• May 27, 2022

Vick Headed For Rematch With Rodgers, This Time For Madden Game Cover

Michael Vick was quarterbacking the Eagles and Aaron Rodgers was quarterbacking the Packers when Green Bay beat the Birds in the NFC Divisional Playoff game in January. We all know he and the Eagles would like to get a rematch early next year, but nobody knows whether there’s going to be a football season and if there is one, we don’t know if those teams will make the playoffs and go up against each other again.

The Eagles may never get their rematch, but Vick is close to getting a rematch with Rodgers. It won’t be on the football field, but it will be in the finals of the battle for the cover of this year’s Madden game. They’re down to the semifinals now with Vick and Rodgers as the heavy favorites to meet in the finals.

Joining Vick and Rodgers in the semifinals are two running backs the Browns’ Peyton Hillis and the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson. There’s reason they call the NFL a quarterback league. The running backs will probably get doubled up in votes by the quarterbacks.

Vick will have his work cutout for him against Super Bowl MVP Rodgers in the finals, but if anybody can beat Rodgers it will be Vick. I

In the quarterfinals, Vick crushed 49ers middle linebacker Patrick Willis, Peterson beat Saints quarterback Drew Brees, Hillis beat the Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles and Rodgers made easy work of Patriots running back Danny Woodhead.


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  • In this match up will Riley Cooper come back and fight for the ball?

  • No Erock he wont but I think Vick will when this one

  • Illustrative of the point made earlier, Vick’s return fueled by NFL owners desire to capitalize on Vick’s huge popularity, Reid didn’t bench Kolb, the owners did, Reid just a pawn to Lurie, Vick is a money maker

  • As much as im an eagles homer, rodgers derserves it. Give him the cover. I swear if his recivers didnt drop 7 passes in the superbowl the guy would have missed on like maybe 2 throws. Vick was eratic at the end of the season, he lost his legs and thats why his passes werent as accurate and he was under throwing balls. I blame that on reid. Vick was worn down. After not playing for a couple of seasons the guy was a one man team. He had to play damn near perfect for us to win. RUN THE BALL! Green bay may not have dont it in the superbowl, but everygame before that they ran it. Question, would you rather hand the ball off to mccoy or starks? My point exactly!!!

  • Jakedog – and you know that, um, how? I don’t buy that us fans know how/who was involved with the QB decision making for the Eagles. You have an agenda/slant/opinion that’s driving those comments, but its hard to believe that you have any reliable knowledge to back up your point.

    I personally believe that Andy was surprised at how well Vick played when Kolb went down, and seeing how good it could be, made the executive decision to go with the hot hand. I don’t know that, but that’s my take. Neither of us has more evidence than the other though, so let’s admit that.

  • I agree with shiller

  • @Shiller….. I have to agree on Jakedog on this one…… But than again I could be wrong but I do remember Andy Reid saying after the game that Kolb is still our guy……. And than low and behold him saying “Mike Vick is playing out of his mind”!……. The same argument about Mcdermott will be back next season and now he’s here in Carolina as the defensive coordinator……. We will never know the true reason if reid or Lurie or roseman pulled the life support plug on kolb’s career in philly…… It just seems that way to some of us…….

    We all know that Reid is a coach who works hard and is well respected within the league and the organization in Philly……. But this was one of the first season’s where we’re witnesses that the general manager and owner are actually speaking and doing interviews about them wanting to win a championship…… Reid was that spokesman who did all the talking for the past 10+11 years……. Jerry Jones who spoke for his organization almost every year and the coaches would just fall back and let him do the speaking…… Look at that franchise and we can all say they are going nowhere anytime soon….. The same for that DILDO HOARDER mark cuban as well……. I just hope and pray that this organization will be an outspoken owner running his mouth and blaming coaches and players on why they didnt perform well…….

  • My bad…. Will not be…..

  • Give it to Rodgers. The last thing Vick needs is bad luck

  • just using common sense Schiller, unless Reid is complete buffoon, which he obviously is not, you just don’t quickly and publicly pull these 180s on the decisions of whose your starting qb, whose your d coordinator, wake up, smell the coffee of real life, Schiller, jroc figured it out, so can you

  • jroc, I hear you. But, a few things:

    First, you’re going off of his postgame press conference. Think of being the coach, not Reid, but ANY coach at that point. The game ends, and you have to answer a question about next week (but you’re not even thinking ahead, the frickin game just ended). Do you WANT to answer that question at that point? Hell no, but it’s in your contract that you have to speak to the media. And the importance of putting a lot of thought into the answer? Of giving an answer that will still be true in a week’s time? Think about it. Me? I’d just say something simple, to get past the question and move fowrad. THEN, during the week, as I am the head coach, I look forward to the next game, make MY decision, heck, I’m the coach here. I don’t give to craps what I said in the press conference to get the media off my back. I make the decision I think will be best for my football team.

    You see how Reid may have just changed his mind, or not cared what he said to the media at that moment?


    to your quote “I just hope and pray that this organization will be an outspoken owner running his mouth and blaming coaches and players on why they didnt perform well” —– I ask you this, how does blame help?

    I say blame is focusing on 2 things – the PAST – not helpful, and NEGATIVITY – not helpful. Any coach for any team in any situation, your goal is Success (positive) in the FUTURE. Blame accomplishes the opposite. It’s counterproductive. BLAME is good, no GREAT, for talk radio/the media. But for teams/ owners/ coaches, focusing on Blame can only hurt.

  • jake, so you are SURE of your opinion, which is based on ‘common sense’, yet no FACTS, Knowledge, or Information. Look, you’re entitled to your opinion, but you’re just making assumptions. That’s all you are doing.

    Jake, do you have kids? You ever change your mind, because YOU SAID SO? Because YOU are the PARENT/BOSS?

    Tell me, what reason does Reid have to care what he says to the media about what he’s doing a week ahead of time? I say he has none. At all. He is the coach, with the authority to change his minde/make decision/alter his planning. That’s the nature of a coach. Charlie Manuel changes lineups. Doug Collins started Nocioni last night. Life happens, people change their minds and make decisions all the time. What’s so weird about that to you?

  • @Shiller I wrote MY BAD….. Will NOT BE…….. Referring to my comment……. I made a mistake…….. I dont want our franchise team being in the likes of dallas and some of these other failures…….. Look a belichek who is a coach who is a real prick but do we even see the owners of the patriots organization speak out…… They play there role and let the coach do the talking…… Let the coach put the right men at the task at hand…… But come on shiller LOL at your comment…… You and I know that this is Reid’s last hoorah and his philosophy of coaching is on the skillet as we speak……. I understand your comment but we all know that Reid is a coach who rides out with what he believe’s in right or wrong…… Chris Gocong couldn’t cover a mason jar if he had too…… But Reid made him the starter….. Mcnabb played horrible when he was finally benched but we the fans and sports anaylyst were saying Reid should have pulled the plug on Mcnabb way ahead because of his lack luster performance being the three and out king at that time…….. Missing guys wide open…… Reid sticks by his best friends and his players……. But we can now see that his whole way of coaching is being altered just a tad….. You have to admit that…….

  • jroc, MY bad then.

    I lived in Boston for a few years (and I read stuff from Bob Kraft, Pats owner on profootballtalk.com). PATs owner/gm talk too.

    Look, I hear you, but I don’t believe that whole Reid/FO storyline. I think it’s media BS, all reading into stuff, like I said, BS. I really think that. You’re not the only one who buys it so maybe you’re right, but I don’t see ANY proof AT ALL that Reid is on the hotseat or that just because he sticks to his guns most of the time, that he can’t change his mind sometimes.

  • Schiller, get your facts straight. it wasn’t the post game press conf when Reid said Kolb was the starter it was the next day after getting tired of fielding questions about who would be the starter when 4 was healthy, Reid became adamant, adamant, and said words like “look, I know I am using poor English here, but Kevin Kolb is the starting quarterback”

  • Jake, thanks for the clarification. I didn’t have my facts strainght.

    Now that I do…. doesn’t change a thing.

    The man is a COACH, he can change his mind.

    Look, you may be right, but your only proof is speculation unless you were in the Novacare complex or stalking Banner, Laurie and Reid’s email and cell phones.

    I personally like to know things for sure before I buy into media borne narratives about sports teams. But that’s just me.

  • I have to agree with Schill on this one,
    #1) Anything a player or coach says right after a game is typically an emotional repsonse based on what happened during the game..To hold anyone accountable right after waging a 3 hour battle, is usually going to render a repsonse that has not much thought behind it (like most of Paulman’s posts on here)
    #2) Anytime a Coach is asked about his Players or Staff, does anyone think a Coach is going to say ‘ Yes, Our DC is weak and in over his head, I think I need to search for a replacement asap”..

    Way too much being made out of what is said in the heat of the moment

  • Paul, wrong as usual, the comments by Reid were not right after the game but the day after, time for you to go down again with a couple of tanks for air, better make it 4 this time

  • @Shiller…… I hear you bro…… The Pats organization have every right to talk…… They have rings to prove it……. Even though the organization had PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT cameras taping the play calling signals of every team……. They cheated…… So they should be on the other story on G-Cobb about Performance Enhancement as well and cheating….. Some people seem to forget about that whole ordeal…… Cheating is the new thing now…… I think we need to hop onboard to get this thing cracking asap….. I want atleast 1 trophy….. But 11 years of the same ol same ol gets tiresome…. Steve Spagnola left Philly to coach the defense of the Giants and look at where that landed him…….

  • @Shiller…….Reid has been outcoached by the likes of: Cam Wisenhunt, Lovie Smith, Wade Phillips, Mike Martz, Mike McCarthy, Jon Gruden, Jon Foxx, for many years we couldnt beat Peyton Manning just till now……. A lot of these games were a matter of getting either 1yard or just a poor decision during crunch time by the coaching staff of poor clock management….. Not being able to stop a simple draw handoff, passing more than running the ball or atleast staying committed to stay balance…….. Calling timeouts way too early in a game when they aren’t needed……. A rookie running in the endzone (Jorrick Calvin) to let the clock runout and was told by coach AR to do so……. A Qb who was a veteran for 10 years for our franchise and his lack of knowledge of not knowing that theres a tie in the NFL…… I knew that in my TECHMO BOWL DAYS…….. The list goes on about how Reid and his coaching/decision making has made his job seem a bit altered…… Or maybe im Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles or Helen Keller?????

  • jroc, yes bill bilicheat did coach the cheatriots in the superbowl win over the Eagles – notice, if they hadn’t cheated, perhaps the Eagles would’ve won that superbowl, yet you and many blame Reid like he tries not to win one….

    But the pats having won championship(s) has nothing to do with their GM/Owner/Coach speaking – EVERY GM OWNER AND COACH HAS TO SPEAK. YEP. Detroit Lions, Zona Cardinals. THEY ALL HAVE TO. IT’s in their job descriptions bro. You just don’t hear other teams doing it because it’s more of a local media thing. The Eagles FO/Coach don’t have any less of a right to speak (due to their lack of superbowls. It’s a job description, they’d all avoid it if they could.

    So a word to the wise, when the coaches/gms/owners DO speak – save yourself some time and either ignore it alltogether, or take it with a GINORMOUS grain of salt.

  • jroc, you just proved that you’re really just trying to hate on Reid. If you’re trying to hate, then hate, don’t go with some media made up overblown BS!

    And all those coaches you mentioned, which one of them has a better record at WINNING FOOTBALL GAMES than Reid? Hunh?

  • And, once again, for the record, I’m not a Reid lover at all. I get pissed at his playcalling often (but not as often as some). Time management too…but I’m just trying to make sure we’re all checking facts and not being pawns to the media/haters here…..

  • LOL@Shiller…….. I’m actually not a Reid hater…….. Good one though…… No media or any of that nonsense makes me change anything about what I see with my naked eye……. We all know that Reid cracks during big game moments…… The coaches I mention have a great record against reid as a matter of fact they one games that counted…… The bears game we had four shots to get in the endzone at the 3yrd line and we couldnt even move a hill of ants even if they tried to…… Even the commentators during the game even say what was Reid thinking of on certain plays???? Proof is proof and stats are stats……. Two different things in my book…… We can read history all we want and say whatever……. But with the naked eye is something that I’ll follow for the rest of my life……. How many unsuccessful seasons did read have on not winning the big dance???? HUNH???? 11 years of getting outcoached by the opposing team…… It didnt take Tomlin or Mcarthy long to figure out how to win a ring…….. So that makes Reid an undergrad compared to those two coaches I mentioned…… Jerry Sloan had a ton of wins in his career……. But where did that land him??????

  • they won games that counted my bad!!!!!

  • Reid haters are McNabb lovers. They’ll get it over it and see in the long run who was right and who was wrong. As if he hasn’t proven it enough.

  • jroc, ok, pick your words all you want. You’re not a Reid hater. But you are a guy who thinks Reid is bad, can’t win the SB, and you choose to point out a lot of things that are bad about his coaching, a lot of reasons other coaches are better than him and why he has failed. And you’re harping on past comments he made in a damn press conference. Call yourself whatever you want, but you sure behave like a Reid hater.

  • @SHILLER…We had the 2nd seed two years in a row staring in our faces……… We bombed against the Cowboys in that regular season game and the Vikings in which Reid said……… WE were preparing for GB during the game against the vikings?????? COM ON MAN!!!!!!!! ARE U SERIOUS REID…… You have an opportunity to rest your franchise QB who was getting hit like none other, A hurt Deshawn Jackson, and a defense who was banged up and you say out of your mouth we prepared for GB…….. That was his best answer……. Shiller come on man……. two years in a row we could of had bye weeks sitting and resting our players getting prepared……. But Reid chose his road and wanted to face a very hot GB packers team…… Wheres the logic in this scheme????

  • @SHILLER…..The FO and the Fans have noticed that we haven’t won a wildcard game in the past two seasons….. Atleast we get deep into the playoffs but it only takes…… I’ll say 10 years of film of the same ol’ stuff year after year to figure Reid out LMAO!……. The defensive coordinator’s just drop 8 back and we can beat reid easy scheme….

  • It’s the same logic Belicheat used with the pats every year. Hey, you can argue that logic all you want man. But you’re living in the past. Move on man. Dwelling in the past and negativity don’t help nobody. Reid isn’t perfect, and he made some bad coaching decisions, no doubt. But a week one bye doesn’t mean jack shot. Move on man. Go watch the Phillies.

  • @Shiller LOL….. In other words you have no answer LMAO!!!!! I get it now!!!!!!! Just admit you lost this battle……… Reid is a good coach but not great…….. Too many ABC 123 mental mistakes!!!!!

  • Eagles had a losing record at the “Linc” last season also at 4-5 (including last 3 games).. More than anything else, a Losing record at home will not be tolerated by Owners Lurie and Pres Banner..

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