• July 7, 2022

Eagles Bring Back Joselio Hanson And Let Trevard Lindley Go

The Eagles resigned cornerback/nickel back specialist Joselio Hanson and released second-year cornerback Trevard Lindley. This was as no-brainer once the eight year pro, Hanson and the Eagles agreed to a new contract.

Hanson said five teams showed interest but nobody wanted to step up and make a move, so re-signed here. Of course the familiarity is a plus and something he acknowledged as a reason for him coming back.

Reid said he had no agreement with Hanson about them resigning him if he couldn’t find something some where else. According to the head coach, it was a matter of he and Howie Roseman deciding to keep another veteran player.

Reid said he hasn’t made a decision yet about Hanson playing on nickel.

I expect to put him in there right away because he’s their best nickel back if they need somebody to blitz or make tackles on running backs when teams try to run on the nickel defense. Having Hanson around will allow them to mix it up with their personnel. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Nmandi Asomugha are still getting used to playing that nickel position. Hanson has it mastered already.

I think Lindley needs to go to a cover two defense where he can fit in best. He’s a physical player, who could do a good job of jamming receivers and forcing running plays. The young man wasn’t very quick in grasping his defensive assignments.


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  • Wonder if Sean McDermott feels any better, remember it was reported that his scheme’s were too complicated for the young LIndley to pick-up.. and now a year later is a more basic Defense (Stated by Castillo) Lindley gets beat out and loses a Rost Spot.. These 2010 Draft Selections are falling off the radar fast
    (Graham/Allen/Teo/LIndley to name a few disappointments .. I am not sold on TE Harbor or WR Cooper either… I do like Coleman/Chaney are players for sure Kafka & Clayton have potential to contribute..

  • common paul, you can’t lump graham in there, he was injured, not underperforming (when you factor in the Segrest/Sean Mac stuff)

  • Paulman I agree….Moss had the best preseason of all the recievers including Cooper.

    If he was what the Eagles suspected he would be, why the Eagles pick up a reciever Steve Smith ?

    Last year’s draft is starting to look terrible.

  • songs, preseason isn’t everything.

  • Schill…Graham could not crack the starting lineup before he was injured.


  • Graham was a rotational player at best last season before his injury and to be honest, if he was Healthy this summer and Pre-seaon, I bet the only player he would have outplayed was TEO off this present DL ..

  • songs – so half a rookie season in a dysfunctional defense that got both the line coach and the coordinator fired makes a bust!? HELL no. If he comes back healthy and thrives in the Washburn system within the next year or two, he’s not bust. Period

  • Songs, when you are or were dating (who know’s mabye someone married you)…. did you buy a girl a drink, and then by the second drink if you didn’t have a orgasm and a fiance, did you tell her forget it and move on to another girl?

  • Agreed Paulman. I was touting Coleman last presaeason as being better that Allen. I thought his play tailed off a little at the end of the year but he clearly is better than Allen. Alllen does nothing well. You watch Graham and he is what he is. Another small stocky player who is the 6th best DE on this team. Im just so tired of 1st round reaches. Take friggin Earl Thomss take Gabe Carini. If we miss on them I can live with that. Just like Mcdougal he was highlly rated. I can live with a bust like that.But the Jon Harris of the world. I just cant.

  • dag – Graham was rated as the top DE in the draft. I don’t understand how you don’t remember that. And you know who spoke the world of him? Jim Washburn. I don’t get the hate on that kid. He was not seen as a reach in the slightest bit.

  • Scouts were all over the board with Graham from what I recall..
    Most have him as the Top #1 Pass-Rusher as a 3-4 OLB (like in the Steelers/Ravens scheme comparable to Harrison and Suggs)
    And in the Top #5-#6 as a hands down, 3 Point aStance pure DE in a 4-3 scheme.. His short arms and his inability to shed blocks is what I see as he biggest problem and his lack of Cardio-Vasucular conditioning which was very eveident last year, I’vesaid this 100 times, but I never saw and athlete who is as big and in shape as he, get so winded so quick..I really thing he has a breathing problem somewhere which makes him poop out and have to come out only after a few plays.. When he returns and plays again, go check this on his and keep an eye on his breathing.. I noticed this all season last yar and not just as he was getting into football shape last July but all season long and it concerns me moving forward.. I think he’s simply a good rotational player who will slide in to J Parker’s role next Season and beyond but not ever be that dominating type of penetrating DE that many had hoped for..

  • Everybody, with knowledge (Mayock, Didinger, NFL Network, ESPN), all said Graham was undersized, & should be drafted as a stand up 3-4 LB. So what do they do his first game, play half his snaps at DT. f*ing idiots! That is square peg in round hole Andy, at his tricks. He knows better than everyone, don’t you all know that!? It’s his world & we just live in it. Bringing back Hanson, just adds to the laundry list, that this regime is inept, don’t know what the f@#k they are doing, & are past their expiration date! We will never win with this regime! Period, end of story!

  • This was an easy call once we picked up Nnamdi and DRC. Their acquisitions negated Lindley’s biggest asset, his size. They made him COMPLETELY expendable.

  • i never liked hanson….he is a good for nothing tool

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