• August 15, 2022

Do You Want Them To Play Green Bay Or New York?

Talk about a situation that makes you say ‘C’MON MAN!!’

How do the Eagles let this happen?  Forget the snow and the 48 hour delay.  As a 14 point favorite with a bye week on the line, Andy Reid (it starts with him of course) and Co. came out flatter than a week old bottle of grape soda.

The Minnesota Vikings had nothing to play for but pride, defeating the Eagles 24-14.  Instead of showing them why they should pursue a trade for quarterback Kevin Kolb, Philly made Joe Webb, a rookie 6th round pick drafted as a wide receiver, look like someone to build a team around.

Now that the bye week is out of the question, who would you rather face in the Wildcard Round?  The Green Bay Packers or the New York Giants?

With their Monday night win in Atlanta, the New Orleans Saints ensured they will face the NFC West winner (St. Louis or Seattle) if the Falcons don’t collapse against the Carolina Panthers.

Do you prefer the Packers?  If they defeat the Chicago Bears Sunday, the Eagles get a chance to avenge their Week 1 loss.  Even at home, that will be a difficult task.

If Webb can sustain drives against this defense, what will Aaron Rodgers do? Sean McDermott’s unit is more depleted than it was almost 4 months ago. Even without tight end Jermichael Finley, the Packers offense has plenty of weapons.

The Packers defense is just as dangerous. Although they rank ninth in yards per game, they’re second in points allowed (15.8 PPG).

Michael Vick shocked everyone by stepping in for an injured Kolb and almost leading the Eagles to a comeback victory over Green Bay.  How will the Packers handle Vick with time to prepare for him?

If Green Bay loses to Chicago, that would set up a third meeting between the Eagles and their archrival Giants.

Talk about a chance at vengeance!  If Tom Coughlin got his team to hold a lead, the Miracle in the New Meadowlands would be a worthless story.

While the Eagles swept the season series, the Giants walked away both times saying ‘almost had them’.  I’m sure they would love the chance to send Philly on vacation at Lincoln Financial Field.

Most of this season, Reid’s team has had to pull out victories the hard way.  It’s not going to change now.

Which team would you rather face in the Wildcard round?  The Packers or the Giants?

Haran Knight

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  • The only team I think the Eagles can beat is the Falcons. However I choose the Giants.

    In week 1 the Eagles made Clay Matthews look like Lawrence Taylor in his prime. Vick would be out by the 1st half.

    The Bears got to Vick with Ease and the Eagles made their RBs look like Walter Payton Reincarnated.

    The Giants were plastering the Eagles for most of that previous game. It’s hard to beat the same team 3 times but that is the only team the Eagles can beat right now. They loss to all the NFC central teams except Detroit, and almost lost to them. The Eagles pass rush does not exist. All those draft picks to boost the defensive rush and they are pathetic. Every QB they face has a nice pocket to throw from. Ever since Bunkley came back the pass rush has evaporated. He and Patterson stink. Put Dixon, Laws and Tapp in there. They penetrate. No push Patterson is total garbage as a pass rusher. They are playing the run the best they have in years but that pass rush does not exist.


    I am putting you on Americas Most Wanted. You have robbed the Eagles of hundreds of thousands of dollars. You have tricked the organizion into believing you are a NFL linebacker. Why does are safety Coleman have to tackle Adrian Peterson all the time? You are a first team all-bum. A moron who does not study tendencies. The FANTASTIC SCRUB. You completely disapear in games. Nothing. Not one big hit! All training camp you are blowing up your own players. As soon as the season starts you can’t blow up anybody on the opposing team. You have had training camp and all season to learn this offense. What do you do at film sessions? Crack jokes? Think about girls? Are you another Jevon Kearse? Making party plans on your boat? Make a play! You will be unemployed at the end of this season. When Bradley comes back they are going to find a way to get the rookie, from missisippi state on the field.

    Sorry Ernie. Somebody has to pay for this loss. Another superbowl dream gone.

    Andy and Marty do have an answer for the blitze, but the Eagles offensive line is so pathetic that Vick does not have time to set and throw. There were guys open in the slot last night, Leslie Frazier made a good move, fight fire with fire. He got a fast athlete on Vick. You have to run right at that puny DB. No offensive linemen taken with 13 draft picks. Yeah. How’s that working out Andy.

  • I would prefer to play NY Midgets. There is NO CHANCE we can beat Packers with their receivers and our secondary. NONE. If we get past the wild card round, we won’t beat Saints or Bears. Injuries have killed us this season and fatso is still coaching and still saying he has to do better job. I wish I can say to my manager that I “goofed”, “did a patheitc job”, etc. I won’t have a job much less for a dozen years. Reid SUCKS.

  • I know that last post was full of mistakes. Just too angry to think right.

  • I would rather put up a duck now and rest our players than go in flat playoff time.

    Andy will be ready because it’s like a bye week…..The Players will rest this weekend to put a fork in Green Bay here in Philly. What happened to Patterson? Anyway

    hope we get that corner spot corrected or it’ll be an early exit.

    I’m not too worried about the offence. A little rest and they’ll be good to go.

  • Another thing. We’ll beat Green Bay then give serious payback to the Bears.

    The NFC championship will be here in Philly with our Eagles hosting the defending superbowl champions.

  • If I remember correctly, last season we were also talking about earning a bye in the final week of the season……didn’t turn out very well for the birds.

    This is a different team with a stronger leader at QB….we need him and the other key players healthy.

    Treat this game like it is the 4th preseason game…rest anyone who needs it. Our best chance against Green Bay will be a healthy Michael Vick and a game plan that will slow the pass rush by running the ball or throwing short routes over the middle.

    Also, with respect to Green Bay, if we are unable to fix what is worng with our defensive backfield coverage, the only way to overcome their terrible play will be for our pass rush to sell out and really get pressure on Rodgers…live by the sword / die by the sword. Otherwise, based on his latest preformance, giving him time to throw will only lead to a long and nasty death. I would rather go out fighting.

    Rest these guys….and focus on the playoffs.

  • The Giants molested us and will again if Andy doesnt start balancing the offensive scheme. Teams do not even consider our running game so they come all out every play playing the pass. Last night was the same nightmare i have seen in the post season for 10 years. QB dropping back 50 times…long routes, qb getting killed…no running play calls and no adjustment from the coach. Sorry my hoped died last night. we have had 7 min of good football in the last 2 games. do you realize we got DOMINATED by a 5 win team with a 3rd string rookie QB in our house?

  • Beat Green Bay…..don’t make me laugh. Rodgers will kill us. Imagine Patterson vs. Greg Jennings. The only we can beat them is with pass rush. Where has it been recently? Cole has cooled down and we never get push up the middle. Realistically, this will be yet another disappointing season, unless of course some fans are satisfied yet again with making playoffs and doing nothing.

  • Well they can’t beat the nfc north so i guess the g men.

  • Who cares, if they spend the night before the game at Lou Turk’s (like they obviously did Monday night)… it matters not who they play

  • This team is done. We have all been jaded by the miracle at the meadowlands. This is probably the worst eagles defense of the past decade. The packers are going to absolutely destroy us. How do we lose to the Vikings in a must win game that could earn us a bye? Ozz is right, we have played 7 minutes of good football in the past 2 games.

  • Btc,you are true Philly fan, haha, birds done, no, birds are slumping albeit at inopportune time, they need to retool, use next week as bye as mr cob says, and get ready for season2 and run to sb

  • I can’t help it Jake. Seeing them lose by double digits to the Vikings just really says something to me. Especially considering that we saw the same thing for 3.5 quarters last week against the giants. Now throw in the fact that we will probably have to play the packers first round and there is absolutely nothing to hang my hat on.

  • Mr. Bsm, pretty good and accurate rant right there about sims, I mean just make a play

  • Turn out the lights, The party’s OVER!

  • I am not confident that the EAgles could beat any of the Top 4 in the NFC (Saints,Bears,Falcons, & Packers) . I am sure the Giants would to have a chance to re-play the Eagles after their Collapse to them last week..
    I look at this Eagle team and I have more questions now than I did at mid-season,
    Yes the injuries have taken their toll, but it appears a few players are just sleep walking out there..
    Where’s the fight, the Eagle Pride. One thing I know for sure, OC MM will most likely move on as a HC elsewhere (49ers/Browns) and you can’t tell me that he will be distracted with those type of discussions and decisions between now and the end of their season. People talk..
    The other thing is if the Eagles D folds like the Barnum & Bailey’s Circus Tent as it usaully does, then the S McDermott Experiment may be over..He just gets outcoached/out schemed almost every week and the D/Line Coaching of R Segrest finally needs to be put to rest where he needs to be fired

  • paulie, first it’s birds won’t beat cowboys, wrong, then won’t beat men,wrong again, then it’s a blow out you predicted over vices and jakedog told you not to pick birds, now it’s birds are nothing special but last week you had them at top of heap, what is it paulie, what is it you stand for, or are you like a droopy flag that blows with the latest wind

  • you are some funy cats! REALTALK! if this is anyway that you live your lives you should all be ashamed…when ish gets tough and doesn’t look too bright, lets get negative and give up…lets stop believing…wow…I hope you all do not have any kids…

    Lets Go Eagles! I got faith, we gonna bounce back, Vick will take care of the ball moving forward, and Andy Reid will figure out how to handle the blitzes….Lets Go! Lets Go!

  • Yeah RealTalk I feel you….Goes to show how many true Eagles fans in here. I, for one, am a true Diehard fan. To be that, you keep your faith in your team no matter how dark the tunnel looks. I have faith we can beat the Bears, Packers, Falcons, Giants, or whoever! We got Mike Vick at QB, where anything is possible. That’s the problem, we have to believe! Not individually, but as fans together…you want the Eagles to gel, but y’all don’t want to gel as whole as far as believing goes.

    Also, Mike Vick needs time to get the ball to the playmakers. He has no time! We have no pass protection and as far as our defense, when is the last time we’ve made the opposing team’s pocket collapse? Our defensive line is just as bad as our offensive line. We better fix these mistakes, and we better do it fast! We got 2 weeks til the Playoffs…Let’s go Eagles! I Believe!

  • yeah Diz…these cats are funny, everything is all good when things go well…but things dont go according to plan, its panic mode…its trash the QB, trash the coaching staff, yada yada yada..Most of these characters, probably didnt think we’d be in the situation we are in (NFC East Champs, playoff berth) we can beat any team in the NFL, ANY TEAM!

  • Judging by the past couple of weeks, it’s irrelavant who they play. They won’t beat anyone playing like this.

  • Eli Manning throws 4 TDs against the Eagles his PR

    Next week with an important game he gets 4 INTs and the Giants get owned

    That shows how bad the Eagles secondary and D in general is

    The QBs they are going to face in the playoffs will have a field day

    I am not optimistic

    And with the dropped INTs by the Vikings the Eagles are lucky it wasn’t worse

  • if you judge the Eagles based on one game, why would it be this game? They played the worst game of the seaon offensively, every team has a game like that….I refuse to judge the outcome of this seaon based on last nights loss…We have seen some bad, but we have seen much more good this season! Real Talk!

  • The fact that bothers me the most RealTalk777 is that they really played just as a poorly against the Giants. Michael Vick took advantage of some breakdowns by the Giants in the last 8 minutes of the game, but the Eagles never put together a game plan to beat them.

    Short of the 8 minutes when Vick took off running, the Eagles have played poorly for two straight games.

  • @G – Cobb

    True indeed, I can’t argue with you there…I was very concerned with the team after what I saw against the Giants. Til this date, we have not made the proper adjustments to deal with the blitzes we’ve been seeing. If we dont adjust, we should all be concerned…I still believe though, that the individual mistakes made by Vick ;ast night hurt us more than anything else, without those mistakes we should of won the game…I see a silver lining in all of this, despite how bad we’ve played the last two weeks overrall, we got a victory and loss a game we possibly should of won had we not put the ball on the ground two twice..

  • I’m not sure why people are blaming injuries, this team is relatively injury free. Hell, most of the replacement players have outplayed the starters. The Eagles’ number 1 issue is their godawful defense. Field goal kickers love playing against us because they sit on the sideline while their teams score touchdowns. The number 2 issue is inconsistent play of the offensive line. They’ve looked good at times, and awful at others. I think Michael Vick has covered-up a lot of this team’s issues. This team with Kevin Kolb at the helm would have won 4-6 games this year. I think they’re a one-and-done team in the playoffs.

  • I love ppl that try to predict what would/could have happened with Kolb at the helm instead of Vick. It’s quite funny.

    I wonder what this team would look like with Peyton Manning as QB, or Tom Brady. Hmmm

  • Dont matter what QB we had even Steve Young would have struggles with this O Line….can you folks not see that we have serious O Line and protection problems, or are you not really watching the games?…

  • I do not want to have to listen to a year’s worth of mouth from Giants fans. I do not want to play them again. The Eagles were blind stinking lucky that the Gmen stuck it in the fan last game, it won’t happen again. If they are going to go one and done, let it be to the Packers, I don’t know any Packers’ fans.

  • Packers 36 – Eagles 17
    Giants 27- Eagles 24

    I think the Eagles would rather play the GIants, but the Giants won’t be in it so they will have to play
    the Packers and lose big to ROdgers and to the Best Secondary in the NFL..

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