• August 17, 2022

Reid Must Demand That Referees Treat Michael Vick Like A Quarterback

It was another punishing night for Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.  Time after time, Vick was pounded by the Cowboys defense.  He was hit high, he was hit low and he was hit often.  Vick was pounded by the Cowboys defense while he was in the pocket and when he left it, yet the officials threw only one flag.

One single flag was thrown all night.  The flags came out of the referees’ pockets after Cowboys linebacker Anthony Spencer hit Vick under his chin with his helmet.  A split-second or two after Spencer’s hit, Vick was also hit in the head by Dallas defensive end Igor Olshansky.  Vick got to his feet but seemed to be dazed.

On another play, Vick was heading down the sidelines and on his way out of bounds when he was hit by Spencer again.  Vick clearly had his left foot on the sideline marker, which meant his was out of bounds, when Spencer hit him, but no flag was thrown.

Eagles head coach Andy Reid had a fit right there in front of the referees. You and I know that just about any quarterback in the league, who was hit by Spencer in the same situation as Vick was, would have had resulted in flags all over the field.

Reid can’t allow NFL referees to treat Vick like a running back rather like a quarterback.  His athleticism should be an advantage not a disadvantage.

This must not be his last time that Reid makes some noise about this.  He should take quite a bit of time during today’s news conference to let it be known that he doesn’t approve of the way officials ignore the hits that Vick is taking.

The next team on the schedule is the New York Giants.  They punished Vick the last time and were helped by the officials who refuse to treat Vick like a quarterback.  Reid has to realize that getting a fine would a positive in this situation rather than a negative.  The fact that he has never gone off on the officials to the point of getting a fine will help highlight the problem if and when he is fined for criticizing the officials.

He’s got to push the envelope farther than he has so far.  Reid should call out the referees.  He should challenge them to call the game fairly.


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  • If I’m an Eagles player we’re not complaining about the non calls made by the refs. The players should send a message every time a mic is put in front of them and make a point…… if refs will not protect their quarterback, they will!!!!

    They should make a point if Vick get hit late or hit out of bounds without a flag….. the sideline will be in the field of play fighting…

    That’s the message


  • Not only the 2 hits you mentioned, G, but I saw 2 or 3 times Cowboys driving Vick into the ground on hits. Really trying to hurt his ribs.

    It’s clear that’s the tactic defenses are taking to defend Vick is to knock him out of the game.

    The NFL needs to step up.

  • Songs, i get your point but that is ridiculous. I would like to see the players handle themselves with class and dignity instead of instigating a street fight. They are human being snot uncaged animals. The refs and league office need to identify the certain plays and make a note that these non calls are flat out BS. The Birds keep winning and rallying around each other know need to wish for suspensions and a reputation of a bunch of thugs starting fights on the football field.

  • Bigger question is……..what are we going to do at MLB?

  • Paulman after careful consideration, i wouldn’t mind Clay Matthews getting the MVP for one reason.

    He knocked Kolb out of the 1st game and through that play we found our Franchise quarterback.

    Thank you Clay Matthews.

  • Double head hit, clobbered out of bounds, sure looks like a conspiracy to me.

    On another topic, why does Hall get carries and even take up a roster spot? HE has moxie, but no game. Or so it seems…

  • Reid needs to establish our running game earlier to avoid Vick having to take so many hits. It will also open the passing game up and slow down the opposing rush. McCoy and the O-line are showing that they can do real damage. Dallas knew that we wanted to run at the end of the game, and we were able to make big yardage, if we had done this in the first half I believe that it could have been an easier ride. Regardless, GREAT WIN BIRDS!!!

  • Mugzy, to tell you the truth I would rather see what the young rookie can do at linebacker.

    We’ve been here so many times beofre with Stewart (what and see) Bradley. How many more seasons must we endure before we lablel Bradley what he is. An average linebacker with poor coverage skills. He’s don’t strike fear in the opposition and we should be looking for an enforcer in the middle behind Dixon.

    Stewart is an injury prone, average, can not cover, non itimidating linebacker.

    This position needs to be addressed in the off season…I don not want to endure another offseason with the media asking the same questions.

    Will Bradley get back to full form? What form? He never made it past the potential stage.

    Where’s the force fumbles? tackles for losses? interceptions? bone crushing hits and fire you usually see from the linebacker position?

    We need a force like Trotter was in his prime.

  • SONGS, that was me that asked the question…….and are u suggesting we kick the tires on the old axeman? LMAO.

    I joke I joke.

  • I agree with Green. Reid must adjust his play calling to protect Vick. Reid thinks vertical play after play and that has a lot to do with the punishment Vick is taking.

  • Sorry Bird…We need to get a nasty intimidating presence in the middle. It seems every team target his part of the field with tight ends. If I know it …I know the coaching staff sees this. Linebackers have made their money against the Eagles every since Bradley have been here. coincidence?

    Philly pride itself in tough nose linebacker play. Stewart Bradley is not a premier middle linebacker. I hope the Eagles address this in the near future and maybe we can move Stewart Bradley on the outside. Ernie Sims overpersues but he do bring passion out there. He fly around even if it’s in the wrong place. Where’s Bradley’s fire and punishment in the middle?

  • drummer even if Reid decides to run ….Vick will still have to throw the ball in the game. When he throw the ball he should be protected like any other quarterback.

    There’s another quarterback that actually throws more than Vick by the name of Tom Brady. They have no running game at all and he’s able to sit back there and throw because players know if they hit him wrong the flags will come flying. You hit him low…they’ll call around the knees…You hit him high…they call roughing the passer.

    Bellicheck throws more than Andy Reid right now! Look at the numbers.

    So we’re not going to blame unnecessary late hits and excessive blows after the play on Reid not running the ball.

    Arron Rogers don’t have a running game…they throw 70% of the time but he’s protected in the pocket. His injury came on a legal hit outside the pocket on a run in the middle of the field. He don’t get hit out of bounds. The league need to get this fixed because it’s starting to look as if they are complicit in these acts. The refs are not making clear calls in a year they claim is about safety. They wouldn’t be doing this unless they were told to do this.

    They are turning their heads the other way and the defensive opponents knows this.

    Any time Andy Reid say something you know it’s a problem. All the hits Mcnabb took you never heard Reid speak out about injuries…This is blatant. The NFL does not want Vick to get that MVP.

  • “On another topic, why does Hall get carries and even take up a roster spot? HE has moxie, but no game. Or so it seems…”
    vick gotta start sliding man he should have slid out of bounds
    regardless should have been a flag
    if u do that 2 brady u get a flag fine and prob a gm suspension

  • Hey Songs….I agree # 55 is just average nothin special ….Let the rookie play…I know I damn sure don’t wanna see #96 out there


  • Hell Philly Will….Hit Brady like that…you might get hit wit an Assault Charge

  • o god not gaither gotta luv it

  • i disagree i dont think reid should have to ajust his play calling!!! I think the refs should throw the flags. I mean there is no doubt about those plays. They should have been flagged. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

  • i never saw andy that mad ever
    i liked it besides it being absolutely hilarious i thought it showed a lot of fire
    i dont know maybe this new team new young guys have breathed some life into big red but he seems really hungry to me football wise lol

  • The Giants will exploit Gaither again and again….don’t know if the rookie will do better, but we know what we can expect with Omar.

    I would guess that Brandon Graham will be out 6-8 months rehabing the knee. Not a good thing since his real game is predicated on speed, he is too small to muscle these guys. As long as there is someone to spell Parker we should be ok there.

  • i agree green
    and i thinkg andy was making an effort to run early its just the times he picks to run and the play he actually runs.
    3rd and 6 hb dives had me ready to kick the screen

  • agree PW…..we should call him Big Red because of the color of his face….he was pissed after the penalty on the kick-off…sure his blood pressure was off the charts

  • finally we mention graham this yr
    sad it takes a season ending injury to mention his name
    at least mammula had a good rookie yr my god

  • need to give props to the special teams….I have dogged them on bad games in the past, but they were able to come up big (except for the fighting penalty on the last kickoff)….anyone notice Colt Anderson on that one kick off? I think he stopped that guy at the 8 yardline.

  • oh and great catch by quentin no hands mikell
    unbelievable catch if u consider the player catching it
    kudos to quentin

  • Man O Man O Man………. I swear Jerry Jones slipped those refs a couple thousand dollars for last nights…………… “Hellen Keller performance”…….. last night……….!!!! I’m pissed that the fact of the matter there was so many missed calls that were on Dallas’s end on creating so many dirty plays…….. These refs should be fined…….. Tar + feathered for that officiating last night…….

  • Colt Anderson has played terrifce ball on Special teams and probably leads the team in Special Teams tackles in the 4-5 games that he’s been an Eagle.. Him,Cooper,Buckley are really making some plays on Special Teams Coverage units..

  • Aye green fan…….. Colt 45 Anderson was on point last night……… He deserves the game ball on ST……. When deshawn received the penatlty for excessive celebration he made a nice tackle to prevent better yards for dallas….. I like that guy a whole lot……..

    Princess Dunlap was his usual self last night…….. LMAO

  • I think if we would have ran the ball earlier in the game……. McCoy would have broken a rushing record for the Eagles last night…….. And I called it fellas…………

    Remember when I said the eagles threw a TD pass to Herramans a few years back in the redzone…….. Aye…… They sure called it last night and it was money……. But it was on the opposite side of the field tho………. He had a great game……. As well as Max Jean Gilles…….. THis team fights and fights week after week…….. Patterson 4 picks in the season thus far…….. Looks like we have our starter for now on…….. Lindley…… Did his thing last night……. What a great draft he was…. Played physical……………. And did a great job on those bums

  • yea now if our number 1 pick would just show up

  • AR needs to make sure his team protects Vick…The referees have been consistent but, pass protection is at least something that he really has a hand in.

  • meant inconsistent

  • You are right Mr. Cobb. It is time for a fine. Or we should send a practice squad defender in just for one game to knock the lights out of Eli Manning.

  • Just thinking…..who on the Eagles coaching staff believed Hobbs was better than Patterson?

    Who ever missed this one should be fired.

    A healthy hobb would have been devastating going forward.

  • @ greenfan

    “Reid needs to establish our running game earlier to avoid Vick having to take so many hits. It will also open the passing game up and slow down the opposing rush. McCoy and the O-line are showing that they can do real damage. Dallas knew that we wanted to run at the end of the game, and we were able to make big yardage, if we had done this in the first half I believe that it could have been an easier ride. Regardless, GREAT WIN BIRDS!!!”

    I agree 100%.

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