• December 2, 2021

Terrell Owens Is Shopping A Sitcom Titled 8 & 1 To TV Networks

According to TheDaily.com, former Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens is pitching a situation comedy titled 8 & 1. It would star Owens as an NFL player who is getting near the end of his career and he lives with his four children and the women who had them. No this isn’t supposed to be a show like HBO’s “Big Love”, which is about a Mormon polygamist family.

I guess Owens wouldn’t be involved with the women intimately, but would interact with them. He and his backers seriously believes this sitcom would be a successful television show.

“It’s loosely based on my life and my career. I have four kids by three different moms,” Owens said. “It will showcase my skills as an actor, which is something I want to do after football.”

Owens had a reality show on VH-1, which delved into his personal life and had some success. He also had a show on the Comcast owned Versus network with Bengals wide receiver Chad Ocho Ciinco. It was nothing to write home about and centered primarily on football.

The former Pro Bowler, who is recovering from a torn ACL, thinks he can have a successful acting career. From what I saw previously, he can’t act a lick.

“It’s no different from football — it’s all about hard work,” Owens said about acting. “I have a good work ethic. If I can put the same effort into acting. Now I watch a movie and I pay attention to camera angles and body language. It’s 3-D.”

You can believe that Owens loves two things about being an actor that are much like being an NFL star. You make millions of dollars and are idolized by millions of fans.


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  • G….I need more STORIES!! I’m dying over here at the office with nothing to read some days. Your guys are slacking. Also they have a bad habit of promising a series and then stopping after a couple parts. They did this with Eagles, Sixers and Phillies pieces. The one that comes to mind right away is Phillies Fourcast. Still waiting on the other four members of the batting order. They stopped after four guys.

  • I guess we can always write and read about Donavan McNabb.. Good Grief…

  • Paulman’s Top Reality Shows for the Fall 2011

    #1) “Batchlorette” featuring Casey Anthony as the female “Prize Catch”
    #2) “Batchelor” featuring Charlie Sheen as the male “Prize Catch”
    #3) “Amazing Race” featuring former Dr Drew Patients (Gary Busey,Lyndsay Lohan,Nick Nolte,Mel Gibson,Amy Winehouse,Wynona Ryder,Tom Sizemore,) racing and traveling across the seedy areas of Los Angeles..
    #4) A new Duet Series featuring Justin Bierber’s Hair Stylist’s and Lady Gaga’s Fashion/Dress Designer…
    #5) New “Parking Wars” featuring Marvin Harrison & Bernard Hopkins going around the City of Brotherly Love and locking up Tires and Ticketing Citizens who illiegally park..

  • sounds like a great show for white trash tv… vh1. full disclosure i am white

  • side note: obama is a disgrace of a president. full disclosure he is half white

    anyone that thinks this guy knows what he’s doing is a complete economic illiterate. i have never thought this country i grew to love would be taken over by a marxist

  • on the flip side,
    I think Obama and the entire Wasahinton,Dc crowd should all go on a boat and sent up to Bear Mountain… This current Government is in the worst hands of all time from President Obama to the Seante to the Congress and even the Supreme Court are a bunch of looney’s..
    The gap between the “Haves” and the “Have-nots’ continues to widen, increasing the angst,frustration and eventaul resentment of many in our Society with each other,our Government, our Educators, Business Leaders,and even Religious Leaders… What become’s of our Society 10-20-50 years down the road… “What become’s of the baby????

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