• January 21, 2022

Eagles Name Johnnie Lynn New Secondary/Cornerbacks Coach

I had told you that the key hire on the Eagles defensive staff would have to be someone with a boat load of experience and the Birds got their man in long-time NFL secondary coach and defensive coordinator Johnnie Lynn.   Yesterday, I informed you about Lynn, who I’ve known since college, he was at UCLA and I was at USC.

He has been officially named by the Eagles as their new secondary/cornerbacks coach.  I haven’t talked to him yet, but Johnnie was always a no nonsense guy, who demanded the most of his own ability and is sure to do the same with his players.

I like the fact that Andy Reid is breaking up the secondary from a coaching standpoint.  He’s got Mike Zordich coaching the safeties and Lynn coaching the cornerbacks.  The things they ask a corner to do nowadays are much different from what they ask a safety to do.  I know Reid saw the success the Packers had in their secondary by assigning a coach to the corners and another corner to the safeties.

Lynn is coming to Philadelphia after spending five-years in San Francisco with the 49ers, as their secondary coach.  He had the title of special assistant to the head coach in 2009 and 2010.   Lynn spent seven years in New York working for the Giants from 1997-2003.

He was the defensive coordinator for the rival Giants in 2002 and 2003.  If you ask me, his experience as a defensive coordinator is the reason that Reid brought him in here for this position.  Reid might not admit it in public but he knows new defensive coordinator Juan Castillo will need experience around him when they go to battle this season.

Lynn has been calling coverages during game for nearly a decade now.  He knows about the flow of the game and the tendencies of the offensive coordinators around the NFL.  I could see him playing a major part in designing and running of the defense’s pass coverage.

It will also be his job to develop second-year cornerback Trevard Lindley who is probably the most talented of the Eagles young cornerbacks.  The Birds need him to start next season and play well.  To put in mildly, Lynn has got his work cut out for him.


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  • Philly just signed potential HOF offensive line and Dline coaches. The offense is there at QB, RB, FB, TE, WR’S. Just touch up that Oline and were gonna be okay. I think Mudd is gonna make them better regardless. I think Owen Shchmitt took over the FB position beautifully for the short amount of time he had to learn to offense, and Brent Celek is a beast..idc what anyone says. Get this CBA done and lets sign some FA’S..Nhamdi, and Haynesworth…Yes I said it…Albert..we need you.

    Lets pray Weaver AKA Bishop comes back to us..say some prayers this offseason. He would help the FB position tremendously. Signing Johnny L was a good hiringing in my opinion. He has a ton of EXP at DC and DB coach. He coached Ed Reed a couple of years while he was in Baltimore..AR it’s all on you fat boy (:

  • ok….. moving in a good direction here.

  • n complain about this move they needed it anyways to help out castillo…

  • i like this move also. A lot of questionable moves thus far but for the most part, we have a good core group of guys and now need a few key guys to fill in the holes.

  • I meant no…

  • I like this move… Being an Eagles fan has t aught me to be patient in the offseason.. This might work..

  • Everyone can stop complaining about the Zordich move yesterday….. He might be in charge of the Safeties, but no doubt he is gonna be more of an assistant to Lynn.

  • I feel a whole lot better now that we have someone (Lynn) that has experience as a D-Coodinator, I think it would of been crazy to go in with what we had, Dont know too much about Lynn but i like the move !

  • Now we need to go spend some money and get some studs like Asomugha and Haynesworth…

  • Reid needs all the help he can get. Now the coaches need some players to coach.

  • J Lynne looks like a good hire and a good fit the for Eagles..
    With his play calling,scheming experience, he should be a big help with
    Castillo and also be a good mentor in young coaches like Zordich &Caldwell
    I think we can all agree that on paper, the Eagles Copaching Staff appears to be a big upgrade from what they had the last 2 seasons..so this is defintely a positive, now add about 3-4 experienced players to this Defense
    at DE,CB,OLB,S and at least 1 along the O/L at RG or RT and then this teams is in business for 2011..

  • What do you guys like more in a late round draft pick. Size (measureables), raw talent, or small and quick?

  • The team also moved a number of other pieces around on the staff promoting Duce Staley to special teams quality control coach, promoting James Urban to assistant offensive coordinator, David Culley to senior offensive assistant/WR coach, Doug Pederson was hired as QB coach and Bobby April Jr. was hired as a defensive quality control coach.

    Looks like alot of seat shuffling…but basically the same crew as last year….I hope that Duce stay’s in Shadey’s ear.

  • All things being equal I will go with Raw Talent at a defined Position of Need where a late round pick really has a chance to compete and earn a roster spot

  • Philly Supreme……in general I am not a fan of the small “fastballs” that these guys like to put on the defensive line….I would rather we focus on players from the SEC that have played against top competition week in and week out….large physical players

  • In terms of raw talent, you cant but a price on potential ! Physical gifts are impossible to ignore, and are clearly a huge part in what makes a special player!!! A NO BRAINER RAW TALENT!

  • u can always use late rounds for Offensive lineman

  • Last 3 Super Bowl winneres Packers,Saints,and Steelers, their starting LT were 3rd round picks,LG were 3rd, centers 6 round,RG 4TH,RT 2nd round……Now the ave for SB champions 98 Broncos,89 49ers,93 Cowboys(ALL 3 won back to back SB’s) is LT 2 ,LG 7, Center 6th,RG 4th,RT 5 th round alot were undrafted also

  • all these SB winners QB usually 1st rounder,RB 2nd,TE was intersting half were 1 and other 6 rounder, #1 WR 1st,#2 WR 3rd rounder,DE 1 or 2 and other DE was 5th, NT always 1st,if DT 1 AND 5 rounder,All LB ave 2 rounder but mlb/rilb are 1st,CB 1 & 4th, SS 2nd,and FS 1st, K undrafted,P 5th

  • QB,RB,#1WR,FS are usually Probowl with SS,NT half times

  • Love the move. Hope he has a little input concerning players and schemes

  • What – no lecture about you can’t win a SB without a running game?

  • lmao @ dixiefan, I’ve been trying to get TYDM, that little troll, to comment on the Packers winning the Superbowl with no running game but he refuses. What a troll. He had a crusade on Andy Reid not winning cause he doesn’t run the ball but the Packers just showed that it CAN be done.

  • Washburn, and Lynn are definitely an improvement over what the Eagles had last year. If Castillo lets them do their jobs and is willing to take advice along with constructive critiques I think there should be an improvement in the defense right away! Mudd will be atleast just as good as or, probably better than Castillo as OL coach so I see improvement there also with a few free agents.

  • We’ve drafted a LOT of guys with “potential” and they went nowhere. Need to see guys who’ve already produced on the field at college level… no more projects like Dunlap, cheap-talk guys like Sims, injury history FA’s, and “fastballs” who get tied up in fits by OLinemen. “Where’s the beef, honey?”

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