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Have Eagles Found Another Jon Runyan And Should They Draft Him In 1st Round?

Have the Eagles found another Jon Runyan in Wisconsin offensive tackle Gabe Carimi?  He’s big, mean and motivated.  I watched Carimi work for the first two days in Mobile, Alabama for the Senior Bowl and he definitely looks like a right tackle, but I don’t think they can afford to use a first round pick on a tackle.

They need to use their first round pick on a defensive player,  maybe a cornerback, maybe a dominant defensive tackle, or maybe a linebacker.

Another problem with drafting a guy like Carimi and using him on the right side is that in Philadelphia the right tackle is really the left tackle because Michael Vick is lefthanded therefore the right tackle is protecting his blindside.  Carimi doesn’t look like he has the quick feet and speed to deal with the lightning fast defensive ends and linebackers coming around the corner on third down in the NFL.

Mike Mayock of NFL Network sees Carimi as a right tackle who is a better run blocker than a pass blocker.  Are we going to run the ball a lot here in Phialdelphia?  Carimi is considered one of the top three offensive tackles with Colorado’s Nate Solder, who is considered the best and he’s followed by Boston College’s Anthony Castonzo.

These guys are all 6’7″ and I don’t think all of them are going to make it.  That height means they’re going to have to bend their knees and backs to get low enough to block many of the lightning quick defensive ends that are coming into the game.

“The first two [Solder and Castonzo] move a little bit better than Carimi; Carimi’s more of a thug, which I mean in a positive sense,” Mayock said. “He doesn’t have the footwork of the other two . . . He could play left, but he’s probably more of a right tackle. He’s a little bit like a Jon Runyan; he’s got a little bit of nasty to him. A little bit better run blocker than the other two. But if you put the Iowa tape on, he did a great job against [Adrian] Clayborn, without help. He did really well against one of the premier pass rushers in college football.”

As I said, I’m not as high on Carimi as Mayock and others.  You can’t have a slow-footed guy protecting Michael Vick’s blindside.  I liked what I saw of Alabama’s James Carpenter.  He’s a big athlete who can move his feet and he has tremendous power.

I don’t know much of his history of playing the left tackle position but he looks like a keeper to me.  He’s being pegged to go in the sixth or seventh round but I think he will move up to at least the third round because of the way he was dominating.  I would rather the Birds grabbed Carpenter in the third or fourth round rather than Carimi in the first.

Outside linebacker Von Miller owned the day by dominating the pass rush drills with his speed around the corner.  He’s probably made himself a number one pick with the day he had yesterday.  He’s going to be gone in the first round, so the Eagles will have no chance to grab him.

ESPN’s Todd McShay says Jake Locker made a big improvement in his second day of working out at the Senior Bowl.  I thought he threw the ball better, but Locker needs a good quarterback coach to work with him.  His footwork is poor when he throws the ball because he’s used to taking off and running with the football.

TCU’s Andy Dalton doesn’t have a strong arm but he has great accuracy with his throws.  Dalton will fit in well with a lot of these west coast offense teams.

Quarterback Christian Ponder of Florda State has struggled.  His throws are erratic and the accuracy is horrible.

Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton has decided to work out at a small gym in San Diego.  NFL Pro personnel people are suspicious of why Newton has decided to workout there rather than at some of the big workout facilities that focus on combine type workouts all year long.


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January 26, 2011 9:38 am

I actually think the Eagles should try and find a stud offensive lineman in the first round. This is equally as pressing of a need as the defense, if not bigger. Here’s why: Michael Vick right now is our top asset and what makes this team as explosive as they are. If our o-line isn’t fixed, the odds of Vick making it through the season are slim to none. Vick is not a big quarterback and as tough as he is, he’s fairly injury prone given his style of play. Can you imagine if we traded Kolb and then ended up being 11-2 or 10-3 going into the last few games of the season, only to have Vick get blown up in the backfield because our o-line was struggling to protect him. If we lost him at that point in the season, the season would be over. It doesn’t matter how good our defense is if Vick is not under center. The offensive line is extremely important and needs to be fixed ASAP.

January 26, 2011 9:43 am

I think that we need to go, OT, DT or DE (if we get haynesworth then go CB), And i want them to grab clay mathews brother in the third or fourth round. Cant ignore the blood line. Bradley, chaney and the rookie would be our linebackers

January 26, 2011 9:50 am

I dont mean specifically tackle but a offensive lineman of need

January 26, 2011 10:15 am


the defensive side of the ball needs to be the focus of this draft…. .if they take an OT in round #1 then we know Reid is still calling the shots and they will continue to suck in the playoffs!

we need playmakers on defense….CB, S, DE, LB, DT….. play frickin makers with size…

January 26, 2011 10:20 am

Nope. Defense should be the first priority. The oline’s biggest problems was the interior. Justice has a tough few games but I’m not worried about him. If you get a healthy Jamal Jackson, that upgrades your Center and also fixes your RG spot because now you have your best RG actually playing that position and not playing Center because of the injuries. I do agree the o-line needs work but this draft should be focused on the defense. Take the best defensive player available with your first pick.

Dawk, Don’t fall in love with player’s last names. Fokou actually had a pretty solid year. I’d start him over Bradley. But that’s just me.

If they don’t get Asomugha, they need to go best CB in the first round, DT next if they don’t land Haynesworth, LB and then OL.

January 26, 2011 10:22 am

And if you trade Kolb and get a high pick then you have flexibility to maybe get the OLineman in the first or 2nd round. This is why you need to trade Kolb. You can address your biggest problem areas in the first 3 rounds with the extra picks and not try to fill voids with a bunch of 7th rounders.

January 26, 2011 10:55 am

Paulman’s Eagles Mock Draft
(this is assuming the Eagles don’t pursue any Free-Agents this offseason due to CBA, being too cheap
or for whatever reason)

Rd 1 (#23 Overall) DE C Heyward (Ohio St 6-5 285lbs)
Rd 2 (#55 Overall) OT D Love (Arkansas 6-4 315lbs)
Rd 3 (#86 Overall) CB C Rucker (Michigan State 6-2 200lbs)
Rd 4 (#104 Overall) LB T Keiser (Stanford 6-5 245lbs)
Rd 4 (#120 Overall) OG W Rackley (Lehigh 6-4 310lbs)
Rd 5 (#147 Overall) S T Lefeged (Rutgers 6-0 205lbs)
Rd 5 (#151 Overall) CB J Brown (Colorado 6-0 205 lbs)
Rd 6 (#184 Overall) FB H Hynoski (Pitt 6-2 260 lbs)
Rd 7 (#216 Overall) TE L Smith (Marshall 6-6 265lbs)

January 26, 2011 10:56 am

The only OL I would take would be Pouncey if he’s available. Justice at his best is only average, but playing next to a RG that isn’t Nick Cole can only help him.

Depending on how free agency shakes out, their first pick HAS to be in the secondary. They need a safety and two corners. I think giving up over 50 passing TDs the last two years should be evidence enough.

January 26, 2011 11:11 am

The CB’s and Safeties are a pretty weak class this years
There is a real drop off after the Top 2 CB’s (Peterson,Amukara who are top flight and playmakers)
the others like B Harris,A Williams,J Smith, D House, J PAtrick, B Burton, R Dowling,C Brown, C Ruckers are all good players,but will need a good year or 2 of seasoning,coaching before they contriburte much similar to last years pick Trevard Lindley
The Safety Position is really thin this year…
D McDaniel, R Moore, Q Carter,A Black, J Jarrett, T Sash are probably the best of the group and are 2nd/3rd Round grades at this point…
I think the Eagles have some good young ones in Allen,Colmen,Anderson and would be better to sign a veteran Free-Agent D Landry from Ravens, E Weddle from the Chargers, M Bullitt from the Colts to help solidify the position

The real Quality in this years draft, in my opinion, is along the DL/LB/OL positions which is where the top 2-3-4 picks need to be to ensure a high quality,better graded player..The add thru Free-Agency at CB/S for this season and grab a couple Secondary players later in the draft…
Eagles must improve and get bigger,stronger along the line of scrimmage
if you really think about it, the Eagles DE position is very thin..
You have 3 players good to go in COle,Parker,Tapp then a lot of ??? after that
B Grahams injury, Can TEo/Sapp even play at the NFL Level, IS Abriami ever going to play…
I think DE is the weakest Position on the Eagles as far as quality depth going into next season

January 26, 2011 11:19 am

Yes we should draft this guy asap……. Winston “Cigarette” Justice was in rare form at the end of the season????? We need an attitude and i’ve seen this guy actually play….. He is a beast………

The focus is on the front line this season…….. We need some guys to protect Vick…….. If we dont get a veteran behind Vick and we trade Kolb than we have a inexperienced Mike kafka to back up Vick……. I’ll draft the first 3rds just on the offensive line……. Cb…….. Dt…….. Lb’s……. and hopefully we’ll resign Harrison which I think he’ll decline because of lack of running with this team…… But anyways front line this season is a bonus!!!!

Canadian Eagle Fan
Canadian Eagle Fan
January 26, 2011 11:43 am

Hey G,

My first time commenting, but have been enjoying your analysis for years. Keep up the great work! I can’t get enough Eagles news up here in Toronto, so I rely on yourself and the other great Eagle bloggers.

Anyway, this may be a stupid question, but if Peters proved he’s our best lineman with his play after his surgery, why not move him to the right to watch Vick’s blind side? I know there are always concerns about switching positions and sides of the line, but really …. shouldn’t our best tackle option be watching the blind side?

Take care.

January 26, 2011 12:27 pm

The Eagles should Sign Joseph the CB from the Bengals. He will be a free agent most likely and is a top 10 CB at only age 26. Sign a OL in FA as well and focus on drafting Defense; especially the DE position. DE – Kiwanuka is a free agent maybe the Eagles should look into signing him.

January 26, 2011 12:54 pm

I would have no problem drafting an OT first round but we really need some impact players. I think we can take care of CB and DT in free agency and then the draft needs to be a stud DE, S or LB, depending on whats out there when we pick.

January 26, 2011 1:00 pm

To Godson,
– Joseph is a Top 5 CB right in his prime,but from all reports, the Bengals have publicly stated that they will place the Franchise Tag on him and Joseph said he had no problems with that..
– Kawanuka had a pretty sever neck injury and may have to retire, very possible that his playing days are over,so stay away from him ..

January 26, 2011 1:27 pm

if we draft a LB or CB in the 1st 3 rounds i wont be happy.
why? because david harris, paul posluszny, and asomugha are free agents.
granted, i think they all will be resigned or franchise tagged by their teams.

January 26, 2011 1:36 pm

LB Harris is a stud and would be great addition.
Posluszny with history of knee injuries which I would stay away from
Asmogoah is too expensive and not worth the contract at his age (29 years old) that he will command

How about DE Cullen Jenkins from the PAckers, or DE Ray Edwards from the Vikings…
Lots of good CB’s & LB’s that are Free-Agents . I am still not sure when the Free-agency peiod begins or if there is one this years CBA stuff going on.. I know the Draft is going on like usual..
Anyone know if and when the signing period is for Free-Agents or it there is one…

January 26, 2011 1:39 pm

This is off topic, but I see no new threads about the Eagles coaching search and I wanted to post this, because I thought it kinda made sense. Even if you don’t believe it, I would think it has to make you think…….

Anyway, I saw this on another site. Some of you might have already seen it. They are saying though that they don’t feel Trgovac is gonna be the D-Coordinator here. 1. Because he gave that answer about might not wanting to leave GB (coach talk, nothing serious). and 2 for the reasons I am about to list…….

They think the Eagles aren’t gonna hire a D-line coach because they just hired a highly regarded one in Washburn, and the D-Coodinator, while they do focus on the D as a whole, usually spends a little extra time in their specialty. If they hired Washburn, why hire another D-line coach as Coordinator?

They think in particular that it will be a D-Backs coach. They say because look at the past serious or semi serious “candidates”…… Jauron (D-Backs coach), Mora Jr (D-Backs coach), and Allen (D-Backs coach). So, they think that the Eagles are obviously targeting a D-Backs coach to be Coordinator. Interesting, huh? They list potential candidates too…..

Todd Bowles – Current Dolphins DB coach. Served under Holmgren with Reid during the Packers 95-96 seasons.

Tim Hauck – Current Titans DB coach. Not only did he serve with Washburn, but he also spent 3 seasons with the Eagles and was kinda a popular player with the fans.

Ray Horton – Current Steelers DB coach. Was with Steelers for their past 2 SB wins, and might get another. He served as a DB coach with the Lions when Mornhinweg was HC.

Darren Perry – Current Packers DB coach. In 07-08, he was Asomugha’s DB coach. Maybe entice Aso to come here?

Dennis Thurman – Current Jets DB coach. Has been with Ryan a while. Secondaries with Ravens and Jets ranked among the best. A lot of people want Pettine because he is like Ryan’s understudy. This guy has been with the Ryan just as long, and he coaches an area of need.

They do list 1 LBs coach, and that is Winston Moss. Like I said, they ruled out a D-line coach because they have Washburn, and feel that they won’t hire a D-line coach to be Coordinator since they have Washburn.

January 26, 2011 2:12 pm

Here is someone that I like that no one has mentioned on here, that I saw anyway……… OT-Tyron Smith. He is another USC OT like Justice, so I am not sure Eagles fans will like that but this guy is built like a beast. He is strong. He is a little smaller and leaner (6-5 290) than the other OTs, but strong, and being light on his feet, he is a lot quicker. He is a really good pass blocker.



January 26, 2011 4:11 pm

Assuming there is free agency-

Ryan Khalil from the panthers and mankins from the patriots in FA Fix it all on the line.

LT Peters
LG Mankins
C Kahlil
RG McGlynn
RT Herremans

On D Namdi is unlikely but nice, Joseph if no Franchise tag absolutely, Cromartie I think is a FA.

Draft CB, DT, LB

January 26, 2011 4:12 pm

I just dont believe we can take another chance on jackson at center after 2 years away (even if it’s the right thing to do so to say)

January 26, 2011 4:24 pm

Jackson is garbage and our center position has been putrid for 20 yrs now.

January 26, 2011 4:30 pm

My question is why can’t we ever draft high with a position of need that’s injury free like every other team?

It seems the Eagles surprises us every year by drafting a player when there’s a glaring need in another important position. Only the Eagles do this crap.

We needed a safety and was in position to get the best one in the draft last year and opted for Graham who gave us little to nothing and Allen who is adequate but is not Earl Thomas. Have we won anything to settle for lesser talent when there’s a player who may cost more but brings more?

Then we load up with a bunch of crapshoots in the later rounds hoping one fall through the crack and they end up being better players than the players drafted in the earlier rounds. I know people want to blame this on coaching but we had this same problem when our coaching staff was packed. Just like we can’t blame our receivers coach for the pathetic play of Pinkston and Thrash, we can’t blame bad drafting on coaching. Exceptional players makes any coach look good. Stop plugging the oline with bums and draft high to get top pedigree to protect your quarterback. No Quarterback…..No chance.

January 26, 2011 4:31 pm

Nice Regal…
Mankins and Kalil are very good players..
With Herraman foot problems over the last couple of years, I don’t think he has the mobility/quickness to play on the Outside at either OT spot any longer.. Remember that RT will see other teams best Pass Rushers and blitzes s so they can rush on VIck’s Blind SIde

Here’s my Free-agent OL

LT – Peters
LG – Herreman’s
C- Kalil (from the Panthers 6-2 300lbs and 25 years old with no history of any major injuries)
RG – McGlynn
RT – T Clabo (from the Falcons– 6-6″ 330 lbs-29 years old in his prime no history of injuries and a mean streak in him)

Do not re-sign Cole,MJG and Wells
Trade W Justice and get a 4th or 5th Rd Draft Selection in return

Keep Jackson,Howard,Dunlap,Topou and a draft choice or 2 for back-ups

January 26, 2011 5:02 pm

I agree Regal about Jackson. I just don’t think we can count on him anymore.

January 26, 2011 5:29 pm

Paulman If we are going to sign to FA O-Linemen I would say Nicks from NO has to be a player of huge need. I do like Clabo and Kalil.

If Joseph is Franchised which I do not think it is a lock for the Bengals to do that. Then I would sign C. Rodgers or Marshall @ CB.

So to sum up all the debates on what the Eagles should do…………. They need to Focus on 2 of the 3 positions in FA and address the rest of the team needs through the draft.
FA Needs . CB, DE, OL. We all have our plan as to who to sign and I am just asking that the Eagles address 2 out of those 3 positins in FA so we can get some proven players and upgrade those positions immediatly.

January 26, 2011 7:04 pm

good stuff Godson
I like Kalil over Nicks for he can play both Center or Guard and at a High Level at both positions
Nicks is strictly a Guard.. But I would be happy with either one …

January 26, 2011 7:23 pm

The Eagles make me laugh when the go with Projection Guy. He’s a safety but we project him as corner. He’s a linebacker but we project him as a defensive end. He’s a guard but we project…

Just draft what you need. If you need a damn center then draft one. If we need a tackle then draft one. Quit getting these guys who can play 2 and even 3 positions and stink at all 3. Quit trading for a guy who has spent his entire career playing one position, then you envision him somewhere were we need help.

The offensive line stinks. They were rated the 17th best in the league on one web site. And maybe that has alot to do with “the 400” passing every down. But if that is what you are going to do, then stop drafting these fat unathletic players. Get pass blockers. I still think the offensive line coach is the problem. Saying he made Winston Justice better, is like thanking me for putting out your house fire and I’m the one who set the fire in the first place. Justice and Max Jean were rated the best in the country since high school. They get to the Eagles and are average at best. Juan is a bum. And they planted the story of him being considered for Offensive Coordinator, to see if it sticks and somebody gives him an offer. I think the front office wants him gone.

I know I do.

January 26, 2011 7:26 pm

Wisconsin throws the ball as much as Woody Hayes and Bo Schembecler.

He’ll be a great fit for the Eagles.

January 26, 2011 8:14 pm

LOL BSM…… I love the projection guys too. They like drafting the Jack of all Trades, Master of none. Always looking for guys with versatility. Like you said, just draft a guy that is good at his position, not another position that you think he could transition to the position you need.