• July 6, 2022

The Eagles Have Reeled Us In For Another Week

Going into Sunday night’s game, I told myself that I would not get excited or flip out at any point of the game. I was actually pretty calm for the first half.  By the third quarter that changed real quick. It really does not take much for me to get going. It started with the hitting.

I mean, Damn! Where in the world has this defense been? They were smacking the G-men right in the mouth and the G-men were not hitting back. They seemed to back down from the Birds. I can guarantee that D.J. Ware is taking a migraine pill right about now. I love that nastiness, which reminds me of the B-Dawk and Trotter days.

Enter the fourth quarter. I am thinking to myself there is no way in hell they will blow a fourth quarter lead again. Not happening. Well, all it took was about 2 minutes in then “Boom’. There goes the lead, tie ball game. I was like screw this I am going to bed every time a put effort into this team..

Something kept me on my couch though. I know why, because I am a complete Jackass when it comes to the Birds. That is why I stayed. Then here comes the “Drive”.  I know it’s not like Elway’s but you need something to cling to this season right? Enter VY (dream team himself) so here it comes, 3rd and 3 on their own 27 right after the G-men scored. Ronnie Brown runs for six yards. Man, the guy has been traded then has to come back because the trade is voided.

I know you guys don’t want me but “HI”. Then Riley Cooper with 18 yard catch on a 3rd and 10. Is this really happening? Mix in a insane catch by Jason “You fans are frauds” Avent. Thanks Jason. Then on 3rd and 3 from the G-men 42, Boom, Clay Harbor first down. Yes, boom and Clay Harbor in the same sentence. Then “Mister Elway himself’ (kidding), VY calls his own number on a 3rd and 1. First down!!!

Now I am thinking to myself we will at least get a field goal here? But on a 3rd and 4 from the G-men 20, D-Jax catches the ball a few yards away from the first down with a player zeroing in on him and he breaks the tackle for the first down. Yes, he broke a tackle. I am still impressed that he found the Defensive Coordinator on that 50 yard play to flip the ball too. Aww, the life styles of D-Jax. To finish it off VY finds “Bradley” Cooper in the back of the end zone. The “Drive”.

18 plays, 80 yards and nearly 9 minutes. Did the Eagles save their season the Meadowlands again? Always seems to be a trend for the Birds. This is how we all thought it would go down right? With all the big names in the off-season the Eagles brought in it was the little guys who stepped up Ronnie Brown, Vince Young, Harbor, Jason Avant, Riley Cooper and DeSean Jackson. Well, D-Jax is little though.

This game has given me another week to curse and flip out over Big Red’s playing calling, time management or whatever. I do enjoy that from time to time. I was on the brink of shutting it down for the season. My heart has been broken way too many times by this team. Like a sucker I always come back for more. So you guys got me for another week. Damn, Brady’s in town.

Joe Hickman Jr.

Bleed Philly Sports! 84 ounces of Coffee a day because that is what I do! Utley's hair has nothing on me! Father of the craziest little girl in the world! Born and raised in Darby, PA! By the way, my Grammar Sucks! You can follow on twitter @phillytugger.

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  • Nice article Joe and spot on, besides, what else are we going to do… ha ha

  • Great article. This is why we are fans. We will never “shut it down” because we love our team.

    It’s what sports are about.

  • Yea, great article, it was as though I wrote it! The only additional thing I would add is that my kids will now be subject to another Sunday, this Sunday, of learning new, creative curse words, while Dad sits in front of the freakin’ TV!!

  • This Eagles team is just like Obama, False Hope! This seasons over just like this country is done. We’re fiat

  • I will never get my hopes up to have them dashed to pieces with this wack ass team. Remember the Vikings last year?

    Lost to the damn Cardinals at home with a backup bum ass quarterback at the helm.

    Not buying it!

    Fire Reid and Juan!

  • run – You sir A) don’t get it and B) SUCK

    Obama’s policies, and first term haven’t existed long enough for anyone to accurately evaluate them. Same goes for this Eagles season and this Eagles team.

    Jumping to conclusions and judging a book by its cover are expressions for a reason genius!

  • schiller why don’t you educate yourself and read about the weimer republic or something. Keynesian philosophy is a tried and true failure time and again. how did that stimulus work out? how did those bank bailouts workout? how did bailing out aig, fannie and freddie workout? how did that jobs bill workout? this dickhead did nothing for 3 years but put this country further in debt than that idiot bush. get your head out of your ass.

  • schiller is educated, just ask him, an educated derelict

  • schiller…you have just confirmed my low opinion of you…you will stick with a LOSER because he is YOUR LOSER…you will never be intellectually honest and actually examine facts…you will support a Loser BLINDLY because he is YOUR man.

  • green, thanks for the attention, and as everyone, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but um…which loser are you referring to? And by “intellectually honest – do you mean “agree with you”? Please explain the blind support you’re perceiving from me, I have no clue what you’re referring to. I neither support Reid nor Obama in full, but those are the only people I can think of you referring to. And which facts am I not examining – and for that matter, how did you become an expert on what I do or don’t examine?

    I’m puzzled, enlighten me.

  • Schiller wouldn’t know smarts, reality, a good education, & how to be intellectually honest, even if a library fell on him. Thus his disappearance for weeks, until we win a game. Get a life Schill. BTW, Obama was fighting a losing battle as soon as he was elected. Bush & the f^#@ing scumbag Republicans left this country so far in the sewer full of diarrhea, that it will take a decade to get out from. Give me a break, before you start bashing Obama. I’m no huge fan of his, but when every policy & idea he has that makes sense, gets shot down & the ax by Congress, just shows you what they are in it for. Look no further than the idea of taxing the rich higher, that they immediately shot down.God forbid they can’t buy another private jet. But yet the honest hard working man, loses almost half his check. F^#@ them. Don’t get me started.

  • Ha, as always dcar, thank you for the laughs. You claim im intellectually challanged and punctuate the claim with an absolutely nonsensical statement – that a gap in posting on this website relates in any way to intelligence.

    But ironically, I agree with every word you said about politics. Nicely stated there.

  • Wow – D – your post is the reason they need intelligent tests to confirm IQ prior to allowing people to vote – I guess you fail to realize that the last two years of the Bush administration the democrats controlled both the house and the senate – and under that democratic leadership, ( I can show you the youtube if you would like) the democrats protected the leadership of freddie and fannie – which was in a large part what collapsed and caused the huge housing bubble to burst (in addition to people buying, paying and refinancing WAY more then they should) The deficet spending also went up 4 fold – then Obama came in and the democrats swept into even larger majorities in the house and the senate – veto proof in the senate – so in other words, for 2years – there was absolutley NOTHING the republicans could do to stop OBAMA and the democrats – deficit spending went up 10 fold – you do realize that we haven’t had a working budget since Obama came into office DESPITE the fact his party owns the house and senate = the democrats refused to have a budget ahead of the mid term elections becuase it became clear that ‘Hope and Change’ really was tax and spend – and Obama has sent the last 3 years talking about what he ‘inherited’ hoping people were too stupid to realize he was a sitting senator in the majority party – and using that as an excuse to take us from ‘ankle deep’ in the sewer to waist deep all the while going ‘if we just spend more and get the rich to pay more taxes it will all work out’

    Taxing the rich – you do realize that almost HALF of this country does not pay federal income taxes – HALF – that the the top 20% of all wage earners pay 86% of the taxes and the top 1% pay 39% – and a large plurality of those wage earners are small business owners that can not afford to pay more taxes so our drunken congress can continue to spend more and more and more and more money? You do realize the whole purpose of this ‘super committe’ was to find 1.2 TRILLION to cut – but got bogged down in wanting to bring in more revenue – vice finding the 1.2 trillion to cut

    giving congress more money to spend is the equivalent of giving a crack whore more meth.. STOP SPENDING MONEY YOU DON’T HAVE – and that great comment about private jets – you know why they have that tax deduction – to keep the makers of the planes, the mechanics that repair the planes, the guys that sell them, insure them, gas them, run the airports, fly them, work inside them, all employed – cute ideas like luxury taxes always come back to bite people in the ass and end up hurting the very ‘working man’ it was desgined to level the playing field for – Don’t get me started –

    and for the record I am very fiscally conservative, socially moderate – I am a liberatarian politcally party wise – I strongly believe the constitution should be modified to include term limits so we can go back to the citizen-leader our founding fathers invisioned – not career politiciams – my old man is a diesel mechanic my mom was a bookkeeper who went to community college at night and then college to get an accounting degree – I went to the Naval Academy and stayed int he Navy mostly because it paid for my education –

    That rant said – I wish all a Happy Thanksgiving – hope all your families are well – Jake – hope they let you sit at the big people table this year – maybe even give you a sip of beer – here is hoping the Birds put a beat down on the PAts and we live to fight another week –

  • navy, I could not agree with you more.

    @Schill…I was referring to both. The intellectual honesty I was referring to was regarding your support for Obama’s obviously failed policies. The President had a majority in both houses of congress for 2 years to pass whatever plan he thought was needed. His lack of leadership (in my opinion) has lead to an erosion of fiscal confidence in the US. I am saying that if you look at the policies that he has implemented and where his emphasis has been during his tenture, it is directly related to the economic position the country is in. He has chosen to lead by operating in a 24/7 campaign-mode, pitting “us against them” instead of pulling both side together and finding the best from both. He has not lead, in my opinion.

    That being said, both political parties have had issues with spending the taxpayers money foolishly and irresponsibly. Just look at Greece to see that a country focused on entitlements cannot continue to operate without wealth generated from businesses.

    As far as Reid goes, he will also have his blind loyalists. After 14 years we cannot expect that he will change his many tendencies. The rest of the league knows it too, so as long as he remains in charge here, we can expect to always be a bridesmaid.

  • Green – sorry to drag into a political diatribe – I usually contain myself better..

    I consider myself blindly loyal to Reid – I think he is a good coach – working hard. I will be loyal to him becuase the success of the Eagles is direclty linked to his success – I can not seperate my desire for the Eagles to win a SB from who the coach is – I once saw the Eagles go 9-6-1 and barely sqeak into playoffs with some serious help on the final weekend – and then have the lead late in the NFCC game –

    who knows – I thought the birds were toast after the debacle against the cardinals – but then bam – who was that team against the Gmen – that defense – we get the Pats this week…. at least it is still a meaningful game for one more week – think of it as a protracted playoff run – got to win to keep playing

  • @Green and Navy

    you guys have got to be kidding me…I’m not going to get all into the politics business but to blame why this country is the way it is because of Obama?
    Plain and simply, things will never change until there is a true independent running this country. The parties work together, do favors for each other for a favor in return. No matter what its both political parties that have failed us, no one part nor one individual!

  • RT – clearly you did not read my post – let me summarize – I am a liberatarian – term limits – fiscally conservative (read – balanced budget) – we are where we are not BECAUSE of Obama – but Obama has made the situation much worse (I am speaking fiscally) – before you hammer away at Bush – go back and take a snapshot of where the country was economically prior to the 2006 mid term elections – the ones where the democrats took control of the house and senate – this country took in record tax revenue in 2004/5 and 6 and still was spending more then it brought in –

    you are absolutley 100% correct – politicians do favors for each other – ‘bi partisanship was another term for its OK to spend 50 million we don’t have to give you the project you want while we spend 50 million for a project I want -corn ethonal sucks – we can’t have the worlds greatest military if you don’t want to pay for it – but how about telling France and Britain and Italy to pay more of the cost to defend Europe – why are all of our schools broke? We spend more per student then any other country – and the amount spent is indirectly related to the quality of the education – the highest cost is DC and the schools are terrible and falling apart! Why is it every time there is a budget crisis the first three things politicians threaten to cut is 1) our police 2) our fire protection and ambulance and 3) our schools – becuase these are the things we (the middle class) most associate with what we want our government to provide and don’t want to be without and the politiicans know this – congress and senators know they need to bring home the ‘bacon’ to get re-elected so the 50% that actually pay taxes get to watch there money (and then some) get spent to keep people in there jobs –

    man – I figured it out – we got this ‘Occupy’ group that keeps blocking traffic out here – this is why I am ‘irked’ about politics today – I again apolgize

  • navy – balanced budgets are great ideas but leaving masses of people with severe urgent problems unsolved for the sake of a balanced budget is INHUMANE

  • And for this reason we have many, many outstanding NON GOVERNMENT organizations to provide much more efficient service to those in need – they used to be called charities –

    and then – for those so inclined like myself – you can make contributions to those charities – without the threat of a jail sentence (if you don’t pay your taxes) – that do the kind work you think is required in our society – then you also have the ability to persoannly hold each charity accountable (like my donations to the catholic church ceased for a while) if there conduct or performance is not up to your individual liking –

    me – I support several – American Red Cross, Navy Relief Society, through the Combined Federal Campaign the Boy Scouts and the American Cancer Society – I donate money and time to a Place called Father Joe’s Village – mostly for the support he provides homeless veterans –

    these are my choice – I resent that one cent of my tax dollar goes to pay/assist/support anyone in this country in violation of our immigration laws. I think it is perfectly acceptable to drug test welfare recpts – I think younger workers should be allowed 401K type (electable) privitization of Social Security – I think it should be much easier to fire an incompetent teacher – and I think the SOuth Koreans and Japanese are more then capable of defending themselves from the broke starving North Koreans – they may have to spend more of there own money to do so…

    I also think we should have PE every day in school and kids should be allowed to play tag, dodgeball and not everyone should be given a trophy or plaque for participation – and every parent should be given a card at the beginning of every sporting event that can be taken away if they can’t behave themselves and then they have to go to the ‘special seats’ where they can’t speak to their kids –

  • I also think me, you, Pman, Dcar, Songs and Jake should have a sit down to discuss middle east peace (Jake so we have someone to fetch snacks) and the UN and US should declare that Isreal and the Palestinians MUST accept it – and then we can all share the Noble Prize and the money

  • but probably about as much chance of that (or anything I am babbling about today) happening as the Eagles making the SB

  • Well navy, I’ll take the odds on the Eagles winning the SB in that scenario. And thanks for being candid, but we certainly disagree. If people choose to not donate enough to those NPOs – problems are screwed. You’re willing to bet that enough people will be as generous with their money and TIME as you? If so – wow, enviable optimism there. I say, the problems need to be solved, not ‘hopefully’ solved.

  • I would be happy with the free trip to Oslo,Norway…
    I am cutting out and getting ready for my 10 hour drive from NC to SOUth Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with my family.. Best wishes for everyone to have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday and let’s remember, no matter how much the Eagles frustrate us , we still have lots and lots to be thankful for..Enjoy..

  • U.S.. cannot broker a peace deal until such time it abrogates its pro israel foreign policy, rooted in a not so distant history when Truman caved to immense zionist pressure from within, notably his old habadasher friend, Eddie Jacobson, and abruptly changed policy of Roosevelt who refused to adopt the Balfour Declaration and wanted to maintain neutral on Palestine

    Much of the problems we face today with these sand bastards originates from Truman’s ill-advised decision to recgnize the Jewish State, largely a political decision

  • Interestng thoery there young Jake – I have a very good friend who runs a karate studio in the town I live – his father was an Israeli general and his sister was killed in an attack – he goes back to Isreal every year and works with a Palastinean to distribute medical supplies to the West Bank and GAza areas – he claims to have been arrested 6 times by the Israeli Army –

    The only thing I could ever suggest to someone who has strong opinions on Isreal is to first visit the Holocaust museum in DC…… if you haven’t – it is a must see on the tourist route – very moving – then if you have the same opinions – so be it.

    Schill – no problem agreeing to disagree – have a great Turkey day – I probably will not be returning to the site until Sunday after the game (Monday is they lose!)

  • Schill- we appear to have different philosphies on what the role of the government should be in our society. The great thing about the country we live in, is that we are free to express our opinions without fear of reprisal.

    Have a great holiday everyone. GO BIRDS!!

  • Agreed all (to accept differences and celebrate that being ok) – happy thanksgiving.

    Greenfan though – Deliniating roles is one thing – that discussion can and does go on all day…. .but at the end of the day…. the problems still exist. So………I say let’s make it illegal to not address them.

  • @ schill- I second that motion. Let’s talk Birds!

  • Don’t buy into the European holocaust propaganda…You want to see a holocaust? Look at a celebraton of the slaughter of the north american indians and the stealing of their land on thanksgiving…that’s more than you cna see at a museum. Many of all groups were unjustly killed during world war 2. Those who are behind the wars are also spinning the propaganda…wake up! Ask yourselves a question. Who funded Hitler? Do the research and you’ll be startled.

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