• December 2, 2021

A Seven Round 2011 Eagles Mock Draft With Trades

My new Eagles 2011 Mock Draft is based on some trades and of course that is taking for granted that the Collective Bargaining Agreement will get done at least a week or two prior to this year’s NFL draft.

I have the Eagles acquiring some new picks based on a huge Draft-Day trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Seattle Seahawks. In this deal I have the Birds trading backup quarterback Kevin Kolb, along with right tackle Winston Justice and defensive tackle Mike Patterson to the Seahawks.

In return the Eagles would get Seattle’s first round draft pick, (#25 Overall), their 4th round pick (#97 Overall) and outside linebacker Aaron Curry, who was a first round pick and 4th Overall in the 2009 NFL draft.

I think this deal makes sense for both teams because Seattle needs a quarterback, right tackle and a defensive tackle. Justice and Patterson were each ecruited and coached by Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll during his time at the University of Southern California.

It would be a great deal for the Birds because they would get two draft picks plus an outside linebacker in Curry, who has the potential to be a perennial Pro Bowler. He’s got great size at 6’2″ and 245 pounds, and great athleticism as well.

This is what I would like to see the Eagles do with those draft picks.

1st Rd (#23) Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin….. He would take Justice’s spot at right tackle.
1st Rd (#25) Muhammad Wilkerson, DT, Temple…. He would take Patterson’s spot.
2nd Rd (#55) Danny Watkins, G, Baylor …. He would compete for right guard position.
3rd Rd (#86) Ras I-Dowling, CB, Virginia… He would compete at right cornerback.
4th Rd (#97) Quan Sturdivant, MLB, UNC….. He can play inside or outside linebacker.
4th Rd (#104) CB Shareece Wright, CB, USC He would compete for nickel job & return kicks.
4th Rd (#120) DE Greg Romeus, DE, Pittsburgh…. He would compete for playing time.
5th Rd (#151) S Joe Lefeged, S, Rutgers….. He would add depth in the secondary.
6th Rd (#184) TE Lee Smith, TE, Marshall….. He’s a great blocker.
7th Rd (#215) K Alex Henery, K, Nebraska…. He has a strong leg.

These trades and subsequent draft would allow the Eagles to get bigger and more physical across the line of offensive line of scrimmage. Here’s how they would look after the dealing and drafting was done. From left to right, Jason Peters at left tackle, Todd Herremans at left guard, Jamaal Jackson or Mike McGlynn at center, Danny Watkins or McGlynn at right guard, Gabe Carimi at right tackle.

The Birds would say good-bye to Nick Cole and Reggie Wells.

They would hang onto Max Jean-Gilles, Austin Howard, King Dunlap as their backups. In a pinch Watkins could move out to tackle. He played some tackle at Baylor.

On the defensive side of the ball left to right, the Eagles would have Juqua Parker and Brandon Graham at left defensive end, Antonio Dixon at left defensive tackle, Muhammad Wilkerson or Brodrick Bunkley at the right defensive tackle, and of course Trent Cole at right defensive end.

Their backups would be Darryl Tapp, Greg Romeus, Ricky Sapp and Daniel Te’o Nesheim at defensive end, with Trevor Laws, and Bunkley or Wilkerson backing up inside at the defensive tackle positions.

I think the Dixon and Wilkerson combination could make for the most dynamic duo at defensive tackle for the Eagles since the Jerome Brown days. Both of these guys are big, quick and capable of getting into the backfield.

At the linebacker position the Birds would have Aaron Curry at Will linebacker, Jamar Chaney or Stewart Bradley would be in the middle at Mike, with Bradley or Moise Fokou lined up over the tight end at Sam. Keenan Clayton and Quan Sturdivant would be the back-ups at linebacker.

Now for the secondary, new cornerbacks Ras-I Dowling and Shareece Wright will be back-ups behind Dimitri Patterson and Asante Samuel but will play in dime packages and on special teams. Wright can be a return guy on kick-offs and punts.
I don’t expect Quintin Mikell to return to the Eagles so the safety position will be manned by Kurt Coleman, Nate Allen, Colt Anderson, J Wall and maybe Marlin Jackson.

I could see Joe Lefeged competing with Coleman for the strong safety position and playing special teams.

Adding kicker Alex Henery in 7th Rd is a no-brainer to challenge David Akers (if Akers ever signs his deal) but remember this Henery was a 3-year starter at Nebraska and is used to kicking outdoors in the windy, cold, wet conditions. He has a very strong leg..

That’s it for now.

Paul Mancini

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  • G, are you smoking crack? There’s no way in hell the Seahawks are giving up Curry to anyone for anything. And not taking a CB until the 3rd only makes sense if we’ve signed Awesome-Wa or we pull off a coup like moving picks up to get Fairley.

  • haha fairley, we will not move into the top-10 let alone in the top-3
    the highest we move up is around #13 where we selected brandon graham
    i would rather be bigger players in free agency/trades this year than the draft
    we have mooe than enough youth on the roster, we could use some veterans
    there are way too many LBs and OL that will be on the market

  • Chill out with Trades PaulMan…..except the Kolb trade.

    Eagles gonna target FA’s this year i think…

  • Why would the Hawks trade there first and Curry? Thats too much for Kolb. And the Eagles arent gonna trade Justice. Your trade scenario is just too busy and loaded with players.Pete Carrol is smarter then that dude.

    Birds can get a 1st rounder even up for Kolb. There not gonna trade Justice cause he played down one p-off game. He is a solid r.g. and a pretty good r.t.. If they draft a guy who is a dual threat at those positions they’re no reason to dump Justice.

  • Boyer…G didnt write this stuff. It screams Paulman.And Awesome-wah….thats great dude.Man he would take the d too another level.

  • To Can’t Climb,
    I think you will find, once the dust settles with a new CBA, that there will not be as many Free-Agents as originally thought. The Time period will most likely be very short and many teams & players will likely sign 1 year deals with their current teams due to the short time of preparation depending when this CBA gets hammered out..
    To Erock, My logic with trading withthe Seahawks is that Seattle will receive
    3 starting players all at positions of need (QB,RT,DT) and will give up 1 Starting player of their own and 2 Draft picks.. The Seahawks strength and Depth on their team is at the LB position so even though they like Curry, this would be an opportunity to add 3 Startes from a good program (Eagles) that are still in their primes and relatively heathlt which gives them a leg up on their competition
    in the wide open NFC West.. and the fact that HC Pete Carroll has has past relationships with Patterson and Justice just make it easier for them to pull the trigger…
    Basically you have 3 Starters (Kolb,Patterson,Kustics) for 1 Starter (Curry) and a couple of Draft picks which you never know how they pan out..It’s a good move for Seattle and for the Eagles I think..
    If Eagles Draft a OT in the 1st Round, then they need to play him from Day 1
    in my opinion and not sit behind Justice for 1-2 Years.. We are talking about
    upgrading the OL/DL/LB/CB positions and this trade and subsequent Draft Picks does this …

  • Nice Imagination! But it looks like you have severely undervalued Kolb. Just look at the haul that the Falcons got for Scaub who played LESS games than Kolb at the point when he got traded. I would also want more for giving up two starting players even if you think these guys are middle of the road players. You have us getting a #1, #4 and a LB for a QB (who ALL by accounts is considered better than the haul that’s in the draft), a DT that Red claims is severely underated and a RT. That is losing on all three In My Opinion. I would just draft at my position if that’s all I could get for three starting players.

  • I think drafting and playing OT Constanzo or Carimi would be better short and long term than Justice at RT
    I also think DT WIlkerson be better than Mike Patterson.
    (I think Patterson is going to struggle under Coach Washburn system for he holds his ground ok, but he is not a penetrator and I think will struggle to make plays in this rush up the field system that Washburn employs)

    Then getting OBL A Curry really solidify a weak position on the Eagles at the WIll Spot.. Curry could be a Pro-Bowler playing on a good team in a big market for the next 5-6 Seasons.. Who are the Eagles going to draft at OLB that will come close to this within the next Season or 2 ???

    I am being agreessive with this Deal for I think Coach AR/GM Roseman must go all in to win now and still keep an eye on the future and adding
    these 3-4 players can make an impact in the 2011 Season and beyond

  • Paulman’s been all over the place with Patterson. Last month he said he was going to Carolina. The Eagles simply do not value the same positions that the fans do. That’s why last year they took Graham over Thomas. They don’t value the LB position and I’m pretty sure they’re going to whant to give their young guys they drafted last year a shot. Clayton, Lindley, I don’t see them getting rid of Patterson given the fact that he’s signed through 2015 at a low price. I think they want to see what these players are like with better coaching on the D line. However I could see them adding a DT early in the draft. I can also see them unloading Justice.

  • EROCK how can you say Winston Justice is a solid Right guard when he never played one NFL snap at right guard including preseason. The eagles are known for moving their tackle to guard and when Justice was drafted Runyan was there so they did try to move Justice to guard in practice but he was to up tight not flexible hips or the power/drive to move defensive lineman off the ball. He was so bad at guard in practice they didn’t even let him play guard in any game situation. Winston justice will be the starting RT next season barring a major upgrade which is not available in this draft. He played well until he tore his meniscus late in the season and he still tried to play through it, which you have to give him credit for. Paulman why create holes when there are already holes to fill. They draft Cahnney and Clayton why would you ruin there development by trade for Aaron Curry who just came off of a terrible season in Seatlle. I just signed up for this comment board bc I was sick of reading stupid fans comments that don’t know anything about football.

  • PAULMAN to add to that point. Mike patterson will thrive in Washburn system bc he was brought here to attack and use his quickness. Do you really think a 5’10 295 defensive lineman was drafted to clog the running lanes or to attack the QB. When Pete Jenkins retired the EAgles switched from a 1 gap scheme to a 3 gap scheme meaning PAtterson will have to start clogging the lanes so he gained an extra 20 pounds so he can absurd the beating he would take. Look for him to get back to around 300lbs n thrive in this attack def.

  • bse5007 – I like your enthusiam with Patterson but have you looked at Patterson lately. He’s a complete mess in uniform and I would be shocked if he could get himself down 20 pounds without a strength and conditioning program to push him. I think he stays but in a limited role like the one he plays now.

  • To bse5007, thanks for signing up and contributing to the site and jus a difference of opinion we have on some the players mentioned..
    My issues w/Patterson is that he’s put on about 20 lbs in the last 3 seasons and I think he’s lost the explosiveness to be effective in Washburn’s system,
    I think he has peaked as a player and am not so sure that’s he’s disciplined enough to get back to 300lbs playing weight. I do think that Bunkley/Dixon/Laws will all thrive in Washburn’s system and play very well. A DT Pairing of Dixon & Wilkerson could be scary good and stop other teams from running the ball effectively vs the Eagles.. Then Rotating a fresh Buknley & Laws from the DT position to get after the QB in passing situations could be awesome and really allow the back 7 to play in better postioin and coverages ..
    Justice and Patterson are solid NFL Players, they are not Pro-Bowlers by any stretch and probably have reached their ceilings but are consistent.
    I would be willing to take the chance that a Consatanzo or Carimi over Justice at RT and Wilkerson over Patterson at DT will have more upside for years to come
    As far as OLB Aaron Curry, he finally started playing well the last 1/2 of last season after a slow start to his Pro Career.. (Having 2 DC’s and 2 Head Coaches in his first 2 Seasons probably didn’t help his development) but he’s a very good player and would be a great fit in the Eagles Defense and at 6-2 245lbs and just in is 3rd Year could be paired with Chaney/Clayton for the next 5-6 Years to bring stability and athleticism to the WIll position that the Eagles have not had in years…

  • New Cornerbacks will be backups behind Patterson and Samuel. That may be the worse thing I’ve read in this mock. So apparently a starting CB isn’t a big need. I guess all of a sudden the pass rush will magically be dominate now that Washburn is coaching it. No matter how many imaginary trades and mock drafts you write up it comes down to one thing…players. And until FATPIG gets players on the defense this team will still never win the SB.

  • I like the creativity paulman but trades like this almost never ever happen in the nfl. You rarely see multiple players for player trades. If this trade were to go through though. Why use your second first round pick on a DT when you have 3 very capable players besides patterson at DT (i.e. Bunkley, Dixon, Laws). All 3 of those guys are gonna thrive under washburn. Bunk and Laws are built to do exactly what washburn wants, ATTACK. My prediction is bunk will be in the pro bowl this year, he destroyed the competition in college when he was allowed to just attack (25 TFL and 9 sacks his senior year). The eagles need and will get the best possible CB available via FA or the draft. Look at when this team has gone deep in the playoffs, every time there is 2 stud CBs. The eagles had no idea they would be on the brink of a SB this year because of the vick factor and thus were content with what we had an looked to the next year to upgrade. As for LBs i think they made add someone in the draft but watch for keenan clayton, he is ridiculous fast and made plays when given the opportunity.

  • Besides the Dowling pick, I think this whole thing is a complete mess.

    1. I don’t see the Seahawks trading for a QB. They are trying to sign Hass for a year while they groom their new rookie QB. They want to draft a QB. I don’t think the Seahawks have ever been mentioned that they are trading for a QB, or even looking at trading for a QB.

    2. I don’t see the Eagles trading that many players or any team for that matter. The NFL isn’t known for trading players and if they do, it is usually just one player. You never see multiple players involved in a trade.

    3. I don’t see the Seahawks trading Curry. They might have depth at LB, but that doesn’t mean they don’t think highly of Curry and are willing to trade him.

    4. I agree with whoever said that they think the Eagles are gonna give this DL a chance with the new coach, so I don’t see them drafting a DLmen early, or might not even draft one at all.

    5. Carimi would be a bad pick. The Eagles are a pass happy team, yet they seem to have a bunch of run blockers (Peters, MJG, McGlynn), but that is the reason for the O-line sucking. They have run blockers, and are a passing team. They are not gonna draft a run blocking T, when they need a pass blocker for their blind side (RT, Vicks blind side). Run blockers are not good blind side protectors. Smith, Solder or Castonzo would be better fits.

    To BSE, I think Bunkley would be the one to watch for more than Patterson. Bunkley was supposed to be a beast coming out of college. He slipped up. Maybe Washburn can get him to live up to his potential.

  • Oh, and Chaney WILL be the starter in the middle. They think very highly of him.

  • To SPortsBum,
    thanks for youi thoughts and opinions.. , just wanted to ask you..
    What Rookie QB do the Seahawks have.. Do you mean 3-4 year journeymen
    Charlie Whitehurst who most NFL Observors list as back-up Talent at best..
    The Seahawks offered M Hassleback a 2 year deal in December that he turned down and most likley will be gone (Similar to David Akers w/the Eagles) .
    As far as the odd man out along the Eagles DL, it’s Patterson who is not physically suited to play in Washburn’s rush up the field style of play.. Bunkley is in very good shape and will excell in this system and I could even see him ruishing the QB from the DE position once in a while if Graham is slow to recover..

  • I don’t know who the Seahawks will draft, but I do believe they are targeting a QB, and that is where they are looking for their future QB, not through a trade. I don’t think Whitehurst has a shot either, and don’t get me wrong……. I like the hypothetical trade if the Eagles could do that (although I don’t like your draft picks…. In the 1st round anyway), I just don’t see it happening. Mainly because trades like that just don’t happen in the NFL.

  • This is ridiculous lol

  • The eagles rarely if ever engage in multiple player for player trades. I highly doubt this will happen but you have a very good imagination paulman lol

    We appreciate your hard work and putting this article together

  • The NFL rarely engages in multiplayer trade.This is fantasy football. Not taking a CB with the 25th pick makes this trade SILLY. Barring a key CB signing in free agency, there is NO WAY the eagles go into next season with Patterson as their RCB! Paulman needs to remember the definition of insanity.

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