• July 1, 2022

Victorino back to the disabled list

This isn’t terribly shocking. We knew that Shane Victorino tweaked his thumb pretty good last weekend and it’s not a shocker that the Phillies have placed him on the disabled list for the second time this year with a Grade 1 sprain. He was on the DL earlier in the season with a bum hammy.

Good thing he made the All Star team!

I’m kidding, but obviously he won’t be playing now. I didn’t think he would have played even if he wasn’t on the DL, just to give it some rest.

Victorino will be eligible to come off the DL on July 19th. Pete Orr was recalled to take his roster spot.

Boy, you thought this outfield stunk before Victorino got hurt? Sheesh. Dom Brown and John Mayberry, Jr. are going to have to step up.

Micah Warren

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  • He shouldn’t have made the All-Star Squad anyways based on his overall Performance, He’s been good, but not All-Star Good, (maybe the Pirates McCutchen or Nationals M Morse will get in as they deserve it more so than Victorino…
    Good move to rest him up now though he has great success over the years against the Braves and will be missed this weekend, but looking at the big picture, they need him to rest and heal that wrsit up so it doesn’t linger the rest of the season.. This Phillie Line-up is starting to resemble a AAA line-up with Martinez,Brown,Mayberry,Orr, Carpenter, etc,etc… This is what happens when you have one of the leagues oldest rosters, many of theese everyday Phillie Players have playes lots of games over the last few years and it catches up with you and your body starts breaking down or simply doesn;t recover like it did when you were younger.. but guys like Ibanez,Polanco,Rollins,Utley,Howard & even Victorino have logged a lot of games and probably all have peaked as players with their best years behind them.. How much longer they can maintain some average #’s and production will determine how many Championships this Phille Franchise can win and right now they have 1 as a group, but have the Starting Pitching to compete to win at least 2-3 more if they can remain healthy and just play Phillie Ball.. ..

  • What a f^@#ing surprise! Another player on the DL. They also just reported that Polanco has a bulging disc in his back. How & why are they gonna allow him go to the All Star game? Let alone play!!
    WTF is wrong with teams medical staff & Amaro. WTF are you waiting for, another Oswalt situation. DL the f^@#ing guy already, before he herniates the disk, you f^@#ing idiots! It needs rest & therapy to get better. This organization gets worse & worse, with it’s decision making. JEESH!!!

  • This is why DDCar that you don’t pin your hopes for a Championship Team and Season with a roster of everyday position players who are in their 30’s who have a lot of wear and tear on their bodies and are on the downside of their careers.. I’ve been saying since the off-season/spring training and get called a Phillies hater when in fact, this team is just plain old and does not have the energy and focus level to endure a 7 Month Season folowed by the Playoffs and doesn’t have talented enough young players or a good bench to make up the Difference.. I stated all Off-Season that the Bullpen and Age (injuries) would doom this team and to be honest the Bullpen has performed better than expected due to the outstanding performances of Madson,Bastardo and Stutes and no one honestly could have expected these 3 would lead this Bullpen.. I stated the Braves were the better all around team and I still stand by it for they match up well versus the Phils and in fact have a better head to head record versus them for the last few seasons…Phils can’t go 7 months winning ball games 3-2 all the time..

  • DDC, there is no difference between a bulging disc, ruptured disc and a herniated disc. Either the disc is intact, or it isn’t. He’ll be better in a few weeks, or he won’t. Rest, drugs and some rehab will get him back on the mound sooner or later. Or he’ll just retire.

  • clearly this organization is the gold standard around here

  • Anderson, your right, I miss spoke. I meant if it isn’t taken care of it can rupture & deteriorate. A bulging, herniated or slipped disc are very similar, to no difference. I had three bulging discs, & the only thing that helps is rest, anti- inflammatory medicine, therapeutic stretching, & ice/ heat combo. It’s not a picnic. For a baseball player it’s gotta be unbearable. He has to be DL’d, ASAP!

  • HEEEEY!!, somebody in the organization, finally used their f^@king brains, by putting Polanco on the DL. Bumbling nimrods, it took you long enough.

  • Did they back date it making it retroactive to last week.. He has a bum elbow and it doesn’t appear to be getting any better (even after off-season injury)
    Phils may now need to look for a new LF,3B,RF and maybe SS this Off-season

  • It’s not official yet, JJ just said on pre-game. WIP & CSN said by the All Star game he is going to be DL’d, back dated 10 days. So if healthy, he should be back in two weekends. If not he goes to the 60 day DL. Sounds like Oswalt deja vu. Doesn’t sound good… šŸ™

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