• June 27, 2022

Eagles-Cowboys Game Time Chat

This is a big one for the Birds with the Cowboys. I want them to jump on them quickly and take away from Dallas running game.  They must be ready to play at the split-second the ball is kicked off.

They got some help today from the New England Patriots and the Detroit Lions.  The Bears and the Packers went down which will put the Birds in a better position if they don’t win the division.

Here are the inactives: Mike Kafka will be the 3rd quarterback, Brandon Hughes, Asante Samuel, Daniel Te’o Nesheim, Austin Howard, Winston Justice, Garrett Mills and Omar Gaither.

It isn’t a good sign that Gaither is on this list.  I think it means his time as an Eagle are limited.  I don’t think he’ll make the roster next season.

Let’s talk about the game as it happens and enjoy a good old fashioned butt-kicking by the Birds over the Cowboys.


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  • I am surprised that Austin Howard is Inactive over G Vernon Wells..
    What happens if Peters or Dunlap get dinged up or worse.. I guess Herremans can slide over at one of the Tackle positions if need be and then insert Wells at Guard… I don’t like this scenario at all…
    About Gaither, I am not sure why he even made the roster this season.. Probably would have been better keeping Joe Mays as a back-up to Bradley (who now is hurt but has better upside and atually had a pretty good season playign for the Bronco’s..)
    1st Quarter and a fast start is imperative for the Eagles to take the crowd out of the game..
    I hope CB Lindley plays a lot more snaps on the outside the J Hanson who is much better on the insiside Slot receiver..

  • Greenbay losing today is huge. Even though they have head to head with us. Greenbay has NE, NYG and Chicago there last 3 games. They could go 1-2 putting them at 9-7. That would mean the Eagles would just have to go 2-2. Tampa Bay will probably win next 2 against detroit and Seattle and lose to New Orleans leaving them at 10-6. The key is will New Orleans be playing for anything the last game of the year? They have Baltimore, Atlanta,and Tampa. If they lose to eithier Baltimore or Atlanta they maybe are locked into #2 seed with 11 wins. Who knows. 10-6 might not be enough.

  • New England showed us how you make a very average mistake prone Jay Cutler look like who he is. My goodness how bad is the Eagles defense to let Cutler play like Montana against us. Wet snowy field NE had no slips, no excuses.

  • Any questions about League MVP– Tom Brady is the choice no doubts about it…
    Back to Eagles vs Cowbos tonight
    Have some balance, minimize the negative plays (Sacks and Penalties) and watch Vick’s Blind side
    who will be blocked tonight by King Dunlap.. Utilize the open space in the middle of the Field to TE’s
    and Avant/Cooper, No Turnovers or cheap points allowed for the COwboys
    Move Kitna away from “Step-Up Zone”, get him moving laterally which is not his strenth,
    Attack and gane tackle the bubble routes and screen passes to the RB’s which there will be a heavy dose of and especially early in the game..
    Get 2 takeawys somewhow, someway

    Special Teams,
    Coverage teams have to stay discplined and allow no big returns from McCants,F Jones or whoever else they us.. D-Jax needs to step up on Punt Returns and be the game changer that he is and not
    “Fair-Catch” every punt to him…

  • Its simple Paulman. This defense hasnt stopped anyone this year. To think they are going slow Dallas down is wishful thinking. It is what it is. The Eagles have to outscore the Cowboys. Cant settle for field goals. Must score TDS.

  • Paul

    I thought you said we had to wait until season’s end to determine the MVP.

  • Regardless, at this point, Brady is hands-down the MVP.

  • Paul

    You go back and forth so much, you make me dizzy. It’s like watching a tennis match.

  • The dry aged ribeyes are almost done, good luck to everybody tonight.

  • I agree dgagolden and it will most likely be that way for the remainder of the Season and into the Playoffs for their Defense just isn’t able to stop any decent offenses that they will be facing the rest of the year..
    Next Seasons wish list..
    – DE who is bigger that’s 6’1″
    – ILB (And move Bradley back to the outside where he belongs)
    – CB who can cover,be physical and can run
    – Safety who is physical and can cover toreplace Mickell (maybe Coleman is that guy)
    – DT who is 6’3 300lbs + to run stuff

    Gone from this years Defense will be
    LB E Sims, LB Gaither, DT Patterson, S Mikell, CB Hanson and CB Hobbs and possibly DE Parker
    Along the D/Line- updgrades are needed
    Teo Neisham and R Sapp are not the answer and won’t make any impact at the NFL Level
    for they are too small, and not quick enough to play LB and be in pass coverage (see C Gocong)

  • To Drummer,
    Yes, we really need to wait until the end of the Season as far as the MVP goes, but Brady is clearly the front-runner and Rodgers now is out of the running after his performance/concussion today..
    It’s Brady,Ryan & Vick and maybe Brees in the conversation too..
    I need some aspirin and a glass of water for I am make myself dizzy sometimes too..
    Enjoy the Game and lets Go Eagles ..

  • Anderson

    I already head the training meal. It’s time to bang some heads. Ooops that’s a penalty and fine. . . it’s time to break some legs . . . oops . . . it’s time to kick some butt! Is that still legal?? Go Birds!!!

  • 1st play ridiculous

  • This clearly is not last year’s team.

  • Lets go baby blowout city (dickie v voice)

  • B A Utiful openig drive!

  • I love our o more than u know. I love the o. I love the o yes.

  • 50% Pass-run on first series
    ]Nake bootleg complete to Jackson 60
    Shotgun – incomplete to Jackson – wrong route??
    Shotgun – inside hand-off to McCoy – lost of 3
    3rd and 13 – Pass to Chad Hall – Vick buys time – avoids the run gain of 12
    4th and 1 – McCoy to 1 hole for first down
    QB keeper TD

  • Good pursuit by Tapp on the screen.

  • Who cares bout mvp i want mvt team

  • Penalties!!!

  • That double reverse not only tires our lineman, but keeps them honest. They must stay in their rushing lanes.

  • Our d is bad. I hate the d more than u know

  • That was a beautiful play cross-buck.

  • looking like the usual, in the red zone, get a TD…

  • PW

    Have faith, baby!!

  • Patterson was playing well but his penalties has been killing the D the past few weeks.

  • We either have good d n no o or good o n no d awful wtf

  • Eventually, they’ve got to make a play. Tonight is their night.

  • Broken record with defensive penalties. When is enough enough. Its a joke. Its one thing getting beat and another with penalty after penalty.

  • Had we not gotten that penalty, the D would already have been off the field. I believe they’ll settle down.

  • Hey, the offense has probably had just as many, or even more, penalties.

  • let’s see if they can stop them

  • The ghost of Jim Johnson!!!

  • McDermitt really has to go. The Defense is terrible and somebody has to go. They cant stop anyone. This is the worst this defense has been in25 years. It has NEVER been this bad. Even when we had losing records our d wasnt this bad. Its getting worse.

  • as we thought…

    Still 3-1/2 quarters and I can’t see Dallas keeping up with the Eagles O score for score

  • Let’s see if we can keep Jackson involved in the offense. We’re still in the script, so we should be fine.

  • Ernie Sims looks like he has never covered anyone in his life. Goodness all Whitten did was stand up and run to the sideline.

  • It’s the Big play capacbility of the Eagles Offense vs the drip by drip Defensive play of the Eagles..
    Can the Eagles continue to live off the big plays all game and all season long…
    Can they have some long sustained drives themselves..
    This Eagle D is not a playoff caliber an especially without Samuel
    Anyone notice J Hanson backing away from contact on Austin’s screen, get him outta there please
    It also looks like DT A Dixon tweaked his lower back on that Stop down at the 2 yard line, keep an eye on his return.. would be a blow to that middle of the D/Line if he is unable to return…
    Last team with the ball wins,..

  • Dag

    I agree. He was lined up right over him. How did he let Witten run right past? Even if it wasn’t his assignment to cover, he should have at least chipped him, but it looks like he was assigned.

  • I have a feeling our defense will stand up tonight.

  • We’re forcing them into 3rd and long.

  • Okay, this time, no penalty and we’re off the field. God job!!

  • nice stop by the D. Starting at the 10, need a long, time consuming drive

  • sure hope the birds can keep the penalties low. They’re not going to be able to overcome that along with the D’s horrific red zone D.

  • When is graham gonna make up play. We moved up to getem my god.

  • amazing how Ware gets away with leading with his helmet between Vicks shoulder blades with no flag.

  • 3rd n 6 draw um ok

  • A dive on 3rd and 6 – not an idea time for that call.

  • if that was a Manning or Brady’s the laundry would’ve been all over the field

  • After a nice 15 yard pass to Maclin, Ware runs over Schmitt to sack Vick, then two inside runs to McCoy.

  • Pman we dont have to make big plays to score we just r very capable of the big play we will sustain drives tonight watch.

  • Good job on the screen, 3rd and long.

  • Defense!!!!

  • His arm is broke

  • Bradley’s hurt. For those of you who think Bradley sucks, you might get a chance to see what our D looks like without him.

  • looked to me like Bradleys Elbow bent the wrong way….

  • Bradleys elbow looks bad awful a putrid jus got worse.

  • Hyperextended

  • he’s done and you’re rigth drummer. The moron’s that think he sucks will find out how much he brought. Jeez, last thing thid D needs

  • Play calling will have a lot to do with it. Three series, only 1 screen so far.

  • That injury is graphic

  • Drummer our defense is the worse redzone defense in the last 22 years in the redzone. It cant get much worse

  • Jackson!!! Keep your head in the game, dummy!!!!

  • didn’t lookk as bad in slow mo. Hopefully, the elbow won’t be so badd he’ll lose extensive time.

  • Well we r runing tonight drum

  • Thats unreal no flag

  • The same thing happened to Vick in the Indy game, but he was at least a yard out of bounds.

  • Ok AR its time for a screen pass or McCoy in space.

  • If you read my posts, I have always advocated for play diversity, not necessarily running. Andy doesn’t understand how to run. You don’t call a straight drive on 3rd and 6, unless you have a strong running game with a power lead blocker.

  • Never saw andy that mad

  • gonna be alot tougher stopping the run without Bradley… Hold on to your nads boys!

  • Field positions is in our favor.

  • Good D on Austin. Who was that, Patterson?

  • G tell me y thats not a personal foul?

  • Good stop – another 3rd and long.

  • Defense is actuslly playing well

  • Yes!!! Defense with another stop. Are you guys paying attention?

  • great field position as long as penalty doesn’t hurt

  • We’ll have good field position.

  • how’d that happen? No flag to give them a 1st down!

  • Now is time for a strike. Good play calling is a must. By now, Reid should have ID’d some defense tendencies/weaknesses. Attack there.

  • Good job defense. N drum i no u dnt want 3rd n 6 trap plays who does.

  • That naked bootleg worked. I started to bring it up a few weeks ago, but Vick was getting pounded. It think it would work again.

  • The defense has made 3-4 good stops in a row.

  • That was it!!! Newman with a good tackle.

  • That was a nice play call and execution.

  • Great 3rd n 1 call makes up for the 3rd n 6 draw great catch on a bullet from vick by big todd wow.


  • My electric went out. What happened?

  • Time for a pick.

  • What did I say?

  • Defense has played very well since the first series.

  • Make up call?

  • They owed us that one lol.

  • he definately got dinged on that one. Rib / shoulder ?

  • Looks like he grabbed that same area of his previous injury.

  • Defenses catching up with Vick? Time for us to adjust.

  • We need points.

  • Where’s the flag??

  • Not a make-up.

  • nice tackle by Avant

  • To much pressure you gotta mass protect.

  • Our defense is playing well.

  • It was a pass intended to hit between the linebacker and safety. There wasn’t much space and the pass was too far. He probably shouldn’t have thrown it.

  • Poor tackling there. Momentum is shifting. Somebody needs to make a play.

  • Yes!!! False start.

  • Dallas made a play with the false start.

  • We see Kitna’s weakness. He can’t throw on the run.

  • No pressure on the QB. They’re playing it safe – no blitz.

  • I guess that’s the sensible thing to do.

  • No catch!

  • he didn’t have control of the ball.

  • Im watching Graham. How many time is he gonna get blown inside. He doesnt understand to keep containment? For the number 13 pick he gives us nothing.

  • I lost too much info when my electricity went out.

  • drummer, if they don’t flush him more, Kitna won’t have to.

  • Dag

    Is that right? Gotta keep an eye on him.

  • u gotta be kidding!

  • Why call a timeout?

  • stupid not to go hail mary with jackson.

  • Okay, the defense held them to a field goal. We go in a half time to regroup. Come out with some nice screens. We’ve only thrown 2 (unless I missed something when the electricity went out). The second screen was wide open for a big gain, but there was a nice play made by the defender.

  • We have to get pressure on Kitna in the 2nd half. The defense went into prevent mode at the end there.

    We’ve got to diversify the play calling. There have been a number of consecutive straight drops and the pressure’s beginning to mount.

  • Gotta roll Vick out some.

  • D playing good. This is set up well for the eagles to win a big one one the road, kitna will not match Vick, birds to win, book it, screw the cowboys, a big win for the eagles, feel it big

  • All things considered (missing two key starters), we’ve made a good showing on the road. The defense has played surprisingly well and haven’t been on the field all day. They should be rested for the 2nd half. We have a good opportunity to pull it out.

    I think Vick re-injured his ribs but is toughing it out.

  • Jake

    We see eye to eye.

  • Has anyone noticed the when Vick drops back on the deep routes, he sometimes reverses his field so that the defense doesn’t know whether he’s going to roll left or right? It’s a very slight move, but quite effective.

  • Let’s see Vick has thrown a pick. So, it must be about time for Vinnie to emerge.

  • He did seem like he grabbed that area on the play when Spencer hit him and they threw the flag.

  • I forgot, we’re missing 3 key starters now. Bradley’s out.

  • Who’s at MLB?

  • Yeah, G

    We’ll hear about it sometime after the game.

  • I am retooling with my second half beer supply, go eagles, screw kitna and the cowboys, I am telling you the birds will win this game as jakedog predicted. Let it begin

  • Let’s hope Dallas doesn’t see a gapping hole created by the Bradley injury and take it to the bank. Eagles rarely make good half-time adjustments.

  • Special teams had been playing better. Don’t start now.

  • The thumb!!

  • on his throwing hand

  • He’s killin’ us

  • Jamar Chaney??

  • Mr. GCobb, you are one of us long suffering Eagles fans, but as a former player sticking your neck out like we do, I just respect the he’ll out of you.

  • Dallas converted the 3rd and long this time. Okay defense – no time to relax.
    Go get em.

  • patterson and his penalties is killin’ the D

  • Dallas line hittin hard.

  • That was a good call.

  • Whoever Ernie Sims covers I would throw to.

  • Patterson, good job!

  • Lucky play. Too much time for Kitna!!!!

  • Huge play kurt coleman.

  • Great, we got a penalty, but we’ve got to put some pressure on Kitna. I could complete those passes.

  • Good D by Lindley!!!

  • about time they pulled the falg on Dallas O line! They’ve been wrapping up the tackles all night long

  • He split the receivers to make the play.

  • Nice stop in the red zone for the D. Kudos!

  • Chaney holding his own.

  • Neva mind. didnt c flag lol

  • Ernie Sims took on the block which allowed Chaney to make the play. Sims did a great job of taking out the blocker.

  • Chaney made a nice play on that 3rd down. He read his keys and didn’t run out of there.

  • Okay, once again defense held them to 3. It’s up to the offense. Where’s the screen, reverse, hitch?

  • Y r bum fg kickers all like greatest ever vs us every yr. Opp have to kick 95+% vs us.

  • The Birds need a nice long drive to score in order to grab the momentum back.

  • I don’t know what to think about Calvin on kick-offs. He looks like he’s about to make a play, then kinda folds. Maybe he needs experience.

  • Hey, the defense was 80% in the red zone for TDs, not today though. There’s been major improvement.

  • Check me out on the post game show on PhiladelphiaEagles.com tonight after the game. Hopefully, I’ll be talking about a win.

  • Hope Vick’s thumb is okay.

  • Gotcha, G

  • keep going pass, pass, pass and ti gets ya sooner or later

  • There’s that bubble screen. I wish we had called it.

  • Did someone tell Vick should stop running?

  • Jeremy Maclin has to come down with that ball.

  • After the first 15, Reid goes to the drop back pass over and over. He loves to go vertical.

  • Chaney and Sims did a poor job of recognizing that screen

  • Theres the redzone defense we have grown to love

  • Time for some magic!!! Vick must pull Reid’s butt out of the fire.

  • Well, Vick says he like pressure and he’s got it now.

  • Forget the vertical game for a minute. Work underneath, throw the screen, run the end around. Slow down the pass rush!!!

  • It’s time to step up right now. They’ve got to keep composed and stop making mistakes.

  • Two screens all game long.

  • McCoy not being involved is a major mistake. Where is Shady?

  • If we lose u guys wont hear from me this week.

  • I understand that the screen is more dangerous against Dallas because of their ends, but that’s our bread and butter. We’ve got to try it.

  • Dag

    Feel me?

  • MCCOY!

  • Thank you!!!

  • What did i tell you

  • He switched the ball to his left hand in the open field. Good play.

  • We’ve all been wondering where the calls fro MCCoy’ve been…

  • naked bootleg and he walks in

  • Dag

    You were all over it!

  • They sending madden nanos at us. Dudes keep coming free un touched.

  • Okay, we got a little momentum. Back to playing good D. I feel a fumble recovery coming.

  • We just cant block d-linemans front 4. We need to roll vick out. You would of thought they learned there lesson in Chicago.

  • Reid must always be forced from the consecutive deep drop passes (after he sees is QB get killed).

  • Andersons comes up with ANOTHER great kick coverage tackle!

  • Special teams!!!

  • Field position is important here.

  • Good D. Third and 3.

  • We need a stop.

  • Yes!!!! D makes another stand.

  • How can Whiten always be so wide open. Why cant Celek run 5 yard patterns and be open?

  • Lindley with the press coverage.

  • Dag

    We stopped them.

  • Ever since Vick has hit his thumb the ball has been all over the place.

  • Okay, we’re working underneath and diversifying.

  • Drummer Lindley is a player. This is his 2nd good game. He will be our starting DB next year.

  • Dag, you’re right. Accuracy taking a big hit and short throws…

  • See what I’m talking about. No pressure on Vick, burning the clock, working our way down the field. Then as the safeties begin to make tackles, you hit em over the top with Jackson.

  • both throws to Cooper and Avant were in the dirt and now the throw to avant way high.

  • Looks like our MLB has stepped up as well.

  • Vick had been on the money all year. Now recievers are stretching and diving to the turf making catches. The thumb is a factor.

  • They were close enough to be caught. That’s what counts.

  • Drummer, hopefully, Vick can hit them over the top accurately

  • Juuuuust a little outside

  • Gotta make him miss.

  • You guys might be right. The thumb could be an issue. Good call!!!

  • Maybe


  • David comes in to get us something outta that drive.

  • If we stick to this game plan (all day), Vick doesn’t get those hits. We can score. It doesn’t always have to be the bomb.

  • You gotta love Uecker

  • Hey, we’ve slowly taking back the momentum. The crowd is much quieter. We’re handling our business on the road. Remember, this is Dallas’ superbowl. If we beat them tonight, they’ll be no problem next time.

  • Good defense. Third and long. Let’s get a stop and get off the field.

  • Mickell is playing well tonight to.

  • Another stop by the D. Way to go. It’s time to bust this open. Look for Reid to go for the jugular.

  • Jackson’s got a hitch in his git along.

  • The Eagles D line has been very disciplined not getting drawn off tonight.

  • Could be the most important possesion for the Birds tonight

  • Penalties again. That hurt our already bad field position.

  • I hope Reid plays it close to the vest. Take it easy on the deep stuff.

  • On one leg!!!

  • WOW!

  • Childish

  • C’mon Jackson, we’re on the road.

  • Drummer, tongue in cheek? IF not, sorry, but it was beautiful!

  • What a pass! A nice call on the out pattern.

  • Jackson has doen that stupid childish stuff too many times. About time for Andy to hit his pocket.

  • It was a 10 yard out pattern. Jackson turned it into a 91 yarder.

  • special teams really steppe dup and kept the Jackson crap from hurting us!

  • We’re showing our youth today.

  • Soooweeeeet INT!

  • My man, Patterson!!!

  • time to stomp on their NECK!


  • Hey, Jackson got us the lead and probably the game. Yeah, he’s flamboyant, but he’s also effective.

  • Keep running McCoy!

  • I wouldn’t be running Jackson on that play with a gimpy ankle.

  • LoL He just got Oxygen my goodness! Why and end around lol.

  • His flamoyance is often costly

  • wow, Jackson 4 reception for 210 yards and a TD

  • Maybe

    I think it’s about time they hit Jackson’s pocket with a pay raise.

  • His flamboyance hasn’t cost us any games, but his play has won us more than a few.

  • Drummer, I’d absolutley agree with that BUT, he’s gotta stop with the childish crap that costs the team penalties and scores. I’ll never forget that jackass move on his would-be first TD.

  • How often is often? He’s probably done 4 things.

  • It seems almost impossible to have 210 yards on 4 catches and only 1 td. lol

  • Drummer, hasn’t cost us any games YET

  • No Harrison tonight?

  • But he’s ALREADY won us plenty of games

  • Akers is kicking well. He has gotten stronger as hes gotten older. Hmmmm

  • A guy like that is special. In my opinion, you have to give him some room to be himself. That’s part of his game.

  • The guys amazing. I love his play and the swagger it brings but, you gotta be smart and stop making it tougher than it needs to be with the pemalties. Just be smart, that’s all. and I’m done the the bitchin’ on Jackson. going too far…

  • I don’t know why Reid called the QB draw on 3rd and 3. Does he want Vick injured?

  • I feel another pick. Get ready!!!

  • Maybe

    Your point is valid. I just see it a little differently. Just two opinions being shared. No sweat, baby.

  • Close!!!!

  • Drummer. I thought exactly the same thing. I don’t think Reid worried about putting McNabb in harms way either.

  • costly game on injuries. Could be a serious knee injury.

  • We need another 10 days off.

    Because of the weather, the Giants now have a short week coming against us. Some things are breaking our way.

    Chicago got smoked!!!

    Watch the Falcons collapse.

  • I love Jacksons swagger to. But running 90 yards stopping and falling in the endzone has nothing to do with swagger. Thats bush league shit. Especially when you got knocked the #$#@ out earlier in the year.

  • the D is letting them back in the game!

  • Ernie Sims Sucks period.

  • That hurt!!!

  • Ernie Sims Sucks

  • Defense has played, but we needed that stop.

    Nate Allen will hopefully hit the weights over the off-season and improve his tackling. He’s been run over more than a few times. He knows what he’s got to do.

  • I’d love a stat on how often the birds give up 4th and long then gives up a score on the same drive.

  • My bad, Allen over-ran the play.

  • We need a ball control offense. Now would be a great time for the power running game, if we had one.


  • These young guys! They’ll learn.

  • What defense does McDermitt call that allows Whitten a free release.

  • Young guys? You dont do that shit in college. How old must you be to know not to do tthat? lol

  • Who needs a power game? Good blocking for McCoy.

  • Where would this team be without McCoy. Forget Brady, McCoy for MVP!!!

  • Is McCoy amazing or what? Great blocks for the O line

  • Maybe

    You got your wish. They’re pounding the rock.

  • Gotta watch for a fumble man…

  • There’s Harrison!

  • 1 more yard and the game is over

  • They’re playing smart, staying in bounds. Good coaching.

  • Dallas will lay down like dogs the next time we play them. The Giants will be worn down when we play them. Things are breaking our way.

    I still believe that Atlanta’s going to fold like a tent. We get the bye and home field throughout.

  • 2 downs to make 1 yard. QB sneak

  • They’re going to expect McCoy to get the ball. Hope the blocking is solid, we neeed it.

  • We did this without 3 of our starters.

  • and it was. WOOT WOOT!

  • Great Game! See ya next week!

  • All of those runs were run through the 1 hole. It hasn’t been stopped all day.

    Peters and Heremans are unstoppable duo.

  • It was a great game and I think alot like most expected. Solid win against a very improved Dallas team.

  • LOL Choice got Vicks autograph lol

  • Reid ID’d a weakness, went after it early (without success), came back to it later, broke the game open with it, then sealed the victory with it. Great play calling!!!!

  • After Vick got pummeled a bit, Reid went to the intermediate passing game and the run. He didn’t stay stubborn for too long. It was good to see him adjust his play calling from the deep drops.

  • hopefully the injuries aren’t too bad

  • Dag

    Did he really?

  • Vick’s getting slammed too often. We need to avoid calling too many successive straight drops. Call the game as if a rookie were playing. Keep it simple, then hit em with deep strikes.

  • Jackson with a career high game.

  • In Jerry’s Big Ole’ House! Hopefully, we’ll play there again before the season ends.

  • Okay, Paul

    Did this prove anything to you, as you said prior to its start?

  • Where’s Songs. No win is complete without a little “over-the-top” from Vick’s biggest fan.

  • Another comeback win for Vick. The guy is a warrior and a winner. I think Reid saw that he needed to adjust his play calling to protect his QB. That’s something he never did before. When McNabb had a broken ankle, sports hernia, Reid never adjusted. Today, after some time, he did.

    Kudos to Reid for changing.

  • Best post from another site:


    I realize we have an ex-con as a QB, but does that mean the refs have to call the game like we’re playing the guards every week? I think everybody at the Linc should start a Mean Machine chant whenever people hit Vick late or drag Cole down by his facemask.

  • Yawhooooooooooo. Dallas goes down. Great game by the D. I rip them but they came up big tonight.

  • That Hillbilly quote is awesome. Vick should put “Crewe” on the back of his jersey. Or throw the ball at the refs nuts until we start getting some calls.

  • How many 4th quarter comebacks has Vick led the team to this year so far? Someone look that up. My gut feeling is that it’s more comebacks than Donovan led us to in the last 3 years. My point is that I don’t feel like the game is over if we get down late now that Vick is under center. With 5 back there the last few years I felt like it would take a damn miracle for us to comeback from a 4th quarter deficit. Now I expect it.

  • Howdy doodie…………………..

  • Exciting game,
    The O/Line took over in the 4th quarter and McCoy was finally getting some play calls for him
    1st half Vick too way too many shots and started to look a little tentative. Another good finsh as the Eagles dominated the line of scrimmage in the 4th quarter.
    The D/Line kept up good pressure, never really allowed much of a running game and the Secondary played probably their best overall game of the season, great 4th Quarter by Patterson,Lindley,Mikell

  • First, Paulman..How bout dem Panthers?


    If I’m an Eagles player we’re not complaining about the non calls made by the refs. The players should send a message every time a mic is put in front of them nd make a point if refs will not protect their quarterback they will!!!!

    They should make a point if Vick get hit late or hit out of bounds without a flag the sideline will be in the field of play fighting…

    That’s the message


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