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Lee Stays Hot, Guides Phillies To Third Straight Win

Cliff Lee has been nothing short of spectacular in the month of August. Entering Wednesday’s game against the Reds, the lefthander was 4-0 with an ERA of 0.58. He had allowed just two runs in 31 innings during the month. It would be the first time that the All-Star has pitched in eight days as a result of several rainouts the team received over the weekend.

Lee wasn’t bothered in the list by the extra time off, and served as the anchor in a 3-0 victory over the Reds. He lasted 8.2 innings, missing an opportunity for his elusive sixth complete game shutout of the season. He recorded the first two outs of the ninth inning quickly, but gave up a double to Joey Votto, walked Jay Bruce, and hit Miguel Cairo, prompting Charlie Manuel to make a change to Ryan Madson, who was able to strand the bases loaded to earn the save.

Lee was extremely efficient (which is saying a lot considering his normal standards). Five of Lee’s innings were 1-2-3 innings. He threw no more than 16 pitches through the first eight innings. He allowed six hits, struck out seven, and walked one batter.

As sharp as Lee was, he was helped along by some strong play from his defense. In the fourth inning, Joey Votto struck out swinging, and Carlos Ruiz was able to gun down Dave Sappelt, who was attempting to steal second. In the fifth inning, Chase Utley made a poor throw that went over the head of Ryan Howard, but Ruiz got to the ball quickly enough to throw out Ramon Hernandez on his way to second base.

The Phillies offense got Lee an early lead, when Ryan Howard drove in his 103rd run of the season in the first inning, scoring Shane Victorino on an RBI groundout. The offense had a chance to blow the game open in the second inning, but failed to capitalize on the opportunity. Reds starter Dontrelle Willis loaded the bases with just one out in the inning, but poor, impatient at-bats from Victorino and Placido Polanco put an end to the threat.

The Phillies would add a couple of runs later in the game. Hunter Pence hit a solo homerun to leadoff the sixth inning, and Chase Utley would pick up an RBI groundout in the seventh inning.

Though the offense wasn’t able to cash in on some of their stronger opportunities in the game, they gave themselves plenty of chances for runs, and were able to do enough to properly support Lee in this game. The hitters approached Willis patiently for the most part, and drew five walks off of the lefthander in the game.

The Phillies have now won three in a row, and will attempt to go for a four-game sweep of the Reds tomorrow afternoon when Vance Worley will oppose Mike Leake.

Player Of The Game: Cliff Lee

Cliff Lee didn’t let the eight-day layoff bother him at all, and turned in an excellent performance. Though he wasn’t able to finish the job in the ninth inning, he kept the Reds baffled throughout the game, and was the most important piece in this victory. It was the 10th start this season that Lee has not allowed a run. He earned his 15th win of the season, and completed an incredible month of August.

Denny Basens

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September 1, 2011 6:24 am

Lee is on a roll. Cooch has done this the last few years he is hot at the end of the season. Right hand pitchers are in trouble when the face us. Would love to move Utley and break up him and Howard against lefties. Move Pence to 3rd and Mayberry to 5th, Utley 6th. Valdez, love watching him play. I hope its a open competion with Worley and Oswalt. I think Worley hs earned the 4th spot in the post season. The platooning of Ibanez and Mayberry is perfect. Hopefully Polanco can get hot. Victorino should stay at top of lineup.

September 1, 2011 10:11 am

Dag, Worley is average. He hasnt earned a spot over a hall of fame pitcher, who is still pitching very well. Are you crazy? Worley has average stuff. He is smoke and mirror city. He wouldnt last 3 innings in a post season game. Come on bro.

September 1, 2011 11:41 am

Here’s the Comparison for 2011 Stats between Worley & Oswalt

Worley – 16 Starts 98 Innings, 9-1 WL Record 7.6 K/Per 9 Innings 2.65 ERA
Oswalt – 17 Starts 98 Innings, 6-8 WL Record 5.7K/Per 9 Innings 3.77 ERA

Worley has 83 Strike-outs given up 32 Base on balls and 6 HR’s
Oswalt has 62 Strike outs, given up 23 Bases on balls and 7 HR’s

and maybe the most telling statistic
Worley has given up only 78 hits in his 98 Innings
Oswalt has given up 115 hits in his 98 Innings

I think Charlie is a Coach who lives in the now and I hope goes with Worley as the #4 Pitcher and utilizes Oswalt out of the bullpen for Worley deserves it
and though Oswalt has had a great Career, I would go with the most consistent of the 2 which has been Worley no doubt..

September 1, 2011 12:55 pm

I don’t think that there is going to be a 4th spot in the playoffs unless they are up 3-0 in a series. There are generally enough days off so that your top 3 can pitch all of the games. Worley and Oswalt will have to be in the bullpen.

And Goat, who has been the more effective pitcher this year? There is still a month left in the season, but it has been Worley. By your rationale, the phils should go with Lidge instead of Bastardo or Stutes.

September 1, 2011 1:08 pm

The 4th PItcher is usually needed for the Championship Series somewhere along the line for a Start..
1st Sereis best of 5, Championship Series best of 7 as is the WOrld Series
but a lot depends on who the early series go, and if there are any weather/rain outs,etc,etc..

September 1, 2011 1:15 pm

I agree with Bugsy — unless we’re on the verge of a sweep, we won’t see a 4th pitcher — or at least I hope thats the case.

Let Halladay, Lee, Hamels dominate this postseason and lets get ready for the party on Broad. Hopefully a little better/safer than the last party.

September 1, 2011 1:27 pm

You are right Pman. I thought that they added an extra day but the championship series and the WS game 4s would both only provide 3 days rest for the game 1 starter.

With that being the case, if they make it to the CS and WS and if I was Charlie, I would decide who I thought would be best outta the pen and then start the other guy. Regardless of who it is. Knowing how loyal he is to his players,.if they make it to the WS, he will probably start one in the CS and the other in the WS.