• November 28, 2022

Marty Mornhinweg Thinking Of Offensive Improvement At The Senior Bowl

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg is down at the Senior Bowl looking for talent, but he’s thinking about the types of improvement which he needs from the amazing offensive talent which is already on the ballclub.

“We did some great, great things,” Mornhinweg said Tuesday to Matt Malocco of the Bay Area Comcast Sportsnet . “But there were some things we’ve identified that we need to get better at. It’s an important offseason for more than a handful of our players. I just hope we have an offseason.”

He’s talking about working with his football team so they can adjust to the defensive strategies that they’re been facing of late.  When teams adjusted to the Eagles and started blitzing them or playing two safeties deep to take away their deep game, they took too long to adjust.

They need to work on that this offseason, but they won’t be able to workout with Mornhinweg after March 4th because that’s when a lockout will take affect. Eagles players won’t be able to workout at the Nova Care complex and they won’t be able to practice with their coaches.  OTA’s and mini-camps will be put on hold.

That has Mornhinweg concerned and it should.

“Most of these guys are real young guys or Michael (Vick), playing in his first year [back] as a starting quarterback,” Mornhinweg said. “There are a lot of things this offseason that will be important.

“It was great for some of these guys to get their first playing experience. You get a great evaluation of the players that way. But you need to work with them in the offseason to really help them with the detailed movements they can get better at.”

Vick should spend the entire offseason working on recognizing the blitz.  He should demand that Mornhinweg and Andy Reid allow him to get the play and come out of the huddle with at least 15 seconds to go on the play clock. The Eagles have made it a habit for years of giving he quarterback the play too late for him to come to the line and make adjustments.

The must catch up with the game.  If they can make teams pay dearly for blitzing them and playing those two coverages, their offense will be putting up at least 30 points each week.

Vick and the offensive line, especially centers Mike McGlynn and Jamaal Jackson need to get sharper with knowing which way they need to slide the line and the key is knowing which defensive player should be considered the middle linebacker.  Vick could study video tape of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers as they make their pre-snap reads.

Of course the running backs, LeSean McCoy, Owen Schmitt and Jerome Harrison and wide receivers, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, Riley Cooper, need to recognize when they get a blitz look because they might have to pick up the blitzer in the running backs’ case or have a hot route read in the wide receivers’ case.

Of course the tight ends Brent Celek and Clay Harbor are a big part of the communications and adjustments to the blitz.  Celek and Vick need to get to the point where they know what each other are going to do without saying anything to each other.  Celek needs to become Vick’s outlet.  There are many times they need to make an adjustment before talking to Marty and Andy on the sideline.

If the tight end and receivers have a hot route read, that means  they need to shorten their route so Vick can get the ball out of his hands.  He can’t rely solely on his ability to run with the football.

I want to see Andy and Marty work with his football team to make this adjustments on the first series of the game rather than struggle for three and a half quarters without making any adjustments.


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January 26, 2011 9:17 am

We really need these guys to get into OTA’s so they can learn how to throw the ball too much and continuously have our best weapons on offense taken away during games. We also must learn how not to attack a cover two by never running a crossing route and sending every WR on verticals.

Ready? Break!

January 26, 2011 9:30 am

Eagles need to get bigger and better at C, RG and RT.

January 26, 2011 10:17 am

Paulmans Rankings of Top O/Lineman in 2011 Draft

#1) S Wisniewski — Penn State 6-3 305lbs
#2) K O’Dowd — USC 6-4 300 lbs
#3) T Barnes — Missouri 6-4 300 lbs
#4) J Kirkpatrick – TCU 6-3 305lbs
#5) B Fusco – Slippery Rock 6-4 300lbs (I think Eagles really like him and grab in the 5th/6th RD)

Guard (The Top 6 will go within the 1st 3 Rounds)
#1) M Pouncey – Florida 6-4 310lbs
#2) O Franklin – Miami 6-6 315 lbs
#3) R Hudson – Florida State 6-2 290lbs
#4) B Iljalana — VIllanova 6-4 320lbs (would be a great pick in the 3rd Rd if still around)
#5) S Schilling — MIchigan 6-5 310lbs
#6) W Rackley – Lehigh 6-4 310 lbs (a great pick if still around in the 4th Rd)
#7) J Moffitt — Wisconsin 6-4 320lbs
#8) C Boling — Georgia 6-5 305 lbs

OT (The Top 10 will go within the 1st 3 Rdounds)
#1) D Sherrod — Miss State 6-5 305lbs
#2) N Solder — COlorado 6-8 315lbs
#3) A castonzo — Boston COllege 6-7 310lbs
#4) G Camrini — Wisconsin 6-7 325lbs
#5) T Smith — USC 6-5 290 lbs (maybe better at Guard in the NFL)
#6) D Love — Arkansas 6-5 315 lbs (Eagles like this kid alot..)
#7) J Pinkston – PIttsburgh 6-4 310 lbs
#8) D Watkins — Baylor 6-4 310lbs (Eagles also like this player)
#9) M Cannon — TCU 6-5 350lbs
#10) J Barksdale — LSU 6-5 325lbs
#11) M Gilbert — Florida 6-5 320lbs
#12) C Hairston — Clemson 6-7 333lbs (Would be a great pick in the 4th/5th Rd)

Looking forward to any reports on some of these players participating this week at Senior Bowl

January 26, 2011 1:31 pm

trade up for pouncey or wisniewski
i dont care if its boring, ill trade the flash to emulate the success across town.
emaning…steelers and drafting pouncey last year.
the browns oline is one of the strongest in the league, 2 pro bowl youngsters in thomas and mack.
its too obvious, its all about the trenches. lines on both sides of the ball make it easier for everyone

January 26, 2011 1:51 pm

Wisnewski will definitely be on the board when the Eagles select in the 1st Rd (at #23) and will probably go by the mid-2nd round..(by the 45th overall selection) so he won’t be around by the Eagles 2nd Rd selection(#55th) If the Eagles can get at least a #2 and #4 for Kolb and then could be in position to grab him
I think Pouncey will be gone by the 10th-20th pick (the Cowboys,Redskins,Lions,Giants,Chiefs,Colts are all in need of a Center/Guard and all like him a lot too..)
Another Strong Center who may be around for Eagles 4th (#106) Selection is K O’Dowd from USC

January 26, 2011 2:32 pm

moronwhig is relying on the talent of his players versus his abilities. i can’t stand this idiot. a detriot reject that can’t RUN THE BALL

January 27, 2011 9:33 am

You know the Eagles really like a center from slippery rock? Do you actually believe this BS you post here or just making it up as you go along?

January 27, 2011 5:21 pm

I have a good source there at Slippery Rock who has told me the Juan Castillo has been in touch with
B Fusco’s Coaches, has requested film tape and has sent people to watch him in games….

January 28, 2011 8:21 am

Major difference between looking at tape and “really liking” a player. This must be up there with Randy Shannon and Urban Meyer interviewing right?