• August 17, 2022

With The Playoffs Approaching, The Eagles Pass Rush Is Missing

I know much of the criticism of the Eagles defensive play has been focused on the secondary, but the problems in the secondary also involve the team’s defensive line.  The Eagles defensive line had some dominant performances earlier this season but they haven’t been able to put consistent pass rush pressure on opponents of late.

It doesn’t look good for the Eagles defense going into the playoffs.  If the Birds win a game or two, it will be because of their offense.  The defense just isn’t getting it done.

They are struggling to cover people and put pressure on the quarterback.

What has happened to the Eagles number one pass rusher Trent Cole?  Cole got off to a quick start in 2010 but hasn’t had a big sack game in over a month.  He was one of the NFL sack leaders early in the season, but I think he’s been drained by playing full time against all these big offensive linemen.

Cole and his buddies may get the week off  this weekend, but they’ll have their work cut out for them next weekend.  They’ve got to step up their level of play and it must start with Cole.  He’s supposed to be the leader.

Pass rush hopeful, rookie defensive end Brandon Graham is out for the season, so Cole won’t be getting any help from him in the playoffs.

Veteran Juqua Parker seems to wear down every year after having a big game or two.  Darryl Tapp has had his moments, but he hasn’t been consistent.

Yesterday the Birds signed veteran defensive Bobby McCray after releasing Derrick Burgess.  You can see that they’re searching for answers, but having difficulty finding them.

The defensive tackles have done a very good job versus the run for most of the season, but they can’t rely on them for help against the pass.

Imagine a talented quarterback like Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers operating against the Eagles porous secondary without any pass rush pressure on him.  If the Birds play the Giants again, what would stop Eli Manning from throwing another four touchdown passes against them.


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  • The Eagles run defense has been surprisingly good this season and going in to the post season, this will be a great asset IF they can generate some consistent QB pressure. As we all know, teams that can defend the run well generally do well in the post season. Unfortunately, with the D line injuries and knowing the D line always shows significant wear late in the season, teams won’t need to rely on the run if they can carve up the secondary with the pass. Sure would be nice if the O could play more ball control to keep the the Eagles D off the field but that needs a lot of running plays which we’ll never see.

  • Yeah G, this defense scares the hell out of me. What good does 35 points do if we give up 42 ???

  • MTC, I agree. The problem is a team like the Packers doesn’t run the ball well so they are going to pass pass pass which goes right up against our biggest weakness on defense. This year, it seems that matchups will be more important than ever. Because the difference between us making a deep playoff run could be who we match up with the first round. Our defense is just scary…. not in a good way. They can play for stretches of stout defense but not for long.

  • I agree 100% G and the doom of this 2010 Playoff Run will be by the play and lack of Pressure of the DE’s which have not looked good for a while, I have been hard on T Cole lately for he always wears down
    and dissapoints in games down the stretch and playoff time.. How about QB Webb making DE PArker look like he was on ice-skates… Parker did a poor job of outside containment on his side of the field..
    Now Webb is very athletic, but what’s another mobile QB (Rodgers) who has some experience and probably the best WR crops in the NFC going to do versus this Defense. It’s scary to think about
    Now with Graham gone, and Teo Neisham just not really ready at his stage of his career,the rotation becomes pretty thin at DE behind Cole,Parker and Tapp. I believe DC McDermott is going to have to think outside the box and get very creative with his pass-rush and schemes ..He is going to have to blitz LB’s Sims or Safety Coleman and take his chances that the Secondary will hold up.. Another problem is that DT Laws is also hurting also but hopefully will rest up and be good to go come playoff time..
    This Defense went from having a few question marks a month ago to a really thinly stitched together unit as it heads to the playoffs… Rookie at S in Coleman, Rookie in MLB Chaney, a hurting CB Samuel who is the units only real playmaker as far as turnovers go, a CB in Patterson whose confidence has to be a little shaky with his recent performance. IF they don’t create 2 + Turnovers, it’s over.
    I do believe the Eagles Offense will perform better, but I don’t see this Defense, in it’s current form, have any chance of slowing up this Packers Offense and I can just picture WR Jennings/Driver/Jones/Nelson creating match-up problems all over the field, I expect Packers WR Jennings to work on D PAtterson most the game which is a huge mismatch, then they will send over the the speedy Jones for double moves on Patterson and have some big play capability… The Packers Defense also poses problems for their LB Matthews and CB Woodson and CB Williams probably are probably the NFC Top CB duo and with a healthy Bigby back at Safety, the Packers may have the best Secondary in the NFC (next to the Bears) so big plays for the Eagle Offense are most likely going to be hard to come by..DT/NT B Ragi has been a beast lately and will give McGlynn/MJG Fits.. I think the Packers will put the Eagles away early and beat them badly similar to what the Cowboys did last year in the playoffs
    Packers 37- Eagles 23

  • I blame this one McBabyface. He has not lit a fire under these guys. ALL starting spots should be on a performance basis. Tapp makes plays. Laws has had key sacks. Dixson has gotten penatration but.. “no push” Patterson and Bunkley have had years to do something. They do nothing. They both stink. Bench both of them. That would light a fire under them.

    This sceam is an off shoot of the 46 defense, which starts with having 2 excellent corners. That is why the Eagles invested high draft picks in Sheldon Brown and Lito Shepard. Hobbs was a mistake from day one. Linley should have started out of training camp. He has the size and is physical. These free agent guys like hanson and patterson were free agents for a reason.

    The Eagles tryied to reinvent the defense by investing in defensive ends. Now teams just throw short quick passes that Samuel (avoids contact) and any corner on the other side can’t cover. I don’t think Jimmy Johnson would have lost an arguement to get a real replacement for sheldon brown.

    I like McDermott because he at least makes adjustments. But I don’t think he has Andy Reids full confidence and that is hindering him from having the full respect of the defensive players. That’s why Singeltarys hollering did not work last week. Players know when the coach is on the hot seat. The Eagles will change Defensive Coordinators in the off season. That coach we got from the bills will be named new coordinator if the Eagles defense gets embarrassed in the playoffs.

  • Trevar Linley was clocked at 4.4 forty in college and 4.53 at the combine. And has a 38.5 vertical and is 6 feet tall.

    Hanson has had a hard time since he tested positive. Patterson is ether hurt or has lost his confidence. Eitherway the dallas game is a good time to get linley on the field.

  • I agree with BSM..
    But I still think the biggest issue is the lack of a pass rush from this Front 4..
    I’ve stated here before and was ripped up and down about my statements about T Cole (though he is the best Eagles D/Lineman) he is not the game changer and wears down and out by seasons end..
    He is not that everydown lineman in my opinion that can bring it all game long and not anywhere close in performance that a Peppers,Williams,Freeney,Tuck, Omanyuri,J Abraham,R Mathis,J Allen,D Ware,Spencer,Orapko, and others can do over an entire game and over an entire season…
    CB & DE are positions of need for the Offseason and I think the Eagles will have a lot of time to address it for they will have an early exit from this years Playoffs, with their injuries at DE position
    they will have to take a lot of chances
    I wouldn’t mind seeing T Cole or even a Teo Neisham stand up and be moved around a lot… Maybe go with a 5-2-4 scheme and have 4 D/L (Tapp,Laws,Dixon,Parker) and then have Cole move up and down the Line of Scrimmage and come rushing in from a standing position similar to what other teams do with a D Ware, J Harrison, C Matthews, B Oprako ..
    Another thing that really bothers me is that DC McDermott loves to drop back D/Lineman in pass coverage a little too often .. Eagles don’t have the luxury of dropping a Cole,Tapp or a Parker back in coverage.. Get after the damn QB, this is what FO/Coach AR said all off-season and was a point of emphasis in last Year’s Draft so let’s see these “fastballs” that we were promised would happen..
    Ooh and it still kills me to see DE’s J Babin and C Clemons among the league leaders in sacks
    and have more than COle does thoguh they see less snaps..
    I see both DC McDermott and D/Line Coach R Segrest fired after an early exit this year

  • paul I don’t get you man, already predicting “doom” and on an obscure if not ridiculous premise, play of dends, this team will go as far as the offense dictates

  • Not when it comes to playoff time Jakeman..
    The exit and reasons will be the same story line from last year.. Poor Secondary play and not enough of a consistent Pass Rush from the Front 4.. When you look the Eagles Defense right now, is this Current squad any better than last years Defense..It’s about a wash don’t you think and bottom line, it’s just plain not good enough…

  • A defensive end such as Trent Cole standing up takes aways his burst. he should have his hand on the ground. It will never happen Paul. Even though you would like too see that.It will never happen. 5-2-4 scheme? Thats not a viable option in the NFL bro. its why you dont really see it unless its run down. Ok…Babin woulda been nice but how the heck do you know he has that success in Green. You dont…he was a nice player.

    Mcdermott has called some gems this year. Guys arent scrapping and getting to the q when they get one on ones and its his fault the D looks like a busted Chevy with its hazards on the 95? Players should make SOME plays.

    One loss and now its gloom and doom from you and others.Entitled too your opinion but i think its over-reaction.

    Once the p-offs begin we’ll see how live Mikes arm is and how they scheme for whomever. I have faith in this squad this year. SOmehting that has been missing the last few years.

    What we’re saying about our squad is what Packers fans are saying about there squad…how do we stop Vick in the p-offs. Can Rodgers get some kinda run-game? Same for other teams. The NFC is up for grabs and dont tell me the Birds are one and done.

    Theres a reason your Paulmandomis. Remember you said the f’n Braves would win the division.You predict a loss weekly…am i wrong.

  • Exit form last year is cause of the o-line. The defesne was on the field too much Paul.

    i think this D is better then last year.

    There not huge upgrades but the backers are better. Dixon..better…other d-end ….ok wash. Shell was hurt end of the year. We may have back-ups in but there healthy.

    The bottomline is you know just as much as us on here….your delivery comes across as a know it all. Its well thought out but your finality of everythign is always form left field.Like ending it with wtf everyone will be next year and the d-cord getng canned.

    Its like as soon as G let you do a draft right up you blew up. Stop dude.Your prediction of them one and doen is as solid as mine goin too the NFC Champ game.

  • BSM ….I thought they shoulda went tith Lindley agains the Vikes…he put the lock o Harvin at Florida when he played at Kentuckey.

    Coaches had a big hand in that loss.

    Give me whomever in the p-offs. F it.

  • I’m prolly going to catch a lot of crap for this idea but I think it would work…..we should switch to a 3-4 D in the playoffs. Have Cole be the pass rushing LB. They could move Patterson out to Cole’s end spot and bring Bunkley in for Parker and keep Dixon in the middle. That’s a big D line if you ask me so the running lanes should be plugged up nicely! This way Cole will have a few extra steps to get up to full speed and get passed the linemen trying to block him. If I’m not mistaken they played some 3-4 D last year or the year before that and Cole look pretty good as a pass rushing LB.

  • I dont think changing your d one week before the p-offs is viable

    Players are gassed. There gonna be pissed week 1 of the p-offs. They’ll make some changes and look at themselves in the mirror.

    The Patriots d is ranked in the 20’s ….there worse then us in many ways.Every team has fatal flaws. It’s about fighting through them in the p-offs.Look at there flaws. And look at some of the sh!T teams they’ve played. BILL TWICE….PHINS…BROWNS(AND GOT CREAMED)…big plays win titles…make em.

    Fighters fight…Jeff Garcia…06′

  • Some stats on the Defenses for the NFC PLayoff Teams

    # of Sacks
    #1) Rams – 43
    #2) Packers – 41
    #3) Eagles – 37
    #4) Bears – 32
    #5) Saints – 30
    #6) Falcons – 28

    # of Forced Fumbles
    #1) Rams – 26
    #2) Satins – 26
    #3) Bears – 22
    #4) Packers – 16
    #5) Falcons – 15
    #6) Eagles – 12

    # of Int’s
    #1) Eagles – 23
    #2) Packers – 22
    #3) Falcons – 21
    #4) Bears – 20
    #5) Rams – 14
    #6) Saints – 9

    Total Takaways/Giveaways
    #1) Falcons + 12
    #2) Eagles +11
    #3) Packers + 10
    #4) Rams + 5
    #5) Bears + 4
    #6) Saints – 5

    Points Allowed per game
    #1) Packers 15.8
    #2) Bears 18.4
    #3) FAlcons 18.5
    #4) Saints 18.9
    #5) rams 20.8
    #6) Eagles 24.2

    Total Penalties
    #1) Falcons 160 total for 1484 yards
    #2) Packers 166 total for 1299 yards
    #3) Saints 166 total for 1486 yards
    #4) Bears 174 total for 1482 yards
    #5) Eagles 206 total for 1740 yards
    #6) Rams 215 total for 1769 yards

    Has Coach AR stated thata the team is working hard to correct these and to cutback on penalties,
    How long have we been hearing this same old song and dance, when you are undisciplined and making soo many penalties, you are allowing teams to keep the ball,sustain drives and ultimately, give up points, Same on Offense, when you commit a lot of penalties, you stop your drives, you punt more often and your Defense ends up playing more minutes

  • Top 3 in sacks and takeaways….so how the hell does anyone see us getting smacked and one and done?

    I think he states is by them coming too practice.i actually think they play dodge ball at practice now.Penalties at this pint are about pure focus.Nothing more.

    Go Birds.

  • Team Att Comp % Yds YPA TD Int Rating
    1 Green Bay 488 275 56.35 3,272 6.71 16 22 69.13
    2Chicago 554 344 62.09 3,591 6.48 13 20 73.62

  • Chris, moving Cole around a couple plays it’s not the same as changing your base defense. You need to have the right personnel for the front 7 in order to make it work. If you are suggesting to play 3-4 and still rush Cole every down like a DE then that’s no different than playing a 4-3. You can’t just chance your defensive philosophy the last week in the season. Sure you can give different looks and blitz different guys but that’s not changing the base D and it won’t happen. To switch to a pure 3-4 defense the entire dline and lb corps would have to be redone except for a few players who are good enough to play in both. The problem isn’t the 4-3 it’s the players on the field. They are simply not good enough.

    I heard a little snip-it from McDermott answering questions about making scheme adjustments and his answer was very telling that most fans don’t even think of. He said (not exactly word for word), “Yeah it’s all well and good to move people around and switch up assignments but you can’t do that if the players cannot handle it. So as a coach I have to determine was needs to be done and if the players are able to execute it”

    He was basically saying that, it’s easy for us fans to say what adjustments need to be done but if your players cant’ execute it then you can’t do it. As fans we say, this player should be doing this and another player should be doing that but it’s a good possibility that many of the players are just not capable of doing a lot of different things. And I think that’s how it is with most players in the league. There are only a limited number special players who can do everything. But most players depend on the scheme and the coaches putting them in the best position to utilize their strengths. Not too many players can just adjust on the fly or do too many things.

    We don’t have a lot of overly talented guys on defense. We have a couple and the rest are just solid or inconsistent. This is the a pro bowl-level player filled Eagles defense of years past.

  • Erock, I don’t see us going 1 and done but even with being the top 3 in sacks and takeaways we give up a lot of points. What’s on the scoreboard is way more important than the other stuff on the stat sheet. What’s the point of sacking the QB 5 times, getting 1 INT and 1 Fumble recovery if you give up 31 points and lose? Our offense is going to have to put up 30+ points in the playoffs probably every game. Even though our defense does make big plays they still give up a lot of points and that’s what matters most.

  • Lets have a little recap of the last 300 Minutes of Football the Eagles have played (5 Games worth
    versus the Bears,Texans,Cowboys,Giants & Vikings who have a a combined record of 36-39 by the way)

    Total Give-Aways 10 (this does not include the many fumbles that Vick has had but recovered himself)
    Total Takeaways 7 (only 4 Int’s and 3 Fumble recoveries resulting in a -3 Net loss in Giveaways)
    Total Sacks 11 (slightly below their yearly average of 2.7 per game)

    If the Eagles don’t get on the plus side of the Turnover battle and cut down on their Penalties,
    they will have a very diffcult time in winning any playoff games no matter who they play…

  • To Scorp,
    On some of McDermott’s Comments
    HJow can Professional Defensive players not learn how to blitz, or for D/Linemman not how to run a couple of Stunts, etc,etc.. McDermott is in panic mode and appears to be overwhelmed and not at the end of the season, he is going to claim youth and inexperience..He’s had 6-7 months with Coleman,Lindley,Chaney,Clayton, Teo, Dixon, D Patterson, etc,etc.
    He has become as even more predicatable with his defensive schemes and coverages and his love affair for Def/Lineman to drop back in pass coverage just kills me… Get the big boys after the damn QB… C’Mon Man,,, His Arse is out the Door by January 10th as Dick Jauron will be named the
    new DC of the team.. ( I hope they fire DL Coach R Segrest too..)

  • I hate to say it, but I agree with Paulman on this one. McDermott is making poor judgements about players and schemes.

    1) In response to the Vikings moving the ball so effectively, he said that he simplified the defense because of the Rookies on the field. Those same rookies were amoung the top tacklers on the team (Chaney & Coleman).

    2) Parker was in the backfield 4 or 5 times in a position to make a play on Webb because of a consistent blitz on the Blind side, where Cole was pretty much double teamed or chipped the entire game. So all the blitzes came from the same side as all the protection was being lined up. Run one SAM blitz or one Strong side blitz, and Webb gets caught with Parker back there, because there’s someone to help contain. Why continue to blitz the left side of your line when you’re getting torched for it, regardless of the new LG? Players learn from their mistakes, why shouldn’t a DC?

    3) Again with the left side blitzes: if you blitz to the weak side, and the other team catches you doing it, they will call passes that go over the blitz (see GCobb’s column on beating the blitz). Essentially the Weak side corner (Patterson) is one on one with their receiver. Patterson was on an island for the Giants and the Vikings game (at least on the blitzes). McDermott needs to stop “helping” the players, he should let them do their jobs. The completion to Harvin was a half time adjustment to the blitzes, and McDermott didn’t do anything to stop them or miz it up after that series.

    4) Last year, you’ll remember that we played a tight game against the Saints in the first half. While our O and ST really gave up that game at the start of the second half (the two turnovers in the 3rd sealed the game), the D couldn’t get off the field the second half because McDermott dialed down the pressure and went to line rushes only. McDermott’s excuse at the time was that he didn’t want to overcomplicate things for the players, and that he backed off. The result was that Dixon was picked up soon after, and we drafted a DE for the left side that could pressure the QB and keep the line fresh (supposedly).

    5) Hanson started 6 games, and was pulled because Patterson was the better corner. Now, Hanson moved outside (I hope it was only because Harvin moved out there in the second half), and is regarded as the starter against a WR that’s got half a foot on him? Lindley has looked good when in there, and he’s designed for the outside (not the slot like Hanson), so where is he? We have Dick Jauron as our secondary coach, what does he think about the secondary personnel?

    By saying he’s simplifying things, McDermott’s not saying we don’t have talent – he’s not accepting full responsibility for the defense’s failures. We’ve had Chaney and Cloeman playing for us throughout the year, and the game plan is dramatically simplified for them?

    Chaney’s probably going to be the starter for a while or at least have significant time on field in the playoffs: he’s got raw speed over Bradley and is better in coverage, so let the players play. They’re professionals, it’s their job to work to your plan, and it’s your job to make a scheme for the game that will dominate the other side, while also having enough knowledge of what’s going on onfield to make ingame adjustments.

    If McDermott can’t see it on the sideline, get him in a booth to call the D. If Reid has stepped in before, and supposedly he has, maybe he needs to be more in there.

    If I remember correctly, JJ never talked about having to simplify the gameplan regardless of who was in there, and he also adjusted pressure across the entire line. He would suggest players have to step up, and would expect them to, and they would want to do it because he kept them aggressive no matter what (he used more variety in his gameplans, and didn’t stay married to his scheme if it didn’t work, of course).

  • Paulman, I don’t entirely disagree. So that’s either him not being able to better utilize the players or the players just aren’t good enough to grasp new concepts. I think it’s a bit of both because we saw players regress through the season as playbooks were opened up.

  • I also agree with you about dropping lineman back in coverage killin me too. I’m not big on him as well but look at all the injuries we’ve had to starters and had to replace them with very young players. And the problem is our veteran players are either just average players or disappear when someone needs to make a play. So maybe he doesn’t want to put too much on the young players. Who knows. But we do know this defense is highly inconsistent and I don’t think there are many players on that side of the ball that can change that. It’s really been that way for a while with the exit of Ray Rhodes players.

  • grift, just because JJ never talked about it doesn’t mean he didn’t. Different coaches are different. If JJ didn’t make adjustments based on a player’s strengths then that wouldn’t be good coaching. He made those adjustments and it’s up to him whether he wants to state that or not. JJ’s defenses were nonexistent in big games as well. 2 turnovers in 5 NFC title games and 1 Superbowl = nonexistent.

    The defense isn’t very inconsistent, but in fairness they were shutting them down until Vick’s fumbles gave the Vikings good field position. Sure you would like your defense to hold up every posession but that’s not realistic at all. Sure our secondary is suspect, dline isn’t getting good pressure but if you allow only 17 points you at least expect that to be good enough with this offense. It wasn’t McDermott’s fault that Juqua Parker couldn’t catch Webb to save his life. Or that touchdown where he danced around like 4 Eagles players to get it. Believe me, I am not a big McDermott guy, earlier this year I was saying I’d rather have Jauron take his job and I still feel the same, but the players just aren’t good enough. It’s not just the coach. Not only do we possibly need a new d coach, we need some play makers because we only have 1 real one on that side of the ball.

  • Scorp, my comment on JJ was more about the fact that if the D didn’t work, JJ took responsibility while also letting his players know they were on task.

    I don’t think that the D should make a stop on every single drive, but you would hope that they get stops once the team has secured momentum – we just get sloppy. There’s a definite lack of discipline on the D side, and part of it is because the players aren’t holding themselves accountable (or there’s no real worry that they will be held accountable); part of it because the D coordinator over thinks and doesn’t act or acts inconsistently. I think that it’s inexperience on the coaching side that’s costing us much more than the personnel.

    We were shutting the Vikings down for the most part, yes, but they started moving the ball more effectively at the end of the first half, and then tore us up the entire second half. Our game plan stayed the same.

    The DC needs to have a vision and stick to it, making small adjustments based on the players out there. This is not the first time that McDermott shuffled the crap out of everyone out there, so who knows what they’re doing and where they’re supposed to be. I think more and more that McDermott doesn’t know what he wants the D to do, but is looking for magic by changing players when an obvious problem shows up.

    It’s hard for a player to learn, adapt and overcome when he’s moved out of position or put on the bench. If the player is slumping, but showed that he can do the job under other conditions, wouldn’t you try to repeat the conditions where the player was successful at least a bit to help build their confidence, or would you immediately bench him and hope the next guy does it better?

    If we have the wrong defensive personnel, then we have the wrong talent evaluators on the defensive side of the ball. The media and draft analyzers need to stop praising the Eagles for their defensive picks, evidently, because they never perform well once they’re out of midnight green (sorry, couldn’t resist).

    Personnel evaluation is at least partially the responsibility of the DC, and scouts will only really look closely at the type of players that the DC and HC are looking for, so who do we hold accountable? The Pats, Bucs, and Rams have all done pretty damn well with what was considered less talent than us on the D side of the ball at the start of the season. I’m not saying that we don’t have a pretty good defense, I am saying that one blitz run over and over gameplan on Tuesday was B.S.

  • It’s at least partially McDermott’s fault that all the blitz pressure that allowed the Webb scrambles came solely from the weak side. I can think of one strong side blitz, and it resulted in the Cole sack.

  • Does anyone think of the movie “Groundhog Day” when they read this headline…
    Seems like this is an issue every Year during the Coach AR,JJ and now SM era..
    Give me sdome 6’4″ 275-285lbs DE’s who can get to the QB.. Why are athe Eagles the only team that continues to play 6’1″ 255-260 lbs players and then act surprised when they are wore out by the end of the Season… Buddy Ryans D/Line were big,strong and fast.. .This small but athletic DE has not work for 10 years, so why keep adding/drafting smallish DE’s to the Mix and expecting defferent results..
    To Grifft,
    Good points all around and remember that with a young athletic QB who is Right-Handed and inexperienced, He is almost always going to roll out to his strong side which is his right side and the Defenses left side but I guess McDermott forgot to scheme for that….

  • Some of the defensive line blame has to be placed on the defensive line coach Rory from pine bluff after all Babin and Clemons are tearing up the league with sacks. Andy and Howie continue the Eagle franchise brain freeze when it comes to return men, pass rushers and running the ball but all their cronies like Eskin and
    Baldinger will continue to cover for them. Penalities are Coaching. Reid and Company will always come up short.

  • What? You guys were crying for Clemon to be gone!, Wondering as you do now why this or that player is on the roster. Yeah right.

  • The Eagles wont beat the big boys if they can’t get to the quarterback. It’s a little frustrating to see Jason Babin a sack leader when the Eagles just let him walk. He did show potential, but I never expected him to look as good as he has for the Titans. Who knew the guy the Eagles needed to improve their pass rush was already on the team?

  • Come guys, Babin went to a team that was aleady a pass rush leader in the pass. The Titans defense was designed for the pass rush for many years now, just like the Eagles defense was and is designed around its cornerbacks. Our DE’s are designed to sack that is the added benefit, they are designed to pressure, to spook the QB into throwing the ball away, where it can be hit down by CB’s, or intercepted. We have been master of that forever. We sack becasue we use to blitz often, but the concept was to funnel everything to the CB’s

  • To Mono
    Then why has the Eagles Secondary and in particular the “CB” allowed the most Passing TD’s in the NFL over the last 2 Seasons… It doesn’t sound this “Scheme” is too effective now does it…
    Your concept is only good as the players that play in it and a combo of Hobbs/Patterson at LCB
    isn’t good enough, so if your a DC and you realize this, why don’t you change your Scheme..

  • I don’t know really Paul good question, maybe for the same reason they lead the league in interceptions or among the top, and have done decent on sacks. Teams beat us on the pass every game, but they don’t beat us on a consistant at will tempo like some other teams with real bad secondary gets beat.

  • I think it goes hand in hand with a Strong Pass Rush Mono
    Most of the Eagles Int’s came in the 1st 8-10 weeks of the Season when the D/Line and Push Rush was more consistent, Samuel, D Patterson and N Allen has lot’s of big plays earlier in the season,
    but as ususal, when the Consistent Pass rush wanes late in the season due to COle/Parker and other smaller DE’s get worn down, it’s the same thing and than opposing teams/QB’s/Offensive Coordiantors expose this Eagle Defense for what it is, smallish,and it’s not a very physical coverage team in the Secondary (and hasn’t been for about 2-3 years now)
    This has been my biggest frustration with the team for a few years now..
    Stopping the run hsas been a point opf emphasis and the Eagles have improved in this area,no doubt, but giving up many big pass plays and leading the NFL in TD Passes given up and the worst Red-Zone in the NFL is not the trade-off I had in mind…

  • You need a pass rush in this league. The more time the Eagles give a quality quarterback, the better chances Patterson, Hanson, and Lindley get exposed.

  • and even 3rd String back-up QB’s like J Webb and S McGee…

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