• December 2, 2021

DeSean Jackson Says Something Must Done About His Contract

According to a number of published reports, Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson appeared on that awful T’Ocho Show on Versus and let it be known that “they’re (Eagles) going to have to do something” about his contract.

It was great timing after his magnificent performance on Sunday night in Dallas.  Jackson couldn’t resist the temptation while on the show with Chad Ocho Cinco and Terrell Owens.

I agree with Jackson.  He should be making some noise after an amazing 210 yard receiving performance against the Cowboys.  Were it not for the big plays to Jackson, Michael Vick and the Eagles would have suffered their fifth loss of the season.

“It is what it is, but they’re going to have to do something,” Jackson said. “Because the way I’m out there putting it in, something’s got to happen, baby.”
Later on he talked about the problem with the Collective Bargaining Agreement and why he doesn’t have a deal, yet.
“We’re just seeing how it can go now,” Jackson said on the show. “The 30 percent rule, the CBA . . . and us being locked out, there’s a lot of ins and outs that go into it.”
The “Little Man” plans on making sure to get the big money when he eventually signs a new contract.
“T.O., man, I’m going to set the bar for you,” Jackson guaranteed Ocho Cinco and Owens. “I’m going to try and get the most I can. I’m going to set it high for you, and I’m going to set it high for everybody else, too.”
It seems simple to me about what the Eagles need to do for Jackson.  Take care of this man.  What else does he need to do?
They gave Donovan McNabb a bonus when they didn’t have any contract obligations to do so.  They gave Kevin Kolb $12 million dollars when they didn’t have to do so.
They wanted to let those guys know they were wanted.  I think they need to let Jackson know he’s wanted.
Side Note:  DeSean Jackson was named NFC Offensive Player of Week for hsi 210 yard receiving performance against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.


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  • I absolutely agree that the Eagles should take care of this guy including a little taste now if they can’t hammer out a appropriately lucrative deal for him before the new CBA. I’m not thrilled to hear him say how high he’s going to set the bar for everyoe as though he’s the best WR in the NFL. He’s fast, he’s special, he’s electric, he’s amazing and he’s also fairly non-productive when it comes to receptions in far too many games in his NFL career to pay him top 5 WR money. His $ expectations may make it very hard to hammer out a deal. Given his body size, and that his speed is his value, he’s unlikely going to be able to play for many years.

  • Jackson made a mistake in getting Rosenhaus as his agent

    The Eagles management can’t stand the guy an will NOT give in to him

  • Well, looks like we can watch this guy light it up in a different uniform because there is no way that the Eagles give him the kind of money he’s going to want……Maybe the Eagles should ask the Phillies for some of that magic innernet money that they seam to be throwing around!

  • he will get paid, i hate how he feels he needs to discuss this on national television. Be a professional and handle your business behind closed doors, he has to have so many other influences affecting him.

  • So glad that he is hanging out with those DBs. He needs to be paid, but there are 3 issues with this:
    1) As much as we love him, he seems to think that he is Andre Johnson and he is not. We have seen him taken away in games
    2) Depending on the deal, it is a risk because of his size and the fact that he seems to get hurt every game.
    3) I also think that no matter what deal he gets, he will immediately be unhappy if another WR gets more than him.

  • True rcp, and djax new alliance with to won’t help

  • I personally don’t care how much of lurie’s money he gets, but act, talk and represent yourself like a grown man, a professional, and stop talking about yourself at a time when the season is on the brink

  • This is my fear factor of this team moving forward, no Defense has shown to be able to stop this Offense. Only stupid,immature statements by some of the younger players
    who create self-distractions when the team is on the march for a SUper Bowl Run can stop them and create unrest and a lost of focus on playing team ball. The team does not need this and the leaders of the Team (Vick,Celek,Avant,Mickell,Cole and others) need to remind and grab these young guys when they get out of line or create drama when it’s totally unnecessary
    D-Jax can wait like everyone else to after the season to make his case, but play ball, finish the season and focus on the task at hand…anything else about contract status is counter-productive at this point..

  • No, what MUST happen is he must keep playing well and scoring touchdowns. Players chasing a contract play hungry and harder. Find a way to dangle some cash, keep stringing him along, just like a broad, you let them have a taste of it, but never the whole bank account, or they get fat and lazy. It always goes better when they still have a touch of that fear that they could be cut off.

  • i dont care how much money he gets and i dont really care what he says
    i mean u guys are politically correct with the “dont talk about this on tv stuff ….” but who knows what u would do if u were in that position. u may handle it professionally u may be worse than djax so i dont get into that cause i dont know how i would handle that situation unless i was in it. we cant even relate to it. we look at it from a (we are eagles fans and its best for the eagles that u shut ur mouth). sometimes guys feel like what they do on the field is for and about the team but off field and personal matters are just what they are personal matters. so is he wrong politically speaking sure
    but is it for me to say he’s wrong
    cant do it wont do it cant say it
    i dont know what i would do so how can i talk sh.. about him

  • another thing u guys forget is that this confidence this swagger or bravado whatever the heck u wanna call it
    that guys like to, chad johnson (refuse to call grown man ochocinco), randy moss, djax
    this is also what makes them great
    they arent ordinary dudes
    they arent like u or me if they were they’d be here typing post instead of gettn paid millions to be some of the games best
    this is y they r great
    so sometimes the same thing that makes u great can make u fall

  • Pw, I respect his anger, I would be too, but there is a way to vent it without making yourself childish

  • I personally think he deserves a new contract….. His numbers are unrealistic….. ONLY and I mean ONLY 42 rec…… 972yrds….. 6tds…….. 23.1yrds. per catch………. Some guys dont get that in two seasons……. That is amazing……. MEN LIE WOMEN LIE NUMBERS DONT………. I hate DREW ROUSENHOUSE…… But the way Deshawn handled him self at a young age…….. With the like’s of OCHO CINCO, T.O. and other WR….. Crying in there 30’s about a new deal………. I think he handled it well!!!! GO EAGLES

  • Stop Rationalizing on why your favorite players say and do stupid things..
    It’s kind of ironic, that the Stud players you mentioned above (Ocho.Randy,DJax) have this in common, Zero Championships… and when they act like Selfish kids out on a school yard, then they wonder why many people don’t like them and say they are being dis-respected…
    Do your job and handle your business like a Professional is what the Teammates,Coaches,Front Office,and Fans want to see, not this look at me, look at hard I play, pay me the $$$$, I play hurt kind of crap, for every man on the roster from #1 thru # 53 plays hard or they wouldn’t be there..
    The only group of people who like this garbage is the media to stir more controversary…

  • He’s about to break 1000 yrds…… This week maybe on his 43rd rec…. LMAO….. Some Wr.’s get that after there 90-100 rec……. and thats not even half…….. He is setting the bar to alot of receivers…… Even if he didnt get the 4 rec…. 210 yrds….. He’ll be at the 700 mark with only 38 rec….. Which is still crazy…….. 3 more games to play and he could get another 300-400 more yards…… It’s possible…… The little guy deserves it!!

  • Yes we all know he deserves more money but we don’t have to talk about it every week. We all felt he deserved more money before Sunday night. So just stop it. But as far as him “setting the bar”, please. He is no where near the best receiver in the league. He deserves a lot more money than he’s making but nowhere near Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson money.

  • Paulman Its a team effort….. Stop with all the individualism talk about what they are saying….. They do have the right to speak there minds…… FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!! So what…….. I think I deserve a $5.00 raise at my job….. But i’m not an entertainer…. Thats is what these athletes are…… 10yrs. down the road the’ll have there own show or be acting in some movie……. Market your self…… Who said a player like Deshawn is putting him self above the team……… LET ME KNOW……… 3 yrs. in the league and he’s still young…….. STOP IT BRO

  • Scorp…. I feel you…… THeres possession receivers and theres play-makers! Deshawn is a play-maker…… If he even gets 5yrds. ahead of you….. Who’s catching him……. Hussien Bolt is the only guy who probably can…….. LMAO…….. 42 rec…….. Thats un- heard of……. 12 games……. played!!!!

  • Moving forward about D-Jax,
    Yes he most definitely deserves a better Contract, but let’s deal with that after the Season is over,
    Another concern I have about D-Jax is that after losing his Father last year,who he was very close to,
    and his biggest fan,mentor and would give D-Jax a swift kick in the butt too when he was acting up is gone….D-Jax is now more likely to seek that type of guidance and advice from what his agent (Rosenhous) and his marketing group think, which don’t always have the players long-term interest or the teams they play for best intrests at heart..This is a trap that so many athletes fall into and hopefully D-Jax has other family members,close friends,teammates and other players to seek advice and counsel from as opposed to simply relying on the people who simply make a very good living off of athletes.

  • When Deshawn was a rookie…. He worked out with Jerry Rice……. Jerry Rice mentioned and stated….. “The best route runner I’ve seen”!!!!……. If Deshawn gets a new deal…….. I would have a guy/mentor like Jerry Rice to give advice or help me be a complete receiver……. The guy is 24yrs. old he’s young and he hasn’t had any problems off the field as we heard of……. What he does on the field yes we can judge………. But the Eagles haven’t had a receiver like this…… Irving Fryar… Fred Barnett…. Calvin Johnson……… They were good….. But this guy could be great……

  • paul, you have no idea what you are talking about, do you know what is father would say, you are venturing into ridiculousness

  • pw, a great man once wrote that all great men first won the battle with thyself

  • Paulman stop it…. You dont even know D-jax’s father or family…… If my son was doing what he was doing and enjoying his JOB…….. I’ll be happy as a Pig in S@&%……….. We do the same at our jobs…… If my boss gave me a bonus…… I’ll celebrate my A@& off……. But he’s on camera…… Millions of people are viewing what he does….. It’s his JOB…… Young Kids look up to this and see what he does…. Its called SWAGGER…… Its 2010 Paulman….. Not 1910…….. You look on T.V. thers a reality show about everything…… I got the best dog show….. Or how to be a NANNY….. Whatever…… This is the world we live in……. It maybe something that you might not except…… But thats how it is now……… Westbrook was pissed about his deal….. You can just look and tell that he was frustrated……. What makes D-Jax any different????

  • @ Jakedog….. What up bro….. Thats real talk….


  • pman please how many chips primetime deion sanders got how many mike irving got so shut up
    prime time is the king of whatever it is u hate
    clearly there r great professional company men
    truly the most utmost professionals and have no chips
    d5, dan marino, bernie kosar, steve largent
    so ur pointless comments direct them somewhere else
    and for the record djax never been 1 of my fav players
    if u cant recall i spoke out against him quite a bit
    i dont care what any player says about their money what they r getting paid or what they do when they arent playing
    cause im not a female
    alot of yall sound like chics
    djax should get this
    djax should be quiet
    y do u care write djax a letter and tellem u should be paid more see if he gives a

    (its like when b hop said he met floyd mayweather and the first thing floyd said to him was u gotta see my crib its blah blah blah……. and bhop said what i look like a chic to u? lmao )
    who cares what another dude get got or dont got

  • He’s a Top 10 WR and needs to be paid like one bottom line….

  • Gotta Luv It…….. Your right bro……. I remember Devin Hester was the BIG BIG hype when he was drafted…….. He was the human controller and made Daunte Hall look like a joke once he entered the league….. LOL!……. That was special teams which is great but what D-Jax has done makes him within the top 10 hands down…… SOme receiver’s have different styles of making plays……. Deshawn is in his own category when it comes to getting it done!!!!


  • I don’t care jroc. Because he’s good on the field doesn’t mean I should be ok with him talking about his contract on TV with those knuckleheads. It’s apparent he still doesn’t know how to be a professional. Plain and simple. I’m not going to accept it just because I like him. That’s the problem in Philly. If it’s an athlete we like he can do no wrong. But if we don’t like him, we criticize every little thing they say that rubs us the wrong way. Point blank, he should shut the hell up. That goes for him and any other player around the league that’s unhappy with their contract.

    And yeah he is a playmaker but he still doesn’t get Fitz or Johnson money. Period.

  • When he runs reverses you just have this gut feeling he can take it all the way…. A punt return your like…… GO GO GO GO GO GO…. LMAO……. I know once he gets this money……. That will be something the team will probably limit him on…… Maybe sometimes…… If needed …… But I think if he gains may 10-15 pounds….. It will be good because he’s built like a 10th grader…….

  • We all know he deserves more money. NO ONE IS SAYING THAT HE DOESN’T DESERVE MONEY. But there’s a way to handle these things and I’m not going to just accept everything he does because we like him. He’s gets treated just like anyone else. If he does or says something dumb, Imma call it how I see it. Period. I don’t even know why we need to talking about this every week. WE ALREADY KNOW.

  • Scorp…….. Let alone there are players who are quite and dont give any issues with there contracts…… Whats wrong with poking a little fun on the T.Ocho show……. Did anyone see AR or Jeffrey Lurie discuss anything about it??????? Did any of the players say anything either…… Was it a big discussion on ESPN this morning…… THe only thing I heard really was his endzone celebration……. Which John Gruden said he enjoys players doing the endzone celebrations its part of the game……DO People want the NFL to be like Boxing….. Which is a dead sport……. Whats wrong with a little entertainment????? He didnt sit out this year like Mankins from NE or Vincent Jackson for the Chargers……..???? Why does he have to shut up……. we see players on commercials doing things and basically sell themselves for marketing purposes…… It’s not a distraction to the team on what he’s doing????? Or is it???

  • Some people have there differences…… Some people handle there situations or actions in a way they handle it…….. I didnt say he was a #1……. I said top 10…….. I like the kid and somethings players say they need to shut up but who are we to judge>>>> These players put there careers on the line just as much as we do at our jobs……. There job is more brutal….. But they get paid more money……. He’s just speaking on the terms on looking out for him self….. Financial wise…… Look what happened to Leonard Weaver…….. If he has a career ending injury and only getting paid 300,000 tops…….. What does he have???? 10-20yrs. we’ll be watching an HBO special about how good an athlete was but had a career ending injury with nothing left living on the streets……. And talking bad on how the NFL dealt him a bad hand……… THese players witness that……

  • You can take it as fun if that’s what you want to do. You are certainly at liberty to do so. But I prefer all players especially Eagles to be professionals and handle their business behind closed doors. That’s all. So I’m not going to sit here and give Desean a pass because I like him. Just not going to happen. I killed BWest when he talked about his contract. I kille Sheldon Brown when he expressed his unhappiness. Not because I don’t think they deserve money, but because I don’t think openly discuss your business issues helps your case or is a good and professional thing to do. I will stand by that regardless of the player.

  • jroc, but again no one is saying that he doesn’t deserve money. No one said that. So talking about what could happen is a moot point because we all know that and most wanted the Eagles to throw him some cash last year. We aren’t discussing that. We are discussing whether he should be openly talking about the team “needing to do something” or him “setting the bar”. We don’t need to hear. At least I don’t. Just play football and the rest will take care of itself. Him talking about it isn’t going to get a contract sooner. It just makes him look more and more like a Jr. TO. Just play ball and let your agent handle your business.

  • Thats real talk scorp and I respect your view……… Much respect…….. But all I know this week we have to shut down this bum ass 1-2 punch of Bradshaw and Jacobs……..

    Steve Smith is Nursing a hamstring injury and Mario Manningham is injured as well…….. If we make Eli make throw the ball often we can take this game……

  • Paulman please stop mentioning this mans father…it is disrespectful and ignorant of you to say what he would or would not do….YOU DO NOT KNOW THEM to speak on it…..
    Who gives a rats anus what he says .He’s young doing his thing in the league and wants to be paid for it….as long as he doesn’t bring it to the locker room i’m fine with it….

  • jroc, yeah the game this week is going to be great. We own the Giants. Hopefully we go up there and click on all cylinders and come out with a nice win. If we stop their run, we should be good. Most of the time we lose it’s because we do not do a good job against the run. They cannot beat us passing the ball all game. So hopefully our front 7 does the thing.

  • @Scorp…. The likes of T.0. and Ocho Cinco is that they bash there own players in the process and also the coaches decisions during a game……. I dont see that in D-jax…… And I respect that fact that what you do is behind closed doors…… But there contract is open for everyone to see…… LMAO…. If my pay was open to my job i’ll be pissed because i dont want anyone to know what I get paid….. LOL!!!

  • They are saying that Steve Smith may be out for the rest of the year and Nicks and Manningham are banged up as well. Good for us. Eli isn’t going to have anyone to throw the ball to.

  • The key to this game this week is penetration on the d-line…….. I my self like the combination of Dixon and Patterson…….. Especially on 1-2 down…….. make Eli see alot of 3rd and long situations……. Maybe AR saw something last week with this O-line late in the Dallas game what they can do with the run!!!!!!???? That he’ll be more open to use it more…….. The front line on both sides will have to perform in order to win this week!!!

  • PW
    Primetime was the most overrated athlete in the last 20 years…

  • @Scorp….. Thats great news bro…. Out for the season!!! Smith!!!!….. No wonder why my D@%$ bag brother-in-law hasn’t been so confident in his talk about this weeks game LOL!!!

    I seen something when the Giants put Osi-Umeyora and justin tuck on the same side…. ANd they were successful with the play call……. I hope Vick realizes that and makes the proper adjustment to counter-act that attack……. I’ll take a 80% Winston Justice over king Dunlap!!!!! Is justice up for a pro-bowl running???? He hasnt been giving any sacks on that side i’ve seen that was his fault???? OR maybe I’m wrong???

  • If all 3 of those receivers are out there’s no way they beat us. Vick and Desean Jackson both would have to be injured. If they don’t play it’s a “stone cold mortal lock” (in Howard Eskin’s voice)

  • @Scorp LOL!!!! I’m ready!!!! This our time to shine……. I think we can beat anyone on any given sunday……. With Asante back who is a hawk for Eli’s passes…… I know Coughlin is saying to Eli….. “Dont even look that way” LOL…….. Asante use to kill us….. OMG! I remember when A.J. Feeley threw the ball over there…… Before he released the ball out of his hands I was like…. NO NO NO NO….. ……GOT DAMN! LOL….. THe people at the bar hit the floor……..

  • Vick must be aware of the safety blitz at all times……. What angle where there coming from and have the right man on hand to recognize that…… The Giants are going to be bringing alot of pressure…… To make Vick react in a manner to create a T.O…….. Were putting up 30pts. on an off night……. Giants will be a test but with all the injuries…… We should prevail!!!

  • Giants will rush the ball 50 times in this game..
    I would go with a 5 Man front across the board early in the game…(go with 5-2-4 alignment with
    Cole,Bunkley,Dixon,Patterson,Parker across the front and 2 LB – Fokou & Sims on early,running downs
    then come in with DB’Nickle packages in passing situations
    Who is going to cover TE K Boss, with Bradley out… ( I would put Safety Coleman/Mickell on him)
    I believe that Couglin will not put the game in Eli’s hands for he has 19 INT’s this season and many fumbles as well, he will want to run,run,run to control the clock, keep his defense fresh and limit Eli’s exposure for the turnovers and plus keep Vick & CO off the field… A no brainer game plan

  • Paulman I agree……. Is Hedgecock back????…… We have to stay big up front…….. ANd we must make the first tackle!!!! Keep Jacobs and Bradshaw running side to side…….. and run schemes like a 5 man line to prevent the run!!!!

  • Pw, you been talking to ‘nard, lol

  • Thats why I like a bowling ball like Dixon……. he can create a domino effect to make other players make a play…… Dawkins was master at doing that…….. Dixon is another guy who can be up for a contract year perhaps…. He’s made a good resume for himself thus far!!!!

  • “who cares what a dude got get don’t get” lmao

  • I like the young guy Cheney…….. he knows this is something he could grasp….. And make a solid name for himself for the future……. I have faith in the guy…. ANd he has speed/so does Clayton…… We get a real good look this weekend on what he can bring to the table…….

  • pman we will never agree on that
    deion is the best cb ever hands down
    tremendous athlete and 1 of the top defensive football players ever ever
    now there are many a athlete who i think is overrated
    and #1 on my list will upset some of u lol so i wont go there but deion aint 1 of em
    its not his fault they would throw to his side 3 times the whole season
    and i dont care that ur gonna say he aint tackle so what they aint pay him to tackle

  • @ jake that was from a reference from something i read
    i cant find the exact article i read it in but here’s the interview
    it’s histerical

  • http ://www.sherdog.net/forums/f53/bernard-hopkins-schools-floyd-mayweather-recent-interview-must-read-1178704/
    jake i put a space in between http and :

  • Paulman’s CB’s I would take over Deon Sander’s from the general same era…

    #1) Darryl Green (Redksins)
    #2) Ron Woodson (Steelers)
    #3) Champ Bailey (Broncos)

    Current CB’s I would take over Sanders
    #1) Charles Woodson (Packers)
    #2) Darrel Rivas ( NY Jets)
    #3) N Asmagoah (Oakland Raiders)

    Different strokes for different folks,I would take a complete team player over a 1 dimensional player like Sanders who didn’t tackle,was selfish and was always all about him and a bad dresser to boot…

  • I thought it was ROD Woodson (Steelers) Did he play safety???? I think???? (Not to be an A-HOLE)

  • He started at CB and then moved to Safety for his last couple of seasons when he lost a 1/2 step
    but he was CB in his prime…

  • darryl green will tell u urself ur crazy
    and he only won nfl fastest man competitions cause deion was playing baseball
    rod woodson played corner when he first came into league for like first 6 seasons
    none of these guys u list can hold deion jock strap
    current cb’s ud take over deion wouldnt take themself over their idle
    u just dont like players who have cult like followings
    ur a hater period
    i can see if u named some1 i didnt get to see play like dick lane or something but u r ridiculous
    and since sb’s is a criteria for u with everything else who got the most chips
    please kiss the rings hater

  • Hey Philly ..this dude smokin wet…Prime Time Overrated..GTFOH…LMAO

  • I understand “your” preference Paulman…but in no way was #21 overrated

  • hahahahahahaah thank you gotta luv it
    like cmon man

  • I don’t think Deion was overrated but I see where Paulman is coming from. Deion was a beast for his era but in this era with the cannons these QBs have and the size of these receivers and RBs Deion would not be as good as someone like a Bailey or Charles Woodson. But for his era, he was the best. He wasn’t complete but he was the best.

  • deion like mike jordan of cb’s please
    if he played today he’d be the best period
    if that meant him adjusting then so be it but i disagree
    what is there to adjust when u just blanket guys u give them 2 3steps and qb’s still wont throw it because u make up 2-3 steps in a second
    mike jordan of cb’s outside j workin

  • Deion was good!!! AS A kid playing football in the grass who didnt want to be Deion….. I beleive he is the founding father to NFL swag till this day……… Teams didnt even want to throw in this mans direction…… He was once honored by James Brown as the Sports hardest working man in show buisness LOL! playing NFL and MLB……… With that Jerri Curl…. WHich was the worse LOL the guy was a playmaker……. I didnt like what he said about Asante though…. Which he did hate on him…… An Int. is an Int…. A tackle is consider in halfs/sacks…. but not int.’s…….. That was something Deion had problems with in his career……. But he is a HOF in my picture!!!

  • Phillywill…. OUT SIDE J WORKIN…… LOL…. I feel you bro!!!! LOVE that verse……

  • Now I have to post on this nonsnese about the best CB.

    Paulyboy stop it with Daryl Green and I beleive you meant Rod Woodson. Yes Deaon is the best CB as of right now to play. Asmagoah and Revis might end up being better but not yet. Hahahahah. LOL Daryl Green stop you lost all respect on that one.

  • thanx godson
    darryl green certainly a gamer and hof cb
    very good player probably top 5 cb (havent sat down and thought about it) but to say he’s better than deion is just blasphemy

  • @pw, thanks for the ‘nard interview, lmao, hopkins to floyd, “i ain’t your b why do i want to see your crib”, hopkins the ultimate alpha dog

  • but i could just picture floyd sayin something like that and likewise for nard
    just made it superfunny to me

  • exactly, and after reading the interview and your ealier posts on the subject, Jakedog has this image of pw geting steamed, “why you bs care about another dude’s cash”, still lmao about this one “who cares what another dude get got dont got”,thats prose

  • lol i mean obviously he should get paid more but who cares
    im quite sure djax dont care bout us

  • I didn’t like Neon Deon for 1 main reason PW and it’s not because he’s black or went around with a posse and wore outlandish clothes,gold chains,sideways baseball cap with the tag still on it..etc,etc,..
    I could care less about that, I never liked him because he thought he was above the team and better than everyone else and I don’t support players who think they are above the game and their teammates and that the team should revolve around them …
    Give me a hard nosed,hard working team player over an athlete with super skills who is selfish,
    self-centered and only out there to play for himself any day of the week..
    Neon was a primma-donna who did make spectacular, game changing plays on occassions,but also
    was not a team player, was afraid to tackle and get into the trenches with his teammates, I am sure lot out his bravado was a maerketing tool to be out in the limelight and that’s fine for anyone who wants to capitalize on their outgoing,flamboyan personality, to each their own, but they are not the type of player I would have on my team or players that I support, I don’t have time for players who
    disrepect their opponents,showboat and disrespect the game.. Play like you been there before and that you expect to make plays, hell that’s what you get paid to do.. Just like today when players have to get up and mark a 1st down to everyone after they make a catch for a 1st down.. Ridiculous, get up and toss the ball to the ref and get back to the huddle for the next play.. Some of these guys act like a 8 yard catch over the middle of the field is superhuman… just play the damn game..
    D-Jax backwards tumble at the end-zone was uncalled for after such a great play.. and it cost the team 15 yards on the kickoff in which Special Team Colt the Jolt made a great tackle so it didn;t come back to hurt the team, but again, why even do .. I guess it’s a different generation thing, but what ever happened just being cool and keeping you cool after a good play or a bad play.. ..

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