• December 1, 2022

Herremans, Justice & O-Line Come Up Big For The Eagles

There were a lot of concerns about how the Eagles matched up with Washington Redskins outside linebackers Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan. The two Redskins pass rushers and their solid defense were considered the strength of the football team.

Starting left tackle Jason Peters was sidelined because of a hamstring injury and his backup, King Dunlap was incapacitated by back spasms. Injuries had depleted the Birds offensive tackles so much so that they were going to battle with former left guard and current right tackle Todd Herremans moving back to the left side to play left tackle versus Orakpo.

Herremans’ value to this football team is hard to overemphasize. He saved the coaching staff at the beginning of the season by moving to right tackle and playing like he’s been there for three years. Now they needed him to make another move.

At right tackle the Birds were forced to go with Winston Justice, who is still recovering from off season knee surgery. He hadn’t played a down so far this season. Justice would have to do battle with Kerrigan, who is having an impressive rookie season.

It wasn’t a perfect performance but the Eagles offensive line got the job done. They gave quarterback Michael Vick the chance to get into a groove in the first half and help the Birds march out to a 20-0 lead. They also did a good job of opening holes for LeSean McCoy, as he ran for 126 yards and put the game away in second half by running for two first downs with the clock headed toward 00:00.

Orakpo and Kerrigan were unable to get to Vick all day long. The offensive tackles helped get movement at the point of attack for the running game and Herremans moved to tight end on the goalline and cleared the way for McCoy on his one-yard touchdown run over the left side. I don’t know what else they could ask Herremans to do for this football team.

Justice also deserves a lot of credit for getting ready to play.

“I was proud of him,” head coach Andy Reid said. “Those two defensive ends are really good players, and Todd moving over and having to do that on the left side, that’s not an easy thing to do, so I’m just proud of how they all rallied, and they really didn’t care who went in and played, they just played.”

“I think Winston did an exceptional job today at right tackle,” Herremans said. “He went out there and grinded today, and I’m just proud of all the guys up front. We’ve been through a lot, and just us sticking together as a group. It was a good one today.”

“I felt great,” Justice said. “It was like riding a bike. When I got out there, it was like I had always been out there.”

Herremans had the classic block of the game, when he ran over Skins safety Oshiomogho Atogwe. He flattened him like a steam iron going over some jeans.

“They can stick me wherever they want, I guess,” Herremans said. “Like a Band-Aid. “I’m comfortable anywhere, It’s at the point now where I think I know the offense good enough and Howard’s technique, I don’t think switching positions is really that big of a deal.”

The bye week comes at the perfect time for the offensive line. It will give left tackle Jason Peters the chance to recover from his hamstring injury, as well as allowing Dunlap the chance to deal with his back spasms. They will come out of this with more depth and flexibility than they’ve had in a long time.


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October 17, 2011 10:29 am

I know you are probably going to talk about this tonite on your show Wip. I am interested in hearing what your opinion is on the changes we saw on the defense yesterday. During several interviews, Castillo, and Reid was both adamant about not making any changes to the Defensive scheme they were using for the last 5 weeks. Yesterday we saw some different looks on the defense. Would love to hear what you think about what might have influenced that.. I will be listening..

October 17, 2011 10:48 am

Our offensive line did an outstanding job. I glad they they came through because our season was on the line. Hopefully we will continue to run the ball. This also looks like after the bye week we will have some depth at our offensive line. We can use this in the last ten games. Lets continue to take one game at a time and see if we can handle our business during these next three games at home. Its amazing when you win the turn over battle how it can impact the outcome of the game. Go Birds maybe yesterday was our Wake Up Call!!!!!!

October 17, 2011 11:45 am

The little nugget if info in there is this – They can stick me wherever they want, I guess,” Herremans said. “Like a Band-Aid. “I’m comfortable anywhere, It’s at the point now where I think I know the offense good enough and Howard’s technique, I don’t think switching positions is really that big of a deal.” –

so maybe, just maybe, we can get over this Andy Reid is so smart he thinks he can draft an X and make him a Y, round peg square hole – you guys also notice that DRC and #24 switched at half – they each took a half on the slot guy a half on the outside – – hey, DRC had a couple plays in there as well a good player, a good athlete, a smart player a smart athlete. can get the job done – the man has started 3 or 5 OL positions this YEAR includng pre-season. I know – wishful thinking right…..

October 17, 2011 12:26 pm

Paulman’s Top NFC Teams Rankins after Week # 6

#1) PAckers 6-0
#2) 49ers 5-1 (beat Lions head to head)
#3) Lions 5-1
#4) TB Bucs 4-2 (beat Saints head to head)
#5) NO Saints 4-2
#6) NY Giants 4-2
#7) Redskins 3-2 (still have winning record)
#8) Bears 3-3 (beat Falcons head to head)
#9) Falcons 3-3 (beat Eagles head to head)
#10) Cowboys 2-3 (only 3 losses)
#11) Seahawks 2-3 (only 3 losses)
#12) Eagles 2-4 (still have 4 losses)
#13) Cardinals 1-4 (beat Panthers head to head)
#14) PAnthers 1-5
#15) Vikings 1-5
#16) Rams 0-5 (have not beaten anyone)


October 17, 2011 12:44 pm

you have to give Reid credit, this was the biggest game so far insofar his tenure is concerned, I thought the birds would pay well but lose in a close one,

Paulman I am calling you out, you wrote treatises on why the eagles would get manhandled, that was stupid, Reid coaching for a job, the eagles fighting for their season, big win for birds

October 17, 2011 2:12 pm

@Jake, you’ve been even more negative than Paulman, so what right do you have to call him out for something that you do?

October 17, 2011 2:35 pm

Jon Gruden signs 5 Year Deal with ESPN, you can take him off your short-list
for he won’t return to th NFL for anytime soon

October 17, 2011 2:41 pm

Hey Jake,
what’s the Deal, I thought the Redksins should have man=handled the Eagles and obviously the Eagles took care of business (with a few fortunate bounces too) byt hey a Win is a win and you take them anyway you can… I don’t understand why the Redskins abadanoned the running game so soon and put Grossman in the positon to blow the game, but this is why I keep my Day Job… I am happy the Eagles won but it still doesn’t change anything for me except the next game they play will be a meaningful one which would not have been the Eagles case if they lost yesterday as I wrongly predicted..Good for the Birds and they will be getting some of their better players back while the Cowboys battle the Rams at home..

October 17, 2011 3:25 pm

Real, I thought and posted that this would be a close game paul man predicted a white wash so I am calling him out on his stupid prediction any one should have known that this eagles team was not going to get buried by the skins. Paulman should know better or maybe he is more of a “hater” than jake

October 17, 2011 3:49 pm

So I was wrong Jake, no big deal, it’s not the first time and it won’t be the last time that I was wrong. Watching some 1st Half Highlights, you have to be excited about the play of the OL, RB,TE with some good play calling and most importantlly, some good execution by the players on both sides of the ball..
This is a start and we’ll see how they build on this performance.. They have a 4 game stretch all versus NFC Conference Teams (Cowboys,Bears,Cardinals and GIants) and can beat all these teams if they play their game, play smart and protect the ball

October 17, 2011 5:41 pm

Herremans = Probowler

October 18, 2011 2:57 am

I love this site! You guys make my night, at my night job! LMFBO!!!!!!!!