• July 4, 2022

I Thought It Was About Winning Super Bowls, Not Players’ Feelings

Have you noticed how the evaluation of quarterbacks has changed here in Philadelphia over the last year?  It used to be that a quarterback was judged by the Super Bowls they had won or the likelihood that they would lead this current Eagles team to a Super Bowl victory.

That was stressed and rightfully so because ultimately that’s the goal or should be the goal of every team in the National Football League.

I think that’s the reason Andy Reid decided to go with Michael Vick or Kevin Kolb as the team’s starting quarterback.

I believe Reid realized that if he doesn’t have a big-armed quarterback with tremendous escapability to avoid the pass rush and get the ball deep to DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, he won’t have any success with this football team.

I believe Reid realized that Kolb’s strengths don’t gel with the talents of his current wide receivers, especially Jackson.  He’s not a classic west coast receiver, who can take the hits that are dished out by safeties and linebackers when a receiver is going across the middle.

If you’ve noticed, Kolb has most his success throwing the ball in the middle of the field.  The slant route is an anchor of the west coast offense, but how many of them have you seen run by Jackson this season.  It doesn’t make sense to have him run slant routes and give the safeties and linebackers a chance to knock him out of the game.

You’ve got to get the ball deep to him.  It’s that simple.  Vick like Donovan McNabb has a cannon for an arm and can get the ball deep to Jackson.  It’s not so easy for Kolb.

Therefore it’s unlikely that Kolb can lead this current Eagles team with Jackson as their premiere weapon to a Super Bowl title.

Yes Super Bowl title.  That was supposedly the reason we traded McNabb to Washington.  All that mattered here was winning a Super bowl title.

Now the focus is on the feelings of the quarterback.  The media coverage of the Eagles quarterback position has done an about face.

It’s changed to the point where there’s now more discussion of how a quarterback feels about being benched as compared to whether his play or limitations warrant it.  Since when did we care how a player feels about being benched.

Shouldn’t it be about leading us to a Super Bowl title?

I don’t remember hearing the “how does he feel” discussion when we were discussing taking the ball from Brad Lidge last year, just a year after he led us to a World Series title and had a perfect season as a closer.  Local baseball analysts and fans were going after him with no mercy.

It was simple, he wasn’t getting the job done.

Have you heard anybody discussing how Kyle Kendrick felt about being left off the NLDS roster?  That was a challenging demotion, but I don’t see anybody crying for him.

Did anybody care last year about how the Flyers goallies felt about being benched and yoed-yoed around by their coach when we were in pursuit of the Stanley Cup?  It was taken for granted that they had to do their job.  Who cares how they felt?

Now it seems like Oprah and the ladies on the View are covering the Eagles.  Everybody has gotten so sensitive.  I’ve seen articles and heard discussions that never took place before here in Philadelphia.

Here in the city of brotherly love we’ve been known for being tough on our athletes.  They can’t accuse us of that any more with the media and fans here crying about how a player feels about being benched.  The coach is being accused of “not caring”.

Imagine that a coach not caring how his players are feeling.

Professional athletes are paid millions of dollars to be tough physically and tough mentally.  Things are done to them that aren’t fair.

I’ve never seen a benching portrayed as a crucifixion.  Players get benched every day.  Guys are traded for not performing well enough.

Is anybody crying for Matt Leinart, who was drafted in the first round by the Cardinals, yoed-yoed around with Kurt Warner taking his place.  This year he was supposed to get his chance, but they decided not to and released him.

Did anybody care how he felt?

Have you heard or read anybody wondering how Akeem Jordan feels about having his starting job taken from him?

If Kolb starts feeling mistreated, he can lean on the shoulders of quite a few other players in the locker room, who have been previously benched.


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  • uh G, you interact with the media more than anyone of us because you’re a part of it and you are there at the press conferences, practices…etc…. and this is another article where basically, you’re just venting about the media. I don’t think any fans (at all) give two craps about feelings (except those who feel more victimized by Desean’s lack of ultrawealth than he does him self of course….)]

    But seriously, where have you seen fans caring about Kolb’s feelings?

  • How could you not care about kolbs feelings. You fans out there r being just flat out hateful. I mean i personally fell TERRIBLE that kolb is ONLY making FIVE TO SIX MILLION dollars this year to hold a clipbaord. You people honeslty think thats fair to kolb …………….ok honeslty was that sacrcastic enough LOL?

  • I agree with Schiller, that again, it’s the local media stirring up the pot for endless articles to keep a
    “QB Controversary” front and center … Most fans that I know are not feeling sorry for anyone,
    Most realize that Vick, when healthy, will be the Starting #1 QB and gives the Eagles the best chance of winning now which I think Coach AR has even publicly acknowledged and spoke to his team about..
    LEt’s play ball…

  • Hey G Kolb ain’t the one writing the articles

    I haven’t heard him whining or saying he was mistreated or wants to be traded so whats your problem with him and stating he can cry on other benched players shoulders

    When he starts bitchin then you can dump on him until then save it for the reporters etc

  • yeah schiller got it right. apparently you are the only one who cares about kolbs feelings. do i wish good chemistry for our team ? sure, but you clearly just took something the wrong way as you don’t really support it with anything other then “the media”

    I think you take issue with the fact that the city isnt even 60% behind Vick. I think we can all agree he’s fun to watch and gives our best chance at winning a title this year. having said that, i cant cheer for the guy, he’s paid his time and I’m not talking about his awful deeds. He just isnt likeable and you I still wouldnt trust our franchise to him. How is a fan suppose to react, yes all we want to do is win… but to enjoy the ride would be nice.

  • Actually, you sound like someone hurt YOUR feelings G. You’ve had your feelings hurt every since McNabb was traded. So what others are saying that. You sound just like them complaing.

    Get back to ANALYZING football. You do that well. Leave the other stuff alone.

  • If you ewant to paint the media as sensitive thats fair I guess…But you cant throw stones at Kolb…He cant help what people write or say…He has handled this whole quagmire with nothing but class..slow your roll G..

  • Arm strength, arm strength, arm strength. This is getting to be a broken record. Listen. I’ve been watching the mobile QB with the Cannon arm movie for 20+ years now. I know how it ends. And I’m pretty sure how its going to end with Vick.

    I want to try the prescision passer without the touch passing movie once. The one that starred Montana, and Aikman and Simms. I don’t know how that movie will end for the Birds. Could it star Kolb? Maybe. I want to find out. He’s gotten better in each game he’s played. Going in to SF against a good D and a team absolutely desperate for a win was certainly more impressive than Vick lighting it up against Det and Jax.

    The bottom line is the team needs to find out what it has in Kolb to move forward. Playing Vick serves nothing. And frankly, the article is about “who cares if Kolb’s feelings are hurt.” Well, who cares if Deesean’s feelings are hurt that he’s not putting up highlight performances and instead the glory goes to McCoy or Celek or Maclin.

    If we eliminate the GB game where Kolb was hurt early…the guy is 2-1 as a starter.

  • @ vinnie sry bud atm the moment i dont think there is a comparison between vick and mnabb. Vick is clearly the better qb atm. Between vick and kolb its not even remtoly close. What your comment should have been was youve seen how it ended with mcanbb. The new mick vick you dont have a clue how his story will end. I honeslty think vick has a lot better of a chnce with this team than mcanbb did. GO BIRDS

  • The main problem with Philly is the local media that seems to love to stir things up and invent a story rather the reporting on what actually is. That added to the nitwits on 610wip in the morning. And then you have the Vick haters that will never like Vick as a qb mainly because of his past. i can name a few more issues, but i don’t want to get into all of that. All of that being said, the majority of people realize that this team is better with Vick rather than Kolb.

  • It’s a joke! Between the “Sentimental-Sally-Visits-Get-Over-Valley Articles” and the “Rose-Colored-Glasses” viewpoints, I’m amazed at all the Kolb hype.

    I try to maintain a balanced viewpoint, and it’s sometimes difficult. But really! This is the same QB who couldn’t get into the end zone since the pre-season. Andy helped him greatly by running the ball, but even then, the guy did barely enough to win the game.

    San Francisco is woeful and inexplicably decided not to blitz Kolb, but eventually some team is going to come after him. Even absent the blitz, Kolb’s inability to go downfield has rendered our pro-bowl receiver to punt returning duties, exclusively.

    We all know why the shift in media coverage has occurred, but no one wants to say it. So, I’ll say it. After nearly two decades of black QBs, the media and some of the fan base desperately want a white QB. Hey, the majority of paying customers are white and they want to see a white QB. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    Personally, I couldn’t care less who’s quarterbacking, as long as he can play. Kolb, thus far, in my humble opinion, has proven to be only a serviceable back-up (much like Detmer).

    A QB like Sam Bradford, a true rookie, has already shown more ability than Kolb, and there’s no way to justify trading away our 1st-round pick in 2007 and picking Kolb. The team had many needs ignored and instead helped improve a divisional opponent, who, in turn, kicked our butts good!

    At this point, I’d take Anthony Spencer over Kolb. At least one of our linebacker spots would be secure.

  • I keep reading that Vick gives the Eagles the best chance to win “now.” Exactly when will Kolb give the Eagles the best chance to win? It’s already been 4 years. This isn’t college.

  • I’ve seen how it ended with Cunningham, and McNabb. And I’ve seen how it ended with “old” VIck too as you put it….(and BTW there is no “new vick/old vick” You think there’s “new Vick” ’cause he got to throw against the 2 worst secondaries in the league.) I saw how it ended with Tarkenton. I haven’t seen how it will end with Kolb.

    VIck may be better than McNabb now, but not 6 years ago. McNabb was superior. And the result……….? And I said 20 years, so I’m tossing Cunningham into the pile too. I’ve seen the scramblers. I want to see a touch guy.

    And who really says Vick and Kolb are “not even close” You have enough data for that? Kolb is 2-1 beating KC, losing to NO and beating SF. He looked very good in 2 of those wins. Vick is 2-0 beating Det and Jax and looking good in both of those.
    Vick looked good in relief during the GB game and Kolb looked good in relief in the Wsh game. Look, if you think a guy scrambling for 20 is “better” that’s fine. I personally prefer a checkdown to Schmidt that picks up the 1st. I think that’s what wins in the long run.

    Scramblers are exciting, but eventually Ds learn to defeat them.

  • Drummer…you mean the woeful SF D that last week held Matt Ryan to a 67.3 rating and 2 picks…and that this week Kolb played nicely against?

    “Andy helped him greatly by running the ball??” You think? You write this like its a bad thing. He “only” won ’cause they ran the ball. This was the most positive development I’ve seen from Reid in weeks. Ask Joe Flacco if he enjoys his running game.

    Who the hell cares that Kolb didn’t get the Birds to the endzone in the preseason? In the regular season he’s 63% for 478 and 2 tds in 1 and 3/4 games. Clearly terrible.

    And if you’re referrring to me as a member of the ‘fan base” wanting to see a white QB I just want to see a pocket QB. I could care less what colour he is. My name isn’t Belichick.

  • hey G i here ya
    i read the paper yesterday and in the article it was raving about kolb’s play lololol and how spectacular he was and how this was the future of the eagles and how we have such a bright future with him
    what makes them say he’s the future lmao
    his performance was solid like i said in a previous post its a good game compared to other qb’s its a spectacular performance if u compare it kevin kolb himself

  • vinnie its the same niners d that gave 31 to chiefs 25 to saints and 31 to seahawks
    its the 20th ranked football in the nfl pleas stfu
    kolb played 3 games he’s 1-2
    vick 2-0
    if u gonna say stats say all the stats san fran is putrid on both sides of the ball i dont give a shit about patrick willis he need help

  • I give Kevin credit for not doing any crying. He has carried himself like a professional, which expected of every other player on the team. My comments are about his play and the coverage of the team. I share my opinions and you react to them, that’s the essence of this site. I write about what I want to write about and you chose to read it or not read it.

    I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. I can understand people disagreeing with me because I find myself disagreeing with myself over time. I may have felt a certain way for a time, then I changed my mind.

    I respect everybody’s opinion and think it’s part of the fun of the discussion. We can disagree without being disagreeable.

  • get used to vick he gonna be your starting qb for some time the next 3 or 4 yrs for sure
    he dont have no competition its a landslide

  • Acutally i do have enough data for that vinnie. Im sry but i may be missing your point too. You defend kolb with two wins KC AND SF……who both suck WORSE than DET AND JAC who vick beat. Need more proof vick has won ALOT of games in his career. I hate to break this to you but he has won agaist some GREAT TEAMS in the past. How can you honselty say there is any comparison between the two. Not like the popularity contest is much of a bar to set(AKA probowl) but vick has a few of those too. Honeslty if you think this isnt a completly dif mike vick then was in atl i dont know what youve been watching all season. He is ALOT more accurate then he was, has great touch on the ball now, and is by FAR NOT a run furst quaterback anymore. Plus he still has one of the most deadly set of legs in the leauge. As far as defenses learning to deafet vick i dont really think its as easy as you make it sound. What ive seen temas TRY to do is always have him “ghosted” which constanly takes a defensive player out of the back field to shadow vick which further gives us an advantage.

  • “Can’t we all just get along”…. I am tired of hearing this too…. good grief Charlie Brown…

  • Vinnie,

    First, you couldn’t be more wrong about me writing like running the ball is a bad thing. Here’s my post from yesterday. I think it would be more accurate to say that you are reading into it.

    drummerwinslow says:
    October 11, 2010 at 11:49 am
    My Thoughts Eagles v. Niners

    Once again, Andy Reid has changed his personality because of the loss of his starting QB. That’s a good thing!!! He actually put Kolb in a position to succeed.

    Reid’s scripted first 15 plays were awesome!! He mixed up the run, screens and mid-range passes, thereby keeping the defense off-balanced.

    Even better, he continued those types of calls throughout the game. I watched the Niners’ defensive linemen and they were hesitant (worried that McCoy would run past them). Again, that’s a very good thing. Because of their hesitancy, our offensive line was able to give Kolb time to read the coverage and deliver the ball. Given that time, Kolb looked like a capable NFL quarterback.

    I don’t believe you need a superstar QB to win in this league. With a strong defense and solid all-around offense, I believe, you can succeed. We don’t need to lead the league in rushing. However, our run game must be a threat.

    Unfortunately, when Reid has a QB with above-average skills, he likes to wing the ball 50 times a game. I believe he threw only 30 times yesterday and ran 27 times. That’s great balance. If he had done that with McNabb, we’d have some jewelry by now.

    My opinion of Kolb is up for revision. I still have to see how he responds to the blitz and taking hits. I was certain that Singletary would blitz, but I was wrong. If Kolb can hang in during the blitz and not play scared after being hit, he could be anything from a serviceable back-up to a starter on a good, balanced team.

    Also, Vinnie, I care that Kolb didn’t get them into the end zone. It’s not just that he didn’t get them in, but it’s how he has gone about not getting them in the end zone. The guy cannot throw downfield.

    Like I said, if McNabb had enjoyed that same “balance” of attack, he undoubtedly would have won a ring or two. After all, when he finally got a pro-bowl receiver, he became a record-breaking QB. Unfortunately, Reid’s predictable, pass-happy offense nearly got him killed.

    Why do you blame the QB for the loss, when he had no support? Do you think Kolb would have fared any better? McNabb was getting creamed from the very first play. Besides, wasn’t McNabb a pocket QB? He ran very little. In fact, people complained that he didn’t run enough.

    What did BWest do in the Superbowl? How about the defense? The offensive line was horrendous!! Richard Seymour absolutely owned Hank Fraley. Anyone who knows football understands that no quarterback stands a chance when pressure comes up the gut.

  • Paul

    Like G said, if you tired of it, don’t read it.

  • PW, I guess you didn’t see my question a few articles back but I gotta know..How TF do you get Kolb is 1-2 and Vick is 2-0. So Kolb only started how many..2 games? But he gets 1 win and 2 losses? Your playing blame the loss on the QB you don’t like. Let me spell it out for you. So Kolb won 1 game (SF) and lost 2 (GB and WAS?) so by your logic, Kolb starts the GB game, gets hurt, Vick comes in, we lose and Kolb gets the loss, OK so why then does Vick start the Wash game, get hurt, Kolb comes in we still lose and Kolb gets the loss? Because your biased to Vick that’s why. It needs to work both ways in all fairness. Kolb 1-1 as a starter Vick 2-1 as a starter. Now respond with how Kolb sucks and all that but you’ll only prove that you just a biased Vick fan and will refuse logic in spite of that. And before you say it, I know it’s obvious Vick is a better QB than Kolb, there’s no point in arguing that fact, but saying Kolb is 1-2 and Vick is 2-0 is rediculous.

  • G, also i think alot of what people miss about this Kolb/Vick thing is besides the fact that Vick is better at this point, and his abilities help open up the offense more than Kolb’s can, is that Andy Reid as a head coach LEARNED HOW TO BE A HEAD COACH, with the help of the abilities of a QB that made plays. He NEEDS a playmaker at that position to be sucessful himself. He was NEVER a NFL head coach or even called plays on a Pro level before his first year with the birds. Half the year was Doug Peterson, the boom…right into McNabb making chicken salad out of chicken *bleep*. Vick is his comfort zone. Those sack strip fumbles and crucial interceptions are coach killers. Kolb played well, but Reid knows teams with upper echelon coaching staff, like Green Bay that blitzed him into submission, and the Giants, Indy,the Titans, and Dallas would take advantage of Kevin. The 49ers suck, and i didnt realized they were this bad, until i watched that game.

  • Wilcher

    I agree with your post.

  • oh so vick should get wash loss and he only played 10 min and we all know we win that game with vick
    im not a biased vick fan
    kolb stinks im not a kolb fan period
    vick came in at halftime and if we had more time we win that game if he came in when the 2nd qtr starts we win that game but we sat thru bum ass kolb for a half
    thats y i said what i said

    it dont matter u been on kolb dick since off season and who cares if im biased or not ur head coach is biased lmao
    hey u can always root for kolb somewhere else
    and andy saw this movie before with d5
    5 gets hurt kolb gets bum ass chiefs and he’s the greatest please
    we know how this movie ends already we wont see the sequel
    hopefully our starting qb that i told u many months ago would overtake this bum and did will be able to start this week
    if not we in trouble

  • point blank period www u can like kolb all u want but vick like 3 times better lmao
    he’s better than kolb at what kolb does
    and nobody better than #7 at what he does so i dont care if im pissing u off the truth does that
    thanx andy now put that bum banck on the bench with clipboard thats where he belong

  • I’ll put it like this: If Kolb were Reid’s first drafted QB (instead of McNabb), one (or both) of them would have been gone a long, long time ago.

    Could you see Kolb throwing 50 passes a game to Charles Johnson, Torrance Smalls, Na Brown, Freddie Mitchell, Gari Scott, James Thrash, Dameane Douglas, Carlos Johnson, David Foye, Greg Lewis, Billy McMullen, Sean Morey, Reggie Brown, Carlos Perez, Jared Jones, Hank Baskett, Donte Stallworth, Michael Gasperson?

  • dont worry about this argument to much longer for kolb probably wont wanna be a backup all his life even though thats what his talent indicates so he’ll be gone next yr we can argue vick kafka lol

  • “G” I completely agree and understand your article. This has been a hot topic in offices and in barber shops for weeks. I am amazed at all these hard tough “McNabb” hating fans that blasted everything he did but when it comes to Kolb we all of a sudden have patience. I could see if Kold was a 22 year old rookie but he is a 26 year old man with 4 years of studying under a good QB coach in AR. The people who say his arm will get better etc. either are so out of touch with reality or have some deeper issues with the overall situation that they will stick with a player that is not as good as the other guy. I’ve been waiting since Kolb’s rookie year to see him in preseason or other appearences just throw a 25 yard dig route or deep out but I have yet to see it and I now know that he is not caple of such throws that are necessary to win in the current NFL. You can only go so far with Kolbs abilities unless you become a total running team. The bottom line is that any quaterback with ability is going to show that in all phases of their career. Matt Stafford, Sam Bradford , and Josh Freeman all proved to make NFL caliber throws in their first year. They may make mistakes reading coverage etc. but they show that can make necessary NFL throws. Please go back and look at Kolb in College with this spread offense that contained quick slants to WIDE open receivers. Never had consistant pass rush to deal with. He has run the Spread his entire high school and college career and I think Kolb is the same as Graham Harrell from Texas Tech. The eagles gambled with him and to me they lost.

  • drum i dont see him throwing passes to djax maybe a cpl hitches to maclin and a wounded duck that was supposed to be a bomb to maclin in which he made a great play on the ball and the dback was retarded
    he throws to owen schmitt lol

  • thnx d roc

  • Kolb is a college spread QB not a Drop back NFL QB

  • Phillywill

    I was dumbfounded when some called Kolb’s pass to Maclin a great one. It should have been picked off. In fact, the majority of his passes covering more than 20 yards have been up for grabs for the defender.

    If Reid were building an offense for a QB such as Kolb, he should have drafted big, possession-type receivers and traded for all-pro linemen (across the board). Also, he should have drafted a strong corp of running backs.

    How long do you think it would take for Reid to put such an offense together for Kolb?

  • I’ll say it. Kolb is white. Philadelphia has not had a white starting quarterback for over a decade. And not since Jawarski, one that started very long. People like Didinger, and other beat writers are protective of Kolb unlike any recent QB. Kolb is the 1st high draft pick on a white QB and he is their Rocky.


  • In the Washington game, Vick was getting untracked. He had just gotten to the 1-yard line, but a holding penalty moved the ball back. I believe Vick would have won that game.

    Forget the fans and the media for a second. If you asked each defensive coordinator throughout the league which QB they’d like to face (either Vick or Kolb), undoubtedly, to a man, they’d choose Kolb. He scares no one.

  • How is G not getting this? It has nothing to do with feelings, at least in regards to the fans stance. We allowed McNabb to walk away because we understood that he was not going to win a title. We accepted Kolb, took the winter and spring to put us in the mind set to allow for a rebuilding season, but under the condition we’d be better off down the road. Instead, we ditch Kolb, pick up Vick, who is worse then McNabb. At least McNabb was durable and could figure out how to avoid hits. Vick missed a ton of time towards the end of this tenure in Atl. and he is probably going to try and break the bank on his next contract. reference chapter 11. What’s worse then taking a year to rebuild? Taking two years to rebuild.

  • It has always been about “feelings.” When Donovan McNabb was here, you initially couldn’t criticize him. You would be shouted down on WIP for saying that he through wormballs, or couldn’t win the big one. Remember? Then, after about 8 years of near misses and whining and passive-aggressive behavior by McNabb, it became acceptable to “hurt” Donovan’s feelings. Then the Ed Block Courage Award was given to Michael Vick because people had been hurting his feelings and calling him a dog-killer, etc. He was (and is) beyond reproach. It’s always about feelings!

  • Ok, bsmvideos..phillwill, drummer, songs, are we starting the race debate again?

    If it is how you say, I would suggest that the Kolb-hater club is also full of members with similar motivations that you prescribe above. They will support, or root against a player purely based on the color of his skin.

  • BSMvideos, for you it seems about being black. So Ray Didinger is a racist? More likely you are. Didn’t Philadelphia writers have to be extremely careful how they described or discussed Cunningham or McNabb because of race? And do all white people worship at the feet of the White Rocky? Please advance the discourse on this website and in life.

  • Say it, WWW!! Counting Kolb and Vick as starting QB’s under Reid and QB’s of record, Kolb is 2-2 and Vick is 2-1 counting Kolb’s starting experience from last year also.

    McNabb, Vick or Kolb couldn’t or will not ever win a SB because they have to work with Reid’s system, under which the defense is also 50% of scheme. This organization, of which Roseman is now a part, really need to seriously consider what kind of NFL, not just NFC east, pro football team they want playing at the Linc in order to get the big prize…. a SB. It’s not by accident that we are the only NFC east team to never win a SB!!!!

  • I don’t think Ray Didinger is by any means racist. I think a big issue is that so called “experts” had an opinion of Kolb in the summer and now they look wrong. So people have to hold true and make excuses to not be proven wrong. Its not black or white its about ability and reality. If Kolb was Peyton Manning everthying would be fine. I think the expectations set on Kolb were too much for a second round draft pick, weak armed, spread quarterback from the University of Houston.

    Race should not play a part in sports especially in a team sport like football, but race is still an issue in our society so it does creep in. I know personally people who want to see a “White” quarterback and people that just want to see a “Black” quarterback. I personally want a quarterback that can make all the throws.

  • hey green i never mentioned race
    dont pull me into that 1

  • but since race was brought up let me say what i think lol
    i dont think any1 is prejudice i just think people are pro their race
    i dont know if thats good or bad
    but i really believe when it comes to race people arent saying i dont like vick cause he is black well at least not my generation
    and vice versa black ppl arent sitting at home saying i dont like the qb he is white
    i think it may be a lil bit of human nature to maybe pull for ur own race i could be wrong but i dont think majority of ppl are racist anymore especially the younger generation
    now i do think ppl are pro race tho and i dont know if thats racism i dont think so tho

    but pro race or not kolb is just gonna piss ppl off if thats the reason they wanna see him cause he aint that good
    lets get ryan mallet in here and be pro race im black i will be pro race with u guys for him lmao

  • PW, I never said Kolb was better than Vick, in fact in my post I make it clear it is obvious that Vick is better than Kolb. I know that, I’m not stupid. I supported Kolb because in the offseason he was named the starter, so as a fan of the team I put my support behind the team out on the field. If it was an open QB competition in the offseason and through camp and Vick won, I’d be behind Vick as the starter. It has nothing to do with being on Kolbs junk bro, I supported the teams decisions and got behind them regardless if I think AR is making the right decisions or not.

    Now you say if this happened…we win that game, or if this happens we win that game…well, REALITY is that none of those things happened. People got hurt, we lost games, we won games. But saying just because you think if Vick didn’t get hurt we would’ve won that game and then put the loss on Kolb is like saying..well if Mcnabb didn’t throw the ball in the dirt we would’ve won the game so that’s another “win” for D5…or if K Curtis catches that ball in the NFCCG against Arizona we would’ve had a first down and we would’ve won that game and then won the SB. Or if a whole bunch of other things would’ve happened we’d have 20 effin Lombardi trophies right now.

    Quit with the emotional BS and look at the facts. THIS year Kolb 1-1 as a starter Vick 2-1 it’s that simple. Root for who you want, I support the team, do I need to make it any plainer for you. The TEAM. If Vick is the QB or Kolb or if Joe Montana came out of retirement with his Sketchers sneekers and is our #1, that’s who I’m behind.

  • And for the record, I don’t give 2 flying effs what color anyone is and it pisses me off when ppl here gotta bring it up. It’s always “well no one wants to say it but I will” No one says it because it doesn’t need to be said.

  • Stop it with the racism charges because nobody can read somebody else’s heart and motivations. Let’s keep the discussion on football. I’m starting to believe that if they’re going to build this team around Kevin Kolb, they should trade DeSean Jackson for a bigger and more physical receiver.

    If they build the team around Vick, Jackson fits. If it’s Kolb he doesn’t fit.

  • I am with Wellwellwell for the most part. Since I love the eagles and have had emotional ties with the team since I was 5 years old, I support the team. I was a teenager with Bobby Hoying was named the starter and I had optimism that year as well until I saw his play. Since I love the “Eagles” it will be hard for me to accept Kolb as the starter knowing that we have a better chance to win with Vick but Andy also has an intersest in the team’s success so he made the correct decision to start Vick. The head coach made the decision that Vick is the starter for the remainder of the season. Lets see how it pans out.

  • G, If you can..ask someone in the Philly org why they cut K. Washington.

  • I’ve always know Rad Didinger to be fair and I think he’s been fair in this situation. He and Brian Baldinger did a great job of showing what Kevin Kolb was doing right in his earlier games and what he was doing wrong. We can’t accuse something just because we don’t agree with them.

    Again I get back to the point that it doesn’t make sense to believe Kolb can lead us to a Super Bowl title if he can’t get the ball deep to DeSean Jackson. If the guy teamed with Jeremy Maclin was Hakeem Nicks then I think Kolb would able to work the middle of the field with intermediate throws which are his strengths.

  • Your wrong G! Kolb seemed to fit well last year. Everyone is feeding into the “what have you done for me lately attitude”. That said, I’d trade Kob or Vick in a heart beat, pending on what we would get. Lets not lose sight of the fact that this team needs quality players at many positions. i.e. most of the O-line, linebackers, someone to compliment T. Cole, etc.

  • G, I 100% agree. Ultimately the organization is at fault for giving Kolb the job without competition and getting rid of McNabb because once you do that you are saying Kolb is a better option than what you had.If you give Kolb the job without competition he damn well better be ready to step in and be at least the same or better than McNabb

  • FanSince60

    It’s very easy to act as if racism is not a part of football or even that it’s non-existent in this country. If that’s what you choose to do, more power to you. Personally I choose to keep my eyes open.

    I have expressed my opinion that the media’s love affair with Kolb is based largely on their longing for a white quarterback.

    During the off-season, they (in large part) portrayed Kolb as the quarterback who would not only replace McNabb, but be an immediate improvement, with his ability to quickly read defenses (which would make the offensive line’s job easier), and hit receivers in stride which would increase yards after the catch. To date, we’ve seen none of that. In fact, the offensive line is being blamed for Kolb’s lack of success. On what did they base such propoganda? There was no evidence to support those claims. The media’s job is to report facts, not its desires. While GCobb reported that Kolb was “throwing the ball all over the place” in practices, most media persons continued to claim that Kolb was having great practices, and showing real leadership. Why is that?

    When McNabb was here, EVERYTHING was his fault. With Kolb, nothing is his fault. Even the weather has been blamed for his failures. What, I ask, could lead to the incredible disparity between how Kolb is reported as opposed to McNabb.

    Fan, you should READ what was posted. No one made any statement about “all whites.” And the discourse is both appropriate and on topic. If you don’t like it, don’t read it and/or don’t respond. I’m sorry that the topic of race makes you uncomfortable, but that’s your problem, not mine. Learn to deal with it. Welcome to America, where we have a First Amendment to the Constitution!!

  • G – Can we get a game-day thread? We talk all week, but feel abandoned during the game. We know you have other obligations, but we’d like to trade thoughts/ideas during the game.

  • Droc, you wrote:
    The bottom line is that any quaterback with ability is going to show that in all phases of their career. Matt Stafford, Sam Bradford , and Josh Freeman all proved to make NFL caliber throws in their first year.

    Stafford was 53% with 13 TDs and 20 Ints and went 2-9 in his first year
    Freeman was 54.6% with 10 tds, 18 Ints and 9 fumbles in his first year
    Bradford is currently 57% with 6 tds and 8 Ints.

    The difference between them and Kolb is that they were all given real game time to develop. Their coaching staffs and fan base were willing to suffer through game after game of medioctiry and errors to find out if they had something.

    Too many Eagles fans are writing Kolb off as garbage because he missed a throw to Desean and his toss to Malcin was underthrown (perhaps on purpose). Whooop dee do. Patience please.

    Kolb must play a season. Must see blitzes. Must get crushed 30-10 throwing 3 INTS. Must be seen playing a whole season. Its the only way to move forward. We can then begin to judge whether or not he’ll be a good QB.

    So far he has responded well to the challenges presented to him. He’s gotten better each game. Lets watch his final 5 games this year and then start making judgements.

    If the Birds roll with Vick they’re roll to what? 10-6? 9-7? and then going to enter the next year with no proven QB.

    You’re going to have Cleveland, Buffalo, Arizona, Minny, Seattle, Oakland, San Fransisco and others all potentially bidding on Vick. You think the Birds going to pay hm $15 milllion when they have Kolb on the books too?

    Can’t anyone think further down the road then next week’s game.

  • FanSince1960

    You say it was about feelings when McNabb quarterbacked the Eagles? When did the media EVER care about McNabb’s feelings?

    As G has pointed out many times, players get jerked around all the time. Look at Tavaris Jackson. I never heard any uproar when Favre (the original turnover machine) came to town.

    Speaking of Favre, look at how he’s portrayed. No one has lost more big games than he. Yet, nationwide, he is considered one of the best QBs of all time. It is my opinion that Reggie White and Company were largely responsible for his one superbowl win. Who could throw 6 picks in a playoff game and be called a “gunslinger?”

  • Now before I get crucified here I do think DJax is an awesome receiver. One of the most dangerous WR threats in the league today. G maybe right though, he may not fit here. I’ll even take it a step further that he might excel more here as an accessory receiver than a #1. With Vick as the #1 he has the arm to get the ball downfield quick which plays to Djax’s speed and agility and playmaking ability. With Kolb no so much so but it’s just because of what Kolb brings to the table. As an example, if Kolb was in Arizona, and he still had a Fitz and Boldin he would be able to excel because he has the personell to play the middle of the field with WR’s that can catch in traffic and take the hit. But if Kolb is going to be the #1 Qb moving forward, it’s a forgone conclusion that we’ll need bigger, stronger WR’s than what we have. Of course we’ve needed a few for years now and we can all agree with that but we were able to rely on D5 to maybe make something happen.

    A sucessful team needs all it’s pieces to fit to win. A WC offense needs big WR’s to make it work properly. Simple as that.

  • One good point made is that Kolb never even EARNED the starting job. He was handed the position. When the team grabbed Vick, Kolb told reporters he welcomed competition at QB, although he had already been given the job. Now that he’s got competition, why is there a problem?

    What makes Kolb worthy of being handed anything?

  • Drummer, I was listening to the same rhetoric this summer and I just sat back and listened to the experts reporting from camp and I wanted to believe their reports were strictly based on facts. I also listened to people call the radio station and say “They are glad they have a leader now” and “We finally have someone who can read defenses”. I thought we just traded for Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. All of a sudden everyone was a Kolb expert. I didn’t like the disrespect of Donavan. I can’t stand all these people that have no shred of football knowledge who make dumb remarks based on nothing. They don’t know if Mcnabb can read defenses or not, but they say it.

  • vinnietheevictor

    You threw out a lot of stats, but those QBs completed passes to their wide receivers (who are employed to catch the ball).

    If you open your mind (and think down the road), why wouldn’t the Eagles trade Kolb and sign Vick? Kolb’s only signed for one more year. That would seen the logical thing to do. How many teams trade their best QB and keep a lesser one?

    It’s amazing what trading ideas can do for the thought process.

  • Vinnie, I am not talking about stats. It is as simple as SHOWING ME YOU CAN MAKE A SIMPLE NFL THROW!. All of those quarterbacks showed me they can consistantly make a 25 yard dig, 20 yard out, 30 yard post corner and fit the ball into tight spaces. Don’t give me stats. I don’t care. I want to just see a simple throw that an NFL quarterback should be able to make.

  • Drummer, I have a question.

    Accuracy, quick release, the ability to read and react to defenses, the ability to scramble, throwing interceptions, using check downs versus down fileld throws, throwing touchdowns, red zone efficiency, celebrations. What does any of that have to do with the color of your skin?

  • Droc

    We live in the information age. Like anything else in life, there are pros and cons.

    What were learning is that just because something is written, it’s not necessarily true. In fact, it may not even “likely” be true.

  • vinnietheevictor

    You can’t win in the NFL throwing to only your backs, and you can’t win without a deep threat. Kolb, to this point, has shown NO deep threat. Eventually, all safeties will inch forward into the box and shut McCoy down. What would Kolb do then?

  • Wellwell

    I give up! Tell me.

  • I don’t know, I never cared.

  • Drummer I did read your comment, and that is what I commented on. You just do not like a different opinion.

    PW you are right, and songs would be too, you hadn’t commented on the subject yet.

    Does anyone remember DJax’s comments during the summer? I know that I based many of my opinions and he and Maclin’s positive comments about Kolb. They practiced with him everyday, and were enthusiastic about him as a starter. Maybe it was just them being good teammates, however, I based alot of my opinion on the players comments since Kolb did not have a long resume.

    After (5) games this season, we have (2) qb’s with very different styles, and to some extent, results. I tend to look at it from a defensive mindset and ask what style I would least want to face. Vick has improved his overall game since his time in Atlanta. He has cut down on turnovers, he has done a good job of reading defenses and shown his trademark strong arm and legs. I don’t know if it is due to the coaching staff here or his own maturity (and don’t really care), but in my estimation is the more feared qb, and the one who should be leading the team when healthy. It does not mean that Kolb could not be successful, because I believe that he can, but in a different way that may not be complemented by our current personnel. There is often more than one way to get to a goal, but in my opinion a healthy Vick is our best bet for greater success. Regardless of race drummer.

  • So as far as the race thing goes, go ahead and keep your eyes open, just shut your mouth, there is no place for it. it’s all around us and everyone knows it but keep drudging up the Black versus White Qb song and it does nothing to quiet it either, in fact it keeps stirring the pot.

  • Is it me or does anyone else enjoy it when G. pops in with a comment …LOL

    D roc said it best SHOW ME YOU CAN MAKE A SIMPLE NFL THROW!.

  • I will hold to my opinion the Kolb is college spread QB and will not be a consistant Drop back NFL QB.

  • Wellwell

    Don’t you just love America!!! For some inexplicable reason, we’re both allowed to say whatever we’d like. You can portray a paper gangster and tell me to shut up (hiding behind some on-screen name) and I can continue post. At least I’m getting my way. As for you . . . Oh, well! Wellwellwell


  • Green

    I responded to the cuddly treatment of Kolb by THE MEDIA. For which paper, radio, television station do you report?

  • Wellwell

    Who died and made you the person to determine what’s appropriate? You really should get over yourself.

  • drummerwinslow says: In four NFL starts, Kolb has had one bad game. While Kolb did not set the field a fire this past game, he did provide us a chance to win and put up 253. (also note, this was probably the best defense the birds faced all year. Though GB could also be argued.) Listen, Vick is the QB, albeit you can bet that Vick will be injuried again and he will not be a eagle next year. Vick will look for the big pay day after this season.

  • I love when G posts!!!

  • u the only 1 emotional
    ur emotional cause kolb a scrub and its the truth so when we say it u have these paragraph post crying
    please idc vick 2-0 kolb 1-2 its that simple
    if andy had any balls we’d be 4-1 he didnt have to please the fans of philly by letting this scrub start game 1 but he did what the ppl of philly wanted and have waited so long to see and gave away a game
    a backup is a backup qb no matter how u slice it

  • My only issue is the race card man, honestly I do agree with alot of your points. You at least seem intelligent enough to present an opnion based on facts and that’s all well and good. I just can’t stand the race card and I’ve gotten on several ppl here for that same reason. You can prove any point you want, explain your feelings in any way without resorting to B vs W. Racisim is an unfortunate ulgy thing that we as Humans have to deal with on a Global level, not just in the NFL. It’s when people use the color of someones skin to justify how good, or bad they can be at something, weather they deserve to have or have not. It’s a very sensitive issue to me and I do take it personally, very personally. I can jaw football all day and night with ppl like you and Schiller and probably PW for that matter, maybe Paul too but I feel race has nothing to do with it and when you bring it up (and the “you” means any/everyone) you just don’t know how others are affected. There’s only one skin that matters…pig skin.

  • Trade Desean Jackson might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard… i’d rather trade Kevin Kolb and play with that pig from Oakland whatever his name was… jamarcus

  • Well

    I never mentioned any player’s abilities being associated with race.

    I commented on the media’s love affair with Kolb.

    I love the pigskin comment!

  • PW, than that’s AR’s fault..not mine. He sould’ve done the right thing and had an open QB competition and may the best man win.

  • We are putting too much emphasis on the QB. Let’s scrap it all and run the old Delaware Wing-T!! lol

  • And because I say I support the team that’s on the field I’m cryin now?

  • There is no way that someone suggested we trade a player who is ALL-PRO at TWO POSITIONS for an unproven BACK-UP.

    I don’t believe it!!

  • hey www imagine if kolb had charles johnson torrence small
    or james trash and todd stinkston
    very sad times
    we had such a great team to think those were our starting wr’s i will just never understand that
    to hear eskin preach to us for yrs u dont need wr’s was just awful
    i agree u dont have to have moss but u have to have a solid cast u cant have trash and stinkston as starting wr on a sb contender

  • Greenfan & Fansince1960. Don’t put words in my mouth. I believe that the Philadelphia sports writers have been more than fair and hard on all philadelphia QBs. It’s only natural to want to see your kind succeed whether it’s blacks rooting for Obama and OJ regardless of their merit, or whites calling Riley Cooper deceptively fast.

    Next time just go by what I write, not what you think I meant.

  • PW, true..those guys were Garbage. And during those times we had to lean on D5 and his running ability to make it anywhere. I don’t listen to Eskin at all so I have no idea what he says ever. Bottom line is IMO either you’re gonna have a team full of studs and design an O to fit their strengths..or design an O and get the players you need to make it work.

  • bsmvideos

    Well put. Sometimes people act as if racial pride is a bad thing. If that were the , wouldn’t American pride be bad? How about team pride? It’s gotten to the point that as soon as you mention the word “race,” it’s taboo.

    I had a friend who was hooked on drugs. For a very long time, everyone acted as if it his problem didn’t exist. All the while, his habit increased and his life took a serious downturn. However, once someone spoke to him about the problem, he began to address it and, now, his life is back on track. My point is that talking about problems is both healthy and necessary, and the mere mention of drugs or race is not a bad thing.

    If my thinking is jaded or otherwise unhealthy, how will I know, unless someone points it out to me? And how can someone point it out if we never talk?

    Words are a spirit and they have the power to create or destroy. Because of that fact, I try to practice caution in HOW I say things, but I don’t prohibit myself from self-expression, at the cost of stagnation.

  • G:

    Correctamundo! I didn’t care how McNabb felt about being benched last year, and I don’t care how Kolb or Vick feels about it either. Ask Jaworski if anybody in this town lost any sleep after Hartenstein speared him. One of the most vicious hits I’ve ever seen, and Jaworski never said boo about it, because nobody would’ve taken it well. This town treated him like dirt, and he kept smiling. It’s what makes him a man’s man in my book. I shed tears for Andre Waters and Jerome Brown when I heard about their demise. That was fully warranted. This kind of touchy feely has no place in the game. Shut up and play

  • “If that were the case”

  • naw www u aint cryin i take that back
    ur a fair weather fan
    i meant crying in terms of arguing with me not bitchin bout the team
    u root regardless

  • From a pretty reliable source down at Temple Hospital
    K Kolb went into today for a new,experimental surgey to “darken his skin” by 6 shades on the Michael Jackson Meter.. My sources also said it was a little too soon to tell if it worked, but that Kolb kind of looks like a young Bill Cosby…

  • @Drummerwinslow

    lol… that was friggin Gcobb that suggested we trade Djax if Kolb is our starter. He said trade desean for a bigger wide receiver… lol. Go look at his posts, it’s there in black and white. rotflmao

  • “I’ll say it. Kolb is white. Philadelphia has not had a white starting quarterback for over a decade. And not since Jawarski, one that started very long. People like Didinger, and other beat writers are protective of Kolb unlike any recent QB. Kolb is the 1st high draft pick on a white QB and he is their Rocky.”

    That is what you said BSM.

    You chastise me for reading into your thoughts and motives, but isn’t that exactly what you did with your statement above?

    I guess for some people it is all about race. For me, I thought it was all about sports, eagles and wanting your team to win it all.

  • 1. This team will not win a superbowl regardless of the QB
    2. Vick is playing better than Kolb.
    3. Vick was not good at camp or in preseason throwing many INT’s.
    4. Kolb was better than Vick in camp but equally poor in preseason. (Yes I was there)
    5. Vick is a better fit with our current personnel.
    6. Kolb MAY be a better long term fit, but we’ll never know until he has the opportunity to develop.
    7. I love my dogs.
    8. Race is irrelevant.
    9. I want the Eagles to win, who cares about the starting QB or either QB’s feelings.
    10. We need a better defense.

  • Run

    Thanks! I’m sure he was suggesting that it would take extreme moves to make this team fit Kolb’s strengths.

  • PM – LOL!

  • Why you guys are all gaga over a guy who only once had a good winning record in Atlanta is beyond me. He’s a career 37-31 and that stat is exagerrated by his one 11-4 year. The rest of his career is a plethora of 8-7s and 7-9s I know what the Birds are going to get with Vick. And I don’t like it. Honestly did you really believe he had any chance to win that NFC Champ game when he rolled in to Philly? No. ‘Cause despite his legs he was never a good QB. YOu guys think he’s the “new” vick…I say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…..ouch! Was that appropriate?

    2 good games against Det and Jax and suddenly I’m reading about Vick = Steve Young. Sorry I’m skeptical.

    And I don’t live in Philly so I have no idea what the media coverage is like. I don’t know if Kolb has been treated with kid gloves…or if he was annoited, or if there’s a racial tone to the discussion. I live in Canada where the football league’s been dominated by black QBs ever since the NFL wouldn’t let Moon play and he came to Edmonton and won 5 Grey Cups. I’m tired of watching the same style (not race) of QB from Cunningham, to McNabb to Vick. I want the birds to try something new. And frankly, I have been impressed by Kolbs play over his first 3.5 starts. That being said, I never expected much more that what I’ve seen out of every 1st time starting QB. Struggles.

    I see the playing of Vick as a failed and shortsighted philosophy. The Birds know what they have in Vick, but don’t know what they have in Kolb. And what they have in Vick, I personally don’t like. That style has only 2 consistent outcomes. Injuries and losses at the end of the year.

  • vinnietheevictor

    Canada, huh! I played ball with Larry Highbaugh in Indianapolis. In fact he married, my wife’s sister. We had Moon visit for dinner a couple of times, prior to him jumping to NFL.

    On the topic:

    Some people think Reid’s staff has done a good job of converting Vick into pocket passer. From what I’ve seen, I agree. Obviously, he still needs to learn to slide (when he does take off), but he’s been kicking butt from the pocket, and hasn’t run much at all. In fact, I haven’t checked, but I’ll bet that Kolb has nearly as many runs/sacks as Vick.

  • In my opinion, Cunningham, McNabb and Vick all had different styles. Besides, wasn’t Steve Young was a runner?

    Also, it’s been said for years that you couldn’t win a superbowl with a 6-foot QB, but Drew Brees put that myth to bed.

  • vinnietheevictor –
    Well said. Thank you, I thought I was the only one.

  • I do think there is a racial component to this but no more than there would be in any other walk of life. There are always going to be jackasses who judge people through ignorance colored glasses but this is about football AND the damaged egos of the local sports writers aka divas. Andy made them look stupid and it’s going to take them a while to accept this new glass of kool aid he’s serving. So In the meantime they’re going to cling to kolb as long as he gives them any reason. I think he played well but I still don’t see anything special. I dont even see anything remotely close. I don’t care what color any player is, a beast is a beast. Anyone who involves race in that decision is not a real sports fan and is therefore irrelevant. Shame on anyone who engages those types of people in real sports conversations. Do not encourage ignorance.

    On a side note King Dunlap stinks what’s up with that big mauler we had back in training camp? I can’t remember his name but he was a beast. He can’t possibly be worse than Dunlap can he G? For the first time ever I’m hoping Andy goes heavy O line in next years draft/free agency. I think with Vick if he is indeed what he has shown or anything close, a couple solid additions to the OL and a playmaking LB we could play with anybody. Go Birds!

  • 97 Comments? Really? Cobb throws a crappy piece of bread into a bucket full of minnows and everyone bites! Yeah, yeah, I know, now 98…

  • Because Maybetheycan commented on this “crappy” piece. Is he yet another minnow?

  • Matt Lienart started over 16 games before he was benched for someone else, and even then it basically took a season ending injury to do that to him.

    Akeem Jordan, Kyle Kendrick, & Brad Lidge are all veterans who have started for years now.

    The fact is your comparing a quarterback, the all known most fragile position in the NFL to players who have actually had the opportunity to sit back already and grow. As a matter of fact every other player you mentioned outside of Akeem Jordan was babied along when they started their career.

    So thats the reason why people aren’t hard on kolb.. He is the guy sitting here w/ massive potential and he might never start another game for the eagles… (except maybe against the falcons) I expect him to be traded to a team that actually gives him an opportunity though, and all this junk talk will be gone. At least I won’t have to hear these moronic statements about how horrible Kolb is every week when he has been nothing but consistently good and shown improvement eveyr time he has been on the field.

  • hey zunky maybe you should take your own advice and quit the moronic comments
    kolb was handed a starting job and couldnt hold on to it
    he hasnt consistently progressed or he’d be starting
    he regressed from last yr if anything maybe the expectations were way to high for an average talent
    this wad of potential u scream about is yet to be seen by many fans
    hey if thats your opinion fine but dont be mad cause we dont think he is what u think
    thats the beauty of an opinion

  • Zukny some people still don’t get it or get football. His arm and the ability make all of the throws on the field will not improve. Kolb is what he is.

  • Droc, you’re a high school coach and you don’t believe in people improving? That’s said and scary.

  • (meant to say ‘sad and scary’)

  • @phillywill – I haven’t exactly looked @ his stats lately, but he did have a 103 passer rating last weekend, and didn’t throw any interceptions. That is an improvement over per say when he started against the NO Saints and threw multiple interceptions. Again, we are only looking at very thin stats since he hasn’t really started much. The guy hasn’t been given much of a shot.

    He was passed over for Mike Vick, because Mike Vick is a pro bowl talented QB who has already had plenty of time to learn all the in game situations.

    I guess my point of all this is, to sit there and say that Kolb has Regressed is moronic and just beyond stupid. The guy has barely had an opportunity to show what he can do since starting last year, and he wasn’t benched because he sucked, he was benched for a guy whom played at a probowl level in the west coast system for 2 years.

    You can’t really compare Mike Vick to Kevin Kolb at this point, the fact that anyone thought Vick would come in there and do worse is an idiot. The man has always been an exceptional talent, and Kolb just hasn’t even started his career yet. We still know very little about him.

  • Schiller, Inproving in High School yes. Especially getting stronger and developing better arm strength. But those attributes are pretty much set when you enter the NFL. Arm strength that is.

  • droc – I definitely know less than you about arm strength and coaching and a lot of football stuff. But let me ask you this, are there area’s or aspects of QBing (other than arm strength) in which Kolb can improve? I think we’d all agree there are. So let’s say he does in those areas – THEN he can be a good QB in the league and on this team. I’m not saying I think he will, but if he does, isn’t that a good thing for this team? And can you honestly say that you know he won’t improve in those other areas if he gets the chance to start for more than 4 games?

  • he was benched so we can win now period
    also if u take his entire body of work he has regressed
    the person who runs ur site has an article titled kolb’s regression or something
    he had an entire preseason in which he didnt score any points
    he played 1 half in which he was miserable (maybe a 103 rating vs pack would have held his spot for awhile but since u gave stats check his 1st half rating of that game )
    he played ok to kolb supporters vs washington he stunk to any1 who undertands football
    and then the niners game i guess this is where u say progress but in ur original post u mention consistent and he has been anything but since he has put on an eagle uniform
    it really dont matter to me anymore im beating a dead horse he isnt starting here and probably wont be for the forseeable future and there r only maybe 2 clubs i can think of that would hand him a starting job as we did here maybe 3
    arizona, buffalo, maybe oakland
    so i dont wanna hear this pity party
    if he cant start in to many places y the hell would we want him to start here

  • and i agree with ur assesment of vick as i stated preseason should have been open competition numerous times
    alot of this falls on andy though
    he should have been honest with philly
    he should have came out and said kolb will be a work in progress instead of selling us an upgrade over d5 (he preached the offense wouldnt skip a beat the same offense that set offensive records for the franchise last yr: he even hinted we’d be better)
    thats the problem right there

  • this is just 1 title of many that seem to contradict what u r saying
    Vick Took The Job And Kolb Gave It Away With His Poor Performances

    go to eagles then quaterbacks there are about 5 of these so i dont know what ur talking about
    these are articles posted on your site lol

  • Drummer Winslow: The topic of race doesn’t make me uncomfortable at all. The only problem is that if someone is honest and doesn’t share your perspective, they are accused of racism. You can only sling it, can’t hear a different view. For YEARS the press protected #5; if you accused him of throwing balls to the ground you were a racist. If you didn’t like his s*#t-eating grin, you were a racist. If you didn’t want Vick on your team because he murdered dogs and you couldn’t forgive him, you were a racist. you support Kolb, you’re a racist. Your buddy BSM thinks that there are clans of white people in hooded robes, plotting the return of Ron Jaworski and secretly worshipping White Rockey. Me? I don’t “root for my kind” or any of the other moronic stuff I read on this site. Take the energy you guys use pointing fingers and become “the man” yourself, instead of pointing at the man. People can root for and love Brian Dawkins 24/7 for 15 years, but if you say #5 will never win the big one, hey, you’re a racist! Move on!

  • Schill, Kolb improving is not a good thing for this team…He’s paid too much as a backup. We can get an adequate back up that’s probably better Kolb and trade Kolb for a pick to recoup some of our losses already with the Bum.

    His arm does not match his weapons…sorry but those are the dynamics.

    when is the trade deadline again?

  • then say bdawk will never win the big 1

  • BDawk will never win the Big 1 for this wil be his final year in the NFL,
    In fact, he will probably ends the season on the Bench for his and the Bronco Defense are really struggling this season.. (Dawkins didn’t finish last season too well either)
    Kolb is not going anywhere for this season. Eagles are keeping both VIck/Kolb for 2010 Season
    It’s up to Vick to show that he a consistent #1 Starter again (which he played great so far but against some pretty poor Defenses in Lions/JAgs), let see how he perfoms versus the tought teams coming up and good Defense. If he plays well, then he’s the #1 QB for the future, If he doesn’t or is injured often, then he’s not and Kolb becomes the Future # QB..
    The next 4-6 weeks will determine both QB’s future

  • In my opinion (to which I am entitled without being called a racist), BDawk did not contribute to our inability to “win the big one.” In my opinion, Donovan McNabb did!

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