• January 21, 2022

NFL Players: Owners Are Trying To Pull A Fast One

Just when it seemed the sky has opened and the storm that was the NFL lock out has blown over, the players rained on the fans lockout ending parade. Well, that’s is what the players say the owners want fans to believe.

Within minutes of the owners’ vote twitter lit up with hundreds of tweets from NFL players saying how much they disliked the deal the owners proposed.

“Here is what the real fans need 2know: The owners tried 2 slip many things N2 the CBA “they” voted on that were never agreed 2!” Saints journeyman running back Heath Evans told the world via twitter.

Locally Eagles’ Eagles linebacker Jamar Chaney was unhappy with the owners’ method of proposal.
I tweeted Chaney and asked him what he disliked about the deal.
“Just the fact that the owners said we have an agreement & we didn’t even get the paper work yet. It takes 2 to have an agreement” Chaney replied via twitter.

In the few short hours since the NFL announced the owners voted to lift the lockout, many players including Chaney felt the proposal is an attempt by the owners to get the fans against the players forcing the players to sign a deal they do not agree to.

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ocho Cinco is one of them.

“Smart move by the owners to gain positive public perception and pressure the players into a bad deal shifting the negativity on us” Ocho Cinco tweeted.

As it stands now around late Thursday night, despite the displeasure being tweeted by the players, ESPN’s Chris Mortenson is reporting that a vote can come tomorrow if the NFL can satisfy a detail or two in the CBA.

(I just started a twitter to follow the lockout madness feel free to follow me @JeryBrennan)

Jerry Brennan

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  • I still hate the owners, to this day I have never rooted for an owner in any sport…I have rooted for players…

  • Where’s your GLORY, GLORY, GLORY at Jerry. That’s why you do complete research & don’t jump the gun on posting stories, you dope!!

  • Lurie with his fairy crap and Banner with his geek coffee stained teeth would only agree if it benefits them. REMEMBER THEY ARE NOT PHILLY BRED. They don’t feel the PHILLY PASSION we do. I wish them no luck. I can’t route for the Eagles because of these weasels. Include Howie Rosebud. REID on the other hand is a FOOD ADDICT. FEED THE FAT SLOB AND HE WILL DO AS THEY SAY. KEEP EATING ANDY! YOU PICTURE OF HEALTH

  • PETE60, you enjoy personal attacks on people, that have no rhyme or reason? I hate when people use the Philly passion line to act like an a$$hole. You are a d!@#head troll.

  • DDcar, perhaps you should do YOUR complete research and actually read the article not just the head line:

    “…..No more Adam Shefter in front of a book shelf exclaiming the owners and players are having a meeting about a future meeting of a meeting! AGAIN, FOOTBALL IS BAAA— Well almost, the players still need to recertify and ratify the agreement…then it is over!”

    practice what you preach brother….

  • Pete, you are a food addict too. Everyone is you frickin genius.

  • pete 60 posts are far more entertaining than thoose who drone on incessantly with stats,predictions,trade alerts,bs

  • so call me silly for actually reading the story – but it seems like the question asked as to why the players don’t like the new CBA has nothing to do with anything that is actually written in the CBA (at least if it did – the author did not print that) but more the fact the owners took what they thought was an agreement and voted 31-0 to approve it? Ummmm, doesn’t someone have to vote first? What does Chaney ‘not agree’ with. The NFL players had team reps and the NFLPA rep and lawyers at all the meetings no…

    Pete60 – wow – clearly another walking poster child for the public school system – sorry you can’t ‘root’ for the Eagles maybe you can take the same ‘route’ as phillywill and become a devout redskin fan –

  • Navy…I was going to post the same thing about Players Reps and lawyers being in on the negotiations….
    My thing is why is are there players acing as if they no reps involved in the supposed negotiations…

  • What did that Pittsburgh Steeler say about Roger Goodell?

    Is there an actual written document that the players can review?

  • or watching ESPN or tweeting/texting/sexting/facebooking whatever the hell it is the young people do for communication – really, your livelihood is on hold and you have failed to maintain the latest greatest up to date info on the status of your career – – and people wonder why players in pro sports are stone broke 5 years out of the league.

    Checked other sites, and the issue seems to be players getting wrapped up in the fact the owners ‘approved’ the new CBA and the players need to recertify the union and then accept the CBA for it to be approved, and now they ‘feel’ they owners are pressuring them – really? You want to work or don’t you? Want to be a pro football player or don’t you. . . weeks of negotiations and the players now need to take there time – reminds me of when Westbrook sat out a preseason game so he could read his new contract extension.

  • The players are crying they haven’t had a chance to read the new CBA. What the hell has been going on for the last 100+ days? All we heard was that the players were going to vote on the deal Wed, a day before the owners. If they spoke up and said the paperwork isn’t complete, fine, but all we heard is how the players will take 2 weeks to reform the union once they agree to the deal. So the players sit on their hands and let the owners vote on an amended CBA with some items that don’t affect them as well as workers comp, bebefits, etc. It sound like the negotations were not done and the players are crying foul, they let the owners finish the paperwork and vote. How could D Smith allow the owners lawyers finish writing the contract without him reviewing it? The owners would kill Goodell if he let Smith write parts of the CBA without reviewing it. The lawyers on both sides are snakes and it’s Goodall and Smith job to look out for their clients interests. Smith blew this and he looks like an ass despite the propoganda he is feeding the players.

  • jp..hit the nail on the head
    Smith blew this and he looks like an ass despite the propoganda he is feeding the players.

  • This is more and more starting to sound like how our US Government acts and behaves.. All this bloviating and grandstanding about this issue, that issue and what should be done ,etc,etc, and then when Congress presents a new Bill, no one reads or knows the fine details, then the Bill becomes Law after being signed by the POTUS and a month later, all the Politicans use the excuse, well, I haven’t read the entire Bill and wasn’t aware of this or that…bunch of yahoo’s…

  • Navy I agree…How was this a fast one? Someone had to vote first…What’s ridiculous is when you listen to the players reaction because kids that pick their boogers in pre school sound more educated that them..

    “The owners are slipping things into the agreement. Their full of BS! Us players havn’t even read the agreement yet to vote.”

    How does that makes sense? If you havn’t read the thing how do you know what was put in it. Here’s an idea, stopping getting on espn 1st and 10 or tweeting every minute of your life and sit down and read the damn thing so you can actually vote so we can all have football. The owners said they were going to vote yesterday and they did so why is that a shock?

    The TRUTH is the players don’t want to go to training camp (even tho the owners cut down on it). The players don’t want to play in preseason games (even tho it will loose millions for them too). So they are going to drag this out as long as they possibly can..I wonder what happened to “just let us play”.

  • Pman pulls out the bloviating! I will be in Western NC weekend of the Aug 20th – can you get the temp/humidity down to 75F/50% or so

    Pheags – remember Mike Quick used to have a contract ‘issue’ every season that suddenly was resolved around the day training camp ended…

    someone correct me if I am wrong here – wasn’t all the negotiating done under the auspices (sorry – I am gonna lose Phillywill, songs and a few others here – must remember small words…) of a federal court mandated arbiter??

  • I will try to get with te Weather Gods before you make you trip down Navy..
    Bloviating is a word that probably applies to me most of the time, but I figured what the heck, throw it out there once in a while… ha ha

  • The funny part in this entire thing is the players that have said the “owners are trying to add extra things” have also said in the same breath that they didn’t even see the deal the owners voted on. That doesn’t even make sense.

  • There’s a huge disconnect between the players and the people leading them in these negotiations. The ones leading the negotiations seems to be telling the players things without actually giving them details. As a player, how can you come out and say the owners are trying to trick you into signing a bad deal and you haven’t even read the deal? Your lawyers just want more money and the veteran players don’t want to go to training camp. Someone had to vote, and the owners voted. Not it’s your turn. Read the proposal and vote. But don’t spew off when you have 0 details.

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