• May 19, 2022

Close Up On Marshawn Lynch’s 15-Yard Run: Eagles “D” Quit On The Play

I think many times you can see the mindset of each team and capture their commitment level by looking closely at defining plays in each game.  I think last night’s game could be captured  by looking closely at the 15-yard touchdown run of Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch.

The game was scoreless and the Seahawks had the ball with a first and ten on the Eagles fifteen-yard line.  The Birds defense was stacked against the run with strong safety, Kurt Coleman sitting at only four yards depth with the linebackers.

The Eagles knew Seattle was going to run the football and the Seahawks didn’t care if they knew it.  They were lined up in an I formation with Marshawn Lynch at the halfback spot behind fullback Michael Robinson.  They ran lead play with Robinson leading into the hole.

The other linebackers were lined up at four yards depth behind the line, but Jordan was lined at two yards off of the line of scrimmage.  He was blitzing and obviously wanted to be close enough to the line of scrimmage to get to quarterback Tavaris Jackson before he threw the football, if he came free.

Fullback Robinson fired off at the snap of the football in Jordan’s direction on the left side of the Eagles defense.  Jordan went inside on the snap of the football on his blitz.  He was immediately swallowed up by the Seahawks right tackle Breno Giacomini who was blocking down.

Eagles middle linebacker Jamar Chaney came from inside into the off tackle hole and met Robinson in the hole.  Chaney won that battle initially as he stoned Robinson in the hole with a forearm under his chin and against his throat.  You could see Robinson’s head snap back.

There was no hole for Lynch to run through on the front (right) side of the play, so he took a couple of steps to his right and looked on the backside (left) for a crack of some sort.  There wasn’t much there because the Birds defensive line had done a fairly good job at the point of attack at the start of the play.

Lynch was grabbed by Chaney who was still being pushed in the back by Robinson eventhough, he, Chaney had won the collision.

Seahawks tight end Zach Miller had been stood up initially by Eagles left end Jason Babin on the play but he stayed on him eventhough it started out as a stalemate.  When Babin tried to spin to come inside, Miller pushed him into the next county.

Coleman had come up to the line of scrimmage and stopped any chance of Lynch getting any yardage on the front side of the play.  As the play went on he had no idea where Lynch was in the middle of the scrum.

Babin could have brought Lynch down after Chaney had a shot at him, but he had done a spin to get away from Miller’s block and Lynch ran into his back at that exact moment.  As good as Babin is as a pass rusher, he’s just as bad as a run stuffer.  There’s a reason that most of the opposing team choose to run at him.

Not one of Seattle’s blockers stopped blocking eventhough the play seemed to be over.  They obviously know that Lynch is always capable of coming out of a pile.  After the initial collisions, the play seemed to be won by the Eagles, but the Birds players relaxed at the moment because it seemed that the play was over.

Seahawks center Max Unger and right guard Paul McQuistan double-teamed Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson and he never had any chance of making the play.  He on the ground as Lynch fought for more yardage and that freed up Unger to go looking for other Eagles to block.  The center pushed Chaney off the tackle as he tried to take Lynch down.

Big Robert Gallery got a piece of undersized linebacker Brian Rolle and knocked him to the ground.  Rolle tripped up safety Nate Allen who came up to the front side of the play while Lynch went to the backside.  Rolle is too good of an athlete to let a big 340 pound guard block him in open space.

Instead of taking anything for granted about the play being over, the Seahawk offensive linemen continued to push.  Wherever they saw an Eagles player they pushed on him.  Seahawks right tackle Giacomini blocked Jordan from one side of the play to the other.  He was so dominant in his block of Jordan that he cut off Eagles defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins who had gone upfield and was trying to pursue the play.

Seattle left tackle Russell Okung had his grips on Eagles right end Trent Cole but number 58 broke free and pursued the play.  As Cole approached the pile and looked for the ball carrier, Okung was still on his trail and blocking him.   When Cole relaxed while looking for the running back, Okung knocked him past the play as Lynch was coming out of the pile.

At the end of the play, Lynch was still on his feet as Eagles players looked to see who had made the tackle.  Nobody had made it, and Lynch was on his way to the end zone with cornerback Nmandi Asomugha being blocked to the ground.

This play should be used to convince an offensive line to keep blocking your man until you hear the whistle, regardless of whether it looks like the runner has been tackled or not. This was a classic case of one team quitting while another team continued to play hard.

The NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said a couple of times after the play, that Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had told his line to “keep on plugging and keep on banging”.  They did just that on a remarkable touchdown run.


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  • I have to give Andy Reid some credit. McCoy actually had more than 12 rushes!!!!! He had a solid 17. I am sick of people blaming the coach for all this mess!!!! We actually need to fire the guy who has the last word in drafting and signing these sorry sons of bitches!!!!!

  • Coaches usually run their first few play, they plays they practice all week and have confidence in. The coaches job is to know their QB strengths and weaknesses, so i am glad to see the first Eagles drive was a success, and Andy’s preparation paid off.

  • 18 Games in a row the Eagles passed on the first play of the game. Pure genius.

  • Coach Reid is the 4th longest reigning coach in all major sports. he has something up his sleave u wait and see….everyone last night was shocked that he bluffed. We all knew he was going to run on first play but he actually called a pass and took us by surprise like General George Washington did when he crossed the frozen Delaware with his hungry faithful men that Christmas Eve and surprised the Hussians(germans) and the rest his history. Andy u will always remind me of a Great general always unpredictable and everchanging. Just like Washington, Reid u put men in the right positions…..i just can’t wait for the Andy Reid statue

  • ozzman, he psyching everyone out, no one and i mean no one will ever know when he will run the ball on first play, coaching are pulling their hair trying to understand the coach

  • coaches are pulling their hair

  • Anyone keeping track!!!

  • Eagles coaches last 4 years wins and losses
    7-8 Buddy Ryan
    10-6 Buddy Ryan
    11-5 Ryan
    10-6 Ryan
    10-6 Kotite
    11-5 Kotite
    8-8 Kotite
    7-9 Kotite
    10-6 Rhodes
    10-6 Rhodes
    6-9 Rhodes
    3-13 Rhodes
    8-8 andy reid
    9-6 Reid
    11-5 Reid
    10-6 reid
    4-8 reid

  • All the Reid haters should look at those stats, it is not even close ,sure some people say if any of these coaches had 13 years their wins would add up…..phooey…Rhodes coached 4 seasons 2 out of four were 10 wins, kotite also had 2/4 with 10+ wins in a season….and Buddy Ryan his last three seasons were actually 10+ wins…..People don’t realize is Reid is taking a breather and besides, the other three played in weak NFC ,,,they had 3 cowboy Superbowl Champions, 2 Giant Superbowls, 2 redskin Superbowl teams ,they probally stank the years before and after winning the SB too, those coaches went up against the Hogs, Emmit, Montana, Lawrence Taylor, bElichek…………..,,Andy had to go up against Romo and Eli

  • Eagles have won just 4 of their last 15 Football games dating back to that dreadful Tuesday night last mid-December when the Eagles lost to an overmatched and out of it Viking Team who came into the Linc with a 1st Time Starter at QB (J Webb), an Interim HC In Leslie Frazier that was played on a Tuesday night (due to snow storm) and to be honest, the Eagles Team, Coaching Staff, the Game Plans and execution,desire,heart and pride have been in a downward spiral ever since.
    4-11 Record over the last Calender Year, and a pathetic 1-8 at Home in LInc..

  • People look what Andy has done i know a DECADE is approaching from that SB appearance but we can still say ONLY 8 years ago!!! All those NFC Championship games…oh what memories…..Andy genius came threw u never know what he will do. in NFC championship against the BUCS in 03 Mcnabb threw 49 times to Staley’s 13 rushes…trust me the game was close than the 27-10 Bucs victory…the next yr , NFC championship and to even make it there we breezed by Packers quite easily, against Panthers Staley again ran 13 times Panthrs total was 33 rushes…we scored 3 points in that game ….History will show reid is a winner

  • tonto, go sit in the garage, with your car running! Are you f^#@ing retarded!? How can you defend anyone on this team!?

  • i was being sarcastic….for instance…Fact: Eagles played Cowboys in playoffs 2010….Cowboys won 34-14….McCoy rushed 5 times Eagles ran the ball total 10 times///Cowboys ran it about 34 times and with Reid D we of course had no shot of stopping the run like usual…..but sarcastically i would say with Andy Reid running the show, we were so close in that 34-14 loss…

  • that was not a misprint….mcCoy in a valuable playoff game ran the ball 5 times….five….five….five…..his pass happy ways revail one of these days e did not see it in 13 years but be patient it will happen…it will happen….yes Dcar..we could sign Joe Montana in his prime tommorow and add Reggie White and we still lose cause teams will run over us with Reid LB philosophy and REMEMBER even great Bill Walsh had Montana pass 20-25 times, 49ers rushed more then they threw..With the greatest QB and WR they ran more then they threw……would Andy do that …..lol

  • The Eagles, owner, coaches and playes alike only want the Eagles fans to be the most passionate when their winning. They don’t want fans that keep it real. They want puppy dogs for fans that are all excited and jumping around and barking in excitment just because they came through the door.

    To the Eagles, I can’t be that, I keep it real. I’ll tell you when I think you’re awesome and I’ll tell you when I know you can do better.


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