• August 17, 2022

You Must Give Andy Reid And His Staff A Lot Of Credit For This One

In every phase of the game today (except David Akers), the Eagles played great.  I didn’t say perfect but they outplayed the Falcons in each every facet of the game.  You’ve got to give Andy Reid and his staff credit for the team’s performance.

The Birds schemes on both sides of the ball were a step or two ahead of Atlanta all day long.  This is one of the reasons, Reid’s teams have had so much success over the years.  He is a tremendous game planner and they did an outstanding job today.

Eagles receivers were running around wide open and Kevin Kolb was executing the game plan with precision.  The reverse to DeSean Jackson caught the Falcons unprepared and it got into the head of defensive end John Abraham.  He was unsure about when to turn it loose and when to take it easy.

The touchdown catch by Jackson was a great play against the defense they were facing.  They were facing a double-zone coverage and put Jackson in the slot.  They knew if nobody jammed Jackson he could get a free release and put pressure on the safety immediately.

Jackson got a free release and headed down the seam.  The outside receiver released and sped down the sideline.  The safety was in a no man’s land.  He tried to cover both of them, so Kolb looked outside to freeze him then put one on a rope to Jackson on the post.

It was like taking candy from a baby.  Jackson was wide open.  This was a great play call against that defense.

The fake reverse and bomb to Jeremy Maclin was a great design.  It was the design of the play that was the key to its success.   They lulled the safety and cornerback to sleep then beat them deep.

Their offensive line dominated the Falcons and I have to give King Dunlap credit for proving me wrong.  He kicked Abraham’s butt.  The line gave Kevin Kolb all the time in the world to deliver the ball.

It was Reid and his staff that decided to go with Dunlap against Abraham after he gave up three sacks last week.  I didn’t have confidence in him but Andy did and the young man did the job.  You’ve got to give him credit for getting the job done.

If Atlanta was supposed to be the best team in the NFC right now, I think the Eagles can lay claim to that crown.  They beat the Falcons in every phase of the game including special teams which was a change from what we’ve seen so far this season.

On the defensive side, the Eagles were run blitzing against the Falcons running game.  The Birds must attack in order to stop the run.  They were shooting gaps and tackling Michael Turner in the backfield.

Sean McDermott kept Matt Ryan and his offense off balance all day long.

Whatever got to them to play so well today, they should bottle it so they’ll be able to do again next week.


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  • Un-friggin-believable!! Who can predict anything about this team or this season!!!

  • Hey Drum, I was trying to tell the brothers on here that very thing when we were having our downsides. I believe we will have those down moments, but my point was and is in agreement with you. Every team has raw talent to go to war with. Every team has a dynamic stud to make the opposing coach pinch his temples in contemplation.

    If anyone was under the impression that there are any easy games out there, then I present to you my friends the NFL scorecards for the last six weeks. What the hell, lions top scoring team in the NFC! Bears, rams winning, packers losing? Steelers winning with the fewsest offensive plays run in the league (Prior to Big Ben of course).

    Wow i know nothing, can predict nothing, and take nothing for granted. The only thing i am certain of for now is my own overly positiveness for my Eagles. The league is fun though got to admit that, and the one thing that I am takingout of my vocabulary is “This game is a bye week”, “we should beat these guys easy”, “We will run all over these guys.” Nope I don’t take anyone for granted now, and I hope that the Eagles are keen to observe how every team has some fight in them.

    My buddy (A giants fan), said to me that the giants had a “bye week” this week against the lions, yeah right. I am sure he sweated that game just like I did when I thought that they were going to come back on us. We beat our defense down that week for letting the lowly lions nearly comeback, well that seems to be that teams “MO” so far.

    Hold on to your nads fellas (melons ladies), this season is going to get wilder.


  • YOur right Drummer it is un believable!! We’ll see next game??? I got to give them some credit but what I cant believe is why did Kevin F***ing Kolb throw that damn ball to Deshawn when you see Daunte Robinson Sitting there waiting to Creame him??? Deshawn is 175lbs wet and I cant only blame it on Kolb its the coaching staff!! MORNIGWOOD Horrible call on that play… You dont set up your star reciever who stretches the field even when he doesn’t get the ball……. He maybe out out 2-3 weeks after a hit like that… And we have Tennessee, bye and then #18 Tom Hanks looking Peyton Manning!!! I give some credit because the eagles staff will be right back to the same ol’ 75/25 pass to run ratio!!!

  • Today I gotta give credit to Asante Samuels… He played great, and tackled well… Another guy I liked today was Daryl Tapp, what a great pickup…. And also Antonio Dixon who played well against the run and was just solid all around… I got a question fellas do yall think that Dixon should be a starter for our team??? Over Patterson or Bunkley???

  • What? That’s not what we do here, Coach does not get credit! He must have been lucky, took advantage of sub-par coaching by the Falcons, etc. This is Negadelphia, and don’t you forget it!

  • I give credit to Mcdermott who must of had a dream last night that Jim Johnson handed him a defensive playbook and said to him….”Use this you DOUGIE HOUSER looking Prick”!! “And why you cut your hair bald”!…. LOL…. Overall Im a proud eagles fan LONG LIVE THE BIRD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Jroc

    I’ve been saying that Reid would get Jackson killed. I don’t recall him running Pinkston on those types of plays, who is similar in size.

  • Andy ran the ball 38 times!!!! 38 times!!! 27 passes and 38 runs!!!!

    Granted, some of those runs came at the end of the game to kill the clock, but most were run when the game was still on the line. That’s two games in a row that he’s run the ball.

    How long have the fans been screaming for more balance?

    I hope he continues that balance when he goes back to Vick, if he goes back to Vick.

  • Monolith

    You have been positive throughout. I thought you were crazy. Who’s crazy now? I need my meds.

  • Anderson

    Reid has never run the ball before, and his game plans had become very predictable. I can’t complain, now.

  • There you go Drummer, that’s what I like to see, that’s a good effort, you get a Negadelphia game ball. That play, Jackson was like the 3rd option and Kolb was on the move to avoid pressure, but it is the Coach’s fault a 165 pounder got knocked out. Its a miracle that he does not get KO’ed every week at his size.

  • He should be able to call a game plan like that every week he’s been here for 12 years

  • Reid has run the ball in the past, usually with a young or old qb (Feeley or Garcia). Predictable? Who would have guessed that he would put in all 5 and 7 step drops for Kolb in the 1st game of the season? Other than when they were behind and throwing to catch up, they have been quite balanced this year. Remember a guy named Duce Staley? Even way back then coach Reid would run the ball, Duce carried a ton when the whole offense was him and #5. Does he go pass happy at times? Yes. Will he probably do so for a game or two this season? Most likely. But they have been anything but predictable this year. McCoy is actually listed in the rushing leaders, averaging over 5 yds a carry until today. That argument does not fly this year.

  • Biggest thing was the special teams not giving up all those yards
    Amazing how well the D can play when they don’t have to defend against a short field all after noon

    And on the other side the Eagles offense had a lot of good field position starts and capitalized on them

  • G:

    I’m not sure if it’s an advantage or a disadvantage to go through your posts on Monday morning from top to bottom, than going through them bottom to top. I must appear to be repeating some of your thoughts, but Trent Cole was a BEAST yesterday. Let us not forget that. Where’s my small change? I want to put it all together, count it up and go buy his jersey.
    He’s the best pure football player on the Eagles. He anwered your call from last week. And the point is, he doesn’t care what you say, or I say. He’s going to answer the bell EVERY FRACKING DOWN! I am currently trying to get my sons to play like him. Enough said.

  • T Cole always gets a little extra zip in his step when Hunting Season approaches…

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