• December 2, 2021

Again, Do The Eagles Know What They’re Doing In This Defensive Coordinator Search?

Remember those notebooks which Andy Reid brought to his interview with Jeffrey Lurie and Joe Banner?  Do you remember how we had heard that those notebooks had lists of everything that were needed to build a champion?

Like Reid or hate him, you cannot deny that he had a plan and put it to work.  He accomplished nearly everything on the goal lists, but of course he hasn’t been able to capture the number one prize.

Those notebooks must be empty now.  The lists must be exhausted.

So, I pose the same question today that I posed yesterday.  Do Reid and the Eagles have a plan in filling their need for a new defensive coordinator, as well as a defensive linebacker and defensive secondary coaches? Is a plausible plan that’s being executed properly?

It may be easier to answer that question today than it was yesterday.

In the past 24 hours, we have learned that the Eagles asked for and got permission from the Chicago Bears to interview their secondary coach Jon Hoke.  They interviewed him yesterday.  The defensive backs coached was with the Houston Texans for seven years and he’s been with the Bears for two.  Is he worthy of the interview?  I don’t know but I hope Andy Reid and the Eagles are able to answer that question correctly.

We have also learned from Jason LaConfora of the NFL Network that the Birds request to interview secondary coach Todd Bowles of the Miami Dolphins and Kevin Coyle of the Cincinnati Bengals were turned down.

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the Arizona Cardinals are likely to make Bowles their new defensive coordinator.

It seems to me that they have a major problem at the Nova Care Complex right now.   I don’t see a clear plan being executed.  From my perspective it seems that the Birds are just making the decisions by the edge of their seats.  There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to what they’re doing.

I know that we’re told that they’re going to be interviewing coaching prospects on the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers coaching staffs, but they have to admit that there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to interview or sign those candidates.  We know that there are other teams looking to fill the same coaching staff positions.

How do you explain why one of the main decision-makers goes on vacation during the time they should have been interviewing coaches?  Did they anticipate being turned down in some of their interview requests?

Why was there such a sudden change of heart concerning Sean McDermott?   Do they feel like they may have sabotaged McDermott’s success chances by saddling him with unqualified assistants like linebackers coach Bill Shuey and defensive line coach Rory Segrest?

Obviously, they haven’t been answering questions, so that leaves everyone to come to their own conclusions.

I can understand them not wanting to say too much about the candidates for the open positions, but they should be able to tell us why they had a change of heart on McDermott, Shuey and Segrest.  Public relations is always a part of the reason that they answer questions and keep their fans in the loop to a degree.

Eagles fans should know after a couple of weeks why fired 20% of their staff.  Did they make some mistakes?  If so what mistakes did they make and why.  Public perception should be important to them.

I can’t say that I have all the answers, but I can say from my perspective that it looks like some of those late game time management decisions.  I hope this works out better than most of them.


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  • Look, I know we are all tired of waiting to hire a Defensive Coordinator but how is this not a smart move by the organization? You can sit here and say that all the best DC’s have already been taken, but that would be false. Jauron was probably the best out there on the market and clearly the Eagles didn’t want him.

    So lets look at it like this: The Eagles are playing it by being Patient. By Being patient they may just land a really great up and coming guy. So i’ma be patient and see what happens.

  • G I agree, they do seem to not know what day it is. I think a lot of the concern is coming from the long delay in time that it’s taking to interview candidates. But, at the same time you have to acknowledge for the most part this organization has made the right decision at the right time. My personal concern is that they have adopted this nonchalant philosophy for their coordinator position as they have the past few years when addressing roster decsions. 07 – No Kick/punt returner (Lost 1st game to GB), 08 no full back (had Dan Klecko), 09 No Safety (Macho Harris 5th rd CB draft pick). I hope they are not relying on Washburn to fix the defense line and then assume they can get anyone to be the Defensive coordinator.

  • G, it seems to me that the eagles fired McDermott out of pure emotion and really didn’t have a plan in place. I think that they maybe thought since they were the eagles a highly thought of frachise that people (dc) would jump at the opportunity to coach the defense and so far that hasn’t been the case. Now there just chasing whoever is being recommended to them by whoever they trust concerning football matters. I hope and pray they know something we don’t.

  • How about interviewing former Titan DC Chuck Cecil who is looking for work and worked with new
    DL J Washburn. He has worked in a 4-3 and also was a Secondary player and Secondary Coach with Tennessee beforehand. Seems like a no-brainer to bring him in and talk to him,. why has his name not been mentioned thus far???

  • Good point Paulman. Shwartz on the fan last night brought his name up. They’re moving in every direction but one. Chick Cecil would elevate this defense. Chicago secondary coach coached a Cover 2. Vanilla scheme. We need a d-cord with serious fire. Cecil is a nice call.

  • good point on CECIL……but it looks like they are locked in on ONE guy involved in the SB.

  • Will you people relax? I realize the Eagles have done some really stupid things in the past but before we start saying they don’t have a plan, lets wait and see if they land a guy that is still coaching in the Superbowl. If the Eagles have a deal in place with one of these guys, then they have to avoid tampering and that means making everyone, fans included, think they are still trying to find a guy. If a week from now they still don’t have a DC, then can we can start freaking out. But until then, trust that a plan is in place and that plan involves hiring one of the coaches still in the Superbowl.

  • G, seems like you might be letting your emotions get in the way. Shouldn’t you wait until they hire a DC before casting judgement. Who cares about the process unless your in on the decision making process. Plus, how do you know if they are not interviewing for other defensive coaching positions?

  • GET YOUR FREE POPCORN……….. ENJOY THE FESTIVITIES and see the Bearded Lady……… Come see the Mermaid, Come see the half man and half woman as they join hand and hand and get married on this glorious night……… What a wonderful event we have tonight……… While the Eagles still continue to filter out garbage like algae eaters………. Please Philly….. Dont do this…. Get the right man like Cecil and match him up with Washburn so we can get this show on a road………. duuudaaaaaadduudaddddaddddauuudduuuuudaaaaauddddddduuuu duaaaaa dddduuuaaaad ddaauudaddaaaaaaduuadddd duuuuuaaaaadudddduuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaduudda (Circus music) LOL!

  • Where is Reid through all of this, still no public announcement on the dismissals, very odd time for a vacation, nothing from fo, keeping the fans and media in dark, poor public relations, apparently no plan…

  • @Jakedog…… Reid is probably at the Bikini bottom with sponge bob……… Living under that rock next door to squidworth……… Because he is patrick during the offseason…….. But it is strange……. It seems as if Reid has no authority or any say so thus far????

  • First of all, Mr Cobb, why is it that you don’t think the Eagles have a plan? Because Reid won’t tell you, one of the almighty media in Philly, so you, like Jeff McLane, have to cast doubt on the search? As for the whys and wherefores of McDermott’s firing, you know as an ex-player, you never ask anything like “are your coaches returning” after an emotional game–especially a gut wrenching loss. And if you thought Reid was going to give you such a straight answer after a loss like that, well, your instincts aren’t very good. Already, they’ve gone from “not interviewing anyone” to now interviewing the Bears’ DBs coach, they were turned down to interview Bowles–which shouldn’t be a suprise since the Eagles play the Dolphins next year–and they were turned down to interview the Cincy coach–NONE of you in the Philly media knew these moves. The question of why interview the Bears coach now? Well, their game was only played on the 23rd, they probably had their exit interviews and I’ve read where his contract expired at the end of January. Asking the Bears for permission was a courtesy.

    As for Chuck Cecil, he didn’t get along with Washburn, and that’s why he’s not being pursued.

    I want them to select the right guy, because if Reid doesn’t, I’m sure you int he media will be on his case anyway.

  • We need a DC who can run the show…… (Period) Not say “Mr. Reid is that good enough for you”?…… A coach who has freedom……… Do his thing and gets approval not only by the coaches but by the people/fans……… A guy who has fun but takes his position serious……. A guy who can go in the locker room by half time and toss back a bottle of jack daniels and tells you to blitz in odd formations to confuse the @$#! out of an offense…….. (Dick Lebeau) LOL!

  • A HC must let his DC do his thing…….. We seen when AR had a few words for Mcdermott on the sideline when he called a play that we had got burnt on……… Which was a dumb call by Mcdermott when we had the team bleeding in shark waters………

    You never see Tomlin saying hey……… “What was that Lebeau”…… It will never happen……. A guy who can take charge of HIS POSITION and know his role………. Not interfere with his job……. Like he does with MM……

  • One thing that does concern me a bit was on who all went down last week to the Senior Bowl..
    Who else besides GM Rosman and OC MM were there to check on the players and especially on the
    Defensive side of the ball.. I heard that DL Washburn was up a NovaCare Center all week learning about his players on Eagles D.. Where there any Scouts or someone who specializes with Defensive players to check these players out besides Howie Roseman ???
    Does anyone know if Super Scout Phil Savage is still on the Eagles payroll .. I haven’t heard anything about him recently…

  • to me, Reid kept the coaches around and this shows me Roseman has the power and is pulling all the strings and will decide on the D-coordinator.

  • Maybe he needs to take a hike for the start of the off-season. Re-charge..take a look at the O. Let someone else worry about the d…hecant keep thingk he can do it all. Thats why you hire a good GM. Let Roseman provehimself.

    Top 5 reasons Big Red is missing.
    1.Adult Fat-camp
    2. He’s in Egypt cause he needs to be in the struggle.
    3.He knows the natives are restless or hungry and he may not be well recieved at local steak joints.
    4. He neeeds a family vacation because they devote there entire life 24-7 during the seaosn.
    5. He’s never given a sh!t about the local media and appeasing anyone fan.So he doesnt feel he has too make any statement about anything.

    This is all purely speculation by Erock…not to be intended for Gcobb posters too follow up on any of the 5 possible reasons.

  • @paulman I do know that is was reported that washburn an cecil did not have a very good relationship I think thats why they havent interviewed him. Like people have already said before I think the decision to fire sean mcd was not andys call thats why he hasnt said nething publicly yet. When he does talk he will just put his usually spin on everything like he always does telling us it was a tough call an he just needed some time to evaluate things. Its looking like they should have just kept sean mcd because unless there is a major personnel overhaul our D could get even worse. Were gonna have a 1st time coordinator who doesnt know the personnel an may be limited with time with the lockout nonsense.

  • Bobbyuk, I admit that I don’t know everything about what the Eagles are doing in their coordinator search and I admit that in the article. All I did was give my opinion. That’s all I do on this website is give my opinion. You can take it or leave it. In my opinion, the Eagles should let their fans know why they fired those defensive coaches. You may be disagree and that’s fine too.

  • Eagles now, and probably for some time now, a public relations disaster, they should take a look how the phillies treat their fans, players, big difference

  • To me it seems like Reid lies when he wants to – he delays announcements about coaching moves to assist guys in getting new jobs, because he wants too – he trades players (McNabb) to the teams that they want to go to, rather than to the team that offers the most in return. It sure seems to me that Reid does whatever he wants to do. All these things that you guys see as Reid losing power, I see as him thumbing his nose at the fans and media. Andy Reid is running things his way, as normal.

    Oh – here’s a tip – If Andy Reid says that Kevin Kolb will not be traded, and then two weeks later Kolb gets traded – There’s no conspiracy, Reid was just lying!

    As for this matter – we will all find out what happened when Ashley Fox does her next big report on the Eagles front office.

  • @garrycobb………….dont listen to that guy G. Ive been following you since u stream, your doing a great job and i like your opinions. There not byast <—-if thats how you spell it. And i like that. The eagles have no clue what they are doing right now and i said it as soon as they fired sean.I said i was concerned cause i didnt like any of the candiates out there right now. We shall see what happens here

  • i mean i like lebeau but he aint comin to philly

  • GCobb your dead on, theyve been doing this to us for the past 12 yrs. They feel like they have nothing to explain to the fans. I cant wait to hear what andy has to say about the firing of all those coaches 1 after the other after he said he wanted mc dermott back… Hirings that should have never occured and firings that were long overdue

  • They got this.

    This is that predraft smoke screen stuff.

    Mcdermott lined up that DC job so fast because they knew he was toast along time ago.

    Last year they told reid it’s either you or McPuppet. This year they told him it’s either you or McDermott.

    Reid found a job for Mcdermott and let McPuppet pick his team.

    The Eagles have tampered, and now the smoke screens. He’s coming from the Packers. Done deal.

  • I had to laugh when some of the bloggers say Reid is going to be here as long as he wants. That really is comical. Jeff Fisher just got fired. Andy’s been on borrowed time ever since banner made his insantity statement. I’ve been watching football a long time and nothing means your leaving more than the “vote of confidence”. Reid even gave it to McDermott right before he axed him. He gave it to McPuppet as well. “It’s a time honored tradition”, like the onset romance(johnny drama – entourage brooke shields episode)

    Football is show BUSINESS not show friendship. It would be no problem at all to find a playoff coach. There are several SUPERBOWL coaches that are unemployed right now, let alone a playoff coach. Until things change, for 12 years Reid has been a playoff coach. And now he’s a one and done playoff coach. He can and will be replaced if next year’s team does not go far in the playoffs.

    The Eagles have the money and the market to lure a great coach here. Andy Reid, has built a program. Bombs away against the weak teams and split with the good teams.

    I would love to see Cowher bring the Pittsburg Philosophy to Philadelphia. But I have a feeling that whoever comes to Philadelphia to be the defensive coordinator is going to get a promise that they are next in line to be head coach. If not a promise, then the expectation. That’s why spots are still left open. So the DC can pick who he wants.

  • Winston Moss will be our DC……… He’s young and a firey guy……. He can be our mike tomlin on the defensive side of things…….. If we get him it will be a great move for this organization……. We have a ton of young players…… So whats wrong with getting a young coach who can see things on there level…….. This will be the move to get things going…….

  • The NFC EAST is where the money is. They can and will get a good coach and win. With or without Reid.

    From Forbes Magazine.

    The skinny
    The Eagles are off to a fresh start in 2010 after unloading their two biggest offensive stars of the past decade in a trade (QB Donovan McNabb) and an outright release (RB Brian Westbrook). Eagle fans are some of the most loyal in the NFL with season ticket renewals regularly exceeding 99%. The Eagles had the fifth highest revenues in the NFL last year ($260 million) thanks to $40 million in premium seating revenues and a $140 million stadium naming rights deal with Lincoln Financial. Yet with the opening of the New Meadowlands Stadium this year (home to the Giants and Jets), the Eagles will be looking up at all three of their NFC East rivals when it comes to finances. Revenues for the Cowboys, Redskins and Giants will all be among the top five in the NFL in 2010.

  • Maybe a little cleaning house on the coaching side will make this organization successful enough to win the whole thing……… Philly has always been a great team……. It’s just the old schemes that haunt us every playoff game…….. Mcnabb left and everyone was ready to write us off as a last place team in the east…….. When Lebron left Cleveland the results show with out his presence……. But with this team now we know that they can with without Mcnabb and we also think they can win without Reid…… Maybe change can prevail and get us over the hump finally!!!

  • The way that Winston Moss is talking…it sounds like he may already have the job. Not one of these so called “candidates” have been quoted with the same passion this guy has. Oh yea…and he has a Jim Johnson connection.

    On Coach Johnson:

    “He had such an impact on me that I will carry it the rest of my life,” Moss said Tuesday during Super Bowl XLV Media Day. “He was such a tough guy. It was almost like a mentorship. He allowed me to do certain things as a quality control coach that some coaches don’t do. He allowed me to coach in the meida room. He allowed me to take drills over. From that very first year, he didn’t know me very well, he saw the potential and he said I can give this guy a chance. So we hit it off from there and I’ve had nothing but admiration for coach Johnson.”

    About the Eagles:

    “The Eagles have some established talent there right now,” Moss said. “It would be fun to work with that group. They work extremely hard. They play on a fanatical level. They have some playmakers on that defense. In carefully looking at them and then competing against them twice [this season], that would be a fantastic opportuntity.”

    About still seeing Johnson’s imprint on the defense:

    “It’s a very tough culture there,” he said. “It’s a very aggressive culture there. It’s a very fearless culture. You can tell how Andy Reid attacks people from his offenseive scheme that that’s what he wants. And I believe that I have that same passion. I have that same relentess, fearless desire to get a defense to want to be able to compete at that same level.”

    About a 4-3 and 3-4:

    “The most important thing from my perspective is to identify the talent that’s already on the team and then, if it’s conducive, to go to a 4-3 scheme,” Moss said. “I can do that as well. If it’s more important to stay within a 3-4 scheme I’m very well-equipped to do that, as well.”

    About becoming a defensive coordinator:

    “There’s only rumors working right now,” he said. “But I got into coaching to coordinate. I had a passion about calling plays, being very, very competitive vs. whether your competing vs. a quarterback, whether you’re competing vs. another offense and their scheme. … I feel as though I bring something. I can bring out the best in players, in the group of men. So with that being said, I would look forward to the challenge to not only being a coordinator, to be a successive coordinator, to be a championship coordinator.”

  • Not to sound like a broken record,
    But Coach Ar aythourity has been pulled back from him a little each off-season over the last 3 years
    It started when his he has family issues with his sons and needed a little leave of abscence from the
    day to day operations to take care of family business…
    When this occured, Lurie/Banner realized 2 important things that they took from granted
    #1) Coach AR cannot do it all (No HC can) – Banner pushed out GM HEckert (A Coach AR yes man) and replaced him with his man (GM ROseman) who will oversee the player personnel/draft/roster management side of things.. They also hired Scout Phil Savage
    #2) They also came to realize that they had no real succession plan in place in the event that Coach AR resigned,got sick or had more family issues to resolve. I think Lurie/Banner have decided to have people in place in the event of such if thing occurred

    A couple of tell-tale events have occurred since this time and such things that were probably unthinkalble if Coach AR was 100% calling all the shots like he used to
    #1) The willingness of Banner to let Free-Agent Captain Brian Dawkins walk and not come close to
    match the ridiculous contract offer made by the Bronco’s
    #2) The Forcing by Banner/Roseman to cut the chord and trade QB D McNabb
    #3) The forcing out of Coach AR’s hires of DC McDermott/Segrest & Shuey

    Coach AR is finally on the hot seat (where 95% of the Coaches are every season across the NFL)
    He is signed thru the 2013 Season, but in reality he has 2011/2012 to make a serious SUper Bowl run or at least get to the Championship Games or he is finished..
    The Fact that he doesn’t seem terribly engaged to hire a DC is another sign that Banner/Roseman
    want and will have a lot of say so for who will become the next DC for it’s a good possibility that this person could become the next HC of the Eagles down the road..
    In the next couple of months, watch and follow on how the draft and free-agency periods go, and again if it appears that GM Roseman is heavily involved, as I expect, it will be just another step of Coach AR having 1 foot out the door.. I give Coach AR thru 2012 and he will be done and I actually
    would not be surprised if Coach AR actually resigns after the 2011 Season to take a break.. I believe
    that he will not work under these conditions well after being used to controlling everything for so long.

  • I love reading these OPINIONS that are presented as facts about what people they don’t even know are thinking. Even funnier is the interpretation of the politics going on inside the organization by people who have never been inside that organization. (Banner pushed out Xxxx – Reid wanted XXXXX – Lurie wants Yyyy). The Eagles are a VERY secretive team and I suspect most of these bloggers would be too if they were in the front office. Drives our media crazy!

  • Matthew 7:16 You shall know them by their fruits.

    You don’t have to touch fire to know it’s hot.

    And you learn what a person really thinks by the action he takes. Not by what he says.

    Banner said what he said and he backed it up with action. That means he meant it. Star players gone and several coaches shown the door. Period.

    You don’t have to be a clairvoyant to see that.

  • Paulman you write some crazy things sometimes (Kanas City in the Superbowl next year. Like the Patriots and Steelers and Jets left the AFC).

    But I am with you on your last post. A blind man can see he is losing his all powerful perch.

    As it should be. He has done a good job. But he’s been given plenty of time to win the Superbowl.

    As I have said before, the Saints and Tampa Bay have won superbowls before us. And during his era.

    Other organizations have won multiple times (Patriots & Steelers).

    When Andy stops holding roster spots for Reno Mahe, chad hall, king “could not start on my college team” dunlap and keeping coaches like Seacrest and Shuey, then he can say he has done all he could to bring Philadelphia a championship. Of course I am leaving out starting one season with no kick returner and starting another with no center. A whole offseason to find a center and he signs a free agent guard. Let me stop. Things could be worst. I could live in Cairo.

  • Just like many of us where fatigued of QB D McNabb
    many of us are becoming fatigued of Coach AR and if this stuck in the sand doesn’t and same old same old doesn’t change, then many fans are goign to become fatigued of the Eagles and Owner LUrrie
    and PResident Banner know this and are giving Coach AR the next 2 Seasons to get to a SUper Bowl or he is out of a job …

  • D Coordinator won’t matter if they dont get a better cast of characters….Buddy Ryan would have failed with this defense full of 7 round draft picks..We are the gold standard. I wonder if the Pats or Steelers would let Banner dust off their trophy case?

  • I love how people talk up the Phillies now. This is the same ownership everyone called cheap and said they only care about money. They win a WS, and now all of a sudden, they care about their fans and winning. I love the Phillies, always have, but the Eagles will always be my fave, regardless of what the other Philly teams are doing, and what the Eagles aren’t. I am not a frontrunner fan like a lot of you.

  • You may not be a frontrunner…buy you are the type of fan all sports team owners love…hook line and sinker…As for me, you (ownership) dont automatically get my loyalty..you have to prove you want to win.

  • For the Record,
    The Phils won’t win another WOrld Series with this everyday batting line-up…
    Too many question marks and players that are on their downside of their careers like J-Ro, VIctorino,Utley,Ibanez and a unsettling platoon system of Francisco/GLoad/Brown out in RF..
    The Starting Pitching is excellent,but after that, who knows ..

  • atleast Cairo will improve in time not Reid’s many dumb philosophies

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