• July 4, 2022

What Will The Eagles Do With Linebacker Stewart Bradley?

There are huge questions surrounding Eagles four-year linebacker Stewart Bradley, when you think about or discuss what the Eagles linebacker situation will be going forward.

Bradley was drafted in the third round out of Nebraska in 2007 and the former Cornhusker became a solid special teams contributor and started one game in his rookie season.

The Utah native started that game at middle linebacker even though he had been drafted as an outside linebacker. Bradley played well in that game and it opened everybody’s eyes to him being a starter at the middle linebacker position.

The big guy had a good year in 2008. He made a total of 151 tackles with one sack and one interception. His ability to play middle linebacker was very helpful to then-defensive coordinator Jim Johnson, who had nobody else to play the position.

Bradley was considered by many to be on the edge of being a star in this league. He did a fairly good job against the run, but his strength was surprisingly versus the pass.

Although he has great size at 6’4″ and weighs 258 pounds, he can run and change directions very well like he’s a much smaller player. There was tremendous excitement ahead for what Bradley would be able to do after getting a year of experience under his belt.

In 2009 with number 55 positioned as one of the anchors of the defense, he tore up his knee at the Eagles annual Flight night practice during training camp. It caused him to miss the entire season.

He worked hard to recover for 2010 campaign, but in the first game of the season against the Green Bay Packers, Bradley suffered a concussion when he was kneed in the head. He returned after a week off, then started the next 11 games before being hit with the injury bug again.

During those 11 games, Bradley was average as a middle backer. He had 88 tackles with one interception and one sack. The defense had their ups and downs, with more downs than ups.

He dislocated his elbow in the Dallas game and missed the final three games of the season and the playoff game against the Packers.

During his time on the shelf, rookie middle linebacker Jamar Chaney stepped in and played well.

Now the question is: What are the Eagles going to do with Bradley going forward? Is he going to be a starter at middle linebacker spot or will they start Chaney in the middle and move Bradley to the strongside?

In addition to Chaney, the Eagles drafted Oregon linebacker Casey Matthews in the fourth round. They then drafted Ohio State linebacker Brian Rolle in the sixth and UConn linebacker Greg Lloyd in the seventh.

Right now on PhiladelphiaEagles.com, Bradley is listed as the starting middle linebacker. I talked to Chaney a couple of weeks ago and he made it plain that if they didn’t give him the starting middle linebacker job at the start of training camp, he was going to take it during training camp.

I think they should move Bradley to the strongside at Sam linebacker and start Chaney in the middle. I think that allows them to put their best linebackers on the field.

Bradley with his height, strength and speed would be a good match up against the league’s tight ends.

Chaney is the best big play linebacker the Birds have had in a quite a while.
What do you think they should?


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  • G, let Chaney play middle, move Bradley, who I love, to strongside, and then let Moises and Matthews battle for weakside. You are right. Get the strongest LBs on the field.

    Another note, Mario Williams of the Texans might become available. The Texans are moving to a 3-4 and are trying to get him to play LB at 6-7, 290 lbs. What a joke. Even as DE in that defense he’ll be underutilized. Wouldn’t you know, we have a DE, Brandon Graham, who fits better as a LB. Sure he’s injured but players fully recover from ACL tears now, and he’s only in his second year. If we combine him, and 2nd and 3rd rounder, or even a first and a fourth, do you think we could pry him away. We’ll get a first for Kolb anyway and Mario would push this defense over the top. I’m just a fan and I can dream, but how bout it?

  • To Luvgreen,
    It’s ok to dream , it keeps us young at heart.. Having a DE like Mario WIlliams
    would be awesome but I don’t think the Texans are looking to move him
    Just because they are switching to a 3-4 under new DC Wade Phillips doesn’t means that Williams can play the DE spot, in facat, I would expect
    Coach Phillips to move him all around the formations (similar to what he had Demarcus Ware do at the Cowboys) and have him standing up, 3point stance, coming off the edgeds, looping to come up the middle.. MArio WIlliams is athletic and strong enough to do any of these things at a high level..
    Back to the story about Bradley.. I’ve stated the last couple of seasons that whenever the Eagles found someone else to play MLB, that they would move Bradley back outside where he belongs.. I do think with his history of injuries have slowed him down a half-step and he is probably not a 3 Down LB any longer and would be replaced by a Clayton/Matthews/Rolle in Pass Coverages, but I do think the Eagles will offer him a 2 year deal at a nominal Salary level and it will be up to him if he wants to remain an Eagle, I think he will get some better offers (Rams–reunite with Spags) or the Vikings (they have 2 Starting LBs as Free-Agents in C Greenaway and B Leber and could lose both which they would have to replace)
    I think long-term that Bardley is not going to be counted on, as he was let’s say 2 years ago.. He has missed lots of games in 4 out of his last 6 Seasons of playing Football when you go back to his College Days and the history of Injuries have the Eagles reloading at the LB Position with other players moving forward.. ..

  • He’ll play better this year, he will be 100% back from the ACL. He’s going to play everywhere let’s face it. Every year our LB corps get decimated by injury. Not thrilled with the LB draft picks. Hoping the guys who’ve been on the roster show some seasoning and growth.

  • @Luvugreen…. I agree…. Move him to the strongside because If im not mistaken I’ve never heard of Bradley making 16 tackles in a game after his second start……. This guy Chaney is a FORCE TO BE RECKON WITH!!!!! With his second year and learning this defensive system….. Lb’s coach Mike Caldwell is going to love this guy and make him a probowl calibur LB…… We could be looking at a young London Fletcher in Philly Green…….

  • i think your idea is awesome but highly doubt it. have they set a date fro free agency yet?

  • @Cant Climb…. I do agree with you as well……. Bradley will comeback and play 110%…….. But this kid Chaney is a starter in my book and he likes the middle and played very well with the absence of Bradley….. I say it should be an open battle between the both of them and may the best man win…….

  • Bradley’s clock is ticking and his time in philly is short-term at best (1 more season many) The Longer this lockout last, the more likely he will come back to play for the Eagles in 2011 but probably on a 1-2 year Deal at most

  • This kid Dion Lewis is a real beast…….. This kid has to be the best pure RB in this years draft and he will get #’s as an eagle…….. He is Ahmad Bradshaw x2 in my book and he’s going to take a ton of weight off of Lesean McCoy’s shoulders…… We could have a rookie of the year candidate who can contribute for years to come…….

    Guys everyone was high on as an eagle but I wasn’t impressed! (From the start)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (1) Lerenzo Booker
    (2) Ryan Moats
    (3) Tony Hunt
    (4) Mike Bell

    This guy Lewis is something special!!!!!!

  • Paul, I think your clock is ticking and you’re projecting. Bradley has had several injuries, and the head/concusion thing is DEFINITELY worth managing. That said, by no means is his ‘clock ticking’ anymore than any persons. His age is not a factor. Where do you get this stuff?

  • Guys who can play other positions besides Lb

    Keenan Clayton can play SS
    Marlin Jackson can play corner and safety but he’s always hurt and may get released this season
    Brian Rolle can play Lb and safety…… He can be switched around in case of injuries…

  • Yeah when Tony Hunt was drafted everyone was pumper out o tier mind. “We got out Big Back !!! ”

    I’ve read different things on Lewis. Some say he can block others say he can’t block a lick. I haven’t seen play enough to know….I’d love to see a 2 back wing-set on 3rd down. RB’s check in to block if not they run out and drive defense nuts underneath….

  • If Clayton and Rolle are ‘nickle’ hybrid safeties that is fine. I don’t want them as my last option to cover the deep seam, that would be a disaster..

  • who cares? What have Stewart Bradley done?

    Have he lived up to anything this organization said he would be?

    get him the hell outta here and take Diaper Boy (Kolb) with him….Why don’t you do an article on Abirimiri who have been missing in action.

    If this stiff don’t surface we may have breaking news from the white house claiming the navy seals just stormed his bunker and have now laid him to rest at sea.

    Oh…they have already used that.

  • To Schiller,
    It’s not about Bradley’s Age, it’s about his history with injuries outside of the concussion.. 2 ACL’s Surgeries on the same knee, and now his Elbow..
    The Eagles will not commit big Dollars who has been injured ni 4 or his last 6 years of playing football (going back to his Senior year at NEbraska) I am not making this up for posting site, it’s in line to how the EAgles manage players with a history of injuries..
    On S/CB marlin Jackson, I mentioned his name about a couple weeks back about being part of the plan at the CB/S position for tihs 2011 Team and everyone laughed and stated I was crazy. A couple days back, GM Roseman stated publicly that they expect Marlin JAckson to compete and contribute in the Secondary for the Eagles in 2011.. If he remains healthy (whixch is a big IF, the Eagles will give him every opportunity to make this team and be on the Roster in 2011, they’ve already have invested $$ on him from last year with a decent contract and signing Bonue and you can bet your bottome doaller that they would like to get a little return on their investment, it’s how the Eagles operate and you could even add DE Victor Abrimri to the mix too for similar reasons and again the key is if these guys are heathly
    Re: RB Tony Hunt biggest problem is that he came from Penn State which means his NFL Career is limited at best (just like the other overated Nittany Lions RB’s of the the last 10-15 years) I expect RB Royster on the Redskins to have a similar path..

  • Songs, Bradley played very goot LB for the Eagles when in the game (and not concussed). If you can get beyond what the front office lip service says (which we all should do at all times, but I’m not convinced you are capable of), you’d realize when a guy is playing well.

    And has the news that Al-Qaida confirmed the death and they have data not swayed your devotion to youtube?

  • And on Lewis – I’m a big fan, as I am of all high-achieving PItt RBs… but jroc, i think you’re getting ahead of yourself. We’ll see what he does at this level, and I think he’ll do great when given the chance. But I doubt we will see less of McCoy becuase Lewis is on the team. And there are other good RBs from this draft. Ingram will get the ball alot, and the Dallas pick – Murray, actually scares me quite a bit. He’s like a bigger McCoy.

  • Paulman thank you for the intel buddy…..There you go folks!!!!!

    Marlin Jackson is ready to go!!!!

    Corner problems solved!!!!!

    Hey!….we always have a healthy Lindley in the wings ..now that’s value ..we can now pick up some team’s bum for cheap to help the defensive line because of the present defensive line coach Washburn who is the best defensive line coach in the history of the NFL. Players can be bums like some of the players we had rushing last year but with Washburn A Bum can be turned into a Pro Bowler.

    All of our questions are answered….Let’s Go Eagles!!!!

  • Hopefully Lewis can develop to be a nice change of pace RB and help out on Special teams and hopefully the Eagles can use him to take the roles of
    both Chad Hall and E Buckley and save a Roster sport for another need/player

  • Mickey Mouse have just been confirmed dead…..They stormed his bunker in Rio …says AL CIA DA ….Pictures to be released next year……Sheeple go to sleep

  • Songs,
    Did you have your Coffee yet, was your neighborhhod Dunkin Donuts closed for remodeling or something..
    There was also another interesting comment made by GM Roseman about the pursuit of CB Asmogah where he stated ” that it would take a great effort to sign him and that you have to balance out what other part of your team to weaken and not be able to adress to be able the sign a player like that at his Salary level” or something to that effect.. I took his comment that they will not seriously pursue CB Asmo and possibly go after a 2nd Tier CB but probably more likley of having a Marlin Jackson compete with T Lindley at for that RCB spot (this is if Jackson is healthy)

  • paul, you are 100 years old now and you STILL haven’t learned to not read into GM’s comments on players?

  • let Chaney take the MLB spot from Bradley… Then move bradley to the strong side and let casye of foiku or whoever earn that other spot

  • Songs your an idiot.Sound like those hippies who post outside the library whining about real americans doing real work. While you think your smarter then everyone else. You sit when you pee you sucker.

  • Paulman …as I’ve said on many Posts……Blindspot year 2 “Right Corner”

    The Eagles gave up 31 touchdowns in the air…with 20 of them coming from the right side.

    But the Eagles will get torched again this year and get a right corner in the future after a new blindspot have been developed. Just stating the trend.

    We should have a pool on who can guess the next blindspot.

    It will probably be the fullback again..what you think guys?

  • Whats it matter what anyone thinks…you run your mouth and call people out for being sheep or whatever b.s. you spew. And then ask peoples opinions. You mean the same people you just put down?

    Your a negative d-bag and your only agenda is being a whiner and saying over and over over over again…TRENDS!!

    Go be a Lions fan.

    And wonder what all you Anti-Obama cats would say if Mccain won(joke) and he got Bin Laden.And fyi…Mccain propped up Obama for his stance and getting the cheif scumbag.Oh right…you dont believe in him. You think the boogie man knocked down thetowers like Mendenhall.HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Bin Laden have been dead for 10 years….wake up

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    The new Boogie man “Walaki” born in New Mexico and trained by the CIA is the so called next in command of Al CIA da is now talking about relaliation.

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    What a game….

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    If the Americans get too suspicious jack up the oil prices so the cost of living gets unbearable…take their pensions and have them bail out the bankers who are responsible for raping them.

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    Welcome to the real world

  • Songs, you idiot, Bhutto misspoke in that interview. Why don’t you do some research and stop believing everything you hear from secondary sources.

  • I don’t care what they do with Bradley. He’s done nothing but show that he’s just been better then the rest of the weak linebackers on the team. He’s been a solid player and nothing more. Not sure why people talk about him like he’s a perennial pro bowler. He should have to compete for his position because he’s not light years better than any LB on this team. Having said that, for this team, he needs to be moved over and Chaney play the middle.

  • Scorp agree. let him make some plays over at SAM.Chaney is a beast…like his scrap ability and his speed.

    Google..a$$face and Songs picture comes up.

    People like you have been around for centuries. Standing on a soap box spewing garbage. Moron.

    I bet you drink Zima’s and watch Desperate Housewives and TMZ.

    Really? Cause B.L. didnt vow to kill 4 million Americans and launch a Jihad against the West.LOL.

    Welcome to the Real world…hahahahahaha….i been in the work force for 20 years and you sound like a no it all born post 80′. Entitled and think your smarter then everyone.

    Keep stating this stuff cause its actually entertaining.

  • To Schill,
    Actually I am 48 years old and believe it or not, I don’t take every statement that any COached/FO Personnel make at face value for they are alsways going to mask their responses to be vaugue or non-committal for that’s part of tgheir jobs.. But when Rioseman is asked questions off the cuff, he will give some more direct ansewrs than the others.. Do I think they will pursue Asmo and other CB’s yes I do, Do I think they will break the bank in a “gotta go all out to win a SB now type of metality” no I Don’t ..
    They will talk with CB Amso Agents,but his price tag in the end will simply be too high for them to justify in obtaining him. I also believe the Eagles want to updgrade the DE postion thru Free-agency and possibly even add a Veteran Back-up QB in the event they are able to trade Kolb. I am keeping this in mind in addition of the Eagles having to address long-term/extension deals for Vick,D-Jax and possibly McCoy, they will be prudent with their availalbe $$$ that they have in mind to spend on the best 53 man roster they can put together… Their pattern over the years has done exactly this over the years as opposed to going all out for 1 or 2 Certain players..
    I do think they will talk to 2nd Tier CB’s like Carlos Rogers, or maybe see if James Joseph or even a Ricahrd Marshall could be availalbe in a trade (once Trades are allowed)

  • Get the best players on the field. Chaney played well, so he should get the shot at MLB.

    As far as Songs goes, Bradley, at least, had one solid season whereas Abiamiri couldn’t even got on the field when he was healthy. He has never even had one good season.

    And do you even like the Eagles because everything that comes out of your mouth is bile about the team? No one wants to debate or discuss your points because you think anyone that disagrees with you is stupid or an idiot. Just because you say something doesn’t make it right. Opinion doesn’t equal fact.

  • To Songs,
    Send me your # and I will have my Doctor get in touch with you to prescribe you some meds… He’s done a pretty good job with me over the years, but I think you need his help before it’s too late..

  • Bugsy ..I’m a fan…but I’m tired of being fed the same garbage year in and year out by this organization.

    Teams that follow the formula usually get the prize…when we did have the best talent in the NFC hands down Reid wanted to reinvent the wheel….Now…we have less talent on the defense he still is not open to changing the philosophy….waste picks on undersized fastballs…released good players only to create a void for years…if you going to let a player go….it would make sense to have equal to better talent to replace them…You don’t improve a team by loweiing the talent.

  • Best post you have had in a long time Songs. I agree with you 100%, but I am working with what they give us here. They shoulda drafted Earl Thomas or Pierre Paul last year, but they didn’t. They shoulda signed Julius Peppers last year. Who takes an effin guard in the first round? Especially a 27 year old guard. They outsmart themselves at every turn by doing the opposite of the what the Phils are doing which is going for broke.

    That being said, I am not gonna scream about it all day, because that won’t do anything. I just want to talk about the players on the team and wish that someday they make a change.

  • remember fellas that Pierre had a very short College Career (like 3/4 of 1 Season at a Div I level) adnd did have some questions about his maturity..
    He appears that he has overcome that and has a bright future , but his selection was viewed as a develpomental player that would take 2-3 years to develop, Now we all know what a great job it seems like th Giants do with all of their D/Line as poosed tot he Eagles, But Pierre-Paul was no slam dunk sure fire good NFL player, There was risk incvovled with selecting him.
    Now Earl Thomas is a different story and should have been the pick when the Eagles decided to move up in last years Draft..He’s a slam-dunk (barring injury) and will be an All-Pro for the next 6-8-10 years
    On This years Pick D Watkins, I think was a very safe,sold pick, Watkins will be a Starter from Day 1 and help solidify the OL and take over the RG position which was a revolving door last year.. He’s a no-nonsense, bring your lunch pale to work everyday type of player.. He wilkl fit in well with the lockerrroom and the fans/local media will love this guy.. He’s a solid starter for the next 6-8 years and too me, if you can get one of those players in the 1st Round, you do it and wheh he makes his 2nd & 3rd Pro Bowl appearances, Fans are going to forget that he was 26 wehn drafated or waht # Selection in the 1st Round he went… Good players are good players and Danny Watkins is a good player who fills a need and whose skills set fit perfectly with this Eagle Offense and he’s a good team/locker room guy on top of it…

  • The LB position improved when Chaney stepped in. Chaney made his presence known on the field, too many games went by and you hardly would hear Bradley’s name… For a rookie to come in and play at the level of Chaney, shows his work ethic…as far a physical training and game study. I kept giving Bradley a pass because of his ACL injury in 2009, but honestly he may never have a season as he had in 2008. Dont get me wrong as a fan, I hope he does…

    if Bradley does not raise his play in 2011 (if the season happens) he’ll be on his way out of the NFL…There are too many incoming players, coming into the league for a mediocore player to keep a starting spot on a team.

  • I agree with your assessment of Pierre-Paul, but how come DL always seem to work out for the NYG and not here. I don’t trust them to draft a good defensive end. Or when they have one, I don’t trust them to put them in a position to succeed. See Clemons and Babin.

  • Pizzles we agree on something on the Earl Thomas point!

    G, good article. I think either way, the iggles need to make sure they have these two on the field at the same time, and don’t let Bradley get away. I think Bradley (2yrs removed from ACL) will be back and more similar to his old form. Running to that side is going to be hell for other teams. Having these two guys on the field would give us our best pair of LB in year. Gocong Bradley was just ok. At the WILL I see Matthews/Foiku/Clayton mix.

    As for Dion Lewis, I think he’ll be good. He just passes the eye test. I see him as sort of a Darren Sproells type of guy. He can be our 3rd rb and replace Buckley. Let Harrison or Havili do the 3rd and 1 running.

  • Songs, there IS NOT A FORUMLA for winning the SB. Coaches have stated that again and again. If you believe there IS, than I can understand your frustration – because you’re chasing a unicorn.

  • Don’t forget everyone that the Eagles did sign that LB from the Bengals
    (Rashad Jeantry) who at 6-2 240lbs will compete w/Fokou at the SAM position

    I think the Eagles in their Base Defense will look like this

    WILL – S Bradley (back-up Clayton/Rolle)
    MIKE – J Chaney (back up Bradley/Matthews)
    SAM – Jeantry or Fokou (back-up Jeantry or Fokou)

    On obvious passing downs (3rd & Long) watch for Clayton/Rolle/Matthews or some combo of them to come in on pass coverage packages.

    This will make the LB Corp at 7 Players which is about right, Bradley does allow flexibility since he can play MIKE if Chaney were to get injured since Matthews will probably need a season or 2 before geting substantial playing time as he adjusts to the Pro Game
    What you won’t see is players like Sims,Gaither for they will not be offered contracts or be on the Roster once the NFL Calender begins again
    and Akeem Jordan is also probably a goner too unless Rolle/Matthews don;t look like they are ready for the NFL (But I think ROlle/MAtthews are)

  • Sign Merriman under conditional contract guidelines.

  • Merriman was done 3 years ago when he stopped taking Steroids..

  • Jeantry will probably be cut by this team. He doesn’t have the ability to play.

    Songs, seems like you learned to write from GCOBB. (Sorry Garry, love ya!)

  • Jeantry makes the squad and contirbutes rather nicely, he had some good seasons with Bengals befire his injuries and has a passion for the sport as opposed to OL Stacey Andrews, which has to go down as one of the worst Free-agent signings of all time.. (which I also predicted for those who remember).

  • Bradley is broken down, Cheney will be shown to be what he is once O coordinators grind out some tape on him. He was a 7th round pick for a reason, too small to last a whole season, not the answer. We have no Will lbs on the team, other than late round rookies. Don’t even bring up Clay’s little brother, that pick was a joke. Nothing to see here folks, just move along, head on home.

  • Although Bradley was solid at MLB, he never made big plays….he stood out to fans because the other linebackers were below average….add in Chaney at MLB, move Bradley to SAM and add a better WIL and you have a solid bunch.

  • If Jeanty starts for this team, or even plays too much, we are in for a hell of a long season.

  • Mium – agree…. that would be sad… I think this is going to be another poor year from the defense… I have no confidence with what they have now….really….where did they improve? I know we didnt have free agency, but I dont see them spending on Asomugha or any of the top free agents…I see them spending on a Jason Babin and thats it.

  • And don’t forget the DE Phillip HUnt from the Canadien Football League
    I expect CB/S Marlin Jackson, LB R Jeantry and DE P Hunt all to make contributions to this 2011 Eagle Defense

    Top NFC Defenses

    #1) Packers
    #2) Bears
    #3) Giants
    #4) TB Bucs
    #5) Lions
    #6) Redskins
    #7) Vikings
    #8) 49ers
    #9) Eagles/Cowboys


  • Bradley really should have never been GIVEN the MIKE spot to begin with and this discussion wouldn’t be taking place. Provided he doesn’t incur any major repeated concussions he could play the SAM and probably be the best LB at that that the Eagles have had in a long time. The injury he had already is known to take one non-physical year and and one playing season to really complete disappear, so I suspect Bradley will play significantly better this year than last. Even that doesn’t entitle him to the MIKE position though. Chaney could be good. but it’s a little soon to anoint him until he actually wins the job in camp and plays well enough to keep it for an entire season. The Eagles LB just isn’t going to be stellar this year unless some second years and rookies make some inhuman leaps. When the CBA is finalized the Eagles should be approaching free agency with the idea in mind to rebuild the defensive line. Ray Edwards and Haloti Ngata are free agents, unfortunately, both of their head coaches are former Eagles assistant coaches. It sucks, but I think there’s an unwritten “Non-Poaching” rule among former Eagles coaches. I mean the Eagles could have had Ray Edwards two years ago while he was a restricted free had the Eagles put a non-matchable deal on the table. I think Andy Reid didn’t want to cross Childress.

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