end and will continue to alternate with rookie Brandon Graham.  The rookie didn’t look good versus the run against the Skins.  I think this a good move to bring in Parker.

The veteran defensive end  is stronger against the run than Graham, which goes along with them trying to get bigger and stronger on the defensive front.  Moise Fokou replaced Akeem Jordan at strongside linebacker earlier in the week, so you can see what the Eagles think the Niners are going to try to do against them.

We’ll see what they decide to do with Hall when they get to San Francisco.  This is one they’ve got to have.


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  • Talk about a team in transition and in flux…
    MJG now the RG starter, (Cole and Wells have been disappointing)
    Only 3 healthy WR’s, a banged up starting RB with no depth behind him.
    I think I stated 2 weeks back that depth at WR & RB was important and the lack of quality depth will hurt this squad and they needed to address this…
    What happens when D-JAx/Maclin get dinged, or worse..
    Who is getting the carries if McCoy gets reinjured.. (Mike “I am a 1 yard per carry” Bell)
    I think J Jones is still out there who Seattle released last week after obtaining M Lynch…
    Poor roster decisions are now impacting this team with the lack of depth at cetrain postions
    Carrying 10 OL, 7 LB and 6 CB’s has left them thin in other areas…

  • And yet none of those 10 OL are any good… kind of sad, really.

    Can you really go into a game with only 3 WR? Does that just eliminate all of your 4 WR sets? If someone gets hurt, now you have 2 WR and then what do you do?

    Who are we kidding… Schmitt’s the featured receiver this Sunday anyway…

  • Do the injuries never end
    This is only the 5th game

  • G:

    I think that how well Kolb plays versus Patrick Willis will decide the game. And Brett Celek needs to have a big game too. The line play on both sides goes without saying.

  • This is what happens when Andy spends all the draft picks on defensive ends. Those guys turn out to be bums and they don’t make the team and you’re left thin at safety and WR. And linebackers are in shuffle again. Parker does deserve to start, but who are we kidding, the only real starter is Cole. Every other position is lineman by committee. I am now deathly afraid at CB with Hanson and Hobbs as the starters. They are deep plays waiting to happen. Vernon Davis is going to toast whatever Linebacker is supposed to be covering him and that includes “Future Hall of famer” Stewart Bradley.

  • With Kolb as the QB, Andy should have just signed 3 more fullbacks and have them lineup as wideouts that way Kolb can spread the ball around.

  • Sad that Graham cant start and we used such a high pick on em. I’m sick of seeing him get pushed around by Tight Ends, he must get in the weight room this offseason! The Freeny comparisions are looking crazy right now.

  • FB 3 catches 43 yards –14.3 average –sounds OK to me

  • LMAO@ Scorp…we will have the first 100 catch Fb in NFL history…Owen Schmitt’s contract extension will be bigger than D Jax!…Rcp is a undying Kolb supporter…just get it over with and make a youtube video crying under the sheets screaming “JUST LEAVE KEVIN ALONE!”…lmao…Patrick Willis ans Roy Williams 2.0 (Taylor Mays) will be head hunting on sunday…lmao….please GOD dont adjust the offense to suit Kolbs laffy taffy arm and send Maclin and Jackson on short slants across the face of the linebackers! He just has to pull the trigger on the deep ball the best way he knows how. He may be a NFL starter, but hey…so is Ryan Fitzpatrick and Derek Anderson…he is cut from that cloth…make a couple solid plays..but overall..stinks!

  • If anybody mentions him in the same sentence with Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees or McNabb again they should instantly be taken to a secluded place and have the medieval “Wheel” torture performed on them like the last scene of Braveheart….lmao

  • Scorp, that is too funny!!!

    Wilcher, not bad, either.

  • First off I know its only been 2 games and I havent focused on Scmidts blocking but hell he is every bit as good as Weaver out of the backfield, Why didnt he have a job? Im impressed. This is a very very tough spot for the birds. This 49er team isnt nowhere near as bad as there record indicates. Your playing in primetime at SF. They need a win. It WONT EVER be EASIER than KOLB had it against Washington. Washington was ranked 32nd against the pass and had NO pressure ALL game. What the hell is he gonna do when he gets pressure lol? Week 1 showed you. Hey Kolb Bradford has been in the league 1 month and didnt have any 2 deep zone excuses against Washington. This team is a mess. 1 offensive lineman, Herremans. No DT. 1 LB Bradley. Holes everywhere. Thanks AR.

  • Paulman’s most overrated and overpaid Phialdelphia Eagles
    #1) J Peters – No where near woth that kind of $$$ and the HIgh draft picks they gave up to obtain him (I guess there was a reason he went undrafted out of College)
    #2) L Weaver – Overapaid for what he contributes, good player but not the Highest Paid FB of all time
    #3) M Patterson – Underachiever who has regressed a little each year..
    #4) Q Mickell — would be a 3rd String Safety on most teams,
    #5) M Bell — My 79 year old Father has a quicker first step then Bell
    #6) K Kolb — goes without saying

  • Forgot #7) A Samuel — my 78 year old Mother can hit harder and wrap up better than he can..

  • Are you kidding Mancini? You left off the #1 OVERRATED member of the Philadelphia Eagles. Andy Reid! JJ defense ran that team. McNabbs escapability and play making covered up the No recievers for 7 out of `11 years. Time management. Wasted 1st round picks. No run game except for when Duce was here. All the terrible FA brought in coming off an injury, under achieving with previous squad or position changed by this org. If it wasnt for the Mcnabb pick and the JJ hiring this team doesnt go to 1 NFC championship game. He is kissing Vicks ASS everyday and thanking him for saving this franchise. Last week No Vick No McNabb No JJ No clue. If I was Vick I would tell the Eagles I want 5 years 80 million or Im walking. If not good luck with Kolb and finding a qb for the next 5 years. Im out.

  • Remember last game…#22 and #14 are probably not going to play sunday too due to concussions. I understand playing hurt but #25 has a broken rib!! what did you bring bell here for???? At this point in time I am embarrassed to be an eagles fan as long as this AR clown and his entire staff is running the show. every week we either are not physical enough or we are outcoached. C’MON MAN with the bull@#$! this team needs to be blown up on the defensive side of the ball, the philosophy needs to be changed on both sides of the ball and FIRE ANDY REID NOW!!!!

  • Wow, I thought I would find some Eagle fans on here. Stop fellas I am just kidding, before you start posting me back. I hear you guys loud and clear, and have heard you all off season, and season. This team has serious issues that is a fact. QB questions in Kolb (Hurry back Vick), RB depth, WR depth due to injuries, that is not the coaches fault.

    I agree with you guys, but hell guys its to late now for all that looking back and wishing. I see a lot of whining, I can understand complaints after a game, that is the fun of this site, but before our next game? Come on talk about negative energy. I have not read one single person at least hope for the best for our team. Hell dream a little bit will ya. Paul predicts the most humbling defeats for our birds. I am not crazy i know we got serious issues. Why even bother if you are not going to at least hope your team will win.

    We are who we are and must go to war with the guys we have. I have no complaint at all with the analysis and critique of the palyers and coaches, Iits just that I get a sense that some people feel vendicated when the team is in misery. I could be wrong and if so I present my sincere apologies to all my Bird brothers on this site. But dang gone I want to win, I want Kolb to have a career damn game I don’t care how bad he is and he is bad, but I hope the absolute best for him, I want my defense to play lights out.

    The defense has more than enough positive attributes to warrent me drinking a little koolaid, and I am going to do just that. You guys once again have depressed me thus I must go and find a site or fellow bird nation citizen to bring me back into the light. If, I say if the Birds lose sunday I will be oh so pissed like you, but until then pass me a six pack of koolaid becasue its eagle time.

    Again no real compalints about anyone here, so don’t read me the wrong way just thought I throw out some positive karma, real lease some of that winning energy into the universe to counter balance those SanFran Fans in a fury about being favored to win. The hell with them and the Niners lets kick their A$%, and do it in orderly fashion, don’t tell me we can’t win until Monday.

    The hell with predictions, the heck with AR, the heck with MM, the heck with Kolb, the hack with every dang gone problem that vexes this team (there are many), I don’t give a damn, go out there and win the game. Its time for war boys and if you lose study reload and get back at it. The off season is a long ways off, maybe AR needs to go, and the coaches, but as of now I want the war machine rolling, beat thesse damn niners, and move on.

    Eagles you sucked in Skins game, AR you messed up, now move on and lets go to 3-2 and stay in the race, one game at a time the hell with 6-10 predictions, what if injuries decemate other teams, what if other players on other teams start to regress, or hit a rut. The hell with that I see one game ahead of us and its called Niners so lets go get it Eagles kick some rear ass.

    As always LONG LIVE THE EAGLES, and BEAT THE DAMN NINERS, so my buddies here at Gcobb with have something good to say about you becasue if you lose they are going to cut you up and you will deserve every bit of it.


  • Monolith I am just as true an Eagle fan as you are but I am tired of us beating ourselves year after year after year and then having to hear the same excuses every week from this AR moron!!!! you damn right about beating other teams and winning. I want out team to win every sunday but I am a realist and I know thats not possible. wouldnt it be nice to know each and every sunday we are trying to defeat the opponent and not beat ourselves with poor clock management, stupid play calling, putting a team on the field that is too small, missing on draft picks, signing free agent busts…Etc I wouldnt feel the way I do if I knew were serious about winning on sunday instead of the garbage we been seeing!!!!

  • Talon, I agree with you brother, no complaints there buddy. This team has done some good things, to be honest we look just as bad and good as 80% of the league. I don’t believe we can win every game that is crazy. We keep complaining about years pass and the off season decision making I was their with you guys making my complaints as well. Still we are not as bad as some guys are making it out to be, sorry we are not as sorry as half the conference, and the cowboys are pretenders also.

    You guys that keep it real love ya, but some over extend the truth. You know the old saying “We suck, but you suck more.” well that is where we are right now. Come on players we are bad in many areas but we are not as bad as everyone wants to make us. Sorry if you stare long enough at a decent looking woman you are going to start to think she is not that hot until you see the other ladies and realize the decent girl is decent.

    We spend so much time fixed on our dear birds, watching every flaw over and over on our dvr’s that we can’t see how jacked up the other guys are. Talon I hope that I am not making excuses brother, I don’t want to do that, so keep me straight buddy, just wanted to flex some needed love for my birds. As I said one game at a time, this week and only this week is where I am right not, and what I have to say until further information or the scorecard monday is this:

    Beat the living hooyah out of them dang Niners, I am sending my Karma right now early so that it gets there on time. If we lose I will cuse the coaches out, complain and be back next week. Now I am going to keep it real also i am not going to be showing much love if we dip 500 by mid season, and you guys will hear me, you might have to band me, until then and as always LONG LIVE THE EAGLES

    Some guys keep it real, some guys hate, some guys have to much love, well i am going to be that positive guy until it is insane to be such, until then I am going to look for any good thing and throw it out here. Thats okay right fellas? Haaaa don’t anwser that, of course it is, that what we are all hear for to read and express.

    Anyway you guys are great….you to Paul (you are killing me with the predictions though. The Niners over us, really?), keep the views coming your entertaining. Oh and one last thing I absolutely loved the way everyone defended our birds when Micah thought it was safe to rip the flesh off our team, good work you made me proud to be part of you fraternity. LONG IVE THE EAGLES

  • Monolith

    Like I always say, I’m Philly born, Philly bred and when I die, I’ll be Philly dead.

    However, my hope lies in change, which we’ll never get change, unless we lose.

    I’m actually okay with just being entertained (as I was with Buddy Ryan), but I’m not even entertained by this team. Without a superstar QB to cover his deficiencies (and to take the blame), his teams are pitiful.

    Even his acquisitions, since ousting Modrak, are ridiculously bad. What could be worse than the Andrews Sisters fiasco and the Jason Peters acquisition? Our offensive line was, at one time, pretty good, despite the face that their effectiveness was hindered by a Reid’s run/pass ratio.

    There are no longer any Ray Rhodes players on this team and no carryover front office personnel. This is all Reid, and everything he’s touched has turned to stone.

    Sorry, but I’m rooting for change, not hollow wins.

  • Paulman- Guees what player has more no hitters than Haladay————————————Asante Samuels

  • Drummer, I can accept that view point you want change can’t argue with that, you want better results than you are now getting. But would you concede that Andy has had success with his philosophy. He needs to adjust, and in that I agree with you that if he can’t then maybe we need a new look there at coach. but to be fair he is a winningcoach, you can’t take that away, Rhodes was not a winning coach. vermil was but he could not handle it here in philly and to go to another city to get his title. we want Gruden, well he has a SB ring which is the great equalizer but he stunk up the bucs, and there is no way we would accept that crap he did in Tampa here in Philly no way. We would not have accepted Cowers eithe when he was getting bounced out of the playoffs until he go his QB to get him through.

    Anyway my point is I am down with change but no one is going to convince me that reid hasn’t done a good job during his tenure here. there is only three systems or coaches that have convincingly beaten the eagles cosistently. Dungy, Cowers, and Belick (Gruden rode in on dungy’s horse and beat us but not consistently).

    I team is not gold standard, but our organization is one of the best run, organized and enivornments in the entire sports world, sorry but that is true. Again the team maybe is not but the organization certaintly is.

    I am not questioning anyones loyalty, you guys know that still I will continue to present a diffent view point, and that is okay so I don’t want anyone to take anything personal. I will never attack another persons views on this site, i might question it, but that is okay.

    Anyway got to be to work in two hours, so everyone have a great day if you are off, keep your views coming no matter how you see it. You know where I stand so as always LONG LIVE THE EAGLES

    PS BigE, dude that is funny, I see a future for you on stage brother, haaaaa, later, I’m out for the next 12 hours peace.

  • Monolith, I’m sure there’s no surprise by anyone here, but I agree with you. My biggest wish for Eagles fans is that they could have the mentality of a football player. What I mean by that is, you try to correct or address the problems/issues from the previous game(s) and then forget about the past and focus on the game in front of you, with optimism. That’s the mentality that all coaches preach to their players because it is well established that if you dwell in the negativity and assume that the problems/flaws/failures are a characteristic of the people (players), and not something that can be adjusted. My example is how Winston Justice was Bum and a Bust. Not a football player who had a terrible game (v. Giants, you all know what I’m talking about), and needed a lot of improvement.

    The Eagles are in first place right now (with the exception of the Washington tie breaker) and everyone is convinced they are atrocious. The fans can be convinced the team is atrocious even while they stay in the run for the division. It’s entirely probable for this team to make a playoff run, while some fans will make excuses and say “empty wins” or blame the opponents weaknesses for the Eagles wins, but then the Eagles may make a good run in the playoffs and compete for a championship. Teams come out of nowhere in the NFL, and the first four games are a terrible indicator of the whole season. (see Denver last year).

    We have a rising talent running back but people are focusing on the negatives. We have the best FS since Dawkins who seems to only play better and better, but people harp on Asante not making tackles which is a negative catch phrase from LAST YEAR, that hasn’t hurt the team yet this year – and he even made some hits which many ignore this year….

    Negativity is depressing and potentially harmful (I believe negadelphia, plus media, played a role in Donovan’s failures and demise in Philly – don’t get me wrong, I love what he did for this team, but the ‘big game/big moment’ stuff, I think it messed with his head too much. You can blame him for not being able to overcome it or block it out, but if it wasn’t there in the first place, if Philadelphia didn’t have a strong component of Negadelphia, then maybe this team would have had a slightly better chance at a SB. Then again, the pats cheated against us in that game….

  • Bottom line, is that the negative view makes you depressed and prohibits enjoyment of the game and hope for the season/team. Optimism on the other hand, allows fans to enjoy the season more. Isn’t it more appealing to enjoy your team? Or is it more enjoyable to drown in your sorrows? Just curious…

  • Schiller -you are drowing in a make believe euphoria and can’t help mentioning the past with the Pat’s cheating thing. What else is old news in your empty shell. If the Eagles come out of nowhere which is where they are now it won’t be because of the media or the fans and if they fail again it won’t be because of the fans or media it will be the Fo and coaches.

  • How is it possible that Mccoy can play with a broken rib? Won’t he be taking big hits on every running play? Is Singletary employing the “46 Defense that he grew up in with Buddy Ryan in Chicago? Will San Francisco breakdown the run and force Kolb to pass? Will Singletary then ‘bring the house” on Kolb?

    The Eagles this week appear to be serving up a perfect recipe of red meat to a hungry “0 for 4” 49er team.

  • Bigpee, I bring up the pats, that sb, and cheating because of the commonn sentiment that everything will change or would be different if the eagles just win a goddamn sb. If the pats weren’t cheating when we were in one, the birds would have had a much better chance (at least a more legict and fair one). Then Reid would be equal to Cowher who many clam for.

  • Big E, and I’m not saying that the fans’ negativity is what caused or is responsible for the Eagles failures in the past, but I am saying that it likely played a role in messing with Donovan’s psyche. We know that it did. And the fans CAN control their negativity – they pretty much cannot control anything else except for the amount of $ they put towards the team, whether it’s tickets or merch. So the fans can do 1 thing, limit the negativity, that might help (or hurt less) the QB/other key players’ psyche. But many choose not to. Look at Tom Brady calling out the Pats fans for leaving real early when they were blowing out some other team. He said ‘the jets fans would still be here’. So even him, with all his successes and accomplishments, on a team that many Eagles fans probably think is perfect with no flaws, even that guy is emotionally effected by the fans. I’m not saying the fans or their opinions control the game, but I am saying that on a large scale (and Negadelphia is on a huge scale) it can have a significant effect.

  • Everything will be Ok…Didn’t you guys hear the news?

    Chad Hall have been called up to step in for Cooper….(GEEZ)

    We cut good players that showed promise in preseason to keep Hank Baskett, then cut Hank Baskett.

    Now, we’re hurting in depth and sign who off of the practice squad?

    Chad Hall

    Need I say more?

  • Great news,
    Another slow white guy that can’t jump..just what this team needs at WR/Return Game

  • I also heard the Eagles are ready to release RB M Bell and sign DE/FB D Klecko to be the short -yardage guy… Jiminy Crickets….

  • If Andy reid knew WTF he was doing we would have won a superbowl in 10 years regardless of the Pats.
    Who is in charge of practice security, the head coach. Blame him for dropping the ball not the cheater. Everybody will cheat if given an opportunity even you Shittler.

  • Hello Gentlemen, Uh? Who am I kidding whats up Bird nation, Eagle rousers. Man is it nice being a philadelphis sports fan….Eagles NFC Champ couple seasons ago. in the playoff last bunch of seasons, philly win a title, go to the big dance twice in a row, in the race to go a third straigt, flyers made it to the big dance, pushed hard the season prior to that. Sixers? C’mon brothers lets not get greedy, haaaa. Oh yeah I am taking it all in, these times don’t come often.

    Hey Paul who is this Bell guy you keep talking about 🙂

    Here is a toast to all you Gcobb post regulars, you make it fun brothers, i bet it would be a blast, all us at a long table, big screened up, cool drinks chilling, and the Birds defense rolling like thunder and the offense strikinglike lighting. Hell whatever fellas thats my story and I’m sticking to it.

    If you guys have any good karma you can spare for the game bring it, and bring it often.

    As always LONG LIVE THE EAGLES……RIP Niners

  • Now that Chad hall has been activated I feel so much more optimistic. After all,according to Navy he is a hell of a player and according to Schiller he is a great leader of men. What better endorsements could you ask for. I know Howie is excited as is Reid, Banner & Lourie.

  • Ha BigE, since I know you bask in your own sarcasm, cheers and drink up (oh wait, you think alcohol is evil so I guess the booze metaphors backfire with you…)

    But seriously, you’re making sh*t up here, I never ever mentioned the guy with four letter first and last names. See, you really hurt your credibility when you just make assumptions and references to things people never ever talked about.

  • @Paul Mancini LMAO @ the great news! lol.

  • Mccoy is a beast!!!

  • Horse Trailer Prediction:

    Sav Rocca 🙂 we suuuuck without vick

  • Most overrated people with opinions

    #1) Paul Mancini – goes without saying

    KK was never rated to begin with you idiot, so how can he be overrated? Plus Weaver isn’t even playing you dumb shit. Why do I torture myself with your moronic comments?

  • To RTB,
    Where we you all spring and summer, when article after article and the Eagles front Office was ga-ga
    over KK.. And the fact that they gave him that huge $$12 Million deal (which was totally uneccessary, since he was already under contract) may go down as one of the worst FO moves since acquiring Stacey Andrews & Jason Peters..
    On Weaver, the Eagles made him the highest paid FB in the History of the Game for a player who touches the ball 4-5 times a game and for a team that doens’t value the running game and he is an average blocker at best.. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player, and the best Eagle FB they have had in years, but not worth his salary and surely not worth the Highest paid FB in the history of the NFL……

  • Just to point out that the amount of $$ overpaid out to both Kolb/Weaver this off-season, has a negative ripple affect, for it then it means less $$$ to be availalbe, to help sure up other positions like the
    O/L,LB,CB,S … (now you understand RTB…)

  • Paul, you are discounting a very key aspect of the current (hopefully it changes….) free agency system in the NFL. When a good player becomes a FA, the price to get him to sign NEVER EVER reflects what he is worth. You over pay for every quality free agent because if you don’t, they’ll sign elsewhere. You seem to be evaluating what they gave Weaver v. what you think he’s worth. That’s not how they measure that contract. It’s how much they need to pay him to keep him. Maybe he’s not superman at FB (though I’d be fine with that comparison), but the cost of NOT having him on the team (sure, Schmidty is playing quite well… but who knew that when Weaver was resigned…) was TOO HIGH to not lock him up. That said, he was the top FB in the league at the time, and the top ANY POSITION in the league usually signs for a record deal in FA these days. That’s just how it works. Your beef should be with the system – which is widely noted to be seriously flawed.

  • I agree Schiller that th eFree-agency is flawed,
    There is no doubt that most observors would state that the Ealges still overpaid for Weaver.
    It wasn;t like there were a whole lot of suitors out there for a FB which many teams don’t even use outside of short-yardage/red zone situations..
    Just like 2 years ago when EAgles signed Stacey Andrews who was coming off an injury and the Eagles paid way too much on the 1st day of Free-agency when again, there wasn’t much of a demand for him.. and like this year, With Kolb annointed the Starter and a chance to prove that he’s an NFL Starting QB, I could see the Eagles maybe giving him a little more $$ to show their Commiment, but $12 million for a player with 2 NFL starts, that’s just assanine and sooner or later, whn you start making poor personnel decisions and overpaying for good/average/below average talent, your roster will be impacted in a negative way shape of form and with this team having some many holes from the end of last year’s teams at the Center,LB,CB,S, positions, I think the Eagles off season missed a great opportunity to get more better players and utilize their overall sealary structure better. And don’t forget the Draft where they basiscally traded out of some of the higher draft picks (2nd/3rd) to get additional 4th/5th Rd picks and basically had the strategy of drafting by “Volume over Quality”. This off-season could have really catapulted this Team for the next 4-5 Seasons, instead, it looks like this team will be treading water and simply be average instead of being in th eupper Echelon (in a pretty weak,wide open NFC Conference too…)

  • Wow, a lot of guys writing books to all say the same thing. They aren’t good enough. They need to go to the bottom, get high draft picks, trade guys to get early round draft picks, watch everybody beat our asses for a few years, and if everything goes perfectly, and the team is lucky as all hell, they may be 8-8 again by 2012.

  • For whatever it’s worth,
    I sense some hard hits by the 49ers putting D-Jax,Maclin,McCoy and Kolb out injured during some part of tonight’s game… MLB P Willis, S Taylor Mays will be layting the lumber on these small,athletic but afraid of contact,frail players that dot the Eagles roster anymore…

  • Paul Mancini. I gotcha. Overrated by the FO. I thought you meant by fans and the media. Regardless I could care less because I’d rather lose with KK than win with Mcnabb. Mcnabb lost my interest last year in Dallas when he came out of the tunnel like a douchebag and played like complete garbage. He’s an ego maniac that can’t back up his personality.

  • See? They make me want to throw up sometimes. When they run a balanced offense, they move the ball, score and look marginally competent. I don’t know why they have to be so tricky all of the time. Also, anyone notice the O goes better without Peters at LT?

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