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With The Eagles Hands Tied, The Market For Kolb Dwindles

It looked for a day or two like the Eagles might get their chance to trade Kevin Kolb for some valuable 2012 draft picks, but now that the lockout has been resumed, those chances aren’t there.

Not only are the chances to trade him disappearing, but the teams to trade him to are disappearing as well. The Eagles hands are tied as team after team satisfies their thirst for a quarterback via the draft.

Remember when all those teams were interested in Kevin Kolb. Some said half the league, others said 12 and others said 13. There was a line of NFL coaches and player personnel people ready to trade a first-round pick for the Eagles backup quarterback and some said so verbally.

That group of teams is quickly disappearing as they selected quarterbacks in the first, second and third rounds of the draft on Thursday and Friday night. The Panthers started things off by drafting Cam Newton with the first pick. This wasn’t a surprise. There are questions about Newton but there’s not denying his potential.

Surprisingly, the Tennessee Titans showed the desperate mentality of teams looking for a quarterback when they drafted Washington’s Jake Locker with the eighth pick in the draft. Locker who was thought to be a top prospect in 2010, was expected to go late in the first round. He has trouble throwing accurately from the pocket, which could be a major problem on the NFL level.

Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert was supposed to be the second quarterback to go behind Newton but he didn’t go until Jacksonville selected him with the 10th pick. Gabbert is an outstanding athlete with a strong arm. He’s got good size, but didn’t light things up in college.

The shocker of the draft so far along with Locker going number eight was the Vikings selecting Florida State’s Christian Ponder at 12th spot. Ponder wasn’t expected to go until round two or three because of his questionable arm and inability to be consistent during his college career. Maybe he’ll have more success in Minnesota than he had at Florida State.

TCU’s Andy Dalton was supposed to have a chance of being drafted in the first round, but that didn’t happen. He did go early in the second at pick number 35 when the Bengals decided to draft somebody to throw the ball to their first round pick A.J. Green. Dalton is has average arm strength, but he’s very accurate and is considered a good fit in the west coast offense.

The last quarterback to be picked last night was Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick who was grabbed by the Niners with the 36th pick in the draft. Kaepernick has great athletic ability, but he’s considered a project because of the offense he played in and his unorthodox throwing motion.

Of the teams left, Arizona is said to have an unwritten agreement with free agent quarterback, Marc Bulger, and he’s expected to sign with them as soon as signing free agents is allowed. Cleveland seems to be willing to go with Colt McCoy for a while.

Seattle is still a possibility because they weren’t able to sign veteran free agent quarterback Matt Hassellbeck. Buffalo, Miami, and Washington didn’t draft a quarterback, so they’re all still in the market. That’s a grand total of four and who knows what’s going to happen later today.

As you can see, that’s a huge reduction in potential trading partners for the Birds and there’s no telling when the Eagles front office will be allowed to work out a deal.


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April 30, 2011 11:39 am

Spot on G and also look at who elsre is out there on the market
If you a team that is playoff ready and has a young WB on your ROster already, then you would be more insterested in a McNab,HAsselbeck,Bulger to bridge a
2 year window..
Right now only see a team like Miami,Washigton,Seattle who would be interested sinec neither teams really has a young QB in waiting..
Vikings/Cardianls/Bengals would want a proven Veteran like a McNabb,Hasselback or Builger for the short-term since they have young QB ‘s on their squads
It’s a shame it worked out this way, but in the end, I think the Eagles will make the smart move and keep Kolb for the 2011 Season as insurance in case something happens to VIck injury wise, Kafka is not ready to be a true Back-up yet (should be by 2012) and with the CBA mess/Lockout, it may be more difficult to find a Vetrean QB in July/August who can come in and learn the Eagles Systems quickly to be an effective Back-up to Vick if the Eagles were to trade Kolb.. Keep Kolb for 2011 and see what happens after the 2011 Season and hwo knows in the crazy game of Football, Vick could sustain a major injury and Kolb could end up playing a majority of the Season…For Kolbs klnowledge of the Eagles System and relatively low Salary fo $1.4 Million it’s really a no-brainer to keep him as the back-up for 2011..

April 30, 2011 11:42 am

Forgot to add QB’s V Young, and maybe C Palmer, K Orton also could be on the market too..These QB’s have started many more games in the NFL than Kolb, so if your playoff team, you may want to go the proven QB route and not on potential. Kolb is stuck in the middle, he has the age,maturity and work ethic of a grizzeld Veteran, but not the games played to prove he can be a true #1..So he still is a risk no matter what anyone says about him..

April 30, 2011 12:06 pm

something tells me we haven’t heard the last from 4 in midnight green, sorry songs, put the wheel barrow back in the garage

April 30, 2011 12:08 pm

Hey paulman, how about that 12 %abv phillies line up last night

April 30, 2011 1:48 pm

Well, this is serious Karma…. Now we’r stuck with a player (Kolb) who should have not drafted in the first place and will end up getting absolutely nothing for the “Ham Ripper”.

With all the stars aligned with many teams needing QB help it’s a lock out.

This epitomize what it means to be an Eagles fan.

While their at it…they can also find an excuse in all this to not sign a top corner….


April 30, 2011 4:27 pm

As soon as the lockout is over he’s going to be traded to the browns. Wait and see, just wait and see.

April 30, 2011 4:40 pm

Add to Songs lament being a Philly Fan,
The lockout goes into August, the first 2 games of the Season are cancelled and only a 14 Game Scheduled is played.. The Eagles go 10-4 and go on to win the Super Bowl and everyone outside of Philly puts an Asterick * to the Season as being bogus and illiegitimate, so the Eagles end up being Champions but in most peoples eye’s, it’s tainted due to a extended holdout/lockout and a shortened Season.. Coach AR then jumps off the Walt Whitman Bridge…
To Rocko, The browns are committed to COly McCoy and in FEbuary signed back-up Seneca Wallace to a 3 year lucrative Contract.. There is Zero interest by the Browns in obtaining Kolb.. (which should really tell you what his upside really is.. IF GM Heckert who drafted Kolb, and New HC Shurmer who was the QB Coach and helped groom and coach Kolb don’t think he’s any better than what they have in McCoy/Wallace, then that tells me that Kolb isn’t really a worthy Starter in the NFL.. If Browns were serious about pursuing Kolb, they would have never signed Wallace to be the back-up and mentor for a 3 year Deal and for big $$$ if they had plans to bring Kolb to Cleveland..

May 1, 2011 5:13 pm

Spot on?! ****ing Spot on!!!! What are we British now? I understand that there was a prince married to a fairly good-looking woman on Friday, but if Spot on is being used on a football site, it’s not far away from using the absolutely detestably British word “nil” for nothing/zero. “And as we view the pitch after one quarter, it’s the Philadelphia Eagles 10, the New York Giants [****ING] NIL {teeth grinding}. I’m a football fan. I stand up for the game. The Brits wouldn’t know a pulling guard from a castle guard. So please, no Spot on any longer?!
Pet peeve….

May 1, 2011 5:14 pm

As I throw my goblet of Port at you, it’s “Spot on!”

May 1, 2011 7:02 pm

Isn’t “Port Wine” mostly fron Spain and Portugal… Too funny