• June 27, 2022

Defensive Reform In Five Easy Steps

This week marks the end of our 12th annual “Grief Week” for Eagles fans under the Andy Reid era. Another season… the same result.

I’ve listed five obtainable steps to begin the path towards repairing the defense.

1. Coaching Changes: I never saw it coming, but the good news is that step one is now complete. While all of the blame shouldn’t have fallen on his shoulders, it was reasonable to suggest it was time for Sean McDermott to go. Did the Eagles defense suffer from injuries? Sure. Was McDermott hamstrung by a constant crop of undersized players? Perhaps. But having the worst red zone defense in recent NFL history is unacceptable.

The same goes for Rory Seagrest, the defensive line coach who brilliantly allowed the likes of Pro Bowl caliber ends in Jason Babin and Chris Clemons to walk without recognizing their potential.  Have Trent Cole, Brandon Graham, and Daniel Teo-Neshiem suffered too? Yes. Despite the uncertainty of the coming replacement decisions, the Eagles are likely in a position to correct their defensive problems from the top down.

2. Sign Nnamdi Asomugha: Last year, the Eagles had the opportunity to get a big, defensive playmaker named Julius Peppers. Had they signed him, it’s quite possible that we would all be preparing for an NFC Championship game here at Lincoln Financial Field, not Soldier. The Eagles can’t make the same mistake with this year’s top defensive free agency talent.

3. Gamble on the Line: In swapping Broderick Bunkley for Antonio Dixon, the Eagles have found a younger, more impressive improvement at DT. The answer is simple, and you can see it the minute Dixon lines up. Size. However, I’d propose another name as an improvement to Mike Patterson that few fans and experts are talking about. Is he a character gamble? Sure. But in considering the ever-closing window of the Michael Vick era… it’s one we might want to consider. Albert Haynesworth.

Haynesworth may be cut by Washington this off-season. We know he won’t play for a 3-4 defense anymore, so it rules out his chances of signing with half of the other teams in the NFL. His recent baggage (and recent big-money payday) could serve to soften the financial blow short term, as the Eagles could grab him for a temporary deal at a fair price. If Haynesworth’s career and reputation could be revived through motivation, something Andy Reid has much experience with in a guy named Michael Vick, then his presence on the line could mean an unstoppable pass-rushing force.

4. Two Options at Linebacker: Both Jamar Chaney and Stewart Bradley belong on the field together. But who’s the third guy?

First Option: Sign Paul Posluszny. If he doesn’t chose to return to Buffalo, Puz is a dominant linebacker when healthy and the type of leader that the Eagles haven’t seen since Jeremiah Trotter. He’d likely play the middle, while Chaney was moved to weak and Bradley to strong.

Second Option: If free agency fails, draft Casey Matthews of the Oregon Ducks. The brother of Clay Matthews (who?), the younger and slightly smaller Casey (6’2, 235 lbs) has a similar drive with excellent potential as a weak-side or eventual MLB. He has speed, great tackling ability, and a nasty attitude that the Eagles could use. This option would come cheap, as Matthews isn’t a first round talent. Matthews’ height and speed could give the Eagles multiple options in pairing him with Chaney and Bradley.

5. Immediate Round One Impact: Adrian Clayborn is a 6’4, 285 lb DE, and the undisputed leader of the Iowa Hawkeyes defense. His sack stats won’t wow you (in his senior year he only recorded 4, well below his 11 in 2010), but see him on the field and you’ll instantly know that Clayborn is a man among boys. His size, leadership qualities, nasty streak, and tremendous upside are the types of qualities that could make him a nice anchor on the other side of the line from Trent Cole. He’d also make Bradley, Chaney, and whoever else plays behind him better.

Since Clayborn is a top 10 draft talent, the Eagles would likely have to trade multiple picks to move up and get him (perhaps including Kevin Kolb to a team such as Arizona, Cleveland, San Francisco, or Tennessee).

Jason McBride

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  • 3. I’d take Haynesworth with this coaching staff. He’s take on some of those double teams to keep Cole freed up. We saw what a joke Shanahan was and Andy runs a tight ship so I doubt we’d have similar problems with Haynesworth. Not saying I admonish Haynesworth, but I’m sure it’s hard to play for a guy that publicly embarrasses you and doesn’t seem to have your best interest at heart.

    4. If anyone needs to continue to play it’s Fokou. In my opinion Bradley is the one that would need to go if I had to pick one. Fokou was solid. He doesn’t need replacement.

    5. I’m tired of all the DEs busts. If they get a very good DT then DE becomes less of a problem. For instance if you have guys like Haynesworth and Dixon it’s easier for our pass rushers because our tackles are occupying 2 guys. But obviously, if you don’t get a better DT then you need a better DE. But between all the picks last year and pass busts I’m not sure we can count on this team to draft an impact DE. I mean do you really think they would spend 1st round picks in back to back years on a DE? What does that say about Graham? “Oh, we F’d up last year, so here you go”. They aren’t going to do that.

  • I’m not a fan of brining in Haynesworth. Dude is a chump and an absolute cancer to any team. I really like the Nnamdi and Posluszny signings. I’d really like to see the Eagles go after Ray Edwards from Minnesota. I think he’s only like 26 years old. Then I’d like to see the Eagles use their 1st round draft on a lineman. Michael Vick will be lucky to be standing come playoff time next year if we don’t fix the line ASAP.

  • btc, he’s not a cancer to any team. I agree his behavior was unacceptable but he was a beast in Tennessee and then came to Washington and had him playing in the 3-4 (which isn’t his strong suit) and then the coach is a joke. While I agree that he should have been more professional but what he did in Washington is not indication of what would happen here with this coaches. You can never say that about any player. Well maybe except TO but it’s not just that simple to say that.

  • Can’t subscribe to the above as THE 5-step method to totally upgraded defense. Change begins at top, and even if you keep Reid, who is the signature DC to replace S.McD. It’s very easy to find a DL coach. You state, “Puz is a dominant linebacker when healthy…” Please, no more guys with serious knee injuries in recent past. Haynesworth??? Are you absolutely sure the new DC won’t convert to a 3-4 here? I wouldn’t hire a guy who gave up on a play and laid down in the middle our 2nd ‘Skins game… the guy has no pride in his craft, no heart. As far as we know, nobody with high draft pick is knockin’ on door for Kolb and March is not far off that no teams will be able to swap picks or trade. Too much has yet to be determined before considering such future plans.

  • Fair enough Scorp but the dude crushed a man’s head in a game once. Reid and Co are not going to tolerate that sort of thing. They probably feel like they already have enough on their hands with a guy like Vick leading their team; much less a Haynesworth. I probably wouldn’t hate the signing IF it ever happened but I wouldn’t be jumping up and down.

  • Paul p can ball when healthy

  • Not sold on Haynesworth but he cold be an option after he’s brought in and sat down with the FO and Coaches to have it explained how it works on a football team that has a chance to win. If not him they should look at the kid from Ole Miss Jerrell Powe he’s a big kid that could be a 3-4 DT but I don’t see why he couldn’t play in a 4-3…that would give us beef in the middle of the line to close down some running lanes. Nnamdi is a must and I don’t see Posluszny leaving Buffalo. I think that were set at DE but Edwards would be a nice option as well. If Edwards were to come here what would happen to Graham? Could he possibly move to LB? There’s a lot of questions to be answered, so it should be an exciting off season for eagles fans as long as there is a new CBA when the league year starts.

  • Dang.. there needs to be an edit option on this board!!!!!!!!

  • Quote: “Paul p can ball when healthy”
    Here we go again, and there’s not much out of PSU I’d want these days.

  • btc, yeah I agree. But it was a Dallas Cowboy so it didn’t bother me LOL. Naw I’m kidding. But after than he became the premiere DT in the league and didn’t cause problems. And it seems he isn’t causing problems in DC per se, but more resisting to the type of discipline that Shanny is trying to use. If he gets released, I think it’s worth a shot to see what he has. Write an incentive laden contract and go from there. Just my thoughts. I guess I am that desperate but I’m not use to see Eagles defense this poor.

  • I think the move to a 3-4 is out of the question. Although is it me or do you guys feel like we definitely have the personnel to do it outside of a NT? Graham is a tweener and even Trent Cole was actually drafted as a LB.

  • At this critical point, beware of change out desperation. I want to know who the new DC is, and will he be given free reins to be creative and serious input into what we need to turn this into an a- – whoopin’ defense. Not sold on Jauron as longtime replacement yet.

  • 2 things I have to say about drafting defensive “studs”

    1. There’s no telling how much of an impact they’d have in their 1st year let alone at all which leads me to my second point

    2. I have no faith this team can draft a “stud” who can immediately make an impact. Another 5 year plan won’t do.

  • We don’t have a NT yet and going to a 3-4 necessitates that be priority position to be filled via trade or draft.

  • Agree with Scorp… Haloti Ngata is the kind of guy you need to get.

  • Scorp, you’re dead-on regarding point 2; this team does not know how to draft a defensive “stud.” Trent Cole was the last stud they got and they got luck on him in the 5th round.

  • Good stuff Jason and a good read..
    I do have some issues though with your 5 Point Pland and some of your players listed

    #1) Didn’t read or see who your preplacement DC would be…
    #2) If the Eagels weren’t willing to spend the $$$ for Peppers last year, do you really think they would spend a similar amount of $$$ this year for CB Asmogoah…
    #3) Haynesworth is way too much of a gamble , He’s going on 30 years of age now who has very little motivation with all the $$$ he has already received..He wouldn’ last 2 weeks in Philadelphia.
    #4) Paul Posluszny has had a ACL injury and other injuries in career since his Penn State days and is a player they need to stay away from ..(there are lots of good Free-Agent LB’s who have no history of knee injuries that the Eagles could pursue instead like Chad Greenway,Ben Leber, Steven Tulloch, James Anderson, S Burnett)
    #5) DE Clayborn from Iowa had a very average Senior Year.. He went into this Season as a
    potential Top 5 pick and one of the Nations Top DE’s but has slipped to a late round projected players.. There have been some rumblings about his work-ethic and some off the field issues.. He probably has slipped behind other DE’s such as D Bowers, R Quinn, R Kerrigen,C Jordan, JJ Watt, C Heyward per most NFL Observors..
    I do expect that Clayborn will be on the board when the Eagles select at #23.. ( I think they will
    taek Cameron Heyward from Ohio State instead..)

    Godo stuff Jason
    Do you have any comments/suggestions about upgrading the Safety position and the Eagles O/Line
    or do you think they are ok there..

  • So help me God if the Eagles pick up or draft ANY player this offseason with an ACL injury.

  • All my friends think I am crazy for wanting Albert Haynesworth. I think he is what we need on the D-line. I am tired of teams running on us especially running over Patterson. Haynesworth only attitude problem was with the 3-4 defense. It make sense because we are 4-3. I do not care about his baggage. How many SuperBowls do we have with the pansies we kept getting or drafting? GO AND GET HAYNESWORTH!!. FO and Andy will straighten his attitude aout.

  • some good thoughts/ideas…but its not as easy as it sounds.

    dont think its going to be that easy for the Eagles to sign Nnamdi this season, he’s going to want alot of $. Would it be worth it? I dont know, I have some mixed feelings, very solid cover corner, but 19 tackles on the season 0 Int’s, that doesnt really shout “Game Changer” to me

    ….I do agree the Eagles can’t make the same mistake with this year’s top defensive free agency talent. There are some good LB’s out there as mentioned Paul Posluszny also James Anderson (CAR) dont let the team he plays for fool you!
    I like Stephen Tulloch (Tenn), this cat is a beast 26 year old, he’ll help sure things up against the run a big plus is he also started and played in every game this season!

    Albert Haynesworth? It all depends on his attitude! Leaving Washington will be embraced by him no doubt! We’ve seen how the coach handled McNabb, but you could see he wasnt a good fit with the Skins…
    We definitely need to find an impact player on the front line of the D whether through the draft or free agency – what about Ray Edwards from (MIN) 26 year old 6 foot 5 268lb – posesses some skills to get pressure to the QB and get sacks…he’s an underrated talent if you ask me…this is the type of players I think the Eagles should be going after during free agency…those cats that are right under the radar…

  • Some of you have mentioned Haloti Ngata and I think I just saw that he was voted to the AFC All Pro team. Don’t think a team like the Ravens is going to let a guy like that walk.

  • Found this Online by Bob Cunningham

    With Sean McDermott out as the defensive coordinator and a 3-4 trend hitting the NFL once again, everyone is wondering whether or not the Eagles could, and should, consider a switch in defensive philosophy.

    First things first, Andy Reid and the new defensive coordinator (whomever that may turn out to be) would have to decide if they have the talent on the roster to make it work.

    When transitioning from a 4-3 to a 3-4, a team must first make sure they have a reliable noseguard. The Buffalo Bills made the switch and found Kyle Williams, the Green Bay Packers made the switch and drafted B.J. Raji, the Washington Redskins made the switch and had absolutely no one.

    Williams is a Pro Bowler, the Packers are in the NFC Championship game, and the Redskins are in complete disarray — so clearly a noseguard is very important.

    For the Eagles, they might have one in Antonio Dixon. From what I’ve seen, I would be cautiously optimistic that he could handle playing the middle and covering both A-gaps. He has a great first step and clearly understands leverage and how to stop an offensive lineman’s momentum.

    He’s also 6’3 and 325 pounds, so that certainly doesn’t hurt.

    For defensive ends, the only one I’m certain could pull it off is Brodrick Bunkley. He’s got a good mix of speed and power to play the end position. If he’s asked to control C-gap and squeeze down to B-gap, I believe he could do that.

    His pass-rushing ability could be an issue, but that is something that could be worked on and taught over the offseason.

    The other end would have to either be Mike Patterson or Trevor Laws, and I find myself leaning toward Laws because of his ability to rush the passer. Of the defensive tackles, he has the best feet but might lack in the running game.

    There’s a good chance that Laws could get washed out and create a huge hole up the B-gap or lose contain if he tries to take an inside step and gets caught. At 6’1 and 305 pounds, he has a low center of gravity but hasn’t shown an ability to play the run consistently.

    Patterson could be a guy used in a 4-3 set or as a backup to Dixon. He isn’t even as big as Laws at only 300 pounds but has shown an ability to stand his ground and play the run. It would be a real shot in the dark as to whether he could hold up for an entire game, but should Dixon go down having Patterson would be a good safety net.

    The linebackers are much easier to choose. In a 3-4, the outside linebackers obviously have to be able to rush the passer and have enough athleticism to drop back into coverage. The two clear-cut favorites on the roster are Trent Cole and Brandon Graham.

    Cole spent a lot of the season dropping back into coverage because apparently McDermott thought it would be a good idea to send his best pass-rusher backwards. Even though it was a ridiculous thought to put him in coverage, he did a pretty decent job of it.

    Cole would be asked to rush the passer more often than not, and we’ve seen him do that in a stand-up position before when he played the Joker role for both Jim Johnson and McDermott.

    Coming out of college, Graham was considered a ‘tweener. In fact, a lot of scouts and draftniks thought he would be better suited as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 and had him going to the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots — two teams in need of 3-4 outside linebackers.

    And the draftniks aren’t the only ones who think Graham would be good in a 3-4.

    “Woo, man, I would love that,” Graham said Sunday in a conference call with reporters. “Being a stand-up [linebacker] with Trent [Cole] on the other side? That would be nasty. That would be nice. I would be excited about it, I can tell you that much.”

    I’m also of the thinking that Graham is probably more suited as a stand-up linebacker. That doesn’t mean he can’t play defensive end in the 4-3 or even that he won’t be a very good 4-3 defensive end, but he reminds me a lot of Elvis Dumervil and could probably play just as well.

    So far, we have Laws, Dixon, and Bunkley on the line with Cole and Graham playing outside linebacker. All that’s left is finding two inside linebackers.

    The obvious two choices for that would be Jamar Chaney and Stewart Bradley.

    Chaney is tough enough to play MIKE in the 4-3, so he shouldn’t have any issue being given half the responsibility as a 3-4 inside linebacker. Then Bradley, who is a natural SAM in the 4-3, should be more than capable of handling the calls and playing half the field in coverage when the outside linebacker next to him blitzes.

    The secondary is obviously unchanged by the move and would remain the same.

    If the team chose to switch to the 3-4, they would have an entire offseason to pick from free agency and the draft in order to fill their needs. However, should they decide to make the 3-4 nothing more than a variation from their normal 4-3 set a handful of times during a game, they could probably run it with some success given the talent currently on the roster.

  • Want zero parts of Haynesworth or drafting another undersized LB. Poz is a good player when healthy, but he’s never healthy. And I can’t see them draft another 1st rd DE.

    I also disagree Chaney has done enough to earn a starting position. Great against the run, but putrid against the pass. He was a 7th round pick on purpose.

    Greenway, David Harris, and Rocky McIntosh would be great fits at LB. No player from Carolina would ever make my roster.

  • To Paulman

    If the Eagles pick Heyward over Clayborn it will be another bust. I look @ Clayborn in a similar way to Sapp. Potential is un real but has some bagage. I would hate to see us pass him up @ the 22nd pick. I alos like C Jordan out of Cal!

  • i like it. lets carry this plan out…

  • Chaney scouting report out of college, was that his weakness was against the run, strength was in space in coverage… with game experience he will only get better…he was a great pick for a 7th rounder….

  • Cunningham makes some valid points in the article posted by Gotta Luv It. If there going to switch to a 3-4 they need to do it now before free agency starts. That way they can evaluate what they have and what is out there to be had. There should be some nice LBs in free agency. Now that Singletrary is going to the Vikings, we may look at someone from the Packers to be our DC.

  • Cunningham makes some valid points in the article posted by Gotta Luv It. If there going to switch to a 3-4 they need to do it now before free agency starts. That way they can evaluate what they have and what is out there to be had. There should be some nice LBs in free agency. Now that Singletrary is going to the Vikings, we may look at someone from the Packers to be our DC.

  • interesting I only meant to post that once but the page timed out…….

  • do we have a DC yet? has to be someone on a team remainning if a decision has not been made

  • Chaney was a great pick for a 7th rounder, but you’re ready to hand over the starting MLB to him after 5 starts? And the scouting report might be right coming out of college….but if you watched the game, you saw him getting abused in the pass game. He is a great backup LB and special team player. Nothing more…

  • Godson Blue Print to a Super Bowl

    Trades & current roster signing and cuts
    Bunkley & 4th for a 2nd
    M. Patterson Trade to move up in draft
    Bradley (3 year deal move to OLB)
    O. Gaither – Cut
    N. Cole – Cut
    Hanson – Cut
    Vick – Tag
    Desean – 5 Year deal
    Kolb – Trade only if we can get at least a 1st and 3rd.

    Free Agent
    RG – L. Mankins or C. Nicks – Need to pay up for one of these Pro bowl RG’s.
    CB – Asomugha, C. Rodgers or Marshall – Need to sign one of these guys
    DE or DT – T. Hali, R. Edwards, (DT) B Mebane, (DT) R. Seymour (Need on of these players and can draft the other position early in Draft) Best option would be sign Mebane and draft Claybourn @ DE, becuase I highly doubt T. Hali will leave K.C.

    If the Eagles address the RG, CB and DL like I mentioned above then they can draft with best available instead of need.
    I do not think LB is essential. I do beleive DE is our most important position since Graham will be out until November at the earliest. CB is #2 OL #3 S#4 DT#5 LB#6 based on roster before free agents are signed.

    With trades should have anywhere from 5-6 picks in first 3 rounds if they trade Kolb, Bunkley and/or Patterson.
    They should load up on DB’s, DL, draft a LB & WR in first 3 Rounds. Get another OL in 4th.
    If they do something similar to this bleprint they will be super bowl bound easy, with un real depth accross the board.

  • @ Godson….you are prohibited from making trades for players without the CBA in place.

    This will not be the usual off-season where all you focus on is making moves to better your team.

  • @MJacobs

    Chaney played better than any of our LB”s this season! If you ask me, he was the lone bright spot in that position…Bradley took a while to come back into form and still wasn’t that impressive!…And even when we saw Bradley at his peak during the season, Chaney still played better or just as well! and for a rookie that is saying a lot! Chaney will only get better and yes, he should be a starter! WHO WOULD YOU start over Chaney on the current Eagles roster? Bradley? there aren’t enough solid players on this team at this postionto keep this kid off the field! Do you watch the games?

    On another note, What do you guys think about our chances of drafting JJ Watt (Wisconsin)
    Cameron Hayward (Ohio State) Allen Bailey Miami DE’s…think these guys will be available if we stay in the current 1st round draft spot?

  • mjacobs45….really? I’m pretty sure Chaney, as a 7th round draft pick, played better than anyone on here expected. I don’t think he was really a huge liability at the MLB this season. He has enough speed to be a good coverage LB, I just think he needs to see the field more. Honestly, he was a better coverage LB than Bradley was in the beginning of the season, and he can stop the run. What more do you want out of a MLB? He commanded the defense fairly well and he can blitz up the middle when asked. With the lack of good MLB’s out there….please tell me what exactly you are looking for?

  • To Mjacobs,
    No Panther players would ever be on your roster.. that’s the stupiest comment I ever read
    How about OT Jeff Gross, OT Jeff Otah, C Ryan Kalil.. all are an upgrades over Eagles Justice,McGlynn and Cole
    CB R Marshall is an upgrade over D Patterson, E Hobbs
    SS Charles Godfrey is an upgrade over any Safety on the Eagles Roster
    OLB James Anderson is an upgrade over Sims,Clayton
    ILB J Beason is an upgrade over Bradley and Chaney…

    When you learn your football talent, then come back…

    To Godson,
    Cameron Jordan is a stud and will be selected by #15-#20 spot, I do like this JJ Watt from Wisconsin who is rising up the charts fast
    I think at #23 when the Eagles Select (there will be De’s Clayborn,Heyward and A Bailey to choose
    from if you want a DE)

    Here are some better options
    OLB – J Houston from Georgia at 6-3 255lbs who can run and tackle will still be on the board
    CB – Brandon Harris from Miami at 5-11 – 195lbs will also be on the board, best of the 2nd tier CB’s
    OT – A Constanzo from Boston College at 6’7″-310lbs with a long wing span and room to grow..
    DT – C Liguet from Illinois at 6’3″ -310 lbs could be a sleeper pick and can get bigger with weight training at the NFL level..

  • @ Godson, you also indicated the Eagles should basically sign 3 of the top 10 free agents. That won’t happen. I don’t think the Eagles haven’t had a big free agent signing in years outside of Asante.

  • I know it is a long shot and will cost us money. But they have the money to add immediate help and also alot of draft picks to keep the roster young. I do not think they will sign those 3 players but I would like them to.

    To Paulman
    Maybe we should trade M. Patterson to move up to get Jordan. I would rather have Bailey than Watts.
    I do like your option on Liguet he is going to be that player that people look back 3 years from now and say how did we pass on him.

  • mjacobs you must didn’t watch any games with Chaney. He was much better against the pass, especially the routes where the TE runs up the middle towards the safety. Bradley was pretty below average defending that. Chaney actually has enough speed and presence to stay with the TE and brak up a few passes. And he is a natural MLB and Bradley isn’t. So if he’s better than Bradley regardless of when he was drafted that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t start. If he’s better, he’s just better and put Bradley back in his normal position. I know we don’t have any playmaker LBs but that’s the least of the defensive worries. As long as Ernie Sims doesn’t play another down, they should be a fine solid group of LBs.

  • No way you can switch to a 3-4 with the pending lockout. You need offseason OTA’s to make the switch. If you have the lockout, the teams that keep the status quo will be in a much better position to take advantage. I would much rather have the 3-4 since that is the type of guy we keep drafting, but I think it is a huge risk given the lockout.

  • Paulman….all that “talent” and 1-15. Beason is a hell of a player….but, 95% of the players in the league are better than the Eagles OL, CB and LBs…..so I’m not sure your point. Marshall and Anderson are absolute garbage and for you stuff them down every post makes you look like an imbecile. When you learn this game, maybe I’ll let you play with the varsity…until then, stay in the JV.

    @ scorp….I watched them all and I saw him get abused. If he was so great against the pass, why did he get yanked out on second and long or third downs? He could run with the TE or back out of the backfield on the few occasions he recognized it was a pass play. Most times on playaction, he was nowhere near the crossing pattern coming behind him. Jason Witten? I hope the guy can play because I do agree Bradley is a better SAM….but I think it’s foolish to go into next season with Chaney as your starter at MIKE. I’d like to see them sign David Harris and move Bradley.

  • mjacobs, what I was saying what that he was better than Bradley at that position. We didn’t get abused by TEs this year like in the past EXCEPT if it was Ernie Sims responsibility. I think you are overstated the “abuse” of Chaney. He played a solid few games for a rookie who had to be the MIKE for such a “complicated” defense as everyone has been saying. I’m not saying he was great, but not that bad. Besides Ernie Sims the LBs were solid for the most part. Nothing spectacular but solid.

  • I like the following Free-Agent SIgnings
    (sign 1 from each postion so some of the big names will not be on here)

    DE – 1st Preference C Jenkins- from the Packers , 2nd – R Edwards – Vikings
    LB – 1st S Tullock-Titans, 2nd J Anderson- Panthers 3rd – B Leber- Vikings 4th- S Burnett- Chargers
    CB – 1st A Cromartie – Jets, 2nd I Taylor – Steelers, 3rd R Marshall-Panthers, 4th D Florence-Bills
    Safety – 1st D Landry – Ravens – 2nd E Weddle- Chargers 3rd – M Bullitt – Colts
    OL – 1st Nicks – Saints, 2nd Dahl from Falcons, 3rd Kalil from Panthers,4th J Gaither from Ravens
    5th C Johnson – Colts

    Then use Drafts picks for the best athlete/ranked player on the board by DE/CB/OL/LB/S
    then grab a Big Physical blocking TE, a Big WR, and Big RB and maybe even a Kicker

  • mjacobs45…….what? Pull Chaney off the field on 2nd & 3rd down….who did they replace him with?

    You can go back and watch each of the games Chaney has started and I guarantee you will see him defending the pass to the TE pretty damn good. Is he going to get beat? Sometimes yea…but every MLB does cause the crossing route is tough to cover.

    But you say you watched the games….however your responses are telling a different story…and sign David Harris as a what…SAM or MIKE?..Not to mention that Harris averages about 6 – 6.5 tackles a game….Chaney has been doing the same since he’s started so I’m not sure exactly what you are getting at.

  • This team’s problem in on the line and the secondary. I would love a beast playmaking LB but honest I think CB, SS, DT and DE are bigger needs because the LBs will be solid minus Sims. Can’t address the entire defense in 1 offseason. Of the 3 groups, the line and the secondary are the weakest.

  • Even your boy Jason Witten has complimented Chaney on the job that he has done since filling in for Bradley….and elite TE complimenting a 7th round draft pick for playing good….not for “being abused” like you swear you watched.

  • I agree scorp….but I do think we have some talent on the D-Line, maybe one missing piece. Not to mention the play of your LB’s will only improve as the play of the D-Line improves….LB is least of our worries for sure.

  • EB, I agree. I just think we need another tackle next to Dixon. Patterson is a backup guy. But at the same time I don’t think it’s as critical an area as some others. Maybe Laws can progress better than him? Laws looked very good at time this year so we will have to hope he can take another step forward. But we are in dire need of a DE. Who knows what Graham is. Was just a rookie and didn’t play as well as we hoped and then a season ending injury. We might now know a lot about him until 2012. But you’re right, fix the line it’ll help the LBs a lot.

    mjacobs, who came in when they took Chaney out?

  • I honestly believe they like Lindley a lot….I think they envision him playing man coverage on one side and Asante playing zone on the other. Then Nate Allen & Mikell are the safeties.

    I think they will grab another DB but I don’t think is will be Nnamdi….prob not a big name guy or they will draft a guy in the first 3 rounds.

    I think Laws can become a contributor, but I’m not sure he will be dominant for 16 games. I could see him dominating for like 10 games and having 6 games where you barely notice him. I love Dixon, Cole and I’m a Graham guy. I think he has tremendous upside….but again like you said, we don’t know…and that could be 1-2 years.

    I think you gotta go in free agency and grab a DE if there is one available. Would of loved to grab Peppers “the guy who takes plays off” last year, but we didn’t. As far as LB’s go, i think you’ll see Bradley shift to SAM, Chaney play MIKE, and Fouku play WILL. That gives you Sims, Jordan & Clayton as back-up/rotation guys. Maybe they add a young guy from the draft.

    Personally, I agree with your earlier post…I would be the front runner in getting Haynesworth. I think the guy would come here motivated and be an All-Pro…no doubt about it. As a franchise you can’t be scared to “take that chance” and as much as we criticize Reid he’s done it twice with Owens & Vick. I think Haynesworth could pay off huge dividends not only for the DT spot but for the DE’s as well.

  • I am all for the switch to a 3-4 and agree that they have players on this roster to convert quite seamlessly. As far the DC, hire they should make a visit to Pittsburg and hire one of their defensive assistants. The Steelers have two guys (LB coach Keith Butler and DL coach/assistant head coach John Mitchell) who have been a part of the defensive system there for 9 yrs. and 19 yrs respectfully. The bottom line for me is that they need a fresh start philosophically and hiring a highly touted defensive assistant from a team with a history of fielding a good aggressive 3-4 defense is the way to go. Forget Jim Mora Jr. and Dick Jauron.

    The line up as I would like to see it: DE Bunkley along with 1st round pick (Hayward, Watt, or Jordan), NG Dixon, OLB Cole and Graham, ILB Bradley and Chaney, Safeties Allen and Coleman, CB Samuel and Lindley (would love to see Asomugha but doubt they’ll make a run at him). I would also look heavily at CB Davon House out of New Mexico State in the second round.

  • EB…..let me get this straight…..you think Chaney is a better player than David Harris? Seriously? Harris is a boarderline pro bowler. They pulled Chaney off and put Jordan in the game with Sims….and sometime used Clayton in passing situations. That is a FACT.

    Obviously, you just don’t understand linebacker play. Keep learning from Madden genius

  • To Eagle Believer,

    There are some free-agents on the Eagles who will not be returning, by either the Eagle’s choice or th players choice for biggger $$$/long-term deal elsewhere

    Free-agents with little chance of returning per the Club’s Decision- LB Sims, LB Gaither, OL R Wells, RB E Buckley, DB J Hanson, OL N Cole, RB J Harrison, DE B McCray, S A Harris

    Free-agents with a less than 50/50 Chance of returning – S Q Mickell, LB S Bradley, DE V Abiamri
    and Kicker D Akers ( I expect Mikcell,Bradley and Akers to receive more $$ to play elsewhere)
    DE Abiamri depnds on his health, Eagles will probably offer a 1 year minimum which he would take since there will be very little interest elsewhere due to his injuries and inability to get on the field

    Eagle Free-Agents with a good chance of returning — OL MJG, OLB A Jordan, CB D Patterson,
    QB M Vick and Punter S Rocca

    I like Reberson’s above 3-4 Switch..

  • When can Vick be signed? if he does re-sign would this factor into some FA’s wanting to sign with Philly? Throughout the year there were plenty of references to how he had the locker room becasue alot of the younger guys idolized him.If this is the case could it mean some of the younger FA’s would want to sign here?

  • paulman you really think akers will be gone? i still think he will be here, i was mad at him but think he history shows he should be here. although they should bring some competition in just incase.

  • Akers Turned down the EAgles Offer in December..
    The Eagles will be come back to him and offer another one, they just don’t do that..
    He will receive some pretty good offers from some good teams (Saints for 1 would love to have him
    in that dome he could kick for another 3-4 yers easy..) .. He’s a goner I am afraid unless Akers
    approaches the team quickley and says he will do the deal they offered last month but I don’t see that happening… Mickell will also get offered a 3 year Deal from someone (don’t be surprised if the Cowboys are not in player here) and others and he would have to take a pay cut to remain in Philly which won’t happen
    Stewart Bradley’s case is a little different for he is in his prime age wise,but his history of Injuries
    with 2 Knee Surgeries and now the Elbow had driven his Value down some.. I really see a team like the Rams giving him a pretty good offer to play the Mike position in Spags Defense where the Rams has a need , and Bradley knows Spags sytemt and Bradley is from the Mid-west so I think it’s a no brianer seeing him go to the improving Rams and playing for Coach Spags
    If there is no big offer elsewhere, I could see the Eagles offering him a 1 year deal to Bradley and I would only see him taking it if he felt he had no other options, but I think he will have some teams intersested in him.

  • Bradley could be a RFA too depending on the CBA…he’s not going anywhere.

  • 2nd Line Should be,
    The Eagles will not come back to him and offer another one, they just don’t do that
    (I blame Oprah for my spelling deficiencies..)

  • Eagles d woes start and end with poor personnel decisions, largely on Reid, and also on a poor philosophy of combining high strike/hig

  • First off…we do not need Matthews brother……he’s too small.

    We should get Haynesworth DT because I’m tired of seeing the center of our line tossed around along with opposing QB’s being able to step into a comfy pocket.

    Dominance in the middle makes your DE’s better period.

    And don’t give us this Hayneworth attitude garbage….the queston is “Will he make your defence better”?

    If the answer is yes, then get him in here because now we won’t have the excuse we made the 1st time he was free. Remember? “His price tag is too high”.

    And what is the hell wrong with the Eagles fanbase? How can you agree on the Eagles passing over exceprtional talent?

    I’m so tired of hearing the fanbase talk about what the Eagles can’t do as if you’ve been trained to accept mediocrity.

    How can a fan want any other player in the middle of our defensive line? We need a player with passion and fire to replace the human turnstiles we drafted in the 1st round to man the middle.
    Another thing. Get Stewart (This year can be the break out year) Bradley the hell outta here.

    He is what he is. An injury prone, can’t catch a running back from behind, getting burned over the middle, average linebacker.

    Who cares if he’s a charachter guy? I would rather have a madman who requires therapy off the field. We need warriors!!!!

    The next time Bradley runs through the tunnel it should be to the Anthem, “IT’S RAINING MEN”.

    We need fighters….Chaney in the middle, Fokou stay put and draft us a beast in the 2nd round or get us one in free agency to take Sims spot.

    We need to demand better product instead of towing the company line.

    Asomugha -right now!!!!!

    We get him opposite Asante along with a Miami “U” safety and you’re talking about a top 10 defence.

    Now let’s recap

    1. Sign Haynesworth
    2.Replace Bradley
    3.Sign Asomugha
    4.Draft a real good hitter and cover guy from thr “U”
    5.No more experiments on defence. “No Tweeners”
    6.Fans, please don’t give reasons we shouldn’t put better talent on the field.


  • (sorry) high stakes o with undersized d, especially in northeast, look at teams still in playlets, look at the eagles d in past, the eagles are junk team, highlight real, form over substance team, and most critically, look at reid’s record overall against winning teams, it is pathetic, he made his hay when the NFC east was bad, Reid is the problem, fire him now

  • Look at the jets d and steelers d, damn, that is what should be here, but the passaholic Reid, builds an o team good in warm weather, but falters in cold, weak but speedy receivers, can’t play the middle of the field, a flawed team, a flawed philosophy, engineered by a flawed coach

  • Our defense needs an over-haul, but the bottom line is that they did not lose to Green Bay. It was the offense. I agree with Jake.

  • paulman point taken on akers, not sure what kicker out there will replace him,

    i am also starting to believe your mention of the guy in Gbay as our new DC

  • I look at the Steelers as a “Golden Standard”. They have a winning philosophy and will never deviate. They draft to fill their system and have little to no drop off each year.

    They have Superbowls too.

    I think Lurie needs to be looking in our Pennsylvania backyard instead of shooting for his Bay area fetish.

    This is the Eastcoast where smashmouth, attitude, and grit wins.

    Your player most want it more than their player. mono on mono with no trickery.

    Unless we understand this our team will never win a Bowl. We’re not in the NFC east Reid inherited with the teams so bad that 6 games was a lock within the division.

    A philosophical change is needed from the top down, starting with Lurie.

  • Reid’s philosophy will never win a Super Bowl for the Eagles. Banner and Roseman are money people not talent experts. The drafts have been horendous. The running game in improperly utilized and valued for several years now. The size of defensive linemen and the quality of the rush has been a source of woe
    for years. Receivers who are skiddish about going over the middle or being consistent return men. Trotter
    a Ray Rhoads pick being the only all pro linebacker as opposed to all the loosers broughtr in by Reid and company. 3/5 of the offensive line could not start for any other NFL team. Every yer will end the same
    because there is no sense of urgency with Reid or his money counters.

  • Big E….Not one linebacker selected under Reid went to a pro bowl. Not one. We need to switch the mindset of players over system and not the other way around.

    Players makes all systems better.

    We must look to get the best players not choir boys who fits a system…That works sometimes on the collegiate level but not in the pros where every team have serious talent. Buddy use to draft guys who had the right demeanor and didn’t care if they ran a 4.5.

    He drafted one guy because the player had a temper problem.


    Hire PR people for the office and crazed dogs for the field.

    Mike Vick sorry bout that. But yall know what I’m talking bout and don’t think the Eagles are not reading fellas…Segrest incompetencies were expressed here and the next day he was canned.

  • Lurie is a Bostonian and not a Philadelphian, there in lies the lack of “blue-Collar”, “Grit” that is missing from the Top.. Lurie is an intellect, and academian whose been allured and mesmerized by Coach AR Spread Sheets,Power Points, Charts and Graphics from his geek squad.. The Problem is this does not win Football Championships…
    Maybe the G-man and us Posters can purchase the Eagles from Lurie and be a community owened team like the Packers are…

  • To Songs..
    Albert Haynesworth is done..kaput.. He’s averaged playing in about 8 games per season played over the last 4 Seasons. He’s going on 30 with over $50 Million in the bank from his latest Contract deal with the Redskins What makes you and any other Haynesworth supporter think that all of a sudden he is going to get serious about playing football again..and be in shape, be on time, learn the sytem and be a good teammate.. Is he going to do this for you Songs..C’Mon man..Your smarter than this,
    His time has passed as it does to all players once they lose their heart to play (See Shawn Andrews)

  • Songs, you are right on, there is a need for a philosophical change, starting from the top, but Lurie will not sell, not yet, but if he continues to hear the disgruntled, the true Philly fan who wants championships over personalities, and once it starts to affect his bottom line, Lurie will make the change

  • Paulman…you were clamouring for Kolb over Vick and a Panthers fan to boot.

    you’re the last guy we’ll listen too on here and because you disagree with Haynesworth coming here gives us one more reason to sign him.

    You said Kolb would run the offence better than Mcnabb. Remember that?

    Haynesworth…you have a Philly attitude and want to win….you’ll be better than any DT we have on our team. Come and command the middle and ignore Panther fans like this Paulman fellow who blog on an Eagles page because his team is too pathetic to talk about.

  • Can someone please explain to me why the HC is on vaction while the team is trying to find a new DC??? This is one of the most critical decisions a HC will ever have to make and yet AR is no where to be found. This type of leadership is why I am so tired of AR and his ridiculous decision making and all the more reason the eagles front office needs to get his fat ass out of that position. Everyone else from comentators, fans and current coaches and players can see the philosophy here is garbage. If you dont believe it…answer me this how many SB championships has this team won under AR???

  • Jake, I don’t want Lurie to sell. Just want him to look at winning formulas and adapt. You can’t win with a team that refuse to run the ball in the East. You must have nasty players that may rock the boat sometimes but will put it on the line every Sunday… or you can jave a team filled with Stewart Bradley’s.

    This team can no longer sell potential. There’s too many teams and players out there who are ready to win now. The Bears went out and got what they needed and no one stood in their way. We need that mentality and the one year we actually went out the box we played in the Superbowl. I’ll see what the Eagles do this off season and if they stand pat like they did last off season, I think I’ll be finished once and for all. You can keep plucking the same one string guitar and expect a different song.

  • To Songs
    I am an Eagle fan and follow about every team in the NFL and yes the Panthers play 2 hours from my home and you know the last game I saw them play when was the EAgles came on Opening Day
    and kicked their ass behing D-Jax long PUnt return, I think Victor Abiamri recoved a fumble in the end-zone after a sack if you can believe that,,,
    I did say that Kolb would run the Offense better than McNabb.
    I was not clamoring Kolb over Vick, I’ll be honest, Vick showed me nothing in previous year or in this
    years Pre-Season to say he was going to be a MVP candidate and anyone who says they saw Vick
    as an ELite QB is lying and full of crap.. Caoch AR/MM caought lightning in a bottle which lasted about 6 weeks (mid October to late Nov) then other teams with better defenses caught up to Vick and
    Eagles Offense went south when it counted the most just like last season..
    I am tired of hearing about how good these “Young Guns” are amnd M VIck as MVP and the Eagles Offense sets a Scoring Record for most points scored in a Season and they finish 3-4 in their last 7 games and lose their 3 home games in a row to end theSeason. That’s beyond poor and a slap in the face to every fan who spends any $$$ to go see them play…
    at the “Clink”

  • OK Paulman…..

    But you need to chill on these comments suggesting the Eagles should shy away from superior talent, Going back to Haynesworth.

    There was no such word as cancer attached to him before the pathetic Redskins or he wouldn’t have received a big payday.

    He was told they would continue in the 4-3 set and was lied to by the coaching staff and organization. The defense fell from a top 5 to a pathetic bunch in 2010.

    Haynesworth fault? I don’t think so. He wasn’t going to injure himself in a losing situation and I don’t blame him.

    Is he better than any DT on the Eagles? hell yeah. Do he command a double team? Hell yeah.

    Can he collapse a pocket and rush the passer? Hell yeah.

    So why the Eagles shouldn’t sign him again?

    Better players makes a better defense and he’s one of the pproven best in a 4-3 scheme …period.

    If the Eagles took a risk and hit on Vick….then they can do the same for Haynesworth who is not as big a risk as Vick. I don’t care tat he’s 30…when have that ever been a reason for not signing a player? And if you ask me…that works in our favor for he already recieved his payday through compliments of the deadskins.

    I do not want Haynesworth back in Tennesse wrecking havoc when we can get him here for a bargain price.

    I don’t think it’s a coinidence that the Eagles are talking with the Titans DL coach about taking a slight higher position to coach our line here. He’s been great with the line there for over a decade and Haynesworth wouldn’t mind playing for his old coach. Keep your eyes on this one. Kolb might be the next Eagle to start for the Skins.

    Haynesworth and a good corner adds grit to this defense and I don’t want anything less.

  • Songs….Paulmoron is only interested in making repetitive posts about how we should trade players to Carolina for 4th round picks and we should hire coaches totally overmatched in college for our DC.

    His opinion, while entertaining because of it’s ignorance, should be taken for entertainment purposes only. I’ve never seen a guy post “as a matter of fact” who knows less about talent evaluation and game day X’s & O’s.

  • I take Haynesworth over any of the dopes we have on our team and any potential draft bust we know Reid will draft. In my opinion, what happened in Washington is no indication of what he could do in Philly. They changed the defense and then you have an ego-maniac at coach. He’s already paid. If the Redskins release him, you’ll be able to get him for a good price and get rid of Bunkley. Playing under a different coach makes all the difference. Ask Mike Vick that.

  • And Songs is right. We need some guys with attitude and an edge. Some one who can intimidate others. You put him on the line with Dixon next to Cole then the line is 5X better than it was last year with Paulman starting at the other DE position. I’m tired of all these nice guys who are average players at best. We need that “dog” back on our defense. We got all cupcake players. When Asante Samuel has been your hardest hitter then something is wrong especially when he admits he doesn’t get paid to tackle.

  • I did have 1 career sack while playing Freshman Year Football for Paul VI High in SOuth Jersey ..
    It was the final game of the year and we up pretty big vs our rarch-rival Camden Catholic in the final game of the season. Coach Lista shouts out in early in the 4th Quater.. “who hasn’t played yet”..
    I shout back “Coach, I haven’t” (outside of Kick-off Coverage teams)
    He puts me at DE (I normally was a CB since I was 5-3 and 115lbs at the time.,)
    And Camden Catholic is back passing on almost every down to try to get back into the game..
    I am rushing, spinning in ands spinning out and finally on a 4th Down play, I get around the LT and come in and put all 115lbs of me and my helmet into the back of the QB sacking him and ending their chances of a comeback… About a week later, we are having our end of the season Pizza party
    with the Football Team and Coaches and we watch our final game on film (this is 1978) so this is pre-video days.. anyways, after we watch the game, the Coach yells out, says, Hey, where’s that Mancini, that #37 player been all season” … and the room just erupted… I told the coach,
    If you played me more, we would have went undefeated” … A true story…

  • Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

    thats what it sounds like to me! LOL

  • Doesn’t surprise me even a little….also makes your points much more explainable…

  • mjacobs45….i never said Chaney is better than Harris….so stop putting words in people’s mouths. I was simply pointing out that Chaney hasn’t played as bad as you think he has and comparing him to the guy you love in Harris. I like Harris too, i’ve watch the jets a lot this year and he was all over the place. Pretty sure he got voted team MVP as well. I just think spending money to get him is not the right move. Not to mention I don’t think the Jets will let him walk away. We don’t need an outside linebacker as much as we need a CB, DE or DT. So i think it would be wasted money because I don’t care how good Harris is….he won’t be the fixture this defense needs.

    So before you go off an insult someone you may need to go back and learn how to re-read comments. Or go back and watch game film….because I believe you are making up this Chaney “getting abused” crap you’ve been posting…

  • EB….First Harris plays ILB for the Jets. Pace and Bryan Thomas play outside. If you look at their depth chart, you’ll see Harris plays the middle http://www.newyorkjets.com/team/depth-chart.html

    Second, that would allow you to move Bradley to his natural position at SAM, so you improve two LB spots by signing him. They are not paying anyone on this roster any money except for Samuel, Peters, and eventually Vick. They can afford 2-3 FA’s and they desperately need a play making LB.

    Last, you insinuated Chaney was better than Harris with that tackles per game comment. And he did get abused whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. I watched him very closely and he was out of position on many play-action fakes. Maybe you should go watch tape and learn this game before you embarrass yourself publicly on this board.

  • I’ll put this out there right now. Chaney is the best linebacker out of every linebacker on our roster and that is telling how ridiculous our evaluating process have been during Reid’s tenure.

  • I like Chaney too songs….I want to see him stay in the middle and Stew move outside.

  • Greenfan, personally I’m done with Stewart Bradley. I don’t think a team should wait 5 years for a talent to develop. We need some people in our FO with the pedigree of choosing fierce linebackers.

  • If the Eagles actually sign a Free-Agent OLB this Off-season,(which I hope they do since there are pleny of good young ones availalbe) then Bradley is a goner…If they don’t sign a Free-Agent LB, then they will offer Bradley a 1 year Token Offer which I think Bradley rejects..
    I think Bradley signs a 3 year Deal with the Rams and plays for Spags again which would be a good fit for him, and the Rams could use help across their LB Corps

  • Ultimately it depends on who the DC is going to be and what DLine changes are made.

    If it’s Juron as the DC (hopefully), the system doesn’t make huge changes and if the Eagles end up with Albert Haynesworth than Omar Gaither should probably be resigned and start at the MIKE with Bradley resigned as well and starting at SAM (as I’ve suggested numerous times…) While Chaney, Akeem Jordan and Keenan Clayton compete for the WILL position. EXPERIENCE and knowledge of the system is critical so I’d prefer Jordan at the WILL if the system doesn’t change.

    The HUGE story that no one’s talking about is the fact that Haloti Ngata is a free agent and that he would in all likelihood be 10x better at tackle in the locker room and on the field than Albert Haynesworth. Obviously the Ravens want to keep the guy, but I have to believe he’s interested in exploring the free agent market since he made it to free agency in the first place.

  • First, Ngata is going to get franchised. Second, you want Gaither starting at MLB? The thought of that makes me have to sh%t

  • to Mjacobs
    For the record, this may be the 1st time I have ever agreed with you 100%…
    O Gaither at starting MLB…
    Go lock the doors and windows please and hide those kids too, Armegeddon is really happening
    or maybe it’s the Commies are coming..

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