• November 27, 2021

Do The Eagles Know What They’re Doing In Coordinator Search?

There’s a line growing to interview coaches on the staffs of the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers as Super Bowl week starts.  The Eagles are in that line along with the Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders as well as other teams.

It makes you wonder whether the Bird have had a plan in place all this time or did they fire Sean McDermott in the heat of the moment and now they’re getting concerned about finding the right guys to coach their defense.

We know that they’re not going to be able to make big chances this off season because of the possible work stoppage which will likely happen on March 4th. That will likely rule out any 3-4 guys except the guys who focus on the secondary.  Linebacker and defensive line coaches who are exclusively 3-4 guys would be ruled out.

Nearly all of the Green Bay Packers defensive coaches are on the list of coaches mentioned in connection with the Eagles: Mike Trgovac, Packers defensive line coach, Winston Moss, assistant head coach and middle linebacker coach, Kevin Greene, outside linebackers coach, Darren Perry, safety coach, and Joe Griff Jr., cornerback coach.

A number of the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coaches are also mentioned:  Keith Butler, linebackers coach, Ray Horton, secondary coach,

We’re going to be forced to wait yet another week to find out who the Birds are targeting.  The only way they could be sure about getting the guy they want is if they have tampered with some of the coaches and gotten some assurances that the guy they want will sign with them.

If they haven’t tampered then they have put themselves in danger of not getting the guy they want.  They could be left high and dry and be forced to hire a defensive coordinator that they really don’t want.

It seems they can rule out Mike Trgovac.  He seemed to take himself out of the running for the Eagles defensive coordinator’s job.

“I will do that again. It’s just not the right time for me right now,” Trgovac said of being a coordinator. “When my wife and I decided to make this move here, it was definitely a three-year commitment. We weren’t going to move my daughter again. That’s one of the things we talked about.

Green Bay Packers safety coach Darren Perry continues to answer questions about his name being mentioned in connection with a number of defensive coordinator jobs, including the job openings on the Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals and Oakland Raiders coaching staff.

“I’m going to kind of let that (question) go,” Perry said. “I’m not going to spend too much time talking about that because right now I’m consumed about winning this football game. We don’t win this one here, all is for nothing. We’ve got to make sure we don’t lose sight of the job at hand. All of the other things will take care of itself.”

This weekend, Perry told his home town paper the Virginian-Pilot that he is ready for the job.

“I have not interviewed for a defensive coordinator position in the past, but I think I’m ready, I’ve done my apprenticeship,” Perry told the paper. “I’ve been around some great football minds. I’m patiently waiting for my opportunity, knowing that eventually something will come up.

“I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time talking about it, because my focus right now is on the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s great to be recognized, but really right now, that’ll be something to talk about once we get through this game right here.”


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  • They have the inside track with Greenbay, and 6 of Reid’s assistances have gone on to head coaching jobs. The Eagles are a football town with a big market share. Arizona did not even sell out a playoff game. Oakland has former genius now a sinile lunatic for an owner.

    The Eagles will get who they want. Lurie has hired winners in the past, and Reid has hand picked 6 guys that have gone on to be head coaches. They will make a great selection because the comfort zone is over for Reid. He has to win now. Or his stay in Philly is over. This pressure started the second banner said he would no longer keep the same people and expect different results. They shipped out a ton of people last year, and have done the same this year. Times up for Santa. He’s got to produce.

    I stood in a resturant yesterday behind a man proudly wearing a steeler 4 time championship jacket. I told him he’s going to have to upgrade. He said no… I have number 5 and number 6 at home, and I am ready to buy number 7.

    Yeah keep making excuses for Andy. Same state different results. If your happy being the Mets then you deserve to play second fiddle in your own state. Peguins Flyers Yankees Mets.

    False Evidence that Appears Real. FEAR. Get over it. To many are afraid we are going to lose if Andy leaves. How about Gruden taking Tampa to the superbowl after Dungy could no get them over the hump. Then dungy goes to a dome team and wins. Andy is a dome team coach. Not East Coast cold weather. The Steelers are a prime example of how to build a East Coast Cold weather team.

    How much more proof do you need. Six championships. And a possible 7th.

  • You said the comfort zone is over for Reid. Just like Jim Washburn knew time was up for Fisher people are the league know that time might be up for Reid.

    They might not be impressed with the defensive talent here for the Eagles. I don’t think it’s a slam dunk.

  • Andy Reid will be our HC as long as he wants to be our HC! (9 playoffs in 12 years). To fire him would be a finacial risk Laurie will not assume. Get over it and hope for the best!

  • Shotinhiemer, Coryell, Fisher. All made the playoffs a ton of times and all got Fired.

    Gruden, Bileck, Shannahan – WON the superbowl and got Fired.

    You have to be kidding if you think Andys playoffs will save his job indefinately.

    Tom Landry got fired and Dallas went to the playoffs a record 19 times in a row.

  • Virginian-Pilot; not Virginia-Pilot…I’m from the same area as Darren Perry so it would be cool for me to see him take over as the defensive coordinator for the Eagles. He went to the same high school as D’Angelo Hall.

  • Coach AR will coach 2 more years for the Eagles unless he gets to the Super Bowl which I don’t
    see happening due to his imbalanced Offensive Schemes and Game plans..
    Passing 65%-70% is never going to win a Championship, and especially a team playing in the Northeast with the outside elements which is never going to be effective come Playoff Football time.
    I don’t see Coach AR changing his Philosophy anytime soon.. In Fact, with the more mobile QB in
    Vick, Coach AR/MM will probably call for more passing plays, which is ridiculous to do, but you watch
    him do it next Season..

  • Who ever the DC is…….. As long as this individual is aggressive……. And mixes his play-calling…… I’m fine with it……… No more dropping d-linemen in coverage stuff……… Hopefully who ever they get keeps the Philly tradition of football and none of this i tackle you to the ground non-sense and help your opponent get back up off the ground…….. I want a guy who takes players for ransom……… Be aggressive and knock some heads off………. this is football…… And with a guy like Rob Ryan….. You think he’s going to have dallas playing a soft style of defense????? This division is going to be tough this season…….. Hopefully the CBA will reach a deal and teams will get familiar with there new coaches asap!!!! GO EAGLES

  • I’ve been tired of all the “potential candidate” talk. Every day, the media throws out another name.

  • The Eagles and Coach AR have missed their window of opportunity..
    THe NFC Conference has more improving teams than in the past and a couple of Veteran Teams
    who will be back and strong in 2011 like the Giants/Cowboys/VIkings..

  • I agree Paulman, Andy refuses to change his offensive philosophy. Let’s not get our hopes up and think by getting this new defensive coach that were gonna now win a SB. Not with how andy runs this offense. Hey Andy your making all these changes on the defensive side how bout you do the same on offense. I guess you wanna kill your QB along with any chance to win a SB

  • The way AR is coaching the Rb will have longer life than a Qb……… So my guess McCoy will last 12yrs. and the back-up Rb should last 20yrs………. LOL!…… If Jerome Harrison re-signs it will be a miracle……. Thats why I said a long time ago Reid will be a great Qb’s coach………

  • You know i remember g writing an article about how we most likely have and eye on someone specific, especially since we are a good orginization. That most likely we had a plan. Well maybe we dont. Maybe there was no plan!! I mean for such a great orginzation, how could we go into a season without a punt returner, or fullback, remember those years. And those things ended up being our dimise. Or not relize that not running the damn ball more in not going to win us a championship. Its the attempt not the yards. You know you look at teams like green bay. Green bay dosent run the ball well but they still try. But one thing they have done to make life a little easier is run pass plays in witch rodgers can get the ball out quick. Not us! 20 yards bombs or nothing. Green bay runs 3 yards digs, 5 yard slants, if they see the db playing off the reciver. Rodgers will shoot the ball out to jennings quick so he can make a guy miss and make a play. And even if on those plays they only gain 3 yards. Its just like a run. See the eagles dont run and dont get the ball out of the qbs hands fast enough either. Recipe for disaste i tell ya!!! And no matter who the cordinator is i dont see our defense jumping into the top 5 slot anytime soon! We are to small. Parcells has always had good teams because when he gets where he is going he immediatley puts strength and size on teams. Speed is good and we have plenty of that, but when it comes to 4 quarters of smash mouth. We cant compete, period.

  • Dawkplex1221……… 100% on that one my man………. We are the NFC colts…….. We are one sided…… Looking for big plays all the time……. and we dont run the ball to save our lives……… The colts struggle against the run because they are small…… They’ll give one or two good games on stopping the run and the next few games they look terrible…….. The same with us……. Teams will consume alot of the clock by running and keeping an explosive offense such as ours off the field……. That is a great recipe for victory…….. AR must get big……. A brick wall will slow down speed…….

  • did you notice during Vick’s two scoring drives in the pro bowl the quick timing throws over the middle, never saw that late in the season, very first play of game against green bay Vick nearly gets killed thanks to Reid, can’t trade kolb because Andy will get Vick killed next season

  • To Jrock..
    Small but fast,rely on finesse and formations instead of being physical.. this does sound like the Colts abd besides, Coach Andy is big enough
    I also equate the Villanova WIldcats Basketball Program to the Philadelphia Eagles..
    Small and quick out on the perimiter, live and die with the 3 Point Shot, always have a competitive team but guess what, when it comes to “March Madness” the Villanova WIldcats are not built
    to win versus the physical teams that they will see come tournanment time and they usually wimper out by the 2nd/3Rd Rounds.. Exciting ball to watch during the Regular Season, but just not built to win Championships..

  • @Paulman……. i hear ya…….. Just to much wear and tear on the smaller guys…….. I’m an orlando magic fan……. And the same scheme applies to them…….. too small (except for dwight howard) live and die by the three pointer………. You’ll never win a championship with only one scheme……. And you have to have real typhoon men to wear and tear down smaller men……. i guess thats why trent cole was lost in the sauce the last 4 games of the season……… Because our Dt are 20lbs. more than him……. We need some bolders……. Vince Wolfolk’s jersey in the probowl game looked like a “SNUGGIE” on him LOL!!!!! Thats what we need!!!!! But our right Paulman!!

  • @JROC757 hahaha i live in orlando and i have been saying that about there basketball team for years lol. Infact i went to the last home game. I always say they live and die by the 3 pointer and you cant do that…….. And vince wilfork is a mini bus on legs! me and my friends always joke about that. Thats why i really feel if they got hanysworth it would help some. If we could keep the guy straight. Boy would it open up things for the other guys. Cole would see less his way. And he needs that he isnt getting any younger.

  • @Dawkplex1221…… LOL….. I hear you bro……. I think Haynesworth will be excellent for this team….. What he did for andre carter for the redskins was just flat out amazing…… His presence just opens doors for everyone to eat…… And besides philly has had an open heart on giving second chances….. Maybe with the Vick experience we can have the same with haynesworth!!!!!!!

    Off the subject……. @Dawkplex…… About the magic’s…… Man…. To have Hedo back is just great…… He makes a difference to the magic and he can open doors for others…… Same as Ryan Anderson who I like and can become a starter to any NBA team in the league……. Gilbert is struggling!!!!! He needs to get it together…….. I dont see the Habichi in him thus far????? J.J. who I like is becoming solid…….. And Jason Richardson is solid as well I like him…… But we are the East coast Phoenix suns…….. I remember back when we had Dennis Scott, Shaq, Penny, Nick Anderson, and Bo Outlaw………. LOL!!!!! I was station in CoCo beach Florida…….. I use to go to Orlando games back sometime ago! I lived near the Buena Vista mall!!!!

  • Remember, this is this teams first time under Andy that they have to go outside the organization to get a defensive coordinator since Andy brought JJ in. Maybe they don’t know what they’re doing.

  • @JROC757 Yeah that is true you just never know with the eagles. So many times im like ok this is what they are gonna do or might do and they then BOOM something off the wall happens. I was really hoping they would try and grab clay mathews brother in one of the late rounds, like 3 or 4. I dont think it will happen but it would be nice. Whats your take on that?

    As far as the magic i think the trade they made, made them a much better team. I like JJ redick i think he should get much more playing time then he does. But i guess its hard when you have those other guys you just traded for. I mean SH*T there all starters also. With gilbert when he came over i was concerned a little, i saw almost like vince carter in him. Vince was over the hill when he came to orlando. And from what i hear around town van gundy didnt even want carter, that ownership did. But im not sure how much gilbert has left. I just still dont see them being able to match up with a team like the celtics. I really think if the celtics stay healthy there gonna take this whole thing, because of there defense and phyiscallity!! Witch is what we have been talking about. Small world man we used to go to coconuts at co co beach all the time lol. Co co beach = strip clubs and small bars lol hahah.

  • On a side note, don’t you guys just hate the NBA salaries and cap stuff? I mean it’s great for the players but not for teams. I just hate to see guys like JJ Redick make 5 million a year to do what he does and players in the NFL who are stars on their teams have to damn near hold out to get that kind of money per year while risking their bodies and lives at the same time.

  • @scorp…. yeah in basketball the players staff is much less so there is more money going around despite football being a much tougher sport. i men basketball rosters, are half of the nfl and thats probably why. Baseball is the worst, Those guys get paid tons of money to stand around half the time and hit balls 3 out of 10 times. The NFL has a lot of things to clean up with there pay structures and what not. I mean rookies are getting ridiculous amounts of money! That needs to be fixed. Its funny because people sometimes get mad at players for holding out but ya know, ownership dosent help there own case. I mean prime example: Revis holds out people are saying he should just play because thats his contract and what not. But jets ownership the year before told leon washington, ok you play the year and well get you your new contract. Washington breaks his leg, just like that ownership ships him out to seattle. Dont think other players like darrell revis didnt see that and say screw that. What if i get hurt there not gonna hold up on there end of the deal!

  • dawk, I agree about the roster size but even so, many of the contracts are ridiculous. You take DWade, James and Bosh’s salaries, they can cover more than half an NFL roster by themselves. And I completely agree about baseball. Most overpaid athletes. The do nothing 50% of the time and make millions. Just robbery. This is why the labor talks with the NFL are in such a bad place. NFL players put their lives on the line each week, can be cut at the drop of the time and not know where their next paycheck is. In the NBA, you can be Tracy McGrady, miss almost the entire season for 4 years and still make 20 million. And if you get cut, who cares, you still get paid.

  • @Dawkplex….. Yes I think Clay matthews brother will be good……. If he has a motor like his older brother….. Hell…. I’ll take a shot at him…….. We thought Ernie Sims was going to be the real stud on this Lb core but IDK if Mcdermott’s philosphy was met to a lot of players????? Sims was a monster for detroit but IDK if the Birdz will resign quote un-quote MR. SHARK IN WATER?????

    CoCo Beach was fun…….. My cousin use to pick me up when I was stationed out there and he had his own radio show out in Orlando called the FAT TOM SHOW……. IDK if you heard about him in Orlando area but he use to do stupid stuff out there at the HAVEN Lounge…….. LOL SMH!!!!!! He was like a local black Howard Stern in Orlando……. He took me to alot of Orlando games as well as the local arena football team out there!!!!

  • For whatever it’s worth,
    I can’t stand the Pro/NBA Game… I enjoy the College game a lot better,,,buy that’s just me….
    I appreciate the skill and talent level of the NBA PLayers, but the one on one style of ball,and the boring
    2 on 2 with teh pick and roll is too boring and I just don’t care for it
    I favor team style basketball where everyones passes abnd touches the ball, plays defense and can play the fundamentals well (like Foul-Shooting).. The Pro game is just one great indivdual play after another which after a while becomes numbing to me.. I like Team ball where everyone is contributing

  • To be a DH in the american league you can get an easy 10 dollars a year……… Thats sad!!!!! LOL……. And not even run the bases as well!!!! LOL…….. SMH!!! The’ll put a base runner on as soon as he gets a hit!!!! Thats like having a great cell phone with limited phone reception………

  • @paulman…… I miss the real rival games like pacers and Knicks in the early 90’s……. Or the Bulls and knicks and the bucks when they were good…… Now the refs blow a whistle when you actually sweat on someone……. The NBA is soft……. Thanks to David Stern we are watching the new WNBA…… WOOSIES NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION!!!!!!! Paul Pierce cries on every call…… I cant stand that guy……. The whole Celtics staff…….. What happen to tradition in sports???????? I miss the 90’s!!!!

  • That is why the NBA needs a Lakers-Celtics finals every year or a “villain” team like Heat. Or else it’s not really fun to watch. It’s much more fun to watch teams that do not like each other go at it. That’s when it takes team ball and not 1 superstar.

  • @jroc and scorp, you guys are right on, sports has changed alot over the years, refs call a whole hell of alot more now then they used to. But you have idiots that there kid saw someone on a strecher and there gonna try and sue to get some easy money because there 2 year old is not suffering from mental stress from having to see that lol. Sad world my friend. Im 28 and i see how its going already.

    And yes scorp basball players in my mind are overpaid babys. I know its americans past time, but when a guy gets paid 1 million per swing thats ridiculous. Its true now that you say that, about the nfl negotiations, i never thought about it that way. They are in a bad place, ha.

    @Paulman….as far NBA basketball i watch games i go to games sometimes, but i dont breath it like i do eagles football. I dont watch every basketball game i get my highlights on sportscenter. And the reason being is because i feel that for the NBA. Playoff basketball is when things really start getting going and you see the best. To many games. You can loose so many and still be in a good position. So with basketball sure i like basketball but if i miss half the games and watch the highlights on the internet and sports center no big deal.

  • is NOW suffering i meant

  • If the Eagles don’t get the right DC (a creative, no holds barred aggressive approach) and really mess up a draft that is strong on DL and defense in general, it will be another poor year defending the red zone. Now is time to get the D fixed, and hopefully find a RG who can help the right side of OL. OLinemen are not quality, NFL-ready in this pool.
    I can’t wait until Reid is out of this town… This HC has never had a proven plan! For a guy “who has gotten” a team to NFC ch’ship 5 times with only 1 win while most of the losses were very embarrassing (Bucs, Panthers & Cards), I’d say 20% is pretty poor and that was in weak NFC years!

  • Reid inherited an awesome D and it went down hill from there what more proof do u need

  • iggles and tydm……. i agree 110% The offensive line was a big issue last season and we didnt even draft an offensive lineman last year……. And now this season Reid gets pass happy with a terrible offensive line and expects turning lemons into Lemonade…….. He did inherite a great defense and what do you know….. It lost tradition through the years……. We were a feared defense…… But now we are so finesse it’s terrible…… i dont want a finger role defense……. I want a slam dunk in your face defensive team……… I believe this season if its anything less than SB Reid is GONE!!!

  • “I’ve always felt that the Steelers’ defense … they’re always built around the linebackers — and specifically around those two outside guys who can rush the passer and create so much havoc” Kurt Warner

  • lol and Andy never felt big on LB’s

  • Pitt know how to do it right, draft guys with some size & dawg on defense; pound the rock on offense

  • 13 Super Bowl appearences between Steelers and Packers. Kind of makes me tired of being an Eagles Fan. Don’t tell me that the Eagles go for small and fast because I think the teams with big players are just as fast as the Eagles defense. Our defense always looks to be chasing from behind.

  • Wouldn’t be surprised if the choice is WINSTON MOSS!

  • BigE, Agreed. Our guys that are supposed to be fast don’t look any faster than bigger guys on other teams. Speed on defense is nothing without aggressiveness and smarts anyway. If you don’t have the smarts, teams will use it against you i.e. Ernie Sims. And without aggressiveness, your speed does nothing. We don’t have a guy that has speed and aggressiveness and isn’t an idiot.

  • Gruden took the talent that Dungy got there and won a SB. I am not even convinced that Dungy wouldn’t have won. I see it more as coincidence. Gruden ran that team into the ground after that. You using Gruden as an example is a very bad example. Gruden succeeded getting the ultimate goal on another coaches hard work of putting a team together. So, what you are saying is….. Get rid of Reid and find a coach that will win a SB with the talent Andy brought in, and then that coach can turn around and destroy our team after that. Sounds like a good plan….. NOT.

  • The Eagles D went away when JJ passed away. Not when Reid took over. We were a top 5 D for the last 3 or so years that JJ was here. It was 2 years ago that JJ passed away. How can you blame Reid for turning this D into sh-t in 2 years, when it has been great every year before? You guys are so blinded, it isn’t even funny. You make yourselves look like fools when you talk football because you are so blinded by hate for Reid that you lose track of what you are actually saying, and come off sounding like you know nothing about football. McDermott turned this D into sh-t. Reid has never been in charge of the D, so I don’t get how he can be blamed for it. Keep your blinders on though.

    And before you come back and say that I am a Reid defender or drinking the kool-aid…. NO. I don’t think Reid is a perfect coach. He is stubborn. He makes dumb challenges. He is a bad clock manager. He never runs. He relies too much on the pass, and he neglects certain parts of the team (mainly LBs), used to be more though. Then again, I am not even totally sure that he was the main guy getting all these D players. If he let JJ do his thing on D, and never got involved on how JJ ran the D, then why wouldn’t he get input from JJ for the players that he would want, the players that he thinks can run his style? Just doesn’t make sense. Then again, I ain’t blinded by hate, and am thinking logically, so I am willing to give Reid the benefit of a doubt instead of just saying he is a horrible coach.

  • To counter one part of your argument G…… You say people might know Reids time is almost up so they might not come here, but I would see that as a reason they would come here. They might be thinking that they could be the possible replacement when Reid gets fired, if he gets fired.

    The other part might be true though. They might not be impressed with our D players, but if they aren’t impressed with ours, I can’t see them being impressed with the Cards. I also don’t see many coaches wanting to coach for Al Davis unless they are desperate and got no other options.

  • Another thing I want to add about Reid….. I don’t think that he should never be fired. I just think that he has earned himself a couple more years. Possibly the 2 that are remaining on his contract. If he kept sticking with McDermott year after year, when McDermott wasn’t improving the D, then I would expect him to be fired. I wanted him fired when he kept giving McNabb more and more chances. I knew one of them had to go. McNabb went, so I figured Reid deserved some more time to see if he can make it happen with another QB.

    Here is a question for the Reid haters though, mainly tydm and bsm…… What if Reid decided to start changing his philosophy because he realized that passing all the time doesn’t work? What if he decided to build this team around the run game and stopping the run? Even though most of the league nowadays has become pass oriented. Would you give him a few more years to see if he could make it work with them conditions? Or better yet, since you guys are so hellbent on that being the key to win…… Would you give him a lifetime contract if he decided to be a run oriented coach?

    See, because that is all this FO and the people that think Reid deserves more time is doing. They are giving him more time because he decided to make changes because he realized it isn’t working the way it currently is. That is a coaches job, and there are so many things that he could change until the FO or anyone would realize that HE just isn’t working no more and has got to go. I get it, he has been coach for 12 years, but it has only been 2 years since the last NFC championship game and since things started to not look so promising for the Eagles. I wonder why? Has nothing to do with the loss of a great D coach. There was never a reason to start making all these changes before. Now there is and he is buying his time making these changes. I bet you guys would be all over his jock though, if he happened to win a SB within the next couple years though.

  • TO SportsBum,
    You can’t take Coach AR most Wins in Eagle History away from him.
    What I think many fans get upset about is the game has changed..Hre is too stubborn to realize that Passing is the ball 65% of time is exciting and does lead to big plays, that Championship Football is won in the Trenches. and his reliance on small,fast and finesse just doesn’t cut it with the Proud Blue Collar fans of Philadelphia, where the once proud Eagles were built on Heart, Effort and Smarts..
    The team has become a “Finesse” team and “Soft” all across the board, it also has become undisciplined while being among the league leaders in Penalites almost every year .. The Lack of physicality is starting to wane of the fans and even the home crowds at the Linc have become sterile and opposing teams do not fear coming into PHilly and take on the Eagles like they used to…
    The have become predictable, stale and rely on too many gadget plays and formations to win games.. I haven’t lived in Philly area for 20 years and I can see how the changes and differences in the teams make up has changed for the worse and the home crowd is just plain average anymore..

  • I fail to see how games are won in the trenches. The Pats had good Ds, but their offenses weren’t running offenses. The Saints were not a running offense. The Colts were not a running offense. That is probably half the SBs this decade right there won by passing teams, and only the Pats had an intimidating D. I think you can win a SB both ways. Reid has just been unfortunate. Maybe he can’t win the big one, but I won’t blame his stubbornness or unwillingness to run the ball. It is because he just outsmarts himself. I think he tends to overthink things. He does try being too fancy, instead of just playing. I will say, in defense to Reid, that in a lot of the games in the playoffs since Reid has been coach….. The D has been the side that hasn’t produced, and Reid didn’t have anything to do with the Ds playing poorly.

  • By the way, it isn’t his wins that I am looking at. Any coach with tenure can have a lot of wins. It is his winning pct. He has a .618 win pct. The 3rd highest among active coaches, and he has been coaching for 12 seasons. That is amazing to have that high of a win pct. and have coached that long. The 2 above him are Bill Belichick and Mike Tomlin. Tomlin has only coached for 4 years.

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