• June 27, 2022

Nova Faded Again, Now It’s All Up To Temple

Villanova fell apart down the stretch in the regular season, so I guess it was fitting that they went down yesterday in the same fashion. This team just couldn’t get it done when it counted.

The Wildcats have been shakier than the Miami Heat when it comes to making a shot down the stretch. Remember this team was 16-1 at one point in the season. How could a team fall apart so badly so many times?

It had to have something to do with their confidence. You can’t just miss shot after shot with the game on the line for it not to have something to do with a lack of confidence. This is the great thing about the NCAA tournament, you’ve got to make the plays down the stretch. Even the top teams will be forced to win some close, down to the wire games in order to advance.

Our only hope now is Temple and they’re in for an uphill fight against a talented squad this evening.

The Owls will need to be on top of their game against a San Diego State squad which is 31-2. The California team is long and athletic with three high jumping forwards manning the front court.

All-American Kawhi Leonard is the main man, along with Billy White and Malcolm Thomas. They’re all explosive athletes and they stand about 6’8″. They will dominate if they’re allowed to get position inside.

Fran Dunphy and the Owls will need to focus on keeping these guys off the glass. Temple must box out and give 100% effort in order to have a chance of retrieving the basketball.

Leonard is the guy who they must contain and they can’t allow him to take over the game. He’s regarded as one of the best players in the nation. He’s expected to go early in the NBA draft. The young man can do it all when it comes to scoring, rebounding, distributing the ball and defending.

Again the Owls will have to match the Aztecs’ passion for hitting the offensive boards. If they do that it will give them a chance.

This also puts a premium on taking good shots and making them. Ryan Fernandez and Ramone Moore carried the Owls on Thursday and they’ll have to do the same this evening.

Big man Lavoy Allen must play much better than he did in the win over Penn State. If he doesn’t show up with a big performance, don’t expect the Owls to survive.


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  • I have stated this for the last couple of years and still satand by it..
    Villanova is not built for Tournament Success, they are too soft, too small and have no consistent inside presence year after year.. They rely on the 3-Guard Offense and rely on the 3 point-shot too much… This Villanova team is very similar to the Eagles who are flashy,exciting to watch but just lack the size,strength, and schemes to be sucessful when the games really count come Tournament/Playoff time..
    Another disappointing finish to a disappointing season for the Wildcats and popular Coach Jay Wright will keep getting a free-pass from
    the local media which I don’t understand why he does….Maybe if Coach Wright would recruit more Philly kids who have a toughness and more heart
    instead of Private School/Surburbian kids, they may do a little better when the bright lights are shining…

  • Who cares what you stated?

  • Hey fan, Paul spews a lot of bs, but dead on this time, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then

  • Paulman: Mr. ‘I told you so, but I’m not the kind of guy to say I told you so, but I told you so…….OH YEAH, I almost forgot to say I told you so!’

  • Jakedog, I didn’t even read what he said. I stopped after “I have stated.” Now that I read what he wrote as a result of your post, it’s still ridiculous. Paulman telling Coach Jay Wright what to do? Saying what kind of players Jay Wright should recruit? Criticizing the coaches amazing performance and record? Jay Wright is a world class guy and a great coach while Paulman is both a squirrel AND a nut. He hogs this website so much that–like you said–there isn’t anything

  • he hasn’t stated.

  • fansince, what do you mean he hogs this site? The site is called ‘paulman’sego.com’… am I wrong? I know that guy Gary posts a lot, but I don’t see paulman as an ‘over poster’ seeing as the purpose of his website is to promote and maintain his ego.

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