• May 19, 2022

Reid Says He Hasn’t Thought About His Job Status for Next Season

Andy Reid just finished his weekly Monday.  He admitted that he and everyone in the team’s organization were disappointed by the fact that they won’t be in the playoffs. You know what he said about not making the playoffs and who was ultimately  responsible for it.

“I’ll never sit up here and make excuses; that’s not how I operate, so I’m not going to start now”, Reid said. “I’ll take full responsibility for that. I think we all expected—players and coaches—to have a better record than we have today. So that’s my responsibility, and to say anything less I’d be wrong saying that.”

Despite the fact that he said previously that each season is different, Big Red couldn’t resist the temptation to promote the momentum theory.

“Every year is different”, Reid said. “I don’t want to contradict that, but I do think that there is a carryover with the players that are coming back. I think you’ve seen the camaraderie, the football team gelling over the last few weeks. I think you can carry that part over through the offseason and let that drive you into the workouts and also give you a slight picture of what you can possibly be with good, hard work the following year.”

As for the big picture and questions concerning next year, Reid says he’s focused on winning the next week’s game against the Redskins.  He says he hasn’t had a conversation with Jeffrey Lurie about next season and his job status.

He said Michael Vick will be prepared to play the entire four quarters next week.

“Listen, this is what we do as coaches, this is what the players do as players, this is their profession”, Reid said in response to a question about whether Vick would play four quarters on Sunday against the Skins. “So to say something’s meaningless, I don’t think that’s right. I think it’s an opportunity to play another game against a good football team and make yourself better as a team and as an individual and that’s what you do.”

Kurt Coleman has a biceps strain and will have an MRI tomorrow.  Brian Rolle has an ankle sprain.  LeSean McCoy has a slight ankle sprain and a slight hamstring sprain.  There’s still a good chance that McCoy will play in next week’s game.  Asante Samuel is still nursing an injured  hamstring.


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  • reid, juan, vick, and djax will ALL be back next year….this team needs to be tweaked, not overhauled…look where that got us…the offense is fine, and the o-line should return intact…defensively, they need to add a real MLB and bring in a quality veteran OLB…Samuel will be traded before the draft and DRC will move to the outside where he is comfortable….i actually believe that a couple of tweaks could make the Birds contenders again next year…of course, we’ll still have to deal with AR’s pass happy, brain dead play calling, but that’s another discussion…also, vick has to minimize the TO’s like he has lately

  • Snce they have blamed the slow start on no OTA’s coupled with the infusion of young talent……Why don’t they get a jump on the rest of the league by using the last meaningless game against the Skins as an additional preseason game?

    Now, they can play Matthews in the middle to see if he learned anything by being benched. Give Jarrett a game under his belt at safety to see how he fits in the long term.

    It’s times like this when Andy’s decisions baffles everyone. He plays the rookies early in the season which contributed to early losses, yet he’s playing the Vets in an meaningless game in which if injury could effect valuable players the beginning of next season.

    Fire his ass already!!!!!!

    Who do he think he’s kidding?

    Do Andy really think the fans are going to buy the team was hot and put it all together at the end of the season?

    We were there watching a pathetic Seattle team kicking the snot out of you sending you back to philly with your tail between your legs with a 4-8 record. Remember???

    We were there when you lost to John “freaking” Skelton and the pathetic Cardinals in a must win game that you decided to punish the team by sitting DJax for missing a special teams meeting.


    Now, you’re going to sell us a meaningless run that results in you and Juan coming back for an encore?

    Do we look like Jeff Lurie to you?

    If the Front Office let Andy come back the fans will be peeved but if him with Juan Castillo comes back, and good defensive minds are ignored for this team next year?

    It will be time to throw Lurie under the damn bus. I haven’t bought one Eagles item for 2 years and this is the first year my famly went without purchasing one tickets.

    If Andy and Juan back fans everywhere should do the same. Stop rewarding bad behavior by supporting a losing organization!

  • do we really need to see more of matthews and jarrett? they’re backups and special teamers at best

    i agree that playing everyone just to get to 8-8 and saying “we finished strong” is weak, but for the most part they know who can play and who can’t…we could start Kafka, Dion Lewis, cooper, chad hall and clay harbor using that logic, but what would that prove….they know what those guys are

  • I agree Songs, good stuff buddy.

  • Wooooo! Songs! I’m speechless! Attaboy!

  • Bethlehem, I disagree. Did we know what Justice was after he got abused for 6 sacks by the Giants?

  • Jason Babin speaks volumes on DNL tonight. Babin did his weekly day after appearance on DNL tonight and was asked if Juan Castille should be back next year. He stayed quiet and the said “well thats not my call, the people upstairs have to evaluate everyone”. There was no it took time to jell, or we hope Juan is back he does a great job. You would think he would be Juans # 1 fan since he is having a career and quite frankly a elite, once in a career, sack fest. I guess he feels Washburn is responsible for all his success.

  • I think as longs as weapon Chad Hall returns for 2012, the Eagles will be in good shape..

  • Well said Songs.

  • Songs – dont forget to add Dion lewis and Curtish Marsh to that dynamic playmaker list, we can’t get to the SB without those added weapons!

  • rock, cmon, Lewis is a rook. We didn’t know what Shady and Westbrook would turn out to be during their rookie years…. I know you were just joking but there goes more unreasonable negativity.

  • Yes songs!!! There is NO WAY we r buying this crap.

    New DC

    MLB with issues

    Lose the baggage- smith, brown, perhaps young.

    Have andy run the O and that’s IT!! I’d prefer him fired but not gunna happen.

  • Sad fact is we could have Reggie White, Dion Sanders, take your fav LB all time and Belickeck running the Defense and we would still never win SB with Andy Reid. Andy coached team in playoffs ave 16 points….Even with that Defense improvement, we still lose cause of running our RB 10-13 times a game. This ignorance should have had Reid fired years ago. Hell Buddy Ryan was fired and his last 3 seasons with us were 10+ wins in a tough Div…..our Div is not tough…lol yes, i am a hater….I hate to see my team i grew up watching with my dad and grandfather not play to it’s potential…..i understand we did not make it years ago…but it was tougher….this is sad

  • Colt’s Manning only SB winning season…..the fact is all 4 of his playoff games the colts ran over 30 times in all 4 games, actually 2 were over 40…the point is it was balanced….colts did not do that other years, def did not do it with Saints when they should of won that SB…That’s why play calling is very imortant and coach is priceless to an NFL team…..Baseball, basketball,hockey is diff….pitcher against batter…seriousley, there is not much we can say as a manager to nolan Ryan or Halladay….they know what to do…..but football the coach play calling and philosophy can completly change the game…..when i every SB winner in last 15 years with exception of Saints have a balanced OFF WHERE RB rush for 27-34 times compared to 10-13 times win the SB common sense tells me to try it out for a year lol …..if u don’t think that does not change the game running 10 times like we did against teams this yr, packers last, Cowboys two years, SB against Patriots then u do not know football!!

  • studied SB outcomes and sacks were nice but INT were the most costly stat, usually the #1 or #2 Off or Def in NFL wins the SB …..SB team will rush 28-40 times but will also pass 24-35 too….Reid playoff history will rush 10-15 times and pass 30-40 times….for example , pick 2 teams Eagles played in playoffs….Pats(cause SB yr) Cowboys(#1 enemy)… both games have few things in common

  • Cowboys and Pats QB no INT, Eagles QB 4 INT….why? QB fault?playcalling and philosophy? u decide!!! Dal QB passes 35 times and DAL RUSHES 35 TIMES.. Eagles QB passes 39 times and lol…..Eagles rush 13(mccoy 6 rushes) STOP IT THERE…..LOOKS LIKE Dal QB has advantage cause eagles d does not know if he will pass or run…..Dal D with Andy philosophy and play calling from previos years know a throw is coming….Disadvantage Eagles QB…………..this is lovely….pat’s QB throws 33 and RB 28 rushes again looks balanced almost 30 rushes and EAGLES d NOT SURE what’s coming….lol Eagles QB 51 passes and wait for it…..17 rushes (westbrook 12) Pat’s knew pass was coming even without videotape……..IF OUR qb did not throw so much, a few things happen….Big things…..4 INT do not happen maybe 1 or 2 but not 4 . Cowboys AND pATS dEF will be confused not sure what’s coming our Off line will have more Conf and feel more like being on OFF then D, Westbrook or mccoy have better chance of breaking it(obviously)……hell, i am going to be here all night HOW BALANCE would help our QB and we would score more points than 14,21 we would actually maybe score 30 in a andy reid playoff game…..Come on gCOBB this is good stuff… u have to comment….

  • So again because of what andy off genuis mind does 16 points ave in playoff game we will still lose with Reggie white, dion sanders, LB your choice, and Belichick running the D because we all know we will pass, pass, pass,, 3 nad out……pass, run ,pass,pass,pass oops drive ends……we would score 10-17 points but the other team with balance will score 24-34 like they always do with reid.

  • Tonto, you sure are confusing fact and your opinion of how a hypothetical would turn out. And belicheck? The pats have sucked on d for years…why him? Its really amazing how reductionist your logic is, ‘interceptions are the coach’s fault”. Vick can run the ball (I believe, he’s not known for that or anything, is he?) or throw it out of bounds – those decisions belong to the qb.

  • Schiller, ,must i explain everything to u….QB is hardest position, arguably in all of sports atleast the main ones we care about!!!! now u have to agree if it is the hardest position then throwing it 20 times is easier than 50 times……i hope u agree with that atleast…..if u have Dilfer or Cutler u better throw 20 and not 40-50…..Brees and Rogers can get away with it and i would say they thrive with balance anyways… u were missing the point load up on Def with reggie white and Dcoor and we still lose with andy 16 a game average in playoffs….belieck went to 4 of last 10 Super bowls and 3 of 4 was great Def and he was more important than parcels during Giants Super bOWLS when their Def won 2 in 86 and 91

  • Tonto, I hear you. I do. I don’t 100% disagree. But I agree to the extent and relative severity of (lets say on scale of 1-10) a 4. But you’re treating it like a solid 100 (on that 1-10) scale, in terms of how severe and negatively influential it is on the team. AND that’s not it – you’re saying this stuff in a town where kids learn it before their ABCs, where the media reports that same opinion more often then the weather. Where any remnant of a sports fan has heard it a billion times TODAY. DUDE, WHATS THE POINT OF REPEATING WHAT EVERYONE SAYS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER

    wait, I lost the train of my thought…… oh yeah


  • And tont- notice that all the run/pass ratio you refer to there seems to be from specifically the playoffs – yet you’re comparing them to the Eagles in the regular season. Not such a good comparison sir. Playoff football is a different beast and teams behave accordingly. Just sayin…

  • If I could ace one person from this crew it would be HOWIE(H&R BLOCK)ROSEMAN because he is basically drafting the players your accountant would draft.He should be placed in his old job,one of banners bean counters because he has no quailifactions what so ever to be a GM of a pro football team

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