• December 4, 2023

Report: Reid Will Have Competition From Arizona For Assistant Coaches

Andy Reid may have some competition after the Super Bowl when he interviews candidates for the defensive coordinator, linebacker and defensive secondary coach positions for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Philly.com makes the point and the Arizona Republic has quotes from Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt, which lead us to believe that he might be interested in interviewing some of the same coaches that Reid is going to talk to.

“I interviewed a couple of guys at the Senior Bowl and felt good about that,” Whisenhunt said. “But there are guys on both teams I’m interested in talking to after the Super Bowl.”

I’m familiar with the coaches on the Pittsburgh side.

Steelers defensive backfield coach Ray Horton was our free safety during my last year in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys.  Horton had played a number of years with the Ciincinnati Bengals and Jimmy Johnson had picked him up with the hopes of getting a few years out of him.  Ray knew how to study video to prepare for a game and he would knock your head off if he caught you coming across the middle.

He knew the art of anticipation, which I have talked about previously when I was talking about my conversation with Seth Joyner.  Good NFL defensive players learn how to study their next opponents, so that they can anticipate what play is getting ready to be run, once the offense comes out and gets into a formation.

Just like you’ve heard about pre-snap reads for the offense, good defenses and good defensive players get pre-snap reads and have a good idea what play they’re getting ready to play.

The Steelers defensive secondary coach has made sure that the safeties in Pittsburgh are mentally prepared for every offense they face and they have that same “knock you out” attitude, if you come across the middle.

I can remember watching Steelers coach Keith Butler on video tape, when we were playing against a team that the Seattle Seahawks had played.  Again he had the same assets of Horton,   He was smart, tough and would knock your head off if he got a shot at you.

Horton and Butler have been secondary and linebacker coaches for the Pittsburgh Steelers for that last six years.  They were brought in because of their commitment to playing good hard, smart football.


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January 28, 2011 7:08 am

I forgot you played for the Cowboys GCobb — I knew there was a reason I was iffy about you!

January 28, 2011 8:44 am

Who would want to go to Arizona????? The weather is dry……. They have no Qb, defense is terrible, and with all the acts of illegal aliens with Maricopa County I wouldnt be a coach coming into that atmosphere…….. They do have talent with the offensive side……. With Fitzgerald and decent rb’s……. But they are a team who will be on the chopping blocks for years to come……. Thats if they get Mcnabb?????? I think coaches are aware of being on a team that has a “BUY HERE PAY HERE” sign on there FRANCHISE…… LOL! COME TO PHILLY!!!!!!

January 28, 2011 12:03 pm

Doubt our DC comes from Pittsburgh. We aren’t going to a 3-4! Bet our guy comes from Green Bay…..