• May 24, 2022

Eagles Name Jim Washburn Their New Defensive Line Coach

It’s a done deal, the Eagles just announced that they have signed Jim Washburn to replace Rory Segrest as their new defensive line coach.  The veteran coach who spent 12 years in Tennessee working for head coach Jeff Fisher and is known for getting everything out of his players.

I wonder if the Eagles would ask Washburn if he could get Albert Haynesworth to play hard and produce.  The Big Guys had his best years in Tennessee and he was unblockable and that’s why the Titans went 13-3 one year.  I know that bringing Haynesworth in here would be a big gamble, but if you want to win a Super Bowl and he wanted to play, there’s nobody in the league who could block him as a tackle in the 4-3 defense.

Adding a motivated Haynesworth to this current Eagles defense would be the best thing they could do to improve them.  I had to get that out of my system, now let’s get back to Washburn is supposed to be a fiery coach who will be making a lot of noise in training camp.

“We are thrilled to add a quality defensive line coach in Jim Washburn,” said head coach Andy Reid. “He had a great tenure with Jeff Fisher and the Tennessee Titans and he’ll play a big part in the development of our defensive line moving forward. He’s had a number of Pro Bowl players working under him over the years with the Titans and we’re happy to have him join our coaching staff in Philadelphia.”

The 60-year old coach had a lot of good things to say about Fisher and the Tennessee football club after signing with the Birds.  “Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Jeff Fisher and the Titans organization for allowing a nobody like me to coach in the NFL for the last 12 years”, Washburn said.

“An opportunity came along for me to join the Eagles and I felt like it was good timing. At this stage of my career, I’m ready to make a change. This is no reflection on the state of the Titans but just a good opportunity for me.

“My wife, Sandy, and I have long planned to make Middle Tennessee our home and that is still our plan. However, we look forward to moving to Philadelphia and joining a top-flight organization like the Eagles and work for a premier coach in Andy Reid.”

During Washburn’s time with the Titans the defense has ranked 7th in the NFL in sacks (474), while ranking 5th against the run, limiting opponents to just 102.9 rushing yards per game during that span.

He’s had a bevy of Pro Bowlers and defensive linemen which has helped have productive careers in the NFL.  Here are some of the players on that list: Kyle Vanden Bosch, Tony Brown, Jason Babin, Kevin Carter, Albert Haynesworth, Jevon Kearse, Antwan Odom, Robaire Smith, John Thornton and Gary Walker. Seven of those players (Vanden Bosch, Babin, Carter, Haynesworth, Kearse and Walker) earned a combined eleven Pro Bowl selections under Washburn’s tutelage. Among defensive linemen, both of those totals led the league during that span.

In 2008, the Titans led the NFL in defensive line sacks as they received sack production from nine different defensive linemen, accounting for 39.5 of the team’s 44 sacks. Entering that season, five of those nine players had never registered a sack before. For his work with the unproven talent that season, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King named Washburn his assistant coach of the year.


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  • yes!!!

  • I have a feeling this is the last hurah for AR. I fully expect Haynesworth and Asomugha to be Eagles next year. I think what they see with Vick they just need a guard and possible a right tackle and the offense is set. I think they will overspend on the defense and go for it.

  • Hopefully We get Albert Haynesworth on a release from WSH and he’ll probably love to play with is former D-line coach…… This is only going to make Dixon and laws better in the middle as well and Trent Cole is probably clapping at home with joy………. This is a GREAT THING happening……. GO EAGLES……….

  • Get rid of Patterson and Bunkley…… They are the Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown of our defensive line LMAO…….. OK….. But downgraded when they got older……..

  • Anyone that can get that kind of production from stiffs like Haynesworth and Kearse HAS to be a good coach.

  • Guys like Bunkley & Laws will benefit greatly with the hire of a coach like Washburn….mark my words

    This is great news for JP & Graham as well….

  • Id love to get Albert, hes probabaly fresh after not playing all season, And to play against the redskins he would have his best games. Ive been saying for a while we need a big AZZ kicker in the middle like him. I have always like bunk and patterson but truthfully there not huge difference makers. Imagine Dixon, fat albert, and Cole, and whoever else is gonna be on that other side. That would be nice. I can only hope that they keep him under control!!!

  • My whole thing with signing Albert Haynesworth is he does not want to play in the 3-4. I think he would all depend on what D-Coordinator they hire. If they hire Trgovac odds are they would switch to a 3-4, right?

  • NOOO, Trgovac is a 4-3 guy…which is why I think he should be seriously considered.

  • Things to consider:

    1) We still need a DC. My guess is that they have already gotten a solid yes from a coach from one of the 4 remaining teams. My guess is that whoever it is said they wanted washburn as their guy. Paulman…. i pick on you but you are better at this than anyone here….. is there a Dcoach left on one of the 4 remaining teams that has a connection to washburn? That may be the mystery man.

    2) Before we start getting rid of all our players, please consider the fact that there maybe a work stoppage for next year. There may be a short camp or no camp at all. A new system takes time to develope… also…. bringiing in new players takes time too. Id rather them keep guys like q while trying to get their replacements. We are always so thin at spots. Guys like q can help.

    3) I know im crazy here but Id keep simms around. Maybe he can still learn. I dont want him starting but lets keep the guy around.

    Overall….. i like what i see. Our D may develope some kind of a backbone.

  • I agree eagle, lets not dump players until we see what our new D coaches think of them. I dont trust McD and Rory to have coached anyone on anything.

  • BG should be excited about this.

  • tjp, that would be sorta dumb to bring a coach that coaches the 3-4 while the d line coach always been in the 4-3.

  • Can’t wait to see if “no push Patterson” is a stiff or just never had a good coach.

    No Jaron and Defensive Coordinator. His resume is posted on Phill dot com.

    It’s about as weak as bridge made out of spider webs. You don’t want to cross that path.

    This is too important for a 1st team all-retread. (current Hall of Fame) retread coach- Norv “I can’t win with a all-pro team” Turner.

    Now get Singletary to coach the linebackers. The current coach has about 2 years experience playing semi-pro football. How the heck did he get that job? Shuey, unless you have Penn State Linebacker ties, that the Eagles neglected to post on their site… Times Yours. Really. Go fishing, take your wife to the movies. Your Fired. Take a hike. Time really is yours.

    What am I saying. As soon as the new DC is hired he’s going to take one look at your resume and think Ricky Gervais is making more material for next years Golden Globes. He’s going to call Akers in to do the honors of kicking you and Shark in the Water outta town!

    Halleluia. One cup of Kool-Aid. Keep it coming Eagles. You’da had me at hello, if you fired “the 400”.

    But I’ll take the next best thing. Clean out these coaching bums that have been standing around trying to look important and not doing anything to make the team better.

  • This guy turned other people’s turds into studs. Carter, arguably Haynesworth, heck ever J. Kearse. This has to be a good thing, and if Albert gets cut loose, birds should at least consider picking the dude up. Would be a huge improvement over anything on the roster, and potentially could come for free.

  • Too bad Gram got hurt. Playing him at DT had to be the dumbess move by any defensive line coach this year.

    maybe victor abiamiri finally does something. heck since burgess, babin and clemons left the team for double digit sacks, maybe the double digit guy is already on the roster.

  • bsm, isn’t Singletary going to the Vikings?

  • bsm, I think it was McDermotts idea to move around guys like Graham and Cole for pass rushing up the middle.

  • @ scorp…Thats why I was wondering. With GB running the 3-4 I didn’t know if Trgovac was a 3-4 guy or 4-3. I just assumed he was a 3-4 because they run the 3-4 now.

  • The Eagles might note need Haynesworth. They have 2 number one draft picks (patterson and bunkley) and a number 2 draft pick (laws). Maybe they actually can play and with the help of a coach who’s not afraid to push them, one of them (laws) will have a break out season. Plus for years the Eagles have said how strong bunkley is. Maybe with great technique he’ll get better.

  • Id still like to see him bring Kevin Greene with him if he is the guy that comes.

  • I did’nt know singeltary was going to the Vikings. Just get somebody from Penn State. They have been producing Pro Linebackers for years.

  • Damn…It’s come down to excitement over a position coach

  • Your are right Scorp. Just Googled it. Singletary is going to the Vikings.

    Hire current Penn State Linebackers coach – Ron Vanderlinden

    It’s obvious Ernie Sims is missing all the fundamentals.

  • Like a brain… (bsm)

  • singletary signed with the vikings BSMWIDEOS. Im very concerned about who is gonna be the DC. I dont like any of the candidates on the table as of right now!

  • An article I read about Trgovac, says that he is a specialist in converting teams from the 4-3 defense to the 3-4 defense and that he can coach both systems..

  • Don’t think anybody in NFC east wants to see a focused Haynesworth play for Eagles, especially with their running attacks. Dixon would be helped big-time with Albert next to him, but unless Albert gets his attitude right, the whole thing could backfire. The Eagles aren’t going to pay him $20mil, so hopefully the guy is open to incentives, assuming Redskins release him which I doubt. Collapsing the opponents’ pocket makes easy pickin’s for fast DE’s to pick off escaping QB’s. Dreams of “sugar plums” danced in their heads…LOL

  • Realtalk, what about Washburn? Can he coach a 3-4 defensive line? Does it matter? I mean he’s always been a 4-3 guy and the guys he’d have to coach in the 3-4 may be different type of players. Or maybe he is just that good of a coach to get the most regardless of the base D. Ideas?

  • Mel Kipper has the Eagles taking OT Gabe Carimi from Wisconsin in the 1st round in his first mock draft….thoughts?

  • I love this hire and they he can really help Bunkley,Patterson.Dixon,Tapp and all the Young DL
    like Graham.Owens, and maybe even Teo & Sapp

    To BSM — Singletary has signed on to be LB coach with the Vikings a couple of days ago so he’s gone

    To Stevo– after exhaustive research, I have not been able to find any direct connections between
    Washburn and any other top assistans from the other clubs that are still in the playoffs, but I did check and find a pretty strong connection between the Jets Bob Sutton, who has been with the Jets for the last 6 years and was promoted by Coach Ryan as Senoir Defensive Assistant and Packers M Trgovac
    who both coached at Military institutions and started their careers at Michigan under Bo Schmebechler and Gary Moeller..
    Michael Pettine is the Current DC for the Jets after 6 years as the LB’s Coach for the Ravens.
    He’s from the Philly burbs (Doylestown) and is a real high-tech,computer,charts,metrics type of guy which Coach AR and Eagles FO loves. I see no connection with Pettine with Wasahburn outside the fact thatthe Tiants/Ravens have played each other a lot over the years

    I am sticking to my original pick of Packers LB Coach M Tgrovac as the Next Eagle DC
    with Bob Sutton as 2nd Choice followed by M Pettine as the 3rd Choice
    From reading up on all these Coached, I don’t think the Eagles can go wrong with any of them..
    I am leaning with Tgrovac since he has experienced in the 4-3 schem which is Washburns forte has been at the Titans and the other 2 from the JEts (Sutton and Pettine) have primarily worked with the 3-4 scheme..

  • sup Scorp,
    I dont think the Washburn move was for switiching up the defense from 4-3 to 3-4…I think this has more to do with Washburn getting the most from his players…Washburn history is mainly with the 4-3, I’m hopeful that Washburn will be able to figure out the right personnel to play on the field together, hopefully he can come up with a nice rotation for the D Line schemes…..Since 2006, Washburn D Line has had at least 30+ sacks a season, over 12 years career his D Line averages 39.5 sacks a season…getting to the QB is definitely something that needs to be addressed…I hope that he is part of the solution.

    Some information I found about a few players that Washburn has coached:

    In Kearse’s first three seasons with the Titans, he had 14.5, 11.5 and 10 sacks, respectively. After leaving Tennessee and becoming an Eagle, Kearse failed to notch more than 7.5 sacks in a season.

    Carter had put together three straight double-digit sack seasons with the Rams before joining the Titans. He only had two sacks in his first season in Tennessee, but had 10 the next year.

    Vanden Bosch started 20 games in three seasons with the Cardinals before joining the Titans. In five seasons with Tennessee, he had a 12-sack season and a 12.5-sack season.

    While Haynesworth is a case study unto himself, it’s still worth mentioning his performance. He had 9.5 sacks and three forced fumbles in his first five seasons with the Titans, but totaled 14.5 sacks and three forced fumbles in his final two seasons before getting the big payday with the Redskins.

    And finally, Babin was without a team late in the summer of 2009 before the Eagles brought him to training camp at Lehigh. In 75 career games before 2010, Babin had 19.5 sacks. In 16 games with the Titans, he had 12.5.

  • Carimi is a real solid player who will probably start as a Rookie next seasons as a RT for someone but I think he will be gone before the Eagles Select
    I see the Pariots grabbing him (Since they most likely not-resign OT M Light in Free-agency)
    or the Giants who have age and injuries all across their OL and need some young players
    Camrini’s strength is his run blocking which he did quite well and quite often with Wisconsin who loves to pound the ball which is another reason that the Giants are probably in love with this guy..
    The Big 10 had a lot of quality DE this season, so Camrini was going against the top DE’s in Clayborns,Heywards, Kerrigens, & Jackson and good competition each week which is a positive, I am just not sure of his pass-blocking skills ..
    There is an OT from Arkansas named Demarcus Love at 6’4″ 315 lbs who played in a Pro-Style Offense with a pocket QB (in Mallet) and protected his blind side pretty well all season in the tough
    SEC Football conference.. He’s one of these players that if you grab at #23, you probably picked him too early, but if you wait to your turn again in the 2nd Rd (at #55), then he’s gone…SO this when
    you could have the Scenario with the Eagles trading down later in the 1st Rd and pick-up an additional 3rd Pick from someone but it’s a roll of the dice


    25 “This is the inscription that was written:


    26 “Here is what these words mean:

    Mene[e]: God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.

    27 Tekel[f]: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.

    28 Peres[g]: Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.”

    We bought in an industrial strength scale and weighed you. After 12 years of no championship, you are found wanting. From the looks of things we are in a can’t lose situation next year. Either you go deep into the playoffs or your being replaced.

    Bob Hope theme song….Thanks for the memories…

    I know. I’m getting ahead of myself. Just one more year of this BYU college football “pass as good as a run” crap!

  • Eagles trade down or trade out of the first round?? No way, that will never happen….(sarcastic tone of course)

  • With what we can get for Kolb and the 1st a second rounders we have we need too get a starter at RG. Like the Sconsin dude…they had a physical o-line.

    I love this siging..its a position coach but we’re truE fans that know his value.Rory”ti!s on a bull” Seagrest…later bro.And why doesnt Haynsworth wanna move up the 95…..play for a Skins rival>

  • I love this. We’re moving in the right direction. Let’s keep it going.

    On a side note, people can say what they want about Haynesworth, but the fact of the matter is the Redskins organization LIED to him as well. They told him he would be playing in a 4-3, not a 3-4. That doesn’t excuse his actions but it’s not like he’s a problem OFF the field. I wouldn’t mind bringing him in — just not for that price tag.

  • HOLY RENO MAHEE….BSMVIDEOS…the Domis on the site.Good stuff man.

    I need a Super bowl appearence next year for this dude too come back.AR is on super secret probation here.

  • Paulman, thank you for looking. I also think its going to be Tgrovac because the others are all 3-4 guys and i dont think the birds will do that (mostly because of the labor problems).

    This is the return of Eagles football boys!!

  • Mel Kiper – from Wikepedia

    During the 2010 NFL Draft, Kiper had quarterback Jimmy Clausen ranked as the best quarterback available and the fourth-best overall player in the draft while Scouts, Inc. ranked Clausen as the draft’s 38th best player, 35 spots below fellow quarterback Sam Bradford.

    Kiper’s ranking prompted some whispers about his relationships with agents. Gary Wichard, the agent who represents Clausen, is a long-time friend of Kiper’s. Kiper had been accused in the past of overhyping Wichard’s clients, something he vehemently denies, noting his criticism of several Wichard clients.

  • From all I read this is a good coach….but remember guys….last year we were real happy about Bobby April and Dick Jauron coming on board. They are also top notch coaches, but each of their units had trouble last year. Just a thought before everyone gets too excited.

  • On another side note — I WANT POZ!!

  • @paulman

    to your point about Demarcus Love, you said “He’s one of these players that if you grab at #23, you probably picked him too early, but if you wait to your turn again in the 2nd Rd (at #55), then he’s gone”

    thats a good point…Eagles need to make the best out of their picks, this is where they have to proritize their needs by position..if its the OT, then they have to go after that pick first….regardless if they are picking him early or not…Problem is I dont think the Eagles know where they want to begin…OT, DE, CB, LB, S…in my opinion all positions can be upgraded. The free agent signings will have the biggest impact on the draft process…hopefully we can get some solid FA’s….

  • green, you’re right. I still don’t care much about the coaches if they don’t upgrade the players. It won’t matter.

    One thing about the d line coach being hired before the d coordinator could mean that the d coordinator could be hired from within. I mean it would seem to make the most sense for a team to let the d coordinator hire his own position coaches. So it makes me wonder if they already know who the d coordinator is but haven’t announced it and needed to get this guy to solidify it.

    Any thoughts?

  • Or hiring this guy could make it more enticing for a potential candidate that the Eagles want? Maybe?

  • @Scorp

    I think you may be on to something with that last comment…I didnt think about that until you said it, but with the resume that Washburn has, he’s not going to chase away any of the candidates…I’m just going to be optimistic about all the transactions that happen during the offseason, I wish 2011 season was here already…

  • I was looking for coaching connections for Jim Washburn and I found some interesting stuff in his past.
    University of South Carolina steroid scandal
    On April 19, 1989 a federal grand jury indicted USC defensive coordinator Tom Gadd, defensive line coach James Washburn, tight ends coach Tom Kurucz, and strength coach Keith Kephart in connection with steroid distribution to players. James Washburn and Keith Kephart were sentenced to three months in a halfway house and given three-year probationary terms.

  • Interesting info….but I couldnt help but LOL, you are really bringing up some old *bleep* lol – lets not form an opinion of the man, for something that happened 20 years ago…

  • I hope he provides our whole defense with roids….maybe then we’ll lead the league

  • Not an opinion of the hire, I think they did a good job offering more security to a D Line coach that had no security in Tennessee, I just found it interesting.

  • Good Catch Rhfast
    Wasn’t that the same year that the U of South Carolina broke like 15 Track and Field Records during the SEC Conference Tournament… High Jump, long jump, Dicsu, Javelin,Polie vault and all the Tack Event.. (word on the street was that the kids were on “Frog Juice” is what they called it back then)
    I like how you operate Rhfast and will be keeping an eye on future posts…keep up the good work…

  • I’m fine with this hire, but is it me, or does anyone else find it a little bit odd that the team would be hiring position coaches without letting the defensive coordinator pick, or at least have a good deal of input into what coaches he wants on his staff?

  • Wow! I’m impressed. They finally replaced Reid. . . .Wait a minute, D-Line coach? Never mind.

  • For the people wondering why they hired a d-line coach before the d-coordinator is that Washburn is so good, that any d-coordinator would want him no matter what. He’s that well respected. Hell, Babin had 12.5 sacks this year. He is certainly a huge upgrade over the old d-line coach.

  • edogma, you and the rest of the folks here never heard of washburn before last week, give me a break with your pontifications.

  • What a mean-spirited crew. I agree with edogma: I always wondered why Babin could leave the Eagles and become a superstar in one year. With the firing of McDermott and whoever the Eagle’s Defensive line coach was and with the hiring of Washburn, now I know!

  • I don’t mean to be cruel. I really don’t, but this guy looks like he’s about to join Jim Johnson.

  • If we signed Haynesworth, I could tell you two games we wouldn’t lose. 🙂

  • mebigfatguy – Go talk trash at the comic book store. No pontificating from me, I had heard of Washburn multiple times over the past few years. Mostly players crediting him for their success. When the new d-coordinator is hired, why don’t you call him from where you live in your mom’s basement and ask him what he thinks of Washburn.

  • I agree with mebigfatguy, the way this offseason has progressed doesn’t really make alot of sense.

    Babin really gave an endorsment about Washburn, saying that he is the reason that he played so well this past year, and even went so far as to say that he would look at playing for the Eagles again solely because Washburn is now their D-line coach. So while I may not have heard of the guy before, that is a pretty strong statement. Sounds like we have a good one.

  • Interesting hire. Washburn is definitely a departure in strategy from what we have employed in the past; he seems to use that 5-technique DE a lot and let em go all-out after the QB. TEN has always had a solid DL, I hope he can bring some of that pressure to us.

    I have to agree with edogma–although you’d think we want our DC to pick the new position coaches, Washburn is a top-of-the-line coach. I think we’re pretty lucky he was willing to make a lateral move and come here. Also, I still think it’s a definite possibility that Jauron is going to be our DC. Maybe they’re talking to Dennis Allen to get him as our new DB coach and the heir apparent to Jauron? It’s kind of hard to believe we would go from one under-experienced DC to another.

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