• July 4, 2022

This Is Personal:Eagles Coaches Want To Pay Back Last Year’s Embarrassments

Last season, the Cowboys not only took apart the Eagles players on the field, but their coaches took the Philly coaches to the cleaners.  Their schemes were superior to what the Eagles were doing and they did it to them two weeks in a row.

You can believe that Andy Reid, Marty Mornhinweg and Sean McDermott have been working all off season thinking of ways to pay the Cowboys back for the two beat downs at the end of the season.  Players take defeats personally and so do coaches.  As much as everybody wants to blame those losses solely on the players, the Eagles entire staff was beaten in each and every way.

They won’t come out and say it, but Reid and Mornhinweg are especially proud of their ability to put together a game plan.  You can believe that they had to play the humble role at the league meetings and coaches get togethers at the Senior Bowl, draft combine in Indianapolis.

This was deserved after they had their proverbial “clocks cleaned” by Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett last year because Phillips and Garrett had been totally embarrassed by the beat down they had experienced the year before in the last regular season game.  Let me assure you that these competitions get very personal, although these coaches other than the Ryans (Buddy and his son Rex) would never say it publicly.

Reid would never put all his cards on the table publicly, but you can believe in those coaches meetings he has challenged his staff.  Players getting motivated by watching themselves getting their butt kicked on tape and so do coaches.

“You learn from every game and they got us last year”, Reid said earlier this week. “That’s also the obvious and so you learn from each game. Again, you put you game plan together to play this football team and you focus in on that and concentrate on that and then you worry about all the other stuff.”

Mornhinweg always says things are “cyclic”.  We hope the Birds can’t put a beat down on the Cowboys in much the same way, Dallas put the beat down on the Eagles a year ago.

I learned after last year’s game that one of the main problems was Nick Cole’s inability to make the proper adjustments at the center position.  Say what you will about Phillips as a head coach, he has always been regarded as an outstanding defensive coordinator.  His game plan had people coming free throughout both of those last two games.

“I’m doing a little bit better job there”, Mornhinweg said yesterday. “We’ve had success in past years against them, and then they got us pretty good. They played well those games, and we didn’t play very well. We had, if you remember, [G/C] Nick [Cole], it was, I believe, his second game at center. We had some problems there. Not with Nick. Nick played pretty well, but we were just off a little bit. Crowd noise, basically a dome, we were just off a little bit. So hopefully we can do a little bit better that way.”

You can see that Mornhinweg doesn’t want to blame it all directly on Cole, but he had to mention his name.  It wasn’t Cole’s inability to block his man that was the problem, he just couldn’t make the adjustments which involve sliding the line one way or the other for the blitz.

Notice that Cole hasn’t been the starting center, again.  That decision to not put him in there as the starter at center again was made a year ago.

The main problem which the Cowboys present concerns two defensive pass rushers, who can beat a one-on-one block.  One of them is inside in defensive tackle Jay Ratliff and the other is outside in outside linebacker/defensive end DeMarcus Ware.  The fact that they’re both inside and outside presents the problem.  You can take care of one with little problem, but taking care of both is going take quite a job of game planning.

“Ratliff is a special player”, Mornhinweg said. “They’ve got several… you can keep going. But Ratliff chews people up. He’s a special player.”

Phillips forced the Eagles to single block them a year ago, we’ll see what happens this year.  Nobody will say it, but this one is personal.  If the Birds were to get ahead, don’t expect them to take their feet off the gas.


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  • Thank you Mr. Cobb for this post. I mentioned on a post yesterday that front office people, coaches and francise players lost their jobs because of last years beat down. This game is personal. After watching what Andrew Reid did to the Redskins (after taking McNabbs locker room gloating) I’m beginning to Andrew is a Bear you better let sleep.

    I first thought this was going to be a knock down drag out. Now I believe that the Eagles will blow Dallas out. I am convinced they had a spy on the team last year (DB coach that was fired that came from Dallas) And McGlynn is a massive improvement at center.

    Eagles 42 Dallas 17

  • Ahead or not, the Eagles cannot take their feet off the gas!

  • Look!!! I’m still recovering from last years shaaaalaaaccckinn!!!!! These Tulip’s have to pay!!!! All the Dallas Cowboy fans gave me hell during last season…….. Look I see things like when this team is down I like when Vick is on the sideline saying to this team “I’m going to get us back”! The sky is the Limit for this team……. I can see us ripping them apart this time around……..

    Question…….. Is Roddrick Hood a free agent????? If Asante Samuel is a no go for the next game he can be somebody who can help out????? I dont trust Hanson for the LIFE OF ME!!!! Just A thought fellas!!!!!!!

  • I hope the staff took it personal. There are key injuries on both sides, the girls lost Bryant & Bookings and it looks like we might not have Assante and Justice. That is what happens at the end of an NFL season, so not much use complaining. You just adapt and overcome, go to war with who you have and win the game.

    I still like that we had the extended time off. I believe that Andy, Marty & Sean will have a plan to avenge last years defeats. I hate that we have to wait until 8:20 to get started, just can’t wait for the birds to hit the field!!

  • Greenfan I feel you…….. It’s a night when my wife has to work early monday morning and My son and I are going crazy in the living room….. LMAO……. She hates night games because my 5yr old son is up with me until the game is finished……..LMAO…… That doesn’t make me a bad Dad that my son is very passionate about the Birdz and he’s up until 12:00am……. Or am I????? In other words we bleed the same Eagle green!!!! She just has to get over it………. I do pay bills at my house…….. LMAO
    GO EAGLES!!!!

  • jroc….you at my house?…my boys are up too, so is my wife….Mondays mornings suck, 5:30 comes fast, but after a win you wear being tired like a badge….GO BIRDS!!!!!

  • I agree G-Man that the entire Off-Season Focus and Roster plan was to beat these Cowboys with a different QB, and a rebuilt Defense. Let’s see how this adjustments, new players and schemes work.

  • This portion is quite revealing:


    Avant has witnessed Vick’s blossoming as a passer right before his eyes. A classic example came during the Eagles’ Week 12 game against the Chicago Bears. After the Bears had effectively blitzed him with a cornerback, Vick went to the sidelines to review snapshots of their defense. He saw how the Eagles could counter the strategy. Then he pulled Avant aside.

    “He says, ‘Jay, the next time the cornerback is coming off the edge, just look (for the hot route), and I will give it to you sooner than what I normally would,'” Avant said. “‘I’m not going to give it to you on (a) five-step (drop); I’m going to give it to you on three-step.'”

  • I feel you GREENFAN…… IT’s well worth it with a win……. LOL!!!!!

    I just hope that sean Mcdermott will kind of shy away from that drop back DE in coverage play call!!!! It works at times….. but we just need to run a simple base defenses/cover 2 blitz scheme…..

    Doug Free is suspect…….. Juqua Parker should give him hell on that end…… ANd we all know what Trent Cole can do to any left tackle……… My thing is that we need someone to match up with Jason Witten!!! Iv’e seen teams match corners with him and they played physical with him as well!!! IDK what guy on our squad who can do such???

  • Although I was a McNabb fan, I don’t think he’s ever asserted that type of leadership.

  • GOOD Post Drummer!!!!! NOW thats team unity……… U.N.I.T.Y. U.N.I.T.Y. thats to unity…….. Queen Latifah couldnt right a better song……… LMAO…….. people say thing that Vick cant read defenses…… Well theres a prime example in this post……. Looks like we got our FRANCHISE QB…….. A leader…… A winner……. And a passionate fella who enjoys the love of the game!!!! Imagine next season when he gets a FULL FULL FULL chemisty during the off season…….. Its going to be CRAZY……. U>N>I>T>Y………………. Like Rick James on the Chapelle show UNITTTTYYYYY! LMAO!!!!

  • bsm whats with this mr. cobb stuff
    we will win by double figures
    they are what their record says they are

  • “They screwed up our season last year, single-handedly,” Celek said of the Eagles’ three losses to the Cowboys last year in the regular season and the playoffs. “I think we realize that the whole season comes down to these four games. It’s really like we’re in the playoffs right now, starting this week against Dallas. We’ve got to win this game, because if we don’t, it’s going to be that much tougher just to make the playoffs.”

    That is the attitude that I want to see from these players…thanks for the article drummer.

  • Jroc

    It’s information like that that allows us to see Vick in a true light. I’ve felt good about him since his first or second game, but I, now, feel confident that he is a franchise QB.

  • Green

    I agree. There’s no doubt in my mind that we’re down playing this thing, but the entire organization marked this game on their calendar when the schedule came out.

    If we score early, it could become a route.

  • It’s good to know that Vick has a hand in making game-time adjustments, that he’s checking out the photos and looking for weaknesses.

  • @Drummer I have to tell you that I love my boy Mcnabb……… But I see things different in Vick that makes me say……. I can trust him……… Vick’s emotion shows more often on the field and I love that about him………. He loves to Win…… No matter how his stats look….. As long as the W is in effect…… He’s happy……… AR and MM are enjoying this……… Its making them better coaches…….(personality wise)……. I think this is the most fun that they ever had before coaching this young eagles team………

  • PW

    And they’ll be what their record says they’ll be, 4-9!!!

  • Jroc

    How could he not? Vick has allowed his offense to exactly what he likes, go vertical.

    Reid has been stubborn to learn certain things, but after 12 years, he’s learned enough that, with Vick, we might just win one.

  • I noticed him going through the photos too…we always see other qb’s doing that during the game but never really saw that much with the eagles…good to see that they are working to make more “in-game”
    No question that he is leading this team, communicating with the offensive players and motivating them.

  • Little could be sweeter than to win one in Jerry’s house, after he publicly stated that he expected his team to be the first Supergowl host to have its own team playing in the game.

    I like that Dallas has had a down, but are now hopeful under Jason Garrett. That just gives us an opportunity smash them back into a state of hopelessness. Back to reality, courtesy of The Philadelphia Eagles!!!!

  • They said it’s never too late to learn……… Well I see Vick being a complete Qb………. He knows he has the talent around him to get it done…….. JUST IMAGINE IF WE HAD WEAVER THIS YEAR HEALTHY…….. This team will be CRAZY…….. Weaver Vick Harrison Mccoy

    WIN>>>>> VICTORIOUSLY>>>>>> HISTORY>>>>> in the>>>>>>>> MAKING>>>> LOL!!!

    Thats my personal SLOGAN for next year!!!!

  • Green

    When I think of how difficult it had to have been for him to have so hated and so scrutinized, I’ve got admire how he’s handled himself, almost flawlessly. He’s been self-critical, humble, and has given credit to all teammates, including Kevin Kolb. He continues to sing the praises of Kolb, because the reality is that Kolb helped us get here, too.

  • Jroc

    I like it. I’m with you. With Weaver, we possibly would have a power running game inside the red zone. Maybe Schmitt will step up or maybe Chad Hall will turn into something we never anticipated. I think he’s got good vision and quickness, but it takes time to learn the speed of the game.

  • When we win it in Jerry’s house….. Maybe he’ll grow a mustache finally LMAO!!! I hate him and Mark Cuban…….. Just spendaholics who dont realize that money cant buy you success…….. I want dallas to beg for mercy this game………. I want to see Jerry jones to second guess a HC job to look and see who else is available for grabs……..

  • I think Asante will play, despite missing practice. I’m “guessing” that they’re allowing the knee to heal as fully as possible. Like many veterans used to do, they didn’t practice much during the week, but were ready to play at game time. If he had practiced all week, it probably would have swelled and he’d have been unable to go.

    It maybe wishful thinking on my part, but that would certainly give our defense a mental boost to have Asante starting the game.

  • @Drummer……. Schmitty is that guy……. I like him a whole lot……. A real war/bear Grilles type guy you would want if you were stranded on a island…… He’ll choke out a moose for dinner LMAO!!! And Chad Hall I wish he was a Danny Woodhead type guy who can help on short passing downs and can get alot of YAC in the process……. We have the guys to get it done…….. We just have to HIROSHIMA dallas this coming week>>>>>> FOr Asian viewers……. Excuse me for the HIROSHIMA remark……..

  • This is the time that our defense should make a statement. It’s time for all of the effort devoted to improving our pass rush to pay dividends. I would love to see Graham get loose for a couple. If we shut down their run, we should be in business. I think we play better against speed backs than power backs, because we’re a speed defense. With no Marion Barber, I think our chances are improved.

  • Choke a moose for dinner? LOL!

    We’ve had some role players blossom under Reid. How long did it take us to find a slot receiver. I remember the Na Browns of the world, but Jason Avant has been steady, if not spectacular. Admittedly, he’s dropped a few TDs this season, but he’s also made more than his share of 3rd plays to keep drives alive. When our offense has stalled, he’s usually been the guy to make the tough grab to get us going again.

  • I cant stand that VOO DOO DOLL looking prick Marion Barber………… (I’m black so I can get away with that LOL) When Dawkins made that wonderful tackle on him for a fumble……… I went crazy at my house…….. Now he’s not playing this week as well……… My thing is the ST’s going to show up this week?????? Is Bobby April up to the task as well!!!!!!

  • NA BROWN LMAO!!!! Man we’ve come a long way……. And Billy Mcmullen’s of the world…….. I think that we should use Riley Cooper more……. He played in key games in college……. And he can help out on 4wr sets……. Hell Lets run 5 wide to make things more interesting…….. Jackson, Maclin, Cooper, Avant, and Chad Hall or McCoy, Hell even Celek maybe….. So many options…….. 10 days is great….. And players can heal and get more familiar with the system (younger players)…….. It’s time fellas….. We are the hunters…….

  • Barber has been a non-factor for the Cowboys for the last 2 Seasons..
    Their running game revolves around F Jones and now T Choice for the remainder of this season as well as the future..

  • You all know I have my problems with Reid, but I also try to give credit where it’s due.

    This season, he’s made some moves and counter-moves that have kept this offense purring.

    When teams were blitzing, Reid went to max protect (with only tow receivers in the pattern).

    When he realized that Vick was having trouble seeing behind his offensive line, he began to roll him out to the left and sending all his receivers to that side of the field.

    After teams starting dropping its safeties deep, Reid had Vick throwing touches passes between the linebackers and safeties. Avant was the beneficiary of that strategy.

    Then, when the Giants over-loaded to Vick’s left, Reid adjusted and had Vick roll right. No one thought he could pass while rolling to his right, but they were wrong.

    Now that we’ve defeated those two strategies, what’s next. I guess Dallas will go back to blitzing, since they have a very quick D-line.

    However, because Vick will have had 10 days rest, he should have his top speed back and will, hopefully, make them look silly.

  • Paul

    I think this will be his last year.

  • Riley impressed me with the comeback grab against the Titans. He’s been steady, too.

  • The Eagles are Birdz…… So what do Birdz do…… Drop S*** and keep it moving……… Lets do the same this weekend!!!!! I want to see somebody to lay flat on the dallas star in the endzone…….. Slam the football!!! And give a middle finger to that dust Head Michael Irvin……. Or Asante to slap the taste out of Deion Sanders mouth for saying what he said about him……… Deion couldnt takle to save his life as well………

  • Jroc

    Great question! Special teams must do their part. We got some help with the Dez Bryant injury. For the record, I wanted the Eagles to grab that guy. I felt we needed a big wideout, with speed, like him.

  • Jroc


  • Jroc…..don’t get crazy on us here…5 wide set for a suprise, maybe, but that would surely put Vick in danger with 0 protection…..he is our meal ticket man, we need to keep him safe and healthy….GO BIRDS!!

  • Yea Dez Bryant would have made this team ELITE…. Hands down…… There was a lot of questions about his heart problem and as well with his attitude…… (Also his moms being a prostitue or what ever which is un-called for) Remember Tony Homo said when they drafted him with his text message “We’re gonna Kill’em”! LMAO……… Now he’s on the shelf like MILLI VANILLI’s 1988 album LMAO!!!!

  • This season has “that feel” to it. Very little has gone as expected throughout the NFL. Many teams’ expectations have fallen short, while ours have been exponentially exceeded.

    The fact that the NFC is wide open was not expected. Dallas was supposed to be the class of the division and was expected to fight it out with Minnesota and Green Bay. But here we sit in the driver’s seat, with momentum and motivation. Every member of the Eagles knows that the games against Dallas mean everything. After all, last year, we broke our own scoring record only to be thoroughly humiliated twice to end our season.

  • Yea I feel you greenfan…….. When I play Madden they block better LMAO!!! Just wishful thinking bro!! What ever scheme works i’m all for it……… I just think we will get a whole lot better if we focus on next year with getting our O-line more equipped…….. GO BIRDZ

  • Jroc



    I was thinking it, but didn’t write it. I tried to imagine a circumstance in which we could employ a 5-receiver set, but came up with nothing.

  • Although we’re getting ahead of the game, I agree. We’ve got to shore up our offensive line with a beast tackle-guard combo, one which we can block well enough to pick up two yards.

  • don’t like the circumstance….can you say Hail Mary…hope we don’t need to employ that one!!

  • @ Drummer…Yea its funny how reporters and the people had wrote the Eagles off since we traded Mcnabb…..
    Nothing funny And I love that brother Donavan………. 12 years in his career in the NFL…….. We lost #5 and what that gives us #7……. How Ironic is that……..

  • That guy Harrison seems to have been a good pick-up. He seems to be an adequate insurance policy in case McCoy sprains an ankle or something. Mike Bell was certainly a bust.

    What’s he done since being trade?

  • I guess Andy will be the longest tenured coach. Looks like Jeff Fisher will be job hunting.

  • 5 wide thats easy
    put vick in the slot run 1 of those bubble screens to him only make sure kolb thorws the ball bakwards
    djax on the other side running a post
    vick catch square up and throw TD
    nah but seriously we run all this gadget stuff use both qb’s on a gadget once in a while

  • Well Vick is Mobile enough to buy a little time to complete a 5 wide play or two….. Not often but maybe once or twice……. But on Madden I’m deadly in the 5wr set……… LMao……

  • Jroc

    With the trivial pursuit. That is ironic.

  • It’s Friday!!! Two more days!!!!

  • @Drummer…. Yea coach NED FLANDERS….. Is going to be unemployed very soon…….. Carolina Fans are saying they want him on the radio out here……..

  • I see Drummer and Jroc are ready for the game…..LOL

  • I think that this defense is going to confuse the hell out of John Kitna (Aka Bobby from King of the Hill)! i want it so bad for him that they put in the other qb what ever his name is in the game to see where he’s at……… The only guy I want to worry about is Mcbriar….. He is a great punter who has the nack of getting balls within the 20yrd frame or less……… I hate the fact that through the years kickers do excellent against the Birdz…….. Nick Folk was automatic his early years at dallas……. But now he’s manual LMAO!……… Kickers get successful against the Eagles……. Lets just hope we put up six instead of 3……..

  • @GOTTA LUV IT………. AM I ready, am I ready…….. Did Barry Bonds get bigger and stronger when he hit his late 30’s…….. Did Mike Shanhan’s face turn the same color as the Redskin Jersey’s after sundays loss……… Hell yea I’m ready….. It’s revenge time…….. We get these no mustache having dirtbags……. twice…….. I want blood!!!!

  • jroc….you are more concerned about McBriar, the punter, then you are Demarcus Ware??

    I hope that McBriar get a chance to set a career record for number of punts in a game, because that means that we are stopping the girls on 3rd downs….I have a couple other players I am more concerned about than the punter, but appreciate your laser focus…GO BIRDS!!!!

  • Birdbrains…sup…amp level is that of a Honda generator in a hurricane aftermath.I have the Friday good feeling about this game…reasons why…

    Sante may not play…but he is playing at a higher level then last year…totally shading wides like a tall tree.

    Interior of the d playing more physical and thats what killed us last year in the debacles.

    Somewhat better lb play.Borderline and it helps Whittenis nicked up.

    Mike is a ninja.

    Shady was getting cracked last year…im sure he is focused in and i think he’s gonna go for almost 200 combined yards.

    Recievers are playing better ball and Mcglyn wont jack up the blitz pick up calls and the stunts will be stunted.

    Word too Broad Street.

  • Cowboys….this aint no threat…..SO TAKE IT PERSONAL

  • @Greenfan LMAO…… I was getting my PAULMAN on LOL! Disregard what I said about the punter….. I dont give two dead Flies smashed about him…….. Mcbriar………. What kind of name is that…… It sounds like a BEER or something……. MCBRIAR’S BEER…….. LMAO!!!!

    What up EROCK………. I feel you…… @I got the word that Asante practiced today fam……. THats good news my dude!!!

  • Mcbriar of the Mcbriar clan in Dublin…this aint soccer…he’s a snake like the rest of them. Told a Cowboy fan today too stop teaching his kids that stuff.

    General Ballhawk practicing is boss. Feeling that report dude.

    Imma spread holiday cheer and Cowboys hatred out shopping and tree hunting this weekend. You know those suckers will have there gear on tryna rep S.B. titles of the past. Mannnnn…i was a junior in h.s. when they won those…outta my face with that mess.What have you done lately!!?

  • @Erock….. I hate people like that fam….. You got guys in VA with Mark Rypien jerseys on like they really accomplished something latey…….. I call them HOT TUB TIME MACHINER’S!!!! Remember this remember that…… We had Art Monk we had Darrel Green……. I hate that!!!!! This is 2010….. The young guns are in effect………..

  • Mark Rypien…crater face bum.

  • Phillywill “bsm whats with this mr. cobb stuff”

    Phillywill, African American Men are the most disrespected males in this country. It is a sign of respect, for a person who is providing a free service and making something happen instead of waiting for something to happen.

    I grew up in Philadelphia during the Mayor Rizzo days, when black men were put almost naked on the front cover of the daily news, being arrested. The photo went nationwide as an embarrassment to any black men who stood up against racism. You are living in a different era now. But people my age will not forget what it was like and are proud of men like Mr. Cobb, who have the courage to carve out his own business instead of begging for a handout. Or dancing like fiddler for his supper.

  • Reid and his boys BETTER have taken those asz whippings last season personal. That mess was embarrassing. We didn’t even belong on the same field as Dallas. They pretty much did whatever they wanted to, whenever they wanted to do it. I’m looking forward to doing the same thing to them on Sunday and then again at the Linc. The Cowboys haven’t seen anything like Vick2.0. I’m expecting Reid to have his players ready and prepared. This layoff is almost like a bye week and we all know how we do after bye weeks. But if Vick comes out and does the air guitar, all bets are off.

  • I took that L last year personal…… They sure as hell better……… Out coached out played. At all cylinders……….

  • ok bsm i would like to now be mr. pw

  • To BSM
    I didn’t know Zero Mostel from “Fiddler on the Roof” was Black, I thought he was Greek…

  • Outcoached, maybe, maybe not, I’ll even go as far as probably. But coaching hardly matters if your players aren’t good enough, or your good players disappear when challenged. (yeah, looking at you Mr. YoungGun #10). We all know the old qb was not exactly a come-from-behind/rally the troops kind of man. Vick appears to be, but I still want to know who is blocking Ratliffe and Ware. Is Djax going to let MJenkins take away his lunch money again? All you that thhink this game is a walkover might be really mistaken.

  • Nothing less than a total beat down of those snakes will be tolerated. Dallas must be humbled, thrashed and bludgeoned in prime time.

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