• May 24, 2022

Looking Back At LeSean McCoy’s Outstanding Season

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy ended his record breaking season on the sidelines. After swelling in his ankle during the week’s practice, McCoy was unable to go in Sunday’s game. The game had no effect on this year’s playoffs but winning four straight to end the season could carry into next year.

McCoy set Eagles franchise records and had a season that will go down in Eagles history with the greats. With 1,309 yards, number 25 ran for the fifth most yards in the franchise’s storied history, just 203 yards behind Wilbert Montgomery’s 1,512 yards in 1979. The franchise record was in reach, too, with the Eagles offensive linemen looking for the rushing title as well. In the meaningless game, nothing else was at stake.

With the fourth most rushing yards in the NFL this season, McCoy has stood out as more than just the league’s fourth best running back. Arguably, he has stormed onto the scene as the league’s best. Following the week eight clinic he put on against the Cowboys, national media outlets started comparisons to one of the best backs in history, Barry Sanders. With the ability to stop in his tracks and make a cut, he could be considered one of the best in the league. But with that same ability and the ability to get to top speed in two strides, Shady is simply the best at making defenders miss.

With 20 touchdowns, he’s made a lot of those defenders miss for good as he took the ball the rest of the way to the endzone. Seventeen of those touchdowns came on the ground while three were receiving touchdowns. Those touchdowns led the league and were five more than the next closest scoring running back. His twenty scores were also the most on the team, including Michael Vick who played in 13 games. Shady was also the Eagles leading scorer with 120 points, two more than Alex Henery scored during his memorable rookie season.

Over the course of the season, McCoy converted 102 first downs. That astonishing feat is more than some quarterbacks have done, including Philadelphia’s own, Kevin Kolb. Not even Tim Tebow could convert that many first downs during Tebow-Mania.

Without fumbling the ball a single time until week 15, McCoy finished with just one fumble on the entire season. One fumble in his 273 carries. Of all running backs with at least 250 carries, only four of them had just one fumble. The three others – Steven Jackson, Michael Bush, and Shonn Greene – all had less carries and yards than McCoy did. All three of those running backs also had other backs to share the carries with whereas McCoy carried the load for the Eagles running offense.

The Eagles offensive line with LeSean McCoy is a match made in heaven. The quicker offensive lineman fit Shady’s quick, cutback, speedy running style. With Howard Mudd’s return for next year up in the air, one cannot help but to question if McCoy will be able to be as productive as he did this season; a season he credits to his offensive line. With Jason Peters, Todd Herremans, and Evan Mathis under contract and Jason Kelce and Danny Watkins coming off their rookie seasons, it is likely to be the same starting cast that had such great success this season.

Brenden Peddigree

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  • Shadey was truely one of the bright lights during a generally dark season.

    I like his attitude and the way he conducts his business. He looks like a multi year Probowl player. If he can stay healthy I can see him being the franchise rushing leader over time.

    Listening to him on his radio show, he sounds like a really good teamate and the kind of guy you can depend on. He does alot in the community too. I hope the FO make it a priority to sign him to a longterm deal, he is soon to be counted within the elite RB’s in the NFL.

    Please note guys, when we have complained about many draft picks not reaching the level we would have wished, Shadey has been one of the better picks and the FO should get the credit.

  • Add DeSean Jackson…
    And Jeremy Maclin…
    And Brent Celek to that list of good draft picks the Eagles have made semi-recently.
    People are trashing the draft picks this team has made but other teams would kill to have drafted the players we have.

  • Eagles Fan, for the most part when people trash draft picks like you say under the Reid regime…its on the defensive side of the ball. You know the other part of football that matter too…Didn’t Defense win championships?

    When is the last time Reid drafted a probowl on defense? Just give me 1? Am i asking too much for just 1 probowler?….

    What maybe 2005 or something when he drafted Trent Cole maybe…That is an F’N disgrace as a football coach who gets to coach into his 14 season…absolutely asinine…you think people would kill to have Brandon Graham or JPP?

  • The Eagles, just like any other team, are not perfect.
    And, yes, it is true that the Eagles have not drafted particularly well on the defensive side of the ball lately.
    But I don’t think it is because they didn’t want to.
    They drafted players and made mistakes just like they made hits on those other players mentioned.
    And I think overall they have drafted a whole lot better than a number of other teams.
    Plus the ownership has gone out of its way to try to make up for those misses with massive free agent signings. Some really good ones too.
    Don’t get me wrong. I think it is unacceptable that they don’t win almost every game.
    But in reality that is just because I am a fan and that’s what fans do.

  • Pheags – here ya go – pro bowl defenders drafted by Andy Reid – Corey Simon, Mike Lewis, Lito Shepard, Trent Cole, Derrick Burgess, Raheem Brock

    quinton mikell was an undrafted free agent signed by reid

  • LOL who mentioned anything about perfection? All I mentioned was to give me the last pro-bowler on defense Reid drafted in his tenure? A fan asking for just 1 pro-bowler on defense in a period of what like 7 years from from their Head Coach is not exactly asking for perfection is it? Its lucky to be even called mediocrity….

    The ownership? they don’t draft the players…Reid does. Last time I checked you don’t win Superbowls from buying FA’s in the offseason (which the FO has had to resort to esp last year because of the extreme shortcomings of Reid’s drafting on defense).

    yes bro your right that other teams screw up too…But usually Head Coaches on those other teams get fired when they don’t draft atleast 1 superior player on defense in a period of like 6-7 years unlike what happens here.

  • But hey look at the positive guys…If Reid didn’t waste that pretty valuable draft pick on Daniel Te’o Nesheim he would of never woke up from his baby nap that day.

  • so I threw out a challenge a while back for anyone to find another coach/GM that drafted more pro bowlers in the first round or defensive then Reid – to date only Pman threw out a response – I can;t find any – go by # of players/years if so I have 7 for Reid (6 draft and 1 UFA) for 7 in 14 years so Reid draft 1 pro bowler for every two years… I realize these were earlier in his tenure – but all the haters – find your ‘wonder GM’ and give it a whirl..

  • really pheags – But usually Head Coaches on those other teams get fired when they don’t draft atleast 1 superior player on defense in a period of like 6-7 years unlike what happens here.

    you actually looked this up – you actually checked this fact….

  • Awesome stuff Navy…Im glad you mentioned Raheem Brock. Didn’t remember that one I guess because he was on the eagles all for about 5 min before Reid cut him.

    How about after 2005? Ya kno cuz that was almost a freakin decade ago. Not asking for perfection here or anything close to it…obviously your not going to get them all but man come on just give me one player in the past 7 seasons…or is asking for just 1 probowler on defense over that ridiculous long period too much to ask of Reid

  • a matter of fact take a look at atlanta – I don;t think they have a guy they drafted on D make the pro bowl since deangelo hall in 04 – check me on that thought they have an UFA like Mikel from Philly

  • For me Pheags – I didn;t have a problem with Bunkley, PAtterson or Bradley – I think give Allen some time – getting a pair of DTs that can start and play several seasons in the scheme the birds had is alright – and ya – Id love to get a couple drafted pro bowlers (LBs if I have my choice) so I feel ya –

  • Brock was funny – a 7th rdr that holds out – dude knew what he was doin though

    Burgess couldn;t stayy healthy here in Philly

  • Lol i gave you a fact Navy. Its been since 2005 since Reid has drafted a pro-bowler on defense. You can’t even defend that. Words can’t even describe how poor of a job that is.

    Damn I’m a hater in your book. My life is failure now.

    IN regard to your question though, there are a couple of things wrongs with it buddy. How many coaches in the NFL are going into their 14th season next year? How many coaches in general have coached the same team for 14 years for that matter? If Sean Payton or McCarthy or Tomlin (just to name of few) have the pampering that Reid has had here under the FO and get to coach that long, I’m sure they will easily surpass Reid’s golden number…

    Furthermore, going by your superior logic if your good at something about a decade ago thats all that matters. I guess maybe we should sign Favre next season…or maybe Priest Holmes since thats good enough for you. Once you have it, you always have it right?

  • (shake head side to side in bemusement) no – hater – no – typical GCOBB dance shuffle yeah – – this was your original question:

    When is the last time Reid drafted a probowl on defense? Just give me 1? Am i asking too much for just 1 probowler?….

    – so you original question was to give you one pro bowler – then you brought up Cole in 2005 – so I assumed (bad move) that you wanted to know who else OTHER then cole who was drafted in 2005 – maybe you just have trouble forming full sentences –

    I think what you really meant to originally ask was something like this:

    The last time the Eagles drafted a pro bowl player on D was 2005. Can anyone else name a pro bowl defensive player drafted after 2005? I checked 3 or 4 other teams (Giants, 49ers, Cowboys and Steelers) and they each drafted a D pro bowl player – thats not a good track record

    (Don’t worry, I volunteer with special need kids all the time so no problem helping you out)

    had you had asked the question you wanted vice whining just give me 1…

    and I i didn’t even step all over the ‘defenses wins championship lame ass cliche’ – someone tell New England, New Orleans, Indy, and Green Bay that D wins championships – they didn’t get your memo –

    as for how your life is failure or otherwise – dude I could give a flying shit what your life is –

    Reid is the coach and he will run the draft – not a damn thing you can do about it – have a great night

  • @navy..something struck me when I looked at the list of pro-bowl defensive players drafted by AR. I believe that many complain about the success or lack of success of the first round draft picks under AR.

    If you look at your list, the only pick taken in the 1st round was Simon. The FO has always been proud of their late round discoveries…you know…:”diamonds in the rough”…..and you also need to consider that during many years the team was drafting late in the 1st round, so high profile players were not available…

    just a thought…much of the preception comes from the higher draft picks not having the success of the later rounds….just my opinion

  • Other 1st Round Defensive Players selected by the Eagles under Coach AR

    DE Jerome McDougle
    DT Mike Patterson
    DT B Bunkley
    DE B Graham

    2nd Round Defensive Players who have not worked out
    LB Matt McCoy
    DE B Abiamri
    DT Tevor Laws
    SS J Jarrett (We will give him some time, but dies not appear to be an NFL Starter anytime soon)

  • Atlanta Falcons has LB Chris Lofton and CB Brett Grimes that thy drafted
    in recent years that have been playing well for them…

  • green – you missed Lito Sheppard – but the topic was D players – on O

    McNabb and Andrews were pro bowlers –

    so in Redis 13 years he has drafted 11 times in the first round (wait – didn’t he always move out fo the first round?

    4 of 11 were pro bowlers – again – find me a team that has had 4 first round picks reach pro bowl status in the last 14 years?

    Watkins and Graham are too new to attach any label to

    Bunkley and Patterson were solid (not spectacular, not great, solid) starting DTs

    McDougal injury bust, Mitchell – bust

    MacClin is the last one on the list make your own call – I think very solid

    so really – the ‘perception GF is based on Mitchell adn McDougal

    and here ya go – the frustration that Graham didn’t reach all world status in two seasons (cause he was hurt?) Watkins did just fine – Rookie Guard, Rookie Center on a team that set a franchise yardage record, was much better in short yardage and had a RB in the hunt for the rushing title – decent rookie year fo a guard no?

    so where does this ‘perception come from in your opinion?

  • thanks Pman – Grimes was the Undrafted FA from Philly I mentioned – from Shippensburg! Curtis Lofton – I was not aware he made the pro bowl (if he did it this year I was looking on pro football ref and they didn’t have this year ‘pro bowlers’ listed yet – if not I just missed it

  • your list was for defense

    here I go where?

  • I thought I read where LB Lofton made the Pro Bowl this year but I will double check and your right about Grimes , he was an undrafted FA, but obviously someone in the Falcons did their homework on his to go after him and sign him

  • sorry – I missed what you are asking GF – my here ya go – was my response to your perception that higher draft picks not producing –

    which in reality – who cares if you are first round or UFA, as long as you produce? Kelce is being touted as a potentil Pro Bowl center – had he beeen drafted rd 1 and Watkins in round 6 what would have been the difference on the field this year?? Djax was a 2nd rd pick – had they gotten him in first round would that be a huge difference (money wise for him yeah?) We traded a first round pick to get Peters – smart move?

  • I also think the perception that the ‘philly bubble’ fans have (Pman used that yesturday – like the term so stealing it) is they look at the world as a single team – when you look at the draft averages of ALL teams – the eagles do very well – I use the examples of national draft magazines becuase they use a standard – they have a way they will grade ALL the teams – then they run ALL the teams thorugh and grade them and rank them – the Eagles do well there -where the eagles get in trouble with their fans is the fan looks at an individual pick (say Jarret or GRaham) and proclaims he is a bust.

    just my thoughts on the random crap shoot that is the draft – I mean someone actualyl thought Jimmy Clausen could be a pro QB?

  • @navy…I would agree, production is the name of the game regardless of where you are drafted.

    My question would be however, if you have a history of more success with your lower round and UFA picks starting and becoming PB players, you may want to look at your talent evaluation process and see if there is something that can be done to get better results out of your higher picks.

    Maybe it doesn’t add up to a whole lot when you are building a team, because often the lower round players are “hungrier” then the highly touted 1st rounder, but conversely you would have to reason that the player became a 1st round pick becuase of talent and physical attributes. In the end you evaluate the players you picked and play the ones that win the job in camp….hell, the Patriots continually build one of the strongest teams in the league with high 1st round picks, but it doesn’t hurt to have stronger talent evaluation if you can get it.

  • @ Navy…I liked the Peters move when it happened, and based on this years performance he is certainly worth a 1st round pick.

  • just a quick check of that thoery – Vick – FA, McCoy 2nd rd, Babin – FA Dobrones – FA Deseaon Jax – 2nd rd – Asante – FA Peters (trade) – Weaver – FA – Shepard and Andrews (1st) Westborrk 3rd – McNabb 1st – Trotter – signed as a FA from Skins – Dawkins (2nd) – akers UFA

    Lower rounds UFA – Cole 5th –
    Mikell (undrafted FA) – hey Pheags can this count as the ‘Pro Bowler in the last decade?) –

    maybe I missed a few – but this is the list of guys from pro football reference.com that lsists pro bowl players for a team – I went back to 05

    I don;t know where people get there perceptions from –

  • it may be from solid starters like Celek and Hermanns and Jamal Jackson who show up and do the job – but after looking at lists – does it kind of make you think the perceptions being pushed do not really match reality

  • @navy….are we talking drafting or player aquisition? Because of the players you listed 9 of the 15 players you listed were not drafted by AR. Is that a ringing endorsment of our college player evaluations? not sure, but would want to compare to other teams…I would guess that most teams have similar lists, but would need to check.

  • Green – I was trying to answer this question:

    My question would be however, if you have a history of more success with your lower round and UFA picks starting and becoming PB players, you may want to look at your talent evaluation process and see if there is something that can be done to get better results out of your higher picks.

    and wanted to look at that theory -looking at ALL pro bowlers – the eagles have had 2 pro bowlers since 2005 Cole and Mikell – that fall into that category – of lower Dps or UFA making the pro bowl ( Ithought J Jackson had made it but he wasn’t on list)

    as for success for high picks cureently – MacLin, McCoy, Djax all look fine to me – Allen is a WIP, Graham injury – Watkins starting-

    so look at starters on O – top 4 WRs are draft picks (2 starters 1st and 2nd)
    Both TEs are draft picks (1 Starter 5th rd)
    2 of 3 RBs DP (1 starter 2nd round)
    3 of 5 starting OL DPs (3 starters 1st, 4rth and 6th rd)

    you have 7 draft picks starting on O – a FA QB, a FA FB, a FA Guard and a Trade for an OT Looks like a solid mix to me.. give me a minute to do the defense

    seems to be building thorugh draft –

  • on D – hard cause they rotate players –

    LB – aren’t all of our LBs draft picks?
    CBs – starters both FA, #3 Trade #4 (how did we get Hansen?)
    Safeties – all draft picks
    DE – Cole draft pick (I think Tapp, Hunt, PArker and Babin all FAs?)
    DT – LAws and Patterson DPs – Dixon, Landri and Jenkins FA

    so again – looks like a solid mix fo draft picks and FAs and one trade –

    Kicker and punter both rookie draft/Undrafts –

    so again – not really sure what people want/expect out of the draft – if someone can explain to me how anything done in the last 5 years would have reduced our turnovers this year (my biggest #1 reason we are 8-8 and not in playoffs) I am all ears – even if we had drafted JPP over Graham – we still had Babin and Cole – so maybe we don;t sign Babin – how does that change the production on the field – we have an All Pro D end?

  • I believe that Hanson was an undrafted Free-Agent when arrived to his first Eagle Camp. (or maybe was cut from another team and then invited)
    I also think that LB Akeem Jordan was an undrafted Free-agent out of James Madison University that Eagles has invited and signed to when he started.. by the way,Jordan quietly had a pretty strong and his best season as an Eagle this year for those who notice..

  • Lol Navy, I was just messin with you man…don’t get so charged up…its only GCOBB.
    In all seriousness tho, my point was that Reid has been a disaster on drafting defense for this team for about 7 years and shouldn’t have a job for all those misses. A fan that has a problem with that shouldn’t be called a hater. Like I said before, we don’t need perfection. I think you need to get atleast one stud every 1-2 years one EAch side of the ball to be successful in the league or teams will just pass you which has happened…Saints, Falcons, GB, Giants, just to name a few not counting the others in the AFC as well.

  • Bunkley, Patterson, and Bradley have done really nothing for me…The first 2 were first round picks who needed to be much better plain and simple…I mean they even traded Bunkley away for a cheesesteak because he was such an underachiever. Bradley had some moments but does he even play now in Arizona? Again, just because you can start on the Eagles doesn’t mean a damn thing.

    Here is a serious question tho that you might want to think about…

    Does anyone think Reid has improved into a better coach as of today than he was back in say 2003-04 years…

    The “hey obviously he has because he has more experience and thats what typically happens to people in the world” answer is BS. Yes thats what typically happens but not to Reid if you actually look at it. You know we want statements backed up with facts and I don’t think you can find any….If you just look at Wins and Losses he already fails. Still makes the same mistakes during the game…stupid timeouts, bad calls in short yardage situations etc…still refuses to draft a linebacker or safety in the 1st round which then happen to kill us year after year…Just Sayin I don’t think this guy has improved..you would think he would learn from his mistakes

  • pheages, I think that there are far too many variables and far too few measurables for fans to assess coach improvement. Has Belichik improved since becoming a pats coach? Since the last SB? Has Tomlin improved? Has Mike Shannahan improved?

    How do you mesaure NFL coach improvement?

  • Pheags – not worked up at all – its a great day –

    Bradley – despite all attempts to reiwrite history, was an up and coming MLB until he blew his kneee out – so his last two seasons (one injured, the other trying to come back) were not good ones – but he was a very solid 3rd round pick – Patterson is fine – while not reaching ‘elite’ status, he has done what the coaches ask him to do – for years it was to be a two gap tackle, this year he delivered more pass rush – he has been solid and reliable – people didn’t

    Bunkley actually had a really, really nice year out in Denver – he has made it tough to run inside – as for busting on him – why the eagles didn’t get beat up on the run – they got beat up by the LBs last year – the main reason they went and got all knew LBs this year and switched to the Wide 9 to not have to rely on the blitz to get pass rush –

    so I agree – three picks – not exaclty what you hoped they would become – but certainly not busts.. Bradley is the one that hurts the most – wouldn’t it be great if he didn’t have the kneee issue and could have developed.. I don’t think he played much this year.

    Just becuase you start doesn’t mean a damn thing – so by what criteria do you grade draft picks? This is why I strongly encourage all to get out of the Philly bubble and look at national publications that CLEARLY list the grading criteria and then OBJECTIVELY rank drafts.. again – if Pheags has a draft criteria of number of guys that made the pro bowl on defense as his criteria – so be it –

    and Schill uses the ‘Hater’ term – I just call people names!

  • Lol sorry I get you guys mixed up sometimes…

    How am I enclosed in the “Philly Bubble”? I said just because you start on the eagles D doesn’t mean a thing…I don’t think Coleman would be a starter on other teams same with any of our linebackers…They just start here because the their best out of the bunch. Saying that these guys were above average players in the NFL would make me inside the “Philly Bubble” like you say. Im hoping Reid changes his ways this year and drafts the best linebacker or safety (really like the kid out of Alabama) in the first round. Well see what happens.

    Schiller, wins/championships/drafting/in-game management moves would be an obvious way to judge it I guess.

  • McCoy and Peters were selected All-Pro.

    made me think about all-pro’s under Reid.

    Dawk was selected All-Pro 4 times. Akers, Vincent, Trot, Hugh Douglas, Shawn Andrews, Westbrook, Lito, TO and Weaver all made it once.

    Congrats to Shadey & Peters!!

  • Bradley has missed 3 out of his last 6 Years of Football with injuries (going back to Senior Year at Nebraska) and was a decnt LB, nothing special but reliable but has had too 2 Surgeries on the same knee, elbow surgery so he’s definitely had healthy issues..
    I still think Coaching and each team every Season is different, with the way the Roster turnovers 25%-30% every year, each team has its own personaltites,stengths and weaknesses, Even Coaching staffs move a lot more now that they used to , so when you compare Coaches over a longer perieod of time, there are a lot of variables imvolved that don’t necessarity make it an apples to apples comparioson, Even the game has changed quite a bit from 10 years ago, the rules, the speed of the game, fas like WIldcat, or Zone-Drop COverages.. The Best Coaches pepare and make adjustments proactively rather then reactively or bing defensive or after the fact, which is the difference of dictating a tempo to your opponent..

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