• August 19, 2022

Eagles Difficult Roster Special Teams Decisions

The Eagles will rely on rookies to lead their Special Teams this season. The special teams decision will be affected by the change in rules concerning kickoffs. Players like Eldra Buckley and Colt Anderson are not as valuable because so many kickoffs go out of the end zone, especially with a strong legged kicker like Alex Henery.

Alex Henery, Chas Henry, Jon Dorenbos, Johnny Lee Higgins – Of course rookie Henery will replace Pro Bowler David Akers as the team’s kicker and rookie punter Chas Henry will take over for very Sav Rocca as the punter. They both have very strong legs, but they haven’t kicked in the bad East coast weather in the winter. They must show they can do under the pressure.

Veteran Dorenbos remains the team’s field goal snapper and punt snapper. Henry will hold for Henery and they’ll will back each other up at their respective positions.

The coverage teams aren’t looked upon the same way so Buckley and Anderson aren’t as likely to make the football team. I could see the Birds using that extra special teams spot for a punt returner rather than a coverage guy.

Wide receiver Johnny Lee Higgins and cornerback Jorrick Calvin will battle it out for this punt return position. The Birds don’t want to have to rely on DeSean Jackson to return punts all the time, so Higgins and Calvin will get the chance to return punts.

I see Higgins with somewhat of an advantage right now, but you never know.


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  • Don’t count out Sinorice Moss if he can show something in the last game.
    Not saying I want him, but they put him back there last week.
    I don’t like having Dorenbos year in and year out, but I guess as long as he keeps i clean and it’s not a problem for us, then he is worth the spot.

  • I think Higgins has been disapointment as a Return man/5th WR option..
    I don’t see why they can’y utilize a Dion Lewis as a Punt Returner/Kick-off Return man… With the injuries along the OL and the fact that Washburn likes to platy 7-8 DL in games.. They can better used this important Roster spot with a Dion Lewis or even a DCR on returns and especially since it appears that Kick-off returns will be limited with new rule kicking off from the 35 yard line which will create a lot more touchbacks…

  • or even a Steve Smith or a Chad Hall on returns too..

  • Andre Gurode was cut be the Cowboys WE NEED HIM NOW!!!!! SIGN SEALED DELIVERED!!!

  • Considering DeSean Jackson chooses to avoid contact right now, Jeremy Maclin is 15lbs. lighter still with and unknown medical issue, thus more susceptible to injury the Birds are going to need Smith, possibly more than for 3rd downs. I’m pretty sure Chad Hall is done. RBs are overloaded, WRs are overloaded and even the returner position is overloaded before considering him.

  • Butch, Maclin said himself that he’s back up to weight and that reports of his weight loss were off by many weeks – he lost weight a while back and gained it back by the time he was on the sidelines at camp. I don’t see based on what they said why Maclin would be more susceptible to injury. They ruled out anything serious from a Oncology/Hematology standpoint.

  • No way Vricchini,
    Gurode is another overweight,slow player who is prone to injuries as he’s gotten older adn does not fit the mold that Coach Mudds wants on his O/Line..
    Watch the Bears or possibly the Raiders go after him…

  • This Mudd character is nuts!!!!!!!

    He is starting Kelce because he looks like Jeff Saturday.

    What a sicko.

  • guys google a picture of Saturday then put it next to Kelce.

    This Mudd guy is crazy

  • I agree. This Mudd guy is making my shit list so far. I think Danny Watkins will do well eventually but Kelce im not feeling so much. Gurode is proven made the probowl 5 times.

  • Songs and Vr – If Mudd makes this OL very effective by midseason and you guys are still complaining about trivial sh*t that has nothing to do with the bottom line – does the line protect/make passing lanes/make holes for running game – then you will hear it from me.

    Mudd’s job is not to make fans happy during preseason. It’s not to look normal and avoid affirmative action public relation conspiracies HIS JOB IS TO MAKE THE OL PLAY WELL AND THE BODY OF WORK THAT QUALIFIES FOR HIS PERFORMANCE REVIEW HAS YET TO BEGIN

  • Schiller if Vick is killed and on injured reserve before midseason what good is it if they gel midseason?

  • songs – The answer to your question is then it will mean better protection for the backup and Vick next season. If you want perfection right now, find a way to commit suicide – otherwise you’ll have to live on earth in the world, where on demand perfection is a fantasy. If Vick gets a big injury (god forbid) early in the year and it’s due to poor OL play, not him running down the field or whatnot, then we can all certainly say that this Mudd/OL project didn’t work out for this season. But if he’s able to hang in there – was are OL better last year? – then perhaps this OL comes together at somepoint this year.

  • Mudd is doing exctly what he was hired to do and that was do a complete makeover of the Eagle OL which for years was able to hide behind their weakness due to having mobile QB ‘s Vick,McNAbb and even Garcia during his short time in Philly..The days of big, overweight, out of shape which end up getting injured more often, OL are gone, and I for one am glad…

  • I think if Vick gets a big injury it is not just the OL fault. He has to know if the blitz is coming. The great qbs do. Aikman got sacked 9 times early in his career but he later seen the blitz coming a mile away. Cutler with an OL or without one still sucks. Let’s hope Vick sees the blitz coming and he can dump it off quickly like Aikman did.

  • Schill …listen..We’er the same guys who said the Eagles were crazy going into last season without addressing the center position..and you guys were on here saying the same crap.. Claiming Mcglynn would step up after Jamaal Jackson was rushed back only to get injured for the season again.

    Where the hell is Mcgylnn now?

    All you guys here said he would be good…He’s no where to be found.

    We also said last offseason that Justice was garbage…it never was addressed..he gets beat awfully in the season opener, was atrocius against chicago and Minny, and couldn’t block wind in the playoffs……

    Yet you guys think we are over the top?

    Everyone and their mother knew we needed a RIGHT TACKLE for Vick;s blindside.

    What we do?

    Draft a 27 year old fireman in the 1st round to play right guard.

    Looking at Watkins this preseason have been disheartening… Nothing stands out with this guy, and he outright gets beat often. He looks like a bad 4th rounder and if he was a 4th rounder …he would be cut.

    We are upset because everyone see the problems yet Andy ignores them.

    There’s only one reason Kelce is playing center,,,His face looks like Jeff Saturday… I think Howard Mudd is Gay.

    Mudd…Sounds like he’s been playing in the “back” yard.

  • Songs – You sir, react WAY too quickly. You are a simple person – you see something and react immediately. You don’t think about the context. If you put messed up makeup on Natalie Portman (or whoever, insert a beautiful woman) and put her in a fat suit – will she look ugly? Ok then, but would it be wise to pass up a date with her?

    Do you know the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ – do you completely ignore that wisdom? Or do you think it’s BS?

    You say “There’s only one reason Kelce is playing center,,,His face looks like Jeff Saturday… I think Howard Mudd is Gay.” – wow – that is perhaps the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard. There’s another reason that you sir just are so dumb, you can’t fathom it – A REKNOWNED OFFENSEIVE LINE GURU THINKS THE KID CAN PLAY.

    Man, nothing could make your post seem less credible or more stupid than you ending it with gay slurs – your logic – a certain coach thinks a certain player should play – therefore he has sexual feelings for him. By that logic, there are 32 head coaches in the NFL right now who have sexual attraction to over 1700 players. How old are you man? You better clean up your act or your 9th grade homeroom teacher is gonna be all over you when you start classes next week.

  • No real surprise here.. I am glad and wish Kelce the best of luck,
    I realliy like the makeover of this Eagle OL, It;s time for the Eagles to become quicker,more athletic instead of these heavy,out of shape and poort conditioned big OL of the past.. Even J Peters looks like he’s slimmed down some..
    I think J JAckson days are numbered as an Eagle.. I expect to see McGlynn get some snaps vs the Jets and be groomed as a back-up to Kelce..

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