• January 25, 2022

McCoy On Osi: “Overrated n soft 3rd d-line on his team honestly”

New York Giants All-Pro defensive end Osi Umenyiora is a great pass rusher, but he’s not a physical player and nobody fears him. That’s probably the reason Eagles running back LeSean McCoy had the nerve to call out Umenyiora on Twitter. He has no fear of Osi retaliating during a game.

Yesterday Osi filed a lawsuit against the Giants and GM Jerry Reese. He accused them of not following through on a promise to renegotiate his contract. Before the case has even been heard, McCoy sided with the Giants front office against Umenyiora. He tweeted the following.

“Overrated n soft 3rd best d-line on his team honestly”.

Wouldn’t it be funny if the Giants called McCoy as their star witness against Osi? That would be a lot of fun. Who would Umenyiora’s lawyer call during the trial? What about Winston Justice who gave up six sacks in a single game to Osi?

You know he rates Justin Tuck over Umenyiora because he’s an all-around defensive end who plays the run as well as the pass. I’m not sure who he rates ahead of Osi after that, but McCoy was telling the truth about the Giants defensive end being soft.

There’s a reason, McCoy was running to his left on those big rushing plays against the Giants. Umenyiora lines up on the Eagles left side, so they run at him and away from Tuck. McCoy was just voicing what he heard and saw in the Eagles offensive meeting room.

McCoy comments might also have tipped off the fact that the Birds consider Mathias Kiwanuka ahead of Umenyiora and may pursue Kiwanuka in free agency.


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  • McCoy needs to keep his mouth shut and concenrtrate on showing up on his commitments events.. I don’t like what I’ve read about McCoy actions/words this off-season and he needs to mature a little bit and be a Professional ..

  • Paulman,
    This is just a case of a kid making immature comments–albeit true. I do not think Shady is a punk in the way that Desean seems. Shady seems like a mostly humble guy who is a pretty good teammate. I know the other stuff that you are referencing in regards to that missed appearance, but I am sure that there are two sides to that story. I could be way off in my assessment, but Shady seems like one of the good guys.

  • Damn G, did you have to remind of the six sack game, that Justice played like a cigar store indian. He better be one of the changes. Shady needs to keep his freaking pie hole shut. Especially with the off season he’s having. Show up to your commitments & signings you a**hole. Am I the only one that thinks this dude is starting to smell himself, & beginning to be a dickhead with a me attitude? Hopefully i’m over reacting. BTW, he better hope OSI doesn’t get a chance to punish his stupid ass.

  • Look…. Us as fans will never know what players say on the field…… Osi seems to be a very out spoken guy who has had previous beefs with his head coach Tom Coughlin….. His attitude towards not getting enough playing time and him being sidelined for his attitude and not starting makes you wonder if Osi and McCoy could have a little fued going……. Competition is one thing……. But they do play 2 games perhaps 3 in the playoffs and I can see them jawing at each other from time to time……. It’s called Trash Talk everyone……. Can a man be a man for once!!!!!! I miss the 90’s football when people said things and It didnt make the news!!!!!!! SOFT SOFT WORLD WE LIVE IN!!!!! SMH!!!!!

    Shady Speak your mind……. OSI takes off on plays and he is the third best offensive linemen on the Giants…….. I’m siding with McCoy!!!!!

  • My bad the 3rd best deffensive linemen on the Giants!!! It’s early!!! LOL

  • Guys Wake up……… (I’m getting my Songs On) LOL!!!! Shout outs to Songs….

    The man can say whatever he wants…….. If Osi is soft than damn it he’s charmin!!!!!! Whats the deal about a little trash talk????? We talk trash to our co-workers/friends….. So what makes McCoy’s statement so wrong to some folks…… I hate the Giants and I feel Shady has the same feeling as well…… That comeback win over the Giants I know their was some harsh words exchanged between both teams…… Yall seen the clip of Shawn Andrews…… He was hurt because the game meant a lot to him……. It’s called competition PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  • Osi created 10 fumbles last year, not all from the qb’s. I dream of an Eagle causing 10 fumbles. He was a big reason why the Giants are wearing rings from a few years back. When healthy, he’s a player.

  • Trash talk is for insecure people without dignity. If you actually are all that, there is no need to advertise it or run your yap, everybody will know. Osi is wearing a ring as a Super Bowl champ, Shady should zip it regarding matters that don’t concern him and show some class. Work on getting ready for whatever season may actually be coming.

  • So every man on this site can admit they never trash talk once in there entire lives……. R U Serious?????? WOW!……. Is this the Dr. Phil site or something or Richard Simmons Sports page????? Mcnabb trash talk behind closed doors in a redskins win…… He’s one of the most classiest individuals in sports today……. But he said what he said…… But us as normal 9-5 workers dont trash talk…… GIVE ME A BREAK…….. It’s in a MANS DNA to talk trash from time to time!!!!!!

  • In the Spirit of Competition, during Sporting events or the week leading up to games, trash talking is fine and part of the ritual.. What I don’t like in this situation, is that he just tweeted his thoughts of a personal attack on a player for no particular reason.. Was he asked his thought about Osi in an interview, or his position on Osi’s pending lawsuit .. No, he just Tweets that Osi is lame,etc,etc,which I see no benefit in doing, What’s the point of trash talking in June and like I stated, McCoy has some questionable no-shows at personal appearance where he received $$$ in advance and let a lot of people down. I hope for his sake that he isn’t simply sitting around home getting too full of himself…He made great strides last year but it’s a never ending process of improving yourself and your game.. He doesn’t need to publicly be worrying about Osi..

  • Trash talk is all good & dandy when your ripping friends,family & coworkers but, for Shady to rip this dude when he has eaten the Birds alive is just plain stupid & idiotic. Especially when OSI has 2 times to get a chance to mess Shady’s ass up. OSI is a studdd! How would he look on the other side of Cole? BTW, for someone who only has 1 full year under his belt, shouldn’t be yapping his pie hole. Get 2- 3 good years accomplished first, sonny boy, your not going to the hall yet.

  • WOW….. NOR did McCoy call him out of his race, creed, color, religion,sexual preference,what type of music he likes,style of clothing,history of crime or perhaps rap sheet….. And people jump on the man like he said such things….. McCoy didnt commit a crime…. He just spoke his opinoin…… Lets talk about about Bill O’reily perhaps?????

  • I would gather there are differing ideas of what defines a man. Running your yap about things that do not concern you is nowhere in mine. Speak for yourself, not me or anybody else. Having poor taste is certasinly not a crime, but just because it is not an indictable offense does not mean it is above criticism.

  • He spoke his opinion, its not a big deal. Everyone ripped McNabb for never doing what shady just did. Whats the big deal? jroc is right in that he did absolutely nothing wrong but call a player out on how he felt he played. Is he not allowed to give his opinion? People also want to get on him about 2 missed appearances and not paying back money. I think both appearances totaled under 10K, which is nothing to him. This isnt Dez bryant who owes/owed 100s of thousands to creditors. People love to get on players for the littelest things. Yet everyone likes to neglect that people like ray lewis (accessory to murder), Donte Stallworth (DUI manslaughter), Leonard Little (DUI manslaughter then DUI after that) have actually committed real crimes. No one is perfect, people miss appointments. Respect him for being able to speak his mind and ALSO being able to back it up. 4th & 1 toss to Osi side worked out well for us didnt it?

  • Speaking your mind generates respect? So telling your brother-in-law his wife is fat is respectful? Even if it is true that she is a fat pig, it need not be said, and nothing good will come from it, pretty much like McCoy’s comment. It is not wrong to state an opinion. But plenty of opinions are better left unspoken, not every thought need be given voice.

  • dsm841……Well said…… People seem to forget those guys you mentioned in your post…… But people tend to forget harsh things that turns peoples lives around in a dramatic fashion…….. What a world we live in……. A guy tweets how he feels about another athlete and people tell the man to shut up????? Or better yet get ready for this season……..????

    We forget that football players are entertainers……… 4 now they are celebs out of a job currently doing the same thing we do on this website…… LOL…. What makes McCoy any different????? He’s a human being with his amendments to speak whatever he wants to talk about……. Or better yet tweet his comments…… We comment on atheletes on how they suck or they are undeserving of their current contract….. So why cant McCoy speak his mind!!!! WHY because of his job……. He should know how players play because he works with Osi…….. Under the same league as well……

    This world we live in sucks……. People lose lives everyday……. Drunk drivers kill normal everyday civilians but when a famous politician or celebrity loses a loved one…… NOW the city wants to make a law towards the defenders/accused individuals…… Whats wrong with exercising your amendments now in days??????? MAN O MAN!!!!!!!

  • I swear are we in the US of A or are we in Cuba???? A man cant exercise his thoughts online and we as fans bash the man for making a comment…… SO do any of the athletes read any of our comments????? maybe maybe not…… But the bottom line is that they were once fans just like we are…… Just because he has millions in the bank he should WATCH HIS MOUTH???? Commenting on a player that we as Eagle fans dont care about on any given Sunday…… LOL!!!!!!

    If a player on the oposing team is hurt perhaps Justin Tuck and OSI…….. But they are questionable to play……

    Perhaps they dont play…… Whats the first thing we say as fans…….

    “WHHOOOOOOOWWWW”! “Osi and Justin Tuck arent playing today”……. “Thank GOD”!!!!!!! “I hope he’s out for quite sometime”!!!!! WE CHEER AS FANS……… It’s called COMPETITION…….. We want star players not to play so we can get the upper hand…….

    Who says “Well I hope they come back and be successful on their return”!…… UMMMM NOBODY????? We dont care about Osi so why bother to bash SHADY for his comments….. WHO R we!!!!

  • Nobody appears to be questioning his rights to say what he wants, merely the wisdom of such actions. People should watch their mouths regardless of finances. Shady has elected not to do so as is his right. My only suggestion to you Jroc would be maybe to try decaf, or see a healthcare professional regarding the possibility of adult ADHD. There are many safe effective medications that might help you to focus. Where there might be a connection between drunk driving and McCoy’s Tweets is beyond me.

  • Anderson Silva……. Not the MMA Anderson Silva who gets his ass kicked on the regular now in days…….. And to tell you I was commenting on dsm841 statement on the Leonard Little and Dante Stallworth situation……. ASS CLOWN……. And no I dont drink coffee…… It taste bitter……. It’s just dick bags like you who bashes an individual who comments on a certain individual and guys like you say he’s wrong or he should shut his mouth……. You my friend need to look in the mirror……. You might see a man but I see a blogging dick bag who thinks everything they post is gold…….. dante stallworth killed an innocent man by driving drunk……. But we dont blogg about what he did right ANDRSON SILVA……. But McCoy said what he said and you guys act as if he hurt Osi?????? Or in other words disrespected Osi……. He called the man soft BOOO WHOOOOO…….. Know what your talking bout next time b4 commenting…….

  • Anderson Silva….. The real ANdrson Silva wouldnt comment on this subject…. More like Wanderlei Silva perhaps!!!!!

  • People can comment on McCoy’s judgement…….. But the judgement of other athletes who take lives in the process should be the ones executed by the media……… Fans/media tend to overlook whats real reality shows….. And whats real life……. How long did we hear about the Leonard Little situation and Dante Stallworth saga….. Not long….. Is their an ESPN moment of silence for the victims or during football games etc….. NO…… But we sure remember what harmless things that McCoy said to Osi for the next 10-20 years from now!!!!!!! The man stated whats on his mind get over it……. MOVE ON…….

  • I went to Vegas to see Wanderlei Silva fight a few years ago, one of the highlights of that year for certain. I saw Anderson Silva fight at the now Wells Fargo Center at UFC 101, I think you are mistaken, he has not lost a fight in years. He is undefeated in the UFC. You really need to get your anger under control and chill a little, all that stuff will give you a heart attack. You should do some research on Donte Stallworth, he gets flak constantly in all sorts of media for what he did. I have yet to see anybody stick up for him or try to put a better face on his actions. You have certainly never read anything I have written that would defend him, other than the same protection I would extend to M Vick. They did what they did, they served whatever sentence the judicial system imposed upon them, and now they deserve whatever chance may be offered to earn a living. That is hardly a defense, it is simply an acknowledgment that they have rights that should be respected.

  • Anderson Silva’s statement at 10:19 am……

    “Trash talk are for insecure people without dignity”………

    I sense a little trash talk from you about if or if not I have ADHD LMAO!…… HAHAHAHA

    It’s funny how people contradict themselves!!!!!!! Dont worry Silva…. I’m a fan of your post as well…… Keep them coming!!!!!!! No hate over here…….. I contradict myself sometimes!!!!!! Were men…….. LMAO!!!

  • I think jroc757 is the worst poster on here,
    I also think he’s overrated and his wife/past girlfriends said he is lacking in the “love-making area”.. I also heard his school teachers just past him thru scholl for they didn’t feel like dealing with distractions and destructive behavior… I heard he leavs work 30 minutes early each day without his boss’s knowledge or permission…
    I don’t know the guy personally,but this is what I think, so I will post it on here and let everyone know..

  • I know who ANdrson Silva silva is and I was referring you to Wandrlei Silva…….. I just got jumbled up with the both of them….. And yes there totally different in apperance…… He’s the tall skinny Brazillian who has been beaten…. But not in the UFC……..

    And if me or you have a DUI and kill an innocent individual….. We’ll be serving time for years perhaps…… Stallworth threw some money at the families and put a bandage on the situation….. He’s still a free man with his job…….. People embrass guys now like Mike Tyson and have him on the Ellen Show….. Espn etc. but he was a rapist…….. Why arent we commenting on him???? McCoy did nothing wrong!!!!! If Osi is soft than damnit hes soft!!!!!

  • paulman –
    let the players have their fun, regardless their play speaks louder
    if he backs it up then great for us, if he doesnt he’ll be benched or elsewhere
    how can there not be a rivalry with the eagles and giants c’mon now paul

    p.s. after reading paulmans first comment i scrolled to the bottom
    so if u had a good point sry i missed it!!!
    i love trash talk, we dont hear 90% of it, everyone is so soft now!!!!!!

  • LMAO@Paulman……. I think you live in your moms basement with a receding hairline and you look like Michael Mcdonald……. You also listen to YAMO BE THERE and it’s a hit still to this day to you….

    I also think you are retired with nothing but time on your hands and you keep a jar of petroleum jelly near your night stand at night!!!!!!!
    I dont know the guy personally, but this is what i think, so I will post it on here and let everyone know!!!!.. LOL…. GOOD ONE PAULMAN

  • AMEN WMONELL…… We have nothing but time on our hands……. Whats on T.V. now….. Golf and baseball….. The players must pass time and have fun as well……. Whats wrong with an athlete getting his trash on at times????? Nothing…… We have to remember he’s still a kid……. Some players are boxing and some players are playing soccer…… Some players are acting…… Whats wrong with trash talk???? Maybe he’s going to get his Bill O’reily on once his NFL career ends!!!!!!

  • All is good Jroc757,
    I chose to pick on you for I know you have a good sense of humor and would know that I was only being facetious.. woops, my Mom is calling me so I have to go upstairs and get the Groceries out of her 1976 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon with the fake Paneled-Wood on the sides…

  • Shady should mind his business and take care of business. Save the trash talk for the season and upcoming games. Talking in June is dumb. Just like the “young tongues” talking all last offseason. Just chill out. And he’s the last person to call someone soft. He’s been in the league for all of 2 years while the other guy was one of the best DEs in the league when healthy and won a Super Bowl. If Osi is soft then Trent Cole is even softer because not too many overrated pass rushers wear down like he does.

  • You would be surprised at what little time some people do for vehicular homicide. I am in no way suggesting that its not a serious crime, or that the sentence always suits the offense. A professional athlete using his checkbook to get off a bit light is by no means unusual, a competent crimminal attorney and deep pockets can be very useful in certain situations. You can generally get all the justice you can afford, and while that may rile some people up, it is just a simple fact. On a different note, Anderson Silva’s last loss was by DQ for an illegal kick against the guy who he is rematching in August. His last real loss was in 2004 by a circus act flying heel scissors in the Pride Fighting Championships. Look it up on Youtube, its an insane submission.

  • Osi: LeSean and I hate each other

    Recommend Comment(1) Email Print Share Facebook RSS

    Friday, June 17, 2011
    Posted: 2:25 p.m. | Updated: 5:40 p.m.


    Well, now we have a storyline for the week leading up to the Eagles’ first scheduled meeting with the Giants (Week 3, Sept. 25, Lincoln Financial Field).

    One day after LeSean McCoy trashed Osi Umenyiora over Twitter, calling Umenyiora soft and overrated and the third-best defensive lineman on the Giants, Umenyiora shot back in the New York Times.

    “That little Chihuahua or poodle in the backfield – he doesn’t have to block me,” Umenyiora told the newspaper, admitting that the Giants’ nickname for the Eagles’ fledgling running back is “Lady Gaga.”

    “If you have something to say, say it man to man – you can’t be a Twitter gangster. That’s easy to do, trying to be a tough guy. Say it to my face, and we’ll see what happens.”

    But Umenyiora wasn’t done. Later he spoke with the Newark Star-Ledger, and in addition to calling McCoy a “girl”, revealed that he and McCoy actually don’t like each other.

    At all.

    “Yeah, me and him, we had words on the field – both times we played. I hate him, he hates me, period,” Umenyiora told the Star-Ledger. “He chose to take that off the field and make it public when it’s something that’s between me and him. It’s something we can address on the football field. He let the whole world know about it, so I’m going to respond.”

    Umenyiora said the trash talk on the field has been intense.

    “He called me an ‘African [blank].’ It was bad,” Umenyiora told the newspaper. “I said a couple of things to him. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it was rough. … This is a very violent and physical game. You’re attacking each other, you’re hitting each other. Things are going to get heated, especially against Philly.

    “This year was the worst in my eight-year career as far as animosity toward that team. There’s a real hatred toward Philly and there’s a real hatred for them toward us. So it was rough out there. But I feel things like that stay on the football field. Off the field, we respect each other because at the end of the day we’re all brothers. But he decided to take it so far that there’s no going back from it now.”

    The Star-Ledger tried to contact McCoy and his agent Drew Rosenhaus, but to no avail.

  • Actually I heard the Star-Ledger had McCoy scheduled for a Interview this afternoon with their head football reporter and McCoy was a no-show…

  • BIG E….. Thank you bro for the post…… I knew it was an on the field issue……. I knew it……. This is beef bro……. Real beef in the East……. So all you guys who said Shady is a punk and he needs to keep his mouth shut….. This is deeper than what we think……. They have hatered towards each other….. If it results in violence than we can comment….. But a war of words is another subject…….. Beef on Beef on……. This is something that was happening in the 70’s and 80’s and perhaps the 90’s……. Lesean McCoy and Osi are bringing out good old tradition…… No more of this TMZ sports crap weve been watching……. Good old lock out beef to get the juices flowing!!!!!!! Man……. Now this is the sports I love here!!!!! Big E…… Great job bro…. This ends all this debate we’ve had on this subject! 🙂

  • Now this makes me hate the Giants more…… it would be funny if the Giants were to release Osi when it’s all said and done……. He’s bite the bullet before with his attitude on this Giants organization….. Perhaps this might be his walking papers……. more fuel to the fire perhaps……

    Guys have missed work and are pissed……. They cant trust there owners and will show no mercy toward their opponents….. I think this will be the best season we’ve seen in years……. Money is the root of all evil…… Without it people become angry…… Well here’s a little snippet of what this beef has to offer this season!!!!! GAME ON!!!!!! I hate the Giants…… And once we get Burress….. We’ll give the G-Men a ass kickin they deserve…….

  • Watch Osi and McCoy fly to Hawaii to become the NFL’s 1st Married Same-sex Couple… Good Grief..

  • Paul..reading your first comment made me laugh when you said McCoy needs to keep his mouth shut..Christ dude you never shut up..your on here on an obsessive level and you telling anyone to be quiet is so hypocritical it makes me chuckle..anyway good job mcCoy..get all in there heads!!!..And Paul, go outside or something,,,get a date.., keep rooting for the Eagles, but take a break.

  • I concur Jimmy Mac, paul doesnt shut up. I wake up to look n c what gcobb has new posted and paul has a comment on every article, its so weird. This site must be a drug for him lol and he gets high off it every day every hr hahaha…

  • name anyone from the beagles d who are feared? we’re gay.

  • sheldon, dawk, and trotter. miss ya

  • Something I never understood… Since when was football ever a professional sport? from one stand point I can see the if that applied to the executives but the players? no. Theres nothing professional to plow over, hit and sack someone. They are not wearing black suits sitting in a office they get paid to hurt people.

  • LOL@Vricchini…… We live in a world now thats so soft that theres such thing as cyber bullying!!!!! What ever happen to meet me after lunch or meet me in the bathroom at 3:00 sharp???? The man tweeted what was on his mind on Osi and people are saying McCoy is out of line…… Football is a brutal sport…… Do you think Hockey players take things lightly on ice…… Hockey players are throwing their fingers in there opponents mouth for what reason GOD knows????? Hockey hasnt lost tradition one bit……. But the NFL and media around sports they are ruining a sport that we all love!!!!! We can blame Flavor Flav for this reality crap thats on T.V……. It’s carried to sports now……. The Ocho Cinco Show…… The T.Ocho show…… Hank Baskett with Kendra……. WTF MAN!!!!!

  • Football is a hard working man sport…… THis isnt the PGA tennis volleyball or playing poker on ESPN if thats a sport LOL!!!!!!! Why its on ESPN its beyond me but anyways…… Jim Mcmahon and Mike Singletary talked trash to other players so much that it fueled the fans as well as their teammates…… McCoy is doing such to a team we cant stand……. And A player that we dont even care about…… Media has made this sport soft in my eyes…… I feel Ray Lewis…… This is football…… Whats with all this CRRRRYIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!

  • Easy Jroc757,
    Football is not what is used to be, now in the NFL, all the rules favor the offenses and god-forbid if anyone touches a QB, even a passing slap when you are trying to deflect the ball or slap it out of a QB hands can be called a penalty if your hand land above the QB Shoulder.. Eliminating Wedges on Kick-Offs, no blocking before the waist on Punt/KCik-off returns and on and on and on…

  • lol it is what it is, and ppl try to cater to the modern rules and play of today
    knicks/pacers rivalries
    great players such as mj reggie bird magic
    the majority of nfl players back then, they would all talk smack
    it was even worse because they would talk smack when getting schooled too
    ill stick with the old school mentality even though im young
    (if im a player or coach i keep my team quiet, but im just a die-hard here)

  • cant sleep…so here goes a nocturnal freestyle for you my friends!

    i was bred with a blue-collar
    should you call me a stallion
    i would tell you to put a couple dollars
    on me, the speed demon
    i teach when you reach in
    impeach you from your occupation
    no legislation can take the fight out of me
    ill take a bite out of crime to keep my right to speak free
    and if you got some rhymes well then lay them on me
    we’re all on the same team honestly
    we can debate about as many things
    as we want but this is the year our Eagles get their rings
    players like a home run, going going gone
    so fast you couldn’t tell if it was Vick McCoy or DeSean
    whether its running past Osi or playing against Washington DC
    we are the highlight team with video game athletes
    imagine if we signed Nnamdi, that’d be ridiculous
    i would probably run around my neighborhood topless
    considering i live in san diego and do it every day anyways
    it doesnt matter as long as he comes to philly and gets paid!

  • Happy Fathers Day to everyone…

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