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Another Plan For Eagles 2011 Offseason Moves

Another or our loyal GCobb.com readers, Paulman, has put together outline of moves the Eagles won’t make this off season and another lists of moves he does think they will do.

Paulman’s comments:

Here’s a couple of things that won’t happen during the 2011 NFL offseason:
#1) Eagles will not Sign CB Nnamdi Asomugha or Champ Bailey they are too old and want too much money.
#2) Eagles will not get a 1st Round pick in return for QB Kolb if they trade him (no team will give up a 1st Rounder for him, this is a deep QB Draft and there are some other QB’s with experience out on the market like a Kyle Orton, Donovan McNabb, A Smith, Matt Lineart, S Hill, Vince Young, Seneca Wallace, B Gradowski
that could fit a teams short-term QB needs while they groom a young QB)
The Eagles are more likely to get a 2nd Round and a 4th Round pick in return and should jump on it if they are offered, but asking 2 #1 Rounders is pie in the sky and will never happen

Here’s a few things that will most likely happen:
#1) Eagles place Franchise Tag QB Michael Vick and will attempt to trade back-up Kevin Kolb, but will ask too much in return, which most likley keeps Kolb in Philly for the 2011 Season in case Vick gets injured
#2) Eagles will not resign RB’s Jerome Harrison and Eldra Buckley as they look for younger back-ups
#3) Eagles will not re-sign Ernie Sims, Omar Gaither and Juqua Parker, Victor Abiamri, Ellis Hobbs,
#4) Eagles will offer 1 year deals to Stewart Bradley & Quintin Mikell only, which they will be very disappointed in and will most likely get bigger deals from other teams and move on
#5) Eagles will sign Akeem Jordan and Dimitri Patterson keeping them Eagles for 2011
#6) Eagles will offer 1 year deals to Max Jean-Gilles and Jamaal Jackson who both are likely to return
#7) Guards Reggie Wells & Nick Cole will not be offered deals and will move on
#8) Eagles will offer Owen Schmitt and Colt Anderson Deals to keep them in Philly
#9) Eagles will look to deal either DT’s Brodrick Bunkley or Mike Patterson with a mid-round Draft pick (5th/6th) to get a 3rd Round Pick in Return, Both players make over $1 million and they are not going to pay backups that kind of money with the emergence of Antonio Dixon who now is a Starter (Bunkley probably has a little more trade value being a little younger then Patterson)
#10) Eagles will ask FB Leonard Weaver for a reduction in salary and may end up with Medical Settlement if he does not progress well enough from his major knee surgery putting his playing career in jeopardy

After shuttling through the Current Roster on who stays and who goes, the Eagles will now have
needs at the following Positions and may look at Free-Agency to fill in some spots

#1) CB – Richard Marshall from Panthers, Antonio Cromartie from the NY Jets
#2) OLB – James Anderson from Panthers, Ben Leber from the Vikings, S Burnett from Chargers
#3) S – Antwan Landry from the Ravens or a Eric Weddle from the Chargers
#4) DE – R Edwards from Vikings, Cullen Jenkins from Packers , Tamba Hali from the Chiefs
#5) OL (Interior positions of Guard) – Clabo from Falcons, Nicks from the Saints, Gaither from Ravens

Eagles have 9 picks in the 2011 Draft and 5 Selections out of the Top 125 picks or so..
They may also get awarded a compensatory pick or 2 for losing some players the year before thru Free-Agency (Witherspoon,Babin,Westbrook)
Right now it appears to be
1st Round – #24 pick
2nd Round – #56 pick
3rd Round – #88 pick
4th Round – #106 pick (from Mcnabb Trade)
4th Round – #120 pick
5th Round – #146 pick (from San Diego trade)
5th Round – #153 pick
6th Round – #182 pick
7th Rouns – #213 pick

This is a pretty deep Draft for CB,LB,QB,DT,WR, Interior O/Lineman & RB
Not as deep at OT,DE,S,& TE..as in recent drafts.


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  • I disagree….they spend money on DE’s and CB’s and when they want one, they go out and get one. Samuel and Kearse are proof of that. Granted, they were much younger than Champ or Asomugha…but, I’d say Cromartie would be their safety net if either of the top 2 want too much money. He plays his best in bump & run which is a great fit across from Samuel.

    I’d love to see Weddle here too. Very solid player.

    I want no parts of any player on Carolina except maybe Beason (who you’d have to trade for).

    The other guy who I’ve heard they love and will make a run at is Logan Mankins.

  • Paulman –

    I think you are correct in most of what you said. Although I will not be suprised if the Eagles sign Asomugha; and during the draft trade Asante for a high 3rd or give up a 4rth, 5th and Asante for a 2nd.
    – I agree that either Patterson or Bunkley will be traded during the draft expect them to package one of those players with a 4th to get a 2nd round pick.
    – I believe the Eagles will end up with a 1st, (2) 2nd, (2) 3rd, 5th, 6th & 7th. that is a total of 8 picks, with 5 in the first 3 rounds. They can easily pull that off by doing their do diligence.
    – Tamba Hali if is an UFA will be a wild card for the Eagles. Hali played at Penn St. so he would love to be back in PA and the Eagles would be a force with Hali and Cole on the line. Add Asomagha or Marshall @ CB and the defense is automatically a top 5 dfense easy.
    – If no Hali or Ray Edwards expect the Eagles to draft a DE in 1st round and load up with DB’s, OL and WR in the draft.
    – Without a doubt Eagles top 3 positions of need to address through Free Agency or Draft are
    1. CB
    2. DE
    3. G or C
    4. Safety
    5. WR and LB depth

  • Acquiring Antonio Cromartie would be a mistake. He’s got tremendous athletic ability but he’s erratic. The Chargers got rid of him and the Jets have been disappointed in him. He can play the bump and run, but if you ask him to back off the wide receiver he gets torched.

  • This is the difference between Green Bay and the Eagles. After nearly getting Rodgers killed, they began to call plays differently.

    drummerwinslow says:
    October 13, 2010 at 5:05 am

    If you saw any of Green Bay’s 16-13 loss at Washington, you saw an offense that would make Graham Harrell and Colt Brennan jump in the air like Rocky and Apollo did in the ocean. The Packers spread the field and threw … and threw … and threw.

    By game’s end, they had called 53 pass plays and only 14 runs. While Rodgers threw for almost 300 yards, calling a pass on 53 out of 67 plays has its downside:

    a) The offense is slightly one-dimensional. The dudes out in front of Abercrombie have more layers than that.

    b) No time is burned off the clock when protecting a lead (Green Bay led by at least a touchdown for a good portion of the second half).

    c)The quarterback is susceptible to getting killed.

    Let’s start with the last point. Rodgers is tough, but passing or attempting to pass on nearly every down has its risks. That risk was realized on Sunday when Rodgers suffered a concussion late in the game on a helmet-to-helmet hit.

    Quarterbacks don’t suffer helmet-to-helmet blows, much less injuries, when they hand off the ball. Brett Favre might get tennis elbow from one of those ridiculous throwing fakes on running plays, but that’s about it.

    The other thing injured from constantly passing was Green Bay’s chance of winning, which brings us to the first two points. Due to the one-dimensional attack, the Packers only scored 13 points against a defense they should’ve riddled for twice that many. Personnel-wise, Jim Haslett’s defensive unit doesn’t match up against McCarthy’s offense. Even without running back Ryan Grant, Green Bay had favorable matchups running the ball; Washington was constantly spread out trying to defend the pass, and Albert Haynesworth, the team’s best defensive lineman (in theory), wasn’t playing.

    And still, the Packers had a comfortable 13-3 lead when they took over the ball with 6:42 left in the third quarter. Time to run some clock. So what did McCarthy order up on the next two series with a two-score advantage? Seven passes, three runs. One of those passes came on a third-and-1.

    Let’s review: 10-point second-half lead, third-and-1, on the road … and they pass the ball! They had to stay on the ground in that situation. Why? Even if they don’t get the first down, more clock gets chewed in the process of running the ball.

    It wasn’t just during the second half that McCarthy abandoned the run. The Packers ran Brandon Jackson out of a three-receiver set on their third offensive play of the game. Jackson, starting in place of the injured Grant, navigated his way through the front line maelstrom, made a brilliant cut, and wasn’t caught until he was 71 yards down the field. Jackson’s scamper led to Green Bay’s only touchdown.
    So how many times did Jackson get to run the ball the rest of the half after getting 71 yards on his first carry? Two — two! In fact, the drive after his big run the Packers ran six plays: Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, punt.

    Fox analyst Troy Aikman said during the broadcast that McCarthy had mentioned in a pregame production meeting that “we want to maintain some type of balance,” and he didn’t want to go through another season where his quarterback got hit all the time (Green Bay allowed the most sacks in the NFL in 2009 with 51). That’s what makes McCarthy’s play-calling in this particular game all the more puzzling, because maintaining any type of balance is precisely what the Packers didn’t do.

  • Paulman, I like your plan. Since you get to see the panthers players more then us you have a better idea what Marshall and Anderson can bring to the table. They would probably what Anderson just because he’s a physical LB. There is now way that the eagles trade Asante. G you are right in saying that Cromartie would be a mistake. I get to see a lot of Jets games and he looks lost at times. Not sure if it’s the system that Ryan runs that confuses him or not. Besides the jets will either keep him or try and pair Revis up with Asomugh since their BFFs.

  • I read this website everyday and love all the articles & posts, but I disagree with the feelings about the QB prospects for this years draft being talent rich. I scout the draft pretty diligently and I don’t agree that this years draft is deep in the quarterback position. Andrew Luck’s return to Stanford has severly hurt the depth & front end talent at the qb position. Most of the other potential first/second rounders have little to no experience in a pro style offense or are ill equipped to make the jump up in competition to the NFL level. Jake Locker ? Ryan Mallet ? Cam Newton ? Blaine Gabbbert ? Christian Ponder ? This draft is not strong from the QB position. Most of the guys above are not set up to win consistenly at the NFL level.

    I agree with you about CB’s & WR’s being talent rich in this draft but DT’s ? Again not enough depth in this draft.

    I agree that DE’s are not plentiful in this draft, good thing the Eagles wasted about 5 draft picks last year on DE’s ( 3 on Graham, 1 on Sapp, & 1 on that scrubb/reach from Washington whose name I refuse to learn to spell or pronounce since his time on this team will be short lived…

    I think Mankins & Ray Edwards both make a lot of sense. Edwards was on everyone’s radar after last season but a subpar 2010 on a bad team and no one wants him ? I believe he is still only 26 so I would make a strong play for him. but….

    Here is what I see the Eagles doing this offseason;
    (pending a new CBA to facilitate any trades or free agency movement)
    Trading Kobb for a 2nd round pick, drafting OG/C Pouncey from Fla ( they should have drafted his brother or Earl Thomas or Jason Paul Pierre last year ) or best available CB, Harris from Miami or Jennkins from Fla.
    2nd round go with CB Burton from Utah or best available OL , if CB was drafted in round one. Keep an eye on DT Marvin Austin too from North Carolina. Since big red now takes people with questionable character & high ceilings Austin & his big line clogging body could fit the bill.

    Hopefully the Eagles will also let get of Rory Segrest- I have never seen a coach fail at every task he is given & retain employment. Since the birds seldom listen to the fans I think incompetent Rory will be back again to help the D line regress even more… Note to McDermott & Segrest– Stop making Trent Cole drop into pass coverage.

    Keep up the great posts.. Only 105 days until the draft….

  • Paulman’s Mock Draft 1.1

    1st Round (#24) — DE Aaron Bailey (Miami) – 6′-3″ 285 lbs
    2nd Round (#56) — Safety Duentra Williams (UNC) – 6-2″ 210 lbs
    3rd Rounds (#88) — OL Ben Iljalana (Villanova) – 6-3″ 320lbs
    4th Round (#106) — CB Jalil Brown (Colorado) – 6-0″- 205lbs
    4th Round (#120) — RB/Returner Noel Devine (West Virginia) – 5′ 8″-180lbs
    5th Round (#146) — CB Chuckie Brown (Texas) – 6 0″ 190 lbs
    5th Round (#153) — Center Zane Taylor (Utah) – 6 2″ – 300 lbs
    6th Round (#182) — DT Cedrick Thornton (Central Arksas) 6-3 – 305lbs)
    7th Round (#213) — TE Wesley Saunders (S Carolina 6 5″ – 265 lbs)

  • GCOBB: I can’t agree with you that the eagles won’t get a #1 for KOLB! There are too many teams desparate for a QB. While there are several promising kids coming out, they all have ISSUES and none are a sure thing! If a team takes a shot and misses, it will set their franchise back 5 years. These days that means the GM and HC will be unemployed. Kolb is a much safer choice with a significant upside in the right system.

  • storres

    I don’t follow the college game much anymore and therefore know very little about draft prospects, but it seems that you do.

    Please post more often.

  • Dixie

    After the Herschel Walker trade, I agree, anything is possible.

  • To Storres,

    I agree with A Luck dropping out that this hurts the top-tier QB’s
    but when you look at the 2nd level or less publicized QB’s there are a lot of pretty good ones

    My Top QB’s who are flying under the Radar

    #1) C Kaepernic (Nevada at 6-41/2″ – 220 lbs
    #2) T Taylor (Virgina Tech 6-1″ 215 lbs)
    #3) TJ YAtes (UNC at 6-4″ 220 lbs)
    #4) R Stanzi (Iowa at 6-4″ 230 lbs)
    #5) Pat Devlin (Delaware at 6 3″ 225 lbs)
    #6) A Dalton ( TCU at 6 2″ 220lbs)
    #7) G McElroy (Alabama 6 2″ 225lbs)
    #8) M Mustain (USC 6 3″ 210 lbs)

    I am not saying any of the players are Starters out of the gate, but a team with good coaching and some time on their side can get a more advanced QB this year in the middle to late rounds then in recent NFl Drafts and find themself a pretty good player from some good programs,,

  • Storres – I agree that the QB class is not very strong. to many QB’s without the full package. The 2 best prospects are Gabbert and Mallet the rest are not worth drafting in the first round. Locker is worth a second round choice, after him I wouldnt draft another QB until mid-late 3rd round maybe Ponder. Cam and Tyrod are going to be awful in the NFL. Tyrod looked awful against Stanford he would go through his reads and he kept looking at the pass rush for lanes to run instead of the Wr’s and what coverage the D was in. Newton will be similar to V. Young and be ok but nothing to invest a high pick or allot of money on. Cam will stay in the league due to his athleticism and size.

    Paulman – I like your mock draft I wouldnt complain if the Eagles picked those players. Although I doubt Chuckie Brown will be around in 5th round. He is a 3rd round talent.

    If Eagles trade Kolb, I would take a shot @ Stanzi if I were the Eagles. He has some potential and could be a steal in the 5 or 6th round. Also I think we need to draft a WR with a 6 2″ or 6 3″ 215lbs type of fram to help in redzone and keep the chans moveing. If Macklin or Desean get hurt than we only have 3 decent WR’s. So we need to add another for sure for depth.

  • Personally I think Birds should serious consider drafting a center late in the first round. Stefen Wisniewski from my Penn St. would be excellent choice. Smart guy, NFL heritage (like LONG), and a mauler. Florida dude ( Mike Pouncey ) also a good choice, and possibly the better one. Have to check the intangibles with him I understand. Drafting a DE is an area where needs are not as strong as OL I think.

  • @ G….I agree Cromartie wouldn’t be my first pick, but coming off a sub-par year in Jew York, you might get him cheaper….and his bump & run style would fit well with the Dez Bryants and Hakeem Nicks we have to face for the next 5 years. And although he has flaws in his game, he’s still a major upgrade over Hobbs/Patterson.

  • Paulman 2011 Mock Draft 1.2

    1st Rd (#24) – CB Brandon Harris (Miami) 5-11 195lbs
    2nd Rd (#56) – O/L Matt Reynolds (BYU) 6-6 325lbs
    3rd Rd (#88) – Safey Mark Barron (Alabama) 6-2 210lbs
    4th Rd (#106) – OLB Chris Carter (Fresno State) 6-2 235lbs
    4th Rd (#120) – DE Pierre Allen (Nebraska) 6-4 265lbs
    5th Rd (#146) – TE C Graham (Louisville) 6-4 255lbs
    5th Rd (#153) – C Zane Taylor (Utah) 6-2 300lbs
    6th Rd (#182) – CB Byron Maxwell (Clemson) 6’0-205lbs
    7th Rd (#213) – ILB Scott Lutrus (U Conn) 6-2 240lbs

  • Better Paul. CB needed more than DE now I think. My guys will be gone by 24 I expect.

  • I like both your selections, I just don’t seeing them being around when the Eagles select
    I think Pouncey is gone by the #20 pick in the 1st Round and Wisnewski an early to mid 3rd round
    Selection would be my guess…
    A lot really depends Beijingjake if the Eagles go out and sign a quality Free-agents
    If the SIgn a CB, they will focus on on DE and OL, if they sign a DE, they’ll go CB and OL etc,etc,
    If they sign no one, they probably go CB,OL,DE,LB,Safety,TE as positions of need

  • If the panthers offer to trade you Vick and the 24th pick for their #1 would you do it?

  • Tough vricchini but I would say no. Looking at our needs and who would likely be drafted at number 1 the only real choice would be DE Dequan Bowers or DT Fairley for us and although good, neither are worth pulling the trigger for. We dont need a receiver in Greene, we wouldnt need to draft a QB at #1. Which leaves the two CBs Peterson and Arukamara. But if we were to take a CB as 1st overall and pay the mega bucks we may aswell sign Asomugha and save a pick.

  • Also on a side note, I doubt AR would use a first round pick on a DE. Considering they like Cole and they spent a 1st rounder plus 2 other picks moving up last year to draft Graham it would be a waste to use a 1st on another DE who wont get immediate playing time and help the team. We have bigger needs that need to be filled.

  • First round pick if we dont trade down will be one of these four: OT/G, CB, DT, C. Nothing else makes sense. QB, HB, WR and TE are ok. S is marginal but I doubt we use our first pick on a S. And Andy doesnt value linebackers so scratch all MLB and OLBs. And as per my last post I cant see him using another first rounder on a DE.

  • No go Virrichini,
    Panthers own Richardson would never have QB Vick in a Panther Uniform by the way…
    Panthers need D/L and DT hp especially, I would see them trading down if they could find a trading partner but don’t see it happening, I think the They DT Fairley from Auburn…

    To Mimi,
    If depends on wht happens at DE for the EAgles..
    B Graham suffered that knee injury in EArly DEcember, he may not be able to return to action
    to about October at the earlier, in fact 2011 could even be a lost season for him totally..
    WIth J Parker another year older and due to make big $$$ nex tseason, he may end up being released and DE V Abiamri may never be medically cleared to play so DE is a position of need
    The Other Position is Safety.. If Eagles do not re-sign S Q Mickell and they have Nate Allen agains with a late season injury and sugery, Allen may not be ready to play until Sept/Oct at the best..
    so now all of a sudden the Sadety positons becomes pretty thin again on the Eagles

  • But would a position thin because of injury cause them to use a first rounder as a stop gap you think?

  • It could Mimitaro,

    T Cole is not getting any younger and probably has 2-3 solid seasons left, J Parker may a salary casualty and Graham could be slow to return from injury, and Abiamri is most likley a medical settlement per many observors.. This leaves Tapp with the 2 young players Teo and Sapp drafted last year and there are doubts about Sapp being strong and big enough to even play at the NFL level..
    There are lots of unsetteld players and issues here at the DE position may be the weakest and less quality proven depth than any position on the entire team..

  • mimitaro and paulman.. good stuff guys

  • Paulman, I hope we upgrade DE through FA then. Using another early pick on a DE seems such a waste. On the assumption we dont pick up anyone in FA and the team is similar now to draft day then I hope we use our first rounder on a CB if a decent guy is available and we dont have to reach. If not CB then the C/G Pouncey who would hopefully be motivated to be as successful as his brother. Something needs to be done about that interior and right side of the line.

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