• August 19, 2022

Observations From Eagles-Ravens

– It was only one drive, but it was good to see the first team offense move the ball without DeSean Jackson or Jeremy Maclin in the lineup. Jason Avant and Riley Cooper came up with 20 and 42 yard receptions. Cooper showed great concentration on his reception, adjusting to well to a ball that was a little underthrown, and following through and securing the reception despite coming down a little awkwardly.

– New offensive tackle Ryan Harris had some trouble against the Baltimore pass rush. He didn’t allow a sack on Michael Vick, but struggled against his assignments (particularly Terrell Suggs), leading to Vick being hurried on some plays. He’ll need to improve drastically if he wants to remain the starter when Winston Justice returns.

– The first team defensive line may have been the most impressive aspect of the game. The defensive lineman were very active, and constantly made their presences known against the Baltimore starters. As a group, they consistently overwhelmed the Baltimore offensive line against the run, and the pass. They sacked Joe Flacco once, and forced him into quick throws on several occasions. They were also a big reason that running back Ray Rice was held to just seven yards on five carries.

– New defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins was active and disruptive. He was involved on several several stops that held the Ravens to little or no gain. He delivered a crushing hit on Flacco several plays into the game.

– Darryl Tapp had a particularly strong game. The former Seahawk looked quick and strong, and recorded two sacks in the game. Tapp didn’t contribute until late in the season in 2010, but he was a player that Eagles were high on, and he may be the next defensive end to flourish under Jim Washburn.

– It appeared that linebacker Jamar Chaney was the guilty party on the swing pass to Ray Rice that went for 27 yards and set up a Baltimore field goal. Chaney completely missed Rice coming out of the backfield, and by the time he realized it, Rice was already gone.

– It was a quiet night for new middle linebacker Casey Matthews, but with the defensive line stealing the show, there wasn’t much of an opportunity for the rookie to make plays.

– The fact that Vince Young attempted only five passes shows the limited understanding of the playbook he currently has. Hopefully Young will be able to make dramatic strides with the offense between now and the regular season. Michael Vick has only lasted a full season once in his career, so it seems likely that the Eagles will need Young at some point this season.

– Chad Hall had a strong game, recording five catches for 82 yards. There’s a place for Hall somewhere in the league, but it may not be with the Eagles once Maclin and Steve Smith get healthy. Either way, he’s going to make it as difficult as possible for the team to release him.

– Jaiquawn Jarrett did a good job on his interception of Tyrod Taylor in the second quarter. The rookie read the eyes of Taylor as the play developed, putting himself in position to make the interception.

– Mike Kafka still has a lot of learning to do. He panicked when faced with pressure, and forced a poor throw into coverage, resulting in an interception.

– Defensive tackle Derek Landri had a nice game. He got a chance to play with the first team, and pressured Joe Flacco into an incomplete pass. He used a good spin move to get around his blocker on the play. Later in the game, Landri kept track of Tyrod Taylor, and sacked him before he was able to escape and run.

– The NFL needs to rethink their new rules regarding kickoffs. What they’ve done is really take away from an exciting element in the game. Its a shame.

– Why challenge the Jason Avant reception in the endzone on the first drive of the game? The idea of the preseason isn’t to defeat the other team, but to grind the team into football shape for the regular season. The extra rep on the goalline was more valuable to the team than it would have been if they had reversed the call.

Denny Basens

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  • Why did they challenge it? Did Herm Edwards not teach you anything?

  • dion lewis was very impressive hes a very powerful runner

  • The D-line is definitely sick. They all had a great game.

    And its a shame that Chad Hall and possibly Colt Anderson won’t make the team because of numbers. They both showed a lot last night.

    I’m surprised by the Kafka bashing today. I got a different sense from watching last night. I thought he showed good poise and confidence and a good understanding of the offense. He had 2 bad passes, one of which was intercepted, but overall I thought he did a nice job for a 3rd string QB.

    I know its early but I was not impressed with the right side of the o-line. I thought Watkins and Harris struggled quite a bit. I’m hopeful that they’ll work out those kinks by Sept 11 though.

  • A Good solid perfomance for 1st game out and the Eagles have not played all that well the last few years in their opening Pre-Season games so Fans are excited .. If they could have converted in the Red-Zone in the 1st Half a couple of time, then I would have felt a lot better about the perfomance.. but considering the limite time together and all the new parts on bothg sides of the ball, the energy, execution was pretty good by the 1st and 2nd teamers..

  • Man, tough crowd for a first game/scrimmage.
    Kafka played well and better than some other QBs out there yesterday.
    Kinda like Jeff Garcia and a good player for the city.
    He has the playbook down, now as a 3rd string player he works on his mechanics and arm strength.
    The guy has no pressure and there’s no reason to grade him tough.
    He moved the chains and got the ball out quickly for the most part.

    New faces brings some unknowns.
    Just because we didn’t put up 42 in a preseason game doesn’t mean we have to bash left and right. (yeah that’s right, I’m talking to you pessimists out there)

  • Cullen Jenkins was wreaking all kinds of havoc in the backfield; he is a load to handle. Babin/Cole good pairing. The front four is more active and going to allow more freedom for the LB’s. Washburn’s scheme is so overwhelmingly more effective than Rory Segrest’s and McDermott’s… not remotely close.

  • C Jenkins will be as important to this Defense as signing CB Asmo was..
    Jenkins will be th glue that molds and pushes this DL to become one of the Tops in the NFL.. I had him ranked as the best All-Around DL available in the Free-Agency market this year and the EAgles got a steal getting him for the Deal that they did..

  • Very good game for the starters. The Dline looks very very strong. I like how JimW spreads em out. Our little “fastball” guys have more room to work. I want to see how our LB’s can (or cant) jam the run with all this room though.

    I was glad to see the birds run more. I think this will help out both our Wr’s and our D this year (as if they would actually do this).

    The new kicker did well- big lights, big crowd- not bad for the rook.

    I love the swagger. This D walks with chest, havent seen that in YEARS.

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