• June 25, 2022

Eskin Confirms That Eagles Influenced Vick About Oprah Decision

610-WIP radio talk show host Howard Eskin was guest-hosting on the Dan Patrick Show today and he confirmed something which I had let you know when Michael Vick decided not to do the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Vick made the decision not to go on the show, but he did so after the Eagles told him why they didn’t think it was a good idea. Howard was on the radio making a big deal of whether they told him not to go on the show or he decided not to go on the show on his own.

If company which had helped you get back into your chosen profession after you had to go away to a federal prison for two years, said they didn’t think it was a good idea for you to do a television show. Would you do it? Would what they said and felt be important to you? If you had any sense it would. Add to that the fact that they just agreed to pay you at least $16 million dollars next year and you can understand why Vick isn’t going on Oprah’s show.

Bottom line was that Vick was going to do the show if the Eagles hadn’t said anything else about it after he agreed to do it. Realize that Oprah Winfrey is quite influential with everyone. She had requested and he had agreed. For him to go back on his word with Winfrey, isn’t a little thing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Vick’s people told Winfrey’s people that the Eagles didn’t want him to do it. I don’t blame the Eagles for not wanting him to do it. This was a like a preseason game for a Superstar player for the Eagles. The only thing that could happen was something bad. They don’t need a guy who they just agreed to pay at least $16 million dollars next season, to be reigniting a hate campaign against himself. I wrote in other articles about the different things that could go wrong.

Howard sounded like a man who couldn’t get out of his own way. You can read between the lines that the Eagles subtly influenced Vick. They didn’t want Vick to do the show, but they also didn’t want to come across like they were dictating what he would and would not do. They knew they could possibly get the wrong reaction from their star quarterback. They wound up getting exactly what they wanted.

He’s not doing the event and he made a public statement, which sounded like he and his PR people decided on their own not to do it. The only mistake the Eagles made was sharing with Eskin how they got Vick to decide not to do the show.

You can read between the lines that the Eagles talked to him about. Here’s some of what ProFootballtalk.com reported that Eskin said on the show.

“I can tell you for absolute and absolute certainty that Michael Vick didn’t go on and it was clearly his choice to not go on”, Eskin said on the show. “Now, did the Eagles like this? No, they did not. Did the Eagles tell him not to do it? No, they didn’t tell him not to do it.”
……..“[H]e had reservations,” Eskin said. “And he told some people at the Eagles — and it was not Andy Reid — that he had reservations. And I can understand that. You’re gonna go on there and you’re not gonna be sure of yourself. And people from the Eagles said, ‘Listen, if you have reservations, you can not go on with Oprah Winfrey. It’s still your call, your choice, you make a decision. But if you’re not sure of it, just tell them you can’t do it, and that’s basically what happened.”


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  • G the Colts just cut Bob Sanders! I bet you a philly cheese steak the Eagles sign him. He meets all the qualifications. LOL 3yrs 9 starts

  • If Vick knew how to tell a 3 act story he would have those ladies eating out of his hands.

    Act I – I made a mistake and there is no excuse for it.

    Act II – I lost so much and Time in jail made me reflect and I am a changed man.

    Act III – I can’t bring those dogs back, but I can help the ones still here by…
    I spend a ton of my time counseling young people about dog fighting. And one day. I hope…I desire… to help dogs in shelters find homes to make up for just a little of the pain I’ve caused.

    Some of the ladies for sure, would barrage him with hate. If he took the high road and repeatly said “I understand your feelings and I’m sorry”. The women would begin to look petty and mean. The the coup de gras would be the onion in the pocket for the forced tear.

    They will drop their pitchforks and torches and ask “what can I do to make your feel better Mike?”

    Ratings for Oprah. For Vick a chance to show the world “I’ve changed”.

    Vick has no fear of Oprah or her audience, because he knows his heart and I beleive he knows his God. Matthew 10:28 That’s Dungy’s style.

  • vick needs to say : i just want to concentrate on football ..!

  • Does anyone think this would happen if VIck was White..
    Why are black men such a threat to white Society in this day and age…
    Maybe Oprah was going to bring out WHite Sox Pitchet Burhle and these guys could go at it right on stage…
    On a side note, this is the kind of crap and stories that everyone will be reading,talking about due to VIcks Status and his life living in a fishbowl..
    It’s a shame and I am sure most fans will tune it out.. but get used to it for this or similar type of who cares stories will be popping up every week…

    TMZ… Mike Vick Grocery Shopping and down at the Bread Aisle, squeezed a loaf of bread but didn’t purchase it… Details at 11pm … Good Grief…

  • nev, that would be nice. But he doesn’t just want to concentrate on football. He also wants to concentrate on his life/his story and most importantly his finances. How can he only want to concentrate on football when football is on hold for an amount of time TBD.

  • I never understood why he was going on Oprah anyway…..
    and I don’t believe shyt Eskin says

  • Schiller how do you know what Vick wants. This is your opinion not fact. Have you discussed this with him Were you there when he stated this. Now you are a mind reader.

    “He also wants “

  • Big E, tuche, nice one. That is definitely my opinion and I did neglect to state specifically that I was speculating.

    Your game of ‘gotcha’ aside, I will back up my opinion by stating that VIck’s actions, the parties, this interview etc…. have shown that in addition to playing/concentrating on football, and the PR/public speaking things the team/league has him doing, he’s shown that he is still interested in being a celebrity/telling his story/partying it up and getting back to being the Mike Vick he was prior, without the stuff that will get him in legal trouble.

    I also don’t think anyone in the NFL at all right now is just concentrating on football – how can they in February with no CBA in sights.

  • The Colts just released Sanders because of his salary and if the Eagles don’t pick him up…..I don’t want to hear they are doing everything they can to win a championship….He’s better than every Safety on our team and there’s no player in the draft who will come out and do better. PERIOD

    If our squad sign Quinton Mikell to avoid paying Sanders , that will be all I need to see to know this team is not trying to put a top defense on the field.

    I could give a rats behind about Zordich as the coach for safties….we need a top safety and all respect to Allen..he’s not near Sanders at all. I don’t want a player with an upside…….I want a player who is already playing at his upside.

  • You must not watch much of the NFL, because Sanders is injury prone. He has barely played within the past 3 seasons. He wouldn’t be improving our team, he would be draining our cap space. No thanks.

  • Songsrme2, The Rams just released OJ Atogwe, I think he would be a better choice for us at this point over Sanders only because Sanders is too injury prone, OJ would defintely be an upgrade over what we have now!

  • Both Sanders and Atogwe are very good players and still relatively young, but they have missed a lot of action the last couple of Seasons.. There are a lot of
    good young,healthy SAfeties avaialable in Free-Agency that would be better
    #1) Dwan Landry from Ravens
    #2) Eric Weddle from Chargers
    #3) R Pollard from Texans
    #4) Melvin Bulitt from Colts
    #5) Bigby and Peprah from the Packers

  • We signed a safety last offseason that came off a major knee injury and you losers are on here talking about not signing Sanders because he had injuries?

    Was his injuries worse than Marlin Jackson’s? Was his injury worse than Nate Allen’s?

    All being equal……Is he a better safety than every safety on our team? yes

    But just like loser fans you’ll always find reasons not to sign superior talent yet complain when we lose because of the inferior talent. You can’t have it both ways….If you’re satisifed with our secondary then don’t complain when they’re getting toasted next season.

  • Some of you are the same losers who thought Kolb was better than Vick…

    But I digress…….Allen will be the next Ronnie Lott after he miraculously come back from a season ending knee injury and surgery.

    There’s no reason to get a better, healthier player on the field at the safety position. We have Zordich to coach up whomever.


  • Songs, you are one classy intelligent fellow.

    Yes, Sanders injuries were more extensive and disruptive than those of Allen. Jackson? could be a tie, but if you have 2 players, player A, and player B, player A being a much better football player than player B, but both are too injured to play football? Which one is more valuable then? A broken is no more drivable than a broken down skateboard.

    If sanders was so healthy, the colts cut him, uh, why?

  • LOL at Sanders being healthier than Allen. Idiot. Bob Sanders played in exactly 9 games the past 3 seasons. Nate Allen played more than that this season alone. Sanders averages 3 games a year and you want to sign him to mega bucks because he is one of the best Safeties in the league when healthy, but he is never healthy. He is hurt so much, it is almost like saying that Joe Montana was one of the best QBs when he was in the league, we should go sign him.

  • I mentioned earlier that I would absolutely swap our roster spot with Marlin Jackson for Bob Sanders…if they came at the same price/same contract. But for people to want the eagles to go out and sign Sanders for a big time deal for him to be our safety for years to come are just delusional football fans who have been living in cave since 2007. Yet, these are the same people that critize the Eagles with full blown outrage when they go out and sign a player with a previous injury. ” I don’t want a player with an upside…….I want a player who is already playing at his upside”…..I didnt know you could be already playing at your upside when you havnt played a good healthy game since 2007.
    I guess Bob Sanders could help win us superbowls for years to come in his full body cast with his cheerleading on the sidelines.
    I got an idea how bout they save the money for Asomugha…it wont matter who the hell the safeties are if we have him on one side and samuel on the other…Nd btw i don’t believe Allens injury was all that serious. I believe he didnt tear anything and would be fine for offseason workout

  • Paulman, you are doing the white guilt dance again. What does this mean: “Does anyone think this would happen if VIck was White..
    Why are black men such a threat to white Society in this day and age…” What are you talking about? What does it mean? Can you explain?

  • Take a look at a few white athlese that were in trouble recently…
    Big Ben, do people,media consider him a threat … maybe a scumbag,but not a threat.. Brett Farve fooling around and sending pornagraphic Texts and messages to a massueus while with the jets, Brett Meyers beats up his wife.. again, where’s the outrage…
    Len Dysktra ripps off millions of $$$ from hundreds of people, is he a threat,
    But, JeMarcus Russell is drinnking,selling Purple Cough medicine and he’s a menace to society and gets FBI attention and a task force assigned to his case… Basketball player Gilbert Arenas brings a handgun to the Washington Wizards locker room and then loses all endorsements and all hell breaks loose in the NBA..College Football playeer RB L Blount punches a opponent after a game and gets suspended for almost a season and then sees his draft stock drop from a 2nd/3rd Rounder to a non-drafted Free-agent…
    It’s not me FS1960, but don’t you believe that still in today’s time of 2011, that Black people who get involved into a criminal activity or make a poor decision get scrutiznied more and are viewed as a “threat” to the rest of Society.. Don’t you think many of them get portrayed that way or stories are replayed time and time again while offter stupid actions by white players get less coverage and get buried in the “Talk-Print-TV Media” ..
    To me, it’s just like what’s happening on the World Front in the Middle East.
    (And with any “Islamic” Country & Culture) where the coverage of people questioning their leadership,their Governments and Consditions is never endings, with analysis afte ranalysis of what the US Government should do, meanwhile just south of our Border in Mexixo and in many South American Countries,the Killings, Drug Trafficking, Weapons & Human Trafficking goes on day after day and you hear very little about it from our US Leaders or Press.

  • Yeah, Fansince1960 – I’m sure your keen insight into racial bias is simply astounding, but I think I’ll pass. Anyone that doesn’t see the obvious shenanigans of the media in general but especially sports media, like E.S.P.N. (Every Suspect Probably Negro) just hasn’t been paying attention. Brian Giles can beat his wife down in the middle of the street in front of a city and its gets virtually no media time, who was that NHL player that beat up the cab driver? yeah, bet no one can recall his name right away..and its no wonder the lynch mob died down on Barry Bonds once golden boy Roger Clemens got caught up. If you think for a second that if Vick were white he would have gotten the same treatment then you are either a complete fool or so racist you can’t see straight.

  • No, famucancer. You are right. Blame everything on the white man. I don’t like any violent criminals. I’ve seen enough of them in real life. I hate them. And I hate those that defend them. For me, Mr. Blamer, Mr. It’s the whiteman, MR. Second Chancer, I say: stop the shit. Stop the crime. Stop the crying. Stand up for something positive. Fight crime. Fight poverty. Fight BLAME. Stop the nasty stuff. I still dilike Barry Bonds AND ROGER CLEMENS. I STILL DISLIKE HONKIES THAT KILL OR BEAT OR RAPE. I hate people who make excuses. I hate people who are sensitive about their religion or race and then hate everyone else. That’s my keen insight and I diggit!

  • This country will only improve when people stop making excuses, stand up, make some $$$, live courteously, stop being jive, stop making Michael Vick a hero because he can run, stop pretending that people hate black criminals but like or tolerate white ones. It’s bullshit. I’m worried about VICTIMS, not perpetrators. Is ESPN really all about what you say it is? Is that what defines ESPN? I still dislike Barry Bonds. Now I dislike Roger Clemens too! Your narrative and Paulman’s narrative is bs and tiresome. Old school.

  • Mike Vick was smart NOT to go on Oprah, Oprah hates men in particular BLACK men, she get back her past molestors by breaking men down on her show while she sits on her throne, also Mike Vick has paid his debt and accepted Christ, Oprah aint down with Jesus either….STAY AWAY FROM OPRAH MIKE!

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