• May 24, 2022

Eagles “D” Must Stop Jets Running Game First, Then Take It To Sanchez

The Eagles defense is going to be seriously tested by the Mark Sanchez-led New York Jets offense.   The two things that this defense does poorly are the two that the Jets offense does best.  New York runs the football with a passion and they throw the football to the tight end often and effectively.

South Jersey native Shonn Green and LaDainian Tomlinson are the running backs that the Jets use with Greene getting the bulk of the carries.  He’s a between the tackles pounder who is thickly built with strong legs and tremendous intensity.  Greene has carried the ball 207 times for 868 yards which is a 4.2 yards per carry average.

Greene might not break off the long 40 or 50 yard run, but he wears you down with that big and physical offensive line in front of him.  If the Birds defensive front doesn’t show up with a seriousness about the desire to stop them, the Jets will run the ball down their throats.

Once the Jets get their running game going, they’ll start  calling some play action passes to speedy tight end Dustin Keller, who leads the team in receptions with 47 for 620 yards and four touchdowns. Keller and Sanchez have a tremendous chemistry and the quarterback gets in trouble he’ll start looking for number 81. is their big tight end that Sanchez looks to a lot when he is in trouble.

To stop the Jets running game,  I think the Eagles defense will need to stack the line of scrimmage early in the game and focus on stopping the run exclusively. Bringing more people into the box will put the corners on an island but with a suspect quarterback like Sanchez, Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo should feel comfortable with one on one coverage outside.

Greene is a tough back to stop but if the Eagles play like they did against the Dolphins and everybody pursues to the football it should be a successful day.

They want to force Sanchez to beat them throwing the football.  It’s not that he can’t do the job, but he hasn’t be consistent especially when under pass rush pressure.  Many times when he is under pressure he panics and just throws the ball up which could give the Birds the opportunity to come down with some turnovers.

Wide receiver Santonio Holmes is the deep threat, who has the ability to make the big play.  He has a good feel for getting open versus zone or man-to-man coverages.  Although not very big, Holmes has shown the willing to come across the middle and make the big catch.  He has 43 catches for 564 yards but an impressive seven touchdowns.

Plaxico Burress lines up on the other side and of course he’s got the tremendous size and toughness.  Burress has 37 catches for 513 yards along with seven touchdowns.  When they get in the red zone, he becomes more of a target for Sanchez.

The Eagles will have their hands full on Sunday with this tough offense which has one of the better offensive lines in football.   The defensive line must take over the game like they did a week ago and they should be able to get the job done.

Eagles Pro Bowl defensive end Trent Cole says the Birds will be ready for Sanchez to try to escape, “I mean, that’s a guy you have to watch out for because that’s a guy who can run out of the pocket very quick. He can bail out and he can run, so you have to watch out for that. That’s one thing, you have to keep this man contained, keep him in the pocket, keep him in that little circle.”

Cole and Jason Babin must win their battles and get to Sanchez once the stop that running game.  The Eagles offense could help the defense out tremendously be putting some points on the board early to make the Jets throw the ball more than they would like to.

Malik Utendahl

I am a college student at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.. follow me on twitter @The_U93

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  • tough game..Eagles lose in the 4th quarter…Dustin Keller 8 catches 80 yds 2 TDs…. Greene 80 tough yards and a score….

    Jets 28
    Eagles 24

  • Andy Reid steps down at the end of the season – mutual agreement with team and moves onto San Diego where he takes most of his coaches and Castillo, who becomes his OL coach…
    Eagles put full court press on Brian Billick and he becomes the next head coach.

  • Damn Jott – Billick is one of the few talking bobble heads that do games that actually knows what he is talking about and can correctly relate it to the game – you just know they are going to move Tony Suriguso to be coor analyst in his place – worse- Joe Theisman makes a comeback

  • Coach AR will be back in 2012 without a doubt.. Lurie & Banner are going to give him 1 last season (2012) to finish what he started.. Coach AR is not a quitter and the Front Office will give him every opportunity to right what was wrong for 2011.. Another mediocre/miss playoff Season in 2012, then the entire Staff will be gone.. Remember that the entire Coachign Staff is under contract for 2012 (MM,Castillo,Washburn,Mudd,Lynne,etc,etc) and that this Eagle Staff is the highest paid in the NFL, Owner Lurie is not going to pay off $10-$12 Million in Coaches Salaries after 1 poor season and then also Pay an entrie New Staff to come, it’s not going to happen, no way, no how..
    I do believe Coach Ar will make some changes (Secondary Coach Lynne will get terminated and I would not doubt to see Coach MM take another position on his own like Penn State or maybe the SD Chargers job himself..)

  • Pauly:
    I agree with you whole heartedly on that one buddy. They’re going to let AR finish out the last year of his contract. though I may not agree with their philosophy, they’re going to let reid finish out.

  • Vinnie, this is for you, Kolb’s biggest fan:

    Much was made of the trade acquisition and subsequent signing of Kevin Kolb by the Arizona Cardinals this offseason, and the team did so with the intention of having the quarterback be its starter for years to come. And he could well do so.

    But it’s worth noting that if Kolb’s production doesn’t improve in the near future, the Cardinals could move on with minimal financial and salary-cap ramifications, according to the quarterback’s contract.

    Kolb missed significant time earlier this season with foot and ankle injuries, and he isn’t likely to play Sunday against the Cleveland Browns as he recovers from a concussion.

    Kolb will earn a $10 million signing bonus and $2 million salary in 2011. He’s due a $7 million roster bonus this March, which conceivably could be declined by the Cardinals, meaning they would could get out of Kolb’s deal after paying him just $12 million over one year.

    Kolb has a $1 million salary in 2012, bringing his total compensation for that year to $8 million, and $20 million over the first two years of the deal.

    With a $9 million salary and $2 million roster bonus due to Kolb in 2013, the Cardinals again have another chance to move on with limited finacial ramifications at the beginning of that league year.

    If Kolb were released in 2013 — when the salary cap projects to jump considerably — he would count just $6 million in dead cap space. He would count $8 million against the salary cap if released in 2012, but the team would save $8 million in real dollars by not owing him his $7 million roster bonus and $1 million salary.

    Kolb currently is set to count $10.5 million against the 2012 cap

  • Coach AR is signed thru 2013 but the remainder of the Staff is only thru 2012 which makes it very difficult to hire a Staff when most know in the business that you are a lame duck positon..
    If Eagles don’t make a Serious SB run in 2012, then it’s a clean sweep..
    AR will not finish he contract out at that point and be bought out of his final year Chances are, if Reid fails again in 2012, then it really wouldn’t make sense to push him upstairs as a lot of others have stated.. If he won a SB, then I could see him moving upstaris, but not in failing.. ..

  • Top 3 Busts of the 2012 NFL Season

    #1) QB Mike Vick
    #2) QB Kevin Kolb
    #3) QB Donovan McNabb

    Does anyone see a pattern or a connection with these Players..

  • Could probably throw in CB Nnamdi Asomugah in my Bust lists but don’t want to be labled as an Eagle Hater…

  • No to change the Subject
    Anyone see the stats J Pierre-Paul is putting up today in a losing effort
    16 Takcles – 11 Solo’s, 1 Sack and 2 Tackles for losses for a DE which is unbelievable …

  • Seahawks beating the Bears and will join the Falcons as the NFC Wild-Card favorites as the Giants continue to lose and fade out… Also the Lions have at Oakland, SD Chargers and finish at GB PAckers can could easily finish at 9-7 or 8-8 if they were lose in Oakland today..

  • The NFC East stinks sooooo bad. I doubt it matters what team from this division makes it to the playoffs, they’ll be easy pickins’.

  • Maybe

    I remember when Reid’s team used to dominate a weak NFC East, but since he lost Rhodes players, this team has been soft like the coach’s belly.

  • Eagles are 3-1 versus the NFC East and 2-7 versus the rest of the NFL…
    Redskins are 2-3 versus the NFC East and 3-6 versus everyone else

    The Packers lost and the Colts won.. If anyone bet a double-header on these 2 games would have hit a goldmine today..
    Giants lose, Bears lose,Bills lose and the Seahawks, Panthers,Dolphins all win.. An Eagles loss today knockes them out officially and probably lands them with a Top #10 Draft Selection..

  • nice start for vick. Beautiful throw to maclin…must have been the deodorant the oline wears

    Hey…Matthews with a nice play…i thought he sucked?

  • drummer – I, and probably most of us, remember when the Eagles dominated the weak NFC East however, IMO, more credit is given to the “Rhodes Players” than is due.

  • Good Job Coleman, Parker and I got my eye on you Casey; pick your weight up buddy.

  • Nice to see a defensive thouchdown. The Eagles O needs all the help they can get with Vick being the turn-over machine he’s been this season.

  • figured forst turnover would be a samchez pick in the first half…that’s coming soon thoogh….

    Eagles’ D will do a good job today I think…NYJ O is not altogether impressive to say the least…

  • Curtish Marsh? Come on man

  • Thank you Asante!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eagles’ D has done its job.

    Talk about bad defense….how ’bout Patriots. Terrible.

  • I told everyone the Jets would come out trying to pass..
    Most opposing Coaches know that if you can score and jump ahead of the Eagles early at the Linc, that the Home Town Fans will turn on the Eagles and make it very difficult for the Eagles players to overcome..

  • Here we go, the dreaded Red-Zone.. Eagles can put a lot of pressure on the Jets with a TD here..

  • Woops, my bad, just outside the Red-Zone ..26 YArd Line

  • Nice TD Pass, Vick looking good so far as the Eagles have come ready to play.. Today has seen many upsets.. so no reason to think the Eagles can’t win versus the tight, afraid to make a mistake QB Sanchez… Jets would be smart to pound the rock until the EAgles stop it.. 1st Down Defense is the key to make the jets have to get into their passing game

  • well……the throw to celek was a little late resulting in another whammo hit…but nice that Vick actually stood in the pocket

    WIth games against romo and Grossman coming up…is Babin going to set the sack record????

  • Eagles GM Roseman just tweeted that the Eagles has extended DC Castillo’s Contract and have sime signed thru the 2017 Season irregardless of what happens to Coach AR…

  • Is it time to trade Cole. I think we may need to trade him and put another bad boy on the right side of the defense and he wears down too quick toward seasons end. Good job Babin with 17 sacks.

  • Andy, I supposedly only make terrible challenges Reid, with another good challenge

  • GM Roseman tweets that new contracts for both Castillo and AR will be signed during Half-time.. Details after the game…

  • VIck. Wow. I thought he was dead. He could have just stepped up into pocket of course, but always rolls out…….

  • No go for the jugular, no playing for FG’s, toss a ball into the End-Zone..
    D-JAx right past Rivas…

  • Why send the slowest WR on a deep pattern.. WHere’s D-Jax or even Cooper.

  • Now your talking.. Bring Cooper ion and toss an Alley Opp to the End-Zone
    or a DOuble Te Set and do that dealy pass to the TE Celek or Harbor..

  • Vinnie shut up you Bum. You show Vick and Desean no respect. Great job Vick and Desean! you guys deserve the best and thanks for the great play. Good job as well defense and the rest of the team!

  • Now we’ll see if the Jets have any heart.. Eagles moving the ball up and down the field on them.. Eagles Defense has held the Jets Offense to 38 Total yards on 14 Plays so far…

  • Lookks like both the Offense and and the Defense came ready to play. Nice to see for a change. Still less than 1-1/2 qtrs in so, lots of game time left and we need to see if they can keep their game on.

  • Was just thinking that it would be nice if the Eagles played a team every week that had one of Buddy Ryan’s kid’s coaching them… Eagles have outscored Ryans Son’s 55-7 in about 77 minutes fo Football this year…

  • Don’t let up.. keep the foot on the pedal. hit HArbor in th emiddle over the JEts back-up Safety

  • game now over. Nice effort from Jets. Bulolies alwys fold. Backups please.

  • or even a handoff to McCoy up the middle too… ha ha … Eagles are stomping them.. I loved Buddy Ryan but I love even more to see his loud-mouth kids teams get their asses handed to them..

  • bullies

  • Steve Van Who? Great job o-line and McCoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Set new records baby!

  • Would not be surprised to see Jet’s back-up QB here.. (Brunnell)

  • Now tighten up Eagles D, keep them to a FG

  • I like this Phillip Hunt, seems to be around the QB and Ball a lot..

  • Rocko – show some respect to one of the greatest Eagles of all time man. He did that in far shorter season and when the D could do nearly anything they wantedto the O including head-slaps, crack-backs, prety much everything the D can’t get away with today.

  • 2nd Timeout.. It’s 3rd and 11 and nothing wrong wuith using one, get the right personnel out there …

  • Ok all you Coach wanna-be’s. .What do you if your the Jets.. Go for 4th & 11 and try to kick FG and get some points on the board…

  • hey nice video and tribut to Van Buren!

  • MTC shut up and act like you got a pair you pussy. I’m enjoying great records being broken and the game we’re having today. Ain’t nobody taking anything away from van buren unless a pansy boy softy like yourself is looking at him as your Idol worshipping trinket hero and you hate that is was someone like McCoy that broke his record. By the way it was a far shorter season in 1945 with not as much talent and “big buck studs and steeds” as there is today. Grow a pair and stop being such a pussy boy.

  • Love Albert…”ANOTHER JETS TURNOVER!!” when Lewis fumbles the kick return…and we wonder why I try to never listen to the talking heads….

  • Its fun watching LB Rolle 30 yrds downfield covering guys for big plays.
    3 mins ago Keller down the sideline, not the td to holmes.

  • Here we go 28-10 with a lot of time left, remember that Jets get the ball to start the 2nd Half so a nice drive here on the pusjed back kick-off is imperative and at least control the ball for rest of the half and even a FG is good here..

  • Eagles hav eto stay aggressive for they will get the Jet’s best shot right here and right now from the Defense..

  • See….aside from Rocco yelling at me….why did vick run there? He stepped up away from DEs and there was no one…he would have had ALL Day…but he ran and was tripped from behind…..another hit that was unnecessary.

  • Hey Rocko – I’m all for McCoy breaking records. A little defensive there son? I guess I ruffled your skirt. Onecomment and you come out with guns blazing? Come on, who needs to grow a pair? LOL!

  • time for a TE Screen, send thwe WR on Fly Routes to clear out the left side of teh Field, come back with a delayed TE Screen to HArbor and ramble down the left sideline for 30 yards

  • Twice McCoy putting it on the carpet… So much for running the ball too often..

  • Story of the Eagles Season right there.. They will give up TD before the half leasing 28-17 when the game should have been over.. .Jets get the 2nd half Kick-off and score again to make it 28-24 then it’s anyone’s guess what happens from there..

  • Exactly MTC – “Gunz a Blazin buddy” I aint got no problem with van buren, don’t take it so personal man when it’s time for another man like McCoy to shine. Records are made to be broken, this is 2011 almost 12. Enjoy the moment!

  • Our kick-off returns are terrible.. Returners don’t even average 15-20yards return.. Why doesn’t DCR return kicks..

  • nice drive

  • Dion lewis is another Reno Mahe/Jeremy Bloom Paulman. I saw that during preseason and have said it all over again. Our kick returner is garbage.

  • Does everyone expect the Eagle 2nd Half Offense like they were in the Redksins and Dolphins Games.. Did they shoot their wad already…
    I want everyone to remember the EAgles O has done Zippo the last 3 Possessions which has in essence, with SPecial Teams Blunder allowed the jets back into the game.. It’s these hidden, unproductive possessions that have been killing this team and their record all Season long…We all know the Eagles Defense will give up some plays and some points.. But the Eagles cannot miss this opportunities and give the ball back like this to any teamm.. That’s 4 turnovers in the 1st half… Fumbles by Marsh,Lewis and McCoy and then the Int by Vick

  • Rocko – It’s all good and there ain’t nothin’ on this board that I take personally. McCoy’s got no bigger fan than me. IMO, he’s the best player on this team with the biggest heart and I want him to break every record possible.

    IMO, if Reid goes with a McCoy heavy 2nd half, this games a W. Still need to keep it nearly balanced and take shots down field but, they should feature McCoy.

  • Let’s see if the Eagles O can come out like they’re down by 15 rather than up and put down the Jets…

  • A TD puts this game away, Eagles need to stay agressive with their play calling and need to execute.. They cannot go into a shell and expect McCoy to put the game away.. Not at this point

  • A Harbor Sighting.. I stated the EAgles should attack their SAfeties with the TE’s today .. Keep at it until they stop it..

  • There it is.. A deep middle route versus their weak SAfety play.. With Leader and signal call Jiets safety Jim Leonard out, this is the area to attack

  • Great play by Celek and congrats to McCoy!

  • MTC I agree buddy.

  • Actually the EAgles scored so fast, that a lot of time left.. Eagles need to shut them down here.. Play the short outs and watch for TE Keller on adeep over the middle route

  • Nice stand by Defense and Babin is playing out of his mind..
    It appears that Chad Hall is the only dependable Return man the Eagles have anoymore.. He won’t get any yard or change field position, but at least will catch and protect the ball …

  • Keep attacking this supposed vaunted Jets Secondary.. They have given up big plays to the Eagles today… So much for Revis Island.. Vick is getting pretty darn good protection and he’s throwing the ball well today and on time..

  • Vick is feeling it and on fire right now.. He cannot be denied ..

  • Big play right here.. Roll out Vick with the option to pass or run it in, if no opening, then throw it away and kick the FG and avoid the big hit.. Get 3 points nad go up 25 Points (which is 4 scores..)

  • can stop throwing anytime now

  • Kick the FG and take the 3 Points, go up by 4 Scores which is the smart thing to do.. No sense of giving the Jets any life of momentum here by goign for it on 4th down,

  • Smart Decision to Kick the FG and now go up 38-13,
    Now bring in extra CB and take out a LB and play 3 Deep across the back with Asmo/Samuel taking their corner areas out..play a 4-2-5 Scheme right here and probably for most of the remainder of game, if short passes, make sure to pounce and tackle the recieivers keeping them inbounds to eat clock.

  • Nice pick by Chaney..
    Bad penalty by Mathis on that 1st down play then a killer penalty by D-Jax.. Get your head into the game … cost a FG postion at least right there..

  • Now a 55 Yard FG attempt, I would punt the ball deep and make the Jets have to go 80-90 yards.. If you miss the long FG. Jets will get the ball at great field position.. Remember, they Jets are behind here so no sense in helping them out

  • Great punt

  • after what 2-3 Years in NFL, I still don’t understand the hoopla surounding MArk Sanchez.. Completely average to below average in my opinion.. That Franchise will never win much with him at the helm..

  • paulman,,,,

    game is over. noone playing hard now

  • Time for some McCoy and R Brown Time.. Would not be surprised for a trick play right here or some kind of reverse play…

  • Sanchez is terrible, Carried by good d now fading. Only popular ’cause from USC and is a poster boy.

  • LOL

  • It’s McCoy Time!

  • Stats thru 3 Quarters

    Eagles – 383 Total Yards – 274 in the air, 109 on the Ground – 18 1st Downs
    and 3-4 scoring TD’s ni Red-Zone Opportunites 22 Minutes in TOP

    Jets – 166 Total Yards – 90 Passing and 76 on the Grounf – 9 1st Downs
    and 1-4 scoring TD’s in Red-Zone Opportunites 23 Minutes in TOP
    Both Teams with 4 Turnovers each…

  • Big Run my McCoy, to ice the game away

    Next Offensive Series, Both Vik and McCOy, Maclin should be on the sidelines,
    get Kafka,Brown,Lewis , Cooper and Harbor in their..
    Let Kafka continueto run the offense and gain some experience, no sense in getting Vick,McCoy,Maclin,Celek injured here

  • This may be the longest 4th Quarter in the history of the NFL

  • Time to rest the starters in hopes te get the most out of them for the two remaining games?

  • Not all but a few. Lord knows they don’t have a good record holding leads in the fourth but, this would be a come from behind of epis proportions for the Jets and they don’t have that kind of offense.

  • To Vinnie
    and you would still want Sanchez over Vick as your QB…

  • DOH, epic proportions….

  • 1 – why VY?

    2 – Why VY throwing?

  • Why is VY in there.. Get Kafka some experience, this is the perfect time to do jsut that for a player who will be on your roster for the next year or 2 and you need to find out if he’s back-up material.. VY is a goner and everyone know what he can and cannot do. already ….Stupid,Stupid,Stupid..
    If I am GM Roseman, I am calling AR right now and say, stick the kid in there, I need to find out about him…

  • no i would not. Sanchez is terrible. Vick only mostly terrible

  • Who was in coverage on that TD pass, I don’t have the game on TV down here today (the late game here was teh Broncoes/PAts)

  • Imagine if Eagles Drafted DT M Wilkerson (as I wanted) to go along with C Jenkins,PAtterson and Dixon (when Healthy), which would have made a stronf DT postion for a long time and Wilkerson can even play outside at DE too..

  • VY, 9 Offensive plays for 1 positive yard gaines, Get him the F outta there already… Why they even signed this bum is beyond me… Stupid, stupid, stupid..

  • Paulman – Damn, I can’t believe I’m supporting a Reid decision…. It’s good to keep some game-time for VY knowing that MV doesn’t play to protect himself. Reid & Co see VY as a better alternative to Kafak. Damn, have to agree.

  • How crappy did the Jets play that the Eagles turn over the ball 4 times and still score 45 points?

  • Trade Reid for a roll of wrapping tape.

  • Lions came back to win 28-27 over th Raiders to pretty much nail down a Wild Card Spot, 1 Wild-card spot left for the Falcons
    Cardinals win in OT 20-17 over Browns to move to 7-7 like the Seahawks
    in postiion for a Wild-Card spot back-up QB J Skelton is 4-1 in relief of Kolb and will probably remain the Starter even if Kolb is cleared..
    Bears/Giants sinking fast in Wild-Card chase..
    NL East will get the Divisional Winner in but no wild-card as many of us knew going into this season

  • The Jets Turned it over 4 time to and the Eagles took advantage and scored points off their Turnovers while the JEts’ failed to cash in on the Eagles mistakes.. that and Red-Zone Efficiency the story of this game it appears..

  • My first comment today is I finally watched the Giants play a team not the eagles – I don’t want to hear JACK SHIT from any of you ‘the giants draft great’ JPP got pushed around ALL FUCKIN DAY – mike Strahan called the entire Giants D ‘soft’ – Prince whatever the hell his lastname is got benched – the Skins O handled the Giants D pretty well – today – Now I saw Watkins- KElce looked solid as well (did not watch replay of fumbled snap) out there holding it down pretty well (need to wait for the ‘Eagle Man up’ report to see if what I saw was in fact true, dude does a decent job of breaking down the plays by player – nice to see Celek have big one

    Where are the MAttehws haters- our USC #4 had some NICE plays – blew up a screen – big hit caused a fumble – MAtter of fact – anyone want to complain about the LBs? Thought they played pretty well against a ‘Run team with a winning record? At Home no less. DRC made some plays – Take away a couple fumbles that gave the JEts the ball deep in Eagle territory –

    Anyone watch the BRoncos/PAts = I did not see Dawkins on the field – was he even dressed? Thought Coleman had a couple nice plays as well – Allne actually hit someone on one play!

    You guys see #24 in press – on way play he got hit with a PI (chicken shit call) and the other was the TD to Buress at the end – I did not have volume on the TV where I was – thought his body landed out – what did the ref say?

    Nice game – we live another week – we get Dallas next week – and the Giants get to play the pissed off (well – I think we pissed ON them!) Jets..

  • Cut and paste what needs to happen to make playoffs –

    Here’s a look at the three things that need to now happen for the Eagles to win the division:

    •The Eagles need to finish the season 2-0 against the Cowboys and Redskins.
    •The Cowboys need to finish the season 0-2 against the Eagles and Giants.
    •The Giants need to lose to the Jets next week, but beat the Cowboys in Week 17.

  • Kool-Aid, anyone?

  • Yeah, we’re 6-8 !

  • Looks like this team hasn’t stopped fighting. Shows a lot about how the players feel for the coaches. They have had many reasons to quit and are still fighting. I am proud to be an eagle fan right now. Let’s handle business saturday night and no matter what happens with the giants our last game of the season will be a meaningful one. Damn that boy vick looks pretty good with protection. Hats off to the defense and the o line job well done.

  • Navy – best game the LBs have played all season.

  • yes windbag – midnight or kelly green please – the Eagles just played the best game of the year and you want to be a little bitch – why am I not surprised – what were they supposed to do, play like shit? So they put two semi-decent games together – lets see if they can make it three, what the hell right, and whats the worst thing that happens if you drink the kool aid? You have to pee? At least I can do that standing up – sorry you have to wait in those long lines – hope there is some paper left for you – my sister said you ladies always bring your own….

    lets get ready to squash the cowboys and hopefully the Jets can shit all over the Giants – I mean that’s something we can all get behind a Xmas eve smashing of Romo and the ‘Boys –

    How about Babin? wasn’t someone writing the other day what a ‘bust’ he was – think Sanchez knows who 93 on the birds is after today?

    RT – MTC – maybe to little too late – but enjoyed it none the less

  • Tonto – better then 5-9, and at least it makes the Cgirls game just a tad more interesting………..

  • Vick’s best overall game of the Season…

  • Frustrating win…to see what we are capable of and then to see 8 L’s …blows my mind.

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