• August 14, 2022

Effects Of Lockout: Bevy Of Free Agents, But Vick Still Struggling With Blitzes

The Eagles have played two games in their 2011-12 NFL schedule and we have seen the effects of the lockout in a positive way and in a negative way. Most Eagles fans may only see the good players that have been added because lockout, but there also was a bad thing that occurred and it involved the most important player on our football team.

The positive affect of the lockout on the Eagles has been the bevy of free agents they have been able to sign. They have added Pro Bowl level players like Nmandi Asomugha, Cullen Jenkins, Jason Babin, and Steve Smith because of the opportunity that was created by the negotiation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the lockout.

Asomugha is still getting comfortable in the new defense but we’ve seen some of his coverage skills and his ability take wide receivers out of the opposition’s game plan. He picked off a pass on Sunday.

Defensive tackle Jenkins has recorded three sacks which has been about how many sack Brodrick Bunkley had over the past three years. He’s definitely going to be a factor the rest of the way and he’ll help the defensive ends put pressure on the quarterback.

Defensive end Jason Babin has already recorded three sacks and he’s brought an aggressiveness to the team that’s been needed for a while now.

Steve Smith is back on the field much earlier than Tom Coughlin and the Giants predicted. He’s going to be a great addition as the season continues.

They are a much better football team especially on the defensive side because of the people they were able to add after the lockout ended.

The negative side of the lockout involves Michael Vick and all the OTA’s and mini-camps, which were missed.

As I expected when the lockout was occurring, the months in which Vick was separated from Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg has hurt him. It has slowed his progress as a quarterback. They emphasized working against the blitz in training camp, but the camp only went on for a couple of weeks. That’s no time at all when you think about all the time that was missed during the lockout.

Vick still needs to get much better at recognizing blitzes. He’s getting hit too much when he’s in the pocket and when he’s out of the pocket. I know this offensive line is struggling at times, but Vick continues to hold the ball too long and get hit much too often.

Teams are blitzing him consistently because that is the weakest part of his game. If he had spent the entire off season with Reid, Mornhinweg and quarterback Doug Pederson working every day on recognizing and adjusting to blitzes he would be much further along and he would be making defenses pay more from blitzing him.

The injury which Vick sustained in the Falcons game was because of blitzing safety William Moore. He beat the block of Eagles running back LeSean McCoy. He swung Vick to the ground and the quarterback’s head inadvertently hit the shoulder pads of right tackle Todd Herremans.

It was a freak accident but the reason the accident happened was because of the blitz. The reason it happened was because yet another defender got to the chance to put a hit on Vick. I think this will continue to happen until Vick masters recognizing and adjusting to blitzes.


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  • If you put a man in as many passing situations as Andy and Marty the QB will get hit. Donovan got hit, Mike is getting hit, Kevin got hit. It’s not the blitz, it’s the play calls. Teams are blitzing because they know we won’t run. I just want to see one game where we commit to running the ball. This team is a work in progress and will get better week to week.

  • Chuck, I agree totally. Even if Vick get’s rid of the ball he will still get hit on blitzes. The play that he was injured on, he stayed in the pocket and released the ball and still got hit. QBs get hit on pretty much every drop back. The more you pass, the more you get hit, especially if you don’t run the ball to at least keep the other team honest and delay their rush.

  • How about using the 2000-2009 playbooks and dig out the screen pass to make the defense pay for aggressively blitzing the QB? Brown & McCoy arent Westbrook, but they are pretty good receivers. Considering the perceived O-Line weaknesses combined w/ Vick’s blitz recognition issues, this seems like a no brainer. Dump the trick plays and run plays to minimize your shortcomings.

  • This injury was just a fluke play like 50% of all the injuries in the NFL..
    It’s nothing you can do it about when you have 22 Super Atlheltes running,blocking,throwing,Tackling going all out on every play.. It’s a shame but to point blame and play the old “woulda, coulda, shoulda’s” doesn’t mean anything to me, He got hurt, he will miss a game or 2 anf the team needs to move on.. Did anyone feel sympathy fo the Giants when the lost CB Prince and Thomas for the season or the dozens of players who have had serious injuries throughtout the NFL… This is why this Sport is a battle of attrition and the Championship Teams have a couple of things in common,
    Solid players and Quality Depth, Good Coaching and a little Luck along the way…

  • lots of gimmicks sunday night. y wont they just go out and play the flipping game? y be so cute? why not use a power I once in a while and try and jam it down their throats?

  • kcruel- i agree with you- only prob is…. we tried some screens to WR’s on sunday and they were sniffed out pretty good. But- i agree…. lets do more stuff to mcCoy

  • I don’ believe Vick has that ‘Innate” time clock in his head about backside rushes.. SOme QB’s do (Brady,Big Ben, Brees, etc,etc,) and some don’t and Yes they can work on pre-snap coverages,tendancies,etc,etc, but Vick does not and probably will never have that 6th Sense that he’s in danger.. He and most others just don’t have that part of the game where that instinctive anticipation of knowing where the pass rush is and this is “Special Skill” is what truly separates the Good QB’s from the Great QB’s but I don’t believe it is a learned trait of skill once the ball is snapped, you either have it or you don’t , Montana,Fouts,Marino and QB’s of today like Brady,Rodgers & Brees seem to have that “natural feel” around in the pocket, Vick never has and probably never will and I don’t expect him to change all that much from what he has done over his career which is when all else fails, make plays with his legs…It is what it is and you just have to accept that and call plays that use his “special skill set” that most NFL QB don’t have and thats his escapability,running and stretching plays out ..

  • The biggest thing that disappointed me about the EAgles game plan (besides Vick getting hurt) was the reliance of way too many plays on the outside perimeter of the Falcons Defense.. Their Defense is very similar to the Eagles
    (Fast,Athletic but Small) and by having gadget plays, the stretch runs outside of the tackles, WR Screens plays right into the strength of the Falcon Defense. When the Eagles attacked the middle of their Defense with quick traps, Power rushes, Crossing routes, the TE’s down the seam (though Celek dropped it) the Eagles had success..
    Way to many gadget plays and especially in the Red-Zone where against speed Defenses or almost every Defense in the NFL, they simply are not going to work, down within the 20-25 Yard line, you have to attack adn get upfield in a hurry, you are not going to outsmart,outrun NFL Defenders when they have a limited amount of space to cover… Eagles best chance is spreading them out wide with 3-4 WR’s and then quick trap plays up the middle or slants, crossing routes, etc,etc,…

  • wow – some decent football conversation on this string –

    Notes – Vick did not get ‘hit’ on the play he got hurt, he was grabbed and spun around – if Todd Hermanns wasn’t standing there – Vick would have watched the rest of the play – people are acting like he got crunched.

    Eagles used to bring in a 3 second clock for Randall C to help him develop that internal clock – possiblity?

    Steveo – disagree – I think the WR screen (a question I asked many times last week) worked very well last week – I think they completed all of them and gained positive yardage on all bu one. Issue was when Kafka was in the Eagles went conservative and the Falcons were all over that last one on 3-3 to ake it 4rth and 4. I think Maclin scored on a WR screen with some EXCELLENT downfield blocking my Peters and kelce.

    Big issue with RB screens now is that the DL are being taugth to hit the RB and not let him out, becoming a little more difficlut to set them up. I don’t know how well an RB screen beats a blitz, as the RB usually has to slow down one of the blitzers…… but vick is atletic enough he could pull it off.

    Pman – I love the 4 WR (doubles) and spread the field – this is how I think you beat the blitz – its 7 on 7 in the interior and 4 on 4 on the outside – with our WRs they should kill teams one on one – to double cover then we have a blocker for every pass rusher. Smith and Avant on the inside, Maclin and Jackson on outside – no team has 4 DBs that can cover that – need to call Andy today –

  • As mentioned last week, Vick was the 2nd worst QB in the league taking sacks after 3 seconds. 22 of his 34 sacks last year came when he held the ball longer then 3 seconds. This is of course completely unacceptable in today’s NFL.

    I disagree with what is being said here in the article – That a couple weeks of OTAs would change who Vick is. Its not going to happen. The man is 31 years old and has been playing QB one way his whole life. And some of you on here are hoping (beyond hope) that 2 more weeks of practice is going to change things. Is there any logic to that kind of thinking?

    Chuck and Jdd…if Vick were to get the ball out of his hands when he’s supposed to, he wouldn’t get hit on blitzes….(as much – every QB gets hit – but clearly some more than others)…defenders would pull up or get slapped with a 15.

    Screes aren’t the best answer to the blitz. Backside screens are great for overpersuing Ds, but not the best for Blitz. Hitting the hot WR who is in man-to-man is the best D against the blitz.

    Remember, elite QBs WANT to be blitzed. They shred other teams when the blitz is on. They make a read at the line, recognize what’s coming, find the matchup and exploit it. Vick can’t do this because:

    can’t read D
    holds ball long (by his own admission – wants to make something happen)
    is too short

  • Me Thinks a Brian Westbrook would have blocked that blitzer that McCoy missed

    Not saying they should have signed Westbrook
    Just observing that that was another part of his game where he excelled

  • Vick should be beating blitzes with his legs not arm.. its more efficient and effective if the quartback can do it.. it makes no sense for a guy who can easily run away from a blitz and pick up the first down to sit in the pocket make tough throw for no reason and risk injury.. its just moronic.. why make him one demensional.. its good that he knows how but he know in the back of his mind its not more effecient

  • @rcp1936 dion lewis is a better blocker than mccoy

  • @larrwd, doubt brady/patriots fans agree with you, 500+ yards slicing the blitz with quick reads, one on one, meanwhile, we shipped out a qb we groomed for four years to read blitz, coaches son, and we finally hear from gcobb that vick can;t read a blitz now, but he might figure it out in a couple of weeks or could have if he had otas or full offseason, if you believe that, after ten years of being unable to figure it out, you are just a vick fan for whatever irrational, non-football reason motivates you

  • Vin, thats such a crap stat on vick- he runs with the ball. He is GOING to hold it longer than 3 sec’s. i want him to make quicker choices too but give me a break.

    it is what it is with him. I understand that you dont like him… and thats fine. Not his best stuff the 1st 2 games of the season but lets be real…. a lot of drops-several for TD’s. Alsot of gadgit plays called…. and a lot of junk at LB. You cant put that all on him. YES he needs to tuck that ball in. YES… he has many turnovers (even if they arent really turnovers), but the man is not nearly as bad as you make it seem.

  • Stevo….crapstat? What’s running got to do with it? I said he had the second highest % of sacs with ball over 3 seconds in the NFL last year. Second only to Josh Johnson.

    Not his best stuff the first 2 games? What you saw the last 2 games is EXACTLY “his stuff”. Its been his stuff since high school.

    I understand I don’t like him and keep fining mountains of evidence to prove his deficiiencies….and I understand that you guys love him, and will ignore all the evidence in front of you, ’cause he “makes plays”

    Larrwd. Use those legs. Run it up. Such a successful NFL quarterbacking style. Just reams of examples of championship QBs who played the game like the proverbial chicken with their head cut off. Scramble it up….no way a good D can beat that. Why don’t you guys go watch a flag football game of something.

    Keep hammering Jake….they’ll see the light sometime soon….mid-season methinks….

  • Im gunna be saying this alot, so get ready for it because im tired of this crap on here. I have to say that as a lifelong eagles fan who has moved away from the area- i think its crazy how we eat our own. You people care more about being right about the 1993 3rd round pick than you do about the Eagles. Your not a fan of the birds…. you are a fan of seeing your own ignorance show up on this blog.

    If you want Kevin Kolb- become a fan of the cards.
    If you want Dawk back- check out denver.
    If you want Dmac- come visit me here in MN

    Time to get over it you crying babies. I havemt liked all the trades and let goes either but grow up. Its football.

  • Btw- vinnie, i dont love him. Not at all… but im not blind to think he sucks either and im not going to get excited everytime he fails just so i can look a little smarter on here.Do you morons understand that you are roooting against the eagles? does that eve cross your minds? I dont agree with Paulman much of the time but at least he’s not rooting for the crap he posts. I watched Vick take us far last year with a pretty bad team and im going to back him as my qb.

  • and your stat Vinnie IS crap because in this style of O, qb taking off… deep throws….. stuff like that… you need more than 3 secs. Im not saying i like this style but it is what it is. I want there to be quicker reads but thats NOT WHAT ANDY CALLS.

  • stevo, it is not about ego, or vindication if we are right, its about a deep seeded belief that this coach, now with this type of quarterback, will not get it done, especially come crunch time, and its not just the qb, its the littany of other problems others have addressed, this is a blog where eagles fans can give opinions, we have decided that we cannot invest our passion into this coach, the philosophy, the qb, and the other problems, but we still lhave passion for the eagles, so we vent,and we think about what could be, and vent some more, not because we are “haters”, we have a different vision of what will be

  • Jake you’re not a fan at all….Real Eagle fans are LOYAL….a word you know nothing about dumbass…and thats all I got to say to your punk ass!

    Vinnie only comes on this site to talk about Vick, and nit pick…News Flash, how many INT”s did P Manning throw last season, how about Brees? how about every QB besides Tom Brady? Yes Vick has to take care of the ball better, but if you watched the game and didnt notice how well he played in the pocket you’re a dumb ass! Vinnie, you were a mere 32 yards away from being banned from this site too 63% 275 yards, easy to see he was going to be well over both…had he not got hurt, your ass would of been outta here!

  • Good point Jake and Stevo, now that is what i call balanced real talk. Some of that other stuff from last couple weeks and pre-season, just put me in the dumps.

    Nice good comments from both sides, no hate and bile, for the sake of hate and bile.

    Go Eagle Fans!!!

  • nice try jake… it is what it is. I wanted this coach fired years ago but i did not become like you guys. You care more about what u write than u do about them wining. truth hurts dude.

  • btw- when your “deep seeded belief” bliinds you from giving credit where its due… then its time to get a new belief… or a cards jersey.

  • jake – “we have a different vision of what will be” – you have a vision of what “WILL” be? So essentially, you believe YOUR guess. Why you guessing about the future? Humans suck at that. All of them. It’s a fact.

    I know i’ve said this many many times and many people get pissed when I do. But Jake – that’s a great example of how your ‘deep seeded belief’ and passion (can’t fault you for passion), lead you to be irrational – thinking you can view the future.

    You have your opinion and we all know you’re entitled to it. But thinking you can view or see the future is foolish – not calling you anything, just saying, it’s nothing more than a confident guess.

  • Schiller do you think Reid has irrational thinking when he visualizes Vick as a pocket QB making the right reads and burning the blitz
    (Kafka seem to have already mastered this) or when Reid expects Matthews to be a Super Bowl MLB when he runs a 4.78 fourty and had the lowest bench press total of linbackers in the combine 13 tied for the lowest 32 was the highest.
    His nose must be clogged because he always seem to attack where there is no ball carrier. Do you think Reid is living his life vicariously through his players because he was big and slow and unable to be a QB.

  • Stevo – why oh why would you want to fire one of the winningest coaches in NFL history fired? Why? Players state outloud, in the paper, that they come to the Eagles sometimes for less money BECAUSE OF REID. Do people really, really so take for granted 10/11 wins a year and the divisional championship that they think the grass is so much greener? wow…..

    On this site its like a badge of honor to see how much vitrol you can spill on your own team and at the same time brag about how you want the coach fired – BASTARD RIED how dare he only get the team to the playoffs 9 times in 12 years – clealry he sucks – only 6 divisional championships FAT LOAD, 5 Conference championship games POS, only 1 trip to SB – disgusting

    cause see, we are tough hard ass Philly fans that don’t settle, our football knowledge is so superior that any of us could run a football organization –
    anyone who thinks this is acceptable performance is a butt reamer…

  • you do realize that there are teams that while Ried has taken the eagles to the playoffs 9 times, haven’t gone to the playoffs.. if there is some magnificent coach that could lead a team to the promised land, why wouldn’t the Bills or the Lions hire that coach? Maybe the Houston Texans are looking at that special someone right now

  • i need no vindication here, i visit this site cause i enjoy the passion of real eagles fans, i respect all opinions, there is a reason why some love reid, vick, i don’t, but i dont’s question your loylty because you do, if i am wrong, well you were right, it makes you no better, likewise if i am right, i am no genius, just had a different pewrspective that turned out the way i saw it, i will watch the games with all the fervor that you do, and hope that i am wrong, but i douibt it, if you can’t handle it screw it, join a church where all havce the same ideology of what akes a good perswon

  • haha, if you can read that last post u must have been at happy hour with jakedog

  • Jake – what is the passion, or the base, or the joy, in tearing down the team? I will use the kid example – you always want your kid to be the best he/she can be, sports, work, school, to be the best. Maybe your kid isn’t great at say, school – d you sit there every night and tell your kid how Fd up his is because he thinks school is stupid and boring, or do you look at the positive things the kid brings to the table and hope he figures the rest out?

    What joy do people calling our #2 pick from 2007 (they happen to be Kolb and Abrami) ass or saying how Fd up Ried is becuase Abrami is always hurt?

    And don’t think that people that belong to the same church don’t fight – should preists marry – women priests – Sunni/shites, orthodox vs Hasidic… on and on.

    Why the need to spill vitrol?

  • Navy Dave, you are not going to win this argument. I have given up, no common sense prevails here. Winning the Super Bowl is not the goal, these people are not going to be happy until somebody is publicly humiliated and sacked for having not won it already. Being an Eagles fan is no longer about rooting for the team, it is about retribution, taken out on the Eagles coaches and front office. I understand you, a few of us get it, maybe it is just about people who have endured Plebe Summer.

  • Navy…Umm….that kid analogy is ridiculous. The people running and playing for the Birds are professional adults who participate in a career that they freely chose. The job comes with the understanding that fans, media, and just about anyone else will question, critique, and often criticize what they do.

    To compare what happens in here, to how people (and I’m assuming you mean Jake and I) might go about raising a child is preposterous. I can assure you, my criticisms of Reid, and especially Vick, have no bearing how I raise my children, who are growing up confident, polite, and well mannered thank you very much.

    Anderson…winning the Superbowl is the only goal. That’s is PRECISELY what frustrates us.

  • But he didn’t make it, did he Real? He did do a great job of handing the ball over to the other team though.

    I write about the QB because he’s the most important guy on the field and has the most influence on the game. What would you prefer me to talk about instead? Perhaps…
    1 – Eagles’ linebackers are terrible
    2 – Andy Reid has never met a timeout he didn’t waste
    3 – McCoy isn’t used enough
    4 – yada yada
    …..what would be the point? Preaching to the choir….just about everyone here agrees with all that…that’s too boring.

    And, if you’ve been payng attention I have been positive about many subjects. Firstly, I loved the Herremans move to tackle. I am surprised by DeVan and think the line could end up being really good. I thought it would take a year+ for them go gel, but they’re putting it together quicker than I thought….McCoy is a beast. Maclin $$. Love the new attacking D-line. Reminds me of late 80s early 90s.

    That being said….I want to see a championship and that isn’t going to happen with the chest puncher Vick at the helm. And I have lost a lot of faith in Reid over the years. Much like Vick, he’s been making the same strange/boneheaded in game mistakes over and over for a decade. Neither of them are going to change.

    If I wasnt a fan of the birds I clearly wouldnt mind that Vick the pretender was the QB. I’d just watch him fumble away another game and say, “ha ha ha, look at the Birds with that clown scrambling around like an idiot.” But I don’t. I don’t laugh watching him bail on play after play, it pisses me off….and I cannot understand why the only other guy that sees this is Jake.

    Here’s some REALTALK
    Eagles vs Falcons
    2010 Eagles have worse O-line, worse D-line, worse secondary, and Desean…. Kolb able to go out there and blow them apart.

    21-7 at half. (and Akers had missed a under 40 FG). TDs on first 2 drives. Put that crappy team away early. Then another big TD early in 3rd to finish them off. Bingo. Spend the whole 4th Q running the ball.with Bunkley. Perfect. One turnover. Falcons scoring with 7 mins left made game look closer than it was. Ripped their hearts out.

    Contrast to 2011 Starship 7 who follows up handoff fumble and Atlanta TD with terrible, selfish, immature, stupid fumble on second passing play after Atlanta TD. Good quarterbacks cannot do this. Ever.

    But game not out of hand. Into half down 14-10. Out of half…first posession and…..whammo pass right into arms of a redshirt. 21-10. Sure sure…birds then rallied back, but game too difficult at that point. Kept a home team alive mid way through 3rd……

    Good QBs can’t play like that. Can’t run around will ball on hip. Can’t throw ball into d on first play of half. Can’t turn ball over 3 str8 posessions. Can’t. Esp on road. Must play safe on road. Not play stupid on road.

    How can anyone think that a QB who responds to a bit of adversity by acting like a highschooler is going to lead the Birds anywhere near the Supe?

    Besides, its soo much fun to rag on the superstar. You guys get so fired up when your hero is criticized…..

  • Really vinnie – you took an analogy and then turned it into a me making a comment about how you raise your kids – that my firend is ridiculus, I was doing it to raise a comparison that is common for almost allof us… and I think it is dead on – but I guess for me, that’s the way I feel about my Eagles.

    and for the record – good for you. I am sure your kids are doing great and i truly wish them the best – nice to hear you teaching politeness and manners – need more of that in the world – good on you and your mrs.

    so then this is about basic civility? You think becuase Ried is a professional, he should expect to be called names and second guessed and told what he should and shouldn’t say at press conferences and what plays he should call and who he should play anddo it all th a smile…..
    And yes winning the Super Bowl is the goal always is, always will be, but guess what – odds are against, always will be. Too many variables, too much need for luck, injuries, bad weather… that’s what makes it so fun.

    Honestly – love the Phillies, always have, but winning the series this year will be like taking the cousin to the prom – what, did you think she was going to say no? We mocked the yankees or always tryinto buy the series – now we did it

  • Big E – thanks for the laughs broseph.

    Do YOU think any of that shit? WOW

    Did Reid say he visualizes Vick doing those things? Nope? (cause he didn’t). So how do you put ‘visualizations’ into his head?

    And Mathews a superbowl MLB expectations? Um, it’s week 3. What MORON would be thinking anything about the superbowl in week 3? Reid is starting the rook there now to develop the kid and see what he can bring. He knows he has Cheney and Jordan who have done it before. And it’s a long season so trades are possible, as is the development of Rolle.

    And living vicariously through the speed players!? That’s rich! Yeah, because speed is not something considered good for the game. NFL teams covet slow players, guys who have really high forty times. “Slowness kills” is the motto that rules the league. The first person to the endzone with the football loses because speed isn’t something coaches should want. OR your point is fricking silly because you’re suggesting the team’s love of fast players is unique, unorthodox and/or misled.

    You’re a funny guy big.

  • Navy that is the debate. if u put Coughlin,Fisher or other coaches in Reid’s spot, what are their results. alot of fans think they also would win 10 games a yr in weak NFC EAST and inheriting a good D. Span of 10 + seasons ,wins add up. Now Reid did keep it going, but misses on key positions like LB are huge. Coughlin has a SB win does that mean he would have 3 or 4 with Eagles. Question is if it is true only Reid would have this Success and not many other coaches, then how long do u wait for a SB?

  • That’s the debate – really – TT5 – well damn – Fisher had his 10+ years – how hat go – Took Cowher almost what 12 – Talk about piss poor late game management – Coughlin punted to Djax…….

    OK getting serious here – this debate can go on forever and ever – Gibbs was a great caoch a HOF coach – but he sucked when he came back for a few year (at last him teams did – why? Gruden took Tony Dungy’s great D and gave it enough of a O to win the SB – but what 5 years later he was fired – Dungy took the great O of Indy and gave it enough of a D (and the benefit of playing th ebears) to win a SB – then left. Shanahan won a couple and then the Broncos went to crap and he was fired…..

    Ried has taken the eagles from garbage and kept them at a high level – I absolutley disagree that any coach could have taken and built a team to stay at the top for ten years… there are maybe 5 or 6.

    Bottom line and the toughest part of the debate TT5 is WHAT THE HELL IS THE CRITERIA – to win a SB – well then hell – barry switzer is an elite coach – now – would you rather have Barry switzer or Bud Grant? Don Coryell or Bud Grant.

    In an intelligent debate, your argument has to hold in all directions you cant say – SB are all that matter and then have someone like Tom Flores whose career record was 97-87 but has two rings? Is he better then Bud Grant How about Buillick – a one shot wonder with a great D – Weeb Eubank was a .500 coach but hey – he took advantage of his shot

    So tell me the debate? What are the grading criteria

  • i believe Reid is good and great in alot of aspects, the trouble is he sucks in some also. One big negative is Reid’s team is never prepared to stop the run come playoff time in 10+ yrs. Some of the coaches would get us over that hump if given a shot. Cause Reid will win 10 this and 11 next yr maybe have a hiccup here and their but in this passing league when someone plays us they will run the ball down our throat like they always have

  • Shanahan won a couple then went to crap yes we Eagle fans would take two SB wins back to back thank u very much. i think Reid had a weak division, Fisher had it pretty tough playing Ravens, Steelers, and Colts twice . Reid had weak skins and cowboys every yr…Gibbs inherited a weak team and owner could have been more patient. that’s why it is huge + to get hired with a good team.

  • Big e,
    I said I “wanted” reid fired. Not “want”. I was wrong. Glad I didn’t get my wish. I wanted him out after the carolina champ game. I was tired of throw throw without wr’s. If u would have followed what I was saying u would have seen that I support this team.

  • no TT5 you would not – right now because you are desperate you would be willing to sell your soul to make a deal – I assure you – not one Denver fan cares that 15 years ago they won – they are more concerned with Tim Tebow verse orton they think there team is a joke – the Raiders, they still can’t beleive Al Davis fired a coach that went 6-0 in the division – the skins….. wow, the cowboy fans – when people bust on Romo they don’t do – oh yeah, well we were great when we had Aikman only two groups of fans I know talk smack – Packers and Steelers. Now you want to change the critera of the debate by classifying the divisons… did anyone care the NFC west was weak when the Cardinals went to the SB and it took two of the greatest plays in SB history for the Steelers to beat them? And if the division was soooo weak – how did the Giants win the SB coming out of this division? SO basically – set the damn ground rules for the ‘debate’ and lets have it – Fisher gets a break becuase he played tougher teams based upon the yet again mythical remebrances that will allow the argument to change

  • oh and tt5 – who is this magical coach? Where is he or she – why hasn’t Houston or Buffalo or Detroit or San Fran hired him???? The Chargers one year went 14-2 and fired Marty Shottenhiemer (sp) to ‘win the super bowl. They then sucked and have been perpetual under achievers since –

    I swear – take the freakin blinders off – look outside your bubble at the other 31 teams in the league – all have the same goals

  • He signed that big contract, now only time will tell if it has made him to comfortable & it makes him revert back to his showtime days! Big plays, no brains! His first 2 games, have been less than memorable. I believe 45% comp %? Now he could possibly miss 2-4 weeks! I’m more perturbed & worried by the black hole in the middle of the DF & the questionable play by the O-Line. I was already right that he would get hurt by week 3. But that didn’t take a genius to figure out.

  • @jakedog the problem is jace dog 1. brady cant run . 2. the offense is totally different the patriots run a short route offense utilizing a 2 tight end west coast offense. here we have small fast wide out tha run deep and spraed the field which give more runnig lanes for a qb especially when you blitz. all the patriots reciever run intermediate routes underneath and across the field. with the eagles offense live and reciever core its just mroe efficient.. By the way desean jackson dropped 3 touchdowns in 2 weeks

  • @ BigE…Tell the whole story
    Reid expects Matthews to be a Super Bowl MLB when he runs a 4.78 fourty
    (13 out of the 32 LB’s invited to the draft ran 4.7 or slower)

    and had the lowest bench press total of linbackers in the combine 13 tied for the lowest 32 was the highest.
    ( Matthews injured his shoulderat the combine doing the bench )

  • Chaney to the iddle- thanks andy. 2 weeks late but we will take it.

  • We’re all in! Joe Banner and Co. To Joe this must mean he has his toes in the water. With all the one year contracts it’s SuperBowl or Bust. How many hard hitters are on defense besides the defensive line. Why is Vick unable to handle the blitz and read defenses after so many years in the league and especially 2 plus years with the great QB maker. Bret Farve’s skills made Andy look good and better than he actually is.

  • Big – Nnamdi not a one year contract. Jenkins not a one year contract. Vick not a one year contract. Babin not a one year contract. Cole not a one year contract. Maclin not a one year contract. Avant not a one year contract. We’re not all in. Not at all. If you say superbowl or bust, what in hell does ‘bust’ mean – we’ll all be unhappy at the end of the season without a superbowl? How is that different than any other year? And our key OL will be around next year, pretty much all the key pieces. If we don’t win it this year, next year will not be sacrificed by this year’s efforts = NOT all in.

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