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2011 NFL Offseason: A Closer Look At The Eagles Offensive Linemen

Philadelphia Eagle Head Coach Andy Reid is a strong believer that football games are won and lost at the line of scrimmage. He’s absolutely right

Unfortunately, Reid’s current offensive line isn’t quite built to win at this point. One key to a successful O-line is stability. The more all five lineman play together, the more likely great things will happen.

The Eagles line has become quite the revolving door ever since their NFC Championship loss to the Arizona Cardinals in January 2009.

That was the last game for longtime starters Tra Thomas and Jon Runyan. The left tackle position was replaced by a perennial Pro Bowler, but the Eagles ultimate failure was investing money, time and faith in two brothers who both go by the name of S-dot-Andrews.

Now that both of those guys are gone and there will be no more “getting my Michael Phelps on” in Philly, let’s look at the Eagles offensive line going forward.


When the Eagles traded with the Buffalo Bills and gave him a $60 million contract, I thought it was a brilliant move to address protecting Donovan McNabb’s blindside.

Unfortunately, Peters begin the 2009 season looking like he was going to be a long term bust. There was a knee injury and an abundance of penalties. Despite two Pro Bowl selections, Peters was a disappointment to me.

I thought the Eagles may have been better off keeping the first round pick they gave up for him and drafted Michael Oher from Mississippi.

2010 started off for Peters in the same disappointing fashion. But, after missing two games due to a knee surgery, Peters started to resemble ‘the best left tackle in the NFL’ as Coach Reid stated.

Look for Peters to have a productive 2011 season. Either way, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.


Herremans has quietly become the most consistent member of the Eagles O-line. In 2009, his availability was a huge concern due to a stress reaction to his foot.

Fortunately, he overcame that after missing the first for games of that season and hasn’t missed a game since.

Peters and Herremans form and strong tandem on the left side of the line.


When it rains, it pours. Jackson started 69 consecutive games when he tore his ACL in Week 16 of 2009. There were concerns about his knee being fully healed when he started the season opener in 2010.

Jackson’s luck went south again as he tore his triceps, putting him on injured reserve again.

Even if Jackson begins 2011 100% healthy, he’s now on the wrong side of 30 and it’s quite possible his replacement has already been chosen.


McGlynn stepped in admirably for Jackson at center for the 2010 season. The 2008 fourth round pick out of the Univ. of Pittsburgh spent his first two years on the sidelines.

He’s now proven that he can play in the NFL. The Eagles have plenty of options with him going into 2011.

They can have him battle Jackson for the starting center spot. They may feel comfortable moving over to guard. Depending on the draft outcome, McGlynn could very well provide quality depth.


In 2006, prior to the NFL draft, many predicted USC’s Justice would be the Eagles first round pick and Tra Thomas’ eventual replacement at left tackle.

As we know Broderick Bunkley was selected in the first round and Justice ‘slipped’ to the Eagles in the second. In 2007, when Thomas was forced to miss a game against the Giants, Osi Umenyiora’s performance immediately had Justice labeled as a bust.

Justice eventually moved to right tackle after Shawn Andrews’ back problems persisted. Justice played well enough to earn an extension during the 2009 season.

After struggling towards the end of this past season, Justice had his knee cleaned out a few weeks ago. Let’s hope that leads to continued improvement in 2011.


Cole started six games at right guard in 2010 and is one of the reasons there is a huge need at the position.

The last report on the pending free agent is a rumor that he may end up with the Green Bay Packers.


Jean-Gilles was given an original pick (4th round) restricted tender the other day, but don’t expect him to be named the starter at right guard in 2011.

The Univ. of Georgia product’s strength is run blocking. His talent is being wasted on a pass happy team like the Eagles.

Once the CBA is resolved, teams like Minnesota, Tennessee or Atlanta that like to run the ball may inquire about his services.


At one point last off season, I thought Shipley had a chance to challenge for the starting center position in Philly. He spent the entire 2010 season on the practice squad.

The biggest obstacle for Shipley to overcome is his height (6’1”) and arm length.


I just have one question for the Eagles regarding Wells. If you pride yourself in finding late round gems, wouldn’t it have been wise to keep your 2011 6th round pick.

Wells dressed for only eight games in 2010, starting one. He was not re-signed and is now an unrestricted free agent.


Like A.Q. Shipley, Reynolds spent the entire 2010 season on the practice squad. At 6’4”, 320lbs he has ideal size for an Andy Reid type of offensive lineman.

At BYU, Reynolds played all five O-line positions at one point or another. His versatility is definitely what keeps him getting extra looks at the NovaCare Complex.


A fifth round pick out of Oregon, Tupou has yet to be part of a regular season roster. He spent his rookie season on IR and last season on the practice squad.

He was signed after the Eagles were eliminated from the playoffs. This may be his last chance at wearing midnight green in September.


There was a lot of positive talk about Howard during training camp last year. He eventually became the only undrafted rookie to make the final roster.

Look for Howard to make huge strides in his second season and earn more playing time.


Dunlap started five games 2010, two at left tackle and three at right. Each time made me wish for a speedy recovery for Justice or Peters.

Dunlap’s biggest challenge in 2011 will be the progress of Austin Howard.

2011 Forecast

Addressing the right guard position is a top priority for the Eagles this off season. There won’t be any great options when free agency finally begins. Therefore, the Eagles will address this need via draft.

Look for the Eagles to draft someone in the first two days. It could be the first round (Mike Pouncey?), the second (Marcus Cannon?) or possibly the third (John Moffitt?).

The Eagles could slide Mike McGlynn over to right guard, but they can’t afford to rely on Jamaal Jackson’s health at this point.

In addition to right guard, don’t be surprised if the Eagles draft another offensive lineman in the mid to late rounds.

Haran Knight

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  • This is my standpoint:

    On a average season Jason Peters somehow slither’s his way in the pro-bowl somehow…….???? If anyone can say “hey peters you suck”, He’ll probably reply “I’ve been to the probowl twice in two seasons in Philly”! You can argue with that as a fan???? What’s your rebuttal to an answer like that……????

    King Dunlap….. What a project he’s become…… If I were vick I’ll beg and plead PLEASE not to have him in the 2011 roster……. He likes to assist DE’s on getting sacks by pushing them into the QB to increase there incentive’s/bonus to strengthen there contracts…… If anyone gets a sack on Dunlap it should be a automatic 1/2 sack……. It’s not fair for a defensive end to get bragging rights to say “Hey I balled today I got 6 sacks”! On King Dunlap I can probably get two!!!! LOL!!!! Put him on the Condemned Files!!!!!

    A.Q. Shipley……. His last names speaks for him……. Ship him out LOL!!!!

    Dallas Reynolds……. It’s a WRAP……. LOL!! Get him out as well!!!! (Get it Reynolds WRAP) CORNY BUT I CRACK MY SELF UP! LOL!!!

    Maxine GENA Gilles……. I cant put my finger on this guy……. On run plays he’s on the ground more than Sniper in Afganistan!!!! Please release him……

    Nick Cole……. He’s been solid through the years….. Better pass blocker than a run blocker…. We need a more balanced attack on the offensive line side of things….. He can’t screen block for S@#&…… He’ll go at a 180lbs. corners ankles instead of blasting them out of the water????? only one word for that….. SOFT!!!!

  • The fact that only 1 post was on here all day sums up the frustration I have about some fans. Some fans just done see the big pic. The Oline was the top problem with this team this past year. Its maybe on the same level as a need for a rCB. There HAS to be 1, 2 or dare I say 3 new Olineman next year. Starting at C and go right and you have 3 large q’s. Draft 1 stud and find 2 more FA to stockpile this Oline.

  • I like the following O/Lineman for Eagles to target and Draft if Available

    1st Round — C/G Pouncey or OT Constanzo or Carimi
    2nd Round — G/T B Iligalana or G Marcus Cannon or OT Demarcus Love
    3rd Round — C S O’Dowd or G W Rackley, C Boling or G J Moffitt or G S Shilling
    4th Round — C B Fusco or OT C Hairston or OT M Reyolds

    The need 2 OL in the 1st 4-5 Rounds

  • Good list pman. No argument here.

  • If we don’t draft Pouncey we need to get a free agent, or make a trade. All the other players mentioned are either of no use in pass protection, will take time to gain weight(strength) so they won’t get bull rushed, haven’t played much at guard or don’t have the mental make up and IQ to pick up blitzes and stunts. We could trade DT Mike Patterson to Carolina – they’ll trade WR Steve Smith to N.O. and then we’d get RG Jahri Evans. McDermot would find a lot of value having someone of Mikes abilities help installing the new defense, they know Steve’s reaching the end of his career & wants to go to a contender & the Saints value there other Pro Bowl G more, as well as having 27 of there F/A to sign. They just made Evans the highest paid G last yr. and Steve Smith is likely to play for less due to his desire to have a chance to win it all before his careers over. Mike would have challenges with the new DL scheme in Philly.

  • We could move from 23 to 28, I think it’s N.E. Pick, because it looks like Pouncey will be taken between there and 32 right now. Pick up an extra draft pick.

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