• July 1, 2022

How Much Blame Should Greg Gross Get For Hitting Woes?

Leading the league twice in runs scored and winning the World Series as a hitting coach clearly is not enough to keep your job. Just ask Milt Thompson, who now coaches in the Houston Astros’ system, .

A former Phillies hitting coach from 2004 to 2010, Thompson appeared to be a safe bet as the team’s hitting coach for years to come; however, the front office thought differently and announced the shocking news of Thompson’s firing.

That move, which was described by manager Charlie Manuel as the “toughest” decision he’s ever made, was only executed because the club felt that “they have to do something.”

Seeing that the club gave up on Thompson after being shut out nine teams and averaging just 3.4 runs in their final road trip coached by Thompson, why isn’t Greg Gross’ name being thrown around the chopping block?

Well, the biggest reason has to be that the team has compiled the best record in the league despite their hitting woes and firing any coach in the clubhouse could create a negative effect rather than fix the problem.

But I do believe that Gross should be held responsible, at least partially responsible, for the team’s lack of hitting and inability to hit in given situations.

The Phillies offense ranks 10th in batting average (.246) among the 16 National League teams and are just .002 points ahead of the 11th ranked Florida Marlins. Thompson was fired after his offense was ranked 11th in the National League with a team average of .255.

Though, Thompson’s offense batted for a better average, he received the bad news, while Gross is just sitting back taking no heat at all.

The only thing saving Gross’ job is the fact that the Phillies have found ways to win. He can thank the following people for keeping his job: Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee.

Yes, Gross hasn’t been here for too long and he should get a full season under his belt before being judged. But if the Phillies offense keeps up at this rate, then Gross’ name must be mentioned when it comes to discussing what went wrong.

Oh, and for those that forget: Gross was the team’s hitting coach from 2002 to 2004. In those years, Gross didn’t lead his offense to any top five rankings in terms of average; the team’s highest ranking was seven in his last season before Thompson.

On the other hand, Thompson’s offense finished fourth in his first season as the team’s hitting coach in average, sixth in 2006, and fifth in 2007. He then went on to coach an offense that eventually won two NL pennants and one World Series.

Gross better find a way to get this offense going or his job might be dealt to someone else.

Kyle Phillippi

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  • Gross has NO clout with these hitters. Unless Manuel benches guys for a few games for taking poor AB after poor AB, no one on this team seems willing to change up their approach. Howard hit 57 a few years ago by hitting the ball the other way, now it seems he’s more than happy trying to pull everything & get his 30-35 HRs by accident.

  • When is it gonna stop? When will the players, Manuel’s approach to hitting, & Amaro’s piss poor roster assembly, get the true blame. How many friggin hitting coaches do you need to fire? Isn’t Manuel supposed to be a hitting guru anyways. Manuel has lived years off of the long ball, & now that they either don’t have the personnel, or the personnel they do have, cannot hit homers, they can’t score. These players are the most undisciplined team, at the plate, that i’ve ever seen. Manuel never plays small ball, never hits & run, & hardly ever sacrifices, unless it’s a pitcher batting. Other than Polanco, who takes the ball the other way, on this team. How many times does someone have to say that, the roster is either full of journeymen, stiffs & players that are baked. Who in this lineup is worth keeping, other than Howard, Polanco & Victorino, possibly Ruiz for his defense. Ibanez is baked, Utley is spiraling down, all the left fielders are a laughing stock, & Rollins hasn’t been good since his MVP year.

  • Just because they are still in 1st place, those facts cannot be ignored. I want to win a friggin World Series, not have an early exit from the Playoffs again. They invested alot of money in the pitching staff, which is very good. But the rest of the team has alot of money invested in bad, overpaid, untradeable contracts. It’s ashame, because I got too caught up in the hype, & now i’m expecting too much. It is what it is now, at this stage of the season – Great starting staff, with a bad hitting team, too old & injury proned, with bad untradeable contracts, & no flexibility to make any significant moves to help the team. Gonna hope for the best & keep routing for a World Series. No use beating a dead horse. Things aren’t gonna change until the offseason anyways, when they lop off the dead meat.

  • Sorry, I meant all of the right fielders are a laughing stock.

  • Wow, relax. Noone in baseball is hitting.

  • Stick to football Garry. Gross can only do so much–he’s not in the box with them–he can’t do anything if they choose to swing at pitches two feet out of the strike zone–or, if you’re like Ryan Howard, watch a borderline strike three at the knees cross the plate, down by 1 run with a chance to extend a series by a game with a chance to go to the WS.

  • Gross has as much credibility as the ROCKY statue. I thought Milt was the scape-goat. Milt had heart and was determined, Gross needs a pillow and a hammick so he can sleep beween at bats.

  • Gross is protected because he is a white man. Thompson was a black man and was fired. Gross has done NOTHING since he became a hitting coach yet he’s still here. The “good ‘ol boys” network strikes again.

  • Theirs only one change that needs to happen and thats getting rid of Amaro and get Gillick back !

  • RR, I agree Thompson was a scapegoat, also agreed, GG was fired & should have never been brought back. But why is it when, everytime something happens to someone, who happens to black, the race card is always brought up. Your a racist, bigot, idiot. It’s 2011. Get your head out of your ass. Not everyone is racist you tool.

  • DD, the only tool here is you. If you can’t handle the truth, then go get your shinebox boy.

  • It’s your truth, douchbag! Keep talking, & keep showing your racist ignorance. I’m of mixed heritage’s & races, & was raised better than people like you. Look at yourself in the mirror & stop being a racist hater. Life is too F^@#ING short. Have a nice day.

  • you were raised better but you are the one who initiated the name calling. if you were so much “better” than me, then why respond in the first place? it makes you no better to respond to my so called “hate” with “hate”. i see why you’re pissed, I would be too if i were mixed..

  • How much blame should go the Andy Reid for defensive woes?

  • RR, i’m far from pissed. Just pointing out the fact that your a racist, hater. You just confirmed it again, with your last comments. I’m very happy who I am. I feel sorry for, & pity you, because your a sour, sorry excuse for a man. Hopefully someday you can find peace in your heart & soul. I’ll say a prayer for you, because you definitely need it. I HOPE EVERYONE ON HERE SEE’S IT. Have a good life.

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