• August 15, 2022

Meeting The Eagles New Assistant Coaches

Eagles new defensive coordinator Juan Castillo was talking about things he learned from Jon Gruden that pertained to studying an opponent on film , when Philly.com’s Les Bowen joked, “Is that what you learned from him when he was in town over the weekend”.  Everybody broke out into laughter.

It was good times today when the new assistant coaches were introduced to the media.  The smiles came easy and the guards were down.  Of course nobody was giving up 31 touchdown passes or having the worst red zone defense in the last 25 years.  Pass rushers weren’t in Michael Vick’s face and nobody was saying anything negative.

It was intro day and the new assistant coaches were giving their philosophies and talking about what they hoped to do here in Philadelphia.

There were more media people than new defensive line coach Jim Washburn was used to.  Immediately he said, “There more reporters here than ever showed up in Tennessee”.  He hasn’t seen anything yet. Wait until the defensive line fails to put pressure on the quarterback in a big loss.

It was a decent crowd, with one camera from the television stations were represented.  was an auditorium of media people and assistant coaches.  All of them were surrounded by five or six reporters with microphones, cameras and you name it.  They were all telling their story so to speak.

Washburn explained how he developed his method of teaching defensive linemen.  He talked about former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson and the style of play that the Hurricane defenses played at the University of Miami during that stretch when they were fighting for a National Championship each year.

He talked about how that Miami defensive team turned defensive tackles Warren Sapp and Cortez Kennedy loose to fly off the line at the snap of the ball.  Those defensive tackles and defensive ends lived in the opposing backfield and dominated the line of scrimmage.

I knew what he was talking about.  Before those guys dominated in that defense, it was former Eagles defensive tackle Jerome Brown, who Sapp and Kennedy came after at the U.

Washburn his linemen don’t have to be huge, but they must be athletic.  He wants to get off the ball and force the offensive to react to them.

Castillo talked about how he had Washburn explain his system to the other coaches, new safety coach Mike Zordich and new linebacker coach Mike Caldwell.   “They attack and react rather than read and react”, according to Castillo.  The Eagles defense will attempt again like they tried to a year ago, to get away from a lot of blitzing and rely on the defensive line to get to the quarterback.

New secondary/cornerbacks coach Johnnie Lynn loves to be here with a winning organization like the Eagles.  He says the Birds will continue to play many of the pass coverages that they’ve been playing since Reid has been here but they will try to do them better.

He said they really haven’t had time to sit down and start scheming.

Zordich and Caldwell were in the auditorium giving their take on things, but you and I know that they’re going to have follow the leadership of Castillo and the veteran coaches.  They’ll be able to add little touches for the specific position they’re coaching but they’ll be following orders for the most part.

The only offensive coach there was veteran offensive line coach Howard Mudd, who says he will have to adjust to a different offensive system than the one he operated in Indianapolis, where they gave Peyton Manning the freedom to change any play at the line of scrimmage.  But he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Mudd doesn’t think it will be a major adjustment for him.

I’ll have more for you later.


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  • I wonder if any of these amatuer reporters asked these new Coaches if they plan to live in the Philadelphia area…(Chicken shit these reporters are)

  • Paulman, you can praise these coaches all you want but don’t shed a negative light on them, remember you must strive to be Shilleresque.

  • Scumbags…at least get a row home.Les Bowen is a smarta$$..nice dude…tends to be un-proffesional at times in his interviews.

    Im happy with these guys.Look forward to seeing an actual coach who develops guys like Bunk …get all there potential out of them.

    Washburn coaches on all fours!!!? He wants you too have that dog in you!!!

  • As much flack as Bunkley gets on these boards….i think the kid has some talent…and i think the “attack & react” mentality that washburn will employ is going to pay dividends for Bunk. If washburn can get good play out of Patterson, Dixon, Laws & Bunk…and rotate those 4 in the middle…things could look real good.

  • “Castillo talked about how he had Washburn explain his system to the other coaches, new safety coach Mike Zordich and new linebacker coach Mike Caldwell.”
    …..who is dictating the defensive scheme, Washburn or Castillo? I guess that with Washburn’s experience and reputation it might actually be better for the team if he leads the development of the defensive gameplans and lets Castillo learn and handle more of the managment details of being D-Coordinator. Just sounded funny that Washburn would be the one explaining these things to the other assistants….but like I said…no necessarily bad…..stay positive…think good thoughts…..sing happy songs..

  • I think Washburn will dictate the pass rushes,schemes and personnel packages, CB Coach Lynn will probably do the same with the Secondary and Coach Castillo will handle the LB’s schemes in conjuction with the other groups.. Can it work, yes, will there be bumps in the road, yes, Can Castillo pick-up overall schemes at a fast pace probably, but this will be a work in progress and will take some time for the entire unit to work in unison..
    I’ve heard 3-4 times now from Castillo, Reid and now Washburn state, that the basic schems and coverages are not going to chance much from what the Eagles have done, but that they are counting on better execution from the same players… with many young players on that side of the ball, I am guessing that they hope this alone with better coaching, better fundamentals,that they will improve dramatically as a unit..
    I am not sure this will occur with the same players, the DE position is still a very weak group with Cole,PArker (33 yers old) & Tapp as the only healthy players at the postion.. I am not counting on Graham for 2011 (at least the first half of the 2011 season) and I am still not sold on Abiamri, Teo, Sapp as being legitimate NFL players.. They need to bring in a Babin or Jenkins, or Edwards here at DE and still use a high draft pick to start grooming for the future.. T Cole probably has 2 more solid years left and then will become a pass-rushing specialists on 3rd Downs only for future seasons..

  • I read yesterday that the birds have the 5th lowest payroll obligation currently in the league…..I believe that after the labor mess is worked out we will be targeting a few key free agents and signing Vick and DJax…..the defense in general needs some upgrades and the O-line needs to upgrade at center and right tackle

  • Bunk was a 1st round pick. Thought they shoulda taken Ngata instead..they coulda…but all this b.s. about 1-2-3 technique came up and you know how they handle the draft.But i think he has immense talent..Bunk could be a stud with the right guy coaching him. Lets hope Wash is the guy. And get Babin back in here stat.

    Washburn brings his own system and stunts to the d.

    Jamal Jackson? Healthy start of season? Upgrade at center spot? mcglyn to rg? Or just draft a true r.g.?

  • we need a 1st rounder DE,DT,CB and 2 2nd round LB’s then we will be great

  • Mel Kiper over here….

  • sing a song, a happy song

  • all this hype, talk, morass of detail, it just doesn’t matter, the result will be the same next year, because the philosophy is the same, there is no change at the top, and a fish stinks from the head downward

  • a fish stinks from the head downward

  • The Eagles purged a lot of Veterans the last 2 off-seasons and trimmed their Payroll in preparation of a potential lock-out/strike whch was very smart.
    But here’s a list of players gone over the last 2 years S Brown, D Howard,
    Shawn Andrews, Stacey Andrews, D McNabb, B Westbrook, LJ Smith, C Gocong… The Eagles have the 3rd Youngest Roster in the NFL and have many 1st/2nd/3rd year players who are making the minimum salary or slightly higher.. They do have to address Vick,D-Jax and probably McCoy’s
    Contract and should be able to free up more $$$ by losing FB Weaver
    (due to injury) and possiby the release of DE Parker who is due big $$$ this year so they need to go out and get some Veteran players who can help now and try to win a Super Bowl and especially with the Draft so weak this year.
    Afer the 3rd/4th Round it’s really a crapshoot.. My plan would be to upgrade
    the DE,CB,OLB,S, & OL with a Free-Agents and then use all my early rounds draft picks (#1 thru #4) for DL/OL/LB/Secondary Depth and then add to the Offense with a TE/RB/FB/WR Depth..

  • The philosophy is to win a title.The top seems to be taking some of the keys from Big Red. It should benefit us greatly.Roseman had a nice draft last year. Lets give it another shot this year and sign a free agent too help the D. Nmanda.

    Change at the top wont translate into a title. We’ll wait even longer. The Eagles need a nice off-season and they will be tope 3 teams in the NFC next year. They were this year as far as im concerned. 5 points from beating the Champs and out o-line was back-ups.7th round safety. We handled the GB wides better then any team in the p-offs or Bowl. Still came up short but the plays were there to be made…they just didnt make em.

  • I have a dream……..that Coach Mudd will convince Big Red that establishing a running game can actually help increase the efficency of his passing game and protection of his QB.

    I have a dream……that Coach Washburn will be have the same success with this group of defensive linemen as he did in Tenn, that the other positions on the defense will benefit enough to get the most out of their limited talent

  • hey Packers only ran 11 times in SB ,,,,oh but they ran 25+ in other 3 playoff games especially Starks ave almost 6 yds a carry 125 yds against our Eagles

  • I don’t mind keeping the same scheme. I want talent in key spots though, SAM, WILL, SS, and DE all need upgrades in my opinion. Bring in some play makers on D and we wont be talking about schemes. That has been one of issues with this team…. too much scheming! Just line up and beat the man in front of you and it looks like Juan is about that.

    We can coach em up all day long but if we don’t get top flight talent either through the draft or FA then is will show up in key spots.

  • LOL I just read an article that said Washburn coming to the Eagles had alot to do with the QB…

    G, from what you’ve heard, is this true?

  • You can’t coach speed, instinct, and natural ability.

  • i would not get rid of parker til i know i have someone better. by the way did sheldon brown play at all this year , was he any good ?

  • The Best Front 7 in Football

    The Best- Steelers,Ravens,Jets,Packers,Bears,Patriots,Vikings,Cowboys,Chargers,
    & Buccaners and Dolphins
    Now some of these above teams didn’t make the playoffs for they have poor Secondary play and or crappy offenses that didn’t score enough points, but you get the picture..The Eagles front 7 is no more than average with the likes of
    the Colts,Giants,Redskins,Dolphins,Jaguars,Texans,Titans,Chiefs,Raiders and are really in the bottom half of the NFL if you ask me..

  • If there is not a new CBA BEFORE the draft, we will have to rely on the draft to fill key holes – on the belief that there will be a truncated free agency.
    That means we must find a RCB, a RG, a WIL, and depth at DE. Since the hardest position to fill via free agency (when or if there is a free agency) will be CB, you have to figure CB will be our 1st or 2nd round pick. (My guess is 1st!) This draft is really weak, with the possible exception of DLine. We should be able to add a DE or DT in round 2. OLinemen and LBs usually slip to the 3-4 round level, so I would guess we can address those needs at that point.

  • Giants front 7 average….Paulman….for real man?

  • Anyone see the film on NFL Films called “Opposites Attract” regarding the relationship Washburn and Mudd have? Pretty good film. Just type into google, “NFL Films Opposites Attract”, should be the first result.

    A safety I would like the Eagles to target in the draft that I think would be great if Mikell leaves, or even in place of Allen in case he isn’t ready by the start of the season, is……. Robert Sands. Big, fast safety.

    A OLinemen that would work well in Mudd’s system, that is a typical LT (or RT in our case), would be Tyron Smith. Look him up, he is pure muscle, although a little lean for a T, but he will obviously put on weight at this level.

    For CB, I am really high on Ras-I Dowling. He will probably go in the 2nd round, if not 3rd now…… I like him a lot and I think he can be a steal for them if they pick him up.

    Then maybe they can use their money on FAs in other areas, like Guard, or LB. They need a stopgap at DE, but not a big name DE like Edwards, Babin or Jenkins……… Graham is still considered our future, so don’t look for the FO to go after any big names there.

  • Excellent choice of words DixieFan with “truncated”
    I thought you went to school in the South…

    Heres are the next best 10 CB in the Draft after top choices Peterson from LSU and Amakumara from Nebraska which will both be gone by the 7th Selection of the 1st Round

    (Mid to late 1st Round Projections)
    #1) Jimmy Smith from Colorado 6-2 205lbs (probably goes #15-#20)
    #2) Aaron Williams from Texas 6-1 195lbs (probably goes #20-#32)

    2nd Round to 3rd Round CB Prjections
    #3) Brandon Harris – Miami 5-11 195lbs (probably goes #25-#40)
    #4) Davon House – New Mexico 6-0 190lbs (probably goes #35 thru #50)
    #5) Jonny Patrick – Louisville 5-11 190lbs (probably goes #35 thru #50)
    #6) Brandon Burton – Utah 6-0 185 lbs (probably goes #40 thru #60)
    #7) Curtis Brown – Texas 6-0 185lbs (probably goes #40 thru #60)
    #8) Ras-I-Dowling – Virgiani 6-2 200lbs (probably goes #45 thru-#65)
    #9) Sahreece Wright – USC 5-11 185lbs (probably goes #50 thru #65)
    #10) Chris Rucker – Michigan St 6-2 200lbs (probably goes #55 thru #70)

  • for the record….id rather have edwards here than babbin.

    I honestly think that AFTER the league and the players work out a deal, the birds will be very aggresive in FA. Maybe they wont land 5 top flight FA’s but i expect them to land 2 of the following….

    1) Cb Aso
    2) LB Greenway
    3) Cb-one of the other 5 2nd tier guys that are FA’s
    4) OL-Mankins (i think this is their top priority)
    5) DE-Edwards

    I dont expect them to go after babbin at all. That would be admitting a HUGE mistake (btw.. not sure it was. he’s prolly a 1 year wonder.) I think they will land Mankins or trade for a starting RT or RG.

    I dont see Aso playing here but there have been rumors for years that Asam is not a coach favorite. Maybe they bring in Aso and after a year let Asam go. I want to see Trevor L but not as a starter yet. We need to get back to the days where we were very strong at CB. Stock pile these guys please.

    The birds have BUTTLOADS of money under the cap. I expect them will give Vick a deal after the tag. Look for a 4 year deal loaded with clauses.

    Djax will be a bit of a gamble but i hope they get it done. He wants to get paid and i hope they do it. (insert paulman babble here).

    I dont see them going after Fat albert after his lattest arrest but 1 never knows. I have no idea what the skins will want for him… my guess is its steep.

    Bottom line…. there will be 3 or 4 new starters here next year. They have the cap space and andy knows its time to get some D weapons. Expect trades on draft day if a Labor deal is done.

  • Erock
    The Giants Front 4 is excellent but their LB corps is below average so therefore
    their Front 7 grades down to an overall average grade…
    Watch their games– their Seconday play was pretty good this year but their LB play was their weakness and probably cost them 2 games over the season and a berth in the Playoffs this year…

  • yes sports bumm… i forgot SS.

  • greenfan. I was wondering soomething similar. What if Mudd tells andy how easy and amazing it is to give the qb 3 plays in the huddle and let the D dictate what one to run at the line. What if they gave Vick that call?? i mean…. it might be bad (can vick read d’s??) it might be amazing!!

  • Biggiesmalls, get off my nuts. You work my name into 90% of you posts.

  • I’m not sure if the Eagles first pick should go on the offensive side of the ball or the defensive side..But I do believe the first picks should address the offensive line and the defensive line if possible

    An improvement on the O line is definitely needed Gabe Carimi out of Wisconsin 6 foot 8 320 lbs…he definitely bring some size that you guys talk about….he may be around if we pick 23, reports about him is he is exceptionally strong, he relies more on his strength than athletic ability…also Derek Sherrod from Missisippi State 6 foot 6 312 lbs, reports I’ve heard about him is he has exceptional athleticism very quick on his feet, very solid pass blocker and solid run blocker, but I’m hearing he needs to get stronger…McCoys former teammate at PITT Jason Pinkston, 6 -4 304 lbs could be someone the Eagles grab in the second round if he’s still available, but there are still some unanswered questions surrounding his ability at the NFL level…think that can be said with many rookies…

    On defense DE’s JJ Watt 6 foot 6 292 lbs, nice athleticism, can beat one on one blocking and has a very high motor or Cameron Hayward Ohio State 6 foot 5 288lbs , athletic can play both the DE and DT, ability to play DE in 4-3 and 3-4, his technique is more of a concern than anything…both these guys sound like they could be a fit for Washburn…Depending on how we pick in the second round I think Allen Bailey DE Miami 6 foot 3 278 lbs and Jurrell Casey 6 foot 1 305 lbs S.C may be available if th

    If the Eagles were to add to the LB’s position – Akeem Ayers is good, if we plan on switching to the 3-4, we should snatch him up!
    Justin Houston from Georgia is a beast, little undersized I know some of you guys dont like that, but from what I’ve read on him he is extremely strong and very fast..ability to play LB in 3-4 or defensive end in the 4-3, he may be gone in the 1st round though…

    Eagles Draft order:
    22nd pick in the second round, the 21st pick in the third round, the 23rd pick in the fourth round, the 22nd pick in the sixth round and the 21st pick in the sixth round. In addition, the Eagles own the rights to the seventh pick in the fourth round (acquired from the Washington Redskins in the Donovan McNabb trade) and the 18th pick in the fifth round (acquired from the San Diego Chargers in a 2010 draft day trade

  • i really don’t think i want to see another a 1st pick spent d line . i just don,t trust them picking that position . if thats what has be i would rather give haineswerth a shot

  • I too don’t believe there will be much player movement this offseason with free agent signing, so the draft is going to be more critical than in the past in my opinion…

  • haha les Bowen you hack. Haven’t asked 1 tough question to Reid in 12 years. Probably was crapping when he heard Gruden was hired he might have to do his job.

  • Schiller I didn’t know you had balls.Thanks for the clarification. By the way you comment on about the same % on my posts without reading them in full. Knee pad boy. Your ill informed but think otherwise,somewhat like Andy and his crew
    of FO geeks.

  • *lifting butt cheek*

    which one has a magic wand?

  • Shaun Rogers was released by the browns today- If you can get him for the right money do you bring him in?

  • I like that we got younger but in all honesty Vick has changed the whole philosophy of how I view this team. If the eagles are keeping Vick past this next season they must be buyers in FA of other players that can help Now and in the next season or 2. If they want to complete the youth movement then they should move Vick and aquire a veteran back up to a young QB this year or next. (this does not mean they should also not trade Kolb – If he is not the guy stop futzing around and get “the guy”) If they don’t keep Vick past this year they should only look to aquire players through the draft and young free agents that can continue developing so as to peek in a year or so and play for at least the next 5 years.

  • The above post assumes ther is a FA period this year. With out a new CBA all bets are off and value of every player changes.

  • if rogers was released because he is too fat , i want him! i don’t wan’t andy drafting any 6’1 230 lb d lineman again.

  • Shaun Rodgers has been out of shapen and non-motivated for over a year now (Similar to A Haynesworth), Rodgers has hgad run in’s with the law with Gun Possession on more than one occasion. Bottom line, the Eagles would not bring in a guy like him and he’s at the end of his career anyways

  • I feel with Washburn as defensive line coach now we will see more one-gap attacking style defense as opposed to this two gap read and react garbage the Eagles were playing before. Just remember this point…the Eagles had both Babin and Clemons and got rid of both of them because they complained about the two gap garbage they were asked to play. They go to other teams in a one gap style and they are both pro bowlers. After that, I would change the way I did business too. Enter Jim Washburn.

  • I even heard DE Jerome McDougal wants to workout for the Eagles with
    Washburn aboard.. Maybe another NFL Comeback Player of the Year story in the making for the Eagles..

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