• August 19, 2022

Eagles Lose A 23-3 Second Half Lead And Fall To The Niners 24-23

This was a horrendous loss by the Philadelphia Eagles to an inferior San Francisco 49ers football team. It may have been the worst regular season defeat of the Andy Reid era. All the coach could say afterwards was that “they need to score more points in the fourth quarter and hold the other team to less points”.

Something major needs to be done on the defensive side of the ball, because for the third week in a row the defense feel apart at the end of the game. They were leading 23-3 in the second half and squandered that lead.

Andy Reid arrived for his post-game news conference he said the following, “Absolutely terrible job by myself and my football team today. When you have the lead in the National Football League, you build on it and you continue to score points, when given the opportunity. In all areas, we were terrible today.”

Realize that the Niners offense had produced a grand total of three touchdowns in three games to begin the season, but in the second half of their battle with the Eagles, they were able to drive the football nearly the length of the field, three times to win the football game.

What in the world was Ronnie Brown doing on that fumble in the goalline? The Eagles don’t have any idea what they’re doing on the goalline. If they could have punched in one of those drives, they would have their second win of the season.

The Eagles felt it was time to rid themselves of the greatest kicker in the franchise’s history, David Akers, and replace him with a rookie, Alex Hennery, and the rookie promptly missed two chip-shots, a 39-yarder and a 33-yarder, with the game on the line.

Nmandi Asomugha, who is supposed to be one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL looked like a rookie getting his first taste of NFL football.

Michael Vick threw the football for 416 yards with two touchdowns, one interception and a 99.5 quarterback rating. He also ran for 75 yards.

DeSean Jackson had a big day catching the football. He racked up six catches for 171 yards. Jeremy Maclin who committed a huge mistake when he fumbled on that last drive. Jason Avant had six catches for 69 yards and tight end Clay Harbor caught three balls for 55 yards.

The second leading rusher in the NFL was an after thought as he carried the ball only nine times for 18 yards.
Ronnie Brown, the author of the throw the ball on the ground technique carried the ball three time for 15 yds


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  • Frigging ridiculous aint it fellas?.. I mean what the hell is going on around here? Im lost.

  • G – Lurie needs to FIRE Reid and clean house. Roseman has to go also…

    Lurie needs to get on the phone and send a private jet to pickup Bill Cowher or Jeff Fisher and bring one of them to Philly to clean up this mess

  • “Absolutely terrible job by myself and my football team …. ”

    Hey, he said it. I didn’t.

  • time for AR to go. Did anyone watch tulloch today? that was the MLB i was sure we’d get.

  • right now we stink everybody the only move left to made i think is fire juan yes juan not andy any time you get down in the redzone 7times and get 2tds,3fg, one fumble and a missed kick its not on andy but this team should be 4-0 right now but juan who has never coached d ever has but this defense is bad spots the past 3 weeks there are no leaders on the d they hav good player the dline is great the lbs are poor the cbs are great but safetys suck page should never be on the field agin for this team lets just hope these losses help make them better in the long run but i want juan gone asap juan must go juan must go now if they lose any within the next 4games this season maybe over but next year it maybe time to draft a lb in the 1st round or sign one in fa if anyone has a list lb that are still fa and are good post it i pissed now its only one thing that can help me get over this now some good sex with the wife lol

  • The Eagles are clueless on offense and defense. Vick is running around like a chicken without a head and Frank Gore is averging 8 yards a carry when it was questionable that he would even play. From the most insignificant coach to the owner they are clueless as to how to put together a sound team. On my schedule of games I put this game in the loss column before it started. I hope now people can understand why I have been so down on the front office and the head coach. They have had enought tome already”to do a better Job”

  • I agree Smitty…about the wife part.. Goddamn man! I feel like Ive been lied to. This team looks and plays like shit.. Few bright spots..Babin is beasting…but overall? We arent going anywhere…Once again.

  • agree gloomsmitty

    Juan is killing us….. the defense is awful.. Probowlers everywhere and the defense sucks?

    I could do a better job than Juan… the issues are obvious and show up every week right on que…

  • “The Niners had produced a grand total of three touchdowns in three games. . ., but in the second half were able to drive the football nearly the length of the field, THREE times to win the football game.

    The Eagles felt it was time to rid themselves of the greatest kicker in the franchise’s history, David Akers, and replace him with a rookie, Alex Hennery. . .

    Nmandi Asomugha, who is supposed to be one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL looked like a rookie getting his first taste of NFL football.”

    The defensive situation wouldn’t be so bad if it were a work in progress, perhaps a defense in need of a player or two. But this is a totally revamped defense built on the acquisition of high-priced free-agent talent.

    After last year’s record-breaking defense, it became Reid’s focus to dramatically improve. Last year’s defense got us to the playoffs. This team is going nowhere.

    At the end of last season, I stated my case about the release a sure-fire kicker. That’s something you just don’t do. We’re talking about the highest-scoring player on your team. It’s not a glamorous position, but it’s a high scoring position. Akers was the team’s highest-scoring player year after year. Why would they let him go during an “all-in” year?”

    On what, exactly, did Reid base his promotion of Castillo? Did he simply believe that hard work get it done? Did he think that because Castillo was pretty good as position coach that he had to be good as a coordinator (on the other side of the ball). When the move was made, I scratched my head, but I wasn’t privy to Castillo’s resume. For all I knew, he was once a great defensive coordinator in college, high school, or at least, pee wee football. Now I wonder if he’s ever coached a defensive position? What did Reid know that I didn’t?

    As some of you may remember, last year, I tracked Reid’s play calling during each game. Well, I understand that during today’s game, Reid called pass plays 82% of the time with a 17-point lead. Do I even have to comment on that?

  • J.A.M.

    Juan Andy Marty!!!!!!

    The gun is fully loaded and J.A.M. It never gets FIRED!!!!!!

    The moral of this!!!!!!!! FIRE THESE FUDGE PACKERZ

    GO EAGLES!!!!!!

  • In some ways maybe this shouldn’t be a surprise. This isn’t baseball you can’t buy a super bowl. Most good teams have excellent drafts create leadership from those drafts and only patch a few holes with free agents. Most good teams have coaching stabilability. This team has a rookie defensive coordinator and almost a new coaching staff on the defensive side of the ball. There is no leadership because they haven’t been though the wars together. It’s going to be a long season

  • BTW – I see Brian Dawkins out there making plays today. Go figure.

  • Here is the telling quote from the post game PC:

    “It’s offense and defense. You can’t sit on leads,” Reid said. “You can’t do that as a football team. That’s what I did with our football here and we lost the football game.”

    Because its exactly wrong on both counts. If all the Eagles’ had done was hand off the entire second half, SF would have run out of time.

    Reid was entirely too agressive. I’ll look at the numbers later, but he called over 80% pass plays in the second half….how is this….in any way…”sitting on a lead?” Its the exact opposite of sitting on a lead. If they had “sat on the lead” they would have won!

    Sitting with friends at half, and I said, “Despite that totally idiotic play, I want to see 15 Ronnie Brown carries this half to keep McCoy from getting hurt. Run out this clock and send this shitty SF team home.”

    Instead we “sat on the lead” by calling passes 8 of every 10 snaps. If that’s “sitting on a lead” then I wonder what “being agressive” means….

  • y making a lot of plays Drummer…to the tune of 35 pts against in 2.5 quarters. Give the Dawkins bit a rest.

  • Stephen Tulloch FA for weeks and signs a one year deal with the Lions and very familiar with the wide 9 scheme……. U let him pass by!!!!

    1,2,3 picks wear the same clothes I wear….. they are just fans with great seats!!!!!!

    Andy Reid is the Public Defender of coaching!!!!! Would you put your freedom in his hands?????? HELL NO!!!!!!! LMAO

  • Wow! Green Bay is clicking on all cylinders. Their defense has made this game a route.

  • lol for all those people that say give the dawk talk a rest sayn that the pack is kickn there ass right now 2points on that 1 thereare 10 other players outthere with dawk on d and 2.who would really rather hav right now allen and dawk or allen and that slow bum page i mean common man is this really a ? i would trade page,winston justice ,casey mattews and a 7rd pick to get dawk back

  • Aw Vinnie – in a foul mood today? Okay, how’s this: Dawkins stinks!

    Feel better, now?

  • Gloomysmitty

    Some people just don’t get it. “Nough said?

  • ok for all those people that are made our draft picks dont start who really wants a bunch of rookies starting on a “super bowl team” yes i want them to play but not start you dont need a alot of kids starting and for all the tulloch talk they tried to sign him but he got more money from det for this i still see the eagles going 11-5 or 10-6 they will get things right and it will be better after tomorrow when they fire juan

  • Andy Reid is a hoarder!!!!! He promoted trash to be his defensive coordinator!!!!! He promoted young trash to be his middle linebacker demoted trash to outside linebacker and then demoted trash to the bench!!!!!! He holds the good stuff and and doesnt put them on the mantle of his house……. Whats he do….. He lets them lay around and linger not to be used correctly!!!!!!

  • Paging Mr. Gruden!!… Paging Mr. John Gruden!!… Huh!..Oh…Yes sir… Are you Mr. John Gruden?!… Yes sir… Well, sir…. You have a call from Philadelphia on line one sir!… Yes sir… I believe the gentleman identified himself as a Mr. Jeffrey Lurie. He says it’s extremely urgent sir…

  • I can’t lie. I’m happy. I feel like I’ve been in a bad marriage for a long time, and it’s about to end.

    Sure it started off “good,” then it got “real good,” then it got “real.”

    The marriage looked good to my family and friends. Everyone told me what a wonderful wife I had, but no one was with us behind closed doors.

    Well, now, everyone’s beginning to see that I chose the wrong girl. She’s got little tits and her feet stink. She’s unemployed and her talks too much. You get the picture.

    Sure, the divorce will lead to some pain, but it won’t eternal pain. Even if my next marriage fails, at least I’ll have some hope for a period of time.

    Andy, I want you out of my life!

  • What did Reid learn from promoting Sean McDermott?

  • “All the coach could say afterwards was that “they need to score more points in the fourth quarter and hold the other team to less points”.

    No $h!t. Isn’t that the object of the game or is he just trying to be a smart a$$ as well as an brain dead incompetent? And the sad thing is, if he goes to the Front Office, they’ll more than likely name Moron-wig the Head Coach. We are doomed to decades of less than mediocrity, fans.

  • At least the Cowboys also blew it and the Giants are behind…

  • hey drummer they are not gonna fire andy 2 reasons 1 they dont want eat the money they would owe him and 2 i keep coming back to this he may be the head coach but the d isnt on him and thats the problem the last 3 games the d has let 2nd half leads go inthe air so juan is the problem here he needs to go dont know who would take over but he has to go juan is ok in the 1st half but in the 4th he just seems lost

  • Slick1

    You just made me shutter and fall out of my chair.

    I had never even entertained the notion that Reid would be moved to the front office. Gotta go . . . I’m feelin’ ill.

  • The ALL HYPE TEAM Story is coming into PLAY!!!!!! Maybe Nastra-grossman was correct…… Perhaps the Redskins will win this division……. Rob Ryan called us the all hype team for a reason!!!!!! BOY O BOY………. they knew we had the talent…… They knew we had the same OL coaching behind that talent!!!!!! WOW!!!!

  • Have been watching Redzone for the last 45 minutes and its amazing how many teams convert in the redzone without there qb running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Its amazing watching these teams run the ball on the goal line and scoring easily like they do against us. We are the only team that cant gain 1 yard on 3rd down. Its unbelievable.

  • Man, Green Bay’s D looks great!

  • Mimitaro – Thanks for the silver lining. I’ve been Facebooking all my friends and family who are Cowboys fans.

  • Excuse me gloomysmitty, meaning no offense…But wasn’t it Reid that appointed Juan as Defensive Coordinator. That’s Piss Poor judgement in my opinion. As Head Coach wasn’t it HIS responsibility to hire an experience DC instead of adhering to that totally unreasonable tradition of his of hiring in-house? That, and about a hundred other things this nincompoop has done in the past, is reason enough to FIRE REID and hire someone like John Gruden whom I’m sure could utilize the talent on this team to it’s fullest capacity, instead of the retarded crap that Reid seems to have an intrinsic proclivity for doing.

  • drummer, if that was New England going empty backfield while up 25 in the 4th quarter there would be an uproar. Packers are douches.

  • Daggolden

    Isn’t it something? Last week, how many opportunities from the 3 yard line? And how many years has our red zone production been a problem? How many training camps have focused on red-zone scoring?


    “HOW CAN I TEACH THESE KIDS”!!!!!!!!!! U deliver nothing but tragedies!!!!!! AR is the arthor and Juan Castillio illustrates!!!!!! And MM is the narrator with a side of snuff in his mouth spitting into a coke can rreading the Philly Fans an Early nighttime Season ENDING STORY!!!!!! WHY LURIE WHY!!!!

  • I guess i’m still wrong, apologists!? They f^#@ing stink! Andy square peg in round hole Reid, & his entire staff of moronic, stupid cronies, need to be fired 2night! Same garbage every week! Redzone OF & DF sucks! Play calling is horrid! LB’s, safeties & O-line suck! Another challenge lost by the genius, on a clear call, that he wasted! Didn’t run the ball again! DF can’t make play’s or tackle! Vick hit close to double digits, again! Ritalin boy Castillo, might be absolutely the worst DF coordinator, that i’ve seen in 20 years here! JJ must be doing gymnastics in his grave, at how laughable the DF is! I’m f^#@ing beyond disgusted & furious!

  • Mimitaro

    Don’t get it twisted, I hate GB.

    Yeah, I agree. Empty backfield in that situation would probably cause NE fans to question their coach’s play-calling.

    This lack of strategy has been the norm here for so long, it almost goes unnoticed.

  • Trade Riley Cooper and sign Randy Moss to end our redzone woes!!!!

  • Alright, I gotta be like an NFL corner. Time to forget this loss and get my game face on for the Phils.

  • Jrroc the Hell with Randy Moss Im watching all these other teams who DONT have a Randy Moss and it doesnt matter. They still run the ball in the end zone. Recievers are still wide open. Its only a STRUGGLE for the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Jroc – I had hoped the Birds would grab Moss or even Plaxico. We passed on both of those guys multiple times only to watch them produce elsewhere. Granted, they’ve got issues, but if we could have gotten just one Lombardi out of either, it would have been worth the investment.

  • You can absolutely forget about the playoffs, now! Guaranteed, they win no more than 7 games! This is & should be an end of an era!!! The entire staff needs to be fired 2NIGHT!!

  • Andy should have ran a triple flea flicker form the one yard line, with the fireman running it in after becoming eligible as an extra tight end. That would have fooled everyone.

    By the way guys…where’s Schiller?

  • Dag

    I feel your pain, man. Other teams . . . lesser teams get it done in the end zone. We have weapons. It’s got be scheme/play-calling.

  • Songs


  • GO Phils. Cardinals have no idea what they are in for with Cliff Lee. Lights out. later all.

  • @ gloomysmitty11-5 or 10-6? WOW! How delusional can you get? You ARE dreaming aren’t you? My God! C’mon…Wake up, man! The Eagles are toast this year. Just look at the rest of the schedule:

    Sun Oct 9, 2011 @Bills 1:00 PM ET FOX Buy Now
    6 Sun Oct 16, 2011 @Redskins 1:00 PM ET FOX Buy Now
    7 — BYE WEEK —
    8 Sun Oct 30, 2011 Cowboys 8:20 PM ET NBC Buy Now
    9 Mon Nov 7, 2011 Bears 8:30 PM ET ESPN Buy Now
    10 Sun Nov 13, 2011 Cardinals 1:00 PM ET FOX Buy Now
    11 Sun Nov 20, 2011 @Giants 8:20 PM ET NBC Buy Now
    12 Sun Nov 27, 2011 Patriots 4:15 PM ET CBS Buy Now
    13 Thu Dec 1, 2011 @Seahawks 8:20 PM ET NFLN Buy Now
    14 Sun Dec 11, 2011 @Dolphins 1:00 PM ET FOX Buy Now
    15 Sun Dec 18, 2011 Jets 4:15 PM ET CBS Buy Now
    16 Sat Dec 24, 2011 @Cowboys 4:15 PM ET FOX Buy Now
    17 Sun Jan 1, 2012 Redskins

    They MAY have a decent chance against the Cardinals and MAYBE the Seahawks but, as I posted prophetically yesterday, the Eagles are capable of making ANY team they play, look good.

  • Songs, leave Schiller alone. I understand how he feels. I still remember how long it took and how painful it was to finally realize the Reid was a bum!

    I started out liking him, then began to dislike him, then we got to the Bowl, so I had to like him again, then he started doing even more crazy stuff, so I began to dislike him again. And now I hate him! I hate him because he fooled me good. I used to have arguments with my Dad. I would defend Reid to the bitter end. Now, I am my father!

    Reid must go!

  • Hey…at least Kolb is leading the Cards over the Giants….so we’ll only be 2 games out of the division lead!!


    That being said….I have as much faith in the Ariz D to hold this lead as I do in the Birds to hold theirs….

  • This is the biggest pu$$y, non-physical team, that i’ve ever seen! The middle of both sides of the ball, are being manhandled & treated like bitches! Absolutely absurd & comical! Where are the interceptions!? Does anyone still want to keep pu$$y boy, Asante now!? He got owned, all f^#@ing game! He should have been traded in pre-season, when they had the chance! I f^#@ing hate Reid, Castillo, & MorningWood!!!!!! You can’t blame Matthews, now! Rolle sucks elephant balls, too!!! This entire team F^#@ING BLOWS!!!!

  • Slick1

    Honestly, I don’t think we’ll make the playoffs. I recognize that it’s a long season and I also recognize that Reid has turned more than a few teams around, albeit too late, but I see total chaos on both sides of the ball.

  • Wow, DCar – don’t mince any words there!

    I’ll tell you what . . . I agree. This team is as soft as jelly.

  • I see absolutely NO WAY this team makes the playoffs. Admittedly Dallas lost today and the Giants are trailing the Cards late in the game, but Washington is 3-1 and the division will be tough to win. That would mean a wildcard and there are just too many Chicago’s and Tampa Bay’s out there who … ya know … actually WIN games.

  • Okay … best line of the day goes to DCar … “MorningWood” … LMFAO!!!

  • Turn out the lights, the Palyoffs for this Dream Team is over..
    I stated 2 weeks that I didn’t think this team would win 7-9 games..Now I am not so sure they will win 4-5.. A catasprophis meltdown not seen since last year Cowboy Team… This is the 5th Loss in a Row at the “Linc”.. and a 4-7 record in their 11 Home Games.. Blow the damn place up and rebuild a Cement Cylandir and name it the Vet II .. but in all seriousness, I am not surprised for they didn’t look good to me in SUmmer Camp/Preseason and now 1 month into the Season . Last year Eagles couaght lightning in a bottle with Vick’s comeback, unfortuantley the rest of the NFL has caught up with that and have it defended well enough to keep the EAgles out of the endzone and FG’s will not win you games in the NFL in Todays game..

  • BTW, if Schiller & in the Navy, come on here & rip any of us now, about being non-fans, negative or haters, they can go f^#@ themselves!!!

  • I didn’t think it was possible to run your QB, in shotgun 80%. Digusting! You have a great RB in McCoy, & you don’t use him with a f^#@ing 20 pt lead! BTW, WTF was Brown doing throwing a reverse pass on the goal, as he was being tackled!? That has to be the all time, stupidest thing, that i’ve ever seen! There should be a f^#@ing trophy for that. WTF was going through his head!? He needs to be cut 2night!!!

  • Playoff’s , Playoff’s … Are you kidding me, when they get even get to .500, then you ca nworry about that, but the Bills and Fitzpatrick and COmpany will be the most duynamic Offense they have seen so far this Season and I sense a 44-26 type of game next week in the BIlls favor who after losing to the Bengals today will come down to earth and get back to spreading out the defenses and let Fitzpatrick do his thing.. I see now way that this EAgles DEfense has the leader,or the wherewithall to prevent big plays nad lots of points to the Bills spread 4 Offense.. It will be exciting to watch, but the Eagles will not be able to stop that Bill Offense… I will start working and checking out the Draft for 2012 for this Season is over..

  • I have also stated that only he NFC Eastern DIvision WInner will make the Playoffs and theat the wildcards will come from the North and South Division sinec they have better teams… and now the Eagles have 3 NFC Conference
    losses already and would need to win at least 9to 10 of their remaining 12 games which isn’t going to happen,,, ..

  • Before the season ends, could we be wearing paper bags over our heads?

  • All of the $$$, this team spent in the off season, & the team is worse than last year!!! DISGRACEFUL!!! NO LB’S, NO SAFETIES, BAD OLINE, BAD COACHING, BAD PERSONNEL DECISIONS! REID & HIS CRONIES, NEED 2 B FIRED 2NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Honestly guys ever since JJ DIED. This defense has been an issue. I dont care what you say about the guys turnovers in the playoffs. The guys defense still took us to a super and was top almost 10 every year. This is horrible!!!!

  • We have to play the Rams every week

  • The only positive to come from this loss is that maybe Lurie and Banner have seen enough and get rid of this regime. It been 13 years of “throwing fastballs” and it’s time for a change in the philosphy of this team as a whole.

  • How do you lose to a team thats had to fly to the east coast twice in 2 weeks?

    How do you lose to a team averaging one TD per game in the last 3 games.

    How do you lose to a team that was considered to be in the running for the Andrew Luck sweepstakes?

  • To Mimi,
    Maybe you should read some of my Posts for I stated that after last weeks 49er road game at Cincinnati, that the 49ers did not fly back home to SF and that they stayed all week in Youbngstown Ohio to avoid flying back and forth twice..
    I also stated it was a great move by their new HC Coach to help eliminate distractions and to have the team able to bond and focus on the task at hand which was playing the Eagles…

  • and it may be the Eagles who wind up with Andew Luck if they keep playing the way they are.. They would not surprise me one bit..

  • u can’t sit on leads…what a joke…no, other good teams score 40 points not 23. Can’t believe i used to like the guy

  • Just sad, simply sad. How can you for the third week in a row blow a lead against what’s supposed to be inferior teams. The best team won….period! If you were supposed to win, you would of.

  • A quiz of sorts..
    Can anyone name the Last Eagles Game that they played good solid football for 4 Quarters.. for a full 60 minutes… Maybe the Jags or Falcon games early last season.. Think about it,,,even though the Eagles beat the Colts,Texans and Giants all on back and forth games … and even the Monday night massacre at Washington , they Eagles were outscored after that pwerfect 1st Quarter of Football.. This Team is a reflection of it’s Head Coach and right now Coach AR and his Staff and more improtantly the players, are lost… plain and simple.. Call it a lack of confidence, Players not sure what the Coaches are calling or expecting or call it whatever you want, but this is a train wreck that is running off the tracks right in front of our eyes and believe me when I say this,It will get worse before it gets any better and there is no easy fixes here with this team.. Where’s the leadership from any of the players everyone is playing like , well M Vick will save the day… well guess what, he’s not Superman either… … …
    53 Man Roster… 8-9 new Free-Agent Players signed this year (Mathis,Devan,Brown,Smith, Jenkins,Babin,Asmo,DCR,J Page, VY) and add approx 20 players from the last 2 Draft classes and that’s a lot of new faces to put with 3-4 new position Coaches.. Disaster written all over it… …

  • This year is in the tanks. Who cares about the next 12 games. What a croc a crap; beginning with AR. We’re finished.

  • Don’t worry guys….we had the apologist on here saying the Eagles would be in form by midseason..With our high powered offense we would win with offense while our defense come around. remember?

    I wish I could say ..I was wrong but have been following football and my Eagles long enough to know a winner from a pretender. Even when we were a bad team you could count on teams fearing our defense. Teams knew if you come into Philly your players would leave on a stretcher win, lose or draw. Hell….Andy have even taken that from us!

    The defense does not scare anyone!

    Damn linebackers are out there running away from the play!



    it’s time to turn the page.

    Andy thanks for the memories….but we want A damn SUPERBOWL. .

  • I wish Andy woulda got on the podium and said this:

    “Playoffs??? You talkin about PLAYOFFS?? You kiddin me?”


    BILLS 32
    EAGLES 27

    The new kicker miss a few again and the coach’s bring in some vets to challenge him the following week.

  • Seriously… we will never win the SB under Andy. Offensive genius my tail….

  • Good job Vick,Vinnie should admit that atleast. we were settling for too many field goals. If Vick had a great day but 2 td versus about 6 fg attempts, What the hell is the problem??? i say a more balanced offense would have produced more td. but that is just my opinion.

  • APB out for a draft from the last 2 drafts that can actually play.

    We need a new scouting team and GM too.

  • Can we just let GB blow out the AFC’s sacrificial lamb next week and call it a season. Get the off season started so the Eagles install the new coaching staff on both sides of the ball.

  • Bill 41 – Eagles 26 in a wide open game that EAgles never get closer than 10 points .. Bills go 4 Wide, RB F Jackson and CJ SPiller have big games as does QB R Fitzpatrick throws for over 350 yards and a couple of TD’s..

    I think everyone needs to forget about Super Bowl/Playof wins and Talk.. This team needs to get back to .500 before anyone mentions the chances for Playoffs for right now, it;s not happening…

  • The Big East Conference has just offered an Invitation to the Eagles to join the Big East.. Owner Lurie and President Banner are thinking about accepting their offer and leaving the NFL for the College game.. .

  • I think Howie Roseman deserves the same blame as Reid and the rest of the coaches…since he took over as GM, both drafts he ran were terrible:

    1st Brandon Graham DE Michigan
    2nd Nate Allen S USF
    #86 Daniel Te’o-Nesheim DE Washington
    #105 Trevard Lindley CB Kentucky
    #121 Keenan Clayton LB Oklahoma
    #122 Mike Kafka QB Northwestern
    #125 Clay Harbor TE Missouri State
    #135 Ricky Sapp DE Clemson
    #159 Riley Cooper WR Florida
    #200 Charles Scott RB LSU
    #220 Jamar Chaney LB Mississippi State
    #243 Jeff Owens DT Georgia
    #244 Kurt Coleman S Ohio State

    1st: Danny Watkins (OG) Baylor
    2nd: Jaiquawn Jarrett (S) Temple
    3rd: Curtis Marsh (CB) Utah St
    4th: Casey Matthews (ILB) Oregon
    4th: Alex Henery (K) Nebraska
    5th: Dion Lewis (RB) Pittsburgh
    5th: Julian Vandervelde (OG) Iowa
    6th: Jason Kelce (C) Cincy
    6th: Brian Rolle (OLB) Ohio St
    7th: Greg Lloyd (ILB) UConn
    7th: Stanley Havili (FB) USC

  • Wow jott1972, that does look awful compared to GB, Steelers, TB and Pats etc. What a poor draft.

  • We will all go to bed tonight thinking 1 win 3 losses even with a weak schedule but on the plus side slowly drift away to a deep sleep,dreaming of shakira in a hot bikini ……..(Tom Cruise for Paulman) jk

  • Big east!!! thats funny Paulman….i always thought the Eagles were like the Ohio States and occasionally Penn state, kicking ass in your division but then losing to the top teams. ya forget the big ten Eagles sadly remind me big east now

  • if Lurie wants to win back the fans, he needs to pull the plug on Andy and bring in Cowher or Fisher (prefer Fisher) to coach this team. The Reid era needs to end.

  • cant help but keep looking at Roseman’s 2 drafts…. if Lindley and Cooper were so good (according to Roseman), then why trade for DRC and sign Nnamdi and why sign S. Smith… these drafts were flat out bad… even this year, I had Jarrett as a 2nd day pick and they reached for him in a poor safety draft… the kid hasnt dressed yet because he sucks.

  • I’m going to be at the Bills game next week. Getting harassed by Billsfan. How ridiculous. Good times all around.

    Oh well, I’ll put a dollar on the over and that should help ease my anger. If Alex Smith can throw for over 300 on this D, then Fitzpatrick is going to go off.

  • Navy, where are u at. u need to defend your man. u do realize if Rhoads and kotite had 13 yrs they would have alot of wins too, they had there 10 + win seasons too which is great. think people forget they had to go up against great teams in their division and Reid had crap

  • Like I said for the beginning of the season….Teams don’t need to use recievers against us with our weaknesses at linebacker and safety..They can pound us and throw up the middle all day long and use the recievers in playaction. With all Reid’s knowledge you would expect him to be more knowledgable in terms of his value concerning linebacker. This flaw costed us when we let Trot go the first time and yet he still ignore what good linebackers brings to a team. Looking at Willis today it’s clear a good linebacker is just as valuable as any other defensive position. Reid is a good quarterback coach..but don’t have what it takes to win it all. No coach should ever take the stance that some positions are more valuable than others..it flaws how you pick players in the draft.

    If a linebacker is the best player on the board you don’t overlook him because you value other positions…You take the best player!!!!!!!!!

    Use the first 3 rounds for impact players and the later rounds for special teams and depth.

    Let’s bring football back to Philadelphia…

  • i am sorry. In 13 years, Andy faced 1 SB winner in our DIv and that was Giants. oh what fond memories. Winston Justice getting thrown around or seemed like just standing there but Reid came threw and helped his rookie out

  • Tonto,

    You’re only 1/2 right. Kotite was up against some powerful Wsh and Dallas teams….but the NFC east had faded pretty significantly by the time Rhodes arrived in the mid-90s. Dallas did win the SB in Rhodes first year, but then they faded a bit…all 3 other teams were under .500 during Rhodes time in Philly. Check out their records (95-98)
    Dallas 38-26 and a SB
    Wsh 29-34-1 (best season 9-7)
    NYG 29-31-1 (best season 10-5-1)
    Ariz 24-40
    Birds 29-34-1…..was 9-22-1 over his last 2 years.

    Look, I want Reid gone….but lets not wax poetic about the Kotite and Rhodes years…..

  • I don’t think there are more weak-willed defensive players anywhere in the NFL. Juan Castillo deserves a chunk of blame, behind the defensive line no one has a clue where they’re supposed to be or what they are supposed to be looking for. It’s a sad day in Eagles history. I suspect the team will get better, but it will probably be once there’s nothing to play for.

  • I think the “Pressure” has gotten to Andy Reid,, and he can no longer handle it…
    When was his last Playoff Win (3-4 Years ago) ..He has always done his best Coaching when there are little or low expectations for the Eagles to be serious playoff contendors.. but in true Philadelphia fashion, as soon as the expectations are raised and the bright lights come on, he whittles like a flower..

  • too many new players they still gotta gel.. im not surprised,, every year the eagles gotta gell. this year they added players.. on a plus side nate allen was hitting people i was please.. they gotta get dion lewis in there ronnie brown does completely lost his mind.. only thing i can think of vick said somethign alongthe lines of do whatever it takes to get it in… and his dumb ass really though he meant anything lol.. dion lewis was a short yardage touchdown machine at pitt..

  • I agree paulman. I’m willing to bet the Colts ,Rams, Vikings and Dolphins will win TWO BEFORE the Eagles win another one.

  • I cant wait for the Gruden presser:” We are going to pound that rock!!” Cant wait.

  • I can’t take this anymore. I’m done cheering for teams and things I have no control over. It’s affecting my life and my marriage.

    If they turn it around, they turn it around…..if they don’t, then they don’t.

    I can’t take this bullsh*t anymore.

  • Birdo I’m with you 1000% buddy. I could be studying or doing something for 4 hours on Sunday that could help me throughout the week rather than be miserable because of our woes. not anymore. if we do fine, if we don’t, fine. I can’t take it anymore either. last week was the straw that broke the camels back imo. Reid and his regime has to go. I believe Lurie is just satisfied with making money off of game tickets and merchandise. if he were serious about a SB he would of been got rid of reid and brought a real winner coach in here. Fire Reid and I don’t care what they do after that.

  • The biggest surprise to me is that it’s taken people this long to realize that Reid is a lousy head coach. I’ve been barking about this for probably five or six years now.

    Look here’s the bottom line. In ANY business … I don’t care if it’s football or plumbing or accounting or whatever … if you’re in a position and you make the same mistakes year after year after year and all you say is, “Yeah I gotta do a better job with that” but you never ACTUALLY do a better job? You know what happens? Yeah, you’re fired.

    Reid has the EXACT same deficiencies today that he did the day he first walked into the Eagles locker room. He’s stubborn, arrogant, and a HORRIBLE game day coach. He’s been that way since day one. This team won in spite of him. They were good enough to have won AT LEAST one or two Super Bowls and any halfway decent coach would have taken the team to maybe three or four and won half of them. The Eagles were the better team most years and they lost because their head coach was an idiot.

    Much like during the Norman Braman years, Eagles fans have been cheated out of multiple Super Bowl victories.

  • Venom towards the coaches is warranted, but at what point do you look at the players ?..Man the F@#$ up and make a stop.!!!..As much as Songs Jake and DCar annoy me with the same post..They have won me over..LOL…U CAN’T DEFEND this …it is inexcuseable and undefendable !!! And Juan GTFOH up 2 TD’s and you blizt ? For Who For What ?…This is not a Team people …Teams have eachothers back..just don’t see it with this team..not now and I can’t tell when…How hard is to just line up in the I and run left or right ?

  • Players/coaches deserve any criticism they receive this week…

    I’m done making excuses for these grown ass men…they need to man up and be accountable on the field.The play calling in the redzone is just terrible…calling gimmick plays down in the redzone? Why not try handing it off to Schmidt in the I Form? I mean give it a try… when you are only an inch from a TD? I would rather have seen a QB sneak in that situation than that type of BS from Brown…What really pisses me off is victory has been within reach every single game we’ve played…

    Defense, allowed Alex Smith to do whatever he wanted out there…yes wack ass Alex Smith! 4 weeks into the season, and we have not made any adjustments that WORK, to stopping the run…

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