• December 2, 2021

Prediction: Kevin Kolb Will Be A Titan In 2011

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid is second only to Tennessee Titan Jeff Fisher in current tenure.

Both men have earned the reputation of maintaining stability within their respective organizations.

There is one distinct difference between the two: Their handling of the quarterback position, especially recently.

While Michael Vick is making Reid look like a genius by performing in ways no human could have predicted, Fisher is at a crossroads with Vince Young.

Young recently had season ending surgery, but he was already struggling with establishing himself as a franchise QB.

During the 2008 season Young lost his starting job to Kerry Collins, whose re-emergence led the Titans to a 13-3 record.

Despite losing in the Divisional Round to the Baltimore Ravens, Fisher decided to stick with Collins.

Last year, the Titans started the season 0-6 with Collins at the helm.  That caused owner Bud Adams to order Fisher to start Young.  Tennessee went 8-2 to finish with a respectable .500 record.

This season, the Titans started off 5-2 and looked like contenders.  They are currently on a four game losing streak and the future looks troubling in Nashville.

The relationship between Fisher and Young has come to a point where Adams may have to choose between his coach and his signal caller.  The obvious choice is Fisher.

Young has earned a reputation of being unstable and immature.  On top of that, he has trouble staying healthy.  Heading into the final year of his rookie deal, the Titans can afford to release him.

How would the Titans address the quarterback position?  Do they continue with Kerry Collins, who turns 38 this month?  They surely can’t turn to Rusty Smith.

In come the Eagles and Kevin Kolb.

There is nothing Kolb can to at this point to regain the starting position from Michael Vick.  Vick brings a dynamic no other individual can bring.

In addition to Vick’s re-emergence to stardom, the Eagles also have been developing rookie Mike Kafka to be a competent backup.

Both factors make Kolb very expendable.  That said, he’s a very capable of starting for an NFL franchise.  The Titans would make an excellent fit for Kolb and vice versa.

The Titans have a decent offensive line and competent weapons in Chris Johnson, Nate Washington and Kenny Britt.  They also have two decent tight ends in Bo Scaife and the developing Jared Cook.

In addition, Kolb’s personality would fit well with Fisher’s style of coaching.

Now, I know many are reading this and wonder why I pick Kolb going to Tennessee over teams like Minnesota, Arizona, Buffalo and San Francisco.  The answer is trade value.

The Eagles are not letting trading Kolb in any deal not involving a 1st round pick.  The Vikings, Cardinals, Bills and 49ers are all heading towards Top 10 selections for 2011.  Kolb isn’t worth that much, especially with guys like Andrew Luck, Jake Locker and Ryan Mallett poised to be the next successful QB draft class.

The Titans, on the other hand, are likely to pick in the mid-teens.  They’re not getting drafting a franchise QB there.  If the Titans let Young go, do you think Fisher will look to Cam Newton?

It’s realistic to see Kevin Kolb traded to the Titans for their 2011 1st and 3rd round picks.

Teams will give up extra if they believe they’re getting a franchise QB.  Look at the 2007 trade Houston made with Atlanta to obtain Matt Schaub (who played considerably less that Kolb before that deal).  The Jets gave up two picks and three players to move up and draft Mark Sanchez in 2009.

If Kevin Kolb is traded to Tennessee, it will be a winning situation for all parties involved.

Haran Knight

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  • And why is this worthy of a story the day before a game? Where is the story that Chad Hall will be traded to the Seahawks next year and how Austin Howard will fetch a 7th rounder in the 2013 draft? Why so much attention to a guy who isn’t playing? We have a big game this week Haran, do you realize that??

  • “It’s realistic to see Kevin Kolb traded to the Titans for their 2011 1st and 3rd round picks”, yeah, what a “bum”, “scrub” Kolb is.

  • Season ain’t over yet

    With the hits Vick takes we may see Kolb again

    Let’s wait and see how things play out

  • Hey green, who are you to lecture a man working? Why don’t you get back to work or maybe get a job

  • “If Kevin Kolb is traded to Tennessee, it will be a winning situation for all parties involved.”

    Not if we then go on to watch Tenny win a SB with Kolb at the helm…..:)

    Why not franchise Vick and then trade him? Fisher seems to like scrambly QBs who struggle in tough games as much as Reid does. That’ll easily net 2 1st round picks, non?

    To contemplate these scenarios with 5 weeks to go + playoffs are kinda fun, but for the most part absurd.

  • Why are Cam Newton and Vince Young being mentioned together… can’t a brother just get graded against another Qb minus the comparisons. He’s the best QB in College Football…but I digress, why are we talking about Kevin Kolb anyway… there’s a game this week against Houston tomorrow.

  • How about Kolb and Jackson to Arizona for Larry Fitzgerald?

  • Jake, we all know your man-love for Kevin. I just don’t know why so much time is wasted talking about a backup qb. We are lucky to have a backup that is this good, but he will only be playing if Vick gets hurt.

    Thanks for your concern about my working status. Job is going great, sorry to assume that yours is not. I am sure that with your friendly personality things will turn around for you, maybe Kevin needs an assistant?

  • Chuck / Vinnie…Jake will soon be coming down on you for questioning Haran and the need for this article at this point of the season. Woof….woof Jakedog

  • haha green, Jakedog his own master, but if Kolb needs some pointers happy to oblige

  • 1st and 3rd lol hahahahahhahah
    i hope we do get that
    biggest robbery since gasol for javaris crittenden

  • dam maybe we should trade vick what would we get
    according to haran probably 4 1st rounders
    lmao 1st and 3rd

  • Smart player who would do reasonably well in an offense with a strong running game to set up play action? Nope, he is heading straight to the UFL, i know because I read GCobb.com! If I did not come here, I would never know how much he sucked!

  • good day Eagle fans…. Im new and I signed up specifically to say I do the trade of Kolb & Jackson for Larry Fitzgerald RIGHT NOW!!!

    And imma Desean fan…But Larry & Vick??? LOL… that would be absurd

  • 1st and a 3rd? Really? Kolb isn’t bad but I think the author may have undervalued draft picks. However, all it takes is one dummy to dance with. Who knows, but right now I don’t even care. What’s going on with our team for tomorrow.

  • We know how defensive people get when you talk about the backup QB on here….

    No comment!

  • Titans like their draft picks and very unlikely to trade a #1 or a #3 for a Kolb Haran,
    When you think about it ,it really doesn’t make sense for they could draft a young QB,since this is a very deep QB class, and still have Collins start and play in 2011 and then groom the young QB for 2012 and beyond without having to give up any draft picks. The Titans Offense revolves around RB C Johnson and a Vertical/Deep passing game which will revolve around K Britt and R Moss in the Future.. Kolb does not have the arm strength to utilize their weapons best asset which is running 30-40-50 yard deep routes.

    Teams and Deals that Paulman would prefer to happen

    Minnesota Vikings — For a 2nd and a 4th Rd pick
    Arizona Cardinals — For a 2nd Rd pick and OLB O Schofield or CB B McFadden
    Oakland Raiders — For a 2nd Round pick and OLB T Howard
    Carolina Panthers — For a 2nd Round Pick and CB R Marshall or OLB J Anderson

    I really don’t see a team giving up a #1 Draft pick in such a Deep QB Draft Class this year..
    I think a 2nd Round draft pick and a Starter is a fair asking price or a 2nd and 4th but many teams have shed their payroll in the last season in case of a players lockout making them less likely on trading away their own draft picks..Kolb is under contract through the 2011 Season and depending how VIck and the Eagles finish, how contract talks go and the amount of bonus/guaranteed $$$,etc,etc, It’s not a given that Kolb will be moved…

  • It could be worse,
    Haran could have proposed the Eagles Trade Kolb to the Redksins for McNabb.. Good grief… ha ha..

  • It’s not about Jeff Fisher anyway or as I call him Mr. 500, it’s about who the owner wants and he’s not giving up a 1st and a 3rd for KK. Fisher won’t be in Tennessee after this year any how, thanks for the speculation Haran.

  • I really think Fisher wants out of Tennessee and will probably get canned sine he won’t budghe on keeping QB V Young who the Owner somehow feels his the man ..and I wouldn’t be too surprised, to
    see him land in Big D to take over the Cowboys though he probably needs to cool out and sit out a year to clear his head after being a head coach for the last 17 with the Houston/Tennessee Franchise
    He also could be a leading candidate for Carolina Panthers/Cincinnati Bengals and any other team in the market for a HC.. I think Fisher wants to coach in the bright lights in a big market where ownership will spend $$$ for players and not be on the cheap like the Titans..(and so are Carolina/Cincinnati franchises)

  • Vinnie

    No one trades his starter and keeps the back-up? You’re funny.

  • i would love to trade kolb for mcnabb that would be great
    id trade kolb for anything he aint playing here so it doesnt matter get him outta here so people stop praying he will get in the gm

  • oh and pman kolb aint that special
    i doubt minnesota send 2 picks for kolb they’d just try their own unknown with jackson

  • With Childress gone,I think Vikings will change to a more running oriented team with Peterson/Gerhart
    but they do have good young WR in S Rice and P Harvin who can stretch the field..
    I think Leslie Frazier will remain as HC there but I not sure who they will bring in to run the Offense
    Also I never said Kolb was Special or an Elite QB, I think he can become a good NFL QB though
    with the right kind of offense and team..
    A player to watch is 3rd String QB Webb for the Vikings.. He’s a big,raw player from UAB who reminds me of a younf Randall Cunningham.. I see him as their future as opposed to T Jackson

  • i was just saying kolb is unknown
    so if u have ur own unknown talent or ur team u wouldnt trade valued picks for another
    this is not some established qb ur trading for
    he’s a project

  • Was Matt Cassell a known commodity, or a Matt Schaub or Charlie Whitehurst,..
    Those Teams that traded them, got some good value in return for these players who were no more experienced than Kolb don’t you think..

  • too sensitive phil, few if any eagles fans hope vick plays poorly or gets hurt so 4 can play, this idea of rooting for players at expense of team is not part of my generation’s mindset, we may have qs, some doubts, but we want Vick and Eagles to win, and he gets the benefit of any doubt until he proves he can’t win the big game.

  • I am on the Vick train for he gives the Eagles the best chance to win..
    #4 is my rear-view mirror and fans can worry about him after the season,but he does need to be ready in case of a injury to Vick which is possible if he takes too many hits..

  • Well, saying that Kolb is worth a 1 and a 3 is downright hilarious. You may get a 2, or something similar to what McNabb was worth, but only if you have a truly desparate team.

    He’s only worth a one if his skill set and intangibles measure up better than the QB’s in next years class. Plus, the Eagles have him on the cheap next year, and don’t want to get rid of him. However, he’s a free agent the year after, so there’d be a contract negotiation as part of any deal that happens in the off season.

    With the upcoming labor issues, no-one in their right mind would pick Kolb up for a 1 and a 3. The Redskins are supposedly set and the Cowboys have Romo, so that eliminates those out of their minds.

    Lastly, Bud Adams has a mean on for Vince, Adams lives in Texas and saw what a draw he was. There’s also specualtion that Fisher is trying to talk his way out of Tenessee. Don’t be surprised if Fisher is the one gone at the end of the season.

  • I can see that as one possibility and a pretty good prognosis of the situation. Although I think it’s just as likely Kolb ends up in Buffalo or Detroit. I believe Shaun Hill is in a contract year and given his performance he has a pretty good case to make about being a starter in the league. Stafford is still injury prone so they’re going to want a back up that they think can play. Arizona will also be in that hunt as John Skelton may not be ready to start yet and they definitely need a QB ASAP.

    I still think Cleveland is the most likely landing place for Kolb when all is said and done. The Browns don’t really want Jake Delhomme or Seneca Wallace as their starter for long, but their record isn’t going to allow them to draft high enough to get one of the marquee QBs in the draft. The Eagles will probably get a 3rd round and maybe a conditional pick the following year for Kolb.

  • Buffalo is very happy with QB Fitzpatrick from all reports
    Cleveland Browns are happy with McCoy’s progress
    SL Rams are very happy with Bradford progress
    Detroit is a interesting case for Stafford can’t seem to stay healthy, though he’s played pretty well
    when he’s been healthy..

    The Vikings,Cardinals,Redskins,49ers,Bengals, Panthers,Titans & Raiders all seem to still be unsettled at QB for 2011

    Top 4-5 Qb’s out of the Draft Luck,Locker,Mallet,Newton, the kid from Nevada could all go in the 1st Round but I dont believe teams like Lions/Browns/BIlls/Panthers will select a QB since they all have many other issues to address and they like their young QB’s, which means some of the Top QB’s coming out of College could end up on a team like the Bengals,Vikings,Redskins,Cardinals,Raiders and yes, even the dreaded Cowboys which if that’s the case, then these teams would not be in the market for Kolb since they would have drafted a QB..
    Kolb probably will end up on the Eagles for 2011


  • uhhhhhh yeeeaaahhh… the dude could go to any number of teams.

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