• August 16, 2022

So, who do you blame the most?

Another year, another playoff loss. It is routine in Philadelphia to spend the month of January deciphering who is to blame for another loss in the post season. The only difference this year is that no one can point a finger at Donovan McNabb. Now, I’m sure someone right now is still cursing 5 for the loss on Sunday, but we should probably let the booze wear off before we actually listen to what that person is saying.

Never-the-less…the question is still there: Who do you blame? Unfortunately for Eagles fans, the list is long and plentiful. If five people were to look at the tape, all five might come up with a different answer. Let’s just take a look at a few of the nominees:

Akers, David

Fact: Regular season – 32/38, 84.2%

Akers missed only six kicks during the regular season. Of those who had at least 30 attempts this season, only three have a higher kicking percentage than Akers: Matt Bryant, Neil Rackers, and Josh Brown. Notice anything in common with those three guys? Yep, they’re all guys kicking in a dome. So to be at 84% is pretty solid.

That said, he missed two huge kicks against Green Bay. Yes… that is rare for Akers. Very rare. In fact, he has kicked 22 FG in the postseason setting the all-time Eagles franchise mark and placing him 5th all time in NFL history. So the guy knows how to kick field goals in the postseason. That doesn’t, however, shield him from his fair share of the blame. Those six points left on the field would have certainly helped… but let us not fall into a trap.

Anyone who says, “If Akers makes those, the Eagles win” is absolutely void of any football acumen. The game is not played in a vacuum and as the score changes, so does play calling. Had Akers hit his field goals, Mike McCarthy may have opened up the playbook a little more instead of chewing up valuable clock time on the ground. Akers gets his share, but he should not shoulder the loss.

Reid, Andy
Fact: Entered the game 7-1 as Eagles head coach in postseason home openers.

Everyone was reminded of the success Andy Reid has had in the playoffs… especially opening up at home. While this time, he didn’t have 5 under center, Michael Vick has proven to be more dangerous with his combination of speed and accuracy than Donovan ever was. On paper, this favored the Eagles, right?

Depends on what paper you’re looking at. Are you looking at the media guide before the game or the post-game notes? The post-game stats say it all. In a game that everyone knew the Eagles needed to be able to run the ball, Reid gave only 13 attempts to his running backs. 12 of those attempts were by LeSean McCoy and one by Jerome Harrison. Vick added eight runs of his own, but I highly doubt half of those were designed. In case you didn’t notice, the Packers employed a two deep zone and two deep man coverage scheme when not blitzing. This is ideal to run against and difficult to throw against. Makes sense that Reid would elect the pass, right? But I digress.

Compare those 13 rushing attempts to Vick’s 36 pass attempts and you realize that Reid implemented no balance… again. How many times do Philadelphia fans need to get frustrated over this lack of balance and play calling? Is it not every year that the same issues arise? And don’t tell me the Eagles don’t run the ball effectively because they were 5th in the NFL this season. Shady eclipsed the 1,000-yard mark while averaging only 13.8 attempts per game! That’s pretty productive.

Aside from the play calling, Reid made sure to burn his timeouts as well. Would it even be a question if Vick would spike the ball or call a play at the 27-yard line if he had a timeout or two in his back pocket? Down five, a first down at the 27-yard line and you might want to take two minutes to say, “Let’s not force anything here. We’re in great position to get the W.”

Instead, Vick feels rushed and wants to pick up whatever he can. I don’t have a problem with Vick going for the win. He had man coverage on the outside, throwing to his big target. He just under-threw it. The inability to manage his timeouts came back to bite him.

Let us not forget the inability to pick up 3rd and short. The Eagles had five 3rd down opportunities of three yards or less. They converted only one. The other eight 3rd downs were all 3rd and relatively long. Another product of bad play calling.

McDermott, Sean
Fact: Started two rookie 7th-round draft selections against Green Bay and was without the services of his 1st- and 2nd-round picks (Brandon Graham and Nate Allen both on IR).

McDermott came into Sunday’s playoff matchup with a lot to prove. After being handed the defensive coordinator position, he has done little to impress. His defense was torn apart last season, much of this season and it continued in the playoffs. Yes, Rodgers didn’t light it up through the air…but he did throw for three TD’s. It’s no coincidence that they were all in the redzone. What is worse is the success that the Packers had on the ground. James Starks simply had his way rushing for a Packer rookie playoff record of 123 yards.

What about lack of pressure? Was there a hand in Rodger’s face all day? Sure, the Eagles got a big sack at the end of the game and were able to force a turnover, but for the most part, Rodgers was comfortable. The front four had no pressure and there was nothing exotic off the edges. I understand completely that McDermott is dealing with a lack of personnel, but isn’t half of coaching the ability to succeed with a game plan? Are you telling me that good coaches simply have the best talent? No… McDermott came up flat (again) and needs to be held accountable for his failed game plan.

Line, Offensive
Fact: They are terrible.

Look no further than the 1st play of the game. To the Eagles credit, there was absolutely no talk of the Packers blitz coming into the game or the fact that Michael Vick was being hit too frequently. So I wouldn’t expect the offensive line to be prepared for the obvious. WHAT! The first play of the game!?

While the Packers visibly backed off and played a coverage scheme, Vick still took his shots. The offensive line certainly wasn’t the worst I’ve seen it this season… but it wasn’t anything good.

I’ll sum it up with Winston Justice’s stellar contribution. On one play he gets flagged for a false start. On the very next snap, a flag and a hat is thrown. Not only was he caught lined up a yard off the line, but then he got tagged with a hold. That’s three penalties in two snaps against one guy. Has that ever happened before?

Vick, Michael
Fact: In the first six games (minus first matchup with WSH when he got hurt) he had 15 TD’s and 0 turnovers. Since then, 15 TD’s and nine turnovers.

Michael Vick had an amazing season. From start to finish, he was an exciting player who was a threat to score, both with his legs and arm. That said, he needed to secure the ball in this one. And he did. Vick accounted for 292 yards passing, TD, 33 yards rushing, TD. He protected the ball well with his only turnover being the very last play of the game. Now, that is a pretty big turnover. Down only five from the 27-yard line, he needed to show a little more poise. I agree that he didn’t need to clock it at that point. You leave as little time on the clock as possible! However, if you are going to make that throw, it better be to the back pylon where only Riley Cooper can make the grab. He didn’t… game over.

I can’t criticize Vick for his overall play. He forces defenses to account for him at all times. I think he did a good job of hanging in the pocket and taking off when he needed to. The last thing I want to see happen is for Vick to get hurt, but he has to utilize his legs when he can. It’s what makes him so versatile.

I will say that over the last 11 years, people in Philadelphia ripped McNabb for game-ending picks or playoff losses. The guy threw for over 300 yards and 3 TD’s in the Super Bowl, yet still gets hammered for that performance. So let Vick own this disappointment. Let him own his share of the blame. Philadelphia let 5 go because he couldn’t win the big game and it was time to find out who could. Vick, albeit not simply his fault, didn’t win the game. To boot, it ended on a throw he made. There is inherent blame to that. It’s his… and it should be.

So… Who do you blame? I think it’s pretty clear who to blame for the Eagles 21-16 loss on Sunday. You blame the Eagles. The team. From the management who put the personnel together, to the coaches who didn’t coach, to the players who didn’t play. It’s that simple. This was a team loss from top to bottom. There is a lot of blame to go around, but I think it would be highly unfair to pin it on any one guy. It’s a team sport. You win as a team and you lose as a team. I think it was pretty evident on Sunday.

Jason Ashworth

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  • This is getting ridiculous….remove AR his staff and the entire philosophy changes and maybe then the Eagles will win a superbowl because it is obvious it is not going to happen with AR. I feel the most sorry for #7 because he will continue to take a beating because his stubborn HC will not run the football and take some of the pressure off of him and by running the football you also help keep your defense fresh late in games.

  • I blame Sarah Palin and Barack Obama too…

  • The FO and their “smaller speedballs” scheme has got to get some of the blaim. I’m pretty tired of getting all these small DE’s and DT’s just to watch them get pushed around like children. I’m still mad that we didnt get Earl Thomas in the first or try to get a bigger DE like JPP

  • That Jack ape Mike Missinelli blamed Mcnabb all these years now who do we blame Mikey Miss? All I heard from this guys mouth was Mcnabb this Mcnabb that dude if we would just realize with Mcnabb all those years if we had a run attack im 100% sure we would have won at least 2 super bowls.

  • Quite a bit of blame to go around. The defense was dreadful on third downs. Some people say the defense did a pretty decent job by only giving up 21 points but the Packers were putting together big time drives and eating up a ton of clock. Not to mention, Jacoby Jones should have caught that laser Rodgers threw which would have put the Packers up 21-3 at the half. On the other side of things, how do the Eagles who are the most potent offense in the NFL only put up 16 points in a playoff game?

  • Great Article Jason and spot on..
    The loss could be broken down in 3 simple areas

    #1) 3rd Down Conversions – Packers were very Good, (8-13) Eagles were Average (5-13) which directly leads into
    #2) Red-Zone Conversions – Packers were perfect (3-3), the Eagles were below average(1-3)
    #3) Negative plays (Sacks,Tackles for Loss of Yardage, Penalties and Turnovers)
    Packers (10 total Negative plays) and the Eagles (14 total Negative plays)
    #4) Special Teams — Packers made their kicks and punts, Eagles missed 2 FG’s (loss of 6 Points)

    To tell you the truth, the Eagles were very fortunate, they even had a chance on a last drive to possibly even win the game, in which they were outplayed and outcoached for 75% of the game..
    which just tells how funny th egame of football can be, A big play here, no penalty there, a FG made here and who knows… but bottom line, it was pretty obvious that the Packers came ready to play from the 1st play on which I cannot say about the Eagles and another slow start in a playoff game for the 3rd time in a row (Cowboys last year, Cardinals the year before that) is too much to overcome once your in the playoffs. The good teams are ready from the get-go which is a reflection of the Coach

  • I think Jerry Kramer was offside again

  • Reid

  • Ried or Marty M – whoeever had responsibilty for play calling – only handing the ball to LeSean McCoy 12 times borders on criminal. We should have had a minimum of 25 rushing attempts. It’s really hard to be a good O Line when the D Line knows what you are going to do – and the screen game – wasn’t working. Needed to pound the Packers – I realize runs of 5 yards, 3 yards and 4 yards aren’t sexy, but that’s a first down and time of possession – vice – 1 run for 5 yards and then 2 incompletes – maybe then a play-action pass fake would actually be worth something

  • 1. Lurie: this drool monkey bought the team with mommy’s money and runs it solely to make a fat profit. He will change nothing as long as fans continue to pour their hard earned money in to this idiot’s wallet.
    2. Banner: an arrogant know nothing accountant
    3. Reid: I can’t this stand this fatman. The loss in NFCG to Panthers and his subsequent “I am fine with my receivers” was the last straw for me. He has the power over the roster and built this team. He is ultimately responsible for the personnel. He is an overachiever who did well (if you count division titles and failure to win Super Bowl as doing well) when the NFC was weak and we actually had a defense run by Jim Johnson with playmakers. He had 13 picks in the last draft. How many impact players did he draft?
    4. Fans: some who continue to worship a Reid’s feet because they are content with being average. (For such a long time I have heard some say “at least we aren’t Lions”) It doesn’t hurt to aim for the stars and try to achieve it.
    5. Media: a bunch of cowards who cower in fetal position and have no courage to ask a follow-up question when fatso dismisses a valid question. I wonder what they are so afraid of. Afraid of losing the press pass and seats in the press box and free sandwiches?

  • 1) D cord- mcd is a joke.

    2) The guy who built the D. We don’t really know who that is do we? I mean… Banner?? Andy??? Sean??
    3) The guy who built the line. Prolly andy… 2 out of 5 IS bad.

    4-75. Dmac. Its always his fault remember? It was his fault in the cards game when he had the game winning drive and then he let the cards go right down and score on him. It was his fault last year that he couldn’t stop all the bubble screens and it was his fault this year that he couldn’t stop the run with no name backs looking like AP.

  • I have for years and continue to blame Reid. While I was not a huge McNabb fan and was keenly aware of his deficiencies which included his proficiency to come up small in big games, I didn’t feel that he was the primary cause for their big game losses. I still believe McNabb could, with an offense that fit his skills, win it all. In my opinion, the blame for the Eagles lack of a championship continues to land squarely on Reid’s shoulders for the following primary reasons:

    First and foremost for his ridiculous offense philosophy that places undue pressure on any QB and makes it very easy for most teams of playoff quality to defend. I wanted Reid gone before McNabb and still think the best step toward the Eagles winning a SB is to remove Reid from the head coaching position.

    Secondly for the defensive philosophy that features undersized lineman that always wear down and sustain significant injuries by the time they’ve played 16 games. If they could carry 6 or 8 more D lineman on the roster then maybe you’d have enough fast balls to make it all the way.

    Thirdly, for his inability to craft a game plan that focuses on the opponents weaknesses instead of doing what he darn well pleases and failing at it against skilled teams with superior coaching.

    Finally, for his inability to make timely, reasonable adjustments during the game and properly manage the clock and time outs.

    I can continue but I’m sure it’s all self-evident to most Eagles fans.

  • Seriously folks…. When does this stop? Jim j was great but towards the end his d came up short in the playoffs. Was it the personel?? Sure…maybe but if you have no say in who is drafted then your HC doesn’t trust you and you should leave. Maybe it was his idea to draft small fast guys. Sean has no idea what he’s doing and its time to cut ties with this D. R.I.P. Jim… And R.I.P. Jim style D.

  • Posted this on another thread…but I think this is interesting……

    Let’s go to the Videotape!!

    Check out the vid of the final play.(hope they let me put up the youtube clip – if not just google “Vick interception Tramon Williams”)

    Stop the Vid at 4 seconds. That’s interesting to see the wide open WRS that Vick never looks at while he throws to the blanketed Cooper. Of course perhaps it was the pass rush that rushed his throw…..except there’s no rush….

    Just Vick being Vick. He decided on Cooper before the snap. Watch the vid closely….Mr “Now makes his progressions New Vick” (BS) never moves his head to look for anyone else…including Maclin standing wide open at the 15.


    Blame whoever you want….this Superstar QB that you guys drool over cannot….cannot make reads or go through progressions.

    Never has…never will.

    The only other question is why Cooper didn’t chase Williams and strip him of the ball.

  • Great points MTC.

  • Reid – arrogant phat phuck still wears his GB super bowl ring and thinks that gives him the right to be rude to reporters and dismiss legitimate questions. All week I thought we could win because I truly truly thought we would run the ball because EVERYONE in the world aside apparently from the fat man realized we needed to do this to compete. And what do we do? Come out passing I think 7 of the first 9 plays, get 3 first downs through about the first quarter and a half and be down 14-3 at halftime. By then, defense is tired, o line is tired from pass blocking and their d and o lines doing perfectly fine. Recipe for success right? Yes Reid has had some success, but at some point just making the playoffs isnt good enough anymore. Schottenheimer got fired after going 14-2 because he proved over and over he couldnt motivate and game plan on the biggest of stages. Andy has proven that as well. Sure he’s proven and sure he can win games, but I think the players are at the point where they are tired of hearing the same crap from him and we need a change in the message to push us past the top. I need to watch the Philadelphia Soul just to wipe this game out of my memory.

  • Even if we had Manning as QB, Ray Lewis(in his prime) as LB, and (pick any two offensive lineman in league) we still would lose with Reid running 13 times

  • First Offensive play ended in sack 1)Reid needed another week to realize they could blitz and call a short pass to RB in flat, TE quick curl , WR slant

  • But tydm, it works for Andy when he plays Madden all the time! Bombs to DeJack and Maclin over and over!

  • i don’t mind Vick’s last interception 1) doesn’t Offensive genius Reid have 1 frikkin play in red zone that 1 2he8di3j person his open for his QB to win the game 2) QB should see the blitz coming atleast on the first play of the game

  • btc24 – Thanks and the answer IMO to your question “how do the Eagles who are the most potent offense in the NFL only put up 16 points in a playoff game?”

    Reid’s typical offense is very proficient against average, mediocre and poorly skilled and or poorly coached teams which nearly assure qualifying for the playoffs but fails against the highly skilled and well coached teams in the playoffs. I haven’t checked it out but your question raises a question in my mind. If judged solely on the final 5 games they played, what is the Eagles O ranking against the rest of the NFL. BTW, I don’t feel the blame belongs to Vick since you can only do so much under those circumstances.

  • It’s not the D, it’s the offensive play-calling. RUN THE BALL. The o-line doesn’t have a chance because the other team knows they can pass rush every play. mix it up! Fire Reid. Hire someone that knows how to run the ball. Bring Chilly in as coach. He knows the offense but also will call the run!

  • I’d love to have Childress INSTEAD of Reid as HC. All he’s needed is a decent QB. 2009 with a decent QB was amazing for the Vikings and you’re absolutely right GKLOB. Chilly knows how to keep defenders guessing.

  • Reid not rushing the ball more in this game and countless others which Eagles lost for same reasons
    is beyond comprension to all but the inner circle of the Eagles masterbating minds. This organization has serious flaws but will never see beyond coache’s belly.

  • Reids the obvious problem!! And to think we get to do this all over again next year..Happy..Happy..Joy..Joy!!

  • I tried to post the vid of the last play earlier, but its still awaiting moderation.
    Go to youtube and type in “vick interception Tramon Williams”

    Let’s go to the Videotape!! (you Vick apologists are not going to like what you see)

    Stop the Vid at 4 seconds. What’s especially interesting is to see the wide open WRS that Vick never looks at while he throws to the blanketed Cooper. Of course perhaps it was the pass rush that rushed his throw…..except there’s no rush….

    Just Vick being Vick. He decided on Cooper before the snap. Watch the vid closely….Mr “Now makes his progressions New Vick” (BS) never moves his head to look for anyone else…including Maclin standing wide open at the 15.

    Blame whoever you want….this Superstar QB that you guys drool over cannot….cannot make reads or go through progressions.

    Never has…never will.

    The only other question is why Cooper didn’t chase Williams and strip him of the ball.

    The eagles have serious problems….run/pass…samll DEs…trouble on the oline….but even if they fix those, this story is going to end the same way if “One look and run” Vick stays at the helm.

  • Or McCoy running free across the middle who would have gained at leat 7 or 8 and then OB to stop clock.

  • yeah i got to look at that, cause right now i am blaming Reid cause he had 1 play to have 1 person open for Vick. u are saying atleast 2 people were open to put blame on Vick. i am going to look now. even so i don’t like Vick or Reid on first play of game qb does not see the blitz coming and gets SACKED

  • And both plays there is no excuse that we have alot of holes. The other NFC teams have holes too.

  • If that is the case why didn’t philly reporters ask about wide open receivers

  • Kevin Kolb

  • Vinnie – I can think of only 1 or 2 people on this forum, not needing identifying, that think Vick is the second coming. Most others have a fairly balanced view and know that Vick has areas that need improvement which include making 2nd and 3rd reads, decisions and good throws.. Most, including many experts who showed and diagramed video slo-mo replays in the middle of the season, show Vick doing time and time again exactly what you say he never has and never will be able to do when he was not banged up and had a decent pocket with some time to make reads and throw the ball. Those videos showed Vick making 1st, 2nd and 3rd reads and delivering a very accurate throw to the open receiver. Maybe you weren’t watching or listening or maybe you were out of the country.

    I’ll thank you in advance for your steadfastness and willingness to identify time and again every one of his focus areas. I’m sure Mike is taking notes of your coaching tips and will focus on those areas for improvement during the off season. The fans will be able to lay all the credit for Vick’s improvements at you feet. Again, thank you!

    In all seriousness, I was rather impressed by Vick’s post game interviews and mentioning some of the things the he needs more work on. I hope and like to think that he’ll continue to improve and be even more effective next season as an Eagle. I know he’s not perfect, never will be and doesn’t need to be in a good offense.

  • Really, I only blame Reid. The game should never have come down the final play. Green Bay controlled the clock by running the ball and keeping our offense off the field. On the other hand, Reid did what he does best, put the entire game on the back of one person.

    Dishonorable Mention:

    Brent Celek’s bone-headed play killed our our momentum and changed the complexion of the game. If he hadn’t stepped out, it would have been a 3-point game, then we don’t even need to go the end-zone, because we were already in field goal range. And that play has no bearing on how Green Bay called plays, because it was their final series and we were only down by 5.

    I’ve heard a lot of different things, but no one’s really made mention of that play. I heard one radio jock say his feet were too big for the field. But realistically, no one was near him and no one forced him out. With the game on the line, he’s got to be aware of his position on the field.

  • Yeah Jackson was wide open at 15, i would still fire Andy for not running the ball

  • Kkep talkig aboutvick guys… If it went for him we would have been 6-10. Keep talking about our wrs Paulman… Better than most. Keep talking about pur strengths boys… Pay no attention to patterson and mikell and sims and all the other probs on d. You r blind.

  • maybe 6-10 is good, shows where we are…. get a better draft pick

  • If Celek hand’t stepped out on the 2-point conversion, Vick would have already led the team to a TD, scored a 2-point conversion, and put them in field goal range to tie the game.

    Instead, we had to try to score another TD. Celek’s mistake was huge.

  • we had 3 points in first half that is not Celeks fault. blame reid or vick but got to blame one of them

  • Like Steve Young said u have your elite 5 Qb’s and then u have the rest with major faults. Vick doesn’t do good against the blitz like other ones. we know that. Reid’s job to have playcalling for that. What happens on first play. Vick gets sacked on blitz. unbelievable. but not as bad as only running 13 times

  • Trade vick now while his value is high! Fire Reid and hire Chilly! and Go Kolb!

  • GKOLB – LOL!

  • I blame it on coaching. All of it. The arrogance of imposing your plan is cardinal. 12 years of the same BS with the unwillingness to change. Fact is that Galen Hall probable saved JoPas a$$. Enough already, I like Andy as a person but his game time coaching decisions are horrible. I will never forget Andy putting the red flag back in his pocket after the Desean Jackson fumble. He couldn’t even get that right. It’s time for some coaching changes but that will never happen. As long as the Vick jerseys are selling all is well.

  • let’s bring back MCNABB. he threw 3 interceptions in the Superbowl , 3 intercptions 45 passing % against panthers (total of 3 points)in NFC championship,and 52 % 1 interception and lost 2 fumbles against Tampa (total of 10) Sorry that not just having bad wr’s. he had Freeman,TO,Westbrook

  • I’m going to go with Andy Reid as my number 1, because I could call a defensive game against him:


    Most D coordinators can’t gamble and guess right 70% of the time, which brings me to Sean McDermott, who couldn’t even NOTICE that Green Bay was still running the ball, even when they had the lead, which was then an OBVIOUS time to run the ball… sure, be surprised on the first drive or two, but then PAY ATTENTION. Very frustrating – Andy should by all means put together the team, manage it, lead them, I think the players all play for him, and like playing for him… but he needs to get off the play calling, and I do hope Brad Childress comes back, and we run more than we have been, because balance is the key to keeping defenses off balance. This isn’t even really a football point, it’s more of a friggin’ math point, which I would guess Andy is not very good at math, cept when the numbers have $$$$$ in front of them. I think he’s a good man, has a big heart, but damn, thick, very thick skull. I’m willing to give McDermott one more season to see if he’s learning anything and to give him the benefit of healthier players, but the axe is getting close to dropping on him as well imho.

  • i watched Around the Horn and choice was Kolb or Vick and it was split i thought that was interesting

  • It begins and ends with Jeffery Lurie.

    He is in the press box for all of these games. He sees what we see on the field. He could call Andy into his office and tell him to run the ball more. Or get a superbowl coach that will (Cowher – Gruden)

    And he has decided to keep Andy Reid. And Andy Reid has a say in player personnel, the gameplans and the coaches. Ike Reese said that he looks at the Eagles defense and he does not see one player that will be a future pro bowler except nate allen.

    The first game of the season we were getting pulverized by greenbay until vick came in. At the end of the season we were getting pulverized by the Giants until vick turned it on. Vick was too beat up by the end of the season to do it again. Especially when the game starts with him getting pulverized. Replay that first play. Watch his neck snap back when he gets hit. Please watch the rest of the playoffs. Let me know when somebody gets a clean shot like that on Tom Brady.

    Andy Reid is a joke. He has so many people fooled. As Bill Parcels once said. You are what your record says you are. No SUPERBOWL wins in 12 years. Keep in mind TAMPA BAY and THE NEW ORLEAN SAINTS, the 2 WORST organizations in the history of the NFL have won SUPERBOWLS in that time span.

    Jeffie Lurie is the blame. He said he wanted this team to be modeled after the superbowl winning 49ers. The problem with that is that this is the East Coast. The team should be built like the Steelers not a warm weather/dome like team that got to play in a weak division, then got home field advatage most of their playoff runs.

    There are a couple of superbowl winning coaches available. And after the playoff tournement there will be a new hot assistant coach ready to be a head coach. There is coaching talent out there. Philadelphia can’t live the rest of their football lives afraid that if Andy leaves we won’t go to the playoffs.

    Great gain usually brings great risk. Tampa Bay got rid of a perinial winning coach(dungy) and went to and won the superbowl. Ohio State fired a 10 win a season coach and won a national championship. They simply would not put up with losing to Michigan even if the coach won 10 games. Now they never lose to Michigan. The Cowboys took a chance and hired a college coach. Twice! Switzer and Jimmy Johnson. Won Superbowls with both of them.

    There is the chance that a new coach won’t work out. So what. So far we have 0 superbowl titles. What do we have to lose.

  • This season reminds me a lot of when Mcnabb first started. They had a much better OLine then, but Mcnabb made up for the lack of Wide receivers with his mobility and Making big plays out of broken plays. They have the Wide Receivers now, but their OLine stinks. Vick is making up for the lack of protection with his escape ability and making big plays out of broken ones.
    The most complete team they have had under AR is the super bowl season. They recognized the voids they had from years past and picked up T.O., Jevon Kearse and Dahani Jones in the off season and almost won a super bowl. They were 13-1 at one point
    They are close now, but there are glaring holes. This off season go and sign Mankins OG from New England and either Joseph or Asamugha (before the cowboys do) at cb. I am sick of the last two seasons free agent signings oft injured players.Marlin Jackson and Stacy Andrews come to mind. In consecutive seasons they took a shot at Clemmons and Babin at DE, but somehow neither one of them could make it on the field for the Eagles. Both had double digit sacks this season??? Tapp couldn’t dress the first three games for some reason, Graham was a rookie and Teo’N is a high energy low talent guy they picked up in the third rd who had a 5th or 6th rd grade. Clay Harbour didn’t know how to block but somehow the Patriots were able to find 2 productive TE’s in last years draft.
    I believe that Vick can take us to the super bowl next season. Our offense is fine other than a Right Guard Hopefully Jamal Jackson gets healthy as well. The Defense needs a big play maker out there. I love Asante Samuel, but we need a physical player on that side of the ball as well. Look at the good Defenses in the league and they all have 2-3 big play guys on them. Matthews, Woodson and Raji on Green Bay. Suggs, Reed and Lewis on Baltimore. Farrior, Woodley, Harrison and Palamolu on Pitts. Etc…
    Philly is a blue collar town. Where did our Physical Defense go? There is No one on that defense that scares anybody.They have no identity either. Where are the Trotters and Dawkins and even Sheldon Brown.
    This off season after signing OLine and a CB for free agents. Draft the most physical DLineman, Linebacker, and Safety with the first 3 picks and get some toughness back in this Defense!

  • The Front office is to blame. Andy came to a team with key defensive pieces in place from the Ray Rhodes Era and never replaced key positions in the 1st 3 rounds after releasing strong leaders.

    We did alright with Lito and Sheldon to replace Vincent and Taylor but look at the rest.

    Hugh Douglas cut – traded up to get Jerome McDougal in the 1st round – Bust

    Jeremiah Trotter – Never replaced his production after countless years trying.

    Carlos Emmons – Never replaced his production after countless years trying.

    Brian Dawkins – Never replaced his production after 3 years trying.

    Hollis Thomas DT – Just started replacing his production by picking Dixon of the scrap heap but look at the “2” 1st rounders we used in Patterson and Bunkley who are less players than Dixon.

    How many so called “Fastballs” on the defensive line have we drafted within the 1st 3 rounds never see the light of day?

    Abimiri, Teo Neshem, etc.

    I know we’ve found production in the later rounds but successful teams must draft successful in the 1st 3 rounds where you have an opportunity to pick the cream of the crop. You can’t make a reach as we did for Considine to replace Dawk….or Freddie Mitchell’s when there’s Reggie Wayne’s out there. and Kolb? that’s for another blog


    This team misses often and even trade up to get lesser talent in the 1st round.

    Compare Brandon Graham to the pick the Giants took “Jason Pierre Paul” who is actually a better player.

    It’s either the players are worse or the coaches are not doing their job, which leads us to Segrest.

    Todd Pinkston and James Thrash must have left the”negatives of Reid in a compromising position” in Segrest’s possession.

    Why does this loser still have a job?

    Hw sucked as the DB coach…He sucked as the Special teams coach…and you put him in charge of the defensive line?

    When do you connect the dots and attach failure to a coach who habitually fails?

    The offensive side of the ball.

    I’ll go there on my next rant.

  • Vinnie…by the way

    Get use to Michael Vick…He’ll be around for a while.

    Follow your favorite clipboard holder to wherever he may end up. We’ll be looking forward to your criticism of Michael Vick for years to come.

    Anyway…this organization needs to look at improving major personel areas outside of the few we actually have probowl players in position.

    Linebacker, offensive line, defensive line, corner, safety. Let’s get these areas improved and with an improved offensive line we’ll see an even more Dynamic Michael Vick who is not running to survive every other play.

    I’m happy this year allowed us to get a look at our quarterback of the future, and what we thought would be a losing season turned out more than expected and we found our cornerstone for years to come.

    Finding our starting quarterback Michael Vick was worth the season.

  • Reid ,Howie Banner Lurie in that order

  • Paulman’s Rankings on Who to Blame for the Eagles Failures

    #1) HC Andy Reid — His pass happy first offense will never win a Championship
    #2) OC/DC – Coordinators should change things up and not be strictly “yes men” to Coach AR
    #3) DL Coach – R Segrest – has failed at every level as a postional coach and especially DL Coach..
    #4) GM H Roseman – too much wheeling and dealing in his 1st Draft and gave up too much to move
    up 11 spots for DE Graham, Team should have drafted Safety E Thomas at #13 or really stayed where they were at #24 and kept the 2nd/3rd Round picks for more quality choices. Draft Picks Teo Neisham, R Sapp were reaches.
    #5) J Banner/J Lurie – for sticking this long with Coach AR– he and his sytstem needs to go,
    time for new eyes,fresh ideas and philosophy for the Franchise…

  • Look at our defensive picks under Andy. Out of all these picks we probably had 5-6 guys that actually contributed and played some decent-good years. Many of these guys didn’t belong in the league or are just backups that we were looking to have big impacts. Just sad. I didn’t include last year because it’s too early to fully judge them.


    LB Barry Gardner
    S Damon Moore
    DT Pernell Davis


    DT Corey Simon


    LB Quinton Caver
    DE Derrick Burgess


    CB Lito Sheppard
    S Michael Lewis
    CB Sheldon Brown
    LB Tyreo Harrison
    DE Raheem Brock


    DE Jerome McDougle
    DE Janaal Green
    DB Norman LeJeune


    DB Matt Ware
    DB JR Reed
    DB Dexter Wynn


    DT Mike Patterson
    LB Matt McCoy
    S Sean Considine
    DE Trent Cole
    DT Keyonta Marshall
    LB David Bergeron


    DT Broderick Bunkley
    LB Chris Gocong
    LT Omar Gaither
    DT LaJuan Ramsey


    DE Victor Abiamiri
    LB Stewart Bradley
    CB Rashad Barksdale


    DT Trevor Laws
    DE Bryan Smith
    S Quintin Demps
    CB Jack Ikegwuonu
    LB Joe Mays
    LB Andy Studebaker


    DB Macho Harris
    LB Moise Foku


  • Don’t worry folks……we’ll be drafting a few more fastballs to be inactive next season too.

    We need a 3-4 philosophy with a new and better Defensive mind.

    JJ was a scheme expert who could draw it up in the sand but McDermott is really learning on the job.

    I’ll tell you what though..give us a real good offensive line and this defense looks a lot better playing with a lead.

  • Bring back Buddy Ryan!

  • Better yet, keep Reid and bring back Buddy as defensive coordinator. When Reid refuses to run the ball, Buddy will put a Kevin Gilbride on him.

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