• August 16, 2022

Reid Is Using Vick To Give The Falcons A Head Fake

Could you imagine 350 pound Andy Reid with the ball in his hands running downfield and making a head fake.  I can’t imagine it, but Reid is trying to fake the Atlanta Falcons out.

He made sure to leave the door open to Michael Vick starting on Sunday against the Falcons.

Kevin Kolb took all the the snaps at practice yesterday as Vick stood on the side and watched, but the former Falcon might be able to play on Sunday when game time gets here. Vick is feeling better and even told Philly.com that he threw some passes for the first time since the injury, yesterday.

“I’ve made progress every day,” Vick said. “Last week I couldn’t brush my hair, but now I can brush my hair. So that’s a good thing.”
“Don’t count me out. That’s all I could really tell you right now.”

Reid concurred about Vick’s progress.

“He had swelling on the right side, more so than the left where the actual crack was”, Vick said. “That swelling has gone down. Right now I can’t tell you that he’s pain free and I’m not going to tell you that; he still has pain. He started lifting light weight. He hasn’t thrown, but he’s made big jumps, big strides over the few days.”

Vick told Philly.com that he can play without practicing.

“I don’t need no practice to play,” he said. “Honestly, I really don’t. Not to be arrogant or sound arrogant, but I don’t need practice to play.”

On side note, we already know that Superstar athletes from the Newport News area don’t need to practice to play.  Do I need to get Allen Iverson on the phone to convince you of that fact.

Seriously, its’ good to see Vick is improving but I don’t think he will play.  I think there are a number of reasons why Reid is making sure everybody knows the door is still open to Vick playing.

The first reason is quite simple, he could probably play on Sunday if he had to.  Once he can throw the football without pain, he could play.  I don’t think it would make sense for him to play, but he could definitely play.

Secondly, I think Reid wants to force the Falcons to have to prepare for both Kolb and Vick.  I don’t think he wants to be forced to play Vick before he gets some practice time, but he doesn’t want to say that and make Atlanta’s preparation easier.

He wants them to burn up practice time figuring out how they would defend Vick in case he plays.

Finally, I think Reid wants to have Vick available as his second quarterback if Kolb were to go down.  The Birds need this football game, so they don’t want to hand the ball to rookie Mike Kafka if Kolb were to get injured.

It wouldn’t make sense for Reid to play Vick unless he were forced to.  He could get hit or be re-injured then miss more games or the rest of the season.  I doubt Vick plays on Sunday, but it seems likely that he will be ready to go next week against the Titans.


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  • Andy should use the head fake I get that. Don’t bring back to after the bye week. The Titans are not a defense to come back to banged up. This is why you gave Kolb 10 million to play right?

  • Anybody else want the eagles to sign Merriman other than me?

  • Yeah, because we need another linebacker who can’t play. Take away his Dianabol and he is not worth a 7th round draft pick, let alone the money to sign him at the league minimum. See also Bosworth, Brian and Solt, Ron. Cheating losers all who did not have the ability to compete based on their natural skills.

  • runthe – you want to sign a guy who’s out for the season and hasn’t played well in a long time? You’re a big name chaser aren’t you. I’d rather have good football players, and ones that are healthy and eligible to play on my football team than big names.

  • And G, you are either right or wrong about this, but if you are right, then you should’ve just kept your mouth shut as to not tip the Falcons off…. it’s just common sense. And it’s also an obvious situation….weak

  • Does Reid really weigh 350 lbs ?

  • this may be ok for us
    let kolb get a million reps please and hopefully vick plays in the game
    win win

  • Hey G I agree with you, Andy Reid is trying to fake out the falcons. And schiller your an idiot, don’t you know if G knows this that Atlanta knows this also you dumb MoMo!!! They still have to game-plan for Vick whether they know this of not clown…

  • R2D2…I mean rcp, do you really care?

  • schiller, seriously? G, is tipping off the Falcons? Yeah they are reading gcobb.com. And it’s not like G said anything that’s a secret. Everyone knows teams play around with injuries every week with their star players to keep their opponents off balanced and not knowing who to prepare for. This is nothing new so for you to come at G for saying something that is done all the time as if he said something that was a secret then you really are the arrogant ass everyone thinks you are.

  • RCP1936 – that’s just an estimate but he’s just as big as his offensive linemen, if not bigger.

    Schiller – I’m not telling the Falcons something that they don’t know. Reid is probably not going to play Vick this weekend, but if he can throw the ball, he can play, which means the Falcons have to prepare for him. They know he’s probably not going to play but they still have to prepare for him.

  • rcp, maybe Andy needs to run some suicides during practice or something. Just not healthy. He better find out what Rex Ryan did to lose all that weight and get on it asap. I want him to slim down some for his long term health.

  • I’m not a name chaser, I’m a guy who likes beast line backers.

  • runtheball, I hear you but Merriman? Dude is done. Ever since he got busted for steroids he has done nothing and that was a couple years ago. There’s a reason the Chargers don’t want him and he is not a beast linebacker. He is now Akeem Jordan.

  • G, Andy Reid weighs more than 350…In all seriousness, he’s easily 425+.

  • maybe he should play tackle for us this week

  • at least on goaline and short yardage situations let andy play fb and plow a hole for shady

  • Coach AR will “milk this” of whose playing QB for as long as he can to give other teams fits in their game planning. I believe once VIck is heatlhy that he will play both QB’s in games depending on the situation and see how that works…
    Kolb will go this week and Vick will be ready the following week
    Coach AR is probably 375lb’s and may need to have that lap-band procedure that MJG has last offseason. Coach AR long-term heatlh cannot be good being as big as he is and I am surprised that Lurie doesn’t send/force him to a “Fitness Camp” in th off-season to shape up..

  • i mean i hate to sound like a smart ass but i dont get it
    what gameplan do u have to come up with kolb
    so what is he really doing
    u prepare for vick and hope kolb plays if ur the other team

  • gameplan for kolb which 49ers were to dumb to do
    load the box with 8 and blitz every passing situation
    we dont score

  • Eagles had 350 yards of Offense, 17 First Downs and 30 minutes of time of possession with 1 turnover. They Passed 31 times and Rushed it for 27 times which is as balanced as they will ever be.
    The Offense put up 20 points on the road againse a decent Defense (not a great one,but better than the Lions/Jaguars) If Celek makes some of the those catches that he dropped (I counted 4 of them)
    The Eagles would have put 30 over pts on the board and won going away I believe…
    Low and behold, when I double checked the Box Score, some guy named Kolb Qb and led the Eagles to a much needed Road win with no interceptions and a QB rating of a 103.. I would say that was a pretty good performance wouldn’t you..

  • kolb had 1 good performance in his last 5
    thats a 1 out of 5 game avg lmao
    and that was mostly andy the 7 for 7 1st quater 2 screens a playaction rollout not a player within 15 yards of celek 1 st pass of the game a hitch route for 5 yards to maclin
    this was playcalling u think andy can do it again ok
    and ask atl how much gameplanning they r doing for kolb lol
    sf need a new coach quick glad singletary was there for our game though lol

  • PW, I know ur a 76ers fan, surprised not to hear a ..”practice…come on man…u talkin about practice..” from ur side of the court. Calssic AI.

  • Didn’t AR and TO have a competition during the 04 season that if AR lost so much weight he had to come out to practice in some of that under armour spandex TO was always wearing. No wonder he got tossed…

  • my bad, it was if TO scored so many TD’s, I forget the number..like 20 or so.

  • I dont understand what games these fans are watching. Sometimes it makes you think there is other agendas here. I mean Randall was considered the dummy. Donovan, 30,000 yards, 200 tds, 6 pro bowls, 5 NFC championship games later he couldnt throw. Now fans cant find anything worth wild to bash Vick on{as of yet} so they play the Kolb card. What friggin game do you watch. Anyone who has even the slightest argument against Vick has another agenda. Kolb who has been so bad has an average game. He threw many WORM BALLS. His pop gun arm on throwback to Celek should of been a TD but Clek waited and waited. He looks scared, period. Watch how Vick walks with a swagger and watch Kolb come out. Hes a backup qb. For the life of me I dont know why other teams didnt watch the GB game. Blitz him and hes curling up in the fetal position. Thank you SF for not doing that.

  • Kolb 1 loss and 1 more 3 catch for 26 yards day from being thrown under the bus. The only thing that saved Kolb from being called out by Jackson was that the Eagles won. When doing an interview earlier this week Jackson said hes not the qb and cant control who Kolb throws to. IMO Jackson held back because they won. But does anyone think Jackson is gonna continue to stay quiet while Maclin gets all the attention? Dont give me that team guy bullshit. Jackson was lighting teams up with Vick. He wants a new contract. At this pace Jackson will have 50 catches for 700 yards and 5 tds with Kolb. That aint gonna work. Jackson better get fed soon. All that young gun garbage is a distant memory now. Wonder if Jackson will take Kolb over McNabb now. lol With McNabb and Vick Jackson is on highlight shows every week. With Kolb 5 yards and a cloud of dust. If Kolb is qb might as well trade Jackson.

  • certainly classic
    that press conference was a shame though
    media blew took it the wrong way
    we had just lost 2 celtics in game 5 he had 40 pts but we still lost and the media said u think if u practiced we might have won
    and he responded practice lol we aint even talkn bout the game practice

  • daddolden. You make some interesting points about agenda because when you compare Vick and Kolb this year there should be no argument for Kolb over Vick. And as I keep saying, the coaches also live in a reality non biased world so they named Vick the starter because Vick gives them a chance this year and if Vick gives the best chance this year why wouldn’t Vick give the Eagles the best chance in the next few years. I don’t see Kolb getting better then Vick at any point. Kolb may get better but not better than Vick

  • i hear ya golden

  • Sorry I meant daggolden

  • I agree, anyone saying Kolb over Vick (assuming health) is being dumb. But I don’t see or hear anyone saying that. Has anyone heard an argument for playing Kolb over Vick when Vick gets healthy? I haven’t, i you have let me know cause I’m curious. And if it’s just because some people are stuck on the dog/legal crap, that’s dumb too because it’s not about the past or ‘character’ shit, it’s about football.

    But I think some hear me or some others saying that the book shouldn’t be closed on Kolb yet, that he may improve in time (which he has had very little of) …etc… and they take that as me or someone else saying Kolb should start even when Vick is healthy. I can’t speak for others, but I NEVER said that and I don’t mean to imply that.

    But seriously, whats the point of worrying about or thinking about what they do beyond this season. It’s only game 6 and there’s plenty of season to go. I think it’s silly to look beyond this year because we don’t know what will happen injury wise, with the CBA, IF there will be a season next year, etc…..I just don’t see a reason to think beyond the present.

  • and scorp – I’m sorry if you have a problem with me, I guess clearly you do. Hope you can get beyond that cause I’m not against anyone on here (tho some annoy me often) and I don’t think I’m smarter or better, or more of a fan than others either. I do disagree with opinions or statements sometimes, and when that’s the case, I speak up.

  • I hope I don’t annoy you Schiller… (or anyone else for that matter)

  • What in the world is the Bird Nation crying about now? We have a servicable back up QB in Kolb, cuase that is what he is right now, no body contends that fact. He is serviable and he played the game he had to play against the Niners.

    Jackson is not feed up with Kolb, The niners game plan Jackson they were not going to let him beat them. Every team has that thought becasue he is so dynamic. That decision allowed McCoy to blast away. The very thing we hoped would happen is starting to blum. That thing is how does a defense contain all our weapons.

    Jackson understands that he is being planned on, now when Maclin starts burning people the view will change, then Celek will burn them, the D changes and McCoy burns them,etc.

    Now there are some dynamic defenses out there that have the personnel, the game plan, and the players excution working at the same time, that could match what we have (Giants maybe, certainly the Steelers etc.), but not all will have the three working together.

    Its a race can we get all our weapons loaded into to decimate the comimh defenses? I sure hope so, AR tends to bring that along every season so I am confident.

    So that my take, its Falcon Time, and AR is doing his best to help the team with the head fake. Every minute that someone has to spend with his eyes one Vick game tape, is a minute well faked by Andy.


  • guess teams only concentrate on djax when kolb plays then monolith

  • Yeah PW….. Jackson on gets attention when Kolb is playing. That’s crap. He just can’t read the defenses as well right now and can’t wait to get rid of the ball. And it’s not that it’s bad, but it is what it is. But of course they won’t/can’t admit that. They will say the defenses are doing a good job covering Jackson when a better QB will get him the ball. And I understand that because Kolb isn’t top NFL QB so I wouldn’t expect him to read coverages like a top QB. This is why I never understood all the hype because it isn’t warranted.

  • And schiller, if you say something that I think is dumb then I will let you know just like anyone else on here. For you to make that idiotic statement toward G like he did something wrong was boneheaded. Sometimes, I think you just say stuff just to say even if there’s no substance and disagree just because. Everything doesn’t warrant an arrogant response… “but if you are right, then you should’ve just kept your mouth shut as to not tip the Falcons off…. it’s just common sense. And it’s also an obvious situation….weak”….. Seriously, what was that about? I’ll tell you. Nothing.

  • scorp, yeah, in retrospect it wasn’t my strongest comment. But I still think that trying to interpret every word/action by Reid, when some may be decoys and such, is kinda pointless.

    Anyway, I’m sorry I pissed you off so much and I hope you’re able to have a good weekend regardless. Hopefully this doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment of the phils and eagles games…

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