• July 1, 2022

Hamels Isn’t Hollywood, He’s A Real Philly Guy

I am at work today and as usual not doing work. I was messing around on Twitter on my phone checking some “Hot Stove” action. Hot Stove! When I read a Tweet from Marshall Harris of CSN asking why Cole Hamels gets a bad rap and how he really does not understand why? Reason being because as you probably heard all ready there were rumors of him being traded and Gio Gonzalez coming here. Do not get me wrong Gio is very good young pitcher but I am not trading Hamels.

So I start seeing these dumb reasons why people don’t like Hamels. Shocking. Their was this one tweet though that really got me going.  This guy said ” Hamels is Hollywood and Doc and Lee are working class guys”. For the love of God! Can we please drop this label of Hamels not being a “Philly” type guy? To me it is total BS to say that anymore. Listen I get it, he said he wished that the season was over during the World Series against the Yankee’s back in 2009. I wanted to put my foot up his butt to after that.

I know said he needs four days rest to pitch a couple of years back. He knew he would get some back lash from them comments he made. He said them in frustration and took the criticism from them right in stride. Never once coming out against us. Hopefully some of the Eagles will read this.(Jason Avant) What do we ever ask for here as a fan base? We look for honesty and toughness. Yes, we might not like what he said all the time. I will take his honesty any day of the week over all the “we got to do a better job” across the street.

I am sorry boys and girls, Hamels is tough. You can laugh all you want but the dude is. Just the past year he pitched with bone chips in his elbow half of the year and never once did he complain about it. Still he pitched six shut-out innings in the post-season.

How can I forget the way he led the Phillies to the title in 2008? The only title I have ever seen in my lifetime. I don’t count the Sixers title in 1983 because I was three years old!

By winning us a ring he also picks up a World Series MVP. Yup, he is not tough. Man, I am just so tired of hearing that.  We have already built a statue of Cliff Lee. And Doc, well I am not going there. Doc is the man, plain and simple. Do not get me wrong I like Lee a lot. I just think to myself what has the guy really ever done for him to be put on a pedestal over Hamels here?

Out of them three pitchers Hamels should be the one on the pedestal. He was the one who delivered us from the wastelands. He stoped the 25 year drought. He is the one with the ring. I know it sounds as if I have a man “crush” on him. I really do not. Ok, maybe a little. That really is not the point. We have to drop this once and for all with Hamels. So he talks a little different than us, walks a little different and acts a little different. Who cares! The dude is a winner. And because of him we are winners. So in my final statement or rant or whatever you want to call it. Cole Hamels is a “Philly” guy. There I said it.

Joe Hickman Jr.

Bleed Philly Sports! 84 ounces of Coffee a day because that is what I do! Utley's hair has nothing on me! Father of the craziest little girl in the world! Born and raised in Darby, PA! By the way, my Grammar Sucks! You can follow on twitter @phillytugger.

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  • He is a philly guy without a doubt. Anyone who says different knows not what he is talking about. He is tough as nails — its like people who got on #20 because he appeared non-chalant….uh he too was tough as nails and wanted to win as much as anybody. You can’t judge a player by body language or where he grew up.

  • I couldn’t agree more. What is with the Hameln hate. No one, and I mean no one, in the last 25 years of Philly sports has done something more significant that Hamels in the 2008 playoffs. How quickly this town forgets.

  • Pujols signs a 10 Year $250 Deal with the Anaheim Angels as does LHP CJ Wilson who signs a 5 Year $75 Million Deal..
    Have to like the Angels chances now with a Starting Rotation of J Weaver,D Haren,E Santana and CJ WIlson and pretty good everday line-up now including Pujols..

  • He was the ace pitcher and MVP of the first Phillies’ championship in decades. Not Doc, not Lee, Hamels. He will always have my undying respect and appreciation for this, and he will ALWAYS be a Philly guy because of this.

  • Not much of a baseball fan, but I’m beginning to get the sense the Amaro is playing fantasy baseball with the owners’ money.

  • Hamels is the man! Resign him now! You ain’t doing anything else of significance, Amaro!

  • What? Amaro playing fantasy baseball? Not doing anything of significance? what are you guys talking about?

  • Cigar, what has he done to better the culture & lineup. Nothing! He way overpaid for Papeldouche. He added Thome, who I love, but is old, can’t play a position anymore & is just a bench player. Wiggington is a career backup, who is also not young, & is a butcher at all of the positions he plays. Nix is a waste. He can’t hit lefties & isn’t much of a factor. So how is this offense better, younger, or the culture chaged!? It’s NOT! Rollins needs to sign elsewhere. Polanco & Blanton got to get traded. They need to sign Ramirez & Kubel.

  • I would love the Phils to package Polanco/Blanton and maybe a young Pitcher (maybe Stutes or a Farmhand) to the Baltimore Orioles for CF Adam Jones who is in his final contracat Season with th eOrioles and will leave via Free-Agency next Off-season to get a chance to play for a Winner
    A Jones is about 27-28 and is his Prime-Right Now…and if the PHils signed 3B Arami Ramirez they would be set for the next few Seasons to compete for a WS as the NL competition continues to catch-up with the Phils
    Think of an everyday line-up like this when everybody is healthy

    #1) Rollins – SS
    #2) C Utley – 2B
    #3) H Pence – RF
    #4) R Howard- 1B
    #5) A Ramirez – 3B
    #6) A Jones – CF
    #7) S Victorino – LF
    #8) C Ruiz – C
    #9) Pitcher Spot

    **If Rollins moves on, then Victorino bats Lead-Off and Ruiz moves up to 7th spot with Vladez/Martinez batting down at the 8th Spot***

    Also against tough Left-Handed Pitching , you could flip flop Jones and Utley and have the right-handed bat of Jones move up to the #2 Holes while sliding the left-handed bat of Utley down to the 6th Spot

    I am going to apply for the GM Spot for the Philles and Eagles

  • Well there isn’t much out there to phil left field and you can’t have $20million dollar players at every position. Wigginton, Nix and Thome give you depth and bench strength.
    When you guys propose trades you have to ask yourself ‘why would the orioles (or whoever) make that trade’?
    mayberry is the everyday left fielder….
    looking at it i say they are right in the mix again….

  • I would like to see see them spend on another lefty in the bullpen and not Sherrill. That dude stinks. That is why I wanted them to bring Mad Dog back, because he would have been cheaper than Paps and he had a better year last year. I think that Cigar is right in that trade proposal. Why would the Orioles want Polanco or Blanton? That deal would have to include Brown to be done which I am ok with if it brings back Jones and they can get him to sign.

    And I do want to add that I don’t want to see Furcal here. He has not played 100 games in the last 2 seasons, he hit .231 last year and .195 in the playoffs.

  • And as far as Hamels goes, lock him up so he is here for the next 6-7 years. I don’t care where he is from, in 2 years, he will be the ace of the staff. Hopefully.

  • Because the ORioles will lose him via Free-Agency next off-season and will be rebuilding with youngsters.. Phils would have to contributed $$$ for Polanco/Blanton to help off-set their oversized Salaries. But Baltimore may want to add some Veteran players from a winning backrounds to help with their Youth Movement.. Polanco can play 2B & 3B for them, Blanton can be a 2nd/3rd Starter for them to help pave the way for their young Pitchers..
    and yes, I forgot about Phillie Prospect Dominic Brown, go ahead and send him to Orioles too so it’s Brown,Polanco & Blanton and $4 Million in Cash to the Orioles for OF Adam Jones and a young LHP prospect from their Farm System

  • I understand that he might walk, but I don’t think that they want crap in return when they could probably get better for him. I honestly don’t know why anyone would want Polanco at this point, because his body is breaking down so badly. And why would they want Blanton either. Hardly played last year and his last full season he had almost a 5 ERA.

  • Look at Polanco and Utley whose bodies continue to break down and it’s hard not to think of HGH use earlier in their Careers when everyone else was doing it.
    I believe it’s all caught up with them like it has many other players..It seems like once players get off it (after the JC Romero Bust in 2009) , they start to break down and come up with back,hip,olbique,muscle tears like Polanco & Utley have had.. You are probalby right though about a lack of interest in Polanco/Blanton maybe the Phils can Offer a Stutes or Worley with D Brown and 1 other Prospect. they would prbobably be interested in young talent like this

  • As much as I hate to say it Pman, you are probably right. Too much of a decline too fast for Utley.

  • I always found it very suspiscious that once Relief Pitcher JC Romero was busted in Spring of 2009 for HGH use and received that 50 Game Suspension,that Romero,Utley, Polanco and even Ibanez production and health all dropped off significantly and only Ibanez rebounded quicker health wise (probably because Ibanenz is such a workout junkie) I think they were all taking some form of Steroids/HGH.. Many players as reported would inject themselves into the in upper butt/hip area so when you hear of players all of a sudden having Hip issues, don’t be surprised that they were on something…

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