• May 19, 2022

Eagles Talking To Jim Washburn, Titans Defensive Line Coach

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that the Eagles have been talking to Titans defensive line coach, Jim Washburn.  The veteran defensive line coach, who has been with the Titans for 12 years, is known for his fiery demeanor.

“After talking to sources tonight,” Wyatt said via Twitter, “I’ll be surprised if Titans defensive line coach Jim Washburn doesn’t leave for Eagles.”

The fact that the Eagles are going after a new defensive line coach while their head coach and Executive Vice-President Of Football Operations is on vacation says a lot.  Is Andy Reid still running things at the Nova Care complex?  We’ll get into that in another article, but let’s get back to Washburn.

One reason for the Eagles’ interest in Washburn is his success coaching former Eagles defensive end Jason Babin.  The Titans defensive end and former Eagle is headed to the Pro Bowl after recording 12.5 quarterback sacks.  He had played for the Birds in 2009, but they let him walk and he got to the quarterback more than any of the Eagles defensive linemen in 2010.

Titans head coach Jeff Fisher didn’t give any detail concerning the possibility that Washburn may be headed north to coach for the Eagles but he did verify the report.

“The only thing I can confirm is he has been talking them,’’ Fisher said regarding Washburn and the Eagles. “We are in the middle of it and going back and forth. I would think we’d find out in the next day or so.’’


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  • This is the greatest news since the signing of Asante Samuel! I don’t care what position he comes here for, having him here is a HUGE upgrade period.

    Now that my hopes are high, they better find a way to bring this guy to philly. We need this kind of coach.

  • Good stuff! If he can squeeze half the talent out of our d-line that he managed to get out of Babin we will be a force once again. Titans consistently got it done with only 4 pass rushers..

  • I sure hope digging deeper in the well yields a better Defensive Coordinator but it’ certainly riskier, not that they have many choices… We sure do need the Eagles to pick a DC that’s not only very talented but also a very fast starter knowing the limitations this year with the CBA.

  • Sorry if I am being rude or just being ignorant but honestly how many people know the LB coach of the titans? to say ” WOW this is the greatest news ever!” people act like they know this guy and watched him coach Linebackers before? I just dont see why everyone is so hyped over hiring a Defensive Coordinator when the issue was when the season was over our need to run the ball. It seems like the Eagles F.O. has won again taking our attention off of the real issue here. Any who Im just a dumb ass what do i know.

  • This is such good news. Whether they sign him or not, it shows that the front office has had enough of the crap that “the 400” has been putting out.

    Firing his defensive coaches and looking at people while he is on vacation (although I am sure the man took his cell phone and is in contact with the front office) means “the 400’s” teflon shield is damaged. I hope they pick a defensive coordinator that can become head coach. Maybe it’s this defensive line coach. Just put a man’s team on the field, not these fastballs and one trick pony players. No matter who wins the NFC championship neither is dominate and could have been beaten by the Eagles. If we had…Oh let me stop. The 400 is not worth it. He’s on vacation soaking up the sun and I live in a place where snows every other day and it’s going to be single digit tempertures for the next 5 days.

  • writing on the wall for a haynesworth trial run?

  • No defensive coordinator, no mention of someone coming in to interview tells me one thing. The next defensive coordinator for theEagles is in the playoffs right now. He is eithier coming form Pitts, GB, Jets or Chicago. They are negotiating with a DL coach and a d-coordinator is not in place? That is highly unlikely. There has been a back room hand shake that has been done. I heard a Mike Trgovac the defensive line coach from the Green Bay Packers is starting to be mentioned.

  • An article I found. Here’s a name that makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways: Mike Trgovac.
    As the Eagles continue their search for a new defensive coordinator, Trgovac is in Green Bay, deep in preparation for the Packers’ NFC Championship Game against the Bears in Chicago Sunday.

    But Trgovac could be an intriguing candidate to replace Sean McDermott, fired Saturday after two seasons as the Eagles’ defensive coordinator and now in the same position under former Eagles colleague Ron Rivera with the Panthers.

    Trgovac is in his second year coaching defensive linemen with the Packers after six years as the Panthers’ defensive coordinator under John Fox – whose dismissal paved the way for Rivera.

    During Trgovac’s six years running Fox’s defense, the Panthers were ranked 10th or higher in points allowed three times and never lower than 15th. During that span, the Panthers went 56-40, reached the playoffs three times and the Super Bowl once, losing to the Patriots in 2003 in Houston after beating the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game.

    With highly regarded Dom Capers in place as the Packers’ defensive coordinator, there is no room for Trgovac to move up in Green Bay, unless Capers – formerly a head coach in Carolina and Houston – leaves for another head coaching job. But all of this year’s head coaching openings have been filled, so Trgovac would have to wait at least a year for that promotion.

    Trgovac has strong ties to Philadelphia. He was Ray Rhodes’ defensive line coach all four years of Rhodes’ tenure with the Eagles, from 1995 through 1998, and he has a relationship with owner Jeff Lurie and team president Joe Banner.

    It was under Trgovac that William Fuller and Andy Harmon both recorded double-digit sacks in 1995, the last time an Eagles tandem did that. Fuller in 1995 and 1996 is also the most recent Eagle with 13 or more sacks in consecutive seasons. Hugh Douglas also enjoyed a 12 1/2-sack season in his only healthy year under Trgovac.

    “Turgo’s a real good coach,” Douglas said Tuesday. “He was a good defensive line coach, understands schemes, just a real good football guy. He’d be a great choice.”

    Trgovac is a classic 4-3 coach, which fulfills one of Andy Reid’s requirements for McDermott’s replacement. He also fulfills Reid’s requirement that the replacement for the 36-year-old McDermott is a veteran coach and not a young, up-and-coming candidate.

    Trgovac, 51, played under legendary Bo Schembechler at Michigan and coached under Earl Bruce at Ohio State and Lou Holtz at Notre Dame before joining Rhodes’ staff in 1995.

    He spent 1999 coaching the defensive line under Rhodes in Green Bay before stints as a position coach with the Redskins and Panthers before getting his first coordinator job in Carolina in 2003. He voluntarily left Carolina after the 2008 season.

    The Eagles would not be allowed to interview Trgovac unless the Packers lose Sunday or until after the Super Bowl. Although teams can interview head coaching candidates during the down week following the conference championship games, they can’t interview candidates for lower coaching jobs.

    That could be one of the reasons the Eagles seem to be in no hurry to fill McDermott’s spot right now.

    Meanwhile, Dick Jauron, who spent the past season on Reid’s Eagles staff as a senior defensive assistant and secondary coach, was in Cleveland Tuesday meeting with new Browns head coach Pat Shurmur – Reid’s quarterbacks coach from 1999 through 2008 – and General Manager Mike Holmgren, who Reid coached under in Green Bay as the Browns try to fill their own defensive coordinator vacancy.

    An NFL source familiar with Jauron’s thinking said Jauron has assured Reid that if he gets an offer from the Browns, he will discuss his situation with Reid before accepting. So it appears that the Eagles will at least have an opportunity to match Jauron’s offer from the Browns or give him a counter-offer.

    Recently fired Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt, the former Bears and Dolphins head coach, is also interviewing with the Browns.

    The Eagles’ other serious candidate so far, former Falcons and Seahawks coach Jim Mora Jr., who coached with Marty Mornhinweg under Steve Mariucci in San Francisco and was Michael Vick’s second head coach in Atlanta, has been in Denver meeting with Fox and the Broncos about their defensive coordinator opening.

    According to a report Tuesday night on The Denver Post’s Web site, Mora is close to accepting the position.

    The only other known candidates for the Eagles is deposed Cards coach Bill Davis, who has been a defensive coordinator for four years – two years with the 49ers and two years with the Cards – and coached units ranked 30th or worse three times.

  • @ vricchini you’re just ignorant. For starters Washburn is the Titans D line coach and second one of the networks did an excellent spotlight on him earlier in the season. Haynesworth, Vanden Bosch, Laboy, Kearse, Babin, etc.. that’s his track record. Over his 12 yrs as D line coach his guys have produced 478 sacks. He has a reputation for making his players pro bowlers and a lot of $$$. His players have earned over $355mil during his career.

  • Trgovac as D coordinator would be the icing on the cake. That would be a promising start to the off season for this organization.

    It don’t matter who we get to coach, if we don’t get these soft ass players off the field
    we will be grumbling about the same thing next year…Ex..did anyone see an eagle player make an open field solo tackle this year ( I don’t think so )….There are no players on the D side of the ball….no one that the offense has to say where is # ?

  • The main issue was NOT about running the ball. Yes VIRCH this is GREAT news. Have you watched games at all under reid? This D jhas gotten soft soft soft. The #1 issue… And #2 and #3 and on was the D. This guy has a track record. Our old coaches did not.

  • Got to love it…. That’s the point!!! We had babbin and did nothing!!

  • Yeah bring him in here and bring Haynesworth with him. Can we say reunited? Haynesworth would play hard for him. No question about that. This guy has had his hands in the play of guys like Haynesworth, Kearse, Van den bosch and we saw Babin and just to name a few. One thing we know is that he can get a defensive line to perform. Imagine the Eagles actually going for it and getting him, bring in haynesworth and sign Asomugha. Now that’s crazy right there.

  • Good stuff Daggolden,
    I reported on Trgovac back on Monday as a viable Candidate for the reasons you list.
    Another advantage is that his work with the Packers the last 2 years has exposed him in a 3-4 System under Dom Capers, so Trgovac has experience in both base systems..
    I followed him during his time at Carolina.. He’s a big believer in having the Front 4 get enough
    consistent pressure with size and strength and having athletic LB’s who can make plays. He employs a lot of man-man coverage on the outside by the CB’s and utilizes the Safey’s in a soft Cover 2 Scheme and many times has the Strong Safety (Mike Minter) down in the box to help out against the run.. He had some great D/Lines to work with in Carolina when they were good (Peppers,Chris Jenkins,D Lewis,M Komeauto,M Rucker ,B Bruckner,A Wallace, K Moorehead)
    The Panthers DE’s during this time were 6-3″ thru 6-5″ players who were 275-285 lbs guys who were athletic enough to get after the Qb and big and strong enought to shed blockers, He would run inside,outside stunts and devise schemes to get after the QB..
    He is my #1 Choice and would make an excellent Hire by the Eagles and he’s a real good guy on top of that with little self-ego and is a professional who doesn’t make excuses but just goes about
    his business..
    Now back to Jim Washburn who is excellent D/L coach and has coached the Titans for a number of years and always has Titans ranking right up there near the top as effective D/Lines in the NFL without having a lot of big stars on it..
    Here’s a little list of some pass-rushers who pt up some good #’s under his coaching..
    J Kearse (when younger), Kevin Carter, Van Boshman, Haynesworth, A Odom, T Laboy,Robarie Smith,D Ball, J Babin,J Jones
    Washburn is another believe that size,strength will wear down an opponent over the course of a game and he uses a lot of Stunts and Blitzes … He is a strict disciplinarian which may be what this
    Defencsive Front can really use… Mybe if the Eagles bring him on board even as a DL Coach,
    maybe they would have a good shot of Re-signing J Babin who enjoyed his time in Philly and has had hios best seasons playing under Washburgn,..
    And please, can some of the posters stop with this Haynesworth talk.. The guy is injury prone, not motivated, a good 20lbs overweight and 30 years old.. He has $50 million in the bank and will never be the player he was 2-3 years ago. Haynesword has played in 82 Regualr season games since
    2004 while missing 30 games due to injuries,suspensions,coaches decision,, this guy is finished

  • Tberry4 those are some good numbers but like Gotta Luv It said it doesnt matter if you have jimmy Johnson coaching these guys if you dont get some playmakers we are the same as last year. If this team doesnt start drafting smarter wheres it gonna get us? I agree it would be a step in the right direction but what I was saying is that it doesnt get me excited to have a D coordinator. Now if we sign that Aglouogula (or what ever) guy then thats something to party for.

  • where do you guys get these stats from?

  • Reported??? You mean blogged.

  • I would have liked to see Singeltary and his moxie… but that ain’t gonna happen. I would think the more pressing need is making decision on DC, rather than the smaller position coaches. The fact that they are recruiting outside fire, has to be a good thing. It would be interesting if Haynesworth comes in the fold. Maybe the birds are a modern version of the 60/70’s Raiders? Who cares what your past is as long as you plan for 60 minutes?

  • Players the eagles dump on Defense

    Dimitri Patterson
    Quinton Mikel
    Juqua Parker
    Darly Tapp
    Mike Patterson

    Who agrees? feel free to add more

  • Exactly WHO is it that is talking with Washburn??

    Our head coach is on vacation and we have no defensive coordinator. Wouldn’t you want to let the guy in charge of the defense pick his coaches??

    This really makes no sense, but since Fisher has already commented on it, I am sure that SOMEONE is talking to him from the Eagles.

    This whole thing is really making no sense……why hire a D-line coach before you know who your defensive coordinator will be……depending on who you hire, you could be ruinning a 3-4 vs. a 4-3…wouldn’t you want a D-line coach that has experience with your scheme?

    This thing really makes no sense.

  • Players the eagle dump on offense

    Kolb (trade)
    Winston Justass
    Mike Mcglynn
    Owen Schmitt?
    Max Jean
    Akers (I hope not)

    Thats just about all of our O line. Did I miss any?

  • That would be nice if we could wrap up a guy like this. Then bring in a strong force at DT and another good pass rusher at DE, whether it be free agency or draft, most likely draft for that one. Then we need to sure up the line backing core and add a solid CB and I am not sure how the safety spot will turn out but it is a step in the right direction for a physical defense. With a little 50 run 50 pass we could do well, but its all up to the F.O

  • how can I forget Ernie Sims!!!

  • greenfan Maybe Andy Reid uses Skype? or maybe he has an Iphone. Or maybe they talk over facebook posting on each others walls?

  • This comes down to talent evaluation. If your first 3 rounds are consistently less players than ones picked in the late rounds the problem is in talent evaluation. Now if your position coach stinks that perptuates the problem. I hope Roseman is not blaming his picks on coaching without looking at his evaluation process. We really need to get some Steelers or Jets scouts up in novacare complex because if we just let the FO blame this on coaching they’ll just continue their pathetic offseasons of doing nothing. Again….

    Now, there’s one thing I definately blame on McDermott and Segrest.

    McDermott should have adamantly suggested that his team does not go into the new season with Ellis Hobbs and Hanson as a back up….And Segrest should have told McDermott and Reid that he needs another year to look at Clemons and Babins.

    A coaches future is tied to his players and if McDermott assured the FO he would be fine with the players in house then yes..his ass needs to be outta here. JJ would have insisted on the players he needed.

    You can’t win a Superbowl with your roster filled with 5th to 7th rounders and rookie free agents. While they round off your bank account they can not be counted on when the season is on the line.

    There’s a reason you have a draft with Rounds. The talent depletes with each round and while some teams may luck up and get an exception here or there you can not have rookie free agents making the team every year. It’s as if the team looks for bargains late in the draft as a common practice and if so…it’s a flawed philosophy.

    What’s wrong with drafting a punt and kick returner that runs track and specialize in it, instead of going in each year without a steady returner?

    Now that we’ve seen the same approach to these positions we can now conclude that this coaching staff does not value the impact of a real good kick off returner that shortens the field for the offence or can help us preserve an injury prone Desean Jackson.

    What’s wrong with getting weight in the teeth of our defensive line?

    I can go on and on… but I think you guys get the picture. We need to stop trying to be smarter than everyone else and instead do what the Superbowl winning teams do.

    We have not won anything to be in a position to do things different.

    Win first then you can set trends. You hear us Jeffrey Lurie?

    You can not cover your repetitious actions by blaming a lame duck coach who would not have had a job if it wasn’t for the passing of the lat JJ.

    These flaws were before McDermott became Coordinator.

    and by the way….If other teams can get offensive linemen that can run block what the hell is going on with our team?

    If the fans can see it we know the Eagles Brass and Coaches can see it. We know what it takes because we sit here every year at this time and watch teams win Superbowls while our team is fishing.

    We will now start looking at the glass half empty until you fill the glass.

  • Singletary is already with the Vikings. I wanted him too.

  • vricchini, I don’t think M. Patterson is gone unless they think Laws is better or they make a play for a proven DT. Otherwise he stays over Bunkley. They’ll probably keep D. Patterson too. He’s not a starter but he is physical and maybe he gets better with the new D coordinator and his coaching staff. God I hope Mikell is gone.

    They may kee Schmitt because who knows about Weaver. And we saw in this offense that the FB doesn’t get used anyway unless Kolb is the QB. But you need one and he’s serviceable.

  • @ SONGSRME2 if Jeffery Lurley read your post his reaction would be im rich and your not.. Stay in your place you peasent and continue to buy my tickets and watch my team so I can make money off of you… Im just sayin’.

  • Scorp I dont know whats more important a DT or a corner? if we sign Asolugula (whatever) then I guess we draft a DT first over all?

  • Another thing….if any of you think Reid is really on vacation then you don’t know how this team cnsistently operates. They act as if they have top secrets with lives in the balance with the way they do business. Reid is in the loop rounding off his next defensive coordinator…whomever is the choice is in contact with the team telling them which coaches he prefer under him…That’s why Washburn have been contacted. The only thing we can conclude is that the New coach is still in the Playoffs but relays info concerning the coaches that are available who the Eagles needs to snatch up before the coaching pool drys up. You never hear of a FO hiring position coaches without a head Coordinator.

    The Eagles already have their guy and they all are working behind the scenes…And Reid is included.

  • vricchini, I think in our current state the CB is just a little more important. Not by much though. Our main problem on the line was no pressure and it would be hard to find a DT that is able to get good penetration consistently. I would like someone bigger than Patterson to go next to Dixon but if I had to rate one over the other in terms of need I would say CB. I know this is just wishful thinking but i wish we could address both positions via free agency and then draft everywhere else. I’d be content with that if those guys we very good pickups like Haynesworth and Asomugha for example. But that’s wishful thinking on my part.

  • Vricc….we will get Haynesworth….Haynesworth and Dixon rounds off the DT position. I think we get offensive line help in the first couple of rounds.

  • and your sources are who, songs?

    From earlier comments I don’t think G has the same information about how the front office and this head coach operate.

    I believe that the FO is cutting Reid out of the loop, and he has gone on vacation in protest.

  • Exactly Songsrme2. Anyone who thinks Reid is boogie boarding while Banner is hiring coaches is stupid. Reid doesnt have to be in the building to conduct business.lol They have phones. Everything is in place and they have there guy. I truly believe this is it. If there is a bargaining agreement in place in time I think the Eagles will go for broke this year.

  • This would be a good hire…..and again, no one cares what the Carolina Panthers did or the size of their DE’s Paulmoron

  • yeah Paulman…..Carolina Panthers were and is Ass,

    We could give a rat ass what coaches did in Carolina and if it wasn’t for our Coach downplaying the importance of good recievers the Panthers would have been crushed by the Eagles the one year Panthers actually had a team.

    Go blog in the empty Panthers site. Oh I’m sorry

    There is none…those losers are not worthy.

  • This IS great news. He can get the most out of players. It doesn’t matter that they haven’t named a DC yet. Anyone incoming DC would want Jim Washburn.

  • Oh, by the way. Andy is not going anywhere.

  • I am with green on this one, something’s up, not right, Reid did not want to fire his coordinator, I don’t think it was his decision to go with Vick, remember how both situations played out, Andy publicly, an very adamantly said 4 was the qb, publicly says McD stays, then a sudden 180 about face, I think he is either pissed, or the organization is looking to replace him, but there is dissent right now, this I really believe

  • Hire Washburn….Hire Trgovac…sign Haynesworth….sign or draft a CB in round 1 or 2 (or sign Asomugha)…draft an OL in round 1 or 2….things will begin to look a lot better.

  • Jake, I thought that at first…But now it’s really starting to look like Reid is in the loop. The Jury was out on McDermott and I think they used this year to evaluate him.

    Andy never answer honestly during press conferences so we really can not pull anything from what was said after the loss.

    “G” says it all the time.

    Look at what the Eagles do, not what they say.

    Reid is somewhere tampering and the reports of him vacationing is the perfect alibi. I know our wishful thinking is in hopes of something changing but the way this is being conducted shows the FO brass is with Reid is working something.

    You don’t hire a position coach without input of the boss he’ll work for (DC) in place. This have Reid written all over it. And once it’s done these facts will come out half way through next season that the Eagles always keep a list of good coaches in mind looking into the future.

    But I’ll tell you what. If Reid have another year of poor game management and an early exit next season, I have a feeling he’ll be fishing permanently.

    The FO are running out of excuses….Now we see coaching casualties it’s not far fetched to think Reid’s time is ticking.

  • I think the FO is all over this, and Howie/Reid are talking back and forth. I do believe that the FO guy is the mover/shaker and Reid has lost final decision-making; Reid HAS to produce with these young players because his current contract will run. You have a coach for 15yrs and only sniffed an SB one time? Noteworthy that a 61-yo DL coach would come to another DL coaching position. Being a senior, I can tell you this is possible because he’s not interested in being a DC or HC – you’re looking for some “rejuvenation”, a harmonious place to work, not looking for a big paycheck necessarily but more chances to impact others (young guys) while you finish out your coaching career. And the NFC east is a premier division. Be willing to bet if there is real interest in Trgovac as next DC that the insiders know what his evaluation of Washburn already is. Coaching fraternity is very tight. Reid isn’t just sipping iced tea by a pool; he’s on the phone a lot but Howie is one doing all the digging and research. I’d be a little surprised if they made Jauron the DC since they brought him in to help Sean him and the D was not good.
    Of course, we’re all speculatin’ at this point.

  • @songs-

    “Jake, I thought that at first…But now it’s really starting to look like Reid is in the loop.”

    What exactly has happened that makes things appear that “Reid is in the loop”??

    You need to start writting fiction novels, because that last post is starting to read like some of the stories that Paulman makes up.

  • Songs “Sources” are Paulman… ha ha…

  • greenfan …watch and remeber these posts.

  • Maybe if we get Trgovac he will bring Kevin Greene to be the LB coach. He has done a hell of a job coaching up the LBs in GB.

    And would the hiring of any one from the playoffs signal that the Eagles are going to the 3-4?

  • @paulmoron….so nothing else to say after I proved you and your “sources” dead wrong about the Birds and Free Agency? Oh wait, I forgot you can’t pay attention to anything pre-2008 or that would take a dump on your entire argument.

  • funny we want fat albert

  • OK songs, but I seem to remember alot of your posts from last summer too……how’d all of your predictions of doom after the McNabb trade pan out??

    Your prediction record is about as great as Paulmans….make up enough stuff and something is bound to turn out true.

  • The Philadelphia Eagles facebook page has announced the Eagles have signed Jim Washburn to be their defensive line coach.

  • I saw it too tjp2033, we have signed Washburn

    I think he is a good coach and will be a HUGE IMPROVEMENT over Segrest, but cannot help thinking that this was a very strangly timed hire. You have no DC and your Head Coach is out on vacation….doesn’t make sense. Oh well….never a dull moment with this team.

  • KYW said Ike Reese endorses Washburn

  • YES.SIRRRRRRRRRRRRR…. Washburn……. thats what i’m talking about……. I just hope he’s in good health with his age…… We all know what happen with JJ…… A piece of this defense left with him…… He was 80% of this Eagles team….. He bailed Reid out and gave Reid success…… What would Reid be without J.J……..??????

  • Whats the big deal that AR is on vacation while this happens? I take my work with me when i go away, and thats for a 5 figure salary, imagine a 7 figure one now!! its 2011, im pretty sure AR is totally in tune with what is happening as well. Awesome upgrade though!

  • just put the pieces together, pieces as in players and coaches.
    there are special position coaches for a reason. dline coach, qb coach, etc.
    they will coach within the scheme of the coordinators
    coordinators call the plays and are concerend with team concepts
    the position coaches work on the little things, that is their area of “expertise” (unless you are segrest)
    this is fantastic news, help trent with his durability and moving him around
    and develop draft picks, or free agent signing like jason babin lol

    we are an elite organization, the only thing separating us from the colts, patriots, and steelers
    a ring…but other than the big game, we are consistently contenders, i trust our F.O.
    not many teams can achieve what we have, and remember, only one team is happy with each season
    im happy to be a playoff team every year, as opposed to rebuilding and/or mediocrity
    yes we all want the big one, hopefully it comes i think if reid dedicates himself to correct his past mistakes
    then he will def. have earned a championship, because he has been the perfect coach for the philadelphia eagles

  • Reid knows he’s on the Roisserie stick with an apple in his mouth…… He better win it this year!!! Or he’ll be unemployed and on the biggest LOSER show…….. Or maybe he’ll get a YOGI the bear role or something????

  • Wmonell….. I feel you….. We have been a very successful organization……But how much more longer can the people of Philly can take this….. Shanahan won a ring with Elway and since then the Owners lost faith in him…… Reid took us to championship games and a superbowl and now we cant even win a wildcard game???? The same scheme every year only tells me that reid is down grading as a head coach!!!!

  • Yeah, seriously dhaman

  • dhaman…so you go away on vacation and your boss hires somebody to work for you while your away and do not interview him…is that the way your company is run??

    Here is what we KNOW (not crazy fiction):

    – Season ended and AR stated that McDerrmott would be his DC next year, and gave him an endorsement (Monday 10/10).

    – Wednesday 10/12 the Eagles fire McDerrmott as DC, but make no announcement.

    -Saturday 10/15 ESPN reports that McDerrmott has been fired and is interviewing for jobs. No comment from Reid because he is on vacation.

    – Monday 10/17 Reports from “sources” about DC candidates, Jauron, Mora, etc. But no scheduled interviews because Reid is on vacation.

    – Reports from Tenn surface about Eagles interest in DL coach. Tenn coach Fisher confirms that the Eagles have made contact with the coach. Washburn is signed. The team does not have a DC, and the Head Coach is on vacation.

    Just facts that we know. It just doesn’t sound like the way you do business in the NFL. Maybe your business dhaman, but not the NFL.

  • Howie is doing all the legwork, not Reid. Reid no longer has absolute final say, but Howie is obviously going to consult with him. If Reid has 2 years left on his current contract, that’s all the time he has to get this team to point where we are in top 3-4 TRUE SB contenders. There was no way we were real contenders this season if you were honest with yourself. This defense was giving up far too many points all year long to be a serious contender. Vick kept this team going, but we need some serious changes in how/when we use running backs when scheming.

    Believe Roseman had already targeted the Eagles’ (not Andy’s) DC, who almost surely is with team in playoffs, even before Washburn was sought out. You don’t fire two important coaches (OC and DL), particularly a young one in organization for 10yrs without having some idea of why changes needed to occur. Roseman did not wait until season was over to begin looking at film on the defense; he has shown himself to be a good evaluator of what’s actually happening on the field; it’s good to have someone not part of coaching or player ranks to give an impartial evaluation. Believe Roseman actually thrives “on the hunt” for right people… he’s the shark in the water, not Sims, and Reid is guaranteed nothing anymore without results.

  • Iggles….I agree with taking this as a sign that Reid is no longr in control.

    However..before you sing the praises of Howie too soon, remember…he traded up in the first round to take Graham, an undersized D-end. That is his 1st draft pick.

  • Greenfan- Yes i have conducted phone interviews for new hires, and yes, the president our our company has consulted me(and others in similar roles) while I am out of the office about potential moves that relate directly. Point being, whether AR has lost say in the decision making process or not, his being on vacation is no indication of that in either way. Not like Andy is gonna show up work work Monday morning and suddenly be like, whoa wait?! Whos this Washburn guy?! I didnt know we were getting a new guy today!! Not that big of a deal, and there is no conspiracy which requires a gathering of “just the facts!” Get over it.

  • I’m not singing praises of Roseman, only commenting that this guy is the “shark in the water, not Sims.” There was nothing wrong with Graham as first pick… the national evaluators ALL had him rated in top 3 DE’s, and the fastest of bunch. But Graham and rest of that line were stuck with Segrest! I believe it was the lack of solid, experienced D coaching talent that brought to light change was necessary… thus McD and Segrest dumped so quickly. I think Roseman gave Andy & McDermott benefit of doubt since JJ passed away and so they rolled for this year one more time. That was the greater mistake.

  • @Greenfan……. I think Graham showed some upside…… I mean we did have the worst defensive line coach…… And we spent so much time making this defensive line so much better last season and we didnt do well…… We need a scheme that better fits Graham….. He did play 3-4 in college….. I see it as mario williams 1st season everyone was saying he was a big bust…….. I think Graham will be fine…… But i understand your point!!!

  • Green look at the predictions I had for the Eagles if they put Vick at the Helm then get back with me. I predicted total failure if Kolb played the season and we all know this team would have outright stunk and Andy canned if Kolb would have been the guy. Vick was the game changer. it was losers like you who wanted that bum to start for the Eagles.

  • You better believe Reid is not on any isolated vacation! All these FO/HC guys work together, but it’s not quite same old thing as 5 years ago. Somebody has to do quality control on Reid and coaching staff also. Roseman is still new and if he flops, Lurie & Banner will be ones accountable, but the guy did unload Bell and bring in Harrison and C. McCoy to more than adequately fill necessary active game-day lineup. Hopefully Roseman will see need, with coaches, to get heavy bodies up front and head-knockers on defense!

  • YOOOOOOOOO! SONGS………. WHAT UP with the comment……. That was a bit harsh but funny at the same time……… I understand your point but were in this together my man……. We all know that the FO and the coaches made big big big mistake on making Kolb the man earlier this season without making it a QB battle…….LOSERS LIKE YOU LMAO!!!! MAN that was a real ZINGER…….

  • I think the eagles are doing the january inventory for the beginnig of the year…….. getting rid of products that have been sitting on the shelf for a long time and not selling LOL………… NO MORE CHUNKY SOUP in PHILLY……… I want PROGRESSO……… PROGRESS in Philly….. WHO’s with me…….. LOL!!

  • Roseman & Co. better address the protection problem for Vick too; maybe the only way to do that is through FA… may the new CBA get done quickly! Goodell needs to work for best interests of NFL and its fans, not just owners. Without loyal fans, the league is nothing.

  • Somngs you cried all summer long about losing donnie mac….YOU also stated that you were now a “skins fan….so you have no credibility here you loser ‘skins fan

  • @dthaman…just because you and the guys at the sanitation department use Monster.com to hire your guys doesn’t mean that is the way that a $billion organization hires such important managers

  • Songs, Reid under more scrutiny with failure of season with 7 at helm; if 4 started and played the entire season then rebuilding would have been the mantra, let the kid develop, not now, with the resurgence of Vick, Reid should have navigated at least a first round win, shouldn’t have lost the vikings game, now the pressure is really on reid

  • It is a huge deal to announce a major hiring when your head coach is out on vacation

  • Thru a Canadien source of mine..
    Coach AR was seen earlier today with Vinnie the Victor at a “Curling” training Center…
    Coach Ar was in particular, interested how the big guys were able to keep their balance on ICe in brightly colored clothes… Vinnie was giving him the nickel tour for sure.. then afterwards, they were going to a taste-testing seminar at “Labatt’s Brewery”…

  • greenfan….not once did I say I was a skins fan….I said if Kolb is the starter the Redskins would win against us twice. Good thing Klob got knocked out of the way. Our disdain was not just towards Mcnabb being traded but naming a stiff to take his place. Those issues have been solved and we’re shipping Kolb;s ass ouut here. So now we can focus on getting that Chip with Vick at the Helm.

    Hell with the Skins

  • Green- Washburn wasnt off of Monster? my bad, i have no clue what im talking about obviously and ill defer to your years of experience running professional sports teams in the future- Obviously my football knowledge is inferior to yours in every way. DB.

  • incorrect again Jakedog……The fact that the team made it to the playoffs with a player who did not take the main reps all off season shows this team overacheived.

    No one was talking about a rebuilding year…no one. That was philly media’s assumptions and giving the Eagles a pass for trying with their Golden Boy.

    Hell with Kolb…get his stiff ass outta here.

    Reid gets a pass for not wasting our season with that stiff.

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